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Advice, Words, and secrets about the Game that the World uses

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted February 27, 2010

missstrings wrote: "I was about to post about two hours ago but was interrupted by a white sista' who wanted to read your post of 6 questions. I let her and she and i began to have a discussion about the white/black issues and how they made her feel. I wanted to compare them to the way that some of them made me feel. After sitting here with her for about two hours, I had to log back in to let you know that I have to soul search some of those 6 questions again. I disagreed with many in the beginning anyway but after talking to her, I have to step back and redirect some things that I was going to say in a much different way.

She actually opened my eyes to a much different point of view and set of ideas. Since she is a bit younger than I am, I was able to discuss her attendance at Morehouse being one of the very few white females there studying psychology as well as her fraternity where she was only 1 of 2 who were named, "Snowflake" and "Green Eyed Devil". She expressed to me how it felt being called, "Green Eyed Devil" and compared it significantly to what she could only imagine a black woman felt like being called a "Nigga". When she told me that, I looked into her eyes and saw the pain that she still felt about it even today.

ME: No disrespect, but white folk are EXPERTS at pushing black folks' buttons by playing the "empathy" game and saying certain things that imply "see, I'm suffering at black folk's hands just like you suffering by white folks hands, I'm just like you."

I cannot tell you how many similar race-sob stories I have heard from white folks to make ME think we are the same, that my reality is the same as their reality WHEN I KNOW DIFFERENT

make NO mistake, white folks KNOW they are WHITE and they know YOU are BLACK, and they know it's better to be white and that they will NEVER go through what you and I go through

There is NO comparision, missstrings, between her being called "snowflake" by some black folks who wouldn't DARE harm a hair on her white head (she had no fear of black folks harming her, either) and a black folk being called "n___" by white folks who have the POWER to take our life. Absolutely NO comparison...

missstrings: "We went on to discuss how she felt about white men and it was even more intense. She thinks they are stupid as hell, in her own words. I asked her if she had ever dated one and she said that she had never dated a white man and never ever wanted too. I was a little amazed that a white woman with her style and grace would as she stated herself, go against her entire family at age 15 to surround herself with men and woman of color and go against the grain so immensely."

ME: She's pushing the right black buttons, "see, I'm just like you, I don't like whites either," but that's not a compliment to my intelligence, because I know better...

Basically, white folks that run that rap game, are telling me she's one of two things:

1) they're being deceptive and manipulative, or
2) they got a serious HEAD problem

The fact that she is white, her daddy is white, her brothers, uncles, and nephews are white, YET she thinks white men are "stupid" and won't date her own kind ONLY confirms that she is part of the problem, and not part of any black solution. I would not trust a black folk who does not like black folks and I don't trust a white folk who doesn't like other white folks. Either they are LYING to get me to let my guard down, or they have a HEAD problem...bottom line.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted February 27, 2010

missstrings said: "This same young lady jumped in the middle of a fight two nights ago outside of my bedroom window. I heard and saw this white woman going up against two black men in my parking lot. It was my daughter outside and the white woman was getting herself in position to protect and help my daughter get these two black men off of her...this white woman was willing, ready and able to try to beat down two black men for the safety of my daughter who was in trouble with our own kind."

ME: I am very grateful that your daughter is safe...

So, let me put this as respectfully as I can. Contrary to what most black folks think, white folks ARE NOT SCARED OF BLACK FOLK.

If you doubt this, check out a gentrifying neighborhood that is changing from poor black to affluent white. You will see white folk out walking their dogs at 10pm at night on the same streets that black folks are afraid to walk at night.

Why? Because white folk KNOW that the white police will hunt down a black folk (n___) that victimizes a white folk, which is why the same black criminal won't think twice about attacking you or me, but will think twice about attacking a white folk.

There are exceptions, and a few bold black criminals who will take a shot at a white folk, but I have SEEN this in some of the worst Chicago neighborhoods, where white folk PROVE everyday that they are not afraid of black folk.

I'm not taking anything away from your white friend, but her white reality and her bravery is based on having white privilege and feeling more invincible around black folks who generally speaking cater to white folks all day long. You got to understand the MINDSET of white folks when it comes to dealing with black folks to get what I'm saying...

See, she knows HOW to deal with (manipulate and con) black folks' emotions because most black folk do NOT understand white supremacy OR how it functions.

The appeal of black folks for certain white folks is they are always in a superior position, running simple minded game among the natives who do not understand the game

BECAUSE in their own white communities, these white folk would most likely be average or below average.

This is what is so puzzling to me, why BW are not peeping the game of white females who are within their midst, trolling for black d___, taking more BM out of y'all shrinking pool.

These white females have an agenda and it's not a black agenda, it's a white agenda, it's the TAKING of available black human resources for their own needs -- the way white folks do ALL OVER THE PLANET.

