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Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan, Son of Perdition
"The Great Falling Away Is Complete" - Series

A Fallen Church Mourns a Favored Son:
A Secret Servant of The Great Harlot on Seven Hills;
Who Miraculously Healed the Wound of The Beast;
Saying, 'Peace, Peace' While Preparing Great Horror!


Love of Money Newsletter
Baruch Hersche, Switzerland
(Part of Tribworks.com)
7th of July 2004 -- 18th of Tammuz? [

"For ye are as whitened burial monuments, which are truly beautiful outwardly,
But within are filled with bones of the dead, and of impurity.
So outwardly ye appear righteous unto men, but within, full of hypocrisy and iniquity."
- Matthew 23:27-28

What fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?
What communion hath light with darkness?
And what concord hath Christ with Satan?
What part hath he that believes with an infidel?
What agreement hath the temple of God with idols?
For ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said,
"I will dwell in them, and walk in them;
and I will be their God, and they shall be my people."
"Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate," saith the Lord,
And touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you"
- II Corinthians 6:14-17

Reagan's Knights of Malta medal: the 5,000 year-old universally used sunwheel or phallus of the sun-god (Swiss flag, too), inside of the 5,000 year-old sun-god (Annu and Venus) eight-pointed star [2], also the sign of the Jesuits.

Reagan's US Presidential Medal of Freedom; a wretched piece of filth. In the blue circle we find 13 pentagrams forming the Star of Solomon or hexagram, an ancient and deeply demonic star of witchcraft used by Solomon and, more recently, wicca, knights and elite[] Masonry. The white pentagram is inside a circle of Jupiter's eagles, AND INVERTED, which always mean satan in wicca, or Baphomet the goat, to elite Masons.  star inside a circle, encased in an inverted pentagram, meaning satan, and evil magic. forming the front and back of the Talisman of Saturn (satan), the two most important and ancient stars of witchcraft for calling down demons and casting spells. In addition, this award seems to be given to people who work for the global beast, and not for freedom; for example, Reagan passed "Rex-84" authorizing a huge program to build citizen concentration camps in the US and worldwide. He was also involved in Promis spy software installed on internet hubs. Medal of Freedom?

Reagan put all of America under the curse of witch-craft, (the fruit of which we saw quickly spread across the US like a dark poisonous cloud) when he and Nancy daily conjured up demons as the political and spiritual head of America.  When Reagan and Kleinknecht held the Masonic and Shriner ceremony in the White House, they knew exactly what they were doing by holding it there instead of at the Lodge as normal after hours!  They were intentionally putting the entire country under the curse of the 33rd degree, dedicated to Lucifer!

Take a close look around you.  Get a pencil and paper and make a list - which news agencies, journalists, publications, ministries and pastors are praising Reagan?  Now put your list to the side.  Do you know what you have done?  You have just documented those who are spiritually deceived, who have believed the Great Delusion, those of The Great Falling Away!

This is a very important article in the Great Falling Away series.  I tried to keep it from being a book, but on the other hand, it must be made clear that Reagan fooled the Christians; that he was really a very highly skilled speaker and salesman - i.e. he could fool nearly all the people all the time.  People liked him, and therefore turned off their Christian radar, and paid for their foolishness with the end of their country, and as in Germany, 1939, their foolishness and resistance to truth will cost the lives of hundreds of millions both inside the US and around the world.  I wrote this, because everyone from TBN to Focus on the Family, Christianity Today to World Net Daily, have swallowed the lie and are the blind leading the blind into the ditch.  Ronald Reagan was an incredibly evil man, in bed with incredibly evil friends, chosen from his early adult years for his speaking talent and willingness to do anything for money, including embracing Lucifer and mocking God - the news of which is being completely buried under the disturbing mantra of God and Country - from the usual popular Evangelical and Charismatic and Catholic outlets.  I began writing this over one month ago, a couple days after Reagan's death was made public.  I became overwhelmed with the blatant lies, spin and propaganda being pumped out universally.  Not seeing a single article to help God's people see the truth, and realizing that Reagan had served the Illuminati in a unusually powerful way, at a critical juncture in the Sun Cult's end time plan, I felt strongly that 1) God's Remnant needed some clear truth to counteract the incredible onslaught of lies and spin to hide the deep evil and judgment Reagan brought on America, and 2) Reagan was clearly THE man who brought to conclusion the monumental, historic, and astonishing HEALING OF THE DEADLY WOUND OF THE BEAST!

First, let us establish beyond all doubt that Ronald Reagan did not accept membership certificates from Freemason and Shriner (33 degree) Luciferian organizations by accident or by ignorance. Ronald Wilson Reagan was truly running with the devil.

Sun Cult Son

  1. Member, Knights of Malta, "Grand Cross of Merit Special Class."  Arguably the world's most evil secret society.  Officially an elite military organization under Vatican authority, members swear unswerving allegiance to all papal orders unto death. Spiritual descendents of the Catholic Bankers / pagan Knights Templar (banned for satan-worship and homosexuality in 1307 AD and founders of Switzerland), founders of League of Nations, United Nations, and the Freemason Red Cross, and the special ops force for Rothschild's Bank for International Settlements in Basel (where the Reagan-appointed Alan Greenspan KBE, and all other central bankers get their marching orders), and last but not least, founders of the OSS-CIA. That's right, the CIA was founded by the official military intelligence arm of the Vatican!
  2. Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus is also known as simply Freemasonry for Catholics, now the largest Catholic fraternity in the world (actually Freemasonry is the largest, but I have yet to meet a Freemason who is aware their top leadership answers to the Jesuit General).  Founded in 1882, literally in the basement of St. Marys of New Haven, at a time when Catholicism was gaining acceptance in the US.  Apparently, Ronald Reagan's father was Catholic and a Knight, based on the following:  in an address from the Oval Office via satellite, to the 104th Meeting of the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus, held in Chicago, Ill., on Tuesday, August 5, 1986, Reagan opened with this: "...permit me to extend my greetings to Your Eminence and Your Excellencies. And of course to the leader of the Knights of Columbus, my friend, Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant. I want to tell you that I've had a place in my heart for the Knights of Columbus since I was a boy. You see, my father was a Knight, and he never missed an opportunity to express his pride in the K of C..."  Reagan was also keynote speaker, in person, at the 100th anniversary of the Knights of Columbus, taking time out from a busy presidential slate to fly to New Haven.
  3. Knight of The Most Honorable Order of Bath, and Knight Grand Cross, awarded by Queen Elizabeth II, June 14, 1989, for outstanding service to a foreign agenda.  Michael Reagan, who oozes patriotism and praise for his catholic and masonic step-father, strangely ignores his constitutionally banned foreign entanglements and awards, and his employment by the Vatican, a foreign sovereign state which was for over 350 years viewed as the mortal enemy of all states wishing to have freedom of state and religion - as was the throne of England!
  4. Various Knighthoods, and a closet full of demonic badges and medals: Collar of the Nile from Egypt, Legion of Honor from France, Order of Adolphus of Nassau from Luxembourg, Order of the Netherlands Lion Star, ad infinitum.  All Masonic, all known demonic symbols of witchcraft.  Disturbing stuff.  Especially if you are spiritually in fellowship with God, then the pictures of these dark holy relics is repulsive.
  5. Yale University - Chubb Fellow.  Chubb was founded by a grant from Hendon Chubb, Council on Foreign Relations (an elite group organized to bring America to her knees).  Chubb's brother Percy founded Chubb Insurance in 1882, now a US top ten insurance firm. George H. W. Bush still works for Chubb Insurance, occasionally doing promotional tours to CHINA (HW is also known as "Poppy" Bush).  Insurance, as you know, is banking without interest, and is connected to the grand fortunes of the 19th century involving the Chinese opium trade, for which the famous Clipper ships were built - Which is the Chubb logo. It seems Chubb and Bush's Russell Trust (Skull & Bones) have kindred roots.  Reagan, it soon be seen, grew up in, and was hand-picked by the old Illuminati Opium and banking families.  Other Chubb / Yale Fellows of note:

    1. Reagan's VP George H. W. Bush (father Prescott funded and partnered with Hitler; HW is a member of Luciferian power cult Skull and Bones, CFR, Trilateral Commission (Rockefeller/Kissinger); is one of world's top opium and cocaine kings - hence Nicaragua, Columbia, Mena, Afghanistan, Iraq: see book Compromised: Clinton Bush and the CIA)
    2. Reagan's Secretary of State Alexander Haig (Knights of Malta; Master's degree from Jesuit Georgetown Univ; honorary law degree from Jesuit's Loyola University (you DO know who the Jesuits are by now, right?), and B'nai B'rith's Ben Gurion Univ - yes, Ben Gurion was a Freemason)
    3. Israeli PM Shimon Peres (33rd degree Freemason, murderer of Rabin, puppet of French masonry.)
    4. Israeli PM Mosche Dayan (Freemason)
    5. Joseph Lieberman (Cabalist)
    6. Jack Kemp (33rd degree Freemason, Rev Moon partner, covert Council for National Policy, Empower America, Heritage Foundation, Washington Family Council)
    7. President Harry S. Truman (33rd degree Freemason)
    8. Jimmy Carter: Masonic Nobel Peace Prize 2002 (given only to socialists); Trilateral Commission; Council on Foreign Relations; insisted on using the Masonic Bible from St. John's Lodge in New York City for the oath of office; renounced Southern Baptist membership because they said Jesus defined Biblical interpretation!
    9. New York Times CHIEF correspondent and Illuminati mouthpiece, R.W. Apple.

  6. Reagan chose former CIA chief George H. W. Bush as his Vice President.  George H. W. Bush is a member of the Luciferian Skull and Bones, and ran the drug trade in Nicaragua from the White House.  Remember Mena, Arkansas?  Bush is chairman of the OSS society, and works for the Pope, as do all Knights of Malta and all leadership of the Vatican-founded OSS and CIA.
  7. Knight of Malta William Casey was his 1982 campaign manager.  After the election, Reagan appointed him head of the Knights of Malta-controlled CIA.
  8. Wife Nancy practiced witchcraft in the Whitehouse, using at least 5 (that we know of) different astrologers and soothsayers while in office, organizing every trip, meeting, conference and flight using witchcraft.  Special lines were installed at the White House and Camp David solely to practice divination on all decisions, even with foreign heads of state!  Monthly witchcraft fees estimated at $3,000 per month.  Reagan's mother was Eleanor Roosevelt's best friend, another woman who practiced witchcraft in the White House, which might help explain the next point.
  9. Reagan's role model was Franklin D. Roosevelt (!) 33rd degree Freemason, Shriner, friend of Stalin (who could have easily gotten broken Russia to do anything he desired in 1945, but instead put half of Europe under Stalin's Communist control, who promptly destroyed millions of lives with camps and poverty and banned Christianity and Bibles... think about this point long and hard - that blood and a spiritually stillborn generation is on FDR's and America's Judgment record, waiting to be paid!), Communist symphathizer (Col. House), WWII instigator, Pearl Harbor planner (documented now by 3 different affadavits), US gold robber, dollar trasher, Wall Street elitist, and orchestrator of US history's biggest government and taxation explosion (before FDR, history's wealthiest nation -- USA -- had no income tax or property tax, and ran debt-free) co-founder of the Knights of Malta's United Nations.  Reagan got his political start and training in paganism and God-lessness and built his Communist connections while working for the FDR administration! It should be obvious by now, that Reagan was a groomed stooge of the Jesuits and OSS-CIA, chosen for his exceptional salesmanship and dark spiritual lineage.
  10. Member, 33rd degree Shriner (Imperial Council of the Shrine), and Scottish Rite Freemason.  Certificates and ceremony conferred by the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, ceremony held in the White House on February 11, 1988.  Among those in attendence:  Raymond F. McMullen, Grand Master of Masons of the District of Columbia;  Francis S. Paul, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction;  and Voris King, Imperial Potentate of the A.A.O.N.M.S. (Shrine) of North America.  A complete copy of the Certificate is printed at page 67 of the 1988 Grand Lodge D.C. Proceedings - first announced in April, 1988, The New Age Magazine (now called The Scottish Rite Magazine to downplay its spiritual beliefs), published by the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction.[5]
  11. The abortion President.  Responsible for abortion in California.  Many Christian's were fooled by his later speech of apology and crocodile tears from Hollywood's former chief of the Actor's Guild.  Later, as president, Reagan crushed American Christians' outcry against the ancient Jewish child sacrifice rituals (abortion, Jewish god Moloch), by appointing rabid abortion advocate Sandra Day O'Connor to the highest US court, which later provided to key swing vote to cut off Christians' attempt to overthrow the country-dooming Roe v. Wade in a Supreme Court decision... by ONE vote - Ronald Reagan's appointee.  O'Connor is Episcopalian, as are most Masons in US politics (see below).
  12. Member, Bohemian Grove - an occult group of government, banking, and corporate Illuminati adherents, intent on destroying individual and national sovereignty, committed to the elimination of Christianity from planet earth and bringing all men to kneel before Lucifer.
  13. Reagan's religion is listed in official government papers as Episcopalian (associated with York Rite Freemasonry), though his father and early associates were all Catholic, and though he later attended a Presbyterian Church in Bel Air. (Associated with Scottish Rite Freemasonry).  In reality, Reagan was not religious, despite efforts by numerous NWO agents/authors to sell him and deceive Evangelicals: such as Garry Wills' Reagan's America, and Under God; or Michael Reagan's The City On A Hill; or WorldNetDaily's pushing Mary Beth Brown's Hand of Providence, one of the more blasphemous titles, for a book about the man who ended the spiritual (and physical) sovereignty of the last major country still independent of the Vatican's NWO.
  14. The Truth about "Episcopalian":

    1. Nearly all high-ranking US government Freemasons have been Episcopalians, including George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt. 
    2. Though a mere 1% of US population, Episcopalians have strangley had a stranglehold on the Supreme Court - by far the number one affiliation.  So much for the wonders of "Freedom of Religion" which the 1776 forced on non-Catholic, non-Masonic America.  Now America has a crime and incarceration rate 50% higher than the second place country, Communist Russia.  Episcopalian Church of America answers to the Queen of England and the Pope. It is properly called the American branch of the Anglican Church of England.
    3. Many secular statistics agencies do not consider the Episcopalian Church Christian.
    4. The Episcopalian Church has been the number one political advocate for homosexuality in the US. Just as under Bush -- also Episcopalian -- homosexuality has exploded such as under no other US president - and is now the law of the land.  This church wants anarchy and mass perversion to reign in the US.
    5. "It has been reported that true Freemasonry Lodges were established in the cellars of Episcopalian and Presbyterian Churches." [3]
    6. Most past Grand Masters of the Pennsylvania Grand Lodge have been Episcopalians.
    7. Albert Pike, 33 degree Freemason, Rosicrucian, Illuminatus, author of the Masonic Bible Morals and Dogma in 1871 (handed to initiates worldwide for over 100 years), writer of the Scottish Rite system of degrees and properly called father of modern masonry, and worshipper of Lucifer (as his Bible attests), "was, to his death, an Episcopalian Christian", according to 33 degree Freemason Jim Tresner at MIT university.
  15. Reagan was a close, lifelong friend of 33rd degree Freemason Walt Disney, doing each other many favors over the years during campaigns and passing laws beneficial to Disney.  Reagan served as the emcee for the opening day of Disneyland, California. He returned with Illuminatus Art Linkletter for the 35th anniversary.

