Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Brainiac2 wrote:
Of course its possible Ghandi proved it. What isn't possible is for AAs to implement that kind of policy and stay with it in the same way that the Indians did.
Maybe because the system that Ghandi opposed was less obstinate or because the temperament of the people attempting it differ or both.
Dr. King certainly showed that African-Americans can implement nonviolent revolutionary change. The 1960s showed that.
What I wonder is whether a nonviolent movement cutting across racial barriers is possible in the USA.



Savant wrote:
That is a question with which Dr. King struggled during his entire life as a Movement leader.
But is REVOLUTION possible withut spilling rivers of blood? Or are revolutions ALWAYS bloody, as Malcolm X seesm to imply in his famous "Message to the Grassroots" speech?...
But can it be accomplished by NONVIOLENT means?
Yessir. You are already a part of it, right here, right now. Don't loose your focus or allow yourself to be sidetracked with gadgetry or fluff. Strengthen your spirit, stick to your guns. The door has already been opened for us, all we need do is walk through.



Barros Serrano wrote:
Wisconsin... daily I hope to see this thing grow, Yanks standing up in the same old tradition, and it was a NON-VIOLENT tradition even before Gandhi and King, if you consider for example the labor movement.
Faced with superior force, you have only RIGHT on your side. Justice... In the West with a free press rolling, power sometimes has to respect the will of the people energetically expressed.
In WS they have the energy! It's great to see it.
Let's see more! Let's assume that our govt isn't going to send mercenaries and artillery after us for demanding that the USA's promises of freedom be fulfilled...
Interestingly enough, popular insurgency has spread in lands like Egypt and Tunisia where there's not even the PRETENSE of a free press, and no constitutional gurantees. New technologies seem to offer means of communicating, uniting and resisting repressive power which exceed anything previous movements have had available.
I imagine that even a Hitler or a Stalin would have a harder time suppressing all the technologies that are available to oppositional movements today. And even if they succeeded their success might have been more short lived.
While reading THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., I noted King's uncertain speculations as to whether nonviolent revolutions are possible in a TOTALITARIAN police state. He's not sure, though he thinks it might be. With current technologies in an era in which autocratic Leninist methods, UNDISGUISED fascism, and apparently Islamist fundamentalism and terrorism are increasingly discredited, history may be proving Dr. King right.
Even police states are not immune to nonviolent resistance. At least MANY are not, though the situation in Libya seems to suggest a troubling exception (like Rumania in 1989)



EkDesiLadki wrote:
Good morning Dr. Savant,
It's quite interesting to hear about "thing-orientated" society.
It's seems we got conceived by things when we were busy consuming things.
I saw a documentary that stated how almost every bank/investment firms were practicing predatory lending practices and we people just became numbers. The sad thing is they got bailed out but people didn't. Seems like there is good food for scavengers who flip even the foreclosure properties. Some are still filling the belly and becoming fat.
The revolution is needed but I don't see it's easy. I always question if govt could have helped REAL people ?
You stated here good reasons why we need a Revolution, hopefully a NONVIOLENT revolution. When predators are bailed out but the people upon whom they prey are abandoned, and when people become mere numbers or commodities, we need a RADICAL TRANSFORMATION to restore humanity to the world, to establish respect for the dignity of the human personality.



EkDesiLadki wrote:
It's interesting that you mention Abdul Ghaffar Khan. He was an freedom fighter(Indian independence) and believed in non-violence. He believed in Hindu-Muslim unity and was against India's paritition. For this he was called a traitor by Muslims(Pakistanis) and after partition, he spend most of his life being prosecuted by Pakistani governement. He spend many years in prison and even DIED while he was in house arrest. This is the way Pakistan repay for a non-violent freedom fighter who spend most of his life for the country and to uplift his community(pashtuns). Even today, you can see the similar kind of intolerance in pakistan and everyday you can hear people killing each other for religion.
Indian govt honored him with the highest award that can be given to any citizen, he was first non-citizen to receive Bharat Ratna.
Anyway Muslims in India are mostly non-violent and have culture similar to the areas where they live. They aren't involved in any terrorism but most terrorism in India is mostly carried by pakistanis. Anyway, I feel there is disgusting language used on internet on al Muslims and I'm sure it will be difficult to be Muslim at this age.
What was the name of the person who led the move toward partition? I can't see what he and his followers gained from it. Is it true that he threatened to start a civil war in India of Indian leaders opposed the partition?
At any rate, I'm glad that the people in Muslim countries fighting tyranny today seems to have rejected Islamic fundamentalism aand terror in favor of nonviolence. Too bad their governments aren't exactly sold on the idea of nonviolence.
Last night I heard reported that in Bahrain some Muslims first had a prayer meeting, and then left their mosque for a NONVIOLENT protest---a nonviolent protest answered by repressive violence of Saudi troops. I should like to see a wave of democratic revolution sweep through Saudi Arabia.
Perhaps the Muslim peoples are simply learning that violence and terrorism is a dead end, and that one is more likely to accomplish freedom by nonviolence resistance than by spilling rivers of human blood.
I commend them...and LOATHE their rulers.



CaliFemme23Sep. 13th, 2010
at 11:54 pm
Gotta love Nodoubt10! Great quote you dropped…Definitely something I PERSONALLY need to remember!
Guess I should get my Malcolm-X Biography off the book shelf and re-iterate some things for myself…


nodoubt10Sep. 9th, 2010
at 3:00 pm

As long as it’s not attended to further disrespect black women then it shouldn’t be a problem. Robert Downey Jr. played a black man in Tropic Thunder, not too many got upset about it. When Marlon and Shawn Wayans played white women it wasn’t really in a disrespecting way. So since black women are looked at as double minorities(not for long though)in society and not correctly represented in movies and tv shows(esp dark-skinned women), the entertainment industry has to be very cautious about it, because only a very few black women would actually see or hear something disrespectful and speak out against it.
Furthermore, more black men have to stand up and speak for our women instead of joining the ranks of those who choose to continue disrespecting them.
Isn’t it funny how there are more dark-skinned black women in porn than it is on movies and television shows? hmmmm.


crammastersSep. 12th, 2010
at 9:39 pm

@ Cali
black folk are so used to be disrespected, that many don’t even recognize it when it’s happening and are quick to throw out “it’s not about race!” card as though it’s an omen against bad spirits

“if i don’t think about racism, it ain’t happening!”

while all around them, racism is happening every day, but they are hypnotized by the DVD and TV (which is actually hypnotizing people via the digital signals and unseen subliminal messages)

which makes a thinking man or woman, Cali, wonder, how can people who are so disoriented to their OWN REALITY survive in the coming society?

how can a black person see what is happening to their families, to their incomes, to their neighborhoods, to their kids, to OUR images as BM and BW and ever say “race got nothing to do with it”

don’t want to get on a rant here, so i’m out


crammastersSep. 12th, 2010
at 9:22 pm

@ jai_stormy who said, “when will it ever end?”
sis, it won’t end until BM and BW STOP TOLERATING IT. Bet money, this white clown will find some fool azz, self-hating black folk to sit in the audience and laugh at it.

none of this “comedy” would have taken off in the first damn place had black folks COLLECTIVELY had some respect for ourselves. U can’t make money in an empty theater or with CDs and DVDs that ain’t selling.
I’ve watched BW complain oabout their “images” then sit in a movie theater watching “Norbit” or “Big Momma’s House” and fall off the seats laughing at their own degraded images, or some BW are idolizing some ignant azz rapper who calls them Bs and H*os and dancing and “dropping it like it’s hot” to a song calling them pieces of meat. Ladies, u can’t have it both ways. Either you are a piece of meat or you deserve respect – which means u got to respect yourself FIRST. Time to make a decision…

The BM who support this madness, are watching OUR MOMMAS, SISTERS, DAUGHTERS, WIVES AND LOVERS being degraded, so what kind of man (i’m talking about a REAL MAN) does that crazy shyt? While the WM puts his females on a pedestal, he’s telling us to push ours down in the dirt and we are STUPID and BALL-LESS enough to listen to him??

there are two reasons this is happening, sis. #1 — the best way to destroy a people is to degrade the place they come from: the WOMAN. Once you destroy the image of the female, the children PERISH, and the males self-destruct, because the males can’t be any BETTER than the place they came from: the female.

#2 — NOBODY SPENDS THIS MUCH TIME PUTTING DOWN JUNK, sis, so they are telling you that you are a POWERFUL FORCE FOR CHANGE — and so must convince YOU (and me, the BM) that you are inferior, to destroy your morale.

they have already destroyed a lot of BM’s morale, otherwise, we wouldn’t be running around with the females of our enemies, right then, you know a BM is WHIPPED and BEATEN, because there is NO WAY a BLACK MAN can sleep with the SYMBOL of his oppression at night and get up in the daytime and FIGHT HIS OPPRESSION.

