Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why the controversial words?

You don't have to agree with all of the controversial words and that's fine. Now, I show controversial words since sometimes it takes controversial words to get solutions achieved or manufactured in life. Being politically correct never transmits into legitimate reforms in society. It's fine to show respect among all human beings, but it isn't wrong to inspire many people in the black community to take wisdom to the next level in improving black people. Me personally, I agree with the majority of the controversial words. That is my right. I don't believe in hating people of a different background or racial identity, but I do believe in building up black families. In our generation, we have to take the gloves off if we want liberty for everybody. The following is what a lot of black people think in private and in public. To non-blacks, it's like a glimpse into our world. With that being said, here are some more words.

By Timothy


The NONVIOLENT REVOLUTION: MUST COME FROM WITHIN! Each and every politically aware individual needs to let their VOICES be heard. It is an absolute and complete travesty that we see taking place right before our eyes.
I go away two weeks ago, return and the gas prices have gone up nearly a 1/2 dollar. What does this mean? Higher food, energy, clothing, and all essentials for life are SKY ROCKETING in PRICE. And for what reason? Pure and simple...GREED!!!
People UNIVERSALLY need to take a day off from driving. At least once a week consider (a day) not driving taking public transportation. Trust me? These will add up in the long run.
NONVIOLENT REVOLUTION works: REMEMBER the Selma, Alabama bus boycott? That was a NONVIOLENT REVOLUTIONARY act taking place by all of the people acting in unison.
And now it seems that Madison, Wisconsin is rediscovering the nonviolent resistance tactics of Selma and Birmingham.
We now have a NONVIOLENT LABOR MOVEMENT spreading in the North, just as our Civil Rights Movement spread through the South during the 1960s.
It is now a CLASS MOVEMENT--working people being black, white, latin, Asian,male,female or what have you.
It is a MULTIRACIAL movement of the dispossessed and exploited fighting for economic justice and basic democratic rights like collective bargaining.
It is remarkable when we recall that Dr. King's last campaign in Memphis was a fight for ECONOMIC as well as racial justice, a fight for the rights of impoverished Black sanitation workers to decent working conditions, benefits, salaries and the right to collective bargaining which the white supremacist corporate power structure sought to deny.
King once said that economic injustice was the twin of racial injustice; and that one possible outcome of a successful civil rights movement was that the racial divide may be at least breached (even if not eliminated) sufficiently for a COMMON STRUGGLE of the dispossesed to become possible. His last INTENDED campaign was the Poor Peoples Campaign, which a bullet prevented him from leading on April 4, 1968.
He intended to lead a NONVIOLENT REVOLUTIONARY campaign to Washington, DC to fight for social justice, and an ECONOMIC BILL OF RIGHTS. He planned to unite poor and their allies--black, white, latino, labor, progressive religious communities, progressive intellectuals and student--on a massive campaign to end the evils of exploitation, racism and militarism.
Perhaps the rising, nonviolent labor movement is an indication that the time is right for the resumption of that nonviolent revolution which King and others wanted to achieve in 1968.
We can prevail against fascist Republicans like Scott Brown despite the cowardly temporizing and vacillating of weak kneed Democrats (obviously, I don't mean those 14 courageous Dems in WI who are standing with the working people).
In previous posts I expressed my desire to see "Freedom for the people of Egypt. Down with the dictatorship. Prison or exile for the dictators."
Now I say "Justice and democratic rights for the American people. Justice for American workers. Oust the despots who seek to crush the workers. Long live freedom!"
We need a nonviolent revolution of MILLIONS of Americans of all races, colors and creeds to fight for economic democracy and civil liberties.
Down with plotocracy! Justice for all.



Kevlar wrote:

No rights involved - legal privilege. Your first premise is a lie.
Don't cry when the opposition borrows a play from your playbook.
In virtually every democracy in the contemporary world, workers rights to organize, to engage in collective bargining, is deemed an essential democratic right. In some countries this is even constitutionally guaranteed.
We're not living in the 18th Century! Collective bargaining, under modern conditions, is about as essential as the right to vote (which also once thought to be a "legal privilege" by reactionaries of yore).

One can find anti-intellectualism anywhere, but there are few countries in the world where it is more deeply rooted in the national life and culture as it is in the USA. Indeed, PTWB is one of the proudest exemplars of Yankee anti-intellectualism in Topix.



It is a right, collective bargaining.

Corporations and govt employers have the capacity to act as cartels, to bring a lot of power to the table, and they want each wage-slave worker to confront that power alone? YES, that is what they WANT, because they are money-grubbing neo-feudalist FASCISTS!!!

Support UNIONS! UNIONS created the middle class, UNIONS gave us a population which wasn't majority poor, UNIONS have been the single greatest vehicle for social change in the USA and elsewhere...

This battle is old as the hills. The same manipulations went on in union-company conflicts in Medieval Low Countries, northern Italy, etc. It's as old as the hills... oppression that is...


-Barros Serrano

Kevlar wrote:

No again.
The unions represent a very small minority of workers.
No rights involved - collective bargaining is a legal privilege.
They represent a much larger part of the working class and the American people than do the corporate plutocrats whom Scott Brown serves.
Moreover, union membership is less large than it once was largely because of thirty years of union busting by corporate power and the political right.
Futhermore, NO nation can be democratic or free under modern conditions without those labor rights. And some democracies even have constitutional guarantees of workers rights. By comparison, the USA is relatively BACKWARD.
Unions have not only proved to be an essential bulwark of democracy. Trade union were an essential force which helped end the fascist apartheid regime in South Africa and inaugurate democracy. Solidarity was an essential force for ending Stalinist despostism in Poland, and bringing about a more democratic order.
And is is no mere coincidence that the CRUSHING of workers unions were among the top objectives of men like Hitler, Mussolini and Franco. And the Fuhrer of Wisconsin, Adolp Scott Brown finds himself in a company of dubious distinction.
At least on this issue, the MAJORITY of the American (61%) people are right in supporting the protestors and collective bargaining.
if you're a foe of collective bargaining and the workers' right to organize, then you're a foe of freedom and democracy.



The REAL story wrote:
Part 2.
In March of 1968, while referring to Dr. King's leaving Memphis, Tenn., after riots broke out where a teenager was killed, Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd (W.Va.), a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, called Dr. King a "trouble-maker" who starts trouble, but runs like a coward after trouble is ignited. A few weeks later, Dr. King returned to Memphis and was assassinated on April 4, 1968.
Given the circumstances of that era, it is understandable why Dr. King was a Republican. It was the Republicans who fought to free blacks from slavery and amended the Constitution to grant blacks freedom (13th Amendment), citizenship (14th Amendment) and the right to vote (15th Amendment). Republicans passed the civil rights laws of the 1860s, including the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Reconstruction Act of 1867 that was designed to establish a new government system in the Democrat-controlled South, one that was fair to blacks. Republicans also started the NAACP and affirmative action with Republican President Richard Nixon's 1969 Philadelphia Plan (crafted by black Republican Art Fletcher) that set the nation's fist goals and timetables. Although affirmative action now has been turned by the Democrats into an unfair quota system, affirmative action was begun by Nixon to counter the harm caused to blacks when Democrat President Woodrow Wilson in 1912 kicked all of the blacks out of federal government jobs.
Correction: There's no credible evidence that Dr. King was a Republican, and it was it position never to endorse any party or candidate. However, he DID publicly oppose Goldwater because of his political conservatism, and especially because of the Senator's opposition to the Civil Rights Law of 1964.
King's approach was to offer and progressive agenda, and decide his attitude toward any given politician by that politician's attitude toward the agenda.
Both the King estate in Atlanta and the editors of the King Papers Project in the University of Calfornia have stated repeatedly that there is no evidence that Dr.King was a Republican.
And King hinmself said that opposition to civil rights was the work of RIGHT WING Republicans and reactionary racist southern Democrats. Frankly, I think he knew what he was talking about.




Also, it might be noticed that most of the public employees engaged in nonviolent protest in Wisconsin are people of European descent.
King once said that if millions of deluded whites could only SEE the oppressed conditions of their own lives, instead of assuming their superiority and freedom on the deluded basis of their whiteness, there might be even more whites in revolt than ourselves.And somewhere in this thread Barros wonders whether these white working people are waking up---FINALLY?Hmmmmmm....Makes you wonder. If whites become as aware of THEIR oppression as most of us are--have ALWAYS been---aware of ours, and DO NOT blame their wrongs on Blacks, immigrants, Muslims, gays, women, feminists, etc., then we could see a new turning point in history.
Asian and North African people began their insurgency, and white workers now follow with examples of their own.
Solidarity demonstrations in Maryland have, naturally, had more color in the mix--suggesting the kind of solidarity that King was trying to create with the Poor Peoples Campaign?A possible new turning point in History? Could Dr. King have been right?
Freedom for the people of the Middle East...Freedom and justice for the working people of America--regardless of race, gender or creed.
Make it happen!



Labor insurgency has spread to Maryland, though not on the scale of Wisconsin. Partly because Md is a blue state, moderately liberal, mainly Democratic, with a black population about 25--30% of the total, and a growing Latino population. Increasing numbers of Muslims--mostly moderate and liberal, so don't panic. LOL!
Our labor militancy is largely expressed in solidarity with Wisconsin. But the key will be to organize the mainly poor, predcminantly (not exclusively) Black and Brown proletariat or subproletariat.



Male, Age Private, Philadelphia, PA
Posted December 12, 2010


Interesting answer to the sister.

I see being 'slave-minded" being related to fear. Being afraid to step outside of the place that has been allocated for you. Not wanting to expand an idea, thought or discipline if you think it might upset. White people. Not wanting to do anything that might displease them.

"White identified" I thought had more to with trying to imitate White people. Trying to act like them, think like them, talk like them, govern like them, worship like them etc. Trying to emulate White people.

For some reason these are just the images that come to mind when I hear those phrases.

Certainly I could be wrong.


Harrisson wrote:

I think it will, brother Savant.
The Colonel is going down "hard." It appears that he will not walk away.
I find myself thinking in a very un-liberal, "hawkish" fashion, and am hoping for our President to announce some imminent military intervention.
Such intervention, even against a despot like Khadaffy, is likely to degenerate into an imperialist adventure. That worries me.
Even if the Libyan revolution turns out to be (contrary to my hopes) a VIOLENT insurgency, I still hope that it will at least be the work of the Libyan people themselves.



Note by Me: I disagree with this person refusing to call himself black.

By Timothy

franko wrote:
There you go generalizing ... 99% of what whites do has to do with racism??That sounds like our entire being is centred around racism...
Look, if you are trying to imply that western European culture and society is not racist, you are wrong. And, this is the main reason that whites do not fit well in our community. They invented and imposed racism of which we are the victims. But, they refuse to take responsibility for it. Therefore, whenever they have a voice among us, they project a very distorted view of reality. Hence, we can make no progress by listening to white people who only want to deny that they are racist when we know that they are.

Now, I know poor whites have always mingled among Africans. For instance, as a child in Jim Crow Arkansas, my earliest memory is of a white neighbor and friend who would visit my parents on a regular basis. But, even the poor whites benefited from the racist regime in Arkansas and all across the Jim Crow south. To this very day, light complexion Africans receive preferential treatment from this racist society.

