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My Thinking.

Some of you are thinking why show these controversial words? The reason is that sometimes is preeminently important to bring out controversial words to stir up that precise motivation to get things done. You don't have to agree with all of these words, but if these words arouse curiosity and a more dedicated focus for justice, equality, and freedom, then it's all worth it. Also, most of these words are very accurate and has a resonance among black people and non-black people. That is why you see no opposition to these words since they make a whole bunch of sense in describing the real world.

By Timothy


Note by Me: Oprah has the OWN Network now, but I get the picture.

By Timothy


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted January 11, 2010

1-LL: Do you remember the series, "Soul Food" on Showtime, and how the show would disappear for weeks, and reappear on different days and times of the week? Remember the sitcom "Roc" about the garbage truck driver? Or "Frank's Place?" or any number of TV shows that portrayed black folks in positive and progressive ways?

Even though these shows were extremely popular with their black audiences, where are those shows now?

Black people (and I don't understand this) do NOT understand that WE do not own a single TV network, do not own a single BROADCAST LICENSE, do not own companies that have the capability OR funds to be "sponsors," and have NO say in who gets a license and who does not.

If you doubt this, all you have to do is recall the time Bill Cosby tried to buy a TV network and was blocked from ownership. Even Oprah does not OWN a network; she is neither self-owned nor owner of a media outlet. She is a contract employee, who fills out a 1099d for income & income producing expenses just like everybody else in Hollywood.

My point is, black people DO NOT own or control or make the decisions about what happens on network OR cable TV, and consequently that means we DO NOT control our images.

I know a few black folk who work in the TV/Hollywood/advertising industry, and they tell horror stories about not being able to cast brown or dark-skinned actresses, stealing scripts, NOT being able to show BM and BW loving each other "because America isn't ready for black love," (a direct quote), being forced to "ghetto up" scripts for black audiences, how the powers that be are DELIBERATELY pairing BM with WW romantically, how black girls on these talk shows are coached by white producers to act more "ghetto" when they come out on the stage (ever notice how they all act the same?), etc., etc....

1-LL, black people are ignoring the realities of living black in a white supremacy society. Too many think fancy titles are the same as having real power. How many of us have seen black figureheads, knowing behind the scenes that white are still calling the shots?

It is the same in EVERY industry in America, even the White House. We know white folks run it, and we know white folks don't give up power voluntarily

You really should read the book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation....seriously, it gives a lot of clarification AND sources that can be verified by the readers.

that doesn't mean we'll agree on all points but it would be interesting to read your feedback afterward you read it..


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted January 11, 2010

let me add one more thing:

if you talk to blacks in the industry confidentially they will tell you that they can't get a movie distributed or shown in theaters or even SOLD in chain video outlets without the approval of the people who control distribution.

There are countless independent black film makers who cannot get their films shown in movie theaters and some of these films are excellent films. I own films from African filmmakers that should be shown in theaters and they cannot get a foot in the door

If you talk to black folk producing POSITIVE rap music, they will tell you they can't get their songs played on the radio and can't get music deals and it is NOT because people don't want to hear it.

The music industry CREATES demand; it does not respond to demand. It CREATES musical stars; stars do NOT create themselves. Everything in entertainment now is manufactured. The old days of people creating their own stardom is not the entertainment industry of today

If you doubt this, look at shows like "American Idol" (which I don't watch), and you'll see how the media machine can create stardom out of mediocre talent.

For example, Justin Timberlake (who had black dudes teach him how to move dance and sing) is a "star"? Let's get real...

alright, that's enough from me (for now)... lol


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted January 11, 2010

ok, I lied, I got one more thing to share with you, and it's an excerpt from Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation regarding "black power"


Q: What about rich black entertainers and athletes? They don?t work for Corporate America. Isn't that "black power?"

A: All black entertainers work for Corporate America in one fashion or another. Corporate America controls everything that happens in the entertainment industry; whether it's the movie, music, television, radio, news, advertising,
publishing, or sports industry.

It is impossible to be a successful black (or white) entertainer if you do not have access to movie theaters, chain music and bookstores, comedy clubs, stadiums, ballparks, cable, radio, magazine, and television. The corporations that control the airwaves, athletic arenas, retail stores, networks, movie, and television studios, and advertisers are more powerful than all the black entertainers combined.

