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More advice and words of wisdom

Female, 40, Philadelphia, PA
Posted December 20, 2010

Thanks for sharing this with us. I think the problem with some black men is that they fail to remember that their mother's are black women and why would you glorify a woman who is not a reciprocal of who gave birth to you.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 21, 2010

@ sistersu

because some of us are sick, sis,

and we don't love anything "black"

including ourselves

and that's the truth

but keep in mind that most BM date/marry BW

BM don't control the images

but those who participate in demeaning BW

should be held accountable

and be dealt with SEVERELY


All Politicans are what I call false prophets. These people care about who pays their wages, the people they work for and it's not the people, they are there to put out policies to control us, so we never find out what they are doing. That is how it is. Trust any politican at your own risk!

absolutely right, they will be cutting federal "aid" to children, the unemployed, the sick, the elderly, and the needy -- RIGHT after a huge tax cut for the rich (don't be fooled by the peanuts they threw to the zoo m___ like us -- and will beef up defense spending because they will need it for the next WAR. What I don't understand is how ANY thinking person can believe ANYTHING a politician -- including our first black Prez says? Just don't get it ..


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 22, 2010

@ easy_one65 who said, "There are more than enough drop-dead gorgeous, succulent, hot, sexy, sultry, provocative Black women who can "sell" any fragrance with good memories and more adjectives!...(lol!).. "

ME: brother, that's what the white media DOESN"T want us to see, that goes against white supremacy to say the BW is just as good and sometimes better than the white female.

this really isn't about the white female being better, because a lot of the WM controlling the media/beauty/entertainment industry are HOMOSEXUALS, so they're not into women to begin with

what this is about is USING the white female and putting her on a pedestal to keep the WHITE RACE on a pedestal. The WM knows that the higher he lifts the WW, the higher he lifts HIMSELF because he CAME FROM A WW

And why we (BM) can't figure that sh___ out is beyond me, seriously, how the h__ can WE be better than the women that gave birth to us??????

One thing I can almost guarantee is if WE (BM) started respecting and uplifting our women and their NATURAL BEAUTY -- NOT because they look "whiter" or have long hair or light skin, but loving them the way GOD MADE THEM

WE would have a boost in self-esteem, brother, as men who CAME FROM THAT BW we put on that pedestal.

I am certain that the rise in BM suicide, homosexuality, and the rise in gangster rap music that degrades our women are LINKED

because while we tear our women down WE TEAR OURSELVES DOWN

easy_one said, "It's time for bruhs like Usher and P. Diddy to stop making excuses, "Man up" and use some kind of marketing leverage to get expose more Black women (and Black men too) into the large picture of selling successful products and services."

ME: brother, they aren't making excuses, they don't care, they are like most of these black celebrities, for sale to the highest bidder, most are slaves of the white entertainment industry that doesn't respect them worth a D___, but pimps their questionable talent to promote white supremacy

there will be NO waking up from brothers who are in this deep, what we need to do is to STOP WORSHIPING CELEBRITIES just because they are rich and famous
and let's keep it real, we don't admire their talent, we admiring that MONEY and that BENTLEY, and that MANSION

because if they could sing the same but worked at the Post office, we would NOT BE CALLING THEM ''ROLE MODELS' and wanting to be like them


MisterUnderstood425 Jun. 30th, 2010 at 10:00 pm
I think this whole topic of conversation regarding BET is honestly crazy. I mean, most of us have all realized the ignorance of the channel and it’s programming. It isn’t owned by Black people, it is not for any progression of Black people and routinely makes fun of them and perpetuates stereotypes that do nothing but expand racism and the thought that we should be treated as second class citizens and the messed up thing about it is that we actually let this happen.
What I don’t understand is why is it that we let celebrities and entertainers who, for the most part, have no idea who they are their selves dictate how we define ourselves. I rarely respect, let alone care, what any of these entertainers and celebrities do.
Much respect and admiration to my brother Crammasters for setting the table. Keep it coming brother.


I AM A BLACK MAN, AND I LOVE BLACK WOMEN, WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER, AND stop beefing and get wealth and start the black family growth.

I love you GAkem but BW have been saying this sh___ or donkeys years - serioius ting but everytime we dsay it we're called haters, jelous etc FACT is WW have THE MOST to gain from all if this, and they HAVE gained the most socially, economically, politically from their stereotype of being submissive, docile, beautiful etc ITS ALL BULL___. Even in interracial relationships the WW has total mental control over her partner to the point that she will encourage her black man to turn on his own race

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 22, 2010

@ Redalert7

good point about Michael J who had REAL crossover appeal

Regarding Dave Chappelle, look at his career after refusing, he's working a lot of small clubs in America and Africa, and you haven't seen him in a movie or TV show, to my knowledge. THAT'S the price blacks pay when they don't play the white supremacy game

I'll repeat what I said earlier,

these black entertainers are told what to do, and yes, some could refuse to do what they're told, but they will pay the price.

black stars don't control the companies that run the networks, music companies, distribution outlets, radio station, or the sponsors who advertise on TV and radio

try to imagine this

Usher says he wants BW in his commercials and refuses to have a WW as his costar. The ad campaign is immediately cancelled and Usher's cologne is shelved

Over the next three months, Usher can't get his music played on any radio stations, he can't get his CDs into any record store, or major retailer like WalMart or Best Buy. He can't get his music videos played on BET or MTV, or VH-1. He can't book a concert at any major venue, and he can't get any press or movie roles, etc.

This is the REAL POWER behind these black entertainers and make no mistake this is true for ALL BLACK ENTERTAINERS

from Oprah Winfrey to Denzel Washington

we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, and some black entertainers do manage to maintain some integrity, but in my opinion, most don't. They are going to do whatever that WM or WW in charge tells them what to do

and the white media will build them up to make it look like these black folks have real power

but let them step out of line, Isaiah Washington OR Wesley Snipes

AND it's easy to see who has the REAL POWER

(think I'll post a chapter from our book about the TV biz)


Male, 27, Saint Louis, MO
Posted December 23, 2010

@ Byakuuga who said, "Haven't you wondered why some talented black people and even some white people just sort of disappear? They don't die or go missing, but that next project never happens, they aren't cast in movies, the leaked album never appears, their tv show goes off the air in spite of great ratings? Many times that happens because someone took a principled stand on something and consequences are paid. Then they just find the next person that will say yes to whatever thing that was objected to by the previous person."

I also agree with this! Let's not forget about Janet Hubert-Whitten, who played Vivian on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She was replaced by a much lighter Vivian. I recently watched a TV show about her explaining the reason why she left the show but I can't recall the reason why. She disappeared and no one ever wondered why.


I understand that the cologne is not made for your "demographics", but as a BW shouldn't this enrage you as it disrespects BW collectively? It's good that you don't purchase the cologne, but I thought any black person seeing these types of commercial would see them for what they are worth, and the significance behind them. If it's not made for your "demographics", what about your daughters, nieces, cousins, etc, in which it adversely affects them not matter who the commercial is tended to reach.