I guarantee you, missstrings, if white females faced the same male shortage that BW face, they would not TOLERATE you trolling their communities for white dyck, I guarantee you that...

I hope you will not be upset with me, missstrings, but your friend could be sincerely a nice woman, but she sounds like a dozen white folk I have met, who are running mind game, telling black folk what they think black folk want to hear, and all the time they got a hidden agenda or an agenda that is NOT beneficial for black folks...
missstrings: "So yes, I will definitely be posting to your 6 questions after I re-think some issues surrounding what a white woman will and will not do. I was thinking about asking her to sit down with me and film a live conversation about some race issues that have been heavy on my mind for a while."

ME: what you are experiencing is the mind game of black assimilation in a white supremacy system. It's the same mind game that an abused woman experiences with her abuser. On one hand, he's beating her a____, and then turns around and brings her flowers...and SHE winds up feeling GUILTY for ever having bad thoughts about the same man (or race) that abused her.

I'm not saying your white friend is a bad person, I'm saying she sounds like she's spitting some amount of white game...



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted February 27, 2010

missstrings wrote: "Crams, here is where I am right now...

I grew up in a school where I was one of about 100 black students. So I know about racism in a different way from most. I was however ALWAYS the token black. As well, I was always in the middle of a white/black fight or argument. The blacks were mad at me for being chosen for everything and t he whites were just as mad at me for being there at all too. They couldn't get used to the idea that I could wear the same uniforms and bring home trophy's for Cross Country singing every year and receive the same recognition that they received. I attended the same banquets that they did as well, I was nominated two years in a row to Delta. I was Student Council Representative, Election Board Representative, Journalism staff, Afro-American Club, Freshman Cheerleader,(only black), Sophomore Cheerleader(only black), Junior and Senior Cheerleader, (only black) , Chamber Choir x 4 yrs. (only two black females) and Concert Choir x 3 yrs and I ran track. (only two black females) in Champaign, Illinois where I received a four year scholarship by that same white school for the School of Music at the University of Illinois.

So again, and with all of that being said...yes..I have to think deeply about what I have to say here in your blog. What I say here is important because of onlookers who read to understand just as I do... as well, people who are particularly streamlined to black only EVERYTHING... of which I can not agree with at this time and place in my life."


missstrings, thanks for sharing that very interesting story. I understand that my dominant black perspective is not a good fit for all black folk. That's ok. Let me explain why my focus is so narrow.

Say, you're in an accident and you're seriously injured. One injury is life-threatening (your artery is cut), and you have a broken toe

What's your priority? To stop the bleeding. You don't put your toe in a cast until you stop the bleeding; otherwise, you might die.

The world is full of all kinds of people, some wonderful, some not so wonderful, of all races and colors. However, when black folks are bleeding to death and other folks represent the broken toe, then I got my priorities. It's not that I don't care about the broken toe, but I'm in a critical situation that takes all my time and focus; otherwise my people will die. You might think this is overdramatic, but let me assure you, it's not. All you have to do is look at the growing numbers of impending disaster in our communities. And I know some black folk think, well, if things get too bad, I'll just move around white folks. I want to caution the naive folks among us. The changes I see coming, may not make that a SAFE or desirable option for most black folks..

So, if I come across as harsh or cold or intolerant, then it is what it is. I respect all people, BUT my own people are my MAIN PRIORITY. The same way white folks are white folks MAIN priority. The same way Hispanic folks are Hispanic folks MAIN priority. The same way Asian folks are Asian folk's main priority. The only folks who have been brainwashed to think GROUP INTEREST is "wrong" are black folks who descended from SLAVES.

It's the mind game I've been talking about in the last few posts. Here you are a black person who have been victimized by white racism, listening to a white female talk about how she was victimized by a few black folks (who never denied her anything, including a job, a loan, a home, an apartment, or justice under the law), and she's got YOU feeling GUILTY about thinking about white folks and protecting your TURF from scavenging and ravenous white females who have agendas that are not beneficial to the black community's overall well-being...

Now, I respect your right to live as you choose, no problem with that. I have seen boo-coo black folks get caught up in the confusion of trying to straddle the fence between a black reality and the reality that white folks want you to live, and it doesn't always end on a pretty note. Case in point, Leanita McClain (google it) a brilliant talented sister who tried that balancing act and fell off the pole and ended her own life.

What can I tell you? I been fugged all my life with trying to appease whites and trying to be all koom-ba-yah, we are the world, and the only ones trying to use that currency
is black folks who still don't get how the rest of the world functions: OFF GROUP INTERESTS.

But I will tell you this, I'm not letting those white mind games get inside my head again

it ain't part of my master plan.



