Saturday, September 12, 2015

Important Points from Trojan Pam

@ Alicia

I think that is a question millions of non-white people have asked throughout the centuries. Why do you hate us? And why do you think it’s your right to harm us simply because we are not white?

I don’t know the answer but I do feel the behavior of white people collectively has its roots in genetic survival, seeing that they are such a small percentage of the world’s population. I also believe that their ORIGINS have a great deal to do with their aggressive and acquisitive (greedy and grasping) nature. The need to conquer and control and possess EVERYTHING including those things that belong to NO ONE, like the water, the air, the land, food, the natural resources, and even all the people of the planet(!)

Perhaps it was the desperate struggle for survival in a cold, unforgiving climate of caves, snow, raw meat (before they discovered fire), and the lack of fruits and green vegetables and all the foods that create a peaceful nature in people are at the heart of their aggressive genetics. According to European scientists, the European is a HYBRID between man and neanderthal so this might account for some of the aggression, I don’t know.

Or, maybe, it’s just time for non-whites to stop asking WHY and just accept what we know to be true — then decide how we will react to this aggression for our own survival

Most non-whites don’t even accept the FACT that we need to change what WE DO instead of BEGGING white people to change what they are. Most are still convinced that they can “prove” to white people that they are “human.” What kind of madness is this, having to prove we are human? Yet, we feel compelled to do this everyday (and I am no exception).

Since it is obvious that the nonwhite population isn’t ready to change the way we think and speak and act by our over-consumption of white supremacy entertainment and skin bleaching and hair straightening and hair coloring and weaving and worshiping, and preferring whites or white looking people as mates and sexual partners over darker skinned people

— if we think black people have it bad look at Japan, Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean, India, who literally worship at the altar of white beauty standards —

then we will have to do the best we can in the coming global upheaval

-Sister Trojan Pam.

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