Wednesday, November 30, 2016

History and Culture

Dan neeah18 hours ago (edited)
Your Logic is lacking a bit.
At the time of X, The Democratic Party was more of a Racist Old Confederacy sympathizing Based party.X died in 65, just as the Voteing Rights Act was passed 1965.(((AFTER))) this, the "StatesRights" Dems became todays GOP.and the Norths repubs became todays Democrats.
Let me put it like this .......
If Dylan Roof would have  Voted in this election ,he would  have voted for trump. and if  he was alive during the 60s hed be calling for the head of X and King.
+ If king was alive he wouldnt be flying the Confederate flag again like a good number of trump supporters

i left out its not enuff to read we have to relate the past  w/whats happening in the present.
but Wow, u are on point .
 Trump is preying on the stupid/ppl who like to be entertained.That mfer went to Gettysburg and said ...."People may not know this but the republican party is the party of Lincoln".Now lincoln really wasnt perfect.But the false narrative trump is painting,"the poorly educated" will fall 4 it.Lincolns party didnt fly the Southern Flag,Trumps "StatesRights" base is.
i never heard of that book,im seeing some stuff by Greg Palast about Chris Kobach on trumps transition.Hes the creator of a Crosscheck Vote purge problem where they throw people off the ballot w/o the voter even knowing.And u r right this came after the gop lead supreme court tore apart the VRA.
+Did u hear the comment from trump where he actually((( Thanked Black people for Not Voteing)))?
Trumps people even set up fake black accounts after  facebook cracked down on fake sites.

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