So, do not lecture me on the race question. If you have any questions, I will try to answer them.
franko wrote:
sorry but you are too full of yourself as a balck man if that is what you believe.That sounds like our entire being is centred around racism...That sounds like our entire being is centred around racism...
And, do not presume to call me a "balck man". My skin color is none of your damn business. I am an African which connects me to ther entire African world. Take your racist divide and conquer crap and shove it.

The "AA community" is a fallacy. It is nothing but the descent of African slaves who have been forced against our will to adopt European culture and values. Our only hope is to reclaim African culture and values.



Note by Me: I don't agree with him calling my people stupid and bashing AA women, but everything else in these words are accurate.

By Timothy

Franko..........shes partly right. If Blacks came together worldwide, Whites would lose power, simply because Whites gain their power by keeping us divided and dependent. Right now, African Americans stupidly give 95% of the $800 billion they make a year to Whites.........what happens if Blacks suddenly start buying/selling from each other, and this number drops to 50%? That means Whites will lose billions, and their financial power would fall.

Would Whites become insignificant? Not in the short term, because Whites have amassed a considerable amount of wealth worldwide. However, their power would be greatly eroded. You could compare it to.........the decline of Great Britain after she lost her colonies. Is Great Britain still powerful? Yes. Is Great Britain as powerful as it was when it controlled India and other colonies? Nope

So Whites would lose power if Blacks unified worldwide, and that to me is GOOD, because it is dangerous to global stability for one race of people to have too much power and Whites have stated in their writings that they wish to rule the world. Unity among Blacks would stand in their way.

I think "unity" is the wrong word to use, I think a better word is "partnership." The problem with the word "unity" is that it is very vague, the word "partnership" is much more specific.

For example, an African American mining company that gets mineral rights in Ghana would be forming a "partnership" with Ghana. This is realistic and specific. Telling AAs to "unify" with Ghana, on the other hand, is very vague. I think we must stop using the word "unity" and instead replace it with "partnership," because this is a better term.

Many Africans and Caribbean Blacks do not want to give up their cultures or languages to become Americanized, and this is understandable. However, the word unity COULD be interpreted by Africans or Caribbean Blacks to mean this, and they will be opposed to it.

A partnership on the other hand, that is a different story, partnership means African Americans, Caribbean Blacks, and Africans come together to solve common problems and needs. A partnership is something that transcends religion or culture, everybody needs to make money and engage in commerce, so Africans, African Americans, and Caribbean Blacks need to "partner up" based on common needs.



Kashta_Bureh wrote:

Revolutionist, I disagree strongly with the solutions Dreams has come up with, but like her, I'm very disappointed in my people, Blacks are very embarrassing, to say the least, and I'm telling you, the Russians, Germans, and Chinese don't give a damn whether a Black man is Nigerian, Ethiopian, African American, or Haitian, they see all of us as being inferior negroes and they treat us as such, so all these "differences" that exist among the Blacks of the world is pretty irrelevant to non-Blacks.
I do agree that black people internationally could be, or should be doing much better as a group than we are at present... Even India has managed to pull themselves together since the end of the British Raj in 1947 and form a continent that is now sporting Nuclear weapon capabilities.
They are also about to contribute to a major international space program, all this when just 70 years ago they were virtually being enslaved on their own land, now they have surpassed us!

White people used to have tribes such as; Alemani, Goths, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Saxons, Engles, Alani, Vandals, gaelic, Celtic peoples, Vikings and so on?... Most of these tribes had disappeared before 1000 years ago because they had joined forces to form bigger nations; those nations joined together to create continental then intercontinental unity and had no problem subduing the dis-united Black race who saw their neighbouring villages as enemies refusing to unite with them to ward off enemies, in return they ended up being colonised or enslaved!...

European union is basically European white men joining hands and having trade agreements, set rules to help govern plus eradicate corruption and War (with a handful of token blacks involved) even America was created by different white nations coming together.
The Chinese are pulling together to pull themselves and their country out of poverty, the Arab world is united and busy ousting their corrupt and useless leaders...

... While the black man is busy with Moronic gang or tribal wars and is happy to sit around being spoon fed by racist whites, saying "we do not need unity as it won't achieve anything".
Kashta_Bureh wrote:

I'm studying Black history in depth and I must tell you that Blacks are probably some of the biggest chumps on Earth, Malcolm X called us chumps and Dr. Claud Anderson said that Blacks are "stuck on stupid." When one looks at the state of Blacks today, whether in Africa or the Diaspora, it is very hard to argue with these statements.
They were right, our people have been mentally damaged through colonisation or slavery (many beyond repair) many of our people cannot think straight just yet... I guarantee you that many blacks arguing against unity don't even have a fcking clue what it really means or involves!...

Unfortunately, what you were seeing concerning Blacks is how every other race see's us.
Slavery and colonisation turned many of our people into retards, we were mutilated if we were caught with books, black men were used to make more slaves for masa instead of being allowed to nurture his children, we were forced to entertain ourselves with nothing but singing and dancing and blacks congregating with other blacks from other plantations was controlled by massa because he feared slave uprisings.

Unfortunately theses attitudes of staying away from books, not settling down with women, striving to be Athletes or entertainers, and being afraid to let go of massa's seed bag and unify continues within our psyche, and will take a while to fully root out!...


You are like a wasp at a picnic, unwanted nuisance, you clearly know jack shiite about your own country, let me guide you in the right direction.

Many of the Top Black Actors, Sports people, Entertainers, Writers, Musicians of black America have foreign parents even the ones you are not aware of!

Bottom of page for a short list if famous Americans born from West Indian parents

More Blacks in America of West Indian parentage.

More Blacks in America of West Indian parentage

Bottom of page; more Blacks in America with West Indian parents!

Bottom of page even more Blacks in America with West Indian parents!

This is even before we go into Notable blacks with African parents, their history spans from the early days of slavery right up to today!...

The fact that you would even question that foreign blacks have contributed MASSIVELY to Black America ever since the beginning shows you have ABSOLUTELY no knowledge of Black history whatsoever and you are simply a waste of my time when it comes to debating.

In fact probably half of Black Americas notable blacks have Non American parents, there are far too much to list, people like;

W. E. B. Du Bois (1868 – 1963)
Co-founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.... Half Haitian!

Fard Muhammad;
founder of the Nation of Islam!... Non American.

Marcus Garvey;
He founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association in America and is Jamaican.

Hubert Harrison
Founded the Liberty League and The Voice, the first organization and the first newspaper of the race-conscious “New Negro”...Non American parents

Shirley Chisholm;
The first black woman elected to Congress...Non American parents.

Prince Hall;
He is considered the founder of “Black Freemasonry” in the United States (born in Barbados)

Martin Delany;
He became the first African-American field officer in the United States Army during the American Civil War.(African Grandparents)

Henry Highland Garnet;
Garnet was the first black minister to preach to the United States House of Representatives (African Grandparents)

First American black/ mix race president;
African father

First Black Secretary General;
Jamaican parents

I could carry this on all day there simply isn't enough space and time to list all the achievements by Blacks you think are American but actually are foreign or foreign descended.

You say American blacks are superior, superior my Black a___, go tell that sh___ to some 5 year old who knows nothing about history!!!... Grown ups know better!

-The Revolutionist

-The Revolutionist


As I noted when I began this thread, King was challenged by a coworker and fellow church member to address the issue of whether a NONVIOLENT revolution is possible.
And another thorny question he and other advocates of nonviolence have faced is whether nonviolent resistance, even if largely effective in countries like the USA or England, could be effective in dictatorial regimes, in police states.
Could it be that HISTORY is now vindicting Dr. King's conviction about the power of nonviolence?
Filipino despot Ferdinand Marcos was toppled by NONVIOLENT PEOPLE POWER. Most of the Stalinized regimes in eastern Europe were overturned by NONVIOLENT popular movements. And now a WAVE of NONVIOLENT, popular democratic revolutions are sweeping the Islamic Middle East---those countries which many Americans (and other Westerners) have come to regard as cesspools if theocratic barbarism, and feudal patriarchal tyranny.
All of those Middle Eastern regimes are dictatorial or despotic in one form or another. Yet tyrants have been OUSTED by NONVIOLENT insurgency in Tunisia and Egypt, and are struggling just to hold on elsewhere. Even Iran and Sudan are now endangered by nonviolent resistance.
And those supposedly "backward", medieval Muslim people have in a sense ADVANCED ahead of us in America.
One anarachist friend of mine suggests that the nonviolent insurgency in the Muslim world has helped inspired our nonviolent labor insurgency in Wisconsin, an insurgency that is spread THROUGHOUT AMERICA.
Thus far, only Libya seems to be adopting a repressive reaction to the extent that it, like Rumania, may end up seeing its dictator toppled by force.
Could Dr. King have been RIGHT all along? Could he have been AHEAD of his time, even though some of his fellow progressives thought in the late 60s that he was behind the times?
And isn't it interesting that the PROGRESSIVE BASE has been activated by LABOR insurgency---a black, multiracial poor, labor alliance being precisely what Dr. King was trying to forge at the time he was killed in Memphis while working to support impoverished black sanitation workers?
Will history vindicate Dr. King's claim that nonviolence is the most potent weapon for opppressed people as the struggle to obtain freedom and justice?
Was King right all along?



Abdurratln wrote:

What we really ought to do is learn to think in terms of geo-politics so that racial issues would no longer handicap us. We need to Unite Africa. And, we need all persons of African descent to play a role in that Unification.For example, virtually everybody in Brazil is of African descent regardless to skin color or race. Therefore, it makes sense to have Brazil play a major role in African Economic Development. Brazil is the world's leader in biofuel technology. And, Africa has more agricultural land available than anyone else to feed the biofuel industry. Therefore, the two are a natural fit. Plus, there is the common Portuguese language to Unite Brazil to places like Angola and Mozambique.
Similarly, we who speak English need to find ways to get closer to the African republics who also speak English in Africa. In many places, especially in Zimbabwe and all over North Africa, there are huge stretches of farmland that needs to be developed for farming. Libya for example imports 40% of its food. Similar applies all across North Africa. At the same time, millions of miles of land lay vacant. In the English speaking areas at least, those of us who can not find decent employment here, need to seek ways to develop this land. Those who do find employment need to find ways to offer financial support to those who work the land. Thus, we can all find a way to contribute.
We have talked about this for 500 years, especially since the mid 1800's when Liberia and Sierre Leone accepted migrants of former slaves. So we know it is pratcical. Now is the time to do it and start to implement these ideas.
I totally agree with everything you say in this post.



Unique2 wrote:

The b-list entertainers, athletes an leaders of black foreign background have had little to no impact on black America.
Huh... "B-list" People like:

Fard Muhammad, Obama, Colin Powell, Prince Hall, Stokely Carmichael, Du Bois, Sidney Potier, Lenny Kravitz, Nia long, Tatyana Ali, Busta Rhymes, Biggie Small, Rihanna, Alesha Keys Donavan bailey, Inger Miller, Jimmy Hendrix, Forrest Whitaker, Blair Underwood, Louise Farrakhan, Tyson Beckford, Sean Kingston, Shaggy, Grace jones, KRS-One, Canibus, Africa Bambaata, Rayvon Cuba Gooding, LL cool J, Grandmaster flash, Doug E fresh, Megan Good, Ryan Leslie, Maxwell, Nicki Minaj, Alfonso Ribeiro....And millions more.