That’s why the white media has been pushing IR on the BM for the last 20 years and look how well it’s worked. The BM — collectively — is at the bottom of every category in the nation: health, prison, education, high school grad rates, etc.

now, they got the BM on the ropes, going down for the count, and they’ve turning the GUNS on the beaten down BW, who has been made to feel that the BM don’t want her and she has nowhere else to turn but a — white man

when in reality, MOST BM DATE AND MARRY BW, and so now the BW is being SET UP to be a WM’s w*hore, only this time instead of being raped, the BW will be setting herself up VOLUNTARILY

folks better start peeping his game of divide and conquer and start asking some serious questions about WHY they want to separate us and demoralize our women — who are the mothers of our black children?

and you can start with checking out the links in my personal message, no this is NOT a sales pitch, this is a WAKE-UP CALL

crammastersSep. 13th, 2010
at 7:31 pm

@ mrjfrostbite who said,”What’s messed up about your whole argument is you probably have Chappelles show seasons 1 thru 3 on DVD in your home chuckling it up when Dave portrayes the character “Chuck Taylor” or watch the Boondocks every week which shows you don’t even believe the garbage you spew.”

ME: got to step in, brother. How can u tell CaliFemme what she watches at home and that she doesn’t believe what she’s saying? If u disagree, that’s your right, but come on…

and since u mentioned my name let me address your comparison between BM portraying BW and “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

There are TWO main differences: (1) The movie audience KNEW Robin Williams was a MAN, who ONLY dressed up TEMPORARILY as a woman in order to do a MANLY thing — and that was seeing his kids. After Robin Williams accomplishes his MISSION, he took the d__ dress off.
Tyler Perry is PLAYING A FEMALE CHARACTER from beginning to the end of the movie. He does NOT take his dress off and is not wearing a dress to accomplish any mission because he HAS NO MISSION, he is just another BLACK MAN PLAYING THE ROLE OF A FEMALE.

difference #2:
Robin Williams’ female character was NEVER degraded, she was not an “ignorant” white female, she was a funny, kind and very admirable female who EVERYONE admired when they met her.

The BM who play black females ALWAYS PORTRAY a degraded black female character, who is overweight, unattractive, ignorant, violent, etc. That is difference #2

There is a REASON why the white media continually puts BM in dresses — and NO OTHER RACE OF MALES IS PUT IN DRESSES AS OFTEN AS BM and why so many young BM are sexually confused. The two are linked, believe that…of course there are other reasons for this confusion as well…
when u get time, brother, check out my blog post “Black Men In Dresses: Comedy OR Conquest? (A Repost)” — which i posted in July 2010.

I’m not trying to disrespect u, brother, I’m here to share information and viewpoints and learn from other posters. It’s important that we dialogue about what is happening to our images so our youngsters won’t go through the self-esteem damage that most of us went thru and are still going thru.

hit me with a note if you check it out

OR don’t have a problem with so many black males wearing dresses (even Dave Chappelle refused to wear a dress in a movie with Martin Lawrence)…


crammastersSep. 13th, 2010
at 11:33 pm

@ nodoubt
it’s a typical mentality (trick) of whites who try to tell blacks how to think and feel, especially when it comes to the white media racism that is victimizing US.

now she got a right to post her opinion and once she does, other folks got a right to respond however they see fit. i don’t go on Jewish websites and tell Jews how to feel about anti-Jewish hype. I don’t go on Native Americans’ site OR Aaian sites and tell them how to feel about the way they have been mistreated

And I don’t tolerate white folks telling ME how to feel when the white media pays these black clowns and puppets and buffoons to degrade my women, women like my wife, mother, sisters, and daughter.

It is NOT a small thing to ME, it’s a reflection of the kind of man I am since I came from a BW, so if you put them down, you are AUTOMATICALLY putting my a___ down, that’s the bottom line

as far as I’m concerned, that’s being GROWN UP, to respect your women and your d___ self.

And i will see if SHE answers my question, I want to know who all these “plenty” of BM who have dressed up as white females in movies are since I can only think of those fool a___ Wayan brothers in “white girls”

when folks make a bold CLAIM, they should back that sh___ up, that’s all i’m saying…


nodoubt10Sep. 13th, 2010
at 11:11 pm

@CRAM.. yeah because I think you sent that brother choking because he did not return for more.
and for the babies that come on here telling folk that THEY need to “grow up”, continue to hand them out t-bone dinners.


crammastersSep. 13th, 2010
at 10:54 pm

@ miss_anonymous who said, “there has been plenty of black males who dress up n act like white females but u dont hear white people mad n booty hurt because of it”

ME: name the “plenty of black male” actors and the movies if that’s true…and plenty means more than one or two

your post is a great example of why black folks should NEVER allow a white person to define what is degrading to us, it wasn’t so long ago when whites (who sounded like you) told blacks to get over being second-class citizens, to “get over” Katrina, to “get over” Sean Bell, to “get over’ the FIVE HUNDRED YEARS OF DEGRADATION INFLICTED UPON US BY YOUR RACE IN YOUR ATTEMPT TO BE “SUPERIOR” to the FIRST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET

i would highly suggest that YOU clean out your own filthy house called “racism/white supremacy” before you tell YOUR BLACK, RED, YELLOW, AND BROWN VICTIMS ALL OVER THE PLANET — from Iraq to Vietnam, to Native Americans, and enslaved blacks and Africans — to “grow up.”

if whites had ever “grown up” there would be so much misery on this planet.


crammastersSep. 13th, 2010
at 9:56 pm

@ nodoubt who said, ““You have to be careful, very careful, introducing the truth to a black man who has never previously heard the truth about himself, his own kind, and the white man… The black brother is so brainwashed that he may even be repelled when he first hears the truth……the truth had to be dropped only a little bit at a time. And you had to wait a while to let it sink in before advancing the next step.” -Malcolm X (From the Autobiography of Malcolm X)”

ME: great quote! I am still learning, brother, and have blown many an opportunity by coming on too strong. I stand corrected, and appreciate the reminder.


crammastersSep. 13th, 2010
at 9:17 pm

@ customdesign
I agree, for the BW to cosign on her own degradation says SHE DOES NOT RESPECT HERSELF. For the BM to degrade or cosign on degrading the place HE came from – a black woman – means that BM doesn’t respect himself.
Just like the WM puts the WW on a PUBLIC pedestal (even when he abuses her in private) because he knows the way he treats his FEMALE PUBLICLY says EVERYTHING about the KIND OF MAN HE IS, not the kind of women they are…

A nation rises (or falls) based on the SOCIAL POSITION OF HIS FEMALE — Karl Marx


crammastersSep. 13th, 2010
at 8:53 pm

@ Cali
sis, it is hard to understand this constant, endless defending of whites who are clearly racist. I can understand folks disagreeing, but defending folks who degrade us speaks of a massive, collective black inferiority complex bred from a media/entertainment/educational white supremacy system that teaches black inferiority from cradle to grave.

and if black folk don’t wake up and peep this game, our kids will believe they are inferior, the same way we were taught to feel inferior to whites — and u would think that any GOOD parent would be concerned about the messages their kids are getting –

and a GREAT parent would turn the damn TV off and encourage their kids to read a book, build something, play with something that stimulates the mind instead of watching the “boob tube” (and they don’t call it “boob” for nothing)

did u know scientists found that there is NO BRAIN ACTIVITY when people are watching TV? So imagine a 2 or 3 or 4 year old sitting in front of a TV for HOURS so their parent won’t have to be bothered with them

and then the parent will wonder, “Why is Johnny having a hard time learning to read and do arithmetic?”

because we are KILLING OUR KIDS’ BRAINS at the most critical brain development stage in their lives: from birth to age FIVE..

And you can see this damage in a lot of grown folks today…


CaliFemme23 Aug. 6th, 2010 at 8:32 pm
LOL, Well I’m glad I have such a good ‘following’ from the people here on BP, as it were…
Awwwww, you poor thing! Did I hurt your feelings by making a generalization about whites???
I’ll tell you what, when black people and white people change my mind COLLECTIVELY and personally, I shall change my stance….Until then, I call it like I see it! You don’t like it, CHANGE IT or IGNORE IT…
You type of people kill me, you hate to realize ANYTHING about people in this world generally because it would FORCE one as a black person, to REACT to the atrocities before you, and it would FORCE a white person to REACT to the atrocities committed….Both groups would rather laugh and smile in each other’s faces…MISS ME..
Now was that more clear and concise for you?


crammasters Aug. 6th, 2010 at 6:34 pm
@ CaliFemme

I see u jumped right on this story…lol

Of course, this is a terrible thing, but it was all very predictable and falls in line with OUR history in this country. If black folks KNEW our history AND the history of whites — particularly when the economy is extremely bad — we would have KNOWN this kind of thing was going to start happening.

And we would know that hard economic times in the past often led to race riots, like the ones in Chicago around 1919, where whites came into black areas and attacked random blacks. THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE DISARMED BLACKS IN NEARLY EVERY MAJOR US CITY WHERE WE ARE THE MAJORITY BY USING “GUN CONTROL” LAWS.

The bubbling soup called “racism” includes the ANGER that has been building in the white male population, courtesy of the Rush Limbaughs, the economy, Obama’s election, the (false) “browning” of America, and the false myth of “reverse racism” and “reverse discimination” against white males, all media-manufactured HYPE designed to enrage the white male.

And there is one more bone I would add to the soup: the large number of BM who are sexing, freaking with, breeding with, and dating white females.