All we are saying here is that we have to fight against these sort of ploys and not look at them as, "well it doesn't directly affect me, so why should I care". Maybe it doesn't, but it does to a bunch of your young relatives who may need answers to this.
------------------------------ -------

I used to think that we were on these blogs "preaching to the choir", but I like to imagine that someone who'd really need to read our comments one day, will stumble across this blog and reaffirm that what's been going on in their mind the whole time is true. Everything that we've been saying here will not only reaffirm their thoughts, but also let them know that there other people who feel the same way about these issues and would like to do something about it.

Thanks again for posting this Cram.

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 23, 2010

@ nodoubt who said, "Let's not forget about Janet Hubert-Whitten, who played Vivian on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She was replaced by a much lighter Vivian. She disappeared and no one ever wondered why."

ME: same thing with the original Divorce Court judge mablean, and now you NEVER seen any dark-skinned BW on TV, Oprah might be the darkest one.

You can see it in the commercials, nearly all the blacks now are bi-racial, and they're trying to tell us something, that we should be breeding ourselves OUT OF EXISTENCE, and many of us are falling for it, because we do not understand the HISTORY behind it, and how IR sex has destroyed other non-white cultures. that's a FACT, and it can be PROVEN...

Your comment to Currymel, illustrates a big part of the problem. Too many of us don't care (and refuse to take a stand) UNLESS it directly affects "ME" -- and we don't "seem" to care about the black folk coming up behind us OR how it will affect them (we'll just sit on our hands and wait for them to mess up then say, "I don't know what's wrong with young black people today!")

and black folk will argue this point down, but h___, the evidence is everywhere in our attitudes and our SILENCE.

brother I hope one day someone who doesn't get it now, will read our books or this blog, or your comments, tc2ewra's, _A_, MisterUnderstood, Byakuuga's, AfricanS, CaliFemme, Venita's, etc.

because i didn't "get" a lot of what was happening for a long time and u never know who u might reach or what kind of seed you've planted that will appear a plant with deep roots

I should be thanking you for all your support, brother,

there have been many days when you validated me and what I'm trying to do and inspired me to continue the fight

without that, i would have been long gone from BP


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 25, 2010

@ Venita

ME: I agree with much of u said, didn't know about the two kids with a white female,

i refused to watch his show after he did a comedy routine in front of some civil rights footage showing black marchers being bitten by dogs. I was DONE

you're right, his comedy demeans black people and that's why he was offered $50 Million -- we wrote about that in our first book

But, there are lessons to be learned from Chappelle, mainly what happens when a BM does not play "ball" by putting on a dress.

You may not like him, but turning down the $50M comedy central deal -- regardless of what u or i think of his comedy or IR relationships -- said to his fans that 'money is not everything
and black youth never gets that message, not even from their parents

Chappelle's no role model -- but anytime anyone exposes the corrupt, racist entertainment industry that has so many of our black youth HYPNOTIZED then I' got to share that info with others

a few months ago I watched a one-hour video of a white supremacist being interviewed, and he was no role model BUT I learned something that i could use

but i get your point


symphonee wrote:
Integration is defined in Websters as " the incorporation as equals into society or an organization of different groups or races" This never happened with the civil rights movement. I have said this for years. We can not fully intergrate until we are truly treated as equals and we can on a mass scale bring to the same self value, worth, and financial backing as the dominant group.
African Americans never grew our own strength before we came running and screaming for theirs. We were in a different position to Asian Americans and Latino Americans in that the group asking for integration had hundreds of years to forget the traditions and culture that made us different. We had become disenfrachised. With the thinking that we had no where else to go and with the fact that generations of slaves had been born, laid down roots and died here, we decided to fight for what was supposed to be our fair share.Unfortunately those in power, found ways to thwart it.
No equal financial power means no power. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars daily in markets geared towards "us" i.e. the black hair care market, black skin care market, the music industry, that are not run by us, have a majority portion of us in charge or even directly benefit us. Each market has continually pushed products that financially benefit others and even attempt further assimilation into non Afro cultural ideas i.e. weaves, bleaching creams, msygonistic lyrics.
The moment we take back our financial power is themomnet that we have a true bargaining chip to make a difference and demand real equality in America
Exactly, and this was the focal point of what malcolm was speaking of in his speech "The Ballot Or The Bullet" below.....


He was emphasizing at the time to the then 20 plus million african-americans, that in order to gain true and "total" freedom in a nation that has always thought of you and i as inferior therefore unequal in the mindset of amerikkka, then we must forge a organized plan and educational emphasis in how to build up our own communities economically, and then socially keep politicians who are like us, and from the same common bred and struggle, therefore have the black communities common interests at heart, keep them in power over our communities, and use the power within our political force to elect that type!

Mlk's method of begging essentially the "hostage taker" for crumbs, has led us nowhere! its led to our communities being overrun by arab and white businesses, who develop and hire outside of it, for theior own benefit, therefore leaving the community with which they run their business.... a Slum or Ghetto!

Thats why they killed malcolm, because he was taking the black man's freedom fight to a whole new level, that expressed a will in the hearts and minds of african-americans, to stop "begging", and start "demanding" and doing it by any means necessary!


-216 Elite


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 26, 2010

@ RedAlert

brother, you summed it up beautifully

if we NEVER allow a BM or BW to redeem themselves in our eyes, even when they ACKNOWLEDGE their mistakes,

and that BM and BW steps away from a situation that causes harm to other black people

and in doing so, loses a FORTUNE in the process and damn near derails his career

especially when we KNOW black folk are up against a WICKED, WICKED SYSTEM that chews us up and spits us out, for fun and for profit

Knowing all that

and we still refuse to acknowledge their effort

then's what the point of black people doing anything at all?

because if only perfect people need apply for the position of a "righteous black person," the room would be empty...





NYChoney wrote:
1st the lady who threw acid on herself then lied & said a black woman did it. Let's not even get into all the false rape cases WW accuse BM of. NOW you have a WM who shot himself & lied saying a BM did it but of course he was caught in his (white) lies. Now why do they continue to do this? It's sickening & annoying.
I also know someone personally who was affected by the same type of scenario. My step-mom's brother spent 5 years in jail because a WM lied & said that he robbed him but that WM really owed him money & my step-uncle is the type of person who wants back whatever he lends out. That pissed me off, he spent 5 years in jail for a false accusation. Why do white people lie so damn much? & they always bring black people into their madness. They are sick & twisted, conniving, manipulative people.
Many of them are Sociopath. This behavior by no means is normal social behavior. To bring this level of harm upon yourself, so you can ruin another man life is evil and disturbing but there are many in our society today who are sick in the head. Some just suppress it and blend in.





Jan 25, 2011 04:41 PM
REPLYING TO lashid4u2 ON Jan 25, 2011 04:02 PM Link Back
There is something systematically wrong with a race of human beings, ie black folk who can not find within its own race, love acceptance and validation. 2 things recently occured on TV, that has me just shaking in my boots on the future of black women in this country....One day on the Tyra Banks show, you had this beautiful black woman crying to Trya about "black men don't want me, white men don't want me"....how do you adjust to seeing something like that, being a black woman in this country? I was just mortified over seeing this...next thing I saw...Basketball wives...you got this high yellow diva can't think of her name, but she has 2 dates in one show...one with a black guy, the other with a white guy....the black guy tells her, he's a stripper I think, what ever....almost immediately after a few seconds with the guy, she's ready to bounce...later on, she has a date with a white guy, he's a trainer...both men in my opinon earn their money off the flesh off others, including women....before the white guy could say, hi...she was asking how many kids did he want???