"Black Americans are the best singers, dancers, Athletes and entertainers" my black a___,

I haven't even gone into notable Americans with African parents yet, or freedom fighters, scientists and political figures with Non American parents, we would be here all fck'ng year if I did!

This is only a fraction of the list, it literally could go on forever. These people are, or have been Major players at some point regarding putting Black America on the map, they all either have foreign parents, or were born outside of America making them Non American....
Unique2 wrote:

Everything we've achieved, we've done ourselves.
This is a dead point which I have repeatedly shot to pieces, and only a clueless American buffoon like you would be stupid enough to believe....LMFAO...

I have only responded to you due to the fact that I have some spare moments to waste, but you are clearly an empty headed waste of time and space who knows Jack diddly about even your own history, do some studying then get back to me!...

Any Black American who claims;
Unique2 wrote:

Elijah Muhammad a Sandersville, Georgia native along with Fard co founded the organization. clearly not on my level, and definitely not ready to stand against me in any debate on Black history.
After making a statements like the above it is clear that you are reading the Disney version of Black history, you cannot keep up with me...

Goodbye Jack___!

-The Revolutionist

Kashta_Bureh wrote:

Abdurratln, I had no idea that MLK's church rejected him during his Civil Rights activities but it doesn't surprise me, the Black men who try to do constructive things for our community are ALWAYS the people who get attacked the most.........from other Blacks.
Malcolm X tried to help Blacks, and what is the thanks he got? He got shot multiple times in the chest by Black men, and nobody bothered to check for guns the day he gave his final speech, or if they did, the let his killers into the room with guns.
I wasn't there in 1965 when Malcolm X was assassinated, and Whites probably were working behind the scenes, but the fact of the matter is that Black men killed Malcolm X, it was Black men that pulled the trigger, just like it was Black men that betrayed Denark Vesey when he planned his slave rebellion, and when Frederick Douglass plan to escaped slavery, he to was betrayed.
"Joseph Harrison Jackson (1905?– 1990) was an American pastor and President of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. from 1953 through 1982. During the height of the American Civil Rights Movement, Jackson's vocal stance for "civil rights through law and order", in direct opposition to the civil disobedience methods advocated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., became the focus of controversy among African Americans and Black church leadership.

"...Jackson pointedly denounced the nonviolent civil rights movement, including the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Congress of Racial Equality. He also removed King from the vice-presidency of the Baptist Training Union and Sunday School Congress.[3] In response, the leadership of the "progressive" movement met together in 1961 at Zion Baptist Church in Cincinnati, where they organized the Progressive National Baptist Convention. About half a million NBCUSA members (including the Kings) ended up leaving the NBCUSA for the new group." ( )

Now that MLK is dead, these same Uncle Tom preachers want to claim they loved and supported the the Civil Rights Movement. But, they did not, much less the hard liners with Pan-Africanist leanings.



Note by Me: Not all black people have this slave mentality, but I get the picture.

By Timothy

emperorjohn wrote:

So why aren't whites doing bad things to East Asians, Muslims, or Indians?

Most whites opposed the civil rights act of 1960's so your claim that whites pushed for intergration so that blacks could buy into white businesses.
Whites ARE doing bad things to Muslims.........have you forgotten about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which have gone on for about the last 10 years? Have you forgotten about the U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan which have killed innocent civilians?

As far as the East Asians and Indians, Whites don't attack them because Whites RESPECT THEM. Respect is a hands on type of lesson, the Yellow Man has defeated the White man many times in battle, and if you know anything about the White man, you know that he respects those who fight him and defeat him.

The White man DOES NOT respect Blacks because Blacks have a slave mentality, where enslaved for centuries, sold each other into slavery, and, Blacks constantly beg the White man for acceptance instead of defining their own reality. This.........Emperor John, is why the White man attacks us. As far as the Civil Rights movement, many Whites did oppose the integration laws but the smart Whites at the top realized that integration = gold mine for them.



Barros Serrano wrote:

There are regional differences in Africa and they are real. Why should we ignore them? North Africa is different from other places.
culturally there are differences as well, between groups, and often these differences are also biological.
A Bantu, for example, is more closely related to a Japanese or Swede than to a Khoisan. Pretending there is some overall cultural unity in the African continent is not reasonable.
Africa is very diverse.
But why are countries like Mauritauna and Northern Sudan considered sub Saharan when they're in the damn Sahara desert and even part of the arab leauge.
Maurianua is the home of modern day Moors the famous berbers Northern Sudan is the home of Nubians both are native to the Sahara desert since for ever.

The only reason I can see is because those countries have a significant to majority black population thus why it is a racist term. I mean countries with loads of sand dunes deep in the sahara desert are labelled sub saharan LOL something fishy is up with the term or how it is used.

Sub Saharan Africa then also creates this myth that black people don't even live in the Sahara desert or contribute to any of its ancient civilizations. yet I see fula, afro turegs etc riding on camels on damn sand dunes with knowlegde only natives would know about how to find oasis if that isn't the Sahara desert then I don't know what i

Ancient Sudan (Nubia) pyramid remains

Looks like a desert to me! But oh no according to Eurocentric nonsense its sub Saharan Africa LOL



EXACTLY right, thats why i NEVER use the term subsaharan to describe peoples of africa, i find it racist and insulting, racists ALWAYS try to separate darker/brown skinned africans from north africa, people need to stop calling north africans caucasians, it is a term that european people use to divide and separate us,

we must stop using the terms sub saharan, caucasian, and negro to define peoples of africa, all three of these terms are dividing africans in the WORST manner, Africans should only be defined by
the tribe and country the live in, and NOT into made up racial terms that racist europeans invented to divide an concur us

i DID NOT say that everyone in africa looks the same and i am VERY aware of the diversity in africa, pay attention to my comment !, i CLEARLY stated that it is WRONG to define ourselves according to what racist europeans think about us, the purpose of the terms , sub saharan, caucasian, and negro are used to DIVIDE AND CONCUR us !, i stand by my previous comment stateting that Africans should only be defined by the tribe and country the live in, and NOT into made up racial terms that racist europeans invented to divide and concur us, i am NOT ignorant to the diversity in africa but i am also aware of the ignorance that is responsible for these racist terms ( sub suharan, caucasian, negro ) please read my comment again and pay attention.



A Metal Fan wrote:

Name one nation on the face of this god-forsaken rock that has not been founded on the blood of their enemies. I dare you.
Did people of color steal the continent of Africa??....

Go....i dare one


-216 Elite


A Metal Fan wrote:

What country on this earth has not been founded on the blood of the conquered and the destruction of the culture before it?
Name ONE country that is like this, just one!
There is no country that has a whole race of one people transplanted by way of FORCED violent thievery FROM A WHOLE OTHER CONTINENT.....and another race transplanted by way of forced violent enslavement.....LOL!

The only fools you can manipulate are the a__ lickin bougies that keep up the destruction of our race and community.....
You are a fool, and will die one right along with this criminal society you've created!


-216 Elite


isispapers refuting Kastha bashing AA women in an evil way:

I have to disagree with you on this because it is not true that Black women have a reputation for being manly and unfeminine; what is true is that there are racists out there the continually try to portray Black women in that light purely out an attempt to insult the Black female and to try to break her down. You see, they have been able to successfully portray the Black male as a criminal that never works, is unintelligent, and wants to rape all white women. Since they could not do the same with Black women, they have chosen instead to try ruin her reputation and kill her self-esteem. Tactics, all tactics, i.e., tell people something enough times, and they will begin to believe it.

There are no less feminine Black women in this world than there are any other race of women. People who really don't know many women of other races are the only ones fooled by racist propaganda like that. Another thing is that African American women, in particular have been put in a position to have to stand up for themselves and their people long ago and people may try to twist this noble character trait into being unfeminine, but it is just a psychological ploy to try to get Black women to bow down to those that want Black women to be some pitiful, desperate, apologists with no self-esteem.

Also, Matriarchal societies are nothing new and Black women do not act like they have a set of balls just because they have shown the world that they can hold their own in a world that has so much hatred towards her and her children and her man.

Now, I'm not sure of what type of women that you actually date or were raised by, but no matter what or where, there is no group of women on this planet that all fit into the same mold. It's really a shame that it has more often than not been Black women that have carried our race in here in America by providing for their family and/or children, regardless, by raising their children, regardless, by surviving and insuring their family's survival regardless, only for some of our own Black males to have the audacity to let insults like that come through their teeth, or even enter their minds.

Is your mother a she-male? Is your mother unfeminine? Does your mother act like she has two balls? Your sister, your aunties, your grandmother? Is that how you view your daughter, niece, your friend's daughter? Those are some very insulting words for your to say about Black women considering that one gave birth to you.

And what does Kim Kardashian have to do with anything, or the fact that there is a Black man out there that desires her, it does not mean that ALL Black men desire her or any other women of a different race. If you like women of a different race, then, that is your right, it does not mean that ALL Black men are sitting at home wanting some white woman or some other race of woman --- which is another myth that is more propaganda than fact. There are a lot of Black men that do not like white women at all or who could care less one way or another.

I think you need to have a talk with your mother, and then repost what you just said.



Mother Africa wrote:

HELLO MY BRO! You're so right, some of us want to so much be like them that they think everything white is perfect. One of the few blacks that got it right was Marcus Garvey and WEB Dubois who realized it at the end of his life while in Ghana! Peace to you brother for keeping it so very real!
Hello sister, long time no see, i'm glad to see you post, i myself had been gone from the online scene for awhile, but came back to see how the folk were doing! ;)

Anyways, yea i refuse to go back in forth with fools like kip, and other africans that will not step up and acknowledge an obvious problem, but instead come at me with con artistry BS, to try and keep their title of "good house n***" intact in this!

And kip has eloquently stated in joyous and child like manner about his marriage or hitch to a white woman, which makes his credibility defunct, as well as a lot of these IR people who come onto issues like these, because they basically are now speakers for the oppressor....and its no reason to even go on with!

BTW....i hope you will be watching this "Black In Amerikkka 2" that cnn will be doing, i'm betting it will be worse than last years.....with a lot more con artistry manipulating of the REAL problem and reason for! imo....its going to be celebrating obama as some jesus as, and attempted shutdown of any talk of the real african communities continued oppression!


-216 Elite

TruthbknownLDN wrote:

I think you're typing to a brick wall, he doesn't know how to think positive. I mean look at this vile comment:
I give up.
Wow, Kashta's comments about women not having the right to demand equality because men invent everything (which is a misconception, there have been many female inventors) were out of line.

I cannot believe an intelligent person would make such comments like "women contribute little other than babies"!... Women gave birth to those Genius men who made the "ground breaking discoveries in science, the radio, television, nuclear weapons, quantum physics, air planes" that he talked about!

Women actually make the biggest contribution to mankind... MANKIND itself!...

The thing is, if every woman stopped producing babies tomorrow, within one hundred years there would be no human beings left!...(in fact this is how I believe mankind will end eventually, with a worldwide drop in birth rate)
We all entered this world through a women, all else is secondary!... All man's inventions/creations would be useless if women could not breed!

The fact that Kashta mentioned pregnant women looking like "big fat cows" signifies sexual tension (I won't go into how I know this) It is deep!