I have warned BM who insist on sleeping with their oppressors’ females, to watch their backs as the economy gets worse. That IR is promoted by the media for BM because it allows the poor a___ WM to focus his rage on sometthing other than what the white elites are doing to him, and use the BM as the scapegoat for the average WM”s rage

Not to be a smart a___, but I warned BM about the danger of allowing ourselves to become disunified and divided a few years ago, that we would be even bigger targets if Obama won AND if we kept on screwing around with these white females INSTEAD of building up strong BLACK communities where we would be able to PROTECT ourselves, our BLACK women, and our BLACK children.


crammastersSep. 13th, 2010
at 7:10 pm

@ Cali
this is a black mind on white supremacy crack,

a mind that is so white-identified, so disoriented from its own black reality, that it can’t think straight OR logically. This mindset is the best argument for NOT LETTING THE WHITE MEDIA BABYSIT OUR KIDS.

Of course, our ancestors – as tortured as they were – at LEAST recognized DISRESPECT when they saw it or experienced it.

They would be devastated (in my opinionated opinion) to see the mindset of so many self-disrespectful black folks today who think it is a compliment to be degraded…

and the white supremacists who control the media are LAUGHING THEIR A___ OFF, to see just how clueless and self-disrespectful so many black folks are today.

carrying out the rest of their “plan” for black folks is just like shooting ducks in water…just like Dr. Frances Welsing once said in an interview with the “Final Call:”

“People who do not respect themselves will not protect themselves.”

and u can see the TRUTH in that statement when u look at the violence in our black communities, and how our kids and babies are dying… so i’m going to repeat it:

“People who do not respect themselves will not protect themselves.”

won’t be no resistance from black folks when the deal goes down, because there’s no understanding,

and there won’t be any understanding because ignorance PLUS arrogance is a terrible combination that not even a stick of DYNAMITE can blast thru…

All I can say is that was in-fugging-credible. .


crammastersSep. 13th, 2010
at 6:55 pm

@ mrjfrostbite
i’m going to comment on parts of your post, one section at a time:

mrjfrostbite said: “By the way, to some of the more opinionated people commenting about things they know nothing about. The a ct of a white person doing a parody of a black person or vice versa is NOT in any way racist as defined by the word itself.”
ME: if the definition of being “opinionated” means a person who post their opinion, i assume you included yourself….since it’s very “opinionated” to say another poster “doesn’t know what they’re talking about” just because u disagree (or don’t understand it).

by the way, if you addressed your comment to me, direct it to me by name. No need to so timid, brother, we’re just having a peaceful dialogue in cyberspace..

mrjfrostbite said: “The word you actually want to be using is INSENSITIVE (which any parody even if the charactor was white would fall into).”

no, brother, that’s the word YOU would use, I’m sure you’re not so arrogant that you think you have the right to rewrite the posts of other folks and tell them what words to use. Now, if you don’t understand what a poster is saying, ask for an explanation…

mrjfrostbite said: “In order for it to become racist his character would need to be a self hating black person, for example “Uncle Ruckus” from the cartooon….”

ME: i’d advise you to research the REAL meaning of “racism.” There is ONLY one kind of racism, white racism, because racism represents INSTITUTIONAL POWER; it is NOT the same as being “prejudiced” which only means you have “pre-judged” someone.

Since blacks have NO INSTITUTIONAL POWER over whites, blacks — whether self-hating or not — cannot be racist. As far as the other stuff u wrote, don’t (and can’t) follow your logic…

mrjfrostbite said: “The reason why racism in America is an after thought now is because the word is thrown out their so much it has no meaning.”

ME: Say what???? racism is an after-thought and “has no meaning”?

mrjfrostbite said: “Pick up a book and learn about the civil rights movement and what your ancesters went through before you make light of what they dealt with because you don’t like or agree with something.”

ME: who is the you in “you don’t like or agree…?” If you are addressing someone in particular, brother, why not identify them so they can respond? And because you disagree with another poster, that means they are making light of what their ancestors went thru? Don’t follow your logic…
mrjfrostbite said: “Elderly white people are characterized as angry and bitter so we actually should be proud and take it as a compliment that ours are looked at as people you actually want to be around and all races notice that.”

ME: we should be proud that a white boy wants to dress up and portray an ignorant black female? And you think we are looked at as people other races want to be around because a BM (Tyler Perry) dresses up like a female?

I’m done. let’s just agree to disagree…


I represent one percent of that majority and I can truly say I am attracted to Black Men and Black Men only.



CaliFemme23Sep. 13th, 2010
at 11:13 am

You see all that ‘blather’ right ‘below’ me? I see, question STILL not answered. I KNOW the answer and of course YOU do, but for the blacks defending this garbage, it’s hard for them to ADMIT to themselves that other races would NOT do this to themselves! But we praise it as ‘funny’ when it’s done to us?
We should be a tad insulted that there is NO respect from other races for ours, yet we catch a cramp in our arms for extending them so very much for others. Not only is there no ‘white Norbit’ but there is no white Big Momma, there is no white Klumps etc…WHY IS THAT? The white race wouldn’t DARE degrade their own women like that! White men can’t put their women down for money, then look them in the face as the ‘superior’ woman…
mrjfrostbite, If you think our ancestors went through HELL during the movement, JUST so we would feel complacent with this foolishness, so we could accept such coonery, then YOU need to pick up a book, make that the RIGHT book…How can you defend this garbage?


Note by Me: I don't agree with calling people stupid in this fashion, but this is interesting information.

By Timothy


Moron, race is REAL, it isn't just a classification.....ever heard of the GENOME PROJECT? They finished it a few years ago, they mapped out the entire human genome, and what they found is that even though races share more similarities than differences, there are still DIFFERENCES.

You can go and get a DNA test genius, and with current technology they can tell you EXACTLY where in the world each of your ancestors came from, now how would that be possible if human races couldn't be classified based on genetics? Oprah Winfrey took a genetics test and she found out that some of her ancestors were from India.........now, Isaac Newton, how would that be possible if scientists were not able to classify the differences between East Indians and Africans? Jesus you people are stupid!



Somebody's Suffering from a Severe Case of Amnesia

Perhaps the Harvard Law Scholar received an elbow to the head while playing basketball or stopped taking his meds; despite his own past words and protestations he's starting to act like the frat boy from Kennebunkport, Georgie Bush whom he heaped tons of derision on.
It's deja vu all over again.  LOL
Opposed to Dumb, Rash Wars
I don't oppose all wars. What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war. What I am opposed to is the cynical attempt by Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz and other armchair, weekend warriors in this administration to shove their own ideological agendas down our throats, irrespective of the costs in lives lost and in hardships borne.
That's what I'm opposed to. A dumb war. A rash war. A war based not on reason but on passion, not on principle but on politics.
Now let me be clear: I suffer no illusions about Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal man. A ruthless man. A man who butchers his own people to secure his own power.... The world, and the Iraqi people, would be better off without him.
But I also know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, or to his neighbors...and that in concert with the international community he can be contained until, in the way of all petty dictators, he falls away into the dustbin of history.
I know that even a successful war against Iraq will require a U.S. occupation of undetermined length, at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequences.
I know that an invasion of Iraq without a clear rationale and without strong international support will only fan the flames of the Middle East, and encourage the worst, rather than best, impulses of the Arab world, and strengthen the recruitment arm of al-Qaeda.
You want a fight, President Bush? Let's fight to make sure our so-called allies in the Middle East, the Saudis and the Egyptians, stop oppressing their own people, and suppressing dissent, and tolerating corruption and inequality, and mismanaging their economies so that their youth grow up without education, without prospects, without hope, the ready recruits of terrorist cells.
You want a fight, President Bush? Let's fight to wean ourselves off Middle East oil through an energy policy that doesn't simply serve the interests of Exxon and Mobil.
Those are the battles that we need to fight. Those are the battles that we willingly join. The battles against ignorance and intolerance. Corruption and greed. Poverty and despair."
Huh?   What the f***k did I just read, what did Obama say back in 2002?   Talk about abject betrayal and hypocrisy!  Somebody key up Michael Jackson, I need to hear a refrain or two of:
"I'm talking 'bout the man in the mirror."


Royal F-Ups or Just a Bunch of Damned 2 Faced Hypocrites;

Either the Arab League [w the notable exceptions of Syria & Algeria] are a bunch of Royal Idiots & Screw-Ups -&/or- a bunch of damnedable 2 Faced Hypocrites. What did they think was going to happen when the US / UK / French / NATO gang unleashed that barrage of 110 [& counting] sub & ship based cruise missiles??!! Did they really think there would be no so-called  'Collateral Damage' [or as ex-CentCom Chief Tommy Franks said when he unleashed the Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld  /  NeoCon gang's Shock & Awe on Iraq - BUG SPLAT]??!! DoD Sec Bob Gates said it straight up- 'Make no mistake about it - to impose a no-fly zone on Libya  -Means an Attack on Libya'!  Now I don't even like this SOB but I did appreciate his honesty & frankness in this case.
Who gives a damn about the Arab Leagues crocodile tears at this point- DUH-UH, We expected the US / NATO / UN to protect civilians w the no-fly zone not kill civilians- PLEASE- Have these guys been living on another planet for the past decade or 2 [or even since the UN started doing so-called peace keeping missions]?!  If the Arab League had urged Russia & China to veto instead of the opposite- this onslaught might have been stopped in its tracks [Its Note-worthy that Putin said this US / UK / French / NATO / UN 'resolution' to attack Libya resembled "medieval calls for crusades" - Sounds a whole lot like what Khadafi calls it - don't it].
And I don't agree w the theory that Lebanon was secretly manipulated by Iran to cheer-lead for the US / UK / France / NATO gang to attack Libya [FYI: Iran is not part of the Arab League because technically Iran is Persian not Arab]- Between the US / UK / France / NATO & the Arab League spearheaded by the regimes of the Saudis, Jordan, Egypt, US controlled Iraq, etc- there's more than enough villains to go around [FYI: The pro Syrian / Iranian- Hezbollah is often at odds {at least politically but sometimes even militarily} w the pro - Western / Saudi- Christian Marionites, etc factions- in Lebanon. And that Lebanese guy pushing for this attack {in the guise of a no-fly zone for humanitarian reasons} on Libya didn't look like a Hezbollah guy to me.].
PS: It turns out that both Iran & Hezbollah, though they don't particularly like Khadaffi, specifically criticized & warned against the US / UK / France / NATO attack on Libya & the Arab League for calling for such an attack- which the Arab League responded that Iran needs to butt-out of Arab affairs.