Have you noticed by now how what Reagan said was almost always the exact opposite of what he did?  This is the hallmark of the Jesuits and Masonic politicians.

For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers,
specially they of the circumcision: whose mouths must be stopped,
who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not,
for filthy lucre's sake... They profess that they know God;
but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient,
and unto every good work reprobate.
- Titus 1:10,11,16

"How Reagan and the Pope Conspired..."Sometimes reading half the title gives one the whole truth. 

Reagan's Staff "Choices": Catholic, Nazi and Darkness

  1. Helene van Damme.  Reagan's "Special Assistant", this lady WAS the Reagan Administration.  She put together a list of potential staff for Reagan to "pick", and controlled his appointments.  A New York Times reporter once wondered at her proficiency in German, but no major media ever dared to reveal the truth: Helene was formerly secretary to the Nazi German High Command.  She had a similar capacity when Reagan was Governor of California.  Before working for Reagan, she worked with Reinhard Gehlen, former Nazi head of the German Secret Service (Abwehr). Gehlen worked on top secret US military projects, often in German, using Helene's German translation skills, back when he worked with the Nixon campaign and with Transinternational Computer Investment Corp. (1969).  Gehlen and many other elite and blood-drenched Nazis were brought to the US by J. Edgar Hoover.  California is still under Nazi leadership til today.
  2. William P. Clark.  Counter-intelligence agent, married to Nazi Werner von Braun's niece, Joan von Braun, and was CFR.  Werner was head of the secret US military agency NASA, imported by the OSS-CIA Operation Paperclip as the former head of Hitler's secret military rocket program (and saucers).  At one time, Clark was named in a California lawsuit for involvement in the assissination of JFK, along with other Knights of Malta [5] (official intelligence agents of the Vatican).  Astonishingly, Reagan appointed Clark to be his National Security Advisor on the National Security Council
  3. Peggy Noonan.  Reagan "Special Assisstant."  What this means is that Peggy Noonan made sure Reagan's speeches and behavior was in line with Vatican policy.  As most still don't know, Presidents do NOT write their speeches.  It is not allowed.  Every White House has a sizable, well-paid and famous team working FULL TIME just scribbling things for the boss to say.  Reagan's main speech writer, appointed by Nazi Helene van Damme, was and is a die hard Roman Catholic, obedient by oath to Rome - above Washington.  Noonan's articles show up in all the Illuminati and CFR media: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek.  She is the unofficial Vatican mouthpiece, who gets to break Vatican spin before anyone else on earth, before Catholic News Service.  Remember the phrase and controversy of "It is as it was" on Mel Gibson's Passion?  That was Peggy Noonan.  She was also nominated for an emmy for her 9-11 coverup special. The CFR loves her.  Her latest book is "When Character Was King: A Story of Ronald Reagan". 

Dear readers, are you beginning to see just how deceived -- deadly deceived -- American Christians were by Ronald Reagan?  In the interest of space, I won't write out his regular White House staff - suffice it to say, they are a Whos Who of Illuminati and Vatican intrigue, from criminal military drug and weapons agent Oliver North to Donald Rumseld, it is just putrid and stinks to high heaven.  I hope it brings tears to your eyes, for this man has caused you to lose your country, as you shall soon enough experience.  You can never undo or recover what Reagan has given away!

REAGAN: Random Acts of Balial

  1. In a speech at mid-term, Reagan estimated he would appoint 45 percent of America's federal judges. These Reagan appointments are the very ones which today ban God from public, encourage non-enforcement of current moral law, overturn 400 year-old sodomy and bestiality laws, and ban prayer from school.  And worst - which uphold birthing a child from the womb then sucking its brains out -- and often cutting off its still jerking arms and legs -- judges which have overturned state laws against homosexuality and sex with animals.  I have read the Bible, and God states many times that He would rather destroy His people than have His name tarnished on the earth. Better that all of America dies, than that this unspeakably horrible sin and abomination continues to exist. America alone, of 200 nations, condones this murder of babies which are born, but whose silent screams are hushed by holding the head inside the birthing canal until enough of the brain is sucked out to render the expression of pain and rage silent.  Ronald Reagan is a man with absolutely no fear before the Almighty Judge for shedding blood.
  2. Reagan bailed out Frank Sinatra, known Communist front man and insider with the powerful Gambino mafia family, helping him get his casino license back.  Despite Sinatra's overwhelming ties to organized crime and satanist's such as Sammy Davis, Jr, Reagan awarded Frank Sinatra the prestigious "American Medal of Freedom", for service to... the Vatican? (certainly not to America). See the 2,403 page FBI file on Frank Sinatra at http://foia.fbi.gov/sinatra.htm. (Notice: most of it is blacked out).
  3. Agent of the Vatican: Ronald Reagan was the president to officially end US sovereignty by establishing legal US diplomatic relations with the "religious organization" Vatican City / The Holy See (and was continually managed by the late John Cardinal O'Connor's Director of the CIA, William J. Casey, Knight of Malta.)
  4. Worked for the OSS (later CIA) in WWII. The OSS has to do with psyops, propaganda, intelligence and deception, not defending the U.S., for it was formed by Knights who had taken a blood oath to the Vatican.
  5. Appointed Donald Rumsfeld as Middle East envoy. (no need to elaborate on this point!)
  6. Set up US puppet in Iraq, Saddam Hussein. (seen this Reagan appointee in the headlines lately?)
  7. Set up US hired "general" in the fake Soviet war in Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden (remember him? George W. Bush does not, because Osama is not only an appointee of Reagan, but was trained by, and is a business partner of, his own father.  Which is why he was keynote speaker at the Vatican funeral - for keeping the coverup going.)
  8. Appointed his campaign manager, William Casey, as CIA director. (member, Knights of Malta)
  9. Pentagram on Hollywood Walk of Fame.  The star of Venus is Lucifer's medal of honor awarded to those who serve -- in an outstanding and global manner -- the Jewish/Jesuit Hollywood agenda of deceiving the worldwide general public: great actors of deceit in the fields of politics, religion, and entertainment.
  10. Reagan was president of the Communist-riddled Screen Actors Guild during the U.S. government's investigation of communist activity in Hollywood - obviously a coverup man like Senator Danforth at Waco. 
  11. At one time was called "extremely left-wing activist... too left to run for office."Approved program to build a huge network of concentration camps for citizens, called "Rex-84".
  12. First president whose daughter posed for Playboy Magazine. [had this occured before the election, Reagan would have lost the presidency. Remember that in 1980, women wearing pants to church was a no-no.] 
  13. Son Ron, Jr, ran away from home because Nancy tried to hit him, as she regularly hit her daughter, Patty.  Ron hated his parents so much, he danced on Saturday Night Live in his underwear, and got married without so much as giving them a phone call.  Patty hated her parents so much she changed her family name, and became a speaker against her father, the President.  This is not to pick apart this family, but to point out that Reagan's house was in major disorder, not a characteristic of a Christian family, but very typical of Masonic and Mormon families, with with I am very familiar.  In Luke 6:46 Jesus says, "Why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?"  Masonry and ties with darkness destroy our family and children!
  14. Appointed outspoken abortionist Sandra Day O'Connor to the Supreme Court, who later provided the winning vote for Roe v. Wade.  Justice O'Connor is also an Episcopalian, like Reagan, which Freemasons acknowledge as the birthplace of Freemasonry.
  15. First president to be divorced and remarried. [This caused bitter debate in 1980 campaign]
  16. Hand-picked spokesman for the global Illuminati monster corporation GE (military, media, NBC, banking).
  17. USA went from world's largest creditor to largest debtor during Reagan Administration.
  18. Reagan promised smaller government, and an end to Carter's huge $74 billion budget deficit, a reduction of federal debt, and balanced budget by 1984.  Truth?  The opposite.  Carter's $74 billion doubled to Reagan's $155 billion in 1988. In 1980 Gross Federal Debt was $909 billion (33pct of GDP), in 1988 is had nearly tripled to $2.601 trillion (52pct of GDP).  Said House Speaker Tip O'Neill, after a meeting with Reagan, November 23, 1981, "He knows less about the budget than any president in my lifetime. He can't even carry on a conversation about the budget. It's an absolute and utter disgrace."
  19. Reagan promised to end Carter's debilitating inflation.  Result?  Inflation over Reagan's eight years was a crushing 95%, destroying American's wealth (dollar) to the tune of 51.3% - in one president's term!  In January, 1981, M3 money supply was $2.023 billion, in January 1989, it was $3.944 billion.  Essentially, Ronald Reagan ended the American dream by NOT curbing an exploding money supply, thereby destroying households by forcing a second income.  This trashing of the family is par for the first divorced president, the first president to put America under the Vatican, to marry a woman of witchcraft, to have children wildly out of control, who openly mocked their parents in public.

This is a true saying:
"If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work."
A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober,
Of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;
Not given to wine, not violent, not seeking corrupt money;
...One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;
For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?
Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.
- 1 Timothy 3:1-6

Funeral For A Friend... of Darkness

Ronald Reagan's body was laid "in state" in the exact center of the circle of the United States Capitol.  This is highly significant, for throughout history capitol, when spelled with an "o" (not an "a" as in capital), means a temple to Jupiter, a modern version of the temple which stood in ancient Rome, the surrounding area of which was also the center of pagan Roman government, a monument of worship to Jupiter, or satan, the supreme diety of the Greek and Roman pagan empires.  On top of this dome, exactly over the casket of Ronald Reagan, stands the goddess of America, Persephone, whose task in mythology is to escort people to the underworld, or hell.  She wears a crown of pentagrams, lest anyone doubt exactly who Jesuits and Freemasons had in mind upon her commissioning: known as Venus to Freemasons, and as "Queen of Heaven" and Morning Star to those of the Whore on Seven Hills.

(The demonic being "Queen of Heaven" is cursed by God in the Bible: see Jeremiah 7:17-20.  In Jeremiah 44:25-27, God vows to destroy completely those who refuse to renounce honoring and praying to the Queen of Heaven.  This is the same Queen of Heaven with which Reagan aligned himself and served.  Lucifer means "morning star" or Venus, which is the morning star, sometimes rising before the sun.  In pagan Rome, Lucifer and Venus are interchangeable names, which continues until today; see Webster's Dictionary. Lucifer is also the name of the wicked King of Babylon; see Isaiah 14:12, whole chapter. Most people do not know that Venus/Lucifer is eternally and universally connected with the pentagram, since the ancients discovered planet Venus' five-pointed astronomical pattern of alignments with earth and sun.)

  1. Location: Washington National Cathedral

    1. Casket laid on the cross of the Knights Templar, or more specifically, the classic sun-worship cross (unrelated to Christianity) of the Crusaders, used by de Bouillon, King of Jerusalem, and later by Jesuit-related orgs.  This cross (a word not found in the Greek New Testament!) was used by sinister societies back through at least 1066 AD.  In the center of this cross on the WNC floor, is the Vatican and Jesuit symbol IHS (which does not mean what your local bishop tells you).  This exact symbol is a logo for the "Sovereign Grand Commander, Supreme Council" (Freemasonry, 30th degree), used by the Vatican, and by Aleister Crowley, perhaps the most famous witch and Luciferian and ritual sex pervert of the last century.

    2. On the left side of the WNC's interior is a huge throne topped with the pagan Celtic symbol.  It is a well-established fact that this cross is pagan and has always been pagan.  Those who were taught symbols by their wise Christian parents know without studying this symbol that it is obviously a sun cross of ancient sun worship and ritual sex.  But even today, encyclopedias of symbols tell the truth.  I am always amazed at the boldness of deceiving church orgs to prominently place this symbol in their sanctuaries; I can only think of two explanations: 1) Lucifer is the essence of arrogance, a pride so great it not only separates oneself from God forever, but separates oneself from caution; and 2) symbols have power: to cause spiritual shadows and to enslave. This is the more likely reason for satanic symbols inside church buildings - to curse those sitting under them, and to whistle a welcome to demonic powers.  This symbol is also the chemical symbol of sulfur. Get it?  They are mocking Christians, who don't understand their symbols and codes.  (more on symbols)

    3. The church foundation was dedicated by Freemasons (according to documents from District of Columbia Lodges), and outside stands a monument to George Washington, with plaques noting his Freemasonry memberships.  Keep in mind, this pagan edifice is named after George Washington, the man, who was an agent of England and the papacy, an Episcopalian and Freemason.

