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More advice from crammasters and others

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted November 26, 2009

Good question.

I'd say the ones who are handing out the money are guilty of using their superior positions to psychologically oppress those in an inferior position. No matter how much money a black entertainer makes, someone more powerful signs those checks.

The ones accepting the money must share some of the blame, for allowing themselves to be used against their own people (and in the long run, against their own self-interest).

And finally, the black individuals who do not benefit at all, but actually PAY to see themselves degraded, must take their share of the blame. If black people did not support these BM and BF entertainers (buffoons) they?d stop making these movies, TV shows, and music.

Will people do anything for money? Maybe, but there are exceptions. The white male would NEVER allow black men to pay him money to make movies degrading white females in the manner that black females are degraded.

The white male knows this is a reflection of HIM as a MAN, and he knows that the rest of the world would look at him and ask, "What kind of man does not protect the honor, reputation, and image of his own women?

This is something ALL black men need to think about -- and something black women need to think about before they spend another dime on a movie
, or CD that degrades them.

Check out this excerpt: cerpt.htm


Female, 32, Adelanto, CA
Posted March 25, 2010


Thank you for touching on this black men in drag subject, yes you know you are the number one 'hater' on this

But while reading your blog, it made me think of another negative light that is shed on black men in media....WHY, I ask is the black man ALWAYS the goofy, nutty, criminal, parolee sidekick of some gung-ho, save the day white guy? And even if there are two black males, one always has to be the goof off....
The new movie 'cop out' brought this to mind, as well as thinking about Lethal Weapon, and yes, even though Danny Glover was the family man actor, Mel Gibson was STILL the cooler brave guy who ultimately saved Danny Glover's a___ too many times! Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hours and Trading Places...And dont even let me get on Rush Hour! Total travesty...
There is only ONE black actress I can think of that gets my
vote everytime, and that is Angela Bassett for turning down Monster's Ball..Halle Berry was absolute trash in that movie from start to finish, but black people loved it for that ONE scene, that to me, made it the worst...But I'll stop here, this just comes to my mind on occassion and I know YOU can 'feel me' or enlighten me...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted March 25, 2010

@ Cali

I'm glad there are folks like you who understand the power of negative imagery and black male buffoonery. These are the same images they used against blacks after slavery to JUSTIFY segregation

and at least black folks back then had the GOOD COMMON SENSE to resist and resent these images

unlike so many black folk today who will DEFEND their own degradation -- as long as it's "entertaining"

and all this comes from our assimilation into a white supremacist culture to the point where we start to think like white folks ABOUT other black folks....


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 05, 2009


I'll respond one section at a time.

YOU: But.........if you and I are aware and know of this type of thing that goes on in the media has it affect us(You and I)? If not, why not?

ME: It's a matter of understanding that everything in the media promotes white supremacy. Sometimes, it's well-hidden; other times, it is not disguised but right out in the open.

If more of us knew (and understood) our history in this country, we would understand that these negative black images of BW are NO different than the images shown in minstrel shows and movies in the early 1900s. The problem is we DON'T know our history and are in denial about what and who we are dealing with. That will prove to be our downfall as a race.
YOU: When I see movies like that, I don't take it as a slap against me, which is many of the problems that we have, we assign to ourselves(not me personally) what the media puts out, and say "this is what it means to be black", not what blackness is defined by our families and immediate environment(unless of course one finds themselves living in much of the plight depicted).

ME: That's all good and fine, and no disrespect intended, just words. Images repeated over and over, do affect you because the messages become implanted in your brain, whether you realize it or not. It's not just about what you believe, it's about what other people believe is true about you. If you think this doesn't matter, remember that when you apply for a job, or try to get justice under the law. BW can't afford to pretend (in my humble opinion) that these images do NOT affect the way BM see and treat them. None of us live on an island. Would you want to?
YOU: I wonder if white folks were up in arms about "Married with children: Al Bundy"?

ME: If most whites were subjected to the overwhelmingly negative images that blacks are subjected to in the media/entertainment on a daily basis, they'd have the SELF-RESPECT to fight those images. They wouldn't allow their children to see white people as mostly drug dealers, buffoons, hos, and baby mommas.

Whites have a wide variety of images to choose from, so one show, like Married with Children, is not going to affect their ability to get a job, a loan, justice under the law, or attract a spouse.

What I find surprising is the apathy and nonchalance of so many black women about being dissed in the media on a constant basis. All while sisters are complaining about being disrespected in real life and refuse to make the connection between the two. (don't want to spoil their entertainment high, I guess).

I will tell you this, sister, there is a reason there has NEVER been and NEVER will be a white Norbit, or White Big Momma's House, or a white Precious.

White people know the power of imagery. That's why they have been so successful using it against us. We better peep their game....

I believe also..............blacks want to see better depictions of black life on the big screen, then support artist who create such media and also demand it of those that are out there........

As long as its an authentic representation of what it really is to be black in America.

BTW, I'll check out your site.


Female, Age Private, Garnerville, NY
Posted May 26, 2010

I would like to bring up the fact of so many black people not being able to relate to the cosby show.I never understood why more wouldnt.Although they were wealthy,it was more to them then being a black wealthy showed more than showed family period.a mother ,a father in the same household raising their children with moral obligations as well as showing a family that loved each other and stayed with each other..worked with each other ,compromised with one another,children playing with each other.learning and growing together.My parents werent wealthy in that sense, but they worked and exhibited all other traits that the cosbys depicted to expand our world,protect our childhood,take us places other than our town to experience other things,support our sports and dreams and schooling.and just spend time with us together..the problem is ,so many people take things so literally instead of reading between the lines or taking out parts that do apply..the crazy thing is,,before i ever say one episode growing up of the cosbys,i thought that my family were the norm .I mean ,i knew that not everyone had this scenario but the concept of black families with both parents in the house wasnt foreign..I knew other peers who had the same.two parents in the house ,working and loving their families with pride and respect.

but as I got older,got into junior high and high school,i would be told by others how lucky i was to have the kind of family set up i always made me feel sad or guilty about it in some way.not ashamed but weird .this was one of the reasons why i got picked on by others who thought that maybe i was better than.just because you had both parents didnt mean that you didnt at times work from paycheck to had your own struggles dealing sometimes.but as a family ,you made it sacrificed.the only difference is that some struggle with family and support and love and others dont..A difference of struggle but never the less,a struggle..I thought more blacks should of related to that show or at least tried to strive to have that .That meaning a family a foundation to build on.


@ 7even

i agree!

All of my partners and brothers and uncles have black women. My mentor -- the man i respect second to my older male relatives -- has been married to the SAME BW for over 35 years. This woman who he still speaks of with affection AND pride bore him THIRTEEEN children.

My mentor home-schooled all his children and they are all successful, college-educated, one is a doctor, the girls are all married, with no out of wedlock children, and NONE OF THEM has ever been to jail OR is married to a white person. It can be done.

brother, you are right, i feel like all is right with the world, with a good BW by my side, I don't have to explain every damn thing OR worry about saying the wrong thing, OR wondering if she will accuse me of playing the race card OR think I am one of those bad black militants for speaking my

And you are so on point when it comes to RESPECT. What man respects another man who abandons the women and children of his race -- especially when they can see the pitiful condition of our black communities and WATCH how our women and children STRUGGLE without us, while we prance (that's right, prance) about in fairy tale land with the woman of OUR OPPRESSORS on our arms (???)

how could a male like that deserve respect from anyone???

when an IR-loving or IR-engaged black person sees a black on black couple that is happy with their choice, of course, they have to feel something, because in those private moments of doubt, as they wrestle with the demons of white racism, I believe they KNOW something is not right and I know personally that some have regretted marrying white but now they have kids and are in too get our gracefully...and where would they go, anyway?

they are already association.

regarding my book, you just made my day!:-))
hope you will share it with others, and if you get time, and have an account, please leave a review on

appreciate that

last thing, may I quote what you wrote in our next book? I don't have to use your name or topix alias?



