Saturday, November 21, 2015

Savant's Words

I certainly favor an independent (preferably democratic) Palestinian state, and have long favored the two state solution to the Israeli/Palestine crisis. For me this is a human rights issue. And this may help lessen the force of terrorism to an extent. But I doubt that the resolution of the Palestine question would solve the problem of groups like ISIS. ISIS didn't emerge out of the Palestine/Israel crisis. If I'm not mistaken their base is in Syria and Iraq. Had America not invaded Iraq in 2003 both ISIS and Al Quaeda would be less of a force in the world, NEITHER had a footing in Iraq until AFTER GW Bush's disastrous blundering in Iraq. (Of course, I would have like to see an end to Saddam Hussein, but preferably by a democratic POPULAR REVOLUTION). At the same time, a military solution--or at least a PURELY or primarily military solution--will probably be like pouring gasoline on a fire. I wish I could say what the best solution might be. Attai suggested somewhere (I forget when and where) that had decisive military action been taken when ISIS was first forming it could have been neutralized. Perhaps. But now? I doubt it.

My French friends here in Baltimore don't seem to think such condolences are "hollow" , and they do not share your xenophobia and barbaric racism. And I seem to recall that 9/11 horror was carried out by fanatics who were not immigrants or citizens of this country. The West (especially the USA today) has to own up to its part in creating the crisis that exists in the Middle East today; and Western global capitalism must be held responsible for destroying the economies and social infrastructure of poor countries, which is largely (maybe primarily) the source of the global immigration crisis. If I hold ISIS and its leaders responsible for their actions, I likewise hold the leaders of the West (surtout les Etats-Unis) and the corporate power system responsible as well.


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