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Okay, please bear with me, as I'm going to reply to your question, but also add some additional food for thought as to what the ingredients are that will form the New World Religion. So prepare for a bit of a tangent. In fact I have thought of some additional info that I may post later, but this shall suffice for now. There were other points that Fraser touched on, but I wasn't taking notes & so I'll discuss the main point that I was referring to & the one that I can recall for now.

Ivan Fraser brought out that now-fashionable New Age line about the "suppression of the Sacred Feminine" or some such phrasing. I don't recall his exact words but he was essentially presaging a general trend (no doubt informed via his proof-reading of that British Intelligence Aquarian Agent, David "Aqua" Icke) that has now snowballed to the extent that my ex-girlfriend (who is as Profane as the day is long) even trotted out the last time that I spoke with her a couple of years ago.

This "suppression of the goddess" business that has appeared over the past decade or so via authors pushing the whole Mary Magdalene business (Margaret Starbird, et al) & has reached some kind of critical mass seeding via Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code" was helped along to large degree in conspiracy circles via the likes of Icke. It's complete counterintelligence-fed bunkum. The Roman Catholic religion should really be called "Mariolatry" (which it is sometimes by those of us outside of it that are aware of its true nature), due to it obsession with the Goddess figure (perhaps rivalled only by its John the Baptist fetish).

The Mary & baby Jesus of Catholicism is Isis & baby Horus & the obsession with idolatry of things like the image of Christ on the Cross is pure Paganism. None of this is Christian, nor is Easter & Christmas. The problem is that Rome has taken a patent out on the term Christianity while doing its best for the better part of two millennium trying to annihilate Christians & destroy Christianity.

The following is a reasonable overview of Rome's genocide against true Christians:

"The Catholic Inquisition and The Tools of Torture" (58 minutes)


The theme song is a little dire, so try not to let that put you off it too much.

Anyway, without getting too off topic, we can say that if the New World Order is about anything other than complete control, it is about bringing in a New World Religion. That religion will almost certainly be hierarchical (like that of Rome & other False "Christian" "Churches" (or institutions, plain & simple) & have its roots (for the Higher Initiates) in the New Age, Theosophy, Masonry, Rosicrucianism & Roman Catholicism & I would suggest that it in its Outer Portico, its interface for the Profane it would even merge with Islam. Of course this would require a Third World War & the virtual traditional Islam, non-Catholic Christianity & Torah-based, non-Talmudic Judaism. But its no secret in many quarters that this has been planned for a very long time. It would be ruled by the Babylonian Brotherhood Vatican elite from Jerusalem & then Babylon rebuilt, following a false flag attack on Rome & on the Dome of the Rock & the Al Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount, paving the way for the Third Temple (& an all out war against traditional Islam).

Mariolatry/Isis/Goddess-worship will be a major part pf this New World Religion I contend, as it has been for the past two millennia at least in Rome & before that in Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, etc...

So it is this "we must bring back the Sacred Feminine" petition for Goddess-worship that is in reality yet another devious Jesuit scheme to reinstall open Isis worship & get this whole problematic Mariolatry facade out into the open, now that they & the other agents of the Mother of All Harlots, Mystery Babylon, Rome have almost entirely succeeded in their hijacking of Christianity, particularly since World War Two & their almost total infiltration & emasculation of Protestant Churches either via their own direct covert agents or via Jesuit/Vatican-loyal high-level Freemasons like Biily Graham & pat Robertson & vast number of other lesser known assets.

The more that we fall for this Jesuitical campaign for "the Goddess," the more we are really campaigning for Mariolatry & a new Vatican World Religion - which you can bet your bottom dollar (as they say) will be no more liberating for m,an, woman nor beast than the present one, despite promise of the psy-ops. What's worse will be having Oprah Winfrey as the new High Priestess of the World!

We may laugh, but she's definitely being groomed for some similar role & does have her own rapidly-growing sect - designed by the Jesuits, of that you can be sure, for they invented the New Age, via Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French Jesuit, philosopher and paleontologist, although the term itself predates him & has a wider, if more covert meaning.

Alberto Rivera's contention that Cardinal Bea had instructed him during his time with the Jesuits in the 1960's that the Vatican created Islam is, I feel, absolutely correct. There has been a campaign to debunk this material & Zagami argues that Cardinal Bea fed Rivera disinfo, but I disagree & think that Zagami has been fed disinfo in the past from Vatican sources on this being the case, as they try to implement damage limitation caused by Rivera's whistle blowing.

You can read a comic book rendition of Rivera's account here:

This was one of six such publications that utilise this format, which admittedly doesn't particularly bolster the intellectual credibility factor, but proved most effective in reaching a wider audience.

Rivera never recanted his story until his death, which has been alleged to have been assassination via poisoning. His wife has been interviewed a number of times & supports his story, as does Gerard Bouffard, claimed former Bishop of Guatemala, who of course has been written out of the Roman Catholic Institution's annals & attacked on the internet.

Eric Phelps posted me the following about Bouffard when I asked about him (my additions in parentheses):

Dear Troy,

I know Gerard personally and visited him in Quebec. I saw his broken Bishop's ring, his KoC [Knights of Columbus] sword and he pointed out the RCC [Roman Catholic church] that hosted Masonic proceedings, one on a hill he pointed out to me when we were traveling on the road. He is the real deal and has been threatened never to go on Greg's [Greg Szymanski's Investigative Journal] show again.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

A superb & fascinating two-hour interview (in two parts) with Bouffard from September 21, 2006 can be found at the following links:



Timothy said...

>"The Mary & baby Jesus of Catholicism is Isis & baby Horus"

>"The Catholic Inquisition and The Tools of Torture" (58 minutes)

>" the Vatican created Islam is, I feel, absolutely correct."

I could not understand why these romancers never took the trouble to find out a few elementary facts about the thing they denounced. The facts might easily have helped the denunciation, where the fictions discredited it. There were any number of real Catholic doctrines I should then have thought disgraceful to the Church . . . But the enemies of the Church never found these real rocks of offence. They never looked for them. They never looked for anything . . . Boundless freedom reigned; it was not treated as if it were a question of fact at all . . . It puzzled me very much, even at that early stage, to imagine why people bringing controversial charges against a powerful and prominent institution should thus neglect to test their own case, and should draw in this random way on their own imagination . . . I never dreamed that the Roman religion was true; but I knew that its accusers, for some reason or other, were curiously inaccurate.
(GK Chesterton, The Catholic Church and Conversion, NY: Macmillan, 1926, 36-38)

Timothy said...

You're ironic since you since you offer no refutation at all about Mary. The truth is that Mary is a wonderful woman. Yet, she ought not to be venerated or called EverVirgin (or the Queen of Heaven) at all. That is precisely unscriptural.

By Timothy