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Nixakliel's Words in early September 2015

Too much Hype over Donald 'Duck' Trump [along w Berine]...
Submitted by Nixakliel on Thu, 09/10/2015 - 07:18
Even In the so-called 'alternative media' [mainly @ AlterNet, but also DN! & even @ CounterPunch to some extent]. IMO Donald 'Duck' gets enough / too much damn hype in the Lame-stream media, so why is AlterNet wasting sooo much space warning of the 'Trumpocalyse' [& other Repugs] like 'Chicken Little'??! I think even Rev Jessie wrote a recent peice [@ CounterPunch] comparing the so-called 'insurgent runs' of Bernie [the Dim] vs Trump [the Repug]... I mean - Huhh WTF??! Personally I've NOT bothered to read even one piece warning of [= hyping] the 'Trumpocalypse' [nor of any of the other Repugs]- cause what else do you expect to hear from a / some HOG(s) but a GRUNT!!!

There a saying in the Media / Show-BIZ & Poly-Trickal World: 'Even bad publicity is better than NO Publicity'- cause even if they're talking bad about you, your name is still out-there, but when NO-One even bothers to talk about you, Who even knows your name?!!  So while AlterNet & their ilk is Hyping Bernie & the 'Trumpocalypse', who are they NOT even talking about at-all??... GP candidate Jill Stein, let alone other independent candidates who are even to the 'left' of her! So w all this hype, even in the supposed alternative media, over Bernie vs the 'Trumpocalypse' it still ALL boils down to Dims vs Repugs- & nothing else [= the 2 Corp Party Duopoly]!!!


It's Good Bro Glen Ford Gave a Brief Outline of the Dims-
Submitted by Nixakliel on Thu, 09/10/2015 - 07:53

Real Historical Dixie-crat legacy! Cause too often one hears supposedly knowledgeable 'progressives' saying 'We've got to return the Democrat party back to its [so-called] 'progressive' roots' [Huhh WTF]. The Dims started off in 1828 as notorious Slave-Owning / Injun-Killin Andrew Jackson's Dixie-Crat platform for his 1828 POTUS bid. Thus the Dim Dixie-crats traditionally were the pro-Slavery / pro Jim Crow party- & remained so till the advent of FDR [FYI: the Dixie-crats still had so-much sway that FDR's 'New Deal' dealt most Black folks out of it, to appease Dixie-Crats]. This is why from 1868 till 1932 most Blacks backed the GOP ‘Party of Lincoln’. And Dixie-crats still had far more influence in the Dim-o-crap Party than ‘progressives’, till the advent of LBJ [who he & HS.Truman were themselves {quasi?}DIXIE-Crats]. Thus the Dims have at-best been a Centrist Party w mildly 'Liberal' tendencies during the tenures of FDR, JFK & Jimmy Carter. Then in the 1980s to early 1990s, came the rise of the Billary Clintons' & Al Gore's [& now Obama's] Corp DLC Dims [FYI: 'ironically' Slick Willy, Gore & Carter all come from traditional Dixie-crat states: AR, TN & GA]. So any so-called 'progressive' [IE: Bernie Sanders] who claims they're trying to 'return the Dims back to their 'progressive' roots' either don't know the real history of the Dim-o-Crap [once aka the Dixie-crat] Party, or they're just full of CRAP!!!


Key Questions for ‘Bro’ West re His Sanders’ Endorsement:
Submitted by Nixakliel on Wed, 09/09/2015 - 14:48
1} Since Bernie is unlikely to win the Dim’s POTUS nomination, which will most likely to go to Billary / Killary Clinton, & then Bernie endorses her [as he’s obligated to do],-will you ‘Bro’ West follow Bernie’s lead & also endorse Billary??

2} I can see what Bernie gets from your [key] endorsement [see below], but what do you hope to gain from endorsing him? Did he get your endorsement ‘on the cheap’ [so to speak], & do you plan to do some key campaign events w &/or for him??

IMO you should have insisted Bernie made you his Running-Mate, w the up-front understanding that you would continue to publicly articulate the very same issues you’ve been publicly articulating, & w the agreement that you’d do so w his full support [& also w the understanding you would NOT be obligated to endorse Billary, if Bernie’s {& your} run were to fall short]!

What Bernie gains from ‘Bro’ West’s Endorsement: As a hi-profile Black intellectual & activist, ‘Bro’ West can ‘sell’ Bernie as the ‘New White Hope’ to Black folks [IE: helps Bernie deal w his ‘Black Problem’]. And Consider the Timing- Back in July - Aug, Bernie’s been blind-sided twice by BLM activists at fairly hi-profile events. The first time Bernie failed to handle it w much ‘finesse’- the 2nd time he did just marginally better. But ‘Bro’ West has a lot of currency w the BLM ‘movement’, so he can run ‘interference’ for Bernie as his surrogate vis-a-vis Black [& Brown] Folks.

Back to Point-1: Should Bernie ultimately end-up bowing-out & endorsing Billary [which will most likely happen], what ‘Bro’ West will you do then? Follow suit? If you ‘Bro’ West end up endorsing Billary / Killary based on your endorsement of Bernie, IMO you’ll loose much credibility!!! IMO Already w your endorsement of Bernie got some [IE: Bro Baraka] questioning ‘What’s Up w That?’ IMO you ‘Bro’ West must know about GP candidate Jill Stein, & as a close comrade of Carl Dix you must also know of other socialist(s) &/or independent party candidates as well. -But- The one thing that both Obama’s & Sanders’ candidacy have in common [as Bro Baraka states here]- They both ran / are running as {pseudo} 'Progressive’ sounding DIMS!!!

‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice & the shame is on me!’

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