I know its all tv, but folks this shtttt is being fed into our kids, our black kids brains that black on black love is a smithsonian relic waiting to be housed......now getting to ya girl Chilli....the only time sista girl seems happy is when she's with white men...no problem, but this fascination black people got with whitey, has got to at some point, people come to an end...or else we gonna find ourselves, our numbers, our history, our linage, our race on the outskirts of being black and proud in america...end of story!!



 The great Kwame Nkrumah once said that Africa shall not look West, or East she shall press forward. What is this foolishness as Malcolm X pointed out about some Black Left, then even more insane Black Right ( Michael Steele defending Tea Parties, seriously?). We as the African/Black race why are we looking left, why are we looking right, did we create these labels? Certainly not, in Africa or abroad start to look forward with our history and past being our light  tower of where we need to go. Black Leftist or Black Right. stop using the white mans ideology. Craft your own from an African centered point of view. MLK Jr said the American Negro would always look at America through the eyes of their African foreparents. The Black Agenda should not go along with the America agenda, because the American agenda doesnt even acknowledge the unique struggle or history of the African race.
I challenge you, to look at your ideology, look at what you call yourself, then look forward. No such thing as a black left, all you are doing is allowing yourself to get confused and manipulated by people who play fox. I had a professor at the University of Alabama, in a discussion about racism, a white man around 60 years old, he told me he agreed with much of what i said about racism, and that he felt black did deserve reparations, but he said at the end of the day I am a company guy, and most whites are, liberal, conservative, progressive, I believe they all company people, at the end of the day, they believe in whats the best for the greatest number of whites. it doesnt mean all whites will benefit some will be collateral damage(cost of doing business), but the will maintain control and power of most of the wealth and resources they gained through slavery and colonialism. Planned Parenthood, Diversity and Multi Culturalism, with no reparations, no justice, this is a liberal led movement that feeds into African infeoriority of wanting to be accepted.


Jan 25, 2011 06:09 PM
REPLYING TO lashid4u2 ON Jan 25, 2011 05:09 PM Link Back
lashid4u2 wrote:
You know what? I'm conflicted ...Cuz I, overall, support Tyler, but Tyra ...*smh* ..I dunno ...I stopped watching her show after she began having all of these self-hatin' black people on, show after show... But you are SO right on what you've said about us having this fascination w/ whites ..As said in that James Hannah video, you only see black publications giving special focus to interracial couples! What is with us? *smdh*

I'll tell you whats up with black people, we have become a people who are simply comfortable with the status quo. I remember back in the 80's when all the young blood was awakening from their parents nightmare of cop beatings and exclusions and segretoric laws and speaking out via thier music....we now know as rap. All that anger, all that resentment, all that energy...tied up in lyrics that made a mother____ think.....today, 2000 and beyond, we got so much in yo face racial sh___ going on......where's the outrage, the lyrics, the rappers?????
I'll tell you where they at......in bed at home with white B___y and the kids talking to thier white lawyer about how to make even more money off of black folk!! IE Flava flave and his latest chicken joint venture and his white wife....I rest my case!!
MumRa wrote:

I agree. These shows are trash. The more people watch and complain about them. The more they will continue to put shows like this on.
The truth. These shows are intended to confuse the masses. I never seen Chilli's show. However, I watched a couple of espisodes of Basketball wives. I immediately thought are these representative of the sisters I know? NO. They are worst and they have access to resources. It is poor entertainment which we should not watch. Great post sir.

-Jermaine Malik Floyd


And this put skin color aside that You mention is Pure Bull___, Everyday th Repulicans Remind President Obama that He is nothing but a "N___" in thier eye's. The World is Not Color Blind . Just because I Am For My People Makes Me Far From Racist Tell That To Those Whites that attend Ivy League Schools based on Family Donations. Get A Got D___ Clue, No One's Singing Kumbayah Anymore. Get A Grip.


Oh my....did the brother ever tell the truth here, this is what these dumbed down negroes of today have not figured out.....sad:

" 'A race of people is like an individual man; until it uses its own talent, takes pride in its own history, expresses its own culture, affirms its own selfhood, it can never fulfil itself.' "

"Our history and our culture were completely destroyed when we were forcibly brought to America in chains. And now it is important for us to know that our history did not begin with slavery. We came from Africa, a great continent, wherein live a proud and varied people, a land which is the new world and was the cradle of civilization. Our culture and our history are as old as man himself and yet we know almost nothing about it."

"This is no accident. It is no accident that such a high state of culture existed in Africa and you and I know nothing about it. Why, the man knew that as long as you and I thought we were somebody, he could never treat us like we were nobody. So he had to invent a system that would strip us of everything about us that we could use to prove we were somebody. And once he had stripped us of all human chacteristics stripped us of our language, stripped us of our history, stripped us of all cultural knowledge, and brought us down to the level of an animal – he then began to treat us like an animal, selling us from one plantation to another, selling us from one owner to another, breeding us like you breed cattle."

Malcolm X


-216 Elite

emperorjohn wrote:

Kashta what you don't understand is that I agree with you when you say blacks need to create our own businesses. My issue with you is that you blame integration for the failure of blacks when in reality is that integration has increased not decreased opportunities for blacks. The reason why blacks fail is do to our own stupidity.
The problem with integrating with Whites is that they will only integrate with you when you are beneath them. I'm sure you know what a token is, and I'm sure you've heard of the "glass ceiling."
Did you also know that Black employees make less on average than their White counterparts, even when they have comparable skills and education?

When Blacks integrate with Whites, Whites use the token system, they pick a handful of Blacks to employ and keep the majority of the company White. This causes higher unemployment among Blacks. Whites also use the glass ceiling, meaning when they employ a Black person, they will only let them rise to a certain level within the company and then beyond that level it is only White managers, CEOs, etc.
Whites also underpay Blacks when they hire them. My point is that integration is flawed because integrating with Whites means lesser pay, a glass ceiling, and you have to be a token. Integration kills the incentive to own a power company.



tek_knowledge wrote:

White Identification.
again, i would be suspicious of ANY nonwhite person that whites gave a holiday in his honor. We should have been focused if not on ending the system of white supremacy (which should have been the focus), ending white terrorism, NOT "integrating" with whites.
Exactly, they gave MLK a holiday but they didn't give Malcolm X sh*t. Did you also know that President Lyndon B. Johnson invited MLK to the White house? Here is a photo of the two of them taken in 1966:


This is how I know King was manipulated. They never invited MX to the White house. Black people refuse to accept how ruthless and cunning the White man is, the White man knew damn well that integration would make us totally helpless and dependent on him for food, water, electricity, jobs, and housing, and Blacks back then fell for it like complete fools. The White man invented Chess and he plays the game very well.

The Civil Rights Movement WAS NOT a victory, it was the AA community's greatest defeat. True victory is owning your own land, houses, companies, businesses, stocks, bonds, that is victory. If Blacks had their own Microsoft, Ford, or Walmart, then I could say we've made it, but we haven't gone anywhere.