Note by Me: If Barack Obama wants to call himself a black man. That's his right. I consider him a black man myself.

By Timothy

@ unknown 108 who said: “As for as the Barrack Obama issue. I do not expect him or need him to do s**t for me. I am a grown man and I do not need a hero. And the truth of the matter is that he is half black and half white. I get tired of black people singing and dancing when whites throw us crumbs. You have just as much white man as black man in office, you still have yet to see the first black president. If you wish to claim him as black that is your business. If you wish to claim him as mixed, that is yours as well, but do not get offened if everyone does not see it your way. I mean in the end what difference does it make, you still have to do for you, he is not coming through your window to rescue your life.”

Amen, brotha.
the same forces and institutions that plant these divisive and mostly false articles, and who reward these black “celebrities” who promote white supremacy via magazine articles (by dissing BW) and by their romantic “choices”
are the same forces that create black “role models”
do we think we can “elect” someone when we can’t even control the content on a frigging website?
get real….


these are the brothas I'm talking about. as long as he is a brotha who is and does what you have mentioned above,i am talking about him...whether he works a blue-collar or white-collar job,owns his own business,is a bank teller or the garbage-collector,as long as they are honestly employed,volunteer,take care of their kids,love their women they are all needed and wanted and loved in the's a shame that they get very little recognition, but it doesn't mean they're not loved.we need more of those!!









-The Moor


I love it when I know that a racist is a RACIST. I hate sneaky snakes. President Obama's term has done wonders for flushing these bastards out from under the bed. Thanks. If you've got hate in your heart let it out. This way I know who to avoid. Black people are resilient. If Billy clubs, German Shepards, and water hoses didn't break us what makes racists think that words and offensive cartoons will? They need to get a life and move on.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted Yesterday

@ tc2ewra

brother, I agree,

unfortunately, a lot of our folks are IN LOVE WITH THE DOLLAR BILL

if a black celebrity is "getting paid" that's all that matters

and anyone who criticizes the MORALITY of what that black celeb does is "hating"
of course, it's a different story if that black person "making it" is their neighbor or coworker -- somebody we got to look at face to face who is doing better then we are...

then all the negativity, judgments, nastiness, and TRUE haters come out in full force


What Are the Real Reasons for Our Dilemma

The real reason we as a people haven't progressed is because we've been trapped in the US box of Dems vs GOP, liberal vs conservative, poly-trickal so-called 'left vs right' paradigm. After slavery we were loyal GOPers [Party of Lincoln] but the Repugs sold us out sometime after Reconstruction. Then came FDR's 'New Deal' & we became loyal Dems, but they've sold us [& the working class as a whole] out too- certainly since Ole Slick Willie. So now we're in the age of Obama - but nothing has changed except that the face of US imperialism is now Black. AND Obama has made it clear he's not to be viewed as a Black leader, but as the Demo-crap leader of the so-called 'Free- World' [IE Western so-called democracies]. So if we keep thinking inside the box [trap] of US poly-tricks we can expect the same results.
For instance the Dem vs GOP / Liberal vs Conservative paradigm tells us [especially Black women] that {white}Women's & so-called Gay Liberation Movements are/were 'aligned w our Civil Rights struggle & thus we should support it [they actually dove-tailed off of our 1960s Freedom Rights struggle & basically hijacked it]. Then white women got classified as a minority group - even though they are the largest adult demographic group w the longest over all life expectancy! Thus this was a very dubious definition which should have been challenged from the get go- because it allowed whites{women} to benefit from affirmative action progs more than Blacks [especially men] that they theoretically were supposed to help! This is probably the real reason that these progs haven't been phased out completely. So while white women got more degrees & good paying jobs, Black Men became increasingly unemployed & imprisoned. Thus our uncritical support for {white}women's lib agenda- based on the Dem vs GOP / Liberal vs Conservative paradigm- probably, in this case, worked against our best interest as a whole. And now homosexuals via Obama will get rid of DADT & will probably get a federal law for so-called 'gay' marriage...  So what have Blacks gotten from Obama?
Mr Reed & Mr Baraka should know very well about COINTELPRO & Gay Edgar Hoover's assault on Black Leadership from Garvey to Elijah Muhammed & the NOI to Malcolm & Martin. There is good reason to believe that Malcolm's & Martin's assassintations had COINTELPRO's finger-prints all over them [NOTE: It should also be known to Mr Reed & Mr Baraka that Malcolm & Martin were talking about working together for the liberation of our people just before  Malcolm was assassinated - just this alone was reason enough for our enemies to move to 'take them out']. This & COINTELPRO's all out attack on organizations like the Black Panthers & sell-out opportunist mis-leadership - certainly has set us back further than anything the Black Radicals have done or not done.
Mr Reed & Mr Baraka seem be to coming from the 'old school rule' of avoiding attacking other Blacks in public in front of white folks - especially when the hard-core FOXes / Tea-Party white nationalists are making such a fuss about Obama. But the problem is Obama seems to continuously bend over backwards for them & the Repugs in the name of 'bi-partisanship'- even as they insult & attack him relentlessly- declaring no-compromise [IE: take no-prisoners] & that their objective is to see that he has a failed presidency. WHILE- On the other-hand Obama ignores, stiff-arms, attacks, & even betrays progressives who helped him get elected in the first place. It would be 'nice' to be able to 'hammer' this out in private - but progressives [even the CBC] access to Pres Obama is limited - & He Dictates the Terms of Engagement. With a state of affairs like this what recourse is there for progressives [especially Blacks] but to start calling Obama out in public.  This is all the more reason to start to look for &/or build alternatives to the box [trap] of  the current US Poly-trickal system. 



I don't think it's a public theatre because what this says to me is that Republicans are willing to hold the poor and middle class hostage until they can get the tax cuts they want for the rich. This is very telling of whose side they are on and it isn't the hardworking working everyday Americans. So yes, it may be theatrics involved here but they are sending a very bad message, loud and clear of who they truly support in this country and it should be a clear eye opener for those losing unemployment benefits and not tax cuts.
The poor and middle class are being sacrificed to appease the rich. This is officially no longer a democracy and hasn't been for a long time. These people have sold us out. We are paying tax dollars for these goons to screw us over. Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest old farts in American, said the rich don't need the tax cuts. This is fiscally irresponsible to give such cuts in a time we need the capital that these people can provide that they haven't for the last 10 years.


Intellectual slavery has replaced physical slavery

Quote:  "Blacks built communties throughout America in the 19th and 20th centuries without the support of whites so why all of a  sudden are we without any ability to build our own.  That is the issue at hand."
No s__.  That is the issue at hand.
The irony is that Blacks are more suited to build their own communities now, that is materially and educationally suited, then they were in the 19th and 20th centuries.  Are there not more architects, engineers, craftsmen and capital in the Black community than there was centuries ago?  The predictament is certainly manifold, but here are some observations.  There is indeed a "welfare mentality" amongst Blacks and the Black middle class and it's political leadership has aided and abetted this.  Don't take this critique as a broadside against social spending, I'd rather my tax dollars go to WIC, Sec. 8 and food stamps than General Dynamics and Northrup Grumman or farm subsidies. But waiting on the government or politicians who are part of an entrenched status quo to change the status quo is mind boggling.

But the Black political leadership is afraid of p____ off their White liberal supporters who are in essence their gatekeepers, intellectually and spirtually. They are more concerned with their personal welfare than the general welfare.  The Black Church has been a miserable failure as well, providing little or no direction or gameplan instead relying on "preaching" rathern than "teaching."  A Black "politician" would rather cut off his or her arm than preach Black self-help and the "welfare" and government system of "grants" has bought off all notions of Black self-help.  In some respects "Liberalism" has been  a failure for Blacks because it has proven to be a force for cooption and status quo policies.