    4. Also on the exterior are things which give spiritually sensitive people headaches: gargoyles.  A national contest for a new gargoyle design ended with the selection of Darth Vader, which is featured high up on the WNC, and on their webpage.  You may think that is a joke, but it is not.  Darth Vader is an important symbol to the forces of darkness which rule America, as was Star Wars, a movie they ordered and paid for.  It is not silly, but just as serious as the oath that Bush took in a casket (after doing some things that I won't repeat here), and the tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers now dead or dying from the Bush family offerings to Lucifer, their phony wars for personal gain and the shedding of innocent (and foolish) young soldiers' blood.

    5. There is also a ritual sex symbol prominently displayed on a flag inside, related to Venus, the Mother Goddess, in the form of, well, see if you can find it on the WNC virtual tour.

  2. Opening song: Ave Maria, dedication of ceremony to the Brotherhood's Queen of Heaven.
  3. Officiated by Rev. John Dansforth

    1. Trilateral Commission (enemy of USA), founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller
    2. Named US ambassador to the UN by Bush one day after Reagan death
    3. Appointed by Janet Reno to cover up FBI agents gunning down Branch Davidians fleeing the flames at Waco.
    4. Shortly after sloppy Waco coverup, Bush floated Danforth's name as potential Presidential running mate.
    5. Wealthy heir to Ralston Purina fortune
    6. Former Attorney General of Missouri (Ashcroft state): Congress Finance Committee, Intelligence Committee, Committee on Commerce, Commission on Presidential Debates (!)
    7. Director, Dow Chemical.
    8. Board of Directors, MetLife, Inc.
    9. Board of Directors, Cerner Corp. (medical software company; WORKGROUP ON THE NATIONAL HEALTH INFORMATION INFRASTRUCTURE; i.e national digital biometric ID database network.)
    10. Board of Directors, General American Life Insurance Company.
    11. Partner, Bryan Cave LLP, Top 30 US law firm: real estate development and finance.
    12. Appointed to cover up Arthur Anderson destruction of Enron files.

  4. Speakers.  Note, all speakers are heavily into occultic groups, abortion, Global Governance, and war.

    1. Sandra Day O'Connor: Why in the world is Reagan's pro-abortion Supreme Court justice speaking here?  Her vote killed a large anti-abortion uprising.  She is listed as Episcopalian - the American branch of the throne-directed Anglican Church (headed by a Druid), and intimately tied to Vatican intrigue.  Many secular organizations do not list the Episcopal Church as Christian, perhaps due to its reputation as the birthplace of American Freemasonry, and its deep and wide representation in power politics.  Episcopalians, though too small to be a factor in US religious structure, dominated US political power, both on the Supreme Court and church organ lists, he most represented group in Supreme Court history.)
    2. George H. W. Bush: Episcopalian; Luciferian - Skull and Bones (Russell Trust, Yale); Knights of Malta; CIA chief; business partner Bin Laden family; oil empire with House of Saud, associated with JFK assassination; Bohemian Grove; Chairman OSS society;
    3. George W. Bush: Episcopalian; Luciferian - Skull and Boneskey speaker, mentioned the "1,000" symbolism of the occult in his speech.)
    4. Rev John Dansforth: see previous comments - a consumate liar and smooth talker.
    5. Imam Mohammad Magid Ali - director of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (Huh!? Isn't this a funeral for a Christian?)
    6. Catholic Archbishop of Washington, Theodore Cardinal McCarrick. At the funeral of an agnet of the Vatican, this is expected.  The Pope sent a delegate especially for the funeral.
    7. Greek Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America.  Okay, I get it; it is an ecumenical all mushy religions love fest.
    8. Jewish Rabbi Harold Kushner. Graduate of Columbia University.  Member, B'nai B'rith - Jewish Freemasonry.  Kushner is a sinister man.  He preaches blasphemy and a helpless, limited god whose weakness, failures and limits we must forgive.[6]  Some call Kushner an athiest.  (Huh!? Isn't this a funeral for a Christian?)
  5. Bells rang 40 times
  6. Funeral held on June 11, exactly 33 months after September 11.  Reagan was a 33rd degree / Shriner.  His body came out of the church as precisely 13:00 hours.

As I was finishing this (4th of July), David Meyer posted his latest Last Trumpet Newsletter, with the first bit of refreshing truth on Ronald Reagan.  Praise God there is still one other Christian out there who refuses to bend to the ecumenical, positive-thinking dragon!  Pastor Meyer knows and understands the wickedness of the human heart because he was once practicing darkness like Reagan, and he understands the deceit of our arch enemy who appears as Jesus and who plants false churches each day, and who understands that those who don't face the truth daily will end up losing not only their country but their very soul.  Of course, you don't need to dabble in witchcraft to understand the enemy - if you love God and do not refuse His instruction, you too will learn to see the truth in yourself and your world around you.  I have proven the Bible correct, where it says, "You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free!"

Here is the excerpt about Reagan from the July Last Trumpet Newsletter:

The Death of a World Leader!

In the June, 2004, issue of the Last Trumpet Newsletter, I wrote the following words: "At the end of April, 2004, we had an eclipse of the moon, which caused it to turn blood red, and this was followed by two comets. According to old Roman occultism, the appearing of a comet means the death of a leader is imminent." I must make a correction regarding the eclipse of the moon, as it actually happened on May 4th, 2004, which is the 33rd day before the death of Ronald Wilson Reagan on June 5th, 2004. In the realm of the occult, comets signify the imminent death of a world leader, and we know that God judges wicked men by bringing the consequences of their own evil devices upon them. That is the very reason why certain occult numbers keep coming up in relation to certain events. In Psalm 7:11-16 we read as follows: "God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day. If he turn not, he will whet his sword; he hath bent his bow, and made it ready. He hath also prepared for him the instruments of death; he ordaineth his arrows against the persecutors. Behold, he travaileth with iniquity, and hath conceived mischief, and brought forth falsehood. He made a pit, and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made. His mischief shall return upon his own head, and his violent dealing shall come down upon his own pate."

Witchcraft cannot function without astrology and numerology, and God sends judgment upon them accordingly! William Shakespeare referred to the comet as being a sign that the death of a world leader was imminent in his work known as Julius Ceasar. In that work, Ceasar's wife was pleading with Ceasar to not go to the capitol, because a comet appeared in the night sky, and she said, "When peasants die there are no comets seen, the heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes." The next day was the Ides of March and Ceasar was assassinated and was soon lying in state at the capitol in Rome. In the case of Ronald Reagan, there were two comets preceding his death. Is the death of another world leader imminent?

Ronald Reagan died on the 5th day of the 6th month and was buried six days later on the 11th day of the 6th month. The Washington Post's headlines for June 10th said, "A Day of Ritual and Remembrance." (26) It was indeed a time of amazing ritual for the departed illuminist. Escorting the Reagan casket was a riderless 13-year-old, solid black horse named Sergeant York. When the casket reached the capitol, it was placed in the rotunda to "lie in state" for exactly 36 hours. We must remember that the word "capitol" is defined by unabridged dictionaries as follows: "The temple of Jupiter at Rome, situated on the S.W. summit of the Capitoline Hill; the building occupied by the United States Congress at Washington." This is more evidence of the powerful occult connection of Rome with Washington, D.C. We must also take note of the lying-in-state for exactly 36 hours. Six times six is 36. When the numbers 1 through 36 inclusive are added together, the total is 666. This period of time also allowed for the sun to cross the meridians and send the rays of their sun-god Baal through the windows in the rotunda to empower the sacred circle, which is built into the marble floor. (27) When the casket was removed and the cameras showed the floor from directly above, you could see the circle clearly and the black monolithic slab that was placed in its center where the casket lay. (28) This is witchcraft of the first magnitude.

The casket was then moved to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., for the funeral service. The National Cathedral is the sixth largest cathedral in the world, and its tallest spire is 676 feet high. We know that the number of man is six and the number of God is 7. The number 676 indicates man's authority over God. I have been to the National Cathedral and took many pictures there. It is quite a piece of "masonry" in more ways than one. The National Cathedral is famous for its proud display of gargoyles, which are built into the structure everywhere. These are grotesque demonic stone images with snarled faces, pointed ears, and bat-like wings. There are many varieties, and they are so proud of them that the church has a gargoyle shop in the basement, which sells these images of demons for visitors to take home. Needless to say, I didn't buy any. While I was there, the National Cathedral was proudly calling attention to its most recent gargoyle addition, which was cemented into the front, high above the main entrance. It was the image of "Darth Vader" of the Star Wars movies. In those movies, Darth Vader was the "dark side of the force", who, if killed, would come back to life with greater strength. Thus, the image of the dark side of the force presides over the entrance to the National Cathedral. It is also interesting to note that when President Bush spoke at this funeral, he stood in the pulpit and not at the lectern. (29) After the funeral, the Reagan casket was flown to California, where he was buried within a large circle with six walkways like spokes leading to a circular walkway. (30) This is all true to occult form.

At the funeral of Ronald Reagan, a former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, said he was taking this loss very hard. (31) Ronald Reagan was a Communist in Hollywood during the time of the heavy infiltration of Communism in that movie capital just after World War II ended. Reagan was the President of the Screen Actors' Guild and was commonly known as "Red Ronnie." Much more could be said about his subversive activities, but suffice it to say that it was Ronald Reagan who is directly responsible for bringing de facto Communism to the United States and providing the "Red" Gorbachev with an office in San Francisco, California, at the Presidio. Gorbachev now presides over a conspiratorial operation of the Illuminati known as the "State of the World Forum." I stood at his office and prayed against his activities.

We also know that Ronald Reagan's wife, Nancy, who at the funeral wore a large numeral 6 on each ear as earrings, managed her husband's spiritual affairs while he was in the White House. Astrologers such as Joan Quigley and Joyce Jillson continually advised Reagan's every move. Thus, our country was being run by astrology, which is witchcraft and is condemned in the Word of God! A horoscope was even drawn up for Reagan's oath of office. Nancy Reagan admitted all of this publicly just as the second term of her husband was ending, and they were making preparation to move back to California to a home with the street address of 666 Hillcrest. When certain church groups made a fuss over it in the media, they changed the house number.

On Friday, the 11th day of the 6th month, Federal offices were shut down for the Reagan funeral, which cost American tax payers $423 million. (32) Now plans are underway to put his image on the dime and to place his picture on the ten dollar bill. There are also plans to put Reagan's face on the Mt. Rushmore Memorial. (33)

To read the full newsletter (recommended), click here: "The Time of God's Final Call"
at url:


There are some major omissions here: Edwin Meese and the sinister Heritage Foundation, the Promis software scandal, constitutional disregard, lies and obfuscations, drug war (drug profits, and an addicted wife), Iran-Contra, China, the explosion of secret ops, underground cities, camps (Rex-84), etc, etc. It could fill several volumes.  But Christians know that the battle is spiritual, not political.

Ronald Wilson Reagan loved money more than God.  He compromised his soul with dark oaths, cursed symbols, consulted witches and demons, and brought darknes and terrible danger on America just so he could ride a good wave.  That is how simple it is to harm millions and earn the title fool or Hitler.  "Gain the whole world and lose your own soul..." and millions of other souls, and the whole country!  How tragic.  Reagan did the bidding of the Vatican and its military command, the Knights of Malta and CIA, to create an UNholy alliance, the healing of the wound of the Beast, and ending the Reformation which the ancestors of millions of Americans suffered for and died, including mine (the last beheading in Switzerland at the hand of the pagan Reformed State Church in Switzerland was Hans Landis, in 1614, a direct uncle of mine).  Those martyrs died... not for silly things like freedom from taxes, for they were the lowest in the world; not to be free from England, for no one was as free from England as the colonies, and freedom in Christ in so great that the Masonic "liberty" becomes nothing.  No, they suffered brutal torture and unbelievably creative ways of death at the hands of Lucifer's Beast, solely for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for following God rather than the pompous horn "which speaks great things and blasphemies" and the whore on seven hills, Reagan's Queen of Heaven.  

This funeral was indeed a sad day for me, for I knew who Reagan was, and I know what God says in John's Revelation of Jesus Christ about the Beast.  REAGAN ENDED THE GREAT REFORMATION.  The Darkest Ages the world has ever seen are now upon us.  Soon, we will surrender our Bibles, and our lives, as our forefathers did so long ago, under the orders of Lucifers agents and the "Vicar of Christ."

Those who do not have the light of Christ, will find thick and oppressive darkness to be their lot.  For me, it is still the greatest time in history to be alive, a time for the greatest exploits, battle and victory in the history of the world!  Will you join us before God closes the door of the ark... before it starts to rain?


1. [back] Ezekiel 8:12-14 - Then said He unto me, "Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark...?  For they say, The LORD seeth us not; the LORD hath forsaken the earth."  Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD'S house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz.  Tammuz is a month on the Hebrew calendar of the nation-state of Israel.  Believe it or not, Tammuz is the sun god.  America is not alone in her blatant paganism...
2.[back] The oldest known usage of the eight-pointed star to represent the sun god is currently on permanent display in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. 
3.[back] David Allen Rivera, viewfromthewall.com, Freemasonry - Final Warning: A History of the New World Order.
4.[back] From the U.S. Office of Management and Budget
5.[back] cover, inside cover, and pages 1-2, and inside back cover.  Also see 1988 Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, pages 66-67; or see 1999 Transactions of the Supreme Council, Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, pages 62-63.
6.[back] The religion of "Rabbi" Harold Kushner:  "Are you capable of forgiving and loving God even when you have found out that He is not perfect, even when He has let you down and disappointed you by permitting bad luck and sickness and cruelty in His world, and permitting some of those things to happen to you? Can you learn to love and forgive Him despite His limitations...as you once learned to forgive and love your parents even though they were not as wise, as strong, or as perfect as you needed them to be?"  From his famous self-justification book: When Bad Things Happen To Good People - page 148.