A Couple of Note-worthy Points....

A Couple of Note-worthy Points
1: The current head of the Arab League is also the acting / current PM of Egypt- and a likely candidate for to be Egypt's Pres if & when they have their elections...
2: As Pepe Escobar noted- It just so happens that this US / UK / French / NATO attack on Libya started on the 8th anniversary of the US / UK / Aussie attack on Iraq. 
3: Japan's response after the US / UK / French / NATO bombardment of Libya leading to substantial loss of civilian life: 'It was worth it to carry out the objectives of UN Resolution 1973'...
NOW: One would think that in the immediate aftermath of that 9pt earth-quake & tsunami plus their on-going nuke catastrophe in the making- Japan would be far more humble & focused on their on-going crisis [20000 lives lost & counting - & if Fukushima goes Chernobyl on them - they might be looking at well over 100000 deaths]. This kind of unrepentant arrogance is indicative of the mind-set of the elites who basically control this current world system.


Dec 07, 2009 07:31 PM
REPLYING TO wkingsolomon77 ON Dec 07, 2009 06:39 PM Link Back
Check this out, a voicemail from Nina Rawls, the deceased Lou Rawl's white ex-wife, who left this message for Lou Rawls' daughter

An exact quote: "Your dad was dumb enough not to sign a pre-nupt with me and it's ALL MINE. My name's on every single thing, from start to finish."

Another (foolish) black male transferring his black wealth to the white female instead of his black offspring.

Which is one big reason WHY the black collective cannot accumulate wealth OR power...

We are STILL following slave traditions (serving our white masters and mistresses) and it's make no difference how talented or successful these black males are.

One thing i gotta say about successful sisters, they ain't losing their fortunes to any white males. Famous BW ain't marrying white gardeners, waiters, busboys, or male strippers...

Here's the links to the page and the mp3 file




Dec 09, 2009 08:36 PM
REPLYING TO Cre8ivebeing ON Dec 09, 2009 07:38 PM Link Back

A lot of black folks are just black bodies walking around with a white brain (said Malcolm X) and will see (and treat) other black people the way they think white folks want them to treat black people. It's like a white traffic cop living inside their skulls, telling them how to think and what to think, and they are more loyal to that invisible master because they have never overcome their slave mentality.

When you find a BM who thinks like this, for him it feels natural to "trade his cash" to a white female in exchange for white validation and a sense of "normalcy" as a black male in a white supremacy system. She is his ticket to status and normalcy as a despised black male in a white supremacy system. While he is buying her dresses, he is LITERALLY hiding under them.

The white man is this black male's TRUE role model, the human manifestation of the white Jesus that still hangs on too walls in black homes, and this slave-minded male will do anything to imitate the white male, hoping always for the white male's approval. The white male represents status and power to the colonized and powerless black male seeking status.

This is why it is so easy for status-seeking, low-self-esteemed BM to leave the BW out in the cold, because she cannot give him the status he desperately needs because she has no more status than as he does. She is a reminder of his inferiority in a white supremacy system and so she must go.

His need for white validation is so great, he will dishonor his black mother, black daughters, black sisters, black grandmother, black aunts, any and all the BW who have been there for him since birth. He cannot honor them because he does not respect himself.

If this sounds harsh, consider the writings of Frantz Fanon in his
"Black Skins, White Masks:"

Fanon uses psychoanalysis and psychoanalytical theory to explain the feelings of dependency and inadequacy that Black people experience in a White world. He speaks of the divided self-perception of the Black Subject who has lost his native cultural originality and embraced the culture of the mother country.

As a result of the inferiority complex engendered in the mind of the Black Subject, he will try to appropriate and imitate the cultural code of the colonizer. The behaviour, Fanon argues, is even more evident in upwardly mobile and educated Black people who can afford to acquire the trappings of White culture.


Frantz Fanon in "Black Skin White Masks" describes the Black man?s inferiority complex. ?Out of the blackest part of my soul, across the zebra striping of my mind, surges this desire to be suddenly white. I wish to be acknowledged not as black but as white...who but a white woman can do this for me? By loving me she proves that I am worthy of white love. I am loved like a white man...I marry white culture, white beauty, white whiteness. When my restless hands caress those white breasts, they grasp white civilization and dignity and make them mine....


Sister, that's the main reason you see some BM with WW who bring nothing to the table, OR why you see rich BM with the kind of cookie-cutter attractive WW that white males find attractive (but who also bring nothing but looks to the table).

It is all about measuring up to the white man's standards, which are NOW this kind of black man's standards. Am I saying a BM can't find a non-black female attractive?

Truthfully, I find all women of all races attractive, and depending on the woman, I've met non-black women who are very appealing, but I keep my eye on the bigger picture, and where my interests lay, that's where I lay my head, my body, and my money, love, time, and attention -- in the black community.

It is one thing for a BM to find a WW attractive; it is another thing for a BM to find nothing BUT a WW attractive. That is the litmus test for a slave-minded BM who does not think for himself.

The reason this post is so long is I want BW to understand this mentality exists is NOT because BW are inferior; it exists because these BM FEEL inferior (to the white man) and are playing ego-catch-up. It exists because a lot of us are still slave-minded with that white traffic cop living inside our skulls.

Where I find fault with BW in all this, is y'all blindly support these sick BM by buying their CDs, their movies, and their cologne even while they ignore you and show NO appreciation for your support.

It's like y'all can't sacrifice one CD or movie to show some respect for yourselves, cause I guarantee you, white females would never support a WM who dished them publicly, didn't date them, or made movies (like the white version of Norbit, or Big Momma's House) that made fun of white females.

Case in point, Robert DeNiro dates/marries BW, but he will NEVER broadcast it, talk about why he doesn't date WW in magazine interviews, or be too visible with his black women. You seldom see him in a movie with one, kissing and hugging on a BW, and you damn sure won't see DeNiro in a cologne ad, with a BW hanging on his arm. DeNiro does NOT disrespect WW because they are his bread and butter -- plus he would not do it as a white man.
Right now, Usher's got a cologne, and just like P. Diddy, he's doing ads where there's a WW hanging on his arm and not a BW in sight. Now, who's gonna buy that cologne? WW for a WM? Or BW for a BM? Sisters are as much to blame for allowing him to profit. BM damn sure wouldn't take that kind of disrespect from you

(sorry about the long post)


Dec 05, 2009 11:45 PM
REPLYING TO BBJIDEO ON Dec 05, 2009 06:50 PM Link Back
BBJIDEO wrote:
To Crammaster-The self-hating, ignorant of knowledge of self, black male does not see his dilemma because he is blinded by the need for white validation, and does not see that we are the ONLY MEN on the planet who do NOT understand the power and protection of ethnic unity = black man + black woman THANK U! THANK U!! THANK U!!!This is the best summation I've ever read/heard coming from abrotha. It makes mehappy that there're brothas like you out there whoare intelligent enough to see the traps.Your statement holds true and true, no ifs & buts about it.How come bm aren't learning that their actions are bringing down their own ethnic foundation. A HOUSE DIVIDED IS A HOUSE CONQUERED...


Sister, this is about a slave mentality that took 500 plus years to develop. Until we understand how we got here, we can't go anywhere else. It's about our slave traditions, that include putting white people on a pedestal. Even when we don't sleep with them, we still bow down to their authority. It's a slave tradition. Devaluing and degrading other black people is nothing new. It's a slave tradition.

The black male feeling powerless and relying on EGO-GRATIFICATION to feel like a man is a slave tradition." Until there is KNOWLEDGE OF SELF and KNOWLEDGE of who we are and where we came from and where we belong and how we got to this critical juncture in black (lack of) development, we will keep running in the same circles, not getting anywhere.

Until the BM loves himself, he cannot love anyone else, including the white female. It is NOT love that drives him to the white female; it is LACK OF SELF-LOVE AND IDENTITY, and a burning, desperate need for white validation, to make him feel like a human being instead of subhuman.

We must undo the damage via a CULTURAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL REVOLUTION. There is no time to waste. Check out the book, "Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation." on amazon. You will understand exactly what i mean.

