Friday, December 11, 2015

Sister mmmdot's words

mmmdot • 8 months ago
Welp! At least he's admitting that many Black men disrespectfully speak to us like children - as if many of us didn't know that already. Many Black men committed to anti-racism hypocritically deploy anti-black misogyny against Black women. It's where all their RUDE, UNSOLICITED, uneducated, paternalistic Steve Harvey-like "advice" for us comes from. ::Eyeroll:: They don't realize they stereotype us the same way whites stereotype any black man they personally don't like as a "ghetto thug". Patriarchal binaries are used to oppress Black women while leaving men unaccountable for their behavior. Examples : “[too] independent woman” vs. “gold digger,” “strong" vs. "angry,” “Black queen” vs. “b__ _ _/females", “supportive” vs. “bitter”, "classy/stuck-up" vs."ghetto hood_ _ ", "h_ _ _ _ _" vs. "good girls". NONE of these do ANY good for Black women on EITHER side.

There are two ways to dehumanize someone: by dismissing them and by idolizing them. That's what these patriarchal binaries do: dehumanize Black women.The Black men who use these labels don't truly SEE us for the complex women and human beings we ACTUALLY are. People THINK calling a woman a "ghetto hood_ _ _" or a "good girl" is a neutral, objective description of their actual BEHAVIOR or MINDSET but it's really just a stupid, shallow, toxic anti-black misogynist stereotype that is used to DEHUMANIZE Black women. The men who stereotype Black women like this are generally sexists who inflict anti-black misogyny on Black women. They need to think twice about the way they speak to and about Black women.


mmmdot • 6 days ago
The only "problem" black people have is whites and their nasty antisocial attachment to and investment in white supremacy, anti-blackness, and misogyny. If your society is built on disrespecting my very humanity it deserves to be totally destroyed and you right along with it. Completely and utterly decimated. Period. This shit has ONLY been going 500 years. Humans have been on this Earth for 200,000 years. Globalized white supremacy didn't exist before that time and it damn sure isn't going to last they better be prepared for what's going to happen to their albino asses when their REIGN OF TERROR is over. Because it WILL happen. One way or another this f_ _ _ _ will end and they know d_ _ _ _ well they'll deserve everything they get. They may not want to pay the consequences, but they d_ _ _ sure know they deserve them.

 The massive mistreatment against Black people by whites is deserving of massive justice. There must be accountability in combating evil, which is the Law of the Universe. Today, we see a radical reduction of the white population worldwide and that's JUST the TIP of the iceberg of what they've got coming to them...
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If there is a case to be made against Affirmative action this is not it .This instead is the embodiment of white entitlement and mediocrity, please do your research
1) 1180 Sat score and 3.59 GPA is considered mediocre for a lot of schools.
2) There were only 47 students with same/lower points than Abby that were accepted that yr 42 of them were WHITE.
3)In other words all the black /latino students that got into UT scored higher than Abby save for the 5(see above )
4) There were several white students with higher grade than her that were rejected
5)There were several black /latino (168) students with higher grades than her that were rejected
6)UT gave her the option of doing 1 year at another school and then transferring provided she maintained a 3.2 Gpa and she refused
7) Affirmative action addresses inequalities based on gender and not just race/ethnicity & there are studies that prove white women have benefited the most from Affirmative Action
Finally in a white dominated society , as a white woman , Abby with a lower GPA from a lesser University is very likely to be in a better paying job than black students with higher GPA from UT or elsewhere.

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