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War Crimes: America's Sun Cult Tradition
Masonry & Cabala: Stars (& Pentagrams) of Terror
Love of Money Newsletter
Baruch Hersche, Switzerland
10 May 2004 -- 19 Iyar (day 34 of the Omer)

Europe understands terror's source... but do Americans?  2,000 years of the Beast: 1) Nero 2) Napoleon 3) Hitler 4) Bush; or, Ancient Mysteries of terror - secret societies: a) 4th Beast of Daniel
b) Freemasonry c) Cabala-Catholicism-Thule, and d) Skull-and-Bones. [1]
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in high places”

- Ephesians 6:11-12
“Make the lie big enough,
and tell it often enough,
and people will believe it”
- Joseph Goebels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda
I can no longer be silent on the despicable enormity of the sin and lies of those who hide the truth behind the facade of a huge Cabala/Masonic lie called Patriotism.
After seeing the amazing media circus over prisoner “abuse” on Sun Cult-controlled TV, I felt compelled to make a few clarifications.  (short on time? - jump to summary of why the media is fussing over “prisoner abuse”)  For in these evil days when secret societies control the money (via the B.I.S. here in Basel), and control the writing and broadcasting of all major media stories, I have learned a new absolute: headlines are usually the exact opposite of the truth.  For example: the man who destroyed and polluted more of the earth than any other human being or firm or even empire in history (often beyond human use for billions of years), and who built history's most frightening war and death machine (killing untold thousands of unprotected workers in forced work camps in the process) is endlessly promoted by the media as the founder(remember this word) of the Green Cross!  Not only this, but he received a Nobel PEACE Prize.  His name?  Gorbachev. 
Once you are set free from Marx's 10th plank[3] of the 1848 Communist Manifesto (i.e. government-schools), such blatant 180° lies can be seen every single day in the media, and one soon realizes that the media existssolely as a propaganda tool, to cover and obfuscate the sins, terror, and plans of Masonry and Cabala and the Vatican.  (Everything is becoming infinitely clearer since I stopped reading the papers and watching TV news; it sets you free from news you cannot choose or control.)
In military intelligence, one of the main tasks is reading the enemy's media.  Intelligence specialists are taught to read the headlines with the knowledge that the enemy is saying the opposite of what they officially print. This goes back to the beginning of newspapers, which should tell you how long Media has been a mouth piece of secret societies and Cabalist bankers.  Today's propaganda is far more advanced and effective than ever before, to the point where most in the West -- especially those in America -- don't even suspect that there is a vast world-wide Office of Propaganda, run by modern Goebbels, with headquarters in Washington, London, Vatican, Jerusalem (i.e. New York), Moscow and Bejing.  I would estimate the propaganda machine in the US alone to employ close to 100,000 people.  These people monitor newspapers of the enemy (such as those who dare to speak the truth), run massive high-speed computers and satellite links to automatically tap, sort and database all voice and electronic communication (internet and satellite), and have thousands of agents who are pastors of churches, youth ministers, school book publishers, and who run conspiracy sites (such as Rumor Mill News or Jeff Rense), or who sit all day in front of computers writing subtle lies as “Christian forum” moderators and members.  They are easy to pick out, for they can pop out a well-researched article on a few minutes notice.  They also denigrate Jesus Christ, or talk about their spiritual visions, none of which match what the Holy Spirit is saying.
Baphomet and the Pentagram, god & symbol of Masonry
Persephone, goddess of hell, Pentagram Queen, Guardian of US gov
Ancient star of witchcraft and the goddess... on a Jewish Syagogue,
Capernaum, Israel, circa 150 A.D.
Modern star of witchcraft, as sold by “America's online bookstore”
Star of the goddess, Venus, of ritual sex, morning star of war
Cabala's Bolshevik star of war, terrorism & camps
Freemasonry's star of war, terrorism and camps
Star of terrorists, and warmongers,
in Arabia
Star of terrorists, and warmongers,
in Asia (with the 3 colors of Masonry)
Star of terrorists, and warmongers,
in Europe
Star of terrrists, and warmongers,
in America -
Star of Moloch (human sacrifice), & the star of terror - Jewish Institute for “National Security” 6+5=11
I am absolutely sure that the explosion in US government staff, since Bush created an office of propaganda and a huge surveillance network, is due to just such people.  As with Hitler's successful pattern, it is imperative that the secret societies (such as Skull and Bones, Opus Dei) plant new churches, and support media and entertainment which 1) creates a nationally unified religious atmosphere, at least in an ecumenical sense, and 2) that this network of churches will not question the national government, especially while it sets up its camps, controls, surveillance, and begins persecuting certain enemies such as people who seek truth and a relationship with the Sun Cult's ultimate and most hated rival, Jesus Christ.   I see this happening very clearly with pastors such as Rick Warren. 
I am convinced that many, many, many new churches are planted by secret societies, both privately and as operations of the US government, whose pastors are hand-picked and trained in modern brainwashing techniques, or themselves being mind-controlled by intense training and religious emotion.  A major confirmation of this was seen by the marketing of Opus Dei's film “The Passion of the Christ”, which was made by a new, sinister mind control and advanced propaganda organization within the Vatican, and promoted by an all-too-obvious media game between Judaism's Cabala and their Hegelian brotherhood at Il Gesu, Rome.  The primary promoter of this film to the New American Church was “pastor” Rick Warren.  I haven't studied this man that long, but several items prove him to be an agent of the Sun Cult;  1) involvement with Opus Dei in promoting the film;  2) advanced handling of crowd control techniques at his booming church using music, 3) most blatant butchering of the Bible I have ever seen (some verses he quotes literally have no words in common with the original texts), until he can warp all minds from many different religious persuasions into one group;  and 4) he has, in an incredibly short period of time, “trained” tens of thousands of pastors worldwide, in a slick, very un-Christian system called Purpose-Driven Churches.  A short review of his material makes it clear to a practiced eye that this material is not from Rick Warren, just as The Passion was not from Mel Gibson.  In other words, it appears he has struck an agreement with either the Vatican (as did Benny Hinn [9]) or the CIA or some similar agency, to be their ambassador or agent to a certain target segment of society, in return for “success”, California style (i.e. money and comfort and fame).
With that in mind, let's analyze today's big propaganda circus, the so-called “war crimes” of US and UK soldiers!
“War Crimes” Propaganda
First, take the headline “war crime”.  Since we know that titles are carefully chosen to mislead (for most don't read beyond the title and opening paragraph), what is the big lie here?  
Note:  Marx's communist invention -- government schools -- has been successful in the United States beyond his wildest dreams. It is now clear that government schools (10th plank of the Communist Manifesto[3]) are more effective in controlling populations (i.e. not rising up against corrupt government) than guns and revolutions.  That America, whose history is one of absolute and total mistrust of any government outside of God and His Church, has become more docile and “patriotic” (key word: brainwashed) than Russia ever was, is itself proof of this success.
If you are not known for reading history books every weekend, then it is understandable, but not excusable, to be ignorant of the horrible extent of America's war crimes over the past three generations.  Actually, the farther back one travels, the greater the atrocities. So much so that the recent photographs coming out of Iraq are really not news, except for analysis as to why the Cabala-controlled media is trying to make it news...
The prisoner photographs remind me of things that happen upon initiation into Masonic fraternities such as John Ashcroft's Sigma Tau Gamma, or Bush's Skull-and-Bones.  Many of these require lewd or dangerous acts as initiation rites, and often nudity, such as Bush performed while laying nude in a coffin and speaking an oath. The nudity, coffin (fascination with evil and death), and blood oaths are typical of many Greek (i.e. Masonry) college fraternities. Most of you have heard how sometimes these antics end in the death of the initiant.
The Depravity of Modern Man (& the Media)
It is a striking sign of the twisted evil of American media -- and the “societies” (cavemen?) which control big media -- when survivors of a life-and-death gun-battle, who are merely releasing tension and hate by hassling prisoners, are endlessly vilified.  But when those same soldiers send a bullet through a civilian's head and it explodes like a watermelon, it is not considered wrong, or even news.  And when those same soldiers fire new high-tech energy horror weapons which melt flesh and steel but leave clothing intact, and then are hidden away in Germany or hotels around DC as they die from the after-effects, it is not considered news, but part of “war.”  In other words, the masses who attended government  schools think that horrible murder is fine, as long as it is not in their neighborhood, but in a sovereign state far away.  What all government schools teach, world-wide (not just in Russia, China and America), is that when you hear the keywords “war” or “defense”, you can relax, and go back to your evening devotions - which for the majority in America is either a TV show made by Cabala about witchcraft or Ozzy Ozborne, or playing the American family's best-selling game, Lucifer's Oija Board, which has in recent years passed Monopoly.  The whole Iraq / Afghanistan operation stinks to high heaven, and ranks with the most despicable evil in the anals of human history.  It is no wonder that near total media censorship is in place, the likes of which Americans have never seen.  To speak the truth, Rumsfeld, Bush and their ilk fear the light of the camera more than the awesome wrath of an all-powerful and perfectly righteous Judge, whom they shall soon meet!
In other words, the actions of US soldiers handling prisioners in Iraq is fitting behavior and perfectly normal for killing machines who probably were shot at with intent to kill, by these very men in front of them.  In addition, their behavior is consistent with a sworn subservient to a fraternity called the Pentagon (five pointed star), run by secret societies such as the CFR, Cabala, and Illuminati witchcraft.  Especially when those soldiers have gone through the initiation rites of the cult of the US “standing army,” the surrender of will in an intense mind-control program called boot camp, and the forsaking of all God-directed conscience by the swearing of an oath to:  a Commander-in-Chief, who is himself of the sinister secret society, Russell Trust, or, Skull-and-Bones, which describes their fascination with death and human sacrifice.
To paraphrase a popular corporate management principle: “Sin runs downhill.”  The Bible calls this a “principality” - a spiritual force or being which decends upon an organization, permeates it, and acts as a curse or blessing, to influence member actions without their cognizant approval.  The nature of the organization, and its spiritual entity is determined by the spiritual allegiance of its founders.  The founder of the illegal and always evil “standing army” of the US was Freemasonry, financed by Cabala - unfortunately a fact long-since removed from children's education (as well as any mention of the Anti-Masonry political party founded by President John Quincy Adams, who was extremely concerned that the early presidents were promoting this evil cult.)
Bush Hand Signal Shows Us The Principality of America
To apply this Biblical, infallible principle to the US military, notice the hand signal which Bush is flashing in the picture above (there are many such photos of Bush, I have four).  This indicates not only his god, but the god of America, as he is the holder of the office of Chief Executive; and indicates the god of the military, as he is at the top of the military chain of command.  Please note: if you claim to be a Christian, and you can't discern the spirits of the principality of the White House or the US military (i.e. you do not belong to God, cannot hear His Voice), and you don't know who Bush really is, then here is a tip to save you a lashing (or worse) on Judgment Day:  this is the sign of “the horned one,” or Baphomet, or “Jah-Bul-On.”  In Freemasonry's bible, Morals and Dogma -- written by America's most brutal military general in history, Albert Pike -- this sign means Lucifer.  It should not surprise you that this sign was introduced to millions of American teenagers by satanist Ozzy Ozborne many years ago; nor should it be a surprise that Bush's favorite “musician” is Ozzy Ozborne, or that Ozzy was a guest of honor at a White House private dinner with America's Chief Executive, or that afterwards Ozzy suddenly got his own TV series.  Bush is a Luciferian, as are all who take the Skull and Bones oath, and they rejoice to see witchcraft spread across America. 
In a word, if you want to change the behavior of America's soldiers, you must change the Commander-in-Chief.  If citizens elect such a President by free will, it is the same as if each citizen takes an oath to the spiritual being or principality of the elected person.  Democracy is an extremely fast way to self-condemnation.  I am convinced that one of the reasons for the astonishing blindness and closing American Christian mind is that many “Christians” voted for Bush.  That is part of the deception God has sent them, to condemn those who say they are Christians, but refuse to hand over the reigns and decision-making in their lives.  This is such a horrible situation that it keeps me very humble, lest the same lies become my own truth.  God has now backed unrepentent America in a corner... whoever they vote for in the coming “election” will condemn them and bring them destruction of both soul and country.  If you want to stop the witchcraft, pornography, funny-families, and general collapse and mockery of God (and the rapidly imploding financial system and physical collapse of the USA), then you are between a rock and hard place, (between a Luciferian posing as born-again and a Cabalist-Luciferian).  For that is your only choice for president in 2004.  In other words, America, you have squandered your inheritance, and God is showing you clearly that you are in Lucifer's hand, and will soon be begging to eat the food of the swine.
America has become a place of “religious tolerance” (meaning pantheism and witchcraft), and is about to reap the whirlwind.
A Military Note For Government-Schooled Readers
What is a soldier?  A few words of truth are in order:
1.     soldiers are, and always have been, murder machines, trained to hate and to kill on command, without conscience, or thought of the sanctity of life - either their own or the enemy's.  If you didn't know this, you haven't done boot camp, or haven't studied the art of war.  There is a reason why the military targets those under 24: they are generally too inexperienced to be smart, too fresh out of propaganda training (high school) to know about government fraud and that soldiers are pawns in fake banker wars.  They are too young to fear God, or to challenge the status quo; 
2.     boot camp involves an oath to someone other than God (clue: the pentagram); 
3.     enlisted soldiers are the property of the government (i.e. the Federal Reserve), and legally surrender Constitutional, human and legal rights, including self-will and conscience; and immerses highly vulnerable and inexperienced youth in the most advanced and intense mind control available; 
4.     humiliating, implanted chips (willingly or secretly), injections of a secret and mistrusted concoction, exhaustion and sleep deprivation are all classic mind-control tools to enhance manipulation;
5.     patriotism is the biggest propaganda tool in the Cabalic / Masonic / Jesuit (i.e. Sun Cult) handbook of world domination, a religion which mysteriously surfaced at the same point in history as national flags, national anthems, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Russell, paper money, and Napoleon.  Before this, a military consisted of either local farmers, or paid mercenaries from various countries, or slaves and convicts.
When I began to traverse the world, I was amazed to learn that as little as 150 years ago, most nations had no standing military, no flag, no anthem, no capital, no ambassador, and rarely even a real border.  Switzerland, for example, existed 500 years without a national flag or military, until it was overrun by an Illuminatus named Napoleon, who forced it to be multi-cultural (previously only German), rewrote its constitution, gave it a flag and called it the Helvetic Confederacy, after a French Masonic goddess. The entire Middle East never had borders, or a nation, but was organized after the Biblical model of familes. In other words “patriotism” and “national pride” and “flag day” are straight from the Jesuit Office of Propaganda, to make you easy as pie to control, so you will give money and shed blood for the corporations such as the Federal Reserve, who create every war for profit, and take your children and sacrifice them to their god, whose symbol is the five-pointed star seen on every war machine worldwide, so their own highly-trained children are not dirtied or their dynasty put at risk. 
America has never once in her history used a standing military to defend any American lives or vital interests. Never.  (I won't talk here about the “Revolution”, because I have learned that people who attend government schools -- Federal Reserve corporation schools -- are so severely brainwashed that they cannot process such information in less than a multi-hour, detailed presentation.  One of the most astonishing things in my life is to see veins bulge on people's necks as they argue over a subject that they haven't questioned or seriously studied for one hour since the 4th grade.  My respect for Karl Marx's government school program's ability to produce government-loyal, totally brainwashed citizens just grows and grows.  Wall Street-trained Dr. Marx was one smart Cabalist.  A man who knew the plan just as well as Napoleon, and Hitler, and Bush, and Mel Gibson.  Mind control is an astonishing field[5], and few there be that are free from it - although this is what Jesus meant when he said “You shall be free indeed.”  One reason for the constant attacks on areas of the world with Christians over the decades, is that Christians alone are freed from patriotism and mind-control, by giving up control of their minds and wills to a the only Perfect Being.  Man by himself cannot throw off these chains, though many try.  Of the thousands of conspiracy researchers who go off track, the common denominator is that they are either New Age (consult with angels rather than God), or humanist, in which case they subconsciously block the truth about the powerful religion of ALL world rulers, and the millennia-old fight against their superiors in spiritual power, those who walk and talk with God Himself, as the Bible explains.  It is this walk that opens ones eyes to the slavery and lies offered by the State, which founded the CIA and LSD in its quest to construct the perfect, conscienceless, murder machine.  I believe that they have discovered how to create this perfect being, but this is not the place for such a discussion.  Only God can free us from Bush and Greenspan's Bank and War Cabal, free from being used, abused, robbed, and killed for the Jesuit Mary, Venus, the Queen of Heaven, or Lucifer and his Love of Money Illuminists.  The more you look at the Sun Cult's secret plans and propaganda - the better God's plan looks!
All of which is exactly why the US Constitution banned a standing army in favor of strong-willed, moral, independent, proud, on-call militias: to prevent the ancient evil secret societies from taking young men and brainwashing them to blindly murder and bleed for a very few wealthy families who quarrel over things like the Russell Trust opium trade, tea, energy, and oil... or to control a worldwide dictatorship.
An Excerpt From US Judeo/Masonic War-Crimes Past:
“Harry Dexter White, Frank Coe and Harry Glasser formed a committee at the United States Treasury Department in Washington, D.C. which set in motion the plan to carry out the Morgenthau [Cabala] scheme [as presented to Luciferian FDR].  JCS 1067 (Joint Chiefs of Staff memo) was drafted in 1945 and sent to General Eisenhower, who was to become ‘THE BUTCHER OF GERMANY.’  JCS 1067 directed Eisenhower to abolish the central government of Germany, the Nazi party, the Wehrmacht (army), to close schools, universities, radio stations, newspapers and to prevent American soldiers from speaking to Germans, except when giving them orders.