I took a month off Topix to take care of some stuff, and now that I'm back I see that most of you, as usual, completely missed the point of this thread.

Maverick, you don't get it; I don't want a return to segregation. What I want is for Blacks to be SELF SUFFICIENT. Being self sufficient means that Blacks should be able to generate their own electricity, now why is this so hard for you to understand?
If Whites own all the power companies, this means they make all the money from the power companies, Blacks are dependent on them for electricity, and Whites can cut off the power to Blacks neighborhoods if they choose to do so.

Right now, they are rioting over in Egypt. The Mubarak government has shut off Internet access in an attempt to prevent news from leaving the country. If Blacks tried to riot here in the USA, Whites simply have the option of shutting off power in the major cities where most Blacks live. This isn't Calculus.



Zzzzzzzz and Montana Fishburnes dumb a__ did the porn with that scum bag Brian Pumper a degenerate black male.. now you continue to WASTE ALL OF YOUR TIME trying to battle with ME.. LIKE A LOSER & A COWARD.. I am not afraid to battle my enemies apparently you are.. You should end every one of the copy and re-paste comments that you spam videos with ( DUH) that sums up your gender war obsessed rhetoric. Seems your begging & whining hasn't produced much thus far! DUH! LOL.

In my opinion this state of being the "least desirable" among others is a blessing in disguise. Let's use this opportunity to mend our rifts between the genders and rediscover what makes Black Love so great.

ENOCHSZUNXXXL I see that some bm always want to talk about a bw being overweight and loud. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO AN OVERWEIGHT AGRESSIVE WW SOMEHOW SOME BM MAKES HER INTO A 10. Some bm have this distorted view of this ww thing - most bm are not getting the best ww.You're get the ones that have very low self esteem,fat, and is extremely liberal with her body. But some bm will feel like they have hit the jackpot. I don't blame the ww- I say go for it.

And the white bastards that run that website are so evil,perverted & racist that they hide there faces so no black man can see there face! sooooo many of our young sisters are willingly being sexualized by the white media that it is mind boggling look at lawrence fishbourne's daughter montana, she has a famous father in the movie business & instead of getting into the business through him she's chosen to be a porn queen... talk about mind control! she's not the only one following suit.

I like how they point out whats being done to girls&boys in Africa by these ppl taking their land &resources. All pure blks should oppose these invasions &take Africa back. These days most of the sexual focus seems to be dir to bm& they r taken from bw as sex servants &to provide for the wm's woman &other races to distract him & create a color caste sys that undermines racial solidarity among African ppl & entrenches a racial hierarchy with whites at the crown &the rest aspiring to transform

BEAUTIFUL!!!! We have to find the leader within OURSELVES!! Cause WE ARE LEADERS!!! Find the common ground with each other.Regardless of status.I don't care if you work at McDonalds.There are so many intelligent and progressives out there,that want to speak out...No one listen or don't care to acknowledge it!!.. Reverse our way of thinking.Break away from 'The Wille Lynch Syndrome'...And stop looking for others to help us...Pan Afrikan is the BEST solution...Reverse our way of THINKING!!!!

"But your own people sold you into slavery"- the usual Racist ( White Supremacist) refrain.... .BUT THERE WERE NO AFRICANS ABOARD THESE SHIPS DOING THESE THINGS TO US!!!
Outstanding post as always. We MUST wake up and begin to do what is necessary to save our race & restore our right minds and spirits.
THE WAR IS on, whether you want to accept it or not. It has never ceased. It has just been continually refined, so that it is not as identifiable.

Enacting laws against police bruality on little black kids
Call for black history to be included in school books
Reverse 3 strikes your out in all states which keeps the black man in prison
Fight against race bating on news stations a black did this or that

  • @ENOCHSZUNXXXL I SAY HELL NO, to these certain kind of of bm -PLEASE don't come back - you have shown your true colors. What self-respecting bw want you now. I'll say to the bw you have been a victim of your circustance Try to understand why you are the way you are. Work on yourself and try to be the best you. We have been called every name under the sun, by racist and yes by the men who are of our same race. RESPECT your body, &focus on what going to make you a better person.

  • ___________________________

    TheHardTruths wrote:

    C/S 100%. I believe you may be only the second person on here to understand completely where I'm coming from....And what you just posted is the sad reality blacks face. But there's a silver lining in this dark cloud. In the end, good ALWAYS overcomes evil, no matter how dismal things may seem. And VICTORY is what the NON SLAVE has to look forward to.
    ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. It is a sad reality BUT knowing that the UNIVERSE (AND MY GOD) is in charge, that's what keeps me my head up and keeps me "hopeful" (hate that word since the last presidential (s)election).

    Every corrupt nation eventually self-destructs from within and this system will be no different. In fact, "they" know this, that the clock is running out on their reign of terror, and that's why they are stepping UP THE GAME,

    trying to re-colonize nations of color, attacking and demonizing blacks in america in movies, news, using these negro entertainer/advocates to corrupt our children, promoting homosexuality among BM, instigating cold wars between BM and BW by pushing us into each other in the schoolyard and getting us to fight each other because we don't understand what we are dealing with...and that we are still being victimized by the same system that enslaved us...500 years ago...

    "they" know that ONCE the BM and BW UNITE, the mind games and control over us will END...because we will get our sanity back (is black unity just a pipe dream?)

    Of course, it's unwise to underestimate our adversaries. They are extremely clever, bloodthirsty, and merciless...no respect for life, or the planet..as witnessed by the BP oil spills...

    i'd like to recommend a book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation
    I would leave the link, but I don't know if they would let that go thru, but you can find it on Amazon




    crammasters Jul. 5th, 2010 at 10:44 am
    @ sonuvman
    brotha u are right, the list is endless in the ways this system is attacking us from every direction — economic, political, educational, medical, food, water, fast food, sexually, prison, law enforcement, etc

    I think deep down we KNOW the truth and that’s why we spend so much time fighting with each other, it’s like a form of DENIAL, it’s SAFER than fighting our real enemies, AND we won’t have to face the painful truth:

    that almost EVERYTHING they do to us and tell us is WRONG for us, including these black “celebrities” and “role models” and IR, but we snap it up, like a pack of starving dogs begging for a bone…
    and we ignore our long 500-year HISTORY when we believe that the white men in power will turn over the reins of power to a black outsider and let him tell THEM what to do…
    as u said, I could go on (and on and on) but I’ll save that for those who are like me, who are searching for truth,

    instead of another “comforting” lie and more false reasons to celebrate “black progress”


    Note by Me: I don't agree with Democrats or Republicans though.

    By Timothy

    Any party that tries to repeal health care reform, or has blocked unemployment benefits, will never have my loyalty. Nor will one that is trying to redefine what "rape" is. And BTW, people of ALL races benefit from these "entitlements." Does anyone in his or her right mind seriously believe that only blacks benefit from them or that most blacks are enrolled in them? While he has a point about people not remaining on welfare instead of trying to become independent, I am glad programs like Medicare and Social
    Security exist to alleviate the burdens of old age for people like my 95-year-old mother who worked most of her life. I love how people make these patronizing and ignorant remarks about blacks without taking into consideration that we also vote for what we feel best represents our best interests. It doesn't matter if the person making the remarks is a fellow black. The Democratic Party is not perfect by any means, but it beats the GOP any day.