The brother just needs a good women, fast, he is frustrated (in more ways than one) and needs a wife, it comes across in that post he made!..
The Mad houses are lined with brothers who were once intelligent Warriors at some stage but allowed negative experiences with women and disillusionment concerning being a Black man in a Western society overtake their minds, I hope kashta is not going to add to that list but he is sounding surprisingly bitter for an intelligent person and for someone who claims to be successful!

-The Revolutionist


Note by Me: I will always show love and treat all of the sisters equally whether they are light, brown, or dark skinned period. Naturally though, most of the sisters I do get along with and have a connection with are dark skinned females. That's just me. There is nothing with a brother going out with a sister of any shade. We shouldn't be color struck. In the final analysis, we are all black (irrespective of our shade) and we are all beautiful.

By Timothy




What up everybody! So glad you came to check this out, especially my African American females.

First, I would like to say y’all are so Beautiful! I know the world says different. I know the American standard for 'beauty' is blond hair and blue eyes. I know that pale skin is glorified everywhere, even amongst your own people. However, do not let that discourage you. Because it ain't nuthin better than chocolate skin, and dats da sho'nuff TRUTH.

And there are no limitations to the Beauty of the Black Woman. There are so many of you for African American men to choose from. Yes the saying, "The Blacker the berry the sweeter the Juice" still holds true, however, there are more black skin tones than just the delectable dark chocolate. Yeah the gorgeous Chocolate, the attractive Caramel, the Yellow beauty, the stunning Brown Suga, the Lovely Mocha,(oh and did I mention the gorgeous Chocolate) are just some of the options that Black men have in black women.

When I first began noticing girls, I did not care what tone they were black, white, Asian whatever. Nevertheless, when I when a friend of mine started glorifying light skinned to nearly white girls, and with the help of the media, I began to turn my preference to just Light Skinned black girls. Of course, going black was a smart and wise choice, but limiting myself to just 'Light Skin' was very narrow-minded.

I loved Light Skin black girls ( and still do) so much that I didn't even notice the fine chocolate sistas flying under my radar undetected. Now I never thought for a minute that dark skinned girls were ugly or unattractive. I just preferred Lighter skin.

Now as I matured a little bit I prefer all black females, with the dark chocolate ones high up on the list.

I mean really, there is no other race as diverse as the black female.
Sure, you have darker skinned to lighter skinned Asians and Hispanics, but they are not even in the same league. White women do not count.

Black Women you are the sweetest, most attractive thing our Creator put on this planet. I am a very lucky brutha, to have been born out of the womb of one of y'all. No one, as long as I live, will ever take the place of the Ebony Queens of the Earth. I am talking to all my sistas that know and are proud to be black. You all are the reason that there is life on earth. Shoot, when I finish college and get my degree in Law, I am going to marry me a chocolate lady.

And I will always treat her right. She ain’t got to ever worry about me cheating with a white woman.
I will stay faithful to the end. You know, like they say,” Once you go BLACK you never go back!"

Yeah I know but they are millions of other BM out there other than me.

This Thread came straight from my heart. Just to let u and other Black sistas know how much I appreciate them. Because I know there are people on topix that have tried tirelessly to seperate BM and BW. We all know who they are. They have argued that black women need to leave BM, but im saying no they don't. Black men are not complete without our Queens of Sheba. We need to as a people, to stick together till the end. I know you would agree.

-Junyah (a Brother)

Your words are so beautiful, like a beautiful poem. It makes me proud to know that those thoughts are in your head, especially considering that you appear to be very young. You are definitely going to be a good father to some very well rounded Black males one day.

-isispapers (A Sister)


crammasters Jul. 28th, 2010 at 1:48 pm
@ shippper2009
this reminds me of the Haliburton “won” a no-bid government contract to clean up after Hurricane Katrina — Haliburton fired all the black and white locals who were only making $10/hr and trucked in illegals from Mexico, and then the illegals were saying that Haliburton wasn’t paying them all their money or not at all

my point — if they don’t pay those inmates, who will believe them over some fancy suits from BP and the prison officials who are conspiring with BP (who you can bet got some kind of payoff in exchange for those prisoners)

corporate america has been exploiting prisoners for decades, and now that they’re hooked (like a crackhead) on cheap slave labor, every worker in america is gonna take the hit via wages that keep getting lower and lower and lower…


Abdurratln wrote:

Bilal (May Allah be pleased with him) was the FIRST MUEZZIN. As such, he was a founder of the Isdlamic Movement.
At the beginning, the Muslims were a small persecuted little community. They had no power to "force" anybody to do anything. Abu Bakr freed all of his slaves. Period. Some of them dfid becaome Muslims. In fact, most of the slaves wanted to become Muslims because they knew that the Muslims would free them.

Abdurratln wrote:
You are one stupidazzz idiot.
...And you are a fake-a___ Arab wannabe Uncle Tom!

Who cares if a couple of slaves were freed, the fact is, slaves were captured, bought and sold by early Islam and it was normal everyday practice according to the Quran.

The Great Allah was said (by you) to be "Limiting slavery", well I say this is crap, why so soft on slavery?... He has zero tolerance for Muslims who drink and gamble but to rob another human being of his God given right to be free only warrants limiting or controlling it...I can understand ordinary men enslaving each other but religions who took part in this barbaric inhumane act are unacceptable in my eyes!!!

I already know the answer to the question why Allah was soft on slavery and why Muhammed didn't condemn slavery and even had slaves and was told by Allah how to treat slave girls...

However, I find it amusing to watch you desperately trying to claim Islam as a black religion, all because there were some early black converts....LMBAO

-The Revolutionist


crammasters Jul. 28th, 2010 at 1:16 pm
@ Amen-Re
u hit the nail on the head, brother

a young sister, Michelle Alexander, just published a book called, “The New Jim Crow” that explained how black males are given felony convictions for even the most minor offenses — even when the crime rate goes down — to keep them in a 2nd class status AND exploit their labor (enslave them) just the way the white supremacists have always during since slavery
what folks don’t understand is — THEY or their loved one, their brother, son, father, cousin, nephew, niece, daughter, mother, wife, etc — could be next

we better take our heads out of the sand, stop watching all this TV and pretending we live in the same reality that white folk do, and start paying attention to what is really going on..


Remember, men and women exert their dominance in different ways. WM exert their power by being the biggest earners while WW exert their power by being seen as the most beautiful hence why they strive so hard to mimic non white women with their fake tans, lip/butt and breast implants etc. All this is done so as to appeal to the widest range of men and is the KEY to their supremacy. They also target wealthy BM so as to take black wealth AWAY from the black community. God Bless

white women will never give up white supremacy because that is THEIR ONLY STRENGTH. Its their ace card, their power. WW would be nothing without people kissing their a___ and thinking their the best thing since slice bread so they portray themselves as beautiful and sexual with cosmetic surgery, friendly and approachable e.g. the girl next door, and successful e.g. if you marry her you'll be successful too. ITS ALL WW PROPOGANDA designed to place her at the top of the food chain.


dreams wrote:

Did bw really have a choice over where wm went? Wm and ww can do what they want. And please quit believing bm were not with ww. That's comical. Bm have always been with ww and there are even books which talk about how that's how they got bm to fall for slavery. It is even said that bm produced about as much of the mixture as wm. I'm coming around to beleiving this because it's happening today. You all have built in memory alright--you remember ww- lol. Those original ww wm used for prostitution and you can't shake it. Not mad at you but please stop putting your silliness off on bw.








-THe Moor
dreams wrote:

Okay keep believing nonsense dear. Men are doing the same thing in the bedroom dear. You all aren't any different. lol. You may speak differently while doing it but the "doing it" part is the same. And even you brought up some freaky book you bought about sexual habits of whites (filthy guy) SO what does that tell you? Now bm are the best to bw because you talk the same "language"--there is a connection BUT once women start experiencing different groups of men we find out quickly you all are doing the same thing.








-The Moor


I visited Atlanta a few times just to see what was all the hype was about. I did met several brothas from ATL bragging about how there
are 10 women to one man. They would say that in ATL, bw came a dime a dozen which these men show no respect to bw or the black community but it's the racist white men's fault for the state of the black community and the bw attitudes toward black men. I'm so sick of black men's slave mentality and they our crippling young black men to believe this sh!t. We all have choices
in life to follow the right track or follow the hood road to prison. I'm not naive to racism but most successful and rich black men would recycled their fortune back to the white men by marrying his daughters. These bm would pick the poorest ww to marry and when she divorce his a__, she gets it all because the white judge will make sure to
punish the Bm through his wallet. So, it's not the white men faults that these weak a__/clueless black men continue to funnel their riches back to them. These men aren't thinking about the future of black children or the black community and especially not the bw. Yet, Black men surely were vocal publicly that Black women were "gold diggers" but ww or nonbw can't do sh!t wrong and they will make them their wife and put them in a house. It's sad that most bw are left with less viable options in Bm who are living off of them. And there are some good Black men but they aren't enough of them. My girlfriend lived with her boyfriend for 13 years in a cramp 1 bedroom apartment, she was engaged to him but he refused to marry her. She wasted 13 years of her life on this dead beat. He was married to a white woman before dating my gf and he had his wife in a house, she was a housewife and was driving a BMW but my gf had to pay half the rent and utilities & buy her own car. When she got laid off temporary, he called her lazy. She finally left his black a___ and he has been begging her to be his wife.



That is the only thing I try to speak. I get real tired of the accusations of BM dissing BW it is not entirely true. Yes i know there are bozos who would look right over their sistas that the Most High created for them. But i JunYah am not one of them empty heads. THe best me and u could do is pray for them and hope that our black brothers would stop messing around with 'mud pies' and
uplift and respect the Double Chocolate cake made just for them.

I know hope seems bleak, but there will be time when all African American men will realized what they have discarded for so long.

Only time will tell.:)



Female, 41, Charlotte, NC
Posted December 13, 2009

The one problem I have with the interracial dialog, is that statistically only a small minority of black men actually date and marry white and other women compared to the general population of black men and women.

Personally, I believe the biggest weapon being used in the black community to win this war against us, is us and our own mentalities, and since this is about the strongest of the community(well it should have been anyway) are the men, and their issues in large part are not white women, but their views about women and marriage and raising children. A lot of black men see no value in being married and having a life partner. We as a people would rather go to ruins alone than to partner together that both our goals be met(much like the Mexicans, and other immigrants do), and pass on those traditions and means of progress and wealth building.

There are a lot of black men that believe they should enjoy as many women and as much sex as they possibly could, while in their youth and ability, and if that means leaving a trail of kids so be it.

Much more at stake than interracial dating.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 14, 2009

Excellent point,

I would add that some BM's attitudes toward BW are based on our OWN low-self-esteem. If I came from a BW and I do not respect or value BW, I do not value myself. If I do not love myself, how can i love and respect my women and children, since they are a reflection of me?

The BM & BW's mentalities are the by-products of slave traditions. During slavery, the BM was forced to breed, move on, and cut all ties to his offspring -- and to his black women, who were often sold and never seen again.

We cannot underestimate the EXTREME psychological trauma of 400 YEARS of slavery, which was extended for another hundred years by a racist economic/political system that made it extremely difficult for BM to be a man: provide for and protect his women and children.