“On April 21, 1945 a SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force) message was sent to General Marshall in Washington, D.C. from General Eisenhower. Eisenhower stated that the prison compounds, which were being built in liberated territories in Germany [after WWII ended!] by the U.S. Army would provide no shelter or other comforts. In clearer text the goal was there were to be no buildings, no running water and no sewage system. The camps were open fields surrounded by barbed wire, searchlights, guard towers and machine guns. The former German soldiers did not even have tents to sleep in during the cold winter which would follow.

“No Red Cross officials were allowed into these American military death camps, and the United States broke every rule of the Geneva Convention, which they had signed as a nation. The horror in these camps cannot be described - they were just as bad as the former SS camps. These camps not only contained former German soldiers, but also civilians from children to older people. Hunger, thirst and sickness plagued the inmates in these camps. Cholera and dysentery took its death toll, and it was well into 1946 when the survivors were able to leave and return to the ruins of the German land. A total of almost four million German soldiers were held in these camps of Western Germany without shelter and very little food or water. According to American official Army records, 750,000 Germans died in these camps. The Army records show them as ‘OTHER LOSSES.’  This should be compared to the report by the American Red Cross, which in 1945, stated that 99 percent of the American prisoners of war in Germany had survived and were on their way home.


“This is another dark chapter in United States history. During this war, close to one million Russians, Ukrainians and other Eastern Europeans had joined the Germans in fighting Stalin and Communism. Together with millions of refugees spilling over into Western Europe at the end of the war they had great hopes as they surrendered to the Americans and the British. But what they did not know was that Roosevelt and Churchill had promised Stalin military force would be used to hand them back to the Soviets. American Gl's and British Tommies (soldiers) were used to shoot, club and force them into railroad cars, which carried them to their death or a Gulag in Siberia. Included in this group were former Russian prisoners of war, who did not want to return to the Soviet Union. The reason for this was that all returned Russian POW's were arrested as soon as they were back on Russian soil and deported to slave camps. Stalin did not trust them; they had seen the West and would tell their families and friends how well people lived in the West.

“The death toll in these camps and in other parts of Germany, which the U.S. Army controlled, would have been much higher if the Rothschild group in Washington, D.C. had not been double crossed by Joseph Stalin in 1946. As Eisenhower was carrying out the Morgenthau plan, which would have reduced the German population by approximately 50 percent in another year, the Soviets saw a chance to take all of Germany. At a meeting in Paris of June 1946 Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov declared it ridiculous to try and destroy Germany. Instead he called for a strong, centralized Reich with the Ruhr and Saar areas attached, specifically asked for higher steel and coal production levels than those upon which Russia had previously agreed. Molotov demanded that the Reich must be permitted more steel, greater industry and foreign trade.

“At the same time the Russians received former German officers and soldiers into the Red Army after they had converted to communism. They were given salaries (small, but large in comparison to the slave laborers in France and England) and housing. Germans began to look to the Soviet Union for salvation and were willing to accept communism for bread and butter.

“The British, French and American governments panicked, and their German policies of death and destruction were to be abolished very quickly. Suddenly the Americans began speaking to the Germans and as fast as possible all stops were pulled out to convince the Germans that living in the Western zones-better times would come. The Cold War had begun...”[2]

Cabala, Vatican & Masonry Push Petty “War-Crimes”...
To Hide Their REAL Crimes, Past & Present
There are thousands of other horrors of the Judeo/Masonic “standing military”, that have been completely removed from public view.  For example, read the book “The Night Hamburg Died” to see a real Judeo/Masonic war crime.  
For days afterward the streets of Hamburg are covered with corpses by the thousands.  The bodies alone are savage testimony to the furious destruction the city has suffered.  There are mothers with their children, youths, elderly men and women, and many of these are hardly recognizable as human creatures who walked and acted with dignity and purpose. They are burned and charred, and some are little more than ghostly shrivelled lumps... In many of the shelters the number of dead can only be estimated.  The sight is grisly beyond all imagination.  The bodies have melted in with the general debris - these are the shelters in which glass, steel, and other objects have melted, and the brick has become a soft and fine ash... dozens of shelters are opened successfully, but the work crews are forced to run for their lives.  The air trapped within the shelters is so hot that when the doors are opened the influx of oxygen causes the entire shelter to burst into flames... And there are shelters in which clear evidence is found of insane panic, of people who clawed at walls and flung their bodies headlong at stone barriers to escape when the heat became too great and pain stripped them of their reason... Bodies were frequently found lying in a thick, greasy black mass, which was without a doubt melted fat tissue. The fat coagulated on the floors as the temperature decreased. 
The head hair as a rule was unchanged or only slightly singed... All were shrunken so that the clothes appeared to be too large... Sleeves and trouser legs were frequently burned off and wth them the limbs were burned to the bones... Many basements contained only bits of ashes and in these cases the number of casualties could only be estimated... the British bombs included the 30-pound missile of which the incediary contents were phosphorus.  The British employed phosphorus because of its demonstrated ability to depress the morale of the Germans... Phosphorus sticks grimly to any surface it touches - metal, wood, concrete, clothing, or human flesh... the phosphorus will cling to it for good and will continue to burn itself out unless it is permanently denied access to oxygen... When the phosphorus fell against a person's hair, that individual was doomed.  There was no chance to cut off the hair, and the chemical globs blazed fiercely, setting aflame the entire head and burning against the skin itself.  These terrified and pain-wracked human beings were seen to leap about in a frenzy, or to dash their heads against the ground in a blind panic - anything to douse the flames... those who fell by the wayside, writhing in agony as the flames burned down into their skulls, were simply left to their fate...
Above all there is the pestilential stench of decaying corpses, the sickening sweetish smell of roasted human flesh.  It is a smell to drive men out of their minds, to chip away at the thin edge of their remaining sanity.
Perhaps the solution to the total absence of any reference in official German documents [about the brutal, horrible phosphorus Hamburg attacks] is explained in the story told to me by a U.S. Army officer, who learned that portions of the documents on the after-effects of the Hamburg attacks were ordered to be destroyed, and all references to the surviving victims of phosphorus bombs stricken forever from the records. 
These were deliberate, carefully planned scenes from hell, AGAINST NEARLY 100% BABIES, CHILDREN, YOUNG MOTHERS, AND THE ELDERLY. 
Because this is censored from American history books, it will be repeated... in America.  I promise.
For they have sown the wind,
[America] shall reap the whirlwind: 
it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no food:
if it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.