Female, 41, Charlotte, NC
Posted March 01, 2010

This kind of dialog makes us all examine ourselves and those around us.

It makes us question, seek answers, open our eyes........and sometimes there are ugly truths as well as beautiful realities to be found.

One thing is true..........we need work, each of us.......but how to we get out of the selfishness to collectively work together? I don't know.

Because I know many people, even our sisters and brothers only seek their own gain. Even the people we love........may not always be for us, and if there is any hurdle to be overcomed its truly loving and sacrificing for those closest to us.

But not for booty calls, how many men or women you can get, who you can get over on this week, I need a man or a woman, so I'll be nice as long as I think I got a shot..........but some true sacrifice.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted March 01, 2010

That's the million-dollar question, how we get out of the poisonous individualism and selfishness that has infected the black community

-- which is a byproduct of ASSIMILATION and INTEGRATION with the dominant (class, color, and race-conscious, individualistic, and selfish white society)


Black folks weren't perfect, BUT we knew we NEEDED each other, we understood UNITY, we didn't have the OPTION of ABANDONING each other, our women, our children, our communities because we had NO WHERE ELSE TO GO.

We supported our own businesses,

we -- NOT Arabs -- did BW's hair,

we -- NOT Arabs -- cooked the food in the restaurants we patronized,

we MARRIED other black folks (did you know black folk had a higher rate of marriage during the Great Depression than white folks?)

and there were NO LATCHKEY KIDS -- because we lived next door, down the street, or in the SAME HOUSE with several generations

and if momma and daddy couldn't be home, granddaddy and grandmomma, or auntie, or uncle, picked up the slack

We knew our neighbors, and us kids knew we better not talk back to Mrs. Jones, because our momma (or daddy) would beat our butts when we got home because we were taught to respect other adults -- even if they were wrong.


educated, ambitious mommas and daddies (if there is a daddy) are too busy having careers and competing with white folks in the same workplace

because it's more important to IMITATE their standard of living -- getting homes that are too big for 4 people, and cars that are too expensive, and jewelry and designer clothing that have some white folk's name on it (cause we damn sure don't make anything we buy)

than making sure our kids aren't raised by rapping fools, buffoon comedians, cable and network TV, the IPOD, the Internet, or the morality-devoid video games

and making sure 13 year old girls don't have the time OR the opportunity OR the NERVE to give a 12 year old boy a blow job...

If the civil rights movement of the 1960s started TODAY -- it would FAIL MISERABLY because most black folks would not be willing to sacrifice anything OR be inconvenienced in the name of black unity.

If you look at our communities today, we are not coming together to fix our problems, because today's BM and BW can hardly STAND each other, let alone come together and put our own selfish agendas to the side for a minute...

I'm tripping right now -- and I'm including myself in this above description -- so don't take this as some self-righteous rant. I know I'm not doing enough, and I'm more talk than action but I'm working on changing that...

I respect Dr. King's dream, but I bet he would be turning over in his grave,if he could see our condition today,

Dr. King might have said, "Fugg integration, let's shoot for segregation plus ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT!"

1-LL, the ONLY hope for us -- in my opinion -- is to discard our current value system and slave traditions and adopt new cultural traditions

that focus on real self-esteem building, that teach us about our TRUE history, by deprogramming ourselves away from the European beauty standards, that focus LESS on material things, and focus MORE on building a village..

I'm not saying this can or will happen - but even those who disagree with what I have posted HAVE to admit -- what we are doing AS black individuals -- regardless of our income, education and ego -- is NOT WORKING.

(did i get off topic? )


Male, Age Private, United Kingdom
Posted March 05, 2010

If anybody wants to know what would happen if you tried to help all black people, I will just cite Mc Hammer...

Do folks remember him? Hammer tries to bring all his folks with him to do well and what happened? They brought him down and laughed at his downfall. Now, if Hammer got rich again and said, f**l yall n***as, I am gonna get mines, who would blame him?

That's why I always give props to Hammer cos dude really tried so when people ask black celebrities what they are doing for the black community, I like to cite Mc Hammer and what his black community did to him...Of course, I am not saying to stop but one has got to have a serious backup cos ain't too many black folks (if any) gonna have your back when shyt hits the fan...

I wish there was a way to devise some tool to wake these saboteurs up but I can't think of a solution and it makes the jobs of progressives difficult because it is reducing your efficiency when you are busy fighting your own folks rather than focussing on the problem we all face as a whole...

The only roadblock to black unity is black people... If we all collectively decided to work together wherever we saw black people in the world to build a long-lasting network of contacts, there's nothing we won't be able to achieve...

Imagine if all black people across the world moved back to Africa, and contributed equally, the west would be dead and they know it... We have everything and NEED NOTHING FROM THEM...