So, in order to salvage even the smallest bit of his already devastated ego, the BM began to embrace the "breeder" role, and became a consummate womanizer, baby-maker, and a sperm donor. His sexuality was his ONLY real, physical proof that he was a man. Even today, you can see young BM holding their peni*ses as though they are afraid they will disappear...

Until we ACCEPT that we are still practicing the same slave traditions that devastated our families -- and we are WILLING to unlearn them, and RECREATE ourselves in the image GOD intended, we will be the best walking, living, breathing definition of insanity on the planet:

doing the same things and expecting different results.



Dec 05, 2010 08:09 PM
REPLYING TO southsideburbs ON Dec 05, 2010 04:18 AM Link Back
southsideburbs wrote:
so what is the difference between today and the plantation when over a million blacks are locked up in the modern day plantation system? Did you know that black male inmates at Angola Prison in Louisiana are PICKING COTTON for 90 cents a day?"The difference is this "modern day plantation" you like to call it is most of its inmates are in there because of their wrong doing. And being payed 90 cents a day vs. not being paid at all is still better. Remember our ancestors were not paid at all for their labor. Another thing is you act like everyone in prison is black. What about the white prisoners? You know the ones in there for child molesting, serial killings, and even drug dealing.

that's incorrect. everyone in prison is NOT there because they committed a crime. (something EVERY black person should know -- in my opinion, considering the number of black men who are freed after DNA evidence proved their innocence 20 years later)

the PIC (Prison Industrial Complex) especially in states like Louisiana are notorious for being RACIST and BARBARIC
some facts:
1) Louisiana had the highest incarceration rate of any state in the US
2) The Orleans Parish Prison, a city jail, was the EIGHTH largest jail in the US
3) If Louisiana was a country, it would have the HIGHEST INCARCERATION RATE in the world
4) 95% of all detained youth in 1999 were black
5) Lousiana spent $4,724 to educate a child in the public schools and $96,713 to incarcerate each child in detention.6) a civil rights attorney, Mary Howell, said the city built a huge jail that they had to fill up with human biengs or else it's a waste of money.


Right after slavery, thousands of black men were arrested on trumped up charges so they could force them to work on chain gangs -- virtually a replacement for slavery and free labor

the same thing is happening today, blacks are serving long prison sentences for minor, non-violence offenses (while their "sentences" are being traded on the stock exchange)

OR they are in prison due to an inadequate defense, corrupt public defenders, all-white juries, and pure grade A racism. I've been to Louisiana and you can cut the black oppression and despair with a KNIFE.

the reason I made the comparison is the same thing is happening over and over to black people, and some of us -- because it hasn't directly happened to US -- seem blind to the suffering and mistreatment of our own people.

Never once said NOBODY should be in prison OR that all prisoners are black...



Kashta_Bureh wrote:

Revolutionist, the only thing keeping me sane is my own individual success, because despite the status of my people and my family background, I've actually managed to do quite well given my age, and this is something that I am proud of.
The fact that you have had individual success shows that Black people can succeed and there is hope for those who think positive, the only way you could of succeeded in your business is with a positive mental attitude and belief in yourself!
Kashta_Bureh wrote:

What I've found is that in order for Black men to succeed in this world, they have to rely heavily on themselves. We can't rely on a support network like other races, because not only do Blacks not have a support network, we also have a Willie Lynch, crabs in the bucket mentality and the history shows we constantly betray each other.
This is probably true, however, as you have the formula for black success under your belt, why not pass on your knowledge to those who are struggling rather than branding our entire race as "stupid" even though we no doubt have idiots amongst us who should be called out from time to time, some of us our people are highly intelligent.

If you want to be a success in business nowadays you have to reach out to a broader market rather than just Black people unless you are selling hair, rims, Bling and fried chicken!
Kashta_Bureh wrote:

it would be nice if we had a support network like other groups but it just isn't there, and you are also right when you talk about looking to positive Black people for inspiration, there are Black people I look up to and admire and this is another thing that keeps me going. But if you study successful Black men carefully, what you will often find is that they are individually successful and have learned how to navigate this White run society.
We do not have a support network so we must adjust our business accordingly to gain custom from whoever rather than complain about our people not supporting us, they have been mind fcked all over the world so generally do not think straight, so even smart blacks may appear stupid due to brainwashing!
We should not dwell on what has gone wrong but dwell on what we can do to change our circumstances.

You sound like a smart dude; you could be a powerful guy if you expressed your positive mentality more and seek union with like minded positive people, things will change for us eventually as nothing stays the same.

I'm sure their were black people during slavery who thought it was the end of the world for the Black race while those positive minded Black people fought on, and here we are 200 years later (MUCH BETTER OFF) slowly repairing the damage done to the minds of our people!

It will take time, all we have to do is keep pushing on!

-The Revolutionist

I understand what you are saying. But, I think it is only made to be a complex topic by a lot of people that have issues that they are assigning to race. I think that the idea is simple, that ALL Black people on the face of this Earth need to unit as a RACE, AND ACCEPT our differences in culture, religion, socio-economic background, etc., in order to move the ENTIRE RACE forward and away from dependence on other races of people who only exploit our differences and use those differences against us.

I seriously would like to engage in dialogue with people of African descent throughout the diaspora concerning Black people uniting, by community, by city, by town, by state, by country, by continent, and globally. I personally think that we have a lot to learn from each other and think that unifying would only benefit us ALL. And I also think that we all can unify without malice, towards each other or those that are not of African descent throughout the world, i.e., African/Black people throughout the world's uniting does not have to based on contempt for other races of people, but only for the entire Black race's complete independence from other races of people (most of whom hate us, or have contempt for us, or are only out to exploit us) in that we as a race on this planet can stand self-sufficiently alone in this world socio-economically, without our differences interfering with that goal.

I did not actually say that the Black race could 'unify' with other races, what I said basically, was that our uniting does not have to based on contempt for other races of people, but based on what is right for the entire Black race. I don't think that Black unity has to be or should be centered around hatred of some other group; that's the same mentality that most racist whites have and why they actually go out and join crap like the KKK or Neo-Natzi parties, etc. However, I do believe there is truth to what you mentioned about it being dangerous for Black people to unit (to the magnitude I'm thinking), because global Black unity would frighten the rest of the world. Not only has white racism painted Black people as something to be afraid of and/or to dislike, people that think on those lines always have in the back of their minds that Black people want revenge, which is not true; we just want to be left alone by those that hate us and not have our lives interfered with because of other people's racism. And there's always the fact that racist whites have worked hard to keep the Black race from achieving equality, and the rest of the world from knowing the truth about the true history of Black people/Africans and Africa. Global Black unification would put pieces of the puzzle that keeps us separated and confused about who we really are together, and if that is done, our stolen histories would have to be put in their rightful place in the human psychi, it would Black that hold control over too much of what the rest of the world considers valuable and need today, other races on this planet would follow suit, and the white race would become virtually insignificant as players on the world stage. After all what does the white race have that is truly of value to this world and to humanity that actually belongs to them that has not been or is not being taken from Black and Brown countries on this planet or did not originate with the Black race in the first place?



crammasters on 4/30/2010 8:31PM
Neutral vote downvote up
Please, please, stop making excuses for Obama. He has found the time to pursue those issues - NONE of them black issues -- he considers (or is told) are important. From Hispanic Prayer breakfasts, to Jewish seders, to coal miners' funerals, to sitting down for a meal with white farmers in Missouri, to visiting a health care clinic in Oregon, to attending a Hispanic music festival, for tap-dancing for Chicago's Mayor Daley in Copenhagen for the Olympics YET not one word or visit to Chicago, his hometown, to address black children dying in the streets. You keep making excuses, but I'm only interested in the FACTS, ma'am..

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 07, 2010

@ blknall who said -- and I REPEAT --- "This is something about blk guys that r in interracial relationships. They r all slaves but they dont' want to admit it so they say it's the black woman's fault they wit white women but it's this is a form of proof that its their mental malfunction"

ME: brother u hit the nail on the head with that one.

I personally cannot stand that weak azzed BS of blaming BW for being with a white female, or blaming BM for being with a WM

MAN or WOMAN UP and be with whoever, accept responsibility for your choice -- and accept the consequences when and IF that IR shyt blows up in your face

BW ain't got a D____ thing to do with white supremacy OR our inferiority complex as men

we talk about this AT LENGTH in our second book and so we shall see what is what


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 31, 2010

@ venita

sis, I feel u, our people are under psychological attack by the white supremacy system, and many are not in their right, black-loving minds. They are sick, sister, from the dark-skinned BW who thinks she must try to look "white" (something she can never do) and part of the reason is the black males who are sick enough to put the white female above the black one

be mindful, sis, a lot of black folk will be begging to come back home once racism continues to rise. It is going to, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, and the 'first black prez" will be blamed for all that goes wrong with the economic lives of white folk

that's why me and my partners are working so hard to spread our message, why we are taking time out from our families and personal lives to post, to blog, to write, to speak, etc.

and we have had some success stories, one BM in particular, who went from dating mostly white females to becoming engaged to a beautiful dark-skinned black female.

He realized how brainwashed he was, and began to complain about not seeing enough brown and dark-skinned BW on TV and being very aware of the racist programming that he was being subjected to.

Don't let this turn you against us, we must keep trying to reach folks, to get them to open their eyes

believe, their psychological AND physical lives DEPEND ON IT


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 07, 2010

@ blknall who said -- and I REPEAT --- "This is something about blk guys that r in interracial relationships. They r all slaves but they dont' want to admit it so they say it's the black woman's fault they wit white women but it's this is a form of proof that its their mental malfunction"

ME: brother u hit the nail on the head with that one.

I personally cannot stand that weak azzed BS of blaming BW for being with a white female, or blaming BM for being with a WM

MAN or WOMAN UP and be with whoever, accept responsibility for your choice -- and accept the consequences when and IF that IR shyt blows up in your face

BW ain't got a DAMN thing to do with white supremacy OR our inferiority complex as men

we talk about this AT LENGTH in our second book and so we shall see what is what

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 08, 2010

@ all the black ladies

i want u to consider this

with all the IR-dating ads, articles, and TV shows aimed at single black females like Jada Pinkett and Vanessa Williams-type roles sexing WM who never marry them

and "reality" shows where the BW always chooses the WM (that never turns into a real relationship) like Pepa, New York, Chili (of TLC)

combined with all the PROPAGANDA about BM not wanting BW, (when in FACT mos BM date/marry BW)

i want u to see where they are leading you

BACK into the PRE-1860s slave role of the "white man's w*hores"

only this time, you will do so VOLUNTARILY

out of desperation AND ignorance you will be opening your minds and hearts (and legs, excuse the bluntness) for racist white males who have no real concern about u, or black people, or the black community

they have FUGGED up too many BM's heads with that IR, and u see where it has led the black man...

mental illness
murder/suicide (Omar Thornton)
broken black families
no community OR business bases

so, ladies, don't let them make u the NEXT PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAGEDY

peep the game

the same people that pushed white females into our beds (and heads)

are the same folks that are pushing you into white males' beds

and believe me, the end result will be the same


If u doubt what i am saying check out this link:

Elimination of the Negro: The Black Woman White Man Genocide- NY Times 1910 ocuments/35590365


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 11, 2010

@ Prince who said, "Sounds like she want's her cake and eat it to plus I have enough life experience and GOD given sense to hear what she is leaving out."