I had a friend who once snarkily said that he hopes the day will come when Black folks wake up and find their are no more entitlement programs, (the thought being that self-reliance will be their only option) little did he know  how prescient his comments were.  By the end of 2012, he might just get his wish.  At that point will we witness a resurgence of Black self-help?  Not likely, not given the current mindset of waiting on Massa or the Messiah (whatever the case may be) in delivering us out of "Egypt" into the "Promised Land."
While I am no advocate for racial separatism or superiority or any of that noise, the fact of the matter is that the pursuit of integration to the detriment of self-help and nation building has been a monumental failure and a significant reason why Blacks seem incapable of solving their problems.  Blacks have also bought into the American "me-ism" and Horation Algers bull___.  Blacks bought into a false worldview that living next to Middle or Upper Class Whites (who in turn moved further and further away into the exurbs and gated communities) was somehow a solution to Black mobility. For the record, America is as segregated as ever, it's a reason busing has been abandoned in school systems.
Blacks were forced into the entrepreneurial class decades ago out of necessity, now their goal is to run IBM, to be the next Parsons at Time Warner or big shot Negro at Yahoo or Google, or Chrysler or Ford.  The integrationist mindset has been a deathblow to Black self help.  Last but not least, materialism trumps.  My white friend has often said that the best way to undermine a nation's soverignty was to build a McDonalds and allow rampant US consumption and consumerism to take root, I'm afraid he is right in many respects as well.

"Where is the Black Capital?  Holed up somewhere waiting on the permission of White Capital managers to invest it.  Many Blacks still believe in their own inferiority and thusly if a "White Boy" doesn't give the thumbs up, it must be a bad idea.

Update:  Funny thing though, while the "White Capital" managers are instrucing the Middle Class Negro to invest in IBM, Citicorp, et. al.  the "White Boy" is using his managerial fees to form LLC's with his counterparts and buy up real estate in the Black community, now ain't that a fuck___ up situation?  Last, but not least, while Blacks are complaining about Koreans or "A-Rabs" (usually Pakistanis and not Arabs, but I digress) opening up store-fronts in their communities they are busy forming or joining "store-front" churches.  They'd rather use the (prime) real estate to preach "pie in the skie" than the "here" and now."  Or use their "moral authority" to complain about the "A-Rabs" selling liquor.  Guess what folks, I'm buying my pint of half-pint from somebody and I'd rather go around the corner or block than drive to Wal Mart, get my drift? The problem ain't liquor it's the loitering. LOL I don't hear now Hispanics/Latinos complaining about bodegas?
When White or Black Conservatives complain about "Liberals" being PATRONIZING, as much as I hate to give the pricks credit, they're on to something.


There have been ample chances

There have been ample chances to consolidate black political power in these cities but the misleadershippers did nothing except look out for selves, families, cronies.   Years of black mayors, city councils, etc. and few can point to much of substance that improved lives of the average black resident.   From national to local level, the misleadershippers have squandered decades w/o obtaining any relevant influence. 
What have the people gotten out of the “tightly concentrated voting bloc and black urban power?”  An assembly line of Democratic politicians who screw them over more every year and  self appointed grandstanders who rail against urban ills while making a living from the checks received from the corporate class who create and exacerbate said ills.  The “Professional Left (PL)” is no slouch either in playing the people for fools.  Get out the vote come election time and return to the same problems – many of which are abetted by the Democrats and the PL.    
 Let’s hope that as these people get run out of their cities, they will wake up and smell the reality of the betrayal of the Democratic party – including the black misleadership members -  and seek other avenues for progress – starting with supporting the Green Party. 


It was true then. It is still true now.
Boojie blacks don't give a d____ about nobody but themselves.


I think that's ridiculous and this is definitely a way some black mothers can ruin their sons lives: by expecting them to conform only to certain stereotypes. I know a number of mothers who value the idea of their sons going to the NBA more than they value the idea of them doing well academically in school.

Because of certain gender associations men are expected to ALWAYS do only uber masculine stuff like join the military, or play sports and thus anything dealing with intelligence is seen as effeminate.

(Ya see faulty gender associations don't just hurt women...i.e. women aren't supposed to fart or get sick or cry or defecate or do any other normal HUMAN thing...)

I get why people make these associations: we're children and very simplistic in how we think--Man body strong. Man do man stuff like throw big stones. Run fast.

But I digress, this idea that being smart isn't masculine is DEFINITELY a real detriment to black males because intelligence is a HUMAN characteristic that SHOULD be associated both with masculinity AND femininity, instead of just expecting young girls to get good grades, while expecting sons to be the football captain.

Also being well-spoken is another trait many black men get flack for. Probably because good speech skills are generally associated with females.
Race complicates these matters even more because not only do black men AND women get accused of trying to be white for being educated, but black men are also emasculated in the ignorant minds of many when they pursue education.

Stuff like this is why I think we need to revisit gender associations. I get that we should observe general trends between men and women based off biology. That's common sense.
But to limit and censure men and women in certain avenues of life that are universal to all human beings like education or sexuality
and many other areas is detrimental to humanity on a grand scale.

In other words, stop thinking that men and women are only supposed to do certain things, especially when their actual abilities transcend those limits.

In the meantime, while everybody is adjusting their minds, you go ahead and be as smart as you wanna be. Intelligence is sexy and anybody who thinks otherwise isn't...well...intelligent.



FYI: What MS Gov Barbour said about growing up in [Ole Dixieland] Mississippi was that  'Frankly I don't remember that it was all that bad' [thus making light of Black People's entire Civil Rights Struggle - especially in the Dixieland South] but of course that was from a white 'good ole boy's' perspective. He also expressed fond memories of 'White Citizens' Councils' which were the 'respectable' [as opposed to that white terrorist org the KKK -w whom they often had a {not so}covert relationship with] enforcers of segregation.
Let me relay a couple of true stories about MS Gov Barbour's fond memories of 'Ole Dixieland' Mississippi from a Black perspective- My mother grew-up in MS. She told me the story of one of her older sisters - who died as a little girl from toxic shock in a white doctor's office from a ruptured appendix - because he made my young auntie & my grandmother sit in the office all day - while Ole Doc waited on all white folks first - even those who came in after them... AND - A friend &  neighbor of mine told me the story of why his family left Gov Barbour's Good Ole Dixie Mississippi - His father got into a dispute w a white-man such that my friend's grandmother begged his pops to leave Mississippi so that he wouldn't get lynched - like what had just happened to the young Emmett Till in MS at the time.    

I hope this makes it a bit clearer why so many Blacks & others have taken offense to Gov Barbour's expressing fond memories about growing up in Ole Dixieland Mississippi - & him not remembering it being all that bad. Why do you think he just happened to offer clemency AT THIS TIME to the Scott Sister's after 16 yrs - Because of political expediency not a sense of justice - to try to quench the political fire-storm his remarks set ablaze - especially if he hopes to run for US Pres vs Obama next yr.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted July 24, 2010


that's an interesting story, brother...and it's not the first time I've heard something like that.

the only explanation I can give is BLACK makes all the colors of the human rainbow, and so the black man and black woman are capable of making any combination of hair, skin and eye color because all present humanity comes from the ORIGINAL man and woman

For example, you can take wheat flour (brown) and make white flour after you bleach and refine it

but you can't take white flour and turn it back into wheat flour, because something is missing from the ORIGINAL.

Whites know this but they keep this knowledge about us from us, and sell us the LIE of white superiority, but how can white flour EVER be superior to wheat flour?


do me a favor and do a search on youtube for Frances Welsing, she was trained in genetics and she will put the puzzle pieces together for you, like she did for me....


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 09, 2010

@ easy_one

as always, a thought-provoking post that requires us to think

when u said, "How do we compete? How do we counter a daily, non-stop, 24-hour, round-the-clock onslaught of publicity, entertainment, social networking and niche lifestyles that beat us (parents, teachers, concerned adults, etc.) into irrelevance?"
1. BY TAKING CONTROL OF OUR HOUSEHOLDS and talking to our kids MORE. for example, we have ONE TV, and it stays off 95% of the time. We started our kids off early with reading, we read around them, we've even acted out some of the stories for fun (i know, its and we gave them mostly creative games, that require them to build or make something. We have some videos -- NOT the white supremacist fairy tales most black kids are brainwashed with -- but with nature videos and things that have to do with the REAL WORLD.