Ok, I am gonna get off the soapbox now... Take care...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted March 05, 2010


Everything you said is true, I cannot disagree with a single point you made. This is the end result and by-product of what 500 years of white supremacy will do to the African and black mind.

It's like what Malcolm X said, some blacks identify MORE with their white oppressors (and white Jesus) than the white man does...

Unfortunately, until (and it will happen) black folks experience extreme pain and oppresssion, most will not REACT or ACT to save themselves, they will still look to the WM and his black proxies (puppets and civil rights pimps) to save them. Progressive, thinking, and self-respecting black folks will find themselves in the minority while the masses will still look to the WM and his black proxies (puppets and civil rights pimps) to tell them what to do...
You're right, all we can do is make minor strides. That being said, my partners and I are going to make as many strides as we can, everywhere we can...


Female, 38, Bedford, OH
Posted April 13, 2010

Ido not watch tv,so in my spare time i have viewed numerous black social web sites, i am so turned off. They all are the same promoting interacial relationships.Why? at the top of some of your blog topics their are interacial dating ads pretty sad. We are the only race that thinks interacial dating is more important than ,black love and black unity very sad.Iget attention from all races of men,i am anurse so i meet alot of different people via the hospital that i work at.Im pro black and believe in dating my own kind, is that wrong?some confused black people would say yes.I enjoy reading your blogs, to bad you cant be cloned millons of times for these selfhating,weak,sorry and slave minded black men.I will go back to reading, exercising and spending time with my family than visit the hot mess black sites.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted April 15, 2010

@ venitabrooks

I understand your frustration and believe me, it's a sign of a THINKING, intelligent mind, so just be glad you are aware enough to know something foul is going on...

the answer to WHY the media (that also controls this website) is pushing interracial can be summed up with one phrase:

divide and conquer

and why are black men being targeted?

because once you NEUTRALIZE the men, you can destroy the entire race. Ever notice how the victorious army always kills the men (or enslaves them) but it seldom kills all the women

because the women and children are the SURVIVORS but seldom the real target

they know that hooking the BM up with the white female will NEUTRALIZE the BM and he will lose the will AND the self-respect to fight white oppression because he is laying down with the symbol of white supremacy EVERY NIGHT

so, sister, it's not about BW not being enough or this or that, it's about us BM still being SLAVE-MINDED and still looking for white validation in the arms of a white female....


Note by Me: Kid Rock recently wore and supported the Confederate rebel flag. They always show their true colors when especially when they reach middle age. They want blacks to accept solely a Eurocentric point of view without them learning truly of their own history or culture. It's as simple as that. They hang with you, but if you talk about real black cultural power, they become defensive.

By Timothy


you are absolutely right....Kid Rock got off early trying to play that "down white
boy" as soon as he blew up with his "hip hop infused" rock n roll he reverted back
to his true colors of a northern redneck hillbilly with his southern good ole boy
allegiances.....I havent been a fan of his since he came out as a Repub and an
avid Bush fan back in 2003...totally took me aback!!!...and your right his
penchant for a taste of black meat doesnt give him any street cred in my book at
the end of the day a redneck is a redneck


gregnlbc: I can't speak for anyone else, but I never said he was racist. I said he used black music to appeal to whites.

But...If he's so down with blacks then why use a Confederate flag? If he was so down, he would respect the sensitivities of what it means. The Confederate flag is no different than a white sheet and hood. So would you be so quick to defend him if he was walking around with a sheet and hood?


All one need to do is remove the stupid rebel clothing, replace them with the Nazi and vroom, same old racist effect if you ask me. If you look at history where the south gave this flag a re-birth and used it against blacks during those Jim Crowe eras and had KKK using it as a symbol of hate its called racism. If Kid Rock is not racist then he is ignorant as fcuk. Anyways from when does it becomes null and void that a white man has a child by a black woman he can't be racist. Jefferson, Storm are all examples of white k___ who had black women and went to their grave as one racist mutha, so give me a break. I'm not upset with people wearing the stupid clothes or ornament. The bigger picture here where the NAACP should be fighting is not at Kid Rock but the states that still fly the flag and tax payers’ money that goes to keep it flying. But, like cowards they are ,they choose the little fight with an ignorant man and comes off as pitiful.



Co-sign everything you said.

I bet you would never catch Jews defending someone using an old Nazi flag. But many blacks have been brainwashed into having an anglo view of the world.

The Confederate flag stands for a system that killed many more people than Naziism killed Jews, but blacks are supposed to be okay with this? Just because something is part of your history doesn't mean it should be celebrated.