- Hosea 8:7
I find it appalling that this history is censored from US and UK classrooms, and banned on internet “truth forums” on the internet, because such forums are run by either the secret societies and CIA plants, or they are themselves victims of mind-control, using Masonry's old tired key propaganda lines such as “patriotism” and “honoring the dead.”  There is a place for honoring the dead, when they died in service to a loving God, seeking to save the tormented souls fallen victim to the unfathomable horror of the Wall Street Cabal, most of whom sat in plush leather chairs and pin-striped suits while controlling all that death in WWII.  Please excuse me for offending you with the Truth, but there is no honor in dying for filthy Luciferian organizations whose intent is brutaliy, human sacrifice, domination, surveillance, dictatorship and communism.  If you allowed your son or daughter to shed their blood for these dark agencies, then you are one of the fools who are responsible for the death of your child and for breaking my heart as you allow simple brainwashing to turn this world into a living hell.  You who wave your Masonic flag with its ancient Luciferian pentagrams of terror, tyranny and bloodshed, you are the one who makes it all possible.  Surely, you haven't a clue who the Prince of this world is, or who the righteous and loving God is, or HIS perfect plans -- which you reject -- for those who love Him and give their lives for LIFE and NOT for DEATH and mayhem, rape and pillage, for those whose Love of Money is greater than love of God.  The purpose for the “War-Crimes” coverage by Cabala and their media outlets and peace agencies (UN, NGOs, et al), is that they themselves are involved in immense bloodshed and atrocities against civilians around the world (including in Iraq) and are planning unfathomable bloodshed for the entire world in the very near future.  For example, recently a city in the Balkans was destroyed by terrorists, as forces of the UN and NATO watched with approval.[4]  What is really going on in Iraq is unprintable, and has nothing to do with innocent young teenagers playing games with men who very recently tried to blow their captors heads off.  Don't you see, folks?  The Sun Cult must:
  • “Wag the Dog”: i.e. distract from very heavy and serious events that are now unravelling in the sun, the stars, and the earth, and distract from an ever-more-obvious NASA obfuscation
  • Get rid of a few people in the Bush administration who are too arrogant to fit The Plan. This is done, ironically, by showing silly photographs, which may or may not be real, and which are most certainly not war crimes. Were they sent by a soldier directly to the newspapers?  O, for heaven's sake folks, this is such an obvious Op, it seems they are getting a bit sloppy
  • Hide the real war crimes from the public: serious, ongoing destruction of Iraqi life and crimes against civilians, by the Sun Cult themselves.
  • Pretend world government gives a hoot about human life, a lie on par with the world's worst polluter, and nuclear weapons salesman Gorbachev, who founded the Green Cross (hahahaha!)
  • Hide human sacrifice and unspeakable sins, with propaganda of silly razings and games, and kicking out journalists from the country (made possible by the US series of terror bombings)
  • Condemn the few, the ignorant, the brainwashed, to legitimize the remaining forces as good.
  • Hide WWIII (which has already begun) as long as possible, especially the fact that Russia, America and China are the only three powers in Iraq.
  • Make the world hate the US, in preparation for the invasion and destruction of the USA, which is being organized by God Himself, to restore His Holy Name, which America has made a stench in the world. America-hating Bush must get as many troops as possible off of American soil, wo when his friends in Russia and China invade the US, they will find the burning, rape and torture an easy task.
  • Hide the imploding US and world financial system, which over the past two weeks has probably entered its countdown to irrevocable death which I have awaited for several years with baited breath.  It has been an amazing vigil, and appears to be nearing its end.  Everything I have warned about from 5 years ago is now being written about by mainstream, independent analysts such as 90-year old Richard Russell, and many others.  This is a sign that the time is now.  These men always save their skin by warning too late for the masses, and only in expensive private newsletters.  This is definitely unpatriotic behavior, patriotic meaning a love for your neighbor above that of bankers and government.  (Several wrote that last week's markets were horrible, the worst since 9-11, and issued severe crash warnings.)  Shortly, the Cabala plan to collapse all paper money, banks, and dispose of their temporary front agencies -- the central banks -- will be put in high gear. Central banks have ruined several large world countries' economies, as planned, and the next few weeks will tell if they are ready now to pull the plug.  I think the plug will be pulled this year yet, and that means ever greater distractions (terrorist acts against America and Europe, induced earthquakes, leader assassinations, etc.)  I suspect that the massive gold and silver plunge the past 2 weeks is orchestrated to prevent people from doing what they should, just as time runs out.  One thing the lying gold traders, salesmen, and analysts have refused to speak out, is that the gold market is so small, and the manipulators and derivatives so big, that they can keep gold down forever.
Dear American Patriots, you will answer to God for feeling a tinge of pride over your military's actions in Iraq.  Many of you will not only pay with your souls, but shortly wth your lives.  The American horror in Vietnam of thousands of maimed and deformed innocent families, women and children, has now been multiplied 100-fold into the most horrible campaign in the history of the world!  Iraq has now been maimed, raped, blown up, and then sprayed with a horrible slow-motion poison called Depleted Uranium (DU), infinitely worse than John Kerry's deformed babies of Agent Orange and his admission to cutting off prisoners ears.  DU dust will gradually increase disease over a period of months and years until most of Iraq is a massive, writhing bowl of pain and suffering and deformity... forever, because DU has a “half-life” of 4,500,000,000 years, and those who survive and have children will also be deformed, and have freakish and deadly ailments.  Those Patriots who mocked God by “serving country” (Luciferian Bush) rather than God, will also now be permanent outcasts of society, for their poisoning will kill them slowly, and be spread to their family and children.  Since most of these Patriots are very foolish, (having shut off their conscience so that Lucifer, Bush and Rumsfeld can have their way with them) and young, they will return home and have children... of horror.  God is just, and God will now begin to judge evil America directly, incessantly, for America is committing the ultimate Israeli sin: to destroy the Holy Name and Honor of God on the earth, by committing the most horrible atrocities in the history of the world, in the name of God. 
Yesterday I saw Rod Parsley stomping back and forth across his church's new, multi-hundred thousand dollar stage, on international “Christian” TV, with an American flag in his hand, praising off-color comments from a God-mocking senator.  “Pastor” Rod, may God have mercy on your soul!  Your time of mocking God is drawing rapidly to a close! 
I recently read a vision about America which involved over 180,000,000 American deaths in a short period of time.  As a lover of justice, I would say that would be unusually merciful treatment for a nation which has killed 60 million of its own babies, and several hundred million foreign babies, and several hundred million poor men, women and children in other lands over the last 200 years;  an America which is now world famous for sexual perverts in Catholic robes who rape and molest innocent children by the tens of thousands, world famous for Patriots who rape, molest, and torture innocent families around the globe, which is now the sexual perversion capital (witchcraft) of the world.  The question is, will the 180 million Americans die this year or next?  One thing is clear, however: America is most definitely NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION, but among the darkest and filthiest and most evil nations in recorded human history. 
“Patriotism” Is An Old Masonic Lie...
  • ...To provide living military fodder for Cabala and Masonry's pursuit of money and world control,
  • ...To manipulate and control Godless, confused, New Age masses, as the Patriot Act explains in great detail. 
  •   Patriotism is a lie that was born with the rise of Rothschild and Freemasonry around the Napoleonic period.  Before this time, there were NO NATIONAL FLAGS, NO NATIONAL ANTHEMS, AND NO STANDING ARMIES.
The entire Middle East recently consisted of FAMILIES, not nations or flags or borders.  These artificially created items -- flags, songs, and militaries -- are vital to control the minds and allegiances of the general public, and have proven wildly successful in censoring news which would otherwise turn the public against the greatest control and tyranny the world has ever faced. 
The most guilty populace in the world is the Americans, who claim on their money to follow God (a God clearly opposed to ALL worldly nations, especially the satanic doctrine and state of the Sanhedrin, and Bush-style Luciferian secret societies. A God who said “I hate war” - clearly God is not the God of the Vatican, the state of Israel, or of Islam), and who say free speech reigns, in the “land of the free, home of the brave!”  As I have travelled the world, it has become clear to me that America has one of the most censored, controlled media on this planet... and least questioned by the public.  In Russia, they know the papers are controlled by The Bank and the government (Communist Party); they know the elections are rigged.  So they have a greater element of truth in society in Russia than America.  This is not to praise the failed mess of Russian communism, for the Bible condemns Russia's system of abuse and theft and brutality - but I am saying that America is less honest and stooping lower than even Russia.  It is hard to put into words how pathetically brainwashed the US public is. 
Patriotism is a lie from the enemies of freedom!  Patriotism is a lie from bankers who want to make your sons and daughters bleed like pigs in a slaughter-house for the sake of their bank accounts and to increase their control over you and your neighbors until you sink into the mire of irreversible slavery!  Use your heads people!  God warned Israel thousands of years ago that if they had a government with power over the people, exactly these things would happen.[6]  However, Judaism has always rejected rule by God in favor of tyranny by man, choosing to pervert God's gift of Himself, Life, Freedom, and Love for neighbors... into love for themselves and hate for their neighbors, rejecting God Himself and keeping the world from finding God, rejecting Life in exchange for giving and receiving a sword in perpetuity, and exchanging God's fabulous promise of blessing for wicked USURY alternating with poverty and ruin.  It appears Americans have also chosen the path of patriotism versus the way of freedom.
Words, when spread by secret societies, always mean the opposite!  Freedom can only exist when God is the government; any group of peace-lovers who want a system of prosperity and freedom, and who reject God as Master of their lives and communities, will sooner or later reap horror, death and poverty.  There is no alternative system.  America's “wonder document” -- the Constitution of the United States -- has long been a document of blasphemy, for in the mind of the patriot, it has been placed higher than the Bible as the cornerstone of government.  As everyone can see, the Wonder Document is as valuable as the dollar bill, when the Bible is not the core curriculum of every school, especially of universities.  Harvard and Yale used to require prospective teenagers to translate significant portions of the Bible in the original languages. When that practice stopped, Harvard and Yale became the stomping grounds of Lucifer, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Skull and Bones. A monarchy which honors God is vastly superior to America in her current pagan state and her Wonder Document.  America's Constitution is the classic poison pill, for within it are the very seeds of American destruction: namely, freedom of religion, otherwise known as WELCOMING THE WORLD'S DEMONS TO SHARE IN THE GRACE OF GOD.
I have often seen people use patriotic type pen names on internet forums, but their comments prove them to be haters of God, and adherents to a New Age, angel-following cult.  You cannot live in peace and freedom and tolerate New Age, or Cabala, or Popery, or any other God-hating “religion”.  If you wish to prove me wrong, your time is running out!  America is rapidly collapsing, both morally, financially, spiritually, and militarily... there may only be months left for her to live.  Debt is exploding, incomes falling, and its moral failures and corruption are now exposed to the world.  This is what happens, dear New Agers and witches, and positive-thinkink, purpose-driven Christians, when God is mocked, and you live in sin and do as you please.  Do you really want chaos, poverty, collapse, unemployment, terror, invasion, and nukes?  I doubt it.  But the lies of the serpent and the “goddess” and your money-loving pastor are so attractive, that you cannot resist.  Only the God of the Bible, out of all the world's myriad of religions, offers perfect peace - love instead of hatred, surrender instead of self, giving to help instead of overrunning with guns and stealing WHAT IS NOT YOURS TO TAKE.  This is the only religion without any shortcuts to power.  You must pay the price of surrendering your life, or you don't get any power.  Every other religion offers power or allows you to keep your self-worship, your career, your home-improvement, your lust for advancement, your desire for revenge, your defense of yourself... except BIBLICAL Christianity.  Only the God of Abraham, which Judaism and the State of Israel rejects, can save you from the easy trip to power which feels right, but leads to despair and destruction. 
There will always be constant war and erosion of freedom, as long as there exists an agency of “defense” and a government of peace (UN).  Defense always mean offense and protection of the Sun Cult.  Masonry's “Liberty” means freedom from God, and includes the spreading net of surveillance and manipulation. “Fraternity” means the Sun Cult rules, and you are the subject.  Égalité means socialism's gradual removal of all property through taxation, inheritance taxes, gas taxes, car taxes, licenses and permits, inspections and smog controls, until everyone is in debt to The Bank, everyone rents or mortgages from The Bank, and Bank representatives have set up offices in every community on earth to monitor every human being's compliance.
Planet X and the Bible Proof
(the Book which makes Nostradamus into a fool and false prophet)
Inspections, codes, protection of certain old buildings, emissions monitoring, and global warming (or global cooling, depending where you live) are all huge frauds, pushed by Bank puppets, and protested universally by tens of thousands of non-government scientists as bogus science.[7]  All of which is merely a sophisticated method of surveillance, using the fraudulent reasons of “safety”, “accessibility” and the “climate disaster”, none of which the government or Judaic/Masonry give a hoot about.  Good grief, there is a body hurtling toward this planet, which your government and NASA know about, and have known about for many decades.  Its effects have already been observed on farther out planets as it moves in.  If you want to know what kind of havoc a “flyby” has caused in the past, look at some old 1960s photos of Mars (which NASA now hides from the public), which show beyond a shadow of a doubt volcanic islands which were very recently standing in an ocean.  Less than 3,000 years ago, judging by current erosion rates, something flew past Mars and sucked its atmosphere away, allowing the full power of a very destructive sun to destroy its oceans and fry any life, if there was any.  (NASA knows this, but since it was founded by several hundred Nazi scientists (Operation Paperclip) and a Satan worshipper named Jack Parsons[11], for the purpose of controlling the world, it is not about to start acting scientific, and relay its findings to the public, especially if those findings expose their Masonic “billions of years” frauds of the Freemason family Darwin).  People so easily forget that NASA is agovernment agency, founded for secret “defense” purposes.  The word “NASA” is Hebrew for “lift up” or “exalt oneself” - showing a Jewish occultic foundation.  The real purpose of NASA is best described by their logo, which used to be an “A” inside a circle -- meaning anarchy -- but which was changed after the Apollo (sun god) missions to an “A” outside a circle -- meaning blood sacrifice.  I would guess that less than 1% of the “science” of NASA ever is released to other scientists or the public; there are fantastic telescopes with a mirror as large as a house from which not a single photograph has seen the light of day.  This is one sick, black op baby. 
This planet will let loose decimating earthquakes and volcanic ash worldwide, and possibly the tail will spread chemical death across much of the globe.  It will flip the earth around, jerk tectonic plates in meters per second, blow the protective atmosphere apart, allow fry-quality UV and X-ray penetrations, and kill most animal, human and plant life.  All of the hot air from Communist and warmonger Gorbachev about the climate disaster is intended to mislead people into allowing stealth citizen-monitoring programs, to get everyone set up for bugging your car during “inspections”, making tours of your house and noting books on your shelves and installing snoop devices (a typical job nowadays for telephone “repairmen”) while something horrible is happening to the sun due to a huge foreign body gliding through our universe, right on time, as the Bible predicted, and as the “ancients” recorded the last time it came.  But the timing of “Planet X” (a NASA term) is pressuring the Cabal.  They know chaos is coming which is beyond their control, and which may indeed kill most of them, even in their underground cities (which I suspect is the real reason for the exploding Bush emergency war expenditures and Homeland Security and FEMA and NASA budgets, which after hundreds of billions in deficit spending show no new equipment or benefit to the public.  Those unfathomable sums are going somewhere, folks.  They are not going to bank accounts, for banking is about to be shut down.  One reason for the delay of the financial crash may be to allow some last minute preparation, with paper money and the productive resources of factories which will not be there after the collapse...)
Here is the Bible's explicit description of Planet X[8], which no demonic “remote viewer” dare to speak.  Everything listed here could easily be caused by just one flyby of a large planet within a million miles away:
  • earth flipped upside down, people scattered
  • will affect both usurer and borrower, the rich will be equally decimated with the poor
  • angel will pour a plague on the sun, it will burn so hot that men will curse it, it will scorch and burn humanity, with few men surviving
  • the atmosphere will collapse, and “roll up like a scroll”, deluging the earth with water, eliminating birds
  • foundations, tectonic plates of the earth will shake, and be moved “exceedingly” - the earth will reel back and forth like a drunk
  • greatest earthquake in human history, islands “flee away”, mountains “not found”, every mountain and island moved from its place
  • the moon will be “confused”
  • cities broken down, and abandoned
  • rivers suddenly gone (evaporated, or earthquake related?)
  • massive worldwide meteor shower (which would describe the tail of a passing planet or comet sweeping through earth's atmosphere)
  • sun blackened, moon red, sky darkened
  • people hide in caves, curse God, (universal belief that the destruction of the planet is from God as judgment)
Shortly, these things will come to pass.  Maybe in a few months, maybe in 2 or 3 years.  Planet X's effects are already on the radar screen, with a great increase in 6+ earthquakes, a bulge in the Oregon earth crust measureable from satellite, a Yellowstone underwater dome making headlines (and causing coverups), USGS frequently delaying or deleting seismograph reports, NASA is shutting down the sun cameras more frequently, WWIII is cranking up, and most economists now expect the implosion of the US financial system.  Things will not be delayed any longer, of this I am confident.  What an exciting time to be alive!  Wouldn't everyone in history choose exactly this time and this generation to be alive if asked?  I guess those who do not know God might find some of this unsettling, especially pagan Christians who have the false Jesus of Tim LaHaye and Hal Lindsey, the Jesus of Mel Gibson and the Jesuits - who cannot be accessed except through the Queen of Heaven.
The Bible clearly says that those who hear His Voice and OBEY, and watch anxiously for Him, will be caught up at the same time as the earth is destroyed.  “As in the days of Noah...” - which means, the door to the Ark (surrender to and restored fellowship with Christ) will one day soon be closed, and those who are not in at that point will lose their life and their soul, forever.  The percent who get in the “Ark” now are surely as miniscule now as in Noah's day... then only 8 persons of the known world.  For example, there may only several thousand Christians in the US at this point.  The purpose of these newlsetters is to wake people up to the lie of Cabala, the lie of Freemasonry, the lie of America's false churches, the lies of Hal Lindsey, the Catholic Church and Judaism, all of which reject Jesus as Lord, and substitute Him with other, lowly spirit beings such as “Mary”, which is not Mary at all, as Illuminated witchcraft already knows.  Everyone who has not already fully surrendered their worthless, selfish lives to the pure God of love, life and true freedom, still has time if you are reading this (I hope).  But that time will run out for millions over the next months, for there is no rapture found in the Bible, except when the door is shut, when the earth is destroyed.  The entire purpose of the rapture lie (planted by Masons and CIA plants in the church over the last few decades) is to put you to sleep.  But those who do not watch, will be left outside the Ark.
Patriotism vs Fear and Trembling
The Biblical model for patriotism is to give to Caesar what is Caesar's (taxes) and give to God what is God's (our hearts, will and lives).  The Biblical model of nationalism is to long with all our heart, soul and mind to leave this world to be where Jesus is, in His Temple (which will never again be on this earth - although Masonry and Cabala will build one for Lucifer, and to deceive selfish Christians and Jews into believing that the power in that temple is the Messiah, which the Bible absolutely warns us will NOT be Christ, for when Christ comes, so does Judgment, life and death, “as in the days of Noah”).  A nationalist Christian has absolutely no identity with the place he or she was born, for that place was not selected, and is temporary.  Nationalist Christians, though obedient to a “foreign power” (but not the little horn of Rome!), blanket their place of residence with prayer, with honesty, integrity, and salt in the face - i.e. convicting their neighbors of sin.
“Where liberty is, there is my country.”
- Algernon Sidney, Member, English Parliament
Back when I was fresh out of high school, the highlight of my life was not Saturnday Night Live, the Beatles, wine, women and weekends, but Bible study with a small group of my friends.  Our goal was truth and the meaning of life.  It didn't take us long to find God, and some shocking, absolute rules of life: such as, Reaping What You Sow.  One of the motivating factors in obeying God's leading to leave the United States a few years ago, was that we had our eyes opened to see just exactly what America was sowing and had sown.  We could “smell” the evil around us, we saw the surveillance trucks outside our house, the new camps along the railroads in the desert, the deep corruption and lies of Masonry, Cabala, and popery in the US congress and even local police... not to mention studying history for myself, which showed the opposite of what I had learned, even in a Christian school: America has sown such horror, spiritual wickedness, theft and poverty, brutality, murder and death, lies, pornography, and a false Jesus, that we felt God saying to us, “come out of her, that you don't participate in her soon coming judgments!”[10]  It is time for real patriots to call a halt to the bloodshed and horror -- which is being piled up for God to pay back on America -- and for Americans to once again put God ahead of country, life ahead of murder, repentence ahead of self-determination, the Bible ahead of the crooked Judaic courts, integrity ahead of self, obedience to One Who is perfect Love ahead of obedience to those who are members of murderous Luciferian societies!
We are only here on this earth to help others find the only nation worthy of patriotism, the only nation not run by Lucifer (and his sex and money perverts in secret societies, Catholic Church, Masonry and Cabala), the only source of peace, the only place without hate, the only place of hope.  Humanism, and Patriotism, those old Masonic propagandas, can never achieve anything but war and poverty, and slavery to The Bank, because they are devoid of power.  The Illuminati wields a spiritual power beyond all humanity together.  But there is a power far greater than New Age - that of Christ, the one who condemns and easily trumps the evil but weak power of the knights and those who love the name “rabbi”.  If the Holy Spirit is not in your temple, then you need to find out why the Sun Cult is spreading all these lies.  Time is running out for lukewarm Christians, those who dabble with other spirits, and those who are making their own decisions each day, just putting off decision-making until after they have “lived” and have time for it.  But there is not that much time left!  Don't delay.
Who are the liars on this earth?
You shall not be called 'Rabbi',
for One is your Teacher, the Christ,
and you are all brethren.
Do not call anyone on earth Father,
for One is your Father, He who is in heaven.
And do not be called masters or guides,
for One is your Teacher, the Christ.