    Well, believe it or not, all of us are connected. While it's true that there are people who work the system, it is not confined to
    "poor" people. Some of the very same people who think of "undeserving" Americans don't seem to have a problem with corporate welfare. I, for one, don't mind my taxes going toward things that benefit fellow Americans like health care, education,
    job training, or the extension of unemployment benefits to people who lost jobs through no fault of their own and paid taxes while they were working. Rather than thinking of it as "taking some of what I've earned," I see those as investments in the society we live in, and realize that we're all in it together. My mother, for example, worked for years and paid her taxes. Doesn't someone like her deserve to be assured security due to her advanced age? A society that doesn't see the need to look out for its most vulnerable citizens is lacking in basic humanity. That is one of the measures of a successful society, and money invested that way is a lot better used than money invested in endless wars.

    As for welfare recipients, I also feel that welfare should be limited and that they need to be enrolled in programs designed to provide or improve marketable job skills. It should be looked at as temporary assistance rather than subsidizing a lifestyle. Again, I simply cannot relate to a party that doesn't care about people. Investing in things like the above lays the groundwork for the ability of as many as possible to be about personal responsibility and a large degree of automomy.



    Not at all, since my God is Great!

    You are one stupid a__ republican hurting because there is not one thing you can do about the person presently inhabiting the White House.

    How badly it must hurt YOU to know that an African man and Black American woman is sleeping in the beds of some of the biggest racists ever. How it must eat at you to know he is eating off of priceless dinnerware and solid gold silverware. It must sear your soul to know these "Black Americans' are being served whatever the h___ they want at any time of day or night based on their personal wants and desires. It must be killing you to know that they not only fly in private transport, but that the plane is known globally as "Air Force One'. There are times when they only fly short junkets at which time they use a smaller transport vehicle known as Marine One. How about when they take a trip to the museum and they utilize the limo. Ouch!

    Yes it must suck to be you.



    Crime is a problem yes but white racists have no problem with brutal, treacherous and criminal blacks as long as these blacks behavior profits white racism.



    TOTALBODYIMAGE Jul. 1st, 2010 at 11:38 am
    @Crammasters loving this brother–
    ho is on the bottom, brother in this country? The same MALES who do NOT respect the place they COME FROM: the black female’s womb. Any male who does NOT respect his mother and grandmother, and the women of his race will ALWAYS be a slave, no matter where he goes OR how long he lives there — and brother, I have a BLACK WIFE, A BLACK DAUGHTER, AND A BLACK MOTHER — and no, that shyt is NOT FUNNY and NEVER WILL BE FUNNY, because I have NO INTENTION of willingly being a fool AND a slave.


    peep the game, folks
    WHO keeps planting these divisive articles about interracial relationships and pics of BM with WW? Who owns these websites and pays the authors of these articles?
    Who plasters “IR love” ads all over EVERY BLACK PORTAL on the internet? Who PROMOTES and REWARDS these “black celebrities who proudly choose anybody but a black man or woman? Who owns the magazInes that print these interviews?
    Once you answer those questions, you will see what is happening: DIVIDE AND CONQUER THE BLACK MALE & FEMALE
    Notice, while blacks are being PUSHED (SHOVED) toward IR, the same corporations are NOT pushing IR on white websites and in magazine articles aimed at white people. They are TOO SMART to divide and conquer themselves…ONLY their enemies (us) are being encouraged to do it…
    and for those who think the whites who get involved in IR are significant, let me drop some FACTS on this thread.
    1. Whites are the LEAST LIKELY to date OR marry outside their race. Less than 3.46 percent of whites marry interracially.
    2. The black/white marriage is the LEAST COMMON interracial combination out of all the the other white/non-white unions
    so, while we’re fighting over the MINORITY of white males and females who choose blacks (they choose us, we don’t choose them), we are destroying our children, families and communities, as we attack each other’s character.
    And for those BM who are using the BW as a punching bag for their insecurities (and u know who you are), let me remind you, brothers, of a universal truth: demoralize the mother; destroy the child; destroy the children; destroy the future.
    I have a BLACK WIFE, a BLACK DAUGHTER, and a BLACK MOTHER, and do NOT understand for the life of me, how ANY BM with an OUNCE OF SELF-RESPECT can uplift the same (white) women who have participated in his enslavement OVER the women who raised, loved, and nurtured and many times educated him….
    The fact that we keep falling for the SAME BLAME GAME that began during SLAVERY — to demonize slaves to such an extent, they began to demonize each other — is proof of how far we have to go to UNDO the damage that makes us CONTINUE the same slave traditions that will keep us psychologically and financially enslaved.
    it’s the same thing that made Tiger lose his fortune to a white nanny who went from having NO POT to p*ss in to being one of the richest women in the world.
    If we keep playing this foolish, self-defeating game — knowing damn good and well ALL WE HAVE IS EACH OTHER — then maybe, we will deserve the fate we will get.


    Athena wrote:
    I'm going to be honest the only people I have seen care who dates who are the older generations, I was at work and almost clawed my ear drums out so I wouldn't hear a 45 year old black man tell me how wrong it was to be with men of other races expecially white because they held our people down! As shitty as this sounds, I don't care its a chapter in my history book in middle school. It has no relivance in my life, the closest to raceism is more back hand compliments such as " I'm glad your not like normal black people." Or "your not black your just tan" (this is said as a joke). Which to me isn't raceist its just kind of messed up. Its just not a reason to freak out for me.







    -The Moor



    This is real life, no fantasy, no sugarcoating... and yet, is still much sweeter. That's what I call a Chocolate Wedding.
    Beautiful video EbonyLove. I think I'll be making a new playlist, JUST to get this video in there.

    The CIA brings in the drugs.. biggest drug running organization in the USA. The CIA is Wall Street, Wall Street is the CIA- there IS NO DIFFERENCE. I heard a man who was ex-CIA explain it on a Pacifica radio show on New Years day 2010!!

    The ship is sinking, fast, when politics becomes how to plan wars and attack the poor. Most people are forsed to wake up like I have had to, and see the world of politricks for what it is.

    the PROBLEM, brother, is the FIRST thing u did was blame BW. How many sisters are dealing with BM who are just ordinary black men? THE VAST MAJORITY. See, this is what the white system has done, it has mistreated US, and taught us to blame each other INSTEAD of seeing the truth -- that we are all being victimized. It is this kind of "easy out" that keeps us from our TRUE MANHOOD, because a REAL MAN would never put the entire burden on his women for keeping the family together


    crammasters Jul. 1st, 2010 at 12:07 am
    @ Cali
    yeah, sis, every time I try to get out, they pull me back in! lol
    I’m at the point where seeing an article praising black entertainers makes me itch!

    the reason the media paints “black success” as entertainment-related — athletes, NBA, NFL, rappers, clowns, buffoons, comedians — is they don’t want us to develop our BRAINS OR REAL SKILLS. All feet, muscle, and brawn, no BRAINS…

    REAL SKILLS allow you to build, manufacture, cure, create, invent, design, and build a society. As long as young black folk are focused on being “entertainers” who can’t make anything, manufacture anything, cure anybody of anything, or be doctors, lawyers, scientists, farmers, mathematicians, architects, plumbers, electricians, home builders, machine fixers, designers, inventors – we will be slaves for the rest of the planet that CAN
    just imagine a black nation where all the BM can do is throw a basketball, tell jokes, or rap…but can’t feed, house, clothe, make electricity, build pipes to bring water, cure a sick kid, etc. We need to think about that…seriously…

    end of sermon…lol


    uuuh that would be quite simple to figure out...