Dec 07, 2009 07:56 AM
REPLYING TO crammaster ON Dec 05, 2009 11:34 PM Link Back
Do you remember when the NAACP asked black athletes to shun south carolina,which still flies the confederate flag,at its statehouse,and tiger refused stating that he is a golfer,and will do what he wants to and play when and where he wants to.Now look at him,karma is something else,atleast #9 women have come forth with their stories,the sun ain,t shinning on tigers house today.You state that you have no patience with this lost brothers,well when you are lost we need people like you to show them how to get home,you must build a yellow bring road and show them that home is where people are that love them and look like them.If you are around all of these beckys you ain,t home you are in hell and will suffer and get burned.


Pepe Escobar breaks it down over at Asiatimes.com

Pepe suggests that the war has a lot to do with the Saudi King settling old scores.  I would add, that in my humble opinion, it also has to do with the Sunn/Shia rift that the US and NATO have been exploiting for years and that sclerotic Sunni despots are willing partners too.
The reason you want see "humanitarian" intervention in Yemem, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia is because that would empower the dispossed and discriminated against Shia.  In Saudi Arabai the Shia happen to reside on lands where most of the oil reserves exist.  So the US and the Saudi puppets get a 2-fer:
1.  Maintenance of control of the oil, and
2.  A bulwark or counterweight to Shia ascendency, which also means Iranian ascendency.
Because the Iraq War turned out to be a historic strategic disaster ( see, Juan Cole, The Iraq War is Over and the Winner is Iran, and see, Martin Van Crevald, "Van Crevald calls for Bush's impeachment).
( For misleading the American people, and launching the most foolish war since Emperor Augustus in 9 B.C sent his legions into Germany and lost them, Bush deserves to be impeached and, once he has been removed from office, put on trial along with the rest of the president's men. If convicted, they'll have plenty of time to mull over their sins.)
 Despite the media and political classes's deification of Petreaus, the Iraq War was/is a collosal fuck up in very possible way:  strategic, economic, political and moral.  This "hidden" store shows the depths of American propaganda, political bankruptcy and cowardice, the utter stupidity of it's citizenry and the current President: "The Surge has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams." The "West" is now scrambling and doubling down to mitigate it.  Consequently, the US and its NATO and Saudi puppets are trying to create a strategic beachhead in N. Africa.  They don't give a fuck about the Libyan people, they eagerly swept Lockerbie under the rug to cozy up to the Colonel.  (Of course Libya wasn't responsible for it anway.  The CIA and Mossad planted evidence implicating Libya, the same thing they did with the Hariri assassination that Mossad was most likely responsible for)
Check out Pepe, a most sagious voice:
To have the holy grail of medievalism and repression - the House of Saud - voting in the Arab League to bring democracy to Libya while quashing any progressive moves inside the kingdom (and invading a neighbor) will forever live in infamy as the Top Hypocrisy of the Great 2011 Arab Revolt. King Abdullah's billionaire package of "reforms", ie bribes, essentially bolster the House of Saud's two strategic pillars; the security/repression establishment (60,000 new jobs for the Interior Ministry), and the religious clerics (more money to the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice). Even if they have successfully preempted the kingdom's "Day of Rage", this proves how scared they really are. 
What many don't know is that Operation Odyssey Dawn is personal - and has nothing to do with Greek heroism but Bedouin hatred. It revolves around the extremely bad blood between King Abdullah and Gaddafi since 2002, in the run-up to the war on Iraq, when Gaddafi accused Abdullah of selling out the Arab world to Washington. So this is not Operation Odyssey Dawn; it's Operation House of Saud Takes Out Gaddafi. With all the heavy lifting subcontracted to the West, of course, and the eastern Libya protesters posing as extras.
Odyssey Dawn - a "just war" - started exactly eight years after the Iraq war. In 2003, at the start of Operation Enduring Freedom - still ongoing, having "liberated" over a million Iraqis from life - George W Bush said, "American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger".
This Saturday, at the start of Operation Odyssey Dawn, Barack Obama said, "Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people. And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world."
Maybe we should call this whole thing Operation Enduring Odyssey - and send the bill to the House of Saud



Just like Black Folks in Chicago w the election of Rahm Emanuel [who got strong backing from Obama] - white folks in Wisconsin went for the Ole Okee Doke [or better yet - Rope a Dope]. In Wisconsin [& Ohio too]  the newly elected GOP Gov(s)' first order of BIZ is to take away WI [& OH] Gov't workers collective bargaining rights- under the guise of fiscal responsibility [as these same type guys w Obama's help- just extended Bush's TAX Cuts for Rich folks]. So the people of WI are rightfully in an uproar but I keep saying to myself - But didn't ya'll so-called liberal / independent white folks just vote this BUM [Scott Walker] in - In the same wave that kicked out long time 'progressive' ex WI / US Senator Russ Feingold - for some so-called Tea-Party guy who is just like Scott Walker!!?? If ya'll hadn't voted these guys in ya'll probably wouldn't be facing these attacks on [mainly white] workers. BUT- Sometimes you get more than what you bargained for. And I know all about the Tea-Baggers / Koch Bros / Citizen United / FOX GOP propaganda machine- but that would all be more-or-less meaning-less if people were more interested in Truth instead of Hype. But when your locked in the BOX [trap] of the fake poly-trickal left vs right / Dem vs GOP / liberal vs conservative paradigm- unless you somehow break out of this Trap... 
I know some supposedly liberal / independent Wisconsinites are going to plead ignorance [rather than the 5th] on Scott Walker's intent to go after Gov't  workers' unions - but- The Real News on Paul Jay's Feb 24 2011 commentary played an excerpt of a campaign ad for Scott Walker [sponsored by 'Americans for Prosperity' funded by the Koch Bros] which talks specifically about targeting Gov't workers Unions. Then there this from Feb 24 2011 DemcracyNow! broadcast where WI Gov Walker thinking he's talking to a Koch Bro says: [I pulled out a picture of Ronald Reagan. And I said, "You know, this may seem a little melodramatic, but 30 years ago, Ronald Reagan," whose hundredth birthday we just celebrated the day before, "had one of the most defining moments of his political career, not just his presidency, when he fired the air traffic controllers." "To me, that moment was more important than just for labor relations or even the federal budget. That was the first crack in the Berlin Wall and the fall of communism, {thus he's equating busting unions w defeating communism - meaning people like him, 'I can't recollect'-Reagan, the FOXes, Koch Bros, OH Gov Kasich, etc- see any union member as a communist {IE: enemy of capitalism}because from that point forward, the Soviets and the Communists knew that Ronald Reagan wasn’t a pushover." And I said, "This may not have as broad of world implications, but in Wisconsin’s history"—little did I know how big it would be nationally—Wisconsin’s history, I said, "This is our moment. This is our time to change the course of history."] - And also this: [IAN MURPHY: {as David Koch} "We’ll back you any way we can. But what we were thinking about the crowds was planting some troublemakers." - GOV. SCOTT WALKER'{sresponse}: "You know, well, the only problem with—because we thought about that. The problem with—or my only gut reaction to that would be right now the lawmakers I’ve talked to have just completely had it with them. {and} The public is not really fond of this." - And also This: [WI Gov Scott Walker: "I've got layoff notices ready, we put out the at-risk notices, we'll announce Thursday, they'll go out early next week...  we'll probably give five to six thousand state workers... at-risk notices for layoffs. We might
 ratchet that up a little bit too."] 
So newly elected Govs Walker [WI] , Kasich [OH]  & the Koch Bro phony Tea Baggers had going after Gov't worker unions in mind from the get-go. Further WI Gov Walker is apparently ready to use five to six thousand Wisconsin state workers as pawns in his political chess game- denying them the ability to feed their families- to use as leverage in his show-down w WI State workers' unions. We also see planting agent provocateurs to stir up trouble as an excuse for the storm troopers to crack down [IE: crack heads] -or- even as one IN official just said ''Shoot to Kill' WI protesters [sounds like what Boss Daley said in 1968 during the riots after MLK's assassination & the Dems confab in Chicago in Aug 1968] is standard operating procedure by the Fascist Gov'ts & the Power Elites. So why didn't so many working class white folks in WI & OH [& else-where] see this coming when they voted these guys in this past Nov? Could it be that so many of them where caught up in the FOX Noise Tea Bagger thinly disguised race-baiting [presented as anti-Obama, anti-AlQaeda] rhetoric - that they've been blind-sided & now as Malcolm said 'Those Chickens Have Now Come Home to Roost'??!!   

Note by Me: I believe in helping the House Negroes to wake up though since even they should be given a chance to be saved from self hatred.

By Timothy

Dec 07, 2009 06:21 PM
REPLYING TO wkingsolomon77 ON Dec 07, 2009 07:56 AM Link Back
Aw come on, you guys, Tiger's our best black male role model!

Seriously, wkingsolomon77, I'm beginning to see there are three black camps.

1. black-identified blacks who seek the truth, and want to be free of white oppression
2. blacks who are not aware that there can NEVER be real racial equality in a white supremacy system BUT who may one day have a wake-up call or revelation that will force them to seek/accept the truth (the open-minded and the young)
3. White-identified blacks (like Tiger, MOST black celebs, and MOST interracial-loving blacks) who love their white masters (and oppressors) more than they love themselves.Like Malcolm X once said, "If the house negro's master was sick, he'd say, "We sick, boss?" and if the master's house caught fire, the house negro would work harder to put it out than the master.