ME: sorry, brother, I know this woman personally so let me give you some info:

#1 -- this sister is almost 60 years old, is still trim and fit and fine, her son is one of my partners, and she has always carried herself like a respectable lady

#2 she raised three kids after her divorce, didn't have men in and out of her house in front of her kids, and put her two sons thru college by working a full and part time job. My partner said she didn't make their pops disappear, that was his choice to start another family.
prince: "Sorry BLACK WOMEN your just going to have to suck it up"

ME: brother, I have a hard time with that line, that's like a white supremacist who is mistreating me telling me to "suck it up." I'm not about to accept that bullshyt. I grew up in Chicago AND i know what was happening, cause i hung on the streets,and I saw the way WE hassled the black females who were minding their OWN business, and it was about showing off for the boys

When I was 15, my pops caught me talking smack to the females as they passed by, pulled me to the side, and asked me a question i'll never forget: "What if that was your momma or your sister they were disrespecting like that, boy?"

that was the first time I GOT IT, and once I had a daughter, I REALLY got it. Any BM with a momma, daughter, wife most definitely gets it. Would we want strange males disrespecting our daughter, brother?
prince said: "Where was your commentary and outrage when your sistah's; the BLACK WOMEN took off the church hats raised the hemlines to there belly buttons and started stripping."

ME: I have no idea what you are talking about. What church? Which BW? give me some links.. What's that got to do with YOU and ME being accountable for our behavior?


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 11, 2010

@ prince who said: In the Human BIO-Constituion there are natural reactions to the sight of flesh. Are you saying God Created a design flaw?

ME: Like i said earlier, this lady carries herself respectfully, but she should NOT have to cover herself from head to toe in 90 degree weather, because a grown azz BM acts a fool around her

as far as I'm concerned if a female walks the street BUTT A___ NAKED, that does NOT give me or any male or female the RIGHT to touch her, I can look but that doesn't give me the RIGHT as a man who knows right from wrong to touch her or talk to her IF she does not want to talk to me, brotherWe better make a choice, either we are men or we are animals, acting like cannibals that are eating our women alive and destroying their self-esteem because we have lost our damn minds.

In reality, i believe we treat black females the way we wish we could treat the white man BUT don't have the nerve to bring that DISRESPECT AND MOUTH to him, just like the man who hates his boss but goes home and kicks the dog

just can't respect that....

We are treating our women the same way the white slave owner did when he blamed his raping of them on their "hot nature."

and instead of US saying, hell no, I'm not imitating that motha f___ slave master, I"m going to have enough SELF-RESPECT to respect the mothers, wives and daughters of my OWN BLACK NATION.

prince said: "Maybe our natural reaction to the opposite sex has been exaggerated by the fact that the Black Woman Has been slowly undressing herself in public for the last 50 years."

ME: brother, there is NO ONE in America who dresses more revealing than white females,

as soon as the temp reaches 60 degrees, they got the smallest shorts they own on, showing %#&@$! cheeks for days but I bet BM aren't out there, harassing white females because we know the WHITE MAN would come down on our a___, and like I said some black women dress decently and still get harassed. I have seen this with MY OWN EYES, so NO ONE -- especially someone from CHICAGO -- can tell me it's the female's fault when we call her out of her name because she didn't stop and talk to us, or that it's her fault if a dude assaults her because she didn't give him her phone number, come on, brother, having to debate the right and wrong of this is ridiculous..

If I'm a MAN, I'm responsible for MY OWN BEHAVIOR, and no matter what a female is doing or wearing I AM STILL RESPONSIBLE for my own behavior,

prince said: And all them Dogs standing around BARKING at you are the direct by product of your so called parenting and relationship skills.

ME And where are we in that picture, brother? Why is it just the BW's responsibility to raise the boys? Did she get pregnant by herself? Come on now....
prince said: "The black woman has been so busy chasing gold and proving to black man that she can' do what ever he can do she no linger wants to be a mother."

ME: What about US, brother? I must be missing something because i know damn well black females aren't having any immaculate conception babies...fertilized by thin air...

as far as "chasing gold" you lost me again Most of the sisters I know are working a NINE-TO-FIVE to put food on the table, some have husbands, some don't but I know for a FACT they don't have any gold, they are struggling and if you're criticizing them for WORKING so they can feed their kids, I don't know what to tell you.

i haven't heard ONE WORD in your post that holds the BM responsible for any of our out of order behavior....I just can't and won't cosign on that.


Au contraire, I'm not "trying to get at" anything. I'm simply sharing some truths with you which can be accepted or rejected. I'd like to refer you to a book my rabbi, Dr. Rudolph Windsor, wrote many years ago entitled FROM BABYLON TO TIMBUKTU. It details the Hebrewism of Africa and racial origins. Also here on YouTube checkout this video: The Lemba Tribe - The Never Lost Tribe of Israel. This life we live is the Creator's show from beginning to end and in 2011 (cont'd)

(cont'd) the Almighty is bringing the truth to light. Keep your eyes on Israel which Israelis have begun calling "little Africa" and a peace treaty via western powers. Shalom and bye-bye.

If you research it, you'll find that the Sudanese immigrating to Israel today are Jewish tribes; the South Africans going to Israel are Jewish tribes (Lemba); the Ethiopian or Falasha Jews are in Israel and in fact Israelis have started calling Israel "Little Africa." Eventually the truth will come to light & true Israel will be known, rather than the synagogue of satan (sos) Jews who are actually gentiles. Yaphet Kotto has the typical look of a tribe of Judah hebrew/Jew. Shalom.


crammasters Oct. 22nd, 2010 at 1:50 am
@ 1-LL

sis, we black folks have been made sick by 5 years of oppression in this society. Just like rats in a cage, we turn on each other, instead of looking for a way out of that cage.

that’s the sad part, wallowing in our own degradation, constantly putting each other down and sounding more like white folks with each passing day….

some black males and females seem to get a kick out of feeding into the negative stereotypes that white society created about us. Am I saying some black women aren’t materialisitic? No more than some white and Asian and Hispanic females. I know Asian dudes who complain about how “high maintenance” Asian females are.
Brothers are just as materialistic, spending our cash on rides, clothes, top shelf liquor, jewelry, trying to impress folks that could give a damn. I know BM who won’t date a woman unless she has a good job, is fly, and can help him pay his bills.

I know BM who won’t date women with kids, who won’t date a woman who is struggling financially, and won’t marry a woman without a college degree from a “good school” (of course, they’d still sex her, but that’s another story…)

My point is, being materialistic is NOT exclusive to black females, Hell, where the F did they learn it from? WHITE PEOPLE. Who are the BIGGEST GOLDDIGGERS on planet earth? WHITE FEMALES.
Just ask Montel Williams, Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson, Michael Straham, Amani Toomer, Kareeem Abdul Jabar, Lionel Richie, etc., etc.
Who was the word “Gold digger” invented for? WHITE FEMALES. Who created the word? WHITE MALES.
Makes no damn sense, every time these “black” websites throw BM and BW a bone and tell us to fight each other over, we jump on it and start tearing each other to piece because we are so quick to always see the NEGATIVE AND NEVER THE POSITIVE about each other, even though we know damn well we ALL know BW who don’t fit this bill…and BM who are not walking stereotypes..and we all know BM who are living off some BW who is supporting him.
don’t understand why we don’t understand why our kids, families, marriages, and communities in a shambles….

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 11, 2010

@ Butterfl...

no, sis, no BM who wants to be free of white oppression would want to see the BW -- his ONLY TRUE ALLY -- be mistreated,

A wise black man knows he can rise NO HIGHER than his woman, so a wise BM who wants to get the foot of white supremacy off his neck would NEVER degrade his own women...because they are the MOTHERS of the next black generation....


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 15, 2009


Of course, all IR couples are not dysfunctional, but that is not the point i'm making. I'm talking about survival. There is NO SUCH ANIMAL as an interracial power base, or an IR political system, or an IR economic base.

I have to disagree about the Hollywood IR. There are as many BW celebs as there are BM celebs. However, when BM are status seekers, they will always gravitate toward the women they have been programmed to think have status. Some BM actually see the game of IR = success in white Hollywood, and so get a non-black woman to boost their chances of success.

A black person I dialogued with frequently actually worked in Hollywood and she said that once, when she asked why there weren't more black men and women romances in the movies, she was told, "We don't think our (white) audience is ready for black love."

Now, read between those lines. BM loving BW was taboo during slavery and it is just as taboo today. That's why some BM find the WW "easier" because it is "easier" for them to love white people -- period.

It is what they have been TAUGHT to love all their lives. It is the same thing when blacks bow to white authority and resent black authority. It is what we have been PROGRAMMED TO DO for the last 500 years.

Perhaps, these BM find WW more tolerant because THEY are more tolerant of her. We all know that black people behave DIFFERENTLY around or with white people than they do with black people, generally meaning that black people often treat whites with more respect and consideration than they do their own kind.

Loving (worshiping) white people is a SLAVE TRADITION, only in modern terms, we sometimes call it IR dating. But ask yourself this question. Is it LOGICAL and self-respecting to love and support the women of your oppressors OVER the women of your own race?

And if that is LOGICAL and self-respecting, why is the black community in shambles? And if the BM doesn't build anything for his own community, should he expect to prosper in the long term? I ask this because the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE in the nation is that of the BM's.

I ask these IR-loving BM, where were these WW when the buses rode to Jena, LA? Where were these WW when they go up the corporate ladder and never reach a hand down to help a BM when he's falling off? Where were these WW when a BM in a suit and tie gets on an elevator and she clutches her purse tighter? Where is she when unarmed BM are shot in the streets like dogs?

What women are marching and supporting BM even when that support is seldom returned? Black women. What women raised, loved, nurtured, nursed, cared for, and stood by the BM for the last 500 years when the WW treated him like dirt? The black woman.

As a BM, I oppose this "personal, and poisonous individualism" where the individual is only thinking of their own personal happiness UNTIL the day comes when they get in a jam and need support from the same (black) community they ignored.
I am warning you and all the people who read this post, that in the near future, black folks will regret these choice, and will PRAY for some black unity. It will be especially dangerous, in these times of high white unemployment, white economic pain, and white male frustration, for a BM to be roaming the streets arm in arm with a white female. We are ignoring our history with white america because most of us are IGNORANT of our history, and how important it is in interpreting the present and the future.

Of course, we can always agree to disagree, because everyone can learn something from anyone. Thanks for posting your comment.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 16, 2009

Popique wrote: Truth be told, IR marriages has only 1 enemy, those who oppose it, and live life w/ a blindfold.

ME: Brother, everyone -- BM and BW -- has been hurt in a relationships, but some of us do not use that as an EXCUSE to jump the color line. Don't you think WW hurt WM? Or AW hurt AM? Or Hispanic women hurt Hispanic men?

To me, that's WEAK logic, and a weak cop-out that is used to AVOID taking responsibility for our OWN choices.

I wouldn't trade my black woman for the world cause I know my black azz is far from perfect, and I know I haven't always been the best man I could be, but she loved me despite that, and I love her for teaching me things that ONLY a good BW could have taught me.

I know many BM who have good black women who have stuck by them through thick and thin. Hell, II know BM who said they would have left their wives if their wives had put them through what they put their women through.

Black folks are the ONLY people on earth who turn one or two bad relationships into an INDICTMENT against our own race (made up of millions of people we NEVER met).