And you're also right about the NAACP. Too many times they have been on the wrong side of an issue, or said nothing, when it comes to the people they claim to help.



youre absolutely right...as much as people talk about the enlightment of
Jefferson....George Washington...actually despised Thomas Jefferson and referred
to him as a "moral coward" cause he often spoke in moral terms and he owned
slaves...and this is the connumdrum we fall into....you have this stockholm
syndrome....where the oppressed now engage the oppressor.....I dont assume that
Kid rock is racist cause I dont know...but he defintely operates his symbolism
out of ignorance for old passe tokens of the past....I find his adherance to old
symbols like the rebelious confederacy a sure fire sign on ignorance at the



total cosign with you and muffie....


dont be a sheep all your life....when Kid Rock hit the scene he was much like
Pink is now...he operated from a more HIP HOP Soul style of musik...if you read
his behind the musik bio....he admits when he was younger he was deeply
influenced by hip and rap.....his first album is radically different from the
albums he has out now.....but it was his first album that put him on the map
into the mainstream....now hes approached this rock n roll cowboy mental and if
you didnt read his bio you would swear hes a offspring continuation of a old
rock band Lynard Skynard...just cause he has a black/biraccial kid means
nothing...cause white people at the end of the day dont minorities to be
comfortable in their own culture they expect all minorities to embrace the
American / anglo worldview....wanna know what Kid Rock really is ask him his
views on Obama and see if you hear a bunch of right wing tea bagger talking



being a C___________ is nothing new...if you wanna embrace the flag that oppressed your
simple ass then so be it.....there is nothing remotely.....learnable from a
passe institution as slavery of the confederacy....THEY LOST plain and
simple....you dont see people floating the flag of 1812 around do you.....the
convenient argument is all racists is IT HISTORY.....to its a statement of
defiance to unity of which the south LOST...THEY LOST so they need to get over
it already...funny how people tell US....its not about racism....no its about
supporting the institutions that supported racism and the right to break the
backs of a group of people to supprt their way of life.....while your crowing
about its not about racism...those people would put a bullet thru your brain and
hang your ass from a tree for nothing but passing thought going thru their
minds.....please stay stuck on stupid....we need more ignoramuses like you


thank you lil bro ...well said



I don't think anyone considers you a c__ for being a Republican. I have friends who are Republican but the difference is that they don't agree with every single thing the Republicans do and when they do something f___ up, they are one of the first to speak up and say it was f___ up. They don't excuse every single thing the Republicans do...and they don't make it personal when referring to the President and resort to lies and and name calling.



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted July 04, 2010

@ venita

sister, sister, I understand, BUT u must understand, this BLACK GENDER WAR is all by design. It began during slavery and has never let up for over 400 years.

read the posts I posted on that site, and the posts from more sensible brothers, and you will see the same handful of BM who make most of the ignorant comments.

Some of the "posters" on these "black" (white-owned) websites are PLANTS, sister, who are hired to keep the flames going...

also check out this site and you will see I am not in a minority, I'm just more vocal than a lot of BM who will never post anything on line....

Black Men: What We Love About Black Women
http://www.topix.com/forum/afa m/TQRAK6D6A037FEG5L/p34

I am going to post something in the next few days that will be in our second book about IR and the REAL statistics that prove the white media is deliberately distorting what is going on...

we must all make a greater effort to EDUCATE our people instead of throwing up our hands in frustration...


STFU wrote:
He's one of the biggest trolls on this forum. I notice if you defend mayo or interact with him, he'll accuse you of being mayo. This dirty c___ is a confused coward. He even accused me of being mayo?! I understand being labeled Moses but not Mayo.
I've already known this....she's also this character "bruce"....its a ir black woman,(maybe with some help doing it by some cracker she knows online or off),and also back and forth between here and this site called "lipstick alley", most of the georgia and florida isps(including "black goddess" and truth hurts(hard truths) is her also...trolling very insanely....

The lengths the cr____ and these nut case ir garbage will go to spread their bs is pathetic.....lol....and they still will lose in the end, because ir will always remain small and obsolete to whats natural, which is the black man and black woman together simple as that....anything else is uncivilized....

-216 Elite



Female, 38, Bedford, OH
Posted April 26, 2010

Speaking of work place stress and racism.Iwork at a community hospital in a majority white env.Their are only 5 black nurses out of 30. Me and the 4 other black nurses are always getting written up for the most minor things,the white nurses do the same thing and a few are just outright dumb or neglectful.EX; a young white male pt. who was mentally ill and a drug addict had been verbally abusive an demanding to the entire nursing staff during his stay,he had been complaining about all the nurses that had been taking care of him.MY nurse manager dismissed him as being a nut and drug addict, shes white. Myself and another black nurse took care of him back to black. The pt. was nice actually and i made sure he got his pain meds when asked. After the pt was discharged,myself and the other nurse were written up because the pt. said we were rude to him and called him a drug addict.We would never say that to a pt. take care of drug addicts all the time. We knew that she made it up but we could not prove it.It so many more incidents but to long. Ihave been their for 8 years,my nurse managers been their for1 year so i dont want to let her force me to resign, but i dont know, theirs only so much a human being can take. Two of yhe black nurses went to hr and recieved no results.Nursing is one of thee most racist and cutthroat professions.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted April 26, 2010