These "house negroes" are in love with their oppressor and have become "sympathetic racists" who have the same (racist) attitudes toward other blacks that white racists have. They will condemn blacks, discriminate against blacks, mistreat blacks, and refuse to love, date, or marry blacks JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK.

These are the kinds of blacks who betrayed the slaves who attempted to escape, and were the MAJOR CAUSE of most slave rebellion failures. Harriet Tubman would kill slaves who attempted to turn back, because she knew they would go back to their white masters and betray the slaves who were escaping

The reason I'm writing all this is to say, "house negroes" are the most sick negroes of all, and MOST cannot be saved or changed. They have been totally denatured and are a DANGER to the black nation, just like the house negroes during slave rebellions.
With that in mind, I will focus my efforts where they will do the most good, with black people who want to overcome their oppression, and who love themselves and black people MORE than they love their oppressors. Let those happy house negroes fend for themselves...


Kashta_Bureh wrote:

Emperor John, Tupac had some serious flaws, nobody is denying that. What we're saying though is that Tupac had some good qualities, and he should be respected for them.
For instance, did you know that Tupac hung out with the paralyzed niece of one of his bodyguards after Janet Jackson "canceled" on her because she was too busy? At the time, Tupac was just as busy as Janet but he took time out of his schedule for that girl anyway. Did you know that? Tupac had a heart, he made mistakes, obviously, but he had a heart, I even read that he gave things to homeless people and stuff, how many rappers you think do that today?
Tupac did bad, getting into beef with Biggie was a mistake, but put yourself in his shoes, dude was shot five times while visiting Biggie and his crew at their studio in a city/area that Biggie grew up in, Tupac felt betrayed and had every right to be angry. The beat down he gave Orlando Anderson was very stupid and I think he was set up. Tupac had an explosive temper and that was his greatest weakness, people could push his buttons just to get him to do something stupid.
We Black folk need to be guided more by our intelligence than our tempers. Even when justifiably angry, acting without thinking if foolish.


adam wrote:
You are forgetting WM are the biggest IR daters...What do you think 4 million extra WW would do? Thus said, WW had no choice but to date down.



-THe Moor
Most of the brothers I know are with black women. Only one of my homies married a Puerto Rican chick. I think the whole interracial thing is blown out of proportion. Most black men love black women. Period! Don't believe all that BS you see on TV and films. And no,I'm not disgusted with black women. That's my beautiful wife in my avatar pic.

-RBG Soldier


Dec 07, 2009 06:35 PM
REPLYING TO buba ON Dec 07, 2009 09:43 AM Link Back
He does not fool around with women ,only gold-diggers.BW are not going to put up with his mess .People know who to mess with and who to leave alone.Tou have never seen Tiger with a woman,just low life gold-diggers.


Dec 07, 2009 06:54 PM
REPLYING TO wkingsolomon77 ON Dec 07, 2009 06:39 PM Link Back
say what??? drugs & alcohol?

say it ain't so!

the almost funny part is it's BW who get slammed the most on these threads for being gold-diggers and materialistic


when these white females get all the house negro male's loot -- and there's a list of them as long as today's unemployment lines -- these BW-bashing posters are strangely SILENT....

Not a peep

obviously some think it's normal to enrich the white -- not the black -- community.

there's a lesson in every post on this site, if you think about them long enough...


Also, you make a good point when you said:

There are 3 kinds of BM and BW,those who make things happen,those who watch what happens and those who wonders what happens.

Food for thought...

PS Thanks for the info about Tiger and the NAACP. Hadn't heard about that

Actually there is NO "race" in which women are doing better than men. In general, it's the opposite....But that's thanks to PATRIARCHY.
As far as education and qualities of character, one cannot find a one-to-one relation.
Some academically educated people (male and female, black, white or what have you) are intelligent, socially conscious, morally senstive, compassionate, and possessed of any number of other desirable qualities. Other academically educated people lack such qualities, or even possess their opposites.
There were EDUCATED slaveholders, and EDUCATED opponents of slavery. Among Black women, since this is what this is about, there are/were EDUCATED sisters like Bethune, Coretta Scott King, Charlene Mitchell, Angela Davis, bell hooks and others who are conscious, intelligent and apparently compassionate sisters.
Others (whom I can think of but won't name) who are quite the opposite despite their advanced degrees.
Same could be said of Black men as well....or other men or women.
Were there not SCIENTISTS and doctors (even philosopher Heidegger) who allied themselves with Hitler? Were there not other intellectuals like Sophie Scholl or Rev Neimoller who OPPOSED?
I need to know more about a sister than her degrees to discern her character. And she needs to know more about me than my degrees to discern my character....Simple facts which many posters (and mayb even the maker of this thread) seem to overlook.



Dec 10, 2009 12:16 AM
REPLYING TO crammaster ON Dec 09, 2009 08:54 PM Link Back
I wanted to add that BW are guilty of the same behavior, only it's easier to see it when it's a matter of respect as opposed to money. Some BW will give a WM respect automatically but a BM has to damn near fight for that respect and many times will NOT get it from BW.

It's the same slave mentality, only with some BM, they are more likely to give the WW their money as opposed to their respect.

Some BW think it's NORMAL to trust, respect, and believe the WM, and ABNORMAL to trust, respect and believe the BM.

It's all about 500 plus years of conditioning and programming, so BW are just as jacked up as the BM and JUST AS LIKELY to deny that they are, so sisters need to do some of their own soul-searching instead of just pointing the fingers at the BM.

The reason I get on the BM more, is WE are supposed to be the leaders, the providers, and the protectors of the women and children in our community. What we do (or don't do) has the biggest positive (or negative) effect on the black community.



From The Real News Network- Feb 28 2011: 
Paul Jay: WI Gov Walker talked today about how one of the provisions of his bill will allow union members not to pay their dues, and they could use what he says will amount to almost $1,000 a year towards the new pension and health care benefits contributions he'd like them to be making. The unions respond that this is just another piece of trying to break the union altogether. In the battle in WI is the kind of publicity & TV ads, that attempts to split the workers in the private sector from the workers in the public sector, a lot of specific references to 3 plants, Kohler plumbing, Mercury Marine, & Harley Davidson, 3 big factories in WI where the workers took a 2-tier contract agreement, under the threat that the factories would leave WI if they didn't agree. So workers that are already there are going to make around $22.50 / hr & they have a 5yr wage freeze, new workers are going to start at $14.50 / hr. And then these people are being told, well, you should support WI Gov Walker so that public sector workers get cut as well, because then it will all be fair. What do you make of this split they're trying to engineer?
FRANK HAMMER, FMR. PRESIDENT, UAW LOCAL 909: The Corp / Biz Elites have been threating to taking our livelihoods away & sending them to non-union areas or overseas. That's been their leverage, especially with the free trade agreements that have been passed over the last 20 years [IE: GATT & NAFTA- So this is on-going since at least Reagan]. But they don't have that leverage on public workers. They can't move the WI's Gov't to North Carolina... Every time they attack one sector of the workforce they use that to bring along the other sector of the workforce & slowly but surely ratchet us all down to the level of mere survival...
JAY: When I talk to un-unionized, lower-paid workers, they're  resentful about higher-paid, unionized private sector workers... Is this having an impact, that people resent the sort of job security that public sector workers have that private don't?
Hammer: Between public & private, one in eight or one in nine  are w unions. The vast majority of working-class don't enjoy the benefits of either private sector workers in unions or public sector workers in unions. Jealousy is really an amazingly destructive human emotion. Folks like the Koch brothers & all these anti-union institutions in the US are making use of jealousy to say, well, if I can't have it (I'm speaking as a non-union worker), then why should they have it? It's jealousy gone amok being stirred & manipulated by folks like the Koch brothers, who would like to do away with all collective organization of the working class as a whole. A friend of mine today told me they saw an article in The NY-Times quoting a UAW member from a Jaynesville plant who was laid off. He's unemployed- so he's supporting WI Gov Walker because he's feeling like, since I've lost my job & I'm now being asked to pay taxes to pay for what public workers now have that he doesn't have, then he feels resentment and doesn't want to do it. I think it's a question of unions reaching out to the non-union sector, reaching out to the community to explain that unions are the best thing since sliced bread, - the more of us that gather inside unions & work for our behalf, the better off we're all going to be. As long as we non-union workers gang up on union workers, we're all going to lose.
JAY: How much fault do you put towards union leadership for over the last few decades not being as vigorous about unionizing non-unionized workers as they could have been? Certain sectors of the working class got very privileged, while most of the other working class became totally unorganized. Maybe there's a bit of chickens coming home to roost here [Due to a Selfish / Darwinistic I got mine so You get yours - Look out for number one- Survival of the Fittest Mentality]?
This is how the Power Elites pit people against each other - to their advantage [& our dis-advantage]- the old Divide & Conquer Strategy. Pit- Black vs Brown vs white, - young vs old, - men vs women vs children, teachers vs parents vs students, - private sector workers vs public sector workers, - union workers vs non-union workers, - employed vs un-employed, - Christian vs Muslim vs Jew, etc, etc, etc [The Ole Willie Lynch letter tactics]... If we keep falling for this Ole Okee Doke [Rope a Dope] We're All Gonna Lose [IE: We're all done for]. 