- Matthew 23:8

[back666 oder: Wer ist George Walker Bush, Magazin2000plus, Nr. 183 / Extra edition: Globalisierung und Weltherrschaft,” Mai 2003, page 115:  “Das ‘Tier’ aus der Johannesoffenbarung, dessen Zahl die 666 ist, der Antichrist: Er gilt als Vorbote des Jüngsten Gerichts...”
[backOn The Road To Armageddon, by Christian mind-control and cult researcher John S. Torell.  Please read the full article if you have never personally researched the tragic Judeo/Masonic Banker war called World War II.  http://www.eaec.org/dove/ontheroad.htm
[backKarl Marx, The Communist Manifesto, edited by Frederic L. Bender, ISBN 0-393-95616-4, W W Norton and Company, Inc., New York, 1988.  The Communist Manifesto pamphlet by Jewish Marx (Wall Street trained, just as were the Jewish Bolshevik special ops many years later) first went to press in 1848.
[backWhy French Troops Stood by as Albanians Burned a Serbian Village to the Ground, by Jared Israel, TENC, 21.Mar.2004.  http://emperors-clothes.com/news/french.htm 
[backMind Controllers, by Dr. Armen Victorian, Lewis International, Inc., Miami, Florida, USA, 2000, ISBN 0-9666771-9-6.  This is an excellent introduction to the secret and disturbing field of government mind control programs, by the man who has probably the world's largest collection of documents obtained by persistant Freedom of Information Act filings.  It covers the entire field in layman's terms, from 33rd degree Freemason Franklin D. Roosevelt's establishment of the OSS in 1942, to the CIA and US Army LSD experiments in the mid-1950s, to the Delgado electronic implant (Stimoceiver) successes around 1959-60, to neural, bio-organic implants a few years later.  This illustrates perfectly how the government is still 40 years ahead of the market, for almost exactly forty years later, the FDA approved a brain implant by a commercial company (March, 2004)!
[back] I Samuel 8:4-22;  I Samuel 12:12.  Proof that a nation state is not God's plan, for all states are under the authority of Lucifer, the serpent or dragon, since man transferred the earth's spiritual authority from God to the fallen angel of New Age, that serpent of Cabala, god of Albert Pike's Freemasonry, and of the Jewish Cabalist treasurer, Ignatius Loyola of Basque.
[backThe Anti Global Warming Petition Project, Oregon, at http://www.oism.org/pproject/pproject.htm, with about 17,000 scientists' signatures (climotologists, atmospheric specialists, i.e. no imposters such as polluter/politician/gulag and nuclear waste king Gorbachev of Green Cross)
[back] Isaiah 24:1-23; Jeremiah 4:19-5:5; Revelation 6:12-17; Revelation 16:8-21
[back“[Ron] Hause is traveling around with BENNY HINN, who has openly stated that he has visited the Pope on at least three occasions (private audiences) and that the Pope asked Benny to be his ambassador to the Pentecostal movement in the world.” (The Dove, Autumn/Winter 1995) John S. Torell,http://www.eaec.org/study_center.htm
[back] Revelation 18:4 - And I heard another voice from heaven saying, "Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues and calamity.
[back] See book: Sex and Rockets; The Occult World of Jack Parsons.  By John Carter, Feral House, Venice, California, 1999.  ISBN 0-922915-56-3.
*Links to major news agencies and articles are provided for the record. Such links are usually temporary and may no longer be accurate or available after a period of time.  I recommend saving the linked articles together with this one, for later reference.
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Mel Gibson's Passion for the Queen of Heaven
Proof The “Great Falling Away” Is Complete
“The Passion of the Christ” - A Sophisticated Sun Cult / Opus Dei
Mind Programming Operation, Marking Christians For A False Christ (Abridged Version)

Men in Black (Jesuits) leading brutal midnight attack on sleeping Christians in Deerfield, Massachusetts in February, 1704, using Catholic Indians trained in Jesuit war and hate.
Our country. A household history for all readers, By Benson J. Lossing, 1875.  Chapter X, page 423, "The Work of Absolved Indians."
Thousands, if not millions of young people have been introduced to hard-core pornography through this “Jesus” film, and had sinister things implanted in their minds.  Yet thousands of pastors and ministries have called this film the “most inspired film” in their lifetimes.  If you think those two sentences are opposites, you are correct.  Something is seriously wrong here. This paper will show, sadly, that the thousands of pastors who praised The Passion are apparently not of the Biblical Christ, but of an angel of Light, showing that the Great Falling Awayprophesied in the Bible 2,000 years ago has been completed.  As you shall shortly see, this film was made by men and women in high level Illuminati witchcraft, targeting Christians... and that those who watched it, and the ministries who promoted it have been deceived, now permanently marked “in their foreheads”, i.e. their minds.  The Passion proves how the “Mark of the Beast” will capture all of Christianity without force. There are many whom the Holy Spirit warned not to see this film, but this was a very tiny group indeed.  This film exposed many ministers “of God”, proving they cannot or do not listen to God's Voice, for after reading this, it will be clear that the God of the Bible did not have anything to do with this sinister film.
This film is raw blasphemy, an extremely sophisticated, hi-tech psy-op by the world's premier mind-control occultists, Opus Dei, The Society of Jesus (which is a military special Ops corp), and Jewish Cabala, to set the stage for antichrist's final world religion, and to destroy the last vestige of true Christianity, using porn and lesbian stars, hidden soundtracks, and witchcraft. After reading this, you will agree, that 99% of churches and Christian ministries who praised this film are either cognizant or unconscious agents of Lucifer, as the Bible says, “God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie;  that they all might be damned who held not to the Truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”  This paper will describe how Christians who watch this film are damned by God, and how THE GREAT FALLING AWAY, comprising more than 99% of born-again Christians, is complete!

But I fear, that by some means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your mindsshould be corrupted... For if he that comes preaches another Jesus.. or if you receive another spirit... or another gospel... you just might go along with him. ... For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.  And no wonder, forSatan also transforms himself into an angel of light.  So it is no great surprise if his ministers also are transformed as ministers of righteousness. - II Corinthians 11