@ venitabrooks

sorry to hear that but can't say i'm surprised.

you uppity black females are supposed to be NURSES AIDES, NOT NURSES...doing the drudge, dirty work for the more educated white folks...

think about it

all day long you see commercials for these bootleg "schools" that will train folks to be "medical and dental assistants" and either brown or black females are in the commercials...

even when it comes to giving black and brown women on welfare job training they train them in the lower-paid medical assistance "careers" (?) instead of training them to be nurses who will earn a LIVING WAGE

this way the "system" keeps non-white females and their children in poverty and reserves the higher paying jobs for whites...

this system is so racist, they'd rather recruit nurses from India than train and pay black females who live here....

Unfortunately, we're going to see more racism on the jobs as jobs become more scarce

that's why I push so hard the idea of black unity, because it's easy to predict what is coming, but some folks are determined to stay in the dream world of the integrated, assimiliated, slave-minded black folk

but they are about to get a serious wake-up call

got to be blunt, no more time for games...


Female, 41, Charlotte, NC
Posted March 18, 2010

"If a BM's got to LIE to a woman to get her to love or accept us, that shows his weakness of character when he uses the con of questioning the woman's "loyalty" to HIM -- even while he's dogging her out..."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Just had to read that again. Pay me no attention. lol

Anytime you have a large population forcibly and deceitfully UPROOTED from a whole hemispheric location, and have our names, languages, cultural way of life, and have a whole diluted down mixed form within themselves created through forced rape and sexual abuse for centuries, and then to have the land with which they were brought built up to the present wealthy, and barbaric power that it is today called amerikkka, then you have an evil that must and will be eliminated from its being, ITS NOT NATURAL brothers and sisters, and the oppressive slave conditioned system set up that abuses the very psyche and being of the person of color is full proof.........http://vimeo.com/7990617
-216 Elite

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted March 26, 2010

@ 1-LL and Cali

Some folks might think I'm just posting to impress the ladies but I will let our next work speak for itself

My partners and I are dialoguing with a very talented writer/artist (a sister) about our 3rd project which will be to promote the BEAUTY and the history of black women

we have a mission to turn this BW (and BM) degradation around, because what I -- as a BM -- allow the world to think of you and do TO you -- I am also telling the world what is TRUE about myself,

and if more BM understood that the BLACK MAN cannot rise any higher than the black woman, they would not be so quick to cosign on the degradation of our women.

You can say I'm selfish but I know MY BEST INTEREST lies in protecting the interests and images of black women.

So, lovely ladies, if you don't see me on BP everyday, it's because I must spend more time finishing our second book on black love and black relationships...

so if you need to tell me something, send me a note...and I'll respond


Note by Me: I don't agree with Kasta on every issue, but he's accurate on these words:

Black men must learn to FORGE THEIR CHILDREN LIKE SWORDS. When it comes to sword making, there is nobody better than the Japanese. The sword smiths of Old Japan produced weapons that are considered the finest in the world, and these weapons are designed for close quarters combat.

So to must Black children be forged and prepared. Foreign languages, psychological warfare, hand-to-hand combat, and a knowledge of computers, history, and finance are just a few of the things that Black parents SHOULD be teaching their sons.

Indeed, Black men must teach their sons like Aristotle taught Alexander the Great, we must produce a new generation of ruthless and relentless children who are bred to win in the very competitive global economy. This task can only be accomplished with great discipline and patience.

Black people, men and women alike, are consumers. All we do is consume goods and services while not producing anything. This is Economics 101, if you consume more than you produce, then you will end up in the poor house.

I've always joked that Blacks should be some of the most frugal people in America; given our history in this country, Blacks should be saving more money than any other ethnic group, because our ancestors didn't pass down assets to us because of slavery and our economic well being is dependent on Whites. Now, you'd think that this would make Blacks serial savers, but that isn't what we see.

Instead, Blacks are some of the biggest spenders in America. We own virtually no Fortune 500 companies yet we spend money like Donald Trump. You don't have to be a college educated economist too see that this is a recipe for absolute disaster.

Knowledge, mentoring is important, and older Black men must teach young Black men the importance of OWNING ASSETS. This is an area where Blacks are really deficient.

Black boys are taught to grow up and get jobs working for Whites, but we have to start teaching them that they need to own assets, real estate, land, businesses, etc. One reason why Whites and Asians do so well is because they pass down assets.