If a BW had a bad relationship with a BM dog, and said all BM were dogs, you'd be offended, right? YOU would say, how can a BW judge all BM, if she never met all of them?

Who knows, maybe your black ex thinks YOU took her on a ride through hell...

bottom line, I already stated my reasons as to why I'm against IR relationships. I make NO apologies for my position. The ONLY people on this planet who are MORE concerned with race-mixing, than they are with RACE-BUILDING, are the descendants of African slaves and colonized Africans...

The rest of the non-white world are focused on the white supremacists/imperialists and what their next move on the global chessboard will be...

nite_rydher wrote: I love my black sisters. There are none more beautiful, sexy, intelligent, fun loving and spiritual.

ME: I second that
nite_rydher: But a reality check for us all. The color barrier that existed between all races is all but gone. I believe that within the next 100 years, there will be only a few races on earth.

ME: Brother, the color barriers are bigger than ever. The housing and employment gains that blacks made over the last 30 years, are almost completely wiped out. Black unemployment -- regardless of education -- is the highest in the nation, and that includes ILLEGAL ALIENS. One out of 4 BM between the age of 18 and 28 are in prison. 70 percent of black children are raised by single black mothers. What is left of the so-called black community is falling apart before our eyes. Why? Not because black people are defective; it's happening because black people DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING TO US.

We do NOT understand that WAR is being waged against our community, here in America, as well as African nations abroad. If we do not face that FACT, we will lose the war by default.
nite_rydher: So, what is the true question here. "Is it a mute point to ponder over interracial dating when races as we know them today will soon be extinct"?

ME: IR dating/marriage/breeding WEAKENS our community and BUILDS NOTHING. There is NO SUCH ANIMAL as an interracial power, political, or economic base. Every ethnic group on the planet understands the power of UNITY, except the descendants of SLAVES.

Here's an experiment you can try: Go to someone in the Asian, Hispanic, Indian, or white community and tell them that their race will one day be extinct -- then watch their reaction...

when you get a chance,
check out


Dec 04, 2010 10:33 PM
REPLYING TO yurgurl345 ON Dec 04, 2010 08:51 PM Link Back
@ yurgurl345 who said, "I think the true mark of a non-racist white person is one who will
vocally say or do something in the face of injustice for anyone. I'd
say about 5 to 10 % of whites."

right, and is willing to sacrifice their "white privileges" to oppose racism/white supremacy, which - in my experience -- comes to less than 5%.

which brings to mind a question that ALL non-whites should be asking themselves:

WHY would whites collectively -- who depend on a (white supremacy) system that GUARANTEES more privileges for people who are classified as "whites" -- VOLUNTARILY END that system?

we have been dealing with this system for FIVE HUNDRED YEARS and we still don't get it? Really, what has changed for black folk? A few creature comforts, some high profile showcase blacks being paraded in front of us as a sign of "black progress" while we can see WITH OUR OWN EYES -- that black people are still TOTALLY DEPENDENT on whites

so what is the difference between today and the plantation when over a million blacks are locked up in the modern day plantation system? Did you know that black male inmates at Angola Prison in Louisiana are PICKING COTTON for 90 cents a day?

I could give so many examples but the unemployment, inferior schools, police brutality, murder by cop, tells the REAL STORY about black progress, not some Obama

i'll stop here before I get on a rant and wind up with some more black folk throwing darts at my pic lol


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 15, 2009

Hey, 1-LL

All this poisonous individualism, and it's all about me-ism, is about to die a hard, painful death. In the near future, blacks are going to be BEGGING for some black unity.

It is way past time for sugar-coating the truth...


Ohhhhh!! He is so RIGHT!! I mean...What's the POINT? I never saw the signifcance in that.Growing up,I never wanted to get all "sexed up"to get attention!! You can still look wonderful....So glad (as a black woman) I don't think this way! I have embraced the skin I'm in.The hair that I have(locks)... If you're dark,light or brown...Kinky,soft curly or straight....You still ALL THAT without exploiting yourself(sexually)...WORD!!!! EMBRACE THE BEAUTY WITHIN!! And it will shine...INSIDE OUT:-)


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted November 12, 2010

@ venitabr...

Sis, I know what u mean, some of us are stuck mentally and do not see OR understand racism even when it's happening to us.
in my experience, most black folk who deliberately move to predominantly white communities already have a certain (want to be accepted by whites) mentality

there seems to be a UNCONSCIOUSNESS about them where they have on blinders to racism even though u know damn well they are getting "looks" and stares and frowns and comments on a regular basis...but will act like it's not even happening
have a female relative who is married to a WM, one time I was met her at a starbucks in this all-white, wealthy suburb and when we sat down at a table this young WM got up and moved so he wasn't sitting near us

i peeped it but she didn't even notice it and had she noticed she would have pretended she didn't, she damn sure didn't want to talk about it, because she's so white identified, it's important that white people accept her. She thinks it's the UNEDUCATED negroes who are disliked, not the ones like herself ..loldon't know what the CURE is for that kind of mental illness but sooner or later ALL will get a wakeup call


Note by Me: Not all white people and Arabs are like this, but some of them who are bigots are our enemies.
 No question.

By Timothy
Lmjs wrote:

Is that what Topix is doing

Thats why you have the interracial mixing propaganda here and never "black" love/dating/marriage threads in more abundance.....and why you also have particular posters in the past and present such as kennyinbmore/blackwomanlover, whitenovember/blackseptember,c apree/sadbuttrue,and the many threads aimed at a particular audience that would like something such as "mixing" or "interracial" whatever, so it gains a large registrant and audience to the site, where you can engage in tons of black men and black women going at each other, and then uplifting crackers in the same breath, it makes the c____ owner and c___ audience feel better about their pathetic existence on earth.

They profit economically and socially off black men and black women divided and hating each other, instead of unified and hating the very white people and arab people that are our enemies.


-216 Elite


216 Elite wrote:
The U.S. government’s COINTELPRO attack on the Black Power Movement of the 1960s assassinated African leaders, imprisoned activists and used agents to destroy organizations.
As part of this counterinsurgency effort the government flooded the African community with heroin brought in from Southeast Asia by the CIA. Later crack cocaine from South and Central America was added.
These drugs served a two-fold purpose. They devastated the African working class community and made organizing nearly impossible. At the same time the drugs destroyed long-standing African community economic stability while turning illegal drugs into nearly a trillion dollar annual industry, generating cash that flows through every bank in the U.S.
Again Jim Crow-like laws such as Three Strikes and discriminatory sentencing mandates were used to round up millions of people and imprison them on the basis of drugs.
Prison Profit Props Up Ailing U.S. Economy
Today more than 7.5 million people—nearly half of them African—are tied to the US prison system. As big as the current government stimulus package is, it is nothing compared to the massive government investments building new prisons in every state.
This proved to be the key economic stimulus for white America over the past 30 years. It was prisons and illegal drugs that saved the US economy during all of the previous economic downturns of the 1970s, 80s and 90s.
Prisons spawned jobs in multiple sectors, such as lawyers and prosecutors, guards, court and prison administration, computer programming, along with construction, housing development and retail malls that often transformed backwards rural towns into bustling metropolises.
Wall Street banks float the loans to cities and states that are used as municipal bonds to finance prison building. These loans are basically mortgages on prisons and rake in the money for the bankers.
Private prisons profit from African slave labor used by a wide range of corporations, essentially a modern form of Convict Leasing.
Additionally, private prisons are traded on Wall Street. Their stock goes up every time another law such as Three Strikes is passed, because these laws guarantee that prison beds will be filled for the long term and that there will be an ever-increasing prison population. Wall Street makes sure that prisons remain a good investment.
“Subprime” Predatory Lending Steals African Assets
In the mid-90s the Clinton administration began changing HUD policies to allow for the targeting of the African community for predatory subprime mortgages.
For the next 10 years, bankers and lenders profited royally from entrapping African families into deceptive mortgages. Africans making over $150,000 a year were more likely to get a “subprime” load than white people making less than $35,000 a year.
Subprime mortgages are adjustable rate loans that start out low and double after a couple of years.
The banks bundled the mortgages, sliced them up and used them as investment instruments, instead of cash. They made trillions of dollars by investing these mortgage-backed securities and then quickly reinvesting their profits multiple times.
As millions of people began to default on their high-interest mortgages, the banks’ investments went bad. This was the basis of the stock market crash in September of 2008.
But the bankers have been bailed out by taxpayers’ money to the tune of trillions of dollars. The banks have never had to publicly reveal their bad debts, the “toxic assets” from the invested subprime mortgages.


A Debate I had with a racist:
Samoan Irish wrote:
LOL! listen carefully buddy you following a former MONK! who wanted to have incest relationship with a NUN! in fact if you look at the history of the Aglacan church again the ONLY way you could divorce your wife was through the church again EXCOMMUNICATED by the pope!
This is when the great proseuction of catholics happened in England! in fact there we're MORE SAINTS IN ENGLAND THAN ANYWHERE IN HISTORY LOOK AT ENGLAND NOW! THE MAIN FAITH IN 10 YEARS TIME WILL BE MUSLIM!
THE BIBLE IS A CATHOLIC BIBLE WHO PUT THE BIBLE TOGETHER? Don't u know that Luther wanted to destory the whole theory of purgatory he took out 4 books of the bible the book of Sirach due to it backed the theory we don't go straight to heaven!
LOL! at maclom X is he number 8 cause I can tell you this man was anti white, was part of a nazi type angenda against whites and promoted the ideals of taking arms against the white man
Now, I don't follow Luther unconditionally as I'm not a Lutheran or an Anglican. I'm an independent believer in God. I don't necessary believe your claims that Luther wanted incest with a nun. If he did wanted to achieve this action, then that's wrong of course. That's nothing compared to the degenerate histories of popes, nuns, priests, etc. spanning the centuries. Let's not go there.

The Anglican Church in recent years want to unite with you Papists, so that's on them. Great presecution of Catholics in England? Lol. Only a couple of hundred Catholics died. I'm not approving of that, but thousands upon thousands of Hugenonts died in France. Thousands of dissidents like the Waldensians, etc. died in Europe. Even hundreds of Protestants and baptists died under the Catholic theocrat Bloody Mary over in the UK. As for the UK being Muslim, people will have to decide their own creed. The Bible isn't Catholic as it was created in B.C. The creation of the Bible ended in ca. 100 A.D. when no Pope existed (there were only bishops as Cyprian in the 3rd Century condemned the concept of a bishop of bishops). Also, Synods existed before Jerome's time that outline the composition of the Bible texts. Even the OT was created before Catholicism.

As for the Sirach, the Apocypha has been condemned by the Jews, the Reformers, and others. These books support not only pugatory, but magic, suicide, and unaccurate historical events. The apocypha was meant as tool for background information not to be made equivalent to the Bible. Purgatory existed from paganism (or people that view nature as God. This is something you refuse to understand). Mainstream religion is a tool that the establishment uses in trying to control the human mind & soul. It's as simple as that. Malcolm X wasn't anti-white per se. He said that many whites have a guilt complex and deny racism as an excuse to blame the victim of it (being blacks). By 1964 onward, Malcolm X wanted equality for all peoples (including whites), but he never omitted what white supremacists have done to his people.