Money is NOT synonymous with power. Power is NOT a paycheck; even a forty-million-dollar one. The person with the most power is the one who SIGNS THE CHECK. For every black person who is paid in the millions, there are whites behind the scenes making BILLIONS.

Q: If money isn't power, what is power?

A: Power is self-evident. Power answers to no one other than God, himself. Power is the ability to determine the status quo and who sits at the top of the pecking order. Power is the ability to determine what is news and what is not.

Power is controlling the financial, political, and educational institutions so you and your kind benefit. Power is the ability to CONTROL your own images and the images of those who are less powerful than you are. Power is the ability to determine WHO goes to jail, for what crime, and for how long. Power is the ability to VOTE in an election and STILL HAVE THAT VOTE COUNTED.

even though it goes on to describe "black power," I'll end here and now, back to work I go...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted February 01, 2010

AfricanS wrote: "Black unity will not come with the involvement of every black person because not everyone will be committed to it. So I would suggest that instead of focusing on the negative individuals and detractors that we should focus on the progressive people that we can align and form alliances with.

For example, I don't know if you guys have heard about Nollywood but now Nigerian movie industry has overtaken Hollywood and these films are sought out all over the continent and beyond. Also, black american actors and film-makers have been coming to meet up with Nigerian film-makers for collaboration and constructive projects.

Thus, all those black script writers and movie makers who can't get a door in Hollywood should start looking to work with their brothers and sisters in the motherland for collaboration.

Also, if we can stop buying Hollywood movies or watching their shows and start helping improve the quality of black media, we can turn this around... How many chinese people do we see in Hollywood? But I bet you that Hollywood begs for chinese money sometime..."

ME: Excellent and exciting ideas.

more Africans are trying to network with blacks here, in fact, some of my partners are networking and doing business with Africans.

we always have to be on guard for the white media painting Africans in a negative light, like the racist movie District 9 that
demonized Nigerians, and the Nigerian scams, that are really scams that are happening all over the world, including the U.S. The last thing the white elite want is for blacks in America to form ANY bonds (or networks) with Africans (in our motherland).

Never heard of Nollywood (lol) but I will definitely check it out. I purchased several African films and i enjoyed watching African folks do their thing without any white interference or interpretations...

If you have any info to share, hit me back


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted February 01, 2010

AntiRR wrote: "When we come or reach an understand what we are responsible for, then we wont be arguing and fussing over who is not holding up to their end of the bargain...

And most Importantly, we MUST solve our disagreements by way of the community and stop going in as individuals and use the white man's laws, ways against each other..

Otherwise what you have a is a bicker session where Women are Blaming Men for what they had control of, or their choices and Men are blaming Women for what they had control of or their Choices...

ME: Absolutely agree

AntiRR: Traditionally, when Our Young Men and Women had marital or relationship difficulties, they went to the Elders to help mediate and work out their difficulties..

Whereas we use the Courts that are self serving and dont have the best interest of the community at heart...

So as long as we USE the white man's ways, courts, laws and decisions to help decide family affairs, we will forever be a direct reflection of what the white man wants us for us and that is assimilated to the point where we are ONLY tolerated so as long as we are Good Negroes."

ME: Agree. We have done everything humanly possible to be "accepted" and "assimilated" -- now it is time for a new plan...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted February 02, 2010

AntiRR: "So you mean to tell me, a woman that's not loved, respected or protected cant Realize that she still needs to do her part for the community and be a helper as opposed to a sabotager?"

ME: YES, YES, YES. For every ACTION there is an equal REACTION. Of course, if a person's needs are not being met, if they are being dehumanized and abused, they will be DAMAGED, and their thinking will not be correct. What is so hard to believe about that, brother? If a BM is not loved or respected, will he still do his part for his community and be a helper?

This is where I part from some BM, it seems that some of us hold the BW to such a high standard (that we don't hold ourselves to) that we forget she is FLESH AND BLOOD, a Woman with FEELINGS. Women are NOT the same as men, and men are not the same as women.

Have we fallen for the foolish hype (lie) that BW are supposed to be superwomen -- OR have we BM lost the ability to empathize with our BW?

I suspect the latter is more true than not...


AntiRR: "Maybe I was programmed, but I believe in COMPLETE EQUALITY for the genders... and Complete Equality of Responsibility and Accountability.."


