Friday, January 23, 2009

Eric on Weishaupt


Dear Troy,

I only quoted that portion from Nesta Webster’s work as to specific facts in contrast to the reader sorting out deceptive conclusions on the part of the misleading Webster. Webster was a Roman Catholic and beholden to the Roman Hierarchy with which she was in contact. She promoted the lie that Weishaupt hated the Jesuits and broke with the Order—a lie repeated by all those seeking to cover the tracks of the clear link between the Jesuit Order and the Illuminati. This same lie is employed by the John Birch Society as per Gary Allen’s None Dare Call it Conspiracy, when Allen depicts Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe as an enemy of the World Conspiracy—the Rothschilds!

Again, Weishaupt was not an “implacable enemy of the Jesuits;” this is Webster’s propaganda. For once the Jesuits are conclusively linked to be the controllers of the Illuminati (having originated in Jesuit-ruled, Roman Catholic, Inquisitional Bavaria, the game is over as to who really controlled not only the French Revolution, but also the Bolshevik Revolution—a secret that must be kept hidden at all costs! Communism must always be portrayed to be the enemy of the pope and thus the Black Pope; this was one of the purposes of the Cold War justifing the intelligence link between the CIA and the Vatican. Both were fighting “godless Jew Communism,” the continuation of Jesuit-trained Goebbels’ propaganda machine.

Clearly, the Jesuits benefited by the works of their Bavarian Illuminati and its control of continental Freemasonry via Frederick the Great II. For it was by this Jesuit- controlled Illuminized Freemasonry that the Order punished all of its enemies via the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars as I prove in VAII and VAIII.

This is an attack that does not refute the conclusion—that the Society of Jesus controls all High level Freemasonry without which the Order wound not be presently running the world.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

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