    As the late great historian and Pan-African political scientist - John Henrik Clarke has said several times: Doing for self entails concentrating on, and figuring out ways to feed, clothe, house, educate, defend, and protect a people or nation. Billy Holiday also said: God Bless The Child That's Got His Own.
    Judging from our history in this country, and reading some of the on point analysis this website offers up about current issues, one would have to come to the conclusion that the pipe-dream the white liberals sold us on about collectivism, and the white-man fairly redistributing his own wealth and power within a utopian democratic society - ain't happenin anytime soon (or ever) lol... So it would've been wise to concentrate our efforts on feeding, clothing, housing, educating, defending, and protecting ourselves. Look at the sad state of affairs of Black farming, Union hiring discrimination and the crisis of Black credit institutions for example. Where's the Black Left on that?
    The problem with well off white's financing and controlling major parts of the civil rights movement is that they were able to shift the focus from economic justice to social justice, ie. the Black man and Woman's right to sit next to or up under his white massa and spend his dollar at massa's establishments.
    This very own website constantly, and correctly points out the influence that economic interest has over the U.S. political system, so I don't get what we're not understanding here.
    Economic Power = Political Power
    Economic Power = Political Power
    Economic Power = Political Power
    Marcus Garvey and Booker T. Washington tried to drum this into our heads, the Pan-Afrikan movement and short lived Afrikan liberation movement tried to drum this into our heads, Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X tried to drum this into our heads.
    Of course, we don't listen for to long, plus the U.S. intelligence and white supremacy security apparatus was successful at driving a wedge between "Black intelligentsia" and the Black leaders mentioned above, so that said leaders wouldn't have the actual technical know how in order to succeed. There were even Afrikan allies of Garvey who were denied access into our country because they were too smart, had actual knowledge about managing finances and business, knew about architecture and the proper materials needed etc. All thing's Garvey apparently needed help at (this info is now declassified). W.E.B DuBois, along with Elaine Locke -the first Black Cecil Rhodes scholar- publicly defiled Garvey by calling him a "gorilla, dark, and dumb ass" any chance they got. Locke was even quoted as saying: "We hope the white man deliver's cause we crushed a great Black thing, but we know he'll deliver or our people will attack and plague us forever more." These two house negroes (Du Bois finally saw the light in his later years) made a bet that YT would come out on top and give a certain percentage of these greedy negroes, namely Boule' members, the wealth they stole from all over the world.
    What's deep is they didn't believe in Afrikan self-reliance and preferred YT to give them table scraps instead of us making the whole pie!
    Black unity, Keeping the Black family unit strong, financial literacy, and financial strength should be right atop of the Black Agenda along side other major issues of the day. I believe in good social safety net's and public service, but I part ways with some Black leftist when they fail to see things for what they are NOW and then start realizing that we must first master THE HERE AND NOW in order to have enough power to nudge the future into what we think it should be. This requires a little realism.


    The "Here and Now"

    is frankly all we have at this troubling juncture in history.  Any Black person (let alone Leftist) who believes that we will get even crumbs from the current system is frankly dead weight.  They are an obstacle to moving foward.  I say move and let them jump on the band wagon or get out of the way, they are not leaders anyway.

    In a so-called "Information Age" how much "information" does one need, or requires to convince them that elected officials or "leaders" whether Black, White, Brown or Purple, are essentially impediments, backstabbers and useless frauds when it comes to material change?  While stupid Blacks defend Obama he puts the big one up their behind and shoves it in deeper by the day.

    I told my friend from Chicago, "please don't waste time trying to enlighten even "educated" Blacks about Obama, " even 10 years from now when all objective stats and metrics signal a worsening state of affairs for Blacks, Negroes will still defend him.

    C.N. you are on point.  Despite self-induced inaction based on symbolic achievement--Obama as Prez--stunting self-help efforts, self-help will happen nontheless.  It's on an inevitable trajectory, it's "in the cards" as we say.  It will occur, regrettably, as a default mechanism when Blacks look around and find their local, state, and federal government "broke," at least broke to the extent of no funding for social services or job opportunities, housing or other social needs.  In otherwords, in 5 to 10 years Blacks will have only themselves to rely on as the Age of Austerity deepens.  It's gonna be "every man for himself."  Not the most enlightened posture mind you, but real shit.

    (I could never understand why the so-called "Negro" leaders never used civil disobedience or legal processes to "homestead" prime real estate in the ghetto instead of waiting on government assistance?)

    Yes, the "here and now" should be controlling thought and action as we speak TODAY.  There should be planning, visioning and execution while there is a narrow window of opportunity.  But regrettably, it will take collapse to awaken the sheeple, the black and white sheep.  When that happens won't be no need to look outward, won't be nothing there to "peep."

    Funny, it will likely boil down to the "millitant" and "hated" (by all stripes) Black Nationalists saving the Liberals's and Uncle Tom's a___.  Which one has reality-based solutions after all??

    The bootstraps/Horatio Alger

    The bootstraps/Horatio Alger line is more myth than reality. Yes, there are/were many who started with nothing and ended up doing very well. However, the little secret the powers that be fail to acknowledge is that a sh__tload of those who rose to wealth and power did so with help - including help from the government. The rich and powerful (RAP) have been influencing who gets elected for eons. Once their puppets get into govt, they make legislation that enriches the RAP. Tax breaks, tax shelters, wars to clear the way for RAPs to pillage, pollute, and plunder foreign lands, govt research and patents that benefit RAP companies, legislation here at home to bust unions, discard health/financial/safety regulations, and suppress dissent - all these "govt handouts" benefit the RAP. You think names like Rockefeller, Morgan, Getty, and Kennedy "never" took advantage of a insider stock tip? That's how they made half their money.
    Of course the media - the RAP's public relations machine - never points out this fact. Instead we here about welfare queens, not the welfare RAPs who've been pocketing every govt handout since the nation emerged.