Add armstrong williams to the list of frightening lost house negroes of the 21st century:


His pathetic statements recently especially on C-span, has me concerned that this white a__ kissin apologist is manipulating the minds of africans throughout our community.....

And of course this never helped him either:

"In 2005 it was revealed that he accepted money from the George W. Bush administration to promote the No Child Left Behind Act on his television and radio programs."

I'm sure he's glad he promoted one of the worst programs unto the african community!



I watched a wonderful broadcast on cspan, of a panel of thought provoking and truth telling african brothers and sisters, on July 30th, 2009...brother Michael Dyson, is one brother that tells it like it is....lol!

The National Urban League Event:



-216 Elite
Dec 10, 2009 02:25 PM
REPLYING TO wkingsolomon77 ON Dec 09, 2009 06:23 PM Link Back
Tiger's Porn Star Jumpoff Says He Is The Whitest Black Boy Ever


This is not about spreadin more gossip, but to point out some things happening beneath the surface.

1). White people are not fooled by these white-identified blacks. Even worse, many white males AND females automatically assume that any black man or woman who is NOT a ghetto stereotype is trying to be white, which says blacks (like Tiger) are dealing with white RACISTS and don't know (or care).
2). Even though Tiger has an Asian mother, none of his women have been Asian. There's a serious head problem when a man rejects women who are the same race as his MOTHER

3). The Asian community has NEVER embraced Tiger Woods as one of their own, nor has he apparently pursued their support (to my knowledge).When Tiger made up that fake racial name for himself -- casablanasian -- he put CAUCASIAN first and Asian third, EVEN though he was raised with a black father and an Asian mother.

4).This Tiger circus has pulled the raggedy covers (and glamour) off this BM/WW phenomenon, and will possibly make a lot more blacks question the true motives of such unions.

5). A lot of BW tell me they feel vindicated (and relieved) by this fraudulent marriage (Tiger picking the whitest woman he could find, and his wife wanting more money to stay with him), andmy BM associates are looking at this IR thing in more depth (and more negatively)

some good may come out of this Tiger circus after all...

Male, 26, Forest Park, IL
Posted September 07, 2010

Wonderfully worded and executed as well, but nothing unexpected.

I do not disagree with the 3 beautiful examples shared, but there's even more including, but not limited to Kerry Washington, Elise Neal, and let's not forget Jennifer Hudson. I would say Jill Scott, but even being Black is hard enough, but considered being a bigger Black woman makes it even harder in Hollywood.

This is really no surprise though... media is controlled by the majority white population and until some unity is made amongst the community and we start standing against these portrayals then there will be no change in this particular realm.

Yeah... a woman, especially a black woman isn't likely to be that cool for you to post things as such, but I hear you. Keep up the good work.

It's also time to eradicate this bickering between Black Men and Women. Honestly, it's getting old and it irritates me to see that contempt for each other knowing that there should be love there. I also believe that we need to educate ourselves on our history, culture and identity which is one of the many reasons we don't find ourselves standing up with pride in our own.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 07, 2010

Digital: "With all of the wealth that the African American community has, I wonder why we don't take a couple notes from the Latino community and create our own dramas. I mean they have telenovelas all over the place. They have tons of Latino run radio stations and production companies all over the place. In fact, if you look at every culture and race they have their own."

ME: Brother, don't fall for the hype.

quantity is not quality. check the Latino shows, they promote white supremacy 24-7. Most of the folks on that show, if u turned the sound down, you would think it was a white show. Blonds, redheads, pale-skinned, blue-eyed, what the H?

are most Latinos blond or blue-eyed or pale-skinned? Not in Chicago...

You hardly see any dark-skinned Latinos (which is the majority) so even they are not getting the kind of self-respecting TV programming that they should be getting and their kinds are getting the inferiority programming just like all non-whites...


Dec 10, 2009 04:21 PM
REPLYING TO hallieberries66 ON Dec 10, 2009 02:56 PM Link Back
The beautiful thing about the Internet is everybody's entitled to their opinion...

in saying that, this is not about bashing Tiger's personal life, this is about the MESSAGE BM like him send to all BM collectively, and ULTIMATELY, the way BM see BW.

If you are a BW, I hope you realize the Tigers of the world could care less what you think. BM like this -- and i know quite a few -- don't even take BW's feelings into consideration. In many cases, they despise BW, and influence younger BM to "leave that black stuff alone." (OJ Simpson).

If you think a BM is a "great role model" because he makes millions swinging a mean golf club, and has been awarded another "first black" title, that's your opinion. My opinion and my stats say that the black family/black community is on a path of destruction.

1) with 45% of BW who will never marry,
2) 70% of black children being raised in single female households,
3) 1 out 4 young BM are either locked up, on probation, or on parole, (most of whom are fatherless)
4) and black girls suffering from low-self-esteem because they see these Tigers as more evidence that they are undesirable (hence the black girls wearing blonde weaves all over the community from girls who are often fatherless)

As long as the above is MY black reality, I will continue waging verbal war gainst IR because it divides an already fractured and failing community, pits BM against BW, and threatens our survival.

I respect your opinion, because you have the right to express it, just like all the posters on this thread.

Some of us are more focused on the bigger picture, because we understand that these high-profile BM marriages send a dangerous message to black male youth. I'm happy az hell that the covers were pulled off this persistent and false image of domestic interracial perfection.

Tiger made millions from his public image of a "squeaky clean" black guy who totally ignored the existence of black people AND the beauty and sexuality of BW.

Once a man (or woman) seeks fame, pushes a false image to the public, and PROFITS from it, he must take the good with the bad, and lie in the bed he made.



Bro, I have to give you this one. I have met some sistas with some good men who mess up the whole relationship on account of cheating or running off at the mouth too much in the presence of a good man. It's sistas like that, that mess it up for sistas like myself.






-The Moor


Dec 10, 2009 04:54 PM
REPLYING TO hallieberries66 ON Dec 10, 2009 02:56 PM Link Back
You can have a life and focus on others life,Tigers life is a current event and a news topic.There is nothing wrong with focusing on Tigers life,because it can be a lesson learned.We all can learn from those who sit high and fall low.I bet Tiger is learning more than we are.When you see how Tiger lived his life,you can tell the young boys,don,t think you are fooling people,cause the same people who build you up will knock you down,Plus Tiger wanted people to get into his business,that is why he ran with that crowd,he knew it was just a matter of time,what we have in our lives is what we wanted through are actions and thought pattern.Tiger wanted out of this marriage and his behavior showed the american public that .


YOU: Let me tell you something bruh, first of all honestly I dont think youre a man at all, and even if you are in my eyes you arent."

ME:  Do you know what a MAN is, brother? Is a MAN someone who takes responsibility for this OWN actions? Is a MAN, brother, someone who GIVES RESPECT in order to GET RESPECT?

Is a WISE BLACK MAN someone too SMART to play into the hands of the WHITE SUPREMACISTS by putting his own race of women down?

Is a PROUD BLACK MAN someone who would never say ALL ANY ONE TYPE OF WOMAN is superior to his own BECAUSE HE KNOWS by saying THAT he is ALSO saying that those MEN are better than HE is.

Is a RIGHTEOUS BLACK MAN someone who PROTECTS AND DEFENDS AND PROVIDES FOR THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN OF HIS OWN RACE instead of lettng the WM via welfare or the BW via single parenthood handle his share of the load?
Is an HONORABLE BLACK MAN, brother, someone who CAME from a BW's womb, who was RAISED, LOVED AND NURTURED by BW-- like his momma, his grandmomma, his aunties, his sisters, his women friends and lovers, would a man like this come on a thread and STEREOTYPE all BW? Would an HONORABLE, SELF-RESPECTING BM do something like that?
You tell me, brother, just what is YOUR definition of a MAN?

To cut to the chase, ME NOT being a MAN in your eyes, brother, i take that sh*t as a compliment. Most of the posts i read on this thread don't come nowhere CLOSE to measuring up to those definitions of what a REAL MAN is...


YOU:  "Believe it or not there are alot of GOOD BLACK MEN out here, seems to be that you aint one of us,  so get your thug, playin a___ outta here, your kind isnt welcome here."

ME:  here we go, another cyberspace dude with rawhide jockeys, spitting tobacco juice in my direction.... Alright, tough man, MAKE ME LEAVE... lol

YOU:  Beleive it or not, there are brothers out there better than you, yep, sorry to tell you the truth like that

ME: What? Are you like, twelve years old? -- "hey cram, there are brothers out here better than your a___!"     WTF am i supposed to do with that info? Better than me in what respect? Enhance...

YOU:  And you dare call us h____, dude, EVERYBODY knows its usually the playa type cats that be on that DL shit first and foremost, I bet your crew got a bunch of undercovers in it, I bet you.