Many Black parents and grandparents pass down nothing to their children and grandchildren, and this is a terrible mistake, it leaves our children and grandchildren at a disadvantage.



This is all true I was just going by black demographics though thanks anyways Moor..
THE MOOR wrote:



CaliFemme23 May. 10th, 2010 at 10:01 pm
I’m with you….I’m making it a point to NOT post anything in any forum that XS_611 has anything to do with whether he directs at me or not, (which for some odd reason he usually does..guess its that colored charm he cant get enough of..), because I have already spent my years in college being taught (not educated), by white folks… I’m done…
OOPS! I forgot..


crammasters May. 9th, 2010 at 9:26 pm
@ XL_611
trying to school u is like teaching a newborn infant how to do calculus…

never said a WM pulled the trigger, what i will say IS the white supremacy system creatd ALL the economic, political and social conditions that have led to black mass dysfunction.

Whites can’t have it both ways, you can’t take credit for all the good without taking MOST of the blame for the bad. Those with the MOST power, also bear the GREATEST RESPONSIBILITY…

like I said, i’m not wasting precious time trying to school somebody who thinks he has all the answers..without knowing the right questions…

especially an annoying sonuva@#$&% who ends every post with


crammasters May. 8th, 2010 at 8:29 pm
@ odoggz

Let me address your post one point at a time…

#1 – I am a GROWN MAN, not in college, not trying to get “p____” unless it’s coming from my keyboard, which is PHYSICALLY, the CLOSEST I will come to anyone on this board.
If I wanted some “p___” from someone other than MY WIFE, I don’t have to go on BlackPlanet to get it, so, let’s dismiss the nonsense and dialogue like two grown men…

If u think “…it’s WHATEVER with us, all will work itself out…” that tells me that you don’t understand how the white supremacist system affects YOUR LIFE, my life, the lives of ALL non-whites and all whites for that matter – and it matters NOT whether u agree with that, that is a FACT.

one thing I’ve observed, is life will teach you the easy way or the hard way how the world works, and no, brother, it will not just “…work itself out..”

Have you seen the BM’s unemployment statistics, or the dropout rate, OR the incarceration numbers for us? How’s that “working out?”

The BM is NOT inferior, we were PUT into an inferior position during slavery and have NOT recovered from the same system that began during slavery.

And if most BM understood HOW the system of white supremacy worked, WE would not be filling up the nation’s prisons and graveyards, leaving our women and children behind to fend for themselves, we get that big white foot off our necks and create our own destinies …
If we want to be free from oppression, the first thing WE must learn to do is (1) educate ourselves, and (2) stop thinking we know more than we do, just because we have a keyboard and a mouse…

For you to claim that the BM is NOT imitating the WM, I don’t know where u live, but that’s we are doing, because it’s the WHITE MAN’s gameboard, and chances are if YOU have a job, you are working for HIM.

If YOU own (or still paying for) a car, the WM MADE IT. (do u know any BM with a car manufacturing plant, brother?

If you used electricity to turn on your computer, brother, the WM’s electrical grids CREATED IT

If YOU ate a meal today, chances are the WHITE MAN owns the fields and farms and stores and trucks that brought you your meal, or HE owns the MAIN franchise of ALL fast food franchises…

Even the Arabs and Koreans got more businesses than the BM, so brother, UNLESS the black man WISES UP instead of being a WISE ASS, and we come together RESPECTFULLY to work out our problems, things will NOT just “work themselves out.”

All the BM who are laying up with the WHITE MAN”S woman, that ain’t nothing BUT imitating him, because we know damn well, the WW is NOT our ally, she is HIS ally…always has been, always wiil be…Puzzy don’t make her your ally…if it did SHE wouldn’t be climbing the corporate ladder while the BM is falling off; she’d be pulling our azzes up WITH her…

All the bad talking, smart mouthing, and pretending that the WHITE MAN is in worse shape than we are is BS – when the BM cannot feed, house, clothe, educate, or protect ourselves, our women, and our children….

I don’t accept defeat, but I can’t create REAL solutions that will get my people OUT OF THEIR CONDITION – if I lie to myself about what I’m dealing with…

Only telling ourselves the TRUTH, putting hard work & sacrifice ahead of pleasure, and unifying with our women, instead of acting like they are the enemy is the ONLY thing that will get us out of this condition. And if YOU have a better plan, brother, you need to put it into action asap…

Rather than debate any further with u, we can agree to disagree…


crammasters May. 7th, 2010 at 10:18 pm
@ odoggz
you are right this is a male-dominated society, and I’m not saying the WM is a better man, I’m saying he understands what many of us do not and in fact, our history is completely different from his, and so our behaviors are based on those experiences

and let me REPOST what I posted to you:
“while the WM encourages US to degrade our women, he UPLIFTS his women as the ultimate female prize. NOT because he respects and admires them (he doesn’t) BUT because he came from a WW’s womb and understands that when he uplifts her, he UPLIFTS himself.”

