Saturday, September 24, 2016


rosa roja • 2 days ago
"The fact that all three victims were African-American has been used to reinforce a racialized narrative of police violence as predominately one of white cops killing black men and boys out of ingrained white racism."

The way you continue to trot out the same specious analyses over and over again is, to use your own phrase, an insult to the intelligence. Do you deny that police violence is disproportionately directed at black men and boys? Do you deny incarceration rates are hugely skewed? Do you deny that racial profiling is practised?

Secondly, the phrase "ingrained white racism" is dishonest. It's perfectly possible to believe that the police are systematically racist without attributing it to some inherent white mentality.

"Whatever role racism may play in particular police killings, it is not the fundamental issue. Here, the circumstances behind the killing of Scott are revealing. The police shooter, Brentley Vinson, is African-American, as is the police chief, Kerr Putney. The mayor of Charlotte is a woman, Democrat Jennifer Roberts. The police officer in Tulsa, moreover, was a woman."

This is the same dishonest argument that you always make, and which I've called out innumerable times before. "Racism cannot be involved because the shooter was black". Can't you understand that the color of the shooter "reveals" nothing. And bringing up the gender of the police and mayor is a new low for you. What conceivable bearing does that have on anything?

Incidentally you should make sure you have your facts straight. I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure I saw an interview with two witnesses who said the shooter was actually a white male.

The only conclusion I can draw from the almost unbroken chain of articles like this is that wsws wishes to let bourgeois nationalism define the struggle against racism. For me this article is the last straw. It's gone past the point where anyone could hope for you bring your political line (about race and imperialism, not about everything) into agreement with reality.

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