    Another View

     In this article, Glen Ford states:  “Simply put, there ain't no d____ money for these bootstrap capitalism dreams, and there never was. [Emphasis mine]
    I see things differently.   I agree that seeking economic redress is important.  After all, the government has taken our money through taxes for decades and created wealth building programs for Euro-Americans while deliberately and systematically excluding African-Americans (AA’s).   From GI Bill college benefits to VA Home loans,  Euro-Americans have benefitted handsomely from a system that still bouys them.  The only way that we will ever benefit from from our own tax dollars is if we push and push hard.
    And at the same time, I do feel AA’s have the intelligence and the capacity to pull together and create an internal economy.   AA’s have done it before:
    1.    In Baltimore and Philadelphia in the early 1800’s,  Free AA’s dominated the maritime trades, especially shipbuilding.  Between 1790 and 1850 AA carpenters, sailmakers, caulkers, riggers and ropemakers formed the bulk of the maritime workforce.  Merchant marine ships often had one third to one half AA crew members.  It was in the skilled trade of caulking or waterproofing the ships that AA’s excelled.  By 1838, AA caulkers had formed the Caulker’s Association, a trade union that allowed them to negotiate wages and working conditions with shipwrights.  In the book, Freedom’s Port:  The African-American Community of Baltimore, 1790-1860, author Christopher Phillips describes how AA’s built on this stable employment base to start autonomous churches, purchase land, start businesses, schools and eventually the beginnings of a political voice. 
     In a review of this book, Laura Croghan Kamoie describes the intense backlash by Euro-Americans (native and immigrant) which culminated in a failed re-enslavement movement by native Euro-Americans and a successful job-busting campaign by German and Irish immigrants.
    2.    In Tulsa, OK in the first two decades of the 20th century,  AA’s built the Greenwood District filled with homeowners and AA owned businesses.  The district even had its own bus system.   This remarkable community, dubbed the “Black Wall Street” was destroyed by envious Euro-American mobs in a weeklong rampage of arson, looting, rape and murder in the spring of 1921.
    3.    In Detroit’s Paradise Valley between the 1920’s to the 1960’s,  AA’s built a thriving commercial  and entertainment district that provided jobs and supported a professional class.  This district was literally bulldozed out of existence by the construction of Interstate 75, which like most interstates ravaged AA communities.

    In each of those instances, local (which include Euro-American mobs sanctioned by local government) or national governments worked to destroy those early AA economies.  Bootstrapping in this country is applauded for every group but AA’s.  In fact, the whole Asian “Model Minority” stereotype is often used as a cudgel against AA’s.  We are often told, “if they can do it, why can’t you?”  Yet, historically when AA’s bootstrap and build, our efforts are greeted with hostility and naked aggression.

     I think the deeper issue is not one of whether AA’s have money for bootstrapping but why cohesive, prosperous AA communities are considered a threat to vast swaths of the Euro-American population and their allies.


    Thanks for this important contribution here, Afroseer!

    The limousine liberals have an interest in constantly branding Africans as a hopelessly incompetent charity case (I guess that's why China is kicking their a___ in Africa):
    Poor idea, Bono: Nothing says, "Wipe out AIDS and poverty" like Band-Aids and a black-and-white cookie.
    The devil is a liar!
    'NEVER FORGET' the peaceful, quiet, self sufficient and prosperous town of Rosewood, Florida:
    This story was the basis of the script for one of my favorite films, "ROSEWOOD." 300 innocent, good, pious, JESUS CHRIST LOVING people massacred for no reason. All government had to do was protect our right to live a happy life on our land and leave us alone. Add this to the very long list of government ineptitude. Right next to Katrina. The "Black left" knows that what I'm saying is truth.
    Also Afroseer, you might want to take a closer look at the original Pan-Africanist. The precursor to Marcus Garvey and Malcolm. I'm talking about god fearing, JESUS CHRIST LOVING American patriot, philanthropist, and merchant, Paul Cuffee:
    Even thought he failed (and I think he should've focused on creating a stronger Black power base in American FIRST, then moved on to African issues), you still have to study the man that created the biggest INDEPENDENT mass Black movement in the history of the United States of America.
    Marcus Garvey
    (Interesting who he blames for his downfall)
    As you already know, wiki may not be a adequate reference but I didn't have the time. Perhaps you have better sources.

    There is no easy answer to why. A lot America have racist attitude handed down from one generation to the next. The media help create a negative look at black people by focusing on nothing but black crime and welfare. They will report over and over about one event until the general public see all black people as criminals or on welfare. They blow up 5% of black crime and never say anything about the other 95% that are honest and hard working.

    -the light has come



    NO...I DISAGREE....



    -The Moor


    LOL-Back when I was in my early twenties, I was off the chain; I'm in my 30s now and I have two beautiful children who are watching and listening to everything I do and say so i've toned it down by a long shot. But its an everyday process' the flesh must die DAILY so there are times when I have my lil moments and I will cuss and even yell at my children. But at the end of the day, my boys know that mommy loves them and all I want is the best for them.


    God I love Black American women! We are sisters that love to laugh and have fun. I don't know how we were ever misunderstood. In this instance the addition of "brown sugar" was enough to make me smile.







    King Mutato (1440)

    In 1440, the empire of Monomotapa was under the leadership of the fierce and awesome King Mutato, or "Mutato the Great." His vast empire had been developed by Vakarang immigrants who were invaders. The Monomotapa Empire covered what is known today as Rhodesia, Kalahara, Mozambique, and into Transvaal in South Africa.

    King Mutato established effective political rule, and promoted economic development and prosperity. The Monomotapa used iron technology and allied crafts, long before the Christian era. With over 4000 active mines, and gold being the leading export commodity, iron work was still highly regarded. The drive for excellence in everything produced was reflected in the artistic work throughout the empire.

    The building of the temples and beautiful stone structures, rivaled the construction associated with the great pyramids in Egypt. The Monomotapa were great stonemasons and architects. According to records in stone, a highly developed civilization existed in South Africa, at the same time of the great Egyptian and Ethiopian era, in the North.

    King Mutato mastered a plan to unite the Africans throughout the entire Monomotapa Empire. Their enemies knew that if they could keep the Africans fighting amongst themselves, they would be a divided people, lacking in power, and the enemy would have access to their wealth.

    Mutato moved quickly to recruit, develop, and train armies, under the supervision of capable generals. Additional strategic leadership by Matope, Mutato's son, who came into power after Mutato's death, strengthened and unified Monomotapa. However, after Matope's death, Monomotapa swiftly declined, and the empire began to break up.

    Behanzin Bowelle "The King Shark", was the most powerful of the West African Kings in the last years of the 19th Century. Behanzin was the absolute master of his kingdom. A nod of his head meant life or death for his subjects. Not many were permitted to see him do even the most common things.

    While marching, if he wanted a drink of water, a screen needed to be placed over his face until he finished drinking. When the water was passed to him, the soldiers would throw themselves on the ground and say "A-h-h-h", as though they were also drinking. The saliva from Behanzin's mouth was not allowed to touch the ground.

    Behanzin's army, with rifles supplied by the Germans, were getting too strong for neighboring French colonies. In 1890, Behanzin had defeated a French expedition and made France pay for the use of Cotonou port. He declared a treaty made with France by his father, Gli-Gli in 1868 null and void, from this war began.

    In 1894, Behanzin was defeated by Colonel A.A. Dodds, a Senegalese -European, who was sent to fight against him with powerful French armed forces. Behanzin was exiled to Martinique. Behanzin died in 1906 in Algeria. In 1928, his son had his body moved to Dahomey.

    -Proud Sis


    YouTube Video...

    "The Great The Powerful African Kings"

    Topix Threads...

    "Educate: Black Queens!"

    "Black Female Engineers"
    "Black Virgins"
    Books U Should Read (black People only)

    YouTube video...