Do they complain about other kids having things they don't have? Hell yeah, but those kids are complaining about something else even when they get everything they want...

We talk about it, we teach them about racism/white supremacy and how black females are degraded and black males are demonized and WHY it is happening and now they see things and come and tell me about it, like, "Daddy, why do the white people on the news act like all the people in Africa are starving and don't go to school?"


for those who think our kids are too young to get the straight dope, let me assure they are NOT. They are as smart as you RAISE them to be.

2. TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR EDUCATION. My mentor home-schooled all 13 of his children (with the same WIFE), and all his kids went on to college and graduated. Now this is not a practical solution for most folks --

but we can help them with their homework, show up at school and let them know we think their education is important to US, take them to museums, and other trips that TEACH them something...

but that is not enough SO we will have to COME TOGETHER as a community, stop spending all our cash on preacher PIMPS, clothes, alcohol, partying, big homes and luxury cars -- and create our OWN schools


If they are hooked on McDonald happy meals, and Fruit Loops, we did it to them. I know this is tough, especially for single parents or folks who are struggling financially because in many innfer city black neighborhoods, fresh fruit and vegetables are either too expensive OR not readily available.

but that doesn't mean feeding our kids McDonalds for dinner either.

food is the building blocks for a sound mind and body, and if they are not eating good food, their minds don't work right, and they will not do well in school


brother, the only way to overcome this psychological GENOCIDE of our black kids is for US to get to them before the SYSTEM does...

Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying there are any perfect solutions OR that I have any answers, all u can do is do the best u can do


once apon a child 9:25 am - Sep 25, '10

chelsea is an

chelsea is an undercover-racist straight up, that's my opinion....she's the new 2010 model, tho. she knows that, to alienate us completely would be damaging to the #'s....instead, she let's rappers and other unsuspecting (won't call anyone "dumb") brothers feel like they take part in her jokes somehow, but i agree with an earlier post that some just don't realize that they are being laughed AT not WITH. if you notice, she stays completely away from black female stars with her "off-color-humor." she stays on our men because.....well, let's face it, sometimes they are suckers for white girls.....not all, ya'll know.....and some are just glad to hear their name anywhere. carlos mencia tried it (making black folks the butt of every damn joke) with his show/material and got away with it for a while until people stopped laughing........BUT, he ain't a white girl.............just sayin


Anonymous 5:42 pm - Sep 14, '10

Get the F___ outta here with that FAKE Ass Race Card Shit!!!
Obviously Caucasians hold all of these infamous Racial Cards, because they are the only ones who ever see one when it has supposedly been played. Because the REALITY I live in is NOT a game of cards. Racism is a real live Living and Breathing Thing… If you would simply walk to the nearest Mirror you might locate some racism.

ANNA 3:35 pm - Sep 14, '10

So I love YBF, but pehaps

So I love YBF, but pehaps instead of doing this all day, it may be helpful for us all to read real text. Check out At the Hands of Persons Unknown by Phillip Dray. It's an authentic account of lynching in America, many times referred to as "n_____  barbeques" by those who attended. Tickets were sold. Often times black men suffered the humiliation of having their penises cut off and sold in jars at convenient stores to be purchased as a souvenier of these barbeques. Children and families often took pictures next to the burned bodies as keepsakes. And so often the popular justification for such attrocity were the lies white women told having claimed rape by a black man. Black women were not exempt from torture either. The book accounts for one pregnant woman being hung upside down, her stomach slashed until her baby fell out and a white mob beat and burned both bodies. All this to say, black comedians saying white folks dont have any rythym is much different from the jokes that often leave black folks without their integrity. Constantly being characterized as white female loving drug users lies in considerable contrast to making fun of Tom because he is corny. The two are not the same, but it is difficult for us to form valid opinions when a working knowledge of our history beyond MLK is not valued but coming to YBF everyday is.

SayWHAT! 4:06 pm - Sep 14, '10

just because it doesn't say

just because it doesn't say white doesnt mean it dont exist.....really grow up most television is white entertainment because there are no black shows shown on that channel or reletively no black people on the and point (friends tv show) havent you ever heard of covert racism. I bet you are also one of those "types " that say "hey you have black history month, we don't get month" yeah right you get the whole American history book and class without calling it white history. Gimme a break racism is more covert than ever these days.


crammasters Jul. 5th, 2010 at 10:44 am
@ sonuvman
brotha u are right, the list is endless in the ways this system is attacking us from every direction — economic, political, educational, medical, food, water, fast food, sexually, prison, law enforcement, etc

I think deep down we KNOW the truth and that’s why we spend so much time fighting with each other, it’s like a form of DENIAL, it’s SAFER than fighting our real enemies, AND we won’t have to face the painful truth:

that almost EVERYTHING they do to us and tell us is WRONG for us, including these black “celebrities” and “role models” and IR, but we snap it up, like a pack of starving dogs begging for a bone…
and we ignore our long 500-year HISTORY when we believe that the white men in power will turn over the reins of power to a black outsider and let him tell THEM what to do…
as u said, I could go on (and on and on) but I’ll save that for those who are like me, who are searching for truth,

instead of another “comforting” lie and more false reasons to celebrate “black progress”


sonuvman Jul. 5th, 2010 at 1:33 am
@crammasters…Brother, there is really nothing I can add to your discourse below, you are right on the money. The sooner we realize that all of this nonsense is not only promoted to degrade us, but to DISTRACT us from what they are REALLY doing i.e. dumbing us down so that they can run their agenda, literally killing us with their “double down” grease heart attacks (aka KFC), re-engineering the physical makeup of our babies (mothers, white women don’t feed their babies SIMILAC)…I could go on. People, if u don’t go WITHIN u will go WITHOUT!


crammasters Jul. 1st, 2010 at 4:23 pm
@ TremayneDC
excellent post, brother! you are right on point.
what we see on the street, in our homes, schools, jobs, prisons, and mental institutions is the END BY PRODUCT of 20 to 30 years of anti-black, anti-self, anti-progressive, and anti-self-respecting madness courtesy of the mainstream media and their black “role model” puppets,

who sell their souls to brainwash black youth with their buffoonish, colorstruck sitcoms and movies, who allow the WM to put them in dresses – from Flip Wilson, Wesley Snipes, Martin Lawrence, and Tyler Perry, and the black female puppets who play mammy to their white female audiences

i’ve said it before, and i’ll keep on saying it:

the word “black role model” should be BANNED from the black vocabulary UNLESS we know that person PERSONALLY AND should NEVER be applied to a black entertainer…especially a rich one

they don’t get “rich” by fighting the racist entertainment system, they get rich by COOPERATING WITH IT


Mungu1Jun. 26th, 2010
at 1:11 pm

“My true black men and women on here listen up. Its not all the black profiles on here cussing a black women, are black. Some of them are white men who put up a black picture from the internet. I was going back and forth with two so call black men on black planet who has a black pic, it turned out they were white. they now deleted their accounts when they found out that i knew. they are on here to fuel hate between black men and black women. when a real black man who has pent up issues with black women sees a black male profile calling the women names, it encourages the real men to take it a bit further. Some-one told me its been going on like this for years on blackplanet!”
i think its true. since i started posting i get alot of hits from white men who lurk in the shadows of black planet. i bet they are the ones who mostly dis black women in the disguise of black men. but they are here and they are angry, but they are using strategy. its funny that many women here are dating these underground racists. these women are not too intelligent. hey its all part of the racial sex war. those who dont see it are really really stupid


getyourmindright82Jun. 25th, 2010
at 11:43 pm

I love black women and only want black women. The answer to the beef between some black men and black women is to not put all black men and all black women under the same umbrella as the ones we have had bad experiences with. There are millions and millions of black men and women out there we do not even know, so branch out. As a race, we have been through so much historically and we still deal with a lot so instead of tearing each other down we should be trying to build each other up.
One more thing I want to say……..BLACK POWER.


BlackLove888Jun. 24th, 2010
at 3:30 pm

DJSeriousBIZ — I want to hug you!! I could not have said it any better. I believe it is possible to find the right fit with anyone of any culture. But there is nothing wrong with saying to yourself “I love my culture and I would love to find someone who can share my love for my culture and who also loves me” I hope people still get together for love…
Someone does not want Black people to love Black people. Don’t even get me started on Hollywood’s image of Afro-Americans (BTW, I’m Canadian) If you know anything about Canadians, making fun of how screwed-up Americans are is a National pastime among some of the more affluent Canadians …it is so easy to judge when the government takes so good care of you…but I digress….
Black women have got to start building back their self-esteem and DISTANCING themselves from ALL of the men who do not show them the respect that they deserve as the Queens they are.
Soemthing I do not understand…when a Black Entertainer makes a disgusting comment about Black women — painting us all with the same brush…why do women still stand in line to be in his videos, stand in line to buy his music, go to his concerts, stand in line to sleep with him…
This culture of worshipping Entertainers and MONEY is what is going to KILL our Afro-North American people. Do Black women care about how people make their money or are they just happy to see a Black man who is not in jail spending money on himself??
If you live in a community and there are no Black men who know how to treat you right..and a decent white guy is showing you love and respect and is willing to support your need to educate yourself, feed yourself properly, etc. Give it a try! Life is short if you are going to waste your whole life getting angry because you can not find a Black man who WANTS you… you are wasting your life away…
I believe in having FAITH – you are a great person, you are smart and hardworking, look to our community for support…look to Black women for support — who knows you better??
You are not being weird for wanting to express your anger and frustration about the way you are being treated…this is for your own sanity!!!
Remember some Black men make more money when they turn their backs on their own…you have the POWER…say no to Black women BASHING!!
And Black men…if you care about your daughters, mothers, grandmas and future Queens – large and small – you need to stand up against these men. The more you keep quiet, the more women are going to grow up believing that ALL Black men are against them..
Then try to ask us on a date and see what you get…LOLOLOLOL


OnTheReal says: Reading Slim Thug's opinion on relationships with the Black man/Black woman and Black man/White woman, I find myself disappointed with his comments. I understand & feel where he's coming from, but this is my take on the whole matter. First of all: You won't find any woman with good sense that would want to have a man that is jobless, without any good prospects, and have nothing to their names. If you'd like to call that being a gold digger,etc., then go ahead & do your thang. Being a Black woman in these crazy times, I will mention this. I have worked full time since I was 15 years old. Through three children & countless other things I have always been independent, providing for myself & my children, not once letting my guard down to depend on anyone to pay the bills, put food on the table,etc. The times that I did try to depend on a man to help me through something, I was always disappointed. So I put my trust in myself & the "Man Upstairs." I have also found that many times (in my opinion) the Black man wants the title of "King" or "Head of Household" but they don't want to do the work to actually get those titles. I mean, hello, it is okay to provide for your family, shower your woman with gifts, provide for your children-you are a man aren't you? You want that title & to be treated as such? Well put in the work. Many Black men aren't taking their place in our society & being the men that they are supposed to be. Too many times, women are taking on the roles & duties that belong to our Black men. Real women are putting it down on a daily: raising the children working 1-2 jobs, taking care of home, & you're crying because Black women in general give you grief, argue with you!! Yes there are women who are gold diggers. Yes, I know that there are men who feel that they are supposed to provide for their loved ones & they put in that work & get it done. So if you need a woman that's gonna say "Yessir", "Is this okay sir", or "Can I get you anything else sir"- & not get anything or expect anything in return, (Like an employee or servant) & a White woman spells that for you-Then get your white woman. I want a man who's not afraid to be a man & all that entails. I want a man who's gonna work with me, giving me his all cause I'm most definitely going to give him mine. Yes, I will tell a man when he's wrong & expect the same thing vice versa, cause no one is perfect. With me, a man won't have to worry that I'm there for the money cause I got my own too, you know what I mean? Oh, and one more thing-I am a Black Woman.
Posted 06-22-2010 02:08 am


DEE wrote:
This is true. People hate to admit this because so many White women are now invloved with Black men, but a great many of these women are extremely racist. They are no different from their granny's who used to scream rape when they know they were trying to get with the brothers on the quiet, and God help him if he just flat out didn't want her. You talk about mad!!!! I see it everyday in my profession. If a White woman is throwing herself at a brother and he doesn't take her.....that pink slip is just a day away. And she'll swear up and down he sexually harrassed her. I can also speak from personal experience, so all sisters beware: If you are involved with a White man and you have a White female supervisor or boss, do not ever let him pick you up from work and don't bring him to any work-related functions, especially if you are pretty because that White woman will do everything she can do get you out the door, I know because I went through this several times before I realized my own potential. Yes there are some racist White men but compared to White women....honey they are in class (low) all by themselves.
I don't doubt in the least the existence of racism among white females. Black feminist cultural critic bell hooks writes quite a bit about her experiences with white racism even among fellow feminist women of European descent.
I've encountered racism among white females as well as males. I don't know if it's worse in one gender than in another. I find it disgusting regardless if the racist is possessed of testicles or a vagina.
While studying at Vanderbilt, I read saw some old newspapers of black men being lynched in TN.
The white men actually did the violence, while the white women came to watch the entertainment, dressed in their Sunday best, and with their children in tow.
I don't know which I find more DISGUSTING. If you're a racist you're scum. I don't care if you go by the name of "Ohreally" or "WhiteGirlMax"--you' re scum.




crammasters Jul. 1st, 2010 at 4:10 pm
it’s a message that has to be hammered home
the prosperity of EVERY HUMAN SOCIETY depends on the social position of the female. Even in cultures where women are oppressed, the MEN will fight and kill to protect the PUBLIC HONOR of their women because that “honor” reflects on their honor AS MEN.
the women are the MOTHERS of their children, the civilizers and nurturers of the next generation, who represet the future of the ENTIRE RACE

so when black males allow the WHITE MEDIA to PAY US to disrespect and degrade the BLACK MOTHERS OF THE NEXT GENERATION, men who know better must speak up

why do we think the white controlled music industry, the news media, TV networks and movie industry crank out so many degrading images of black women? Why are websites and magazines filled with headlines that degrade BW?

because they know if they destroy YOU, they have destroyed ME and all the ones who come after me..
This war started during slavery and continues to this day. We have to be smart enough NOT to do to our own, what the white man would NEVER allow the black man to do to his women

case in point, Tiger’s soon to be ex-wife will be rewarded with over 3/4 of his fortune for marrying and divorcing him. Elin, a working-class nanny from a working class background will be the richest ex-baller-wife in history after the white divorce lawyers and judges get through with him.

And for the rest of her LIFE, she will be painted as the sympathetic victim who DESERVES most of the money Tiger, that lowdown n8gger earned for cheating to his blond white wife.
Even the w***es, prostitutes and strippers Tiger cheated with have been painted as “victims” by the white media because they are white and he is black

you know what they call this? TAKING CARE OF YOUR OWN…


Kashta_Bureh wrote:

WTF? Dude, you have no clue what you're talking about. The Great Depression happened AFTER the Federal Reserve was created, not before. Have you forgotten that the USA was established in 1776?
For the first 153 years of American history THERE WAS NO DEPRESSION. There were "recessions," not "depressions," Emperor John. Do you know the difference between the two? America didn't have the first depression until 1929, and that was because of the FEDERAL RESERVE, which was created in 1913 and its expansion of credit and "easy money" led to what became known as the ROARING TWENTIES.
You forgot about the panic of also forget that the Roaring twenties had a series of Republican presidents and congress. Now as for the age before the "Great Depression" there were many countless recessions occurring at a rate much higher than they occur now
Kashta_Bureh wrote:
Spend more time studying history, you have a lot to learn. One more thing, Roosevelt didn't get us out of the Great Depression, he exacerbated it. WORLD WAR 2 got us out of the Great Depression, because wars are good for an economy so long as that economy is not destroyed in the War, and the USA won WW2.
I love how conservatives like to repeat this lie. Roosevelt inherited a 25% unemployment in 1933 when he became Pres. By 1936 it was at 11%. In 1937 Roosevelt cut spending and raised taxes and the unemployment zoomed up again. Had Roosevelt stayed on his path he would have got us out.

Conservatives like you love to say that WWII brought us out of depression not government programs, but what was WWII. It was a major government stimulus program. THe government created jobs for people to go to work which is what they supposed to do in a stimulus program.http://en.wikipedia.or g/wiki/Great_Depression#Turnin g_point_and_recovery

-emperor john


ADORABLEDIVAJun. 28th, 2010
at 9:08 am

Another successful Black Man who thinks all Black Women are after their money and fame; Sorry Guys your WRONG! I am for one not a Black Woman standing with her hands open trying to get whatever she can from a man. I pay all my own bills and take care of myself very well and it’s not from begging any man no matter the color black, white, purple or green! I have my own and do for myself, and it’s because I have an education and I take care of business. Please don’t think we are all the same! I think it’s such a shame how Black Men with money and fame feel as if they can’t be complete unless they have some white blond hair woman on their arm to show off in front of paparazzi! This is “SO SAD” Good Black Women are out here you just have to be patient. Just as many black women are being hoping that she will be proven wrong about the never ending saying “There are no good black men!” By the Way I read Slim Thug’s comment and who says the definition of a good woman is one who will cook and clean? The relationship should be 50/50 If one person can do something then they both should be able to do it. Rather cleaning, cooking, making money, or handling the business. We are not your mother we are here to be by your side no matter what and have your back 100%!


Briane44Jun. 27th, 2010
at 12:08 am

I dont know what kind of black women you black brothers been dating, that got you so pissed off. I hav’nt come across any of the ones you described. That does’nt mean the ones that I date are without faults, but d___! Im not going to sit up in here and act like Im Jesus because Ive got dirty faults too.


oreo_madeaJun. 26th, 2010
at 10:32 pm



Male, 27, Saint Louis, MO
Posted Yesterday

Sorry Cram, I know that I be going in on your blog, but I can't help write about something that vexes me.

Here's the story I wanted to share regarding a BW I know.

A close friend of mine, a middle-aged, very beautiful and educated BW, was married to a WM for a number of years (I can't recall exactly how many). They had two sons together and I met her while she was going through her divorce. She had a small little crush on a brother(sister wanted to come back to the other side, lol). One day while I was holding a conversation with her on the phone she was talking about some of racial issues she faced while she was married. Her ex-husband wanted to live in a small town in Illinois, and while she tried living there the people just would not accept her. She told me about an incident at a store when she was checking out at the counter, a WF had just cut her off to talk to the cashier while she was making a transaction. She said the WF treated her as if she was not there or invisible. Another instance she described was at one of her son's school and another parent asked her, what made her want to bring her son to that school. But she said she could tell by the look on the WF's face, she was really asking why are you here. I don't know the exact reason for her divorce but I would have to say that it was something to the effect of her husband not wanting to comprise his goals for the sake of their relationship by refusing to move out of that town for her sanity. I'm sure he told her to just ignore it. That's probably what made the sister come back to the other side. Her son is now struggling with an identity crisis, as she has told that he now dresses as if he is a thug, gets into fights, very rebellious, and hangs around the wrong people. Basically this dudes wants to have the facade of a stereotypical black male thug and no one will accept him as that because he looks more white than black. She had asked me for advice on what to do with him, but I had no clue on what to say.

This goes to show you that many BW are easily targeted and manipulated when it comes to desperately wanting to find love. So many are chasing that mirage called the "American dream", a spouse, children, big house, white picket fence, even a dog all in the suburbs. What they don't realize is that it's never what they imagined it to be and once that divorce term comes up it all goes down the drain. Only then do they wish (after thinking the grass was greener and finding out it's only browner) that they would've just married inside their race. Then they wouldn't have had to deal with the humiliation, anguish, and racial matters they experienced for some odd years.

Don't think a WM would marry a BW just for her to be a sex slave? Think again! Why would a WM continue to secretly pay a black hooker to fulfill his twisted fantasy when he could have it for free (sometimes still secretly, lol) whenever he wanted for a certain number of years if he marrys a BW. I've seen and heard of white folk marrying and divorcing for silly reasons, it's crazy this world we live in.


@ Cali

then spread the WORD, all your folks

There is NO greater power on this planet than BLACK LOVE -- the love between the black man, woman, and child...

which is why this "system" keeps attacking it!

they want us to turn on each other...which means they NEED our cooperation, without it, we WIN, they LOSE....



Female, 32, Adelanto, CA
Posted 20 hours ago

NOW....I don't even know where to start.....


Your entire 2nd paragraph point completely to say the least...
You say a black woman is not going to listen to a black man? Just which black women are you talking about? Perhaps the ill ones that YOU CHOSE to deal with in life? See I don't think you're on the collective black team at all speaking like you do. You get in forums and rant and rave about white people all the time, and how they mistreat the black race, but yet you turn right around HERE and basically condemn and throw your own black women to the wolves?

Once again, you say black women don't listen to black men...Take a good look at just what kind of black man is out there in the MAJORITY. We get called b*itches and hoes, slu*ts, nothing more than fat asses and big hips, but yet you say we don't listen? Like another sister that posted expressed...We are on THIS black site watching group after group created for "Black men who love white women only"..."White women for black men only"...."Black men who love latin women only" etc.....Now I ask, do you think a white man would pull that on his own women? Do you think a white man would stand back and ALLOW himself to put another race of woman ABOVE his own like black men do? You're right, she has no respect for the black man as is, and you wonder why?

You don't have to take on the entire burden of 'saving' the black woman...BUT she is the MOTHER OF ALL. And I think she deserves that much respect. WE, as black women need to know we are protected and cared for. WE need to know we have the black man's strength and LEADERSHIP in this war, yes WAR aimed at us day in and day out.....Now if you are tired of fighting that war, so be it, but just know you have no other 'side' to choose....You give up on your black women, you gave up on yourself....


Male, Age Private, United Kingdom
Posted 3 hours ago


Thanks for highlighting this apathetic attitude for our women/black folk being insulted. If we to sit back and do nothing; this attitude gives a green light to whites or anybody else to run amok with their BS.

I've had a few wars with some white youtubers in my And i will not sit idly by and allow them to just feel they can insult our people.

I know some people feel it's just a waste of time debating them, but i have noticed that whites come out in droves to cosign with each other.......why can't we??

You've been on that Topix you know exactly what i mean.

If we as black men cannot defend our women....what kind of respect are we to garner from them??

I have replied to the Youtube video....under "N7even".


How about this Black Scholar's take?

To say that the "broken family" is the root cause of Black folks conditions is inaccurate.  Check out his essay from James O. Horton, Benjamin Benneker Professor of African American History:

The Black family was destroyed by a number of factors, and to suggest that it all revolves around "pathologies" is an intellectual and moral cop out.  Blacks were arguably more cohesive, intact and cooperative during segregation.  Any student of Black history is familiar with Black Wall St. in Tusa, OK or Sweet Auburn Ave. in Atlanta.  The Civil Right's Movements undue emphasis on integration destroyed the strength, creativity and cohesiveness of the Black Community--Black folks infantile infactuation with meeting "White standards" or obtaining White approval or "sanctioning."

Putting undue emphasis on integration vs. the "War on Poverty" and economic power as a transformative tool harmed Blacks, the intentional introduction of crack cocaine in Black urban environments set Blacks back more than a generation, institutional racism manifested in (a) environmental racism, (b) red-lining by banks/ unequal access to credit or more expensive lending costs, (c) the prison-industrial complex, (d) disparities in juvenile justice and education, and on and on and on.   Let's see your broke-ass go to "job networking events" and all you have is public transit??

I am always amazed at folks who selectively cite history but ignore comprehensive historical trends.  Hell, it's only been 40 years or so since Blacks were not treated as second class citizens!!  And yet some of you act like it's been a millenium?  Equally, I am always amazed at those who have no problem with talking about historical abuses if it's white woman or pets, but act like 500 years (and counting) of Black abuse doesn't count.  Case in point, do you think the White businesses and politicians who allowed Mexican immigrants in this country did it because of "love " and concern, or to change the census makeup of Blacks vs. Whites or to dispossess Blacks of jobs they heretofore had opportunities for?

Don't get me wrong.  I'm all for self-help, H--- self-help is all we got now given that Obama and the Dems will f___ the working-class whites and blacks to the bone.  But to think that the Black condition AROSE ACCIDENTALLY is the height of folly and historical ignorance, or simply a view through the lenses of white privilege or black self-hatred.


E. Cynic:I like your a.-d. -

Am not sure that integrating made things bad, in part because there's not been much integration in education, (resegregated now), housing. Some workplace integration.  I worked in a junior high school in nyc in the early 1960s and the faculty was integrated and there's less so now in teaching in nyc.  My bias: I worked on court case for integration in the south: had to prove Bogaloosa, LA was segregating the school buses.  I did it by looking at the bus routes, addresses: white bus went to white kids homes and black bus went to black kids homes.  I made the point.  Case went up thru courts and won in the US Supremes. My birthday is coming....about 12 days to go.  Sanda  PS I live in integrated rental housing for 41 years.  Not many folks can say that.


Ah.. my dear.. your making my point

First and foremost I live in Iowa, so I won't trot out bona fides to prove I don't hate White people or am advocating Black separatism.

The most influential teachers in my secondary education were white men and women, he did nothing but nurture and encourage me.

What I am saying is what you yourself point out:  it was folly to put undue emphasis on social/racial integration when busing and residential patterns existing this very day have proven that "integration" was a futile act, and putting undue emphasis on social integration and acceptance meant losing site of ECONOMIC INTEGRATION.  In America that's the only "integration" that counts. If I can't "move away" from a certain cohort my dear, I can at least move to a "gated community," same song, different verse.

My daughter went to a historically Black College I went to Duke, there is not one scintilla difference in our intellectual grasp.  In fact she graduated cum laude and 1st in her class.  The Harlem Renaissance came from... well... duh.   And since that outpouring of intellectual and artistic creavity what are we left with now?  White boys stealing rap, afro-centric rap getting censored,  "Soul Plane," and "Pimp my Ride," very little in the way of scholarship, music, anthropology, and poetry??

Segregation as heinous as it was taught Blacks self-reliance and a sense of community.  The professor points this out in refuting Moynihan's nonsense, and the realities of the vibrancy of Black Wall St. and similar haunts points this out as well.  I believe that one of the reasons Asians and Jews for that matter have done so well in America is that they've embraced their distinctive culture, and resisted efforts to whitewash it away.   And both "integrate" socially just fine, thank you very much?

Americans, especially African Americans seem to forget that discrimination is legal in many respects in this country.  The Supt. Ct. calls it "freedom of association."  Only "state action" or violations of statues or regs is "actionable."  Otherwise, I'm free as hell to create an all White basketball league.  All I need is creativity and some "economic integration," i.e. Dead Presidents.


No. I haven’t read the report in total. However, I have read a number of excerpts from it as well as major criticisms of it  and I stand by my conclusion that it like what you espouse, a sack of horse Apples.- both racist and or propagandist. And it matters to me not in the least that Moynihan relied heavily on the sociological conclusions of Bourgeois, elitist, white social norms (and in Crommell’s case Christian African missionary) that note worthy African American scholars; whose aim was and still is to label as socially deviant behavior and thereby aimed to divest the African American of any and all of our Folk/cultural colloquialism and ethnic expressions of living and celebrating life in an attempt to confine us to white Anglo-Saxon/Judaic Christian world view. (I prefer the literary approach, but will refrain from using it here; and in my last reply, through the use of such colloquialisms, I was actually signifying on the aforementioned concepts (Balls and Chain’s) that your men have and do postulate. You can’t dig and probably don’t want to.

And like Moynihan, you can’t seem to be able to think for yourself either in light of the fact that the Moynihan report was first to be undertaken under the department of labor, not family welfare and education services. No where in it that I have read or any criticisms of it, is there any mention or explanation or solution to the many forms of discrimination that Black people faced then and now, in obtaining equal and decent station in the labor force. But plenty of negative conclutions as to why his highly publicised Black pathologies do. It also excludes anything positive about black family/cultural life in face of the systemic racism of that time following the C.R. legal victories. And all that nonsense about Black females dominating the scene is a joke at best and down right sexist and stupid at worst; the fact that Black women found and find themselves in many of cases having the burden of raising children and or providing resources to feed them can hardly be seen as one of dominance, but more to the point one of powerlessness and passive forms of oppression and neglect. Moreover, if Black men are and were, as you and your mentor Moynihan so thoroughly contend, so fully emasculated by these dominating matriarchs of the Black nuclear family, then I would like you to give me a good reason as why was and is it still so necessary for the dominant White-Anglo Saxon Judaic Christian power structure find ever increasing ways of denying his complete freedom in his nation; more and more incarcerations, police brutality and murder or even fear of banal talk of Black Nationalism, or even something as casual as the continued limited amount of leading roles opposite white women in films or theater?

 The fact that Moynihan and yourself no doubt believe and accept that social science fiction crap, perhaps has it’s roots in a more deep seated kernel of American culture; that being white America’s century long efforts to deny the Black man  a true and equal stake in assuming the role of husband and father that you so prize. Along with the fact that you and Moynihan and many other white men simply can’t conceive of African American men as an equal counterpart to your ideas of what a man is, therefore, naturally is his as well as the Native American’s manhood invisible to you. Ironically it is the same rhetorical crap that Obama’s preaches when he attempts to chastise Black men for not fulfilling their manly obligations and there is no excuse for it. But, Obama is president because his idea of himself is equal to that of the White-Anglo Saxon Judaic Christian’s idea of the one and only way it is and should be to be a powerful American man.
Also your references to getting one’s house in order before one can think of concerning oneself with the larger issues of the Nation are poorly disguised suggestions at the racist idea that African Americans are not yet quite fir to belong to main of American society; we haven’t befitted ourselves sufficiently enough to see and or contemplate the idea of like Obama has, become civilized and cast away those harbingers of what makes African Americans what we are, a distinct ethnic/cultural group that not only deserves full membership to this crumbling society, divided, but is responsible for great deal of what makes it so special in the world. It’s basically segregation what your asking for; much like that which occurred in Harlem in the sixties as result of that shortsighted social experiment Known as HARYOU which was spear headed and supported on the many of the ideas, if not soley on another example of Social Science Fiction Writer’s; Kenneth Clark. You forgot to mention him on your reading list. A list that is obvious in its overt exclusion as to the real, sweat and blood, taste and toch historical realities and not the simple abstract,  labratory studies as to why African Americans are still in search of the promised land.

Well, you can take Clark's and those other’s and Moynihan’s that continue to promote Black guilt and shame and responsibility and white ignorance and patronizing philanthropy concerning African Americans as well as other non white groups if you will, and set them by the toilet to be used, because, in my uneducated opinion, that’s about all they’re worth.


How do ww support black men?? Please tell me your being sarcastic! Black women are not bitter we are just tired of you guys giving up as soon as one problem or an obstacle comes along that you cant get around easily. Stop playing the blame game and wake up.

-beautiful black woman


My argument is simply that white women are NOT more racist than white men. Or vice versa. If a person is racist his or her gender will not make him or her more or less racist.
As for slavery, actually EVERYONE has something to do with slavery thought only a minority owned slaves.
Everybody had something to do with it beccuase it deeply shaped and left its imprint on American society, cultura and character.
In fact, slavery is the ORIGIN of American racism in America. And poor whites were seduced into supporting racism partly out of fear, partly out of a desire to salvage their own damaged sense of esteem.(After all, whites were looked down on with contempt by their social "betters")
For the wealthy ruling classes, yesterday and today, promoting racism among whites, and dividing whites and blacks against each other, had the advantage or preventing the underprivileged, the have nots of all colors and creeds, from uniting against a common exploiter and oppressor.
This is what a lot of people do not understand.



First of all, I'm a scholar. I rely on reasoning, not ranting. I leave ranting to you and that racist Spartan. Again, I've STUDIED some. You obviuusly have not. As for you claim that slavery started when or because white women started it, that's a groundless speculation whose propber place ia s comic book, or mary the Jerry springer show.
Also, you might be surprised to learn--since yu obviously don't study history---that while most history is written by the winners, ALL history is not. But you probably haven't heard of (much lesss read) even five AA or African historians; or even European historians who critique tather than defend slavery.
And again, offer some EVIDENCE for your claims other than a mere repetition of your uninformed opinion.
No, I'm not an educated fool. But your post reveals you to be an UNEDUCATED FOOL.

By the way, CLR James and W.E.B. Du Bois are Black historians who written insightfully about slavery and the slave trade. Du Bois actually wrote a classic work on the slave trade. And BOTH men spent their entire lives as fighters for Black liberation, and also Pan Africanists.
Bow find in one of their works, or in the works of any other reputable historical scholars any evidence to support your thesis.
Either do your homework or keep quiet.



Amira wrote:
I live in NYC and I am beautiful black woman in fashion advertising and I must tell you that I receive more racism from white women than white men. But here they do it very incognito, Like"Oh my God where did you get that dress from, I said Neiman Marcus, the white lady replied in shock like, "Was it on sale? I just looked at her and walked away. They can not take a confident, well dressed exotic black women rolling in there circles even in NYC. They always go out of their was subliminally like how did you afford this or your hair is straight and shiny? Or why do you think You should be in fashion? It use to bother me but I just shake it off an I Even at most stores that I drop like 3 gs in am still ignored, like she'can't possible afford Catherine Malendrino, I especially piss off weak black men with their average Bettys when I strut through and I don't look at them because I don't care!!!! Like I have a life and a strong black King so you all are not bothering me. The white women with black men get soo irritated that I am not some low self esteem sorry black woman. I was at a photo shoot in Central Park and this black man with his white woman was drooling at the mouth at me, The look she gave him was death!!! Like I no you are not...
This has just been my personal experience of Sex&theCity and Racism...LOL


Cool Breeze you put the freeze on the bull and your analysis is right to the heart. The descendants of the African slave raped from the continent to fuel the economic growth of European and American empire with free labor must wake up to the unreality of the social integration dream - it must be about economic gain - about economic inclusion. Dr. King was murdered - assassinated because he was moving to the next level of the C. R. Movement - social integration was never the real objective - gaining economic power was - controlling our economics was - No longer sitting in the front of the bus - but building buses - owning constructions companies and building houses and schools for our people. It is not about  White society or any society loving us - What's Love Got To Do With it? It is about Respect and the elimination of oppression at all levels!


I had to laugh at the Yale Jail thing and the Priceton Prison thing but yeah that brotha is really hitting on it it is a power struggle who is more stronger white women or white men and yet blacks are being done in like dirt all because they want to let others toy with them for appreciation and to be excepted to be at the top thinking by getting with other race it will take them to the top and it's only taking blacks to the bottom.


On the Laura controversy:

Crammaster 8/19/10, 11:56:AM
Another example of a confused black person sleeping with a white person (husband) who allows other white people (his white friends and family) to practice racism and doesn’t defend his (black) wife.
And the confused black person (wife) then turns to another white (racist) person for advice on how to deal with racism from other white people (?????)
In my experience, this confusion (and denial) is typical of the black person who goes beyond dating white people to marrying white people, without understanding how white supremacy works, which is why so many IR-married blacks wind up demoralized and confused about racism — as though they thought a white spouse or lover would make them less likely to encounter racism.
They don’t understand that the black person who is sleeping with a white person has ONLY two options when it comes to dealing with racism/white supremacy:
1) total submission to white supremacy
2) resist racism/white supremacy and SELF-DESTRUCT — just like that young black man Omar Thornton who killed his white coworkers a week ago. He was sleeping with white females, going to work and being mistreated by white people, and then going home to a white female and laying in the bed and sexing a white female after complaining TO her about his mistreatment by other white people.
A sure recipe for psychological DISASTER.
Now, this (confused) black female who calls Dr. Laura (is she a real doctor?) obviously doesn’t understand that EVEN a white person who is sleeping with OR married to a black person can STILL BE A RACIST if they are practicing racism OR allowing other whites to practice racism.
The bottom line:
- Anyone who condones your mistreatment is NOT your friend
- Anyone who condones your mistreatment should NEVER be your friend
- Anyone who condones your mistreatment cannot be trusted
- If you are sleeping with someone who allows you to be mistreated, you are definitely sleeping with the “enemy” NOT your ally.

The white husband (who has probably exhibited some racial insensivity and racist attitudes BEFORE she married him) is probably wondering:
“What’s up with this black female? She’s in MY world, and racism is part of MY world. I’m not going to take her side over MY (white) people. After she is long gone, I will still white, will always be white, and will continue to enjoy my white privileges. My white peer approval and white privileges matters more than this marriage (that most of my friends and family said should have never happened in the first place). Doesn’t she know SHE has to adapt to the ways of white people if she wants to be with a white person? White people don’t have to adapt to the black world, because we run this motha. If this black female wants to stay with me, she must adapt to MY world and keep her mouth shut because I’m not interested in hearing about “racism.”
What Dr. Laura said to this black female caller essentially said the same thing her husband was saying nonverbally:
“You naive black female, YOU made the choice to be with a white man, and that means you must adapt to HIS WORLD and his world is based on white supremacy/black submission. That’s the deal you made, now suck it up, you white-man-stealing B, because I’m just not interested in that information.”
You cannot lay down with white supremacy then get up in the morning and complain about it. Once you make that bed you must lie in it, lumps or not. So the female caller is either headed for divorce court or a nervous breakdown.And unless she understands the REAL reason she married a white man who probably NEVER showed any opposition to racism, she will probably marry another white man…
Then again….
Maybe, the whole thing was staged to revive Dr Laura’s comatose career by using the black scapegoat trick to win over the white racists in her audience. Maybe, she’s trying to be the female version of Rush Limbaugh, only he’s better-looking…
My bet is, she’s getting a lot of positive emails for telling off another black ‘complaining’ about racism. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it was a ratings trick…


In reality, law enforcement agencies have reported that whites both sell and use drugs in proportions equal to (sometimes greater than) Blacks. But the media most COMMONLY depicts the Black as the drug dealer. And most often it is the Black drug dealer (or user) who one sees most often in movies and on the news, and who most often goes to jail---despite law enforcement reports of equal or greater use and sale of drugs by whites.
And the claim that blacks are favored over whites in employment or in admissions to universities (even when affirmative action was functioning) is not only false, but absurd to the point of beiing LAUGHABLE.



A Ticked off White girl wrote:
No one's burning crosses in your yard. there are no "White only" waterfountains. You have all the rights and privileges we have. The main reason whites don't want to be called racist is because some of them are ashamed of what their ansestors did. Hell white PEOPLE where in the marches in the 60's and a lot are still alive today.
Really? I have had members of my family lynched. I have been rousted by police for being in white neighborhoods.(Perhaps someone forgot to tell them that the "for whites only" were no longer in force).
The racial inequities in the judiciary, relations with the police, housing, and any number of other areas are such as to have gotten the attention of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL.
SOME whites supported the Black freedom movement in the 1960s, others opposed it, and many others were indifferent.
And the most progressive antiracist whites are not saying things like "get over it, y'all have the same right as we do." They acknowledge racism and commit to fighting it.
Perhaps, you should at least put yourself to school with your more advanced white brothers and sisters. Maybe start by looking at WHITE LIKE ME, or Peggy McIntosh's description of "white privilege" which too many whites enjoy while professing that it does not exist.



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