Malcolm X didn't advance taking arms against all whites. He said that he didn't believe in using arms indiscriminately against all whites. He said that black people have the right to use arms in self defense when it's necessary and legitimate. What is wrong with that?

Nothing. Malcolm X wasn't a part of a Nazi agenda as he said that if the Neo-Nazis harm blacks in the South (who are just trying to exercise their right to vote), then he would use ultimate physical retaliation against them since he wasn't handcupped by the philosophy of nonviolence.

-By Timothy

America is not being ruined by blacks. The bankers, the CFRs and NAFTAs, not forgetting MONSANTOs and GMO, Big Pharma, Codex Alimentarius, etc food are what's destroying America, and every other nation. They 'educate' you to believe in nonsense and fight for their 'ideals', and use the media to solidify the illusion. You need to wake up,'stay in wonderland and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.'...or not
Sometimes the tool ocmes to have a life and force of its own, not unlike the force of alienated labor Marx examines in his early philosophical works.
Modern racism almost certainly would not have come into existence without the new demands for cheap labor under early capitalism. We need not go into the often researched genealogy of racism. But once it exists it takes on a certain life and power of its own.
This is why a notion of racism as mere prejudice, or even just racial hostility turns out to be superficiaL.
In some capitalist societies, racism becomes part of the stratification of society itself.There is racial stratification which is intimately linked with class stratification.
It is perhaps not a mere coincidence that both racial and class inequalities in wealth are happening AT THE SAME TIME.
What's of interest when we look at the AA community is that INTERNAL CLASS division of wealth is increasing as it is in the whole world. And yet, RACIAL wealth gap is increasing between Black and white America.(Some say that this resembles the increasing wealth gap between southern and northern hemisphere nations--while each nonetheless suffer INTERNAL growing class gap)
In South Africa, some revolutionaries even spoke of this system and process of stratification as "racial capitalism."
I don't know that racism is accompanies capitalism. But where racism was very early part of the FOUNDATION of the society, as it clearly was here and in South AFrica, the class seems to itself be largely racialized. Race is not simply reducible to class as some orthdox Marxists believe, nor is class reducible to race or racism as some confused narrow nationalist believe.
If you're relegated to the lowest orders of society you will be poor, and suffer all the ills of poverty. That's true of anybody regardless of race. But the lowest classes are disporportionately Black and Brown, and this is no mere coincidence (nor due to intellectual inferiority as racists like Bozino believes)
Racial inequalities were institutionalized in the class system itself beginning in the 1600s, and is now so deeply entrenched that even civil rights victories (essential as they were and are) could not simply eradicate it. Moreover, the inequality doesn't require any longer de jure segregation and other forms of legalized apartheid. It probably doesn't even require personal racial prejudices and hatreds, though these do help perpetuate the system.
Simply allowing the system to function as it normally does is enough.
The question of how to overcome this race/class divide sufficiently to build solidarity among all the dispossessed has been the big issue--at times almost a mystery--which progressive people from every walk of life have had to face.
This is what Dr. King and Cesar Chavez were trying to figure out. This is what the Black Panther Party was trying to figure out.
This is what we still must figure out, at least make some progress in achieving, lest the fascist impose their own solution--'final solution"?.....This must not be!!! Death to racism ane very form of exploitation and oppression!

Educated Black woman wrote:

You are the type of Black woman who is a doormat for some of these Black men. You know very well that there just isn't as many qualified Black men for all of us. You might have a good Black man,but don't come on here trying to patronize the rest of us.
And you wish I was White. That is an easy way out for you.
My point is this, if you are done with Black Men well move on and I wish you the best. But how dare you create a thread and tell other Black Women we should follow behind you because of your bad experience with the black male. Yes as a woman I’ve been hurt by MAN… what WOMAN hasn’t. White MEN has hurt white women too.

Now look around do you see white women creating threads telling their peers to jump ship and leave the white MAN… NO you do not and you will not. This mess you are spreading that black men are bad is just another LIE. See I’m a grown a** woman and as I grew I learned the difference between what is good for me and what is not. I promise you I’ve been blessed with more good BLACK men then your so call bad. You on the other hand continue to pick from the same barrel. A good man searches for a good woman, maybe this is why they always find me... Understand. If you continue to encounter bad MEN, well maybe you need to check yourself. Don’t come on an AAF to put down black men and try to uplift the white man as if they are better for a Sista. If that man is black, white, green or purple, that man is still a MAN. You are not promise a “perfect” relationship. All relationships have problems and are given choices. You can stay and make it work or move on. The strong, loving and respectable couples can outlast them all. If it doesn’t work out, well at least I hope you learned something from it so you won't take that mistake over to the next one with a bitter attitude.

Now that I’ve shared this with you and others, I stand by my previous comment… YOU are a TROLL on a fail mission to divide. BE GONE!!

Oh yeah! Repeating… I LOVE BLACK MEN and BLACK MEN LOVES ME!!!



For BM/BW Who Think Race Don't Matte

Dec 06, 2009 12:15 AM

For black folks who think race doesn't matter,
just remember those words...

The next time you complain about the lack of black unity
And the poor quality of life in the black community
Because you have no protection or immunity
From the rogue policeman's reign of cruelty

As they shoot black men like dogs in the street
Remember those words: race doesn't matter

The next time you have to go to the white man for a job,
with your hat in hand,
And you can't get a $10 business loan
to open a lemonade stand
And you lose your home
due to predatory loan men
And you get stopped for driving while black
because you don't have white skin

Remember those words: race doesn't matter

When a black man can't get a job even with a college degree
But a white man with a criminal record gets a job like he's
And we can't get no respect as a black man
And even the white female who grabs her purse
at the sight of us understands
That EVERY MAN on this planet better have a PLAN
Because it's OUR JOB
to take care of our women and children on our OWN land

Remember these words: race doesn't matter

When you can't catch a break
And you wonder how an empty wallet
can stop an empty stomach ache
And we look back and remember who was there
When we were little more than a tiny pooh bear
Because the next face we'll see in our mind's eye
Is a black woman with a brown face and a big wide smile

And in our darkest days, we'll recognize OUR OWN
And our black a____ had better pray
That our foolish ways
have NOT turned the black woman's
heart to stone

So, it's time to wise up, my brothers
Or be prepared to pay
Because the day of God's reckoning
ain't that far away
We better get down on our knees and pray
That God will take mercy on our dishonorable ways
Because instead of protecting our women and children

We chose to play
more games with white and Asian females
Who don't give a d___ any day
About our culture, problems, or issues
When we're forced to take a stand
It's a black thing, baby
An Asian or white female just can't understand

All she can do is raise more confused black children
With no true racial identity
who will be as useless as Tiger Woods
When it's crunch time for black unity

So remember my words
in this little ditty
A dishonorable man
In God eyes
Will be shown NO PITY


Kashta, Japanese, especially their males have a mindset closest to Caucasian males. If a people are offended by the actions of one, then that people are foolishly arrogrant. If the Japanese are truly offended, then why have not the Japanese government truly apologized for yesterday's wrongs?

More so, we cannot accept failures. However, it should NOT be our job to belittle or downgrade our brothers and sisters - especially children. For instance, if I had a child living with me who came home with failing grades, I would not take your position. I would show him the consequences of his actions by making his atmosphere stricter (without hitting my child of course). No television, no computer, no games and I would make him work out with me everyday. I would punish him while sacrificing my time to show him how to improve. Then I would gauge his report card not by his teacher's grade but rather, the effort I see him putting forth.

Kashta, we all are not going to do well in school.

Then I would look towards something that positively reinforces my child in an academic setting while never telling him what I am doing. I am more intelligent than my child so I would use my mind to make him better. All the time never accepting a failing mentality.

Your path could lead to a child's destruction. Your path could turn off valuable potential assets which just creates bigger problems. Our people are being crushed because of ignorance so how does taking THE TOUGHEST stances have a chance to remedy the reality?

-Jermaine Malik Floyd


The Revolutionist wrote:

Good question, in my opinion the common sense thing to do would be to study, understand and conquer the Sciences of the white man and use them to invent our own technologies!... This would serve as a defence against anything he is likely to throw at our people!If you understand the Science of your enemies he will become less of a threat, we have many blacks who are working within the white mans Weapons, Chemical, Space centres and Scientific industries, imagine them uniting with Millionaire Blacks, they could develop their own technologies separate from whites... However, WE MUST NOT USE THE SAME DEGRADED MORAL CODE THE WHITE MAN USED, Which was to Conquer and rule, this is a sure way to guarantee your brutal treatment once your empire starts to slip, plus you will have to answer to mother nature eventually!


And it may further bankrupt black people -literally-

If we continue down the same old road.
"Secondly, "illegal alien" is a racist slur, and should poison the mouth of any black person whose lips it passes.  Anybody hearing that term in their presence should act as though they just heard an unauthorized use of the n-word, and take firm corrective action.  That's the school I am from, CN."
"Scary"... Can I say illegal immigrant? Or is that "hate speech," subject to prosecution (or an attempted a___ whooping)?
I once read or heard somewhere (can't remember) that totalitarian liberals say they're all for freedom & equality and what not, but when power is concentrated in their hands, it's a different story.
"Fourth, it was the ruling classes of this country that crashed the rural economy of Mexico with NAFTA, driving millions of Mexicans off their land by shipping US genetically modified corn in to undermine the corn they once made a living feeding each other with.  Some of the landless worked in the border sweatshops, but there were never enough jobs to feed them all, so the rest have come here.  Wise up, CN; the "Mexican government" is Wall Street, same as the US government."
I don't see where we disagree here, I'm just saying that the solution is not supporting the corporate goal of unfettered, deregulated immigration of cheap labor/strike breakers, & a weak, unaccountable, puppet Mexican government. How does that tide lift all boats?
Like I said, if you really feel that way, the answer is not working for others interest to the detriment of an already weak Black masses. The answer is the Jewish model. You strengthen YOURSELF FIRST, so that you'll be able to influence policy. That's what the Mexicans are doing. "Por La Raza todo, Fuera de La Raza nada"
"For the Race, everything, outside the Race, nothing"
I don't see them on the frontline fighting for Black people. Maybe we need to work on that. Where were they at when Obama was kicking the Haitians out?
I'm not saying we shouldn't speak out against something wrong,,, we are a caring people, but we're not some cheap prostitutes and pawns of the democrat plantation and its many interest groups. I'm a Black people firster.



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 07, 2010

@ sistersu...

sis, i'm only SAYING what black folk already know

deep down underneath the layer of bull S programming

we got to wake up that WISE AFRICAN SPIRIT in our DNA

we were the first people, GOD gave us something special

which is why some folks work so hard to kill that spirit

and imitate that spirit

the time is coming
our time is coming
the first shall come last
the last shall come first


Can't get any clearer....

"The economic philosophy of black nationalism is pure and simple. It only means that we should control the economy of our community. Why should white people be running all the stores in our community? Why should white people be running the banks of our community? Why should the economy of our community be in the hands of the white man? Why? If a black man can't move his store into a white community, you tell me why a white man should move his store into a black community. The philosophy of black nationalism involves a re-education program in the black community in regards to economics. Our people have to be made to see that any time you take your dollar out of your community and spend it in a community where you don't live, the community where you live will get poorer and poorer, and the community where you spend your money will get richer and richer."

Malcolm X


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