Kids lining up for their MARK - thanks, Pastors!
Bellucci: Euro Queen of Porn
Celentano: lesbian porn star
Gerini: porn star
Caviezel sex scene with Jennifer Lopez
Forbidden worship: Queen of Heaven, Medjugorje, Bosnia
Emmerich's Eye of Horus or Lucifer - source of Passionscript, NOT N.T.!
Left Hand (Gibson) grips THE NAIL (Lucifer) to defeat Christ
Icon Productions:
“Left Eye” is Lucifer
i.e. Queen of Heaven (or Horus)
Pagan Ash cross
on opening day;
Mark of Cain;
Pornography for young Passion fans
Note #1: Ritual sex and blood during worship are the hallmarks of Masons, Bush's Skull and Bones, Jewish Cabala (see the Old Testament for details), Illuminism, Paganism, Witchcraft, Knights, and the Jesuits, who took over the Vatican at least as early as 1621 (collectively,The Sun Cult).  Lucifer, who understands the rules of God better than anyone, perverted the Biblical beauty of these -- sexuality and blood -- into something despicable and horrible, and since the garden of Eden has required the shedding of human blood and ritual sex when his agents worship him or desire power.  This is why his Hollywood agents, especially Jewish Cabalists, are pushing violence and perverted sex - Mel Gibson is no exception.  Note #2: Pornography, per Webster, is “the depiction of erotic behavior -- in writing or in pictures -- intended to cause sexual excitement.”  Mel Gibson has an eye for pornography!
Monica Bellucci - Europe's Italian porn star numero unochosen for the beautiful story of righteous Mary Magdelene.  She recently played Persephone, Greek goddess of hell, the Queen of America (the statue on top of the US Capitol).  In a film previous to The Passion, Monica starred in Irreversible, containing the sickest mix of blood, brutality and perversion ever presented to mainstream film; so perverse that hardened, non-Christian film critics walked out in droves in disgust, worldwide.  Director Gasper Noe is proud to be “king of the New Pornography” (brutal sex / arousing brutality), and says his goal was such extreme violence and sex that viewers would be physically sick.  He used stroboscopic sequences and subliminal infrasound that assaults the brain and wrenches the stomach, old Cold War psy-ops technology.  Noe glowed describing a screening he saw in Canne, France, where people around him passed out, vomited - 250 walked out during a nude, 10-minute, brutal Bellucci rape, and a long, insane smashing of a man's head until his brains spewed across the floor of a gay bar, while naked men cheered. Some required medical attention.  Porn star Monica and husband also perform intimate intercourse, in full frontal nudity, like a peep show in Thailand, shocking pro film critics, to which their reviews attest.  Monica herself says her performance in this film is “disturbing.”  Millions of Christian young people have now been exposed to hard-core porn by their new movie stars, as an Internet search of “Monica Bellucci” turns up over 100,000 porn sites.  Did chain-smoking Gibson & his Jesuits choose the God-mocking whore of Europe Intentionally?  My research says yes.
Rosalinda Celentano - Italian lesbian porn star, chosen by Mel, his Vatican team, and Jewish Cabalist Casting Director Shaila Rubin (who was only the second person known to have received an advance Passion script),  to play a bisexual satan.  Rosalinda -- chosen by the guidance of the “holy” spirit -- stars mostly in lesbian films.  Recently she starred in a sodomy film so despicable that it could only be shown in the US in select gay venues, such as Palm Springs International Film Festival and Los Angeles Outfest.  The English title was Diary Of A Male Porn Star.  A Desert Sun reviewer said it “unapologetically celebrates the joy of [gay] sex, the glories of Italian men and the diversity of family.”  In an earlier film, Le Donne Non Vogliono Piu, Rosalinda plays a lesbian who decides to allow a man in her sex group as a sperm producer, as all wanted a baby.  “Holy Spirit” material?  Or just normal Catholic fare al la Boston and the mess Luther discovered in Rome?  In any case, an Internet search again pulls up thousands of porn and gay sex sites.
Claudia Gerini - chosen by The Sun Cult to play Pontius Pilate's wife, is, you guessed it, anItalian porn star, with lesbian and gay film credits.  In her film La Vespa E La Regina (When Gods Meet), she plays a musician in a lesbian, 4-letter-word rock band.  She meets a gay man, and they decide to try sex with each other to fulfill a dying grandmother's wish.  Again, young viewers of The Passion who seek a fan club on the Internet will be immersed in porn and perversion.  So far, we have proven that this “inspired” film and “witnessing opportunity of a lifetime” contains a more perverse and pornographic cast than any mainstream movie in American history, bar none.  Next, we look at the Witchcraft and satanic symbols chosen by the Sun Cult directors.
Witchcraft and Satanism
James Caviezel - practician of witchcraft, chosen by Cabala, Vatican and Gibson to play a blasphemous Jesus in Passion.  Caviezel has gotten wealthy accepting money from Jesuit, Cabalistic Hollywood, based in “Los Angeles” (which means the “Hail Mary” part of the Rosary).  In return, he obeyed his “spirit guide” -- the Queen of Heaven -- and portrayed passionate lust and fornication on camera, opposite semi- or fully-nude Hollywood sex divas Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Judd, and Dagmara Dominczyk.  Caviezel admits worshipping, praying, bowing to and obeying an angelic being which is NOT Jesus.  For those who don't read the Bible, God calls this witchcraft in no uncertain terms.  Jim visits Medjugorje in Bosnia often to kneel before a statue of the Queen of Heaven, whom he “invited into his life” before being chosen for Passion. “The catharsis for me to play this role was through Medjugorje, through Gospa. In preparation, I used all that Medjugorje taught me.”  Oh.
This un-holy spirit “called” Jim to acting while in a theater watching Ghost, which portrays witches (mediums) helping evil people, dead and alive, to obtain heaven, bypassing Jesus.  The real Jesus said, “No man comes to the Father, but by me.”  This is the eternal test of witchcraft.  Caviezel, the “holy” spirit's choice?
Mel Gibson based “the most accurate Jesus film ever” on a pagan mystic (i.e. someone who prefers to listen to a spirit-being other than Jesus, forbidden as witchcraft throughout the Bible) named Anne Catherine Emmerich.  He carried numerous “holy” relics with him, including a patch of Emmerich's clothing.  Mel presents himself as a recovering alcoholic whose newfound righteousness moves him to condemn the Vatican as pagan, which he and his father believe has been ruled by Freemason popes since heretic-pope John XXIII (Roncalli) in 1958 -- Vatican II -- through John Paul II. (Freemasonry confirmed by Vatican insiders: Piers Compton, Malachi Martin, etc.  From Masonry's bible, Morals & Dogma, it is proven that Lucifer is god of the Lodge.  In Latin, Lucifer and Venus, the morning star, are interchangeable.)  Yet now the discerning among you have caught Mel Gibson in a lie.  For by his own admission (EWTN interview), the movie set was swarming with Jesuits.  The asst. producer was baptized personally by Pope John Paul II, and is Opus Dei, a demonic youth-recruiting brainwashing cult with thousands of complaints from brokenhearted parents in the US and worldwide.  His father is top brass in Opus Dei and the Pope's right-hand man.  The film's dialogue was written by a mocking Jesuit named William Fulco, a professor of ancient Mediterranean studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and a graduate of occultic Yale.  Believe me, the text which Americans cannot understand is replete with 4-letter words, deliberately false translations and mockery.  Make no mistake! Mel made this film under the full authority of the Secret Military Op known as the Society of Jesus, infamous for centuries for controlling the governments of the world, and for their demonic philosophy, “be all things to all men” in order to rule and control all men, adopting pagan gods in order to prevent the spread of Christianity in foreign lands... which got them banned by the Vatican and all European nations by 1773... and which Pope was immediately murdered.   Mel himself has Jesuit certification from Loyola Marymount.  Mel is a cognizant tool of Lucifer, to help the SJ fulfill its 450-year old plan to destroy American Christianity, and after a horrific Holocaust redux which will make the first one fade in importance, and thereafter rule the world by Luciferian Communism.  All Masonic orders, including Bush's Yale Skull and Bones, are under the Jesuits (or Jewish Cabala, whichever name you prefer), and all their efforts are engaged to this goal.
Secret Signs of Lucifer
Gibson & friends created a new national jewelry fad, THE NAIL.  As Jesuits, Mormons, Masons, Jewish Cabalists and Satanists know, “The Nail” is a not-so-secret code name for Satan, the Hebrew letter "V", pronounced “vav.” Lucifer is stating this film is his, and that through it he is conquering the Body of Christ (a correct assessment, as the Bible prophesied 2,000 years ago).   Hundreds of thousands of “Christians” now wear the mark of Lucifer not only permanently in their foreheads, but around their necks.  Amazing, isn't it?  This film delights in the brutal, systematic murder and death of Christ, as do all who display the “broken cross” with a mutilated Christ figure on it.  Ex Illuminati witches and priests can tell you what a cross with that body on it really means. Gibson insisted on personally driving THE NAIL (Lucifer) into the hand (power) of Christ.  When asked in a TV interview if that was his hand, he affirmed it, emphasizing, “Yes, that is my LEFT HAND.  In Cabala and Illuminism, “Left Hand” is another term for Lucifer.  This was also a coy satanic reference toThe Left Hand Path, associated with the Church of Satan, and also meaning “religions which advocate more than one god.“ (Wikipedia).  In high-level occultism, the LEFT EYE means Lucifer (Blavatsky, et al), and represents the emotional door to the brain.  Through most of the film, “Jesus” uses only the left eye, and the film producer, Mel Gibson's Icon Productions, uses the left eye of an icon of the Queen of Heaven.
“For I am going to raise up a shepherd over the land who will not care for the lost, or seek the young, or heal the injured, or feed the healthy, but will eat the meat of the choice sheep, tearing off their hoofs.  Woe to the icon shepherd that leaves the flock!  The sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall completely wither, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.” - Zechariah 11:17
(Icon Productions does not produce Christian films.)  The movie was released on ancient pagan “Ash Wednesday,” a pagan holiday pre-dating Jesus, beginning an ancient 40-day fast leading up to sexual human sacrifice rituals, and having absolutely nothing to do with Christianity or the Bible, again proving occultism of Gibson and this film.  Many people walked out of Ash services into Mel's satanic film, wearing the Mark of Cain (or Nimrod, Sun god, Suncross) on their foreheads, a suncross with 4 equal arms.  Doesn't this break your heart, dear reader?

“Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first... The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish,because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  And for this reason God will send them strong delusionthat they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” - 2nd Thessalonians 2:3-12
Through this film, we have seen how thousands of pastors, evangelists and ministries, and millions of professing Christians, have completely failed to heed God's Voice, proving also that they cannot discern the spirits, and that they are false prophets, blind leaders of the blind.  This is why this film is so important.  You have seen here, that most who use the name Christian are not Christian at all, for Jesus said, “My sheep hear my Voice.”  You have seen firsthand that pastors and ministries are following Lucifer, who appears as Jesus, i.e. as an angel of light, yet they all believe they are ministers and missionaries for God, with a correct understanding of the Gospel and the Bible.  Yet they are liars.  This is a heavy and very depressing truth, but a very valuable lesson for those who love God more than themselves.
In closing, there is one more thing to know:  that in the very severe hardship and horror about to come over America and the world (starting this year with a financial catastrophe), you must separate yourselves from these false churches and ministries.  If a missionary or pastor could not discern the very obvious fact that this film was from Lucifer, how will they lead you through the incredible deceptions coming in the next couple years?  Never in history has it been more important to “come out of Egypt, that you not partake in her curses.”  If you do not separate yourselves from these false Christians, you will come under the severe judgment and death (physical and spiritual) which God is ready to unleash on this blaphemous church.  These are the pastors and evangelists, who have preached the Freemasonry message of Billy Graham, that we must “just invite Jesus into our lives” but who cannot disern spirits, or sin, or the enemy, and who do not teach the second part of salvation, which is the complete, full, unconditional surrender of our will, our dreams, our daily decisions to God.   There are those who say, “If they are preaching Jesus, then it is okay.”  This is a lie of Lucifer as well.  THERE ARE MANY FALSE JESUS CHRISTS BEING TAUGHT, AND MANY FALSE GOSPELS.  The Jesus presented in The Passion will send many to hell through a   false gospel!  Wake up, people! - don't you see what Lucifer is doing through America?  Lucifer's main job is building churches, not witch covens!  Don't you know what the obelisk and temple of Jupiter in Washington, D.C. mean?!  Don't you know that George Bush and Ashcroft are Luciferians dedicated to the destruction of the last remnant of true Christianity?  Every American Evangelical and Charismatic leader whose name is known is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and in bed with Lucifer!  I have a library full of evidence, but here, with this film, God is bypassing the books so that all the world can see that the American Christianity is a lie, and worse - it works for Lucifer.  Be very careful... most pastors and evangelists are very stubborn, determined people -- they tend to do things because they want to, because they have a vision, and the ability and will to make it happen... NOT because God asked them to, and NOT because each day they hear specific instructions.  These people are not humble before God, or before man.  They say a prayer each morning, then go out and follow the leading of their own corrupt heart.  God has sent false spirits to teach them... STAY AWAY FROM THESE MEN AND WOMEN OF STRONG WILL, for their way is not God's way!  You have been given the Holy Spirit, so you can hear for yourself!
Stop back weekly for much more research material to be posted about the witchcraft and Illuminism of The Passion, including a summary of the 150-year falling away, links exposing the “Christian” ministries which promoted this mind-control project, details of the End Game of Lucifer and the many symbols and events he has already programmed into the false American Christian Church.
- Baruch Hersche, Switzerland, April 6, 2004
NOTE: (3.Mar.2004) This page was blocked for a few days through a worldwide rerouting of the path URL - so that links from Google, Cutting Edge, Dr. Henry Makow and others were rendered useless, and I apologize to those who have tried to read it recently. Apparently the appearance on the front page of Cutting Edge caught the eye of someone at the Jesuit / Cabala Beast HQ, and I would guess it was blocked for about 1 week, just as thousands were trying to read it.  Fortunately, many thousands read it first - and can now read it again. If the SUN CULT loved the introduction, they will certainly love parts 2, 3 and 4. This blocking was not done on my server, which is run by a friend, and could only have been done from the very top of the world's network of 13 Internet hubs, who control domain routing and such, which are run by Cabala and the orgs mentioned in this article. This is actually great news, for if the antichrist does not block something, then it is sufficiently blasé and full of error (does not expose antichrist) to get the enemy's stamp of approval. Don't forget, Lucifer poses as an angel of light, and his highest intelligence is used to build false churches and seminaries and to train pastors in darkness or at least intellectual sermons, devoid of power, for his power is greater than the intellectual power of the whole world, but cannot stop just one man filled with the raw power of God.
There are only two things which bother the Sun Cult: 1) shining the light on their hidden plans to destroy powerful Christianity with a fake Christianity; and 2) teaching people to dig out pride and paganism, and how to tear down strongholds in the Spirit. These are the only weapons which destroy the Sun Cult (antichrist). The Sun Cult laughs at evangelists who teach “just accept Jesus”, for Christianity without power (miracles, and tearing down principalities) cannot touch the Illuminati, who are not humanists but very “advanced” in the very considerable power of Lucifer. Lucifer can very easily overcome Christians who “just believe” and who “accept Jesus”, for this teaching is from he himself, and his many agents inside the Church. If you do not know how to tear down strongholds, and don't understand how the enemy works and how to discern which groups are working   for him, then you are the best friend of the Sun Cult and are yourself antichrist, for the antichrist is not one man, but a spirit and very clever system.
Please feel free to copy and post this article in its entirety, to the glory of God, and in the war against Satan. There is no copyright on my material, for none of it originated with me, as the Latin word "inspirio" makes clear. At this point in my walk, I belief it is wrong for me to charge for the truth; truth without which Christians are perishing. Every time I see a broadcast or website asking for money or selling subscriptions, I also find doctrines and news which leads people astray. There is something key here about money and the Gospel, which goes back to the RAGE of The Christ, against Pharisees, Sanhedrin, Scribes, and blasphemous money-making in the temple area. If you guessed that Cabala is behind Catholic Indulgences, you are getting warmer. Obviously, the truth herein has touched a secret, dark, pride-drenched nerve. There are no secrets with God, and no secret societies of whom God approves, for all who love God love the light, and gain power by exposing themselves to the light.  Those who love secrets and engage in secret activities are of the darkness of prince of this world, building up a retirement account of awesome vengeance and wrath before the courts of their Maker, the God of Abraham, whose presence results in the humility and servitude... and POWER of Moses. If my sense is correct, this Film is like the last call by Noah before the door swings shut on the ark, Mercy is ended, and all hell breaks loose on the earth, and God's wrath on the Illuminati and the destruction of their plans. A tiny group will survive until near the end of the horror God will unleash on earth starting this year, not because they beat God, but God will use them to purify His people, whose wayward path has been exposed by this evil film - and then the surviving Cabalists will find out just what the wrath of God really is, for it will not be administered by man, but God Himself... forever. Suddenly, those who creep in darkness, behind curtains and puppet strings and secrecy, will find out that the serpent not only lied to Eve, but he lied to them as well!  What a horrible ending!  The door is swinging shut... Are you in the ark?  Or in the Dark? Praise Yahweh, that vengeance is not mine, but belongs to the Holy King of the universe, who has crushed the Queen of Heaven and the head of Cabala's serpent!
And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.  For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret.  But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.  Therefore He says: “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.”  See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

- Ephesians 5:11-16


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