ME:  Naw...I'm a happily married to an American BW man, man. Remember, I'm not the one on this thread bashing women. But just to clarify things as to who sounds MORE like a h___, let me share this with ya..

misogyny, misogynic, misogynous:

1. A hatred of women.
2. In psychiatry, when the hatred of women is part of a morbid mental state, it may be associated with a wide variety of nosologic entities. The most common explanation for the condition has to do with the events of childhood, particularly those relating to the parents.
3. In psychiatry, abhorrence of women that is expressed alike by women and men and is often a reflection of a homosexual conflict.
4. In psychiatry, passive homosexual males may hold women in severe contempt, as a reaction to disappointment with their own masculinity.


Sorry, dude, that sh*t don't sound nothing like my azz...

YOU:  Beat it, this is the home of real black men, Mount Mofo Olympus and shyt, so get your low class peseant behind out of here, or stfu, and learn how to be a real man. Speaking english properly is just ten percent of it.

ME:  Regarding "real men" i suggest you re-read the above definition of passive HOMOSEXUALITY.

Bottom line, i got three questions:

(1) If non-American BW are better than American BW, do you have one waiting on your azz at home? ? If not, why the f*ck not? (sorry, that's TWO questions)

(3) If American BW are so f*cked up, does 50% of the blame belong with their black daddies? (assuming he was in the pic and again, IF he wasn't..)

(3) Assuming y'all black a___ HAD black mommas, if American BW ain't sh*t, then what the hell does that make YOU, since you a product of a BLACK WOMAN'S WOMB?

don't answer too quick...think about it a sec...



Dec 10, 2009 05:07 PM
REPLYING TO wkingsolomon77 ON Dec 10, 2009 04:54 PM Link Back

you are absolutely right. There are lessons to be learned, and an opportunity to teach should never be ignored. Tiger wanted the money that came from fame, and his squeaky clean image. He just got a taste of the flip side, by his own HAND.

The same way OJ sits in a prison cell, by his OWN hand. You can have compassion for anyone, even a criminal, but that doesn't require you to ignore or condone his behavior.

Bottom line, when a zebra break from the herd to run with lions (his predators), the other zebras should not risk their (psychological) lives trying to protect a zebra who didn't want to be part of the herd...


Look, man, I didn't come on this forum to start a war, :-)

I merely stated my opinion. Never said it was all the brothers fault, man but let me point out TWO things:

(1) BW are raising 70% of babies by themselves, half of whom AT BIRTH are baby BM, so I don't think sisters are the ones abandoning anybody, do you? How many dudes on this d___ board depended on their mommas but didn't know their daddies or have a REAL relationship with him?

(2) What the hell was the "Million Man March" about, man? Were you one of those BM who went to D.C. or who cheered them from the sidelines? If BM aren't doing ANYTHING wrong, then what was that all about? We can't have it both ways, man. We can't say on one hand -- "Hey, we BM need to make some changes" and then say, "Hey--we ain't doing nothing wrong!" It don't make no damn sense, man. There was a reason that BM focused on themselves and what we could do to make things better. That's not a putdown, i call that searching for solutions.

And just to set things straight, never SAID BW are innocent in all this. Never said that. I'm saying that most of the IR daters are BM, which leads BW to feel they are being abandoned so let's keep it real. BW are doing wrong, too, but as a BM I gotta look at MYSELF FIRST before I point the finger at somebody else. Men are supposed to be the leaders, right? That means TAKING THE LEAD some of the damn time. If any BM on this site disagrees that men should lead, then, hell, my definition of a man is different from those BM.

I will take your advice and read more posts.

I ALSO like the idea of this movie being made. I like the idea of BW being able to look in their own mirror and see what themselves through our eyes. I hope it's realistic so BW will get a realistic idea of what we think they're doing wrong.

But that clip didn't cut it for me. It looked and smelled like a "set-up". Just my opinion but I'm gonna be damned suspicious if my ex-woman ever came by my crib with a white dude in the car like he just HAD to be there in order for her to pick up my child. I'm gonna think -- WTF?

(y'all BM telling me that wouldn't raise a red flag in your head?)

And to that BM who said I must be "young" and a "knucklehead in the making" I'm not offended by that slam. However, a more INTELLIGENT response to my post would have been to point out what he disagreed with and defended his OWN post instead of assuming things he doesn't know squat about. But, I know this is cyberspace and you have to be ready to duck when somebody throws shyt at your head. It's all good. :-)



crammasters Feb. 7th, 2011 at 8:31 pm
@ Southern_Swagger82
brother, I have a job, a wife who loves the H out of me, great children i take care of, a business, and I am not in and out of jail, so i guess that qualifies me as a REAL BLACK MAN by your standards…

I sincerely doubt being 5’10 (average height for a man) has nothing to do with your lack of success with BW, it could be the phrase “ride their ride” and the attitude that behind that phrase that might be causing u problems.

One of my partner is 5’4, and he pulls women like NOBODY’s business, I have seen this with my own eyes, and u got 6 inches on him. Dude’s got a great personality, a good sense of humor, he’s confident, a hard worker, works out and stays in shape, and most of all HE LIKES BW and treats them like he likes them, and so I guess the ladies like his total package…

no disrespect, brother, but you sound bitter as hell, and if you’re stereotyping 95% of BW as “selfish and trifling a___ women”, hell, I wouldn’t date u either, I’d avoid u like the plague, the same way YOU wouldn’t date a BW who referred to BM as “selfish and trifling ass men..”

I didn’t crucify Method man, I commented on what he supposedly said. You can agree, or disagree, that’s your right, but it’s MY right to be a black Superman coming to the rescue of my black Lois Lanes. I will ALWAYS defend the women of my race, regardless of who likes or dislikes it.

you asked the question, “When was the last time Black women broke their necks to come to our rescue???”

u must be kidding! need i remind you of Jena Six when black women rode buses, drove cars and flew down to rally around six black boys they didn’t know from a hole in the wall? Most of the folks who came to Jena were BLACK WOMEN. The person who started the petition was A BLACK FEMALE COLLEGE STUDENT.

Most of the folks in every grass-root black organizations who are involved in helping black boys and young black males are BLACK WOMEN. Most of the black males READING THIS were raised, fed, clothed, nursed, supported, and educated by BLACK WOMEN.
ANY black male who can fix his mouth to ask what BW have done for BM is..well, I won’t go that low, but the MILDEST thing I can say about a male like that is…that’s a Gdamn shame to be that UNGRATEFUL.


Libyan wrote:
Then how come most of them look Black?
Libya is in Africa, traitor. Black people live in Africa. That inlcues the Libyan desert which you never see. There are many Libyans who are black.



Obama Bombs Africa: Targets African Unity

by Sekou Nkrumah, Chairman of the Pan-African Improvement Organization
and Akili Mosi Secka, Organizer, People’s Committee, PANIO

Obama Bombs Africa: Targets African Unity

Obama and what he represents In an article written on 9th July 2009, in the Insight Newspaper we quoted Obama, then U.S. Senator. He gave the Leon Sullivan Foundation a response to their Presidential Town Hall Meeting Africa Questionnaire in October 2007. Obama stated Africom,“should serve to coordinate and synchronize our military activities with our objectives in Africa.” He went on to say,“there will be situations that require the United States to work with its partners in Africa to fight terrorism with lethal force.” Thus asserting,“having a unified command operating in Africa will facilitate this action.”

We contend that by bombing Libya, beginning on 19 March 2011, Obama is not fighting terrorism, but as we entitled our 9 July 2009 article,“Obama Brings International State Terrorism to Ghana,” he is actually targeting African unity with international state terrorism through Africom for Libya’s oil. In a statement made by Vice Admiral Robert Moeller, the deputy of Africom, on 28 February 2008, speaking at an Africom conference held at the National Defense University at Fort Mcnair, he declared,“the free flow of natural resources from Africa to the global market was one of Africom’s guiding principles and oil disruption is a major challenge to U.S. interest in Africa.”

Obama represents a settler colonial state that exterminated over 100 million Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere. He is a representative of the most rapacious class that have ever existed in the history of mankind, the U.S. capitalist class. He is the Commander in Chief of a sadistic war machine unlike the world has ever seen. Obama is waging war on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya. His ultimate objective is to take control over the resources, in particular oil, in Africa, on behalf of the European capitalist class of the U.S. and Europe.

Continued here: http://grou.ps/frontfortheunif icationanddevelopmen/blogs/ite m/obama-bombs-africa-targets-a frican-unity

Dec 10, 2009 06:02 PM
REPLYING TO hallieberries66 ON Dec 10, 2009 05:36 PM Link Back
Of course his golfing peers knew about his activities,

and the same way Tiger knows about their secrets

but the one thing about white males

they don't confide in or expose much to black males

In my experience, when a BM and WM talking, the BM is revealing a lot more personal info than the WM

now that the floodgates have opened, Tiger's fair game.

probably a lot of his competition have been hoping for an opportunity like this.


Thank you for apreciating the vid. I just think we need to fight fire with the truth. I view the media attack on blacks by highlighting negatives in our community is a calculated smear done to keep people of the world from working with us and also to cause confusion between male and female. So I will put a couple more of these out

Well according to the internet numbers (who knows if they are true) there are almost 7billion people on the planet.
1,331,460,000 Chinese. Most of them are in located IN china. that leaves about 5.67 billion minus 1,155,347,678 (some of these are afro-indian) which leaves about 4.51 billion. out of that I count (from wikipedia and looking through the black countries about 1.21 billion blacks worldwide

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