ME: Then you are living in a world of your own making, no disrespect intended.

America is a sexist AND a racist nation, which means there is NO COMPLETE EQUALITY for either black or women. That's real, and we need to admit that sexism is a big problem in the black community...

AntiRR: "I dont listen to Men that say, they did this or that because a woman made them do it, or lack of a woman made them do it..."


ME: Brother, please..I hear that sh___ all the time, that women this and my ex that, she broke up the home (even though I was hanging in the streets until 4am)

...she won't let me see my kids (even though I didn't show up the last three times I said I would)

...she sicced the White man on my black azz (because I wouldn't give her money for the kids voluntarily), etc, etc, etc.

If I had a dime, brother, for all the things I've heard BM blame BW for, and all the things I've heard WM blame WW for, I'd be a millionaire...


AntiRR: "So if all Bets are off for a woman that doesnt get what she wants, Should all Bets be off for a Man that doesnt get what he wants..."


ME: Bingo, it's already happening right now, right under your nose. We got a stalemate.

Bottom line, WE -- BM -- are the MAIN ONES missing in action from our kids' lives, from building businesses in our communities, from securing and making our communities safe for our women and children. That's a FACT

now unless you think BW should be equally responsible, and out there patrolling the streets with a baby on each hip to protect the BM, I don't know what to tell ya...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted February 01, 2010

1-LL wrote: "Most often today.........women have no choice but to go it alone. And while I will agree that they shouldn't have babies etc from men who are not their husbands etc(to which probably half of the black population wouldn't be here), that is not just going to happen. People will continue to have sex both men and women, and they both will continue to complain about having children, ultimately the woman will go it alone when the man feels that a relationship(monogamous 1; is something that he does not desire(because so many other women are going it alone and don't want to, so here he cums)..."

ME: check out AfricanS's post about Nollywood about black and African filmmakers and actors coming together to create films...remember you asked about black folks coming together to create our own media....?

re your comment, I agree, people will have sex no matter what. A lot of young women will tell you the reason they have babies is to have someone to love.

This woman who worked with young women once said that a lot of poor young females have babies because they are nothing, and at least, with a baby, they would go from being nothing to being "mothers."

What does that say about "choices" when someone is so deprived of love and feels so worthless they would have a baby to feel like something....?

Some men judge women for having babies, almost as though WE had nothing to do it, had no SAY in having unprotected sex in the first place,

if a baby is made, the woman got pregnant on purpose, or she's money-hungry, as though she can control the sperm fertilizing the egg once the man sets it loose....

This disturbs me, especially when you consider the state of the black family today

instead of seeing BW as our queens and our black babies as a blessing, too many of us see our women as our downfall and our babies as a burden.

This BM at my job once told me he didn't sign his son's birth certificate when he was born -- NOT because he didn't think it was his, but to "protect himself" from the legal system,

I told him, brother, that's a motha____ shame, I thought you was this progressive, black brother, all down for the cause and the people and shiiit and you won't even give your SON your name??

dude took offense, and didn't have much to say to me after love lost...

This is a slave mentality, 1-LL, and a slave tradition that too many of us are following. Dropping some seed and move on, cause master say I don't own that baby, he own that baby...that baby don't belong to me.

Sad thing is, a lot of our fatherless black babies wind up belonging to "the WM" after they wind up in the prison industrial complex,

we are becoming slaves again, and our labor is being sold to private industries for pennies on the dollar...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted February 02, 2010

AntiRR wrote: "And I am not BLAMING black women.. nor Am I blaming Black Men, I am saying if we Must rise as a society, Both Black Men and Black Women must recognize what part they need to held accountable for..

And yes, Black Women have power over her circumstances.. She can influence greatly what kind of guy marries or procreates with her.. Whether it be someone that's gonna wife her or just someone thats gonna hit it...

so Yes, the WM controls where she lives, works, plays..etc.. But the WM doesnt control her Womb.... WM cant force her to be with someone she shouldnt be with.."


ME: You make some valid points that I agree with. Following your logic, if the BW controls her womb AND we control our sex tool (the BP censors won't allow the real word?), and what we do with them, including having SEX with a woman we do NOT want to marry, or have babies with...-----------

AntiRR: "And in regards to Black on Black Crime, though it's not BW pulling the trigger, in many cases, but they are complicit, as much as the guys, as they hang out with these guys, help them and hide drugs, weapons and play scout... Believe in that one, I know.. I have seen the culprits and they are not just the ones that pull the trigger.. I am saying, it's both BW and BM that are taking part in the chaos.."