    "Untold Black History: Blacks Were The First Americans!!! The Undeniable Evidence" (I don't know about this, but this is interesting information to look at even if you disagree with its assumptions)



    AbdulAbeed-sonofaslave wrote:

    If black women were exterminated wouldnt that mean you wouldnt exist ?! Its a sad day when non-blacks have to stoop to such amatuer levels of deception ! sad..sad...sad.
    brother, they cannot STAND for BM and BW to love each other. it is a 24-7 assault, from TV, to music, to politics, to movies, to black buffoons and clowns that sell out the black nation to make a few dollars, to phony statistics and distorted "news" articles to get us to hate each other

    they are jealous of anything and everything we have, say, think, and do because they know WE CAME BEFORE THEY DID on this planet and much of what they claim they created, they stole from people of color...
    you have to wonder what kind of pathetic folks have nothing better to do than to come on a black thread and try to poison it....sad ain't the word for it....



    White November wrote:

    idk. i am angry w/them for never wanting to talk to me when i didn't have money
    BINGO! So the only reason you went to BW is because WW rejected you. So the reason you bash WW & date BW exclusively is because WW rejected you. I knew that there was something off about you & hence the reason I'm cautious of many of you WM & other BW should be cautious about you as well. If WW had gave you the time of day you would have never even been into BW you just like BW because you could not get a WW & BW paid you some attention. How sad!

    My fellow BW, you should be OFFENDED by this. Once again, proving my point....

    many whites who get rejected by their own kind RUN TO BLACKS BECAUSE THEY FEEL BLACKS WILL ACCEPT THEM WITH OPEN ARMS.& sadly many do!

    Again proving my other point.

    If whites can spare a few of their own that they don't want, they will throw them to black folks...because they can "whiten up" the black race while getting rid of the trash they don't want!



    White November wrote:

    idk. i am angry w/them for never wanting to talk to me when i didn't have money, and also guilty that i didn't talk to bw when they were nice to me when ww wern't just because i was worried about what other white ppl thought. and i am sending you pictures btw.
    OH OK so they rejected you so you ran to the race of women that you knew would except you no matter what your flaws were. You do realize they mainly except you because you are white, not because there is anything special about you in particular. I've been wondering about the intelligence of some of you white people as of lately. You all don't seem to mind that blacks only want to get with you because you are white. No other qualities seem to matter to those black people yet you low self esteem white people don't seem to care. This is why I couldn't date a white woman who simply wanted a black man. What's special about that??? Now if a black woman fell for you because there were some special qualities about you then I could understand your position. But if you didn't have any money then I don't know what black women would want to date you except those that see your skin color as an advancement. Are you following what I am saying??? I feel sorry for you and other white men and women who will date a black person who boast about being with a white person. So sad you are to be seen as nothing more than an accomplishment rather than a person. But since you were rejected by your women I guess you don't care why other races of women want you as long as they want you huh



    Louisianaemperor wrote:
    Exactly, like we should be grateful that they want to be with us simply because they have white skin. Dude don't understand what you are telling him for whatever reason. He think you are putting black women down but in actuality you are letting it be known that he is a ww reject so he settled for those women who he knew he could get. If he liked black women then they should have been first or when he was dating he should have been seeking them out just like white women. It wasn't until he got fed up with white women because of them rejecting him that he moved on to black women. That is very offensive. Maybe if he still respected his women while dating black women or uplifting black women then we could respect him. But by him trying to bash white women and uplift black women only proves how bitter he is towards them and that black women is and will always be secondary to him
    Exactly, that is what I meant. He is only now choosing BW because of his resentment & bitterness for WW. I don't doubt there's non BM out there who are genuinely into BW, but he doesn't seem like one of them.



    Louisianaemperor wrote:
    Smart black men are staying too. I can't live without a black woman in my life. Sorry!!! Those few lame black men can do whatever they want but me and all the smart black men are staying.
    Thx bruh! Yeah its the lame that can do whateva!!! Just wished they know that there is no "substitute" for loving "yourself!" And the reflection of themselves, i.e. BW!!!

    True! "RIDE OR DIE"

    Peace Louisianaemperor

    p.s. KNOWING how our people take things to another level, how are you doing down there?(distant-but still family by way of georgia)

    -Mz Brown


    @ 7even who said, "I love black women, because they are the backbone of civilization; from the cradle to the grave. I have to word this right, because not all black women are deserving of this love."

    AMEN and I might add this, that it's important to make a distinction between the individual and the collective.

    Of course every black woman is not a "queen" just like every BM does not act like a "king"

    Just like every white individual is not a bad person, but collectively, whites represent a negative force that must be addressed.

    It is the COLLECTIVE that we must always focus on, otherwise, our emotiions will be bounced around by every interaction we have with an individual, and will we only confuse ourselves.

    I defend BW with every breath in my body for one selfish reason: it has nothing to do with loving OR liking every BW I meet, it has to do with loving myself, loving my people, loving my woman, and with wanting a future for my children,

    I want to create the kind of RACIAL UNITY that has helped whites collectively to rule the world...



    M_Keanna wrote:
    Its apart of a master plan to wipe out the black race so that all the black men will go to non black women and reproduce or theyre all DOWN LOW brothers and no longer reproducing with us therefore wiping out the entire black race just genocide and modern day slavery and black people are so divided as a whole its embarrassing in its own we are so ignorant as a race seems we always fall right into trap.......will we ever learn???
    Yes. I have to believe we can turn this around, otherwise, why are we on here chipping away the disinformation out there about us? We are finally in a position to challenge all of the stereotypes and lies that have been fed to the world creating this anathema against us as a people.

    We will overcome.


    CaliFemme23Feb. 5th, 2011
    at 12:26 am
    Soultry-Soul, “Go on and sleep with that pink s____” LMBAO!!! I’m no longer at the office but I am rollin!
    I think you hit it again. I don’t care who someone else dates, I just get tired of it being thrown in MY face personally. Uhhh like THIS black website does day in and day out. Like the white men do on THIS black website when they contact this here black woman and attempt to either call me racist because I don’t IR date OR they TRY to go in on what the black man’s ‘problem’ is and how he, the white guy can ‘fix’ it for a black woman. WRONG!
    I don’t see how any black woman can deal with a white guy sitting in her face telling her what all her BM counterpart is doing wrong. They don’t, can’t and will NEVER understand us as a people because they won’t recognize the part their people have played in the crux of our issues. Black women can’t allow the WM to belittle the BM because that is her own image as well….And BM can’t curse the WM by day and f___ his women by night….


    crammastersJul. 3rd, 2010
    at 6:47 pm

    @ MiSz_PiNk_DiamOnd
    u made some good points, but i don’t want to hog the blog by responding to all I agree (or disagree) with
    suffice it to say, same old game, like Pavlov’s dog, ring the IR bell and (some) black folks start fighting
    one thing I will guarantee you, you won’t see them trying to divide and conquer white males and females on a white website, and you won’t see a bunch of IR ads, cause white folk don’t play that divide and conquer bull___
    how do we think they managed to rule the world?
    yet some of us think black unity is “racist,” and IR is gonna feed, house, and put clothes on our backs…incredible..
    (when u gonna check out my blog, sis?)


    (My Love & Pride) The Africa They Never Show You.

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