This does not mean we are bad men or that our women are perfect and blameless — it means we do not understand what happened to us and our relationships with each other over the last 500 years

as u can see, i did not say the WM loves and respects the WW, what I am saying is the WM puts her on a pedestal above non-white females because she is white and he is promoting white supremacy, which has nothing to do with love, but with maintaining power and the ILLUSION of white superiority..

and it is undeniable that the WM says his woman is the most beautiful, the most blonde, the most blue-eyed, the whitest skin, and u can see that brother from the advertisements, to the movies, to the beauty pageants, TV shows, the ever present “white damsel in distress”…come on now…

I made it clear that privately he does not respect NOR cherish her BUT he will never let a BM make a “white Norbit” or a “white Precious” or a “white Big Momma’s House”…of that u can be sure…

because he understands what MOST OF US do not understand: the social position of a woman is the social position of her race and as a man lifts his woman collectively, so he lifts himself because he CAME FROM HER…
and if a man degrades his woman publicly, so he degrades himself because he CAME FROM HER

and if she is nothing, if she is inferior, then the fruit of her womb — the BLACK MAN — is also inferior…
and whether you agree, or not, is beside the point, it is what it is…

and we all need to learn more about our history to understand our behavior or we will keep on making a mess of our own communities and our relationships with each other…


CaliFemme23 May. 7th, 2010 at 11:53 am
odoggz, “So again, my point, women, men whomever, need to be a little more aware of who they’re up against, put a little less attitude in their confrontations, and that helps reduce violent offenses”
Just how is one supposed to be aware of who they are up against if it is indeed a STRANGER? I mean assuming this man was a stranger to her, how much does it take to walk away when someone says ‘no’? And you are STILL ASSUMING that she came at him with attitude, OR if she did, his bruised ego was justified. You guys are still coming off as “she must have done something to provoke him…”, NO! She had every right to say ‘no’…Matter of fact, even if she did cuss him up one side and down the other, that still didnt give him the utter abandon to shoot her over HER PHONE NUMBER.
If you had a nice car and I wanted to drive it and you say “HELL NAW!” does that give me the right to shoot you? Would you NOT call the police on me or press charges because you PROVOKED me by not being ‘nice enough’ in your rejection? GTFOH! I think one of the first words people learn in life is “NO”. This man is a COWARD, and there is no excuse or reasoning for him shooting someone over THEIR phone number.
Crammasters, Man! Your book is so right about black people are NEVER seen as the victim, even when NONE of the evidence presented paints them as otherwise. This woman is the clear cut VICTIM here and just about NONE of the men in this forum see her as such because shes BLACK. It’s only SICKENING because its coming from black people!


CaliFemme23Apr. 29th, 2010
at 7:12 pm

crammasters, “Or is having a black father ONLY important when it comes to criticizing our black females?”
You are right here again.
POINT: A few months back I recall an article on Urban Daily about Rapper Trina wanting to adopt a child…Black people sounded OFF about the ill lifestyle Trina leads and what kind of horrible role model she would be. But wait, she has money, shes single. I’m sure she could raise a child just as Angelina the bi-sexual, bulemic, NON married, black baby collector could. I’m sure Trina could raise a child just as Madonna does when she goes on her ‘collector’ mission out in Africa, even though this is the same woman who was abused by husband Sean Penn not to mention her long relationship with the not so savory character Dennis Rodman, (By the way Rodman was adopted and raised by white people and ummm, look at the MESS he became!).
So you are right in that point of black people just hold this chagrin against single BLACK MOTHERS. Another disgusting display of how white media has turned EVERYONE, including black men against US! And look at all you black women in this forum…You too have FLATLINED if you think a white woman is fit to raise YOUR counterpart….


crammastersApr. 29th, 2010
at 6:57 pm

@ CaliFemme23 who said, “And another thing…This woman is going through a divorce right now (probably one of THEE most emotionally UNSTABLE things to go through)…”
Cali — Another GREAT and overlooked point.
Remember Angelina Jolie who seems to have all kinds of “problems” and instability, who adopted a ton of kids who are being raised by a NANNY because she’s always working, who never even bothered to marry Brad Pitt, and they’re ALWAYS on the verge of breaking up?? That’s “stability?”
And Madonna who copy-catted after Angelina (“d___ angelina b___ getting all the damn attention so i’m gonna get me a black pet, too!”) who adopted an African baby (like one would buy the latest fashion accessory) all while he’s messing around with married dudes. According to the deceased Michael