ME: I see your point, but I don't agree entirely. The MAIN culprits are the ones who ACTUALLY rob and shoot, and kill.

just like WE hold the WHITE MAN accountable for his acts of violence more than we hold the WHITE FEMALE accountable, even though,she is, to use your words --

"...complicit, as much as the (white) guys, as they (white females) hang out with these (white) guys, help them and hide drugs, weapons and play scout, (practice racism, benefit from the spoils of racism, etc)... Believe in that one, I know, too... I have seen the culprits and they are not just the ones (white men) that pull the trigger (on a n___).. I am saying, it's both WW and WM that are taking part in the chaos (aimed at black people)..."

What I find curious is I seldom hear BM hold white females EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE for what the WM does even though she participates and benefits -- YET -- some BM are quick to hold BW equally responsible for whatever happens in the black communities...

strange logic, indeed...


Tony17 wrote:
Uhhhh. So did blacks own any power companies "BEFORE" integration? If not then is not your point above rather moot?
Well, if you were truly well read in Black history, which by the post above I assume you are not, then you would know that there was a Black man by the name of ISADORE BANKS who was WW1 veteran, and when he came back to Arkansas after the war he became a wealthy land owner and set up electrical power for the Blacks in his community. He was a very successful entrepreneur.

Of course, the Whites became afraid and jealous of Banks because he was a strong Black man and they couldn't handle that so they chained him to a tree, castrated him, and burned him alive........

Isadore Banks had the capital and knowledge in order to start his own power company if he wanted to, and may have done so had he lived, there were many Black inventors before the Civil Rights Movement who had the skill. The problem is, if you understand history you would know that Whites have CONSTANTLY thwarted the attempts of Blacks in the past to rise up, and Isadore Banks is just one of hundreds of examples.

By the way..........the murder of Isadore Banks remains unsolved and though the FBI reopened his case they suddenly backed off and closed it and destroyed the case file, this means somebody powerful in Arkansas had him killed, somebody that is above the law and untouchable by law enforcement. I believe the FBI knows who killed him but they will never release that info to the public.



Female, 41, Charlotte, NC
Posted February 02, 2010

As a matter of fact, I met one about a month ago that makes me want to go hug his mama and daddy........very nice man.

So I know there are some decent brothers out there.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 25, 2010

@ Westside who said, "The thing about other races having relationship problems is on point. I tell friends, family, and people I encounter these same things... i will pass this onto family and friends for them to read."

ME: brother, i hope u read tc2ewra's response, a few posts back. This is LEARNED behavior, that came out of slavery and the Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome.

We have been conditioned and programmed and brainwashed for over 400 years to despise ourselves and believe we are inferior - and the pressure didn't stop after slavery

As we were doing the research for our second book, I was surprised (but not really) but how many obstacles were put in the path of so-called freed slaves, no matter which way we turned, there was another roadblock -- which continues to this day

if you have never read about "Black Wall Street" i would strongly advise you to google it. There are a lot of websites and youtube videos about it

Like tc2ewra said, a re-education of our people is the FIRST step in getting our sanity back.

the term "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome" should be a household word in the black community.


crammasters wrote:
@ TheHardTruths
you're right, i believe there will be two camps of blacks in the US as this country deconstructs:
1) the ADVOCATES -- the assimilated, integration-loving, white-identified, IR-breeding/dating/marrying, adopted black babies who grown up in all-white households, the showcase blacks, the civil rights pimps, black puppets who are more loyal to their white masters than themselves
2) the self-respecting, black-identified blacks who will seek liberation from a white supremacy police state
group #1 will be used against group #2 for the promise of a few more crumbs OR just because they are obedient slaves to white supremacists
and group #2 will have to see them as the enemy and treat them like the enemy because that's exactly what they will be
C/S 100%. I believe you may be only the second person on here to understand completely where I'm coming from....And what you just posted is the sad reality blacks face.

But there's a silver lining in this dark cloud. In the end, good ALWAYS overcomes evil, no matter how dismal things may seem. And VICTORY is what the NON SLAVE has to look forward to.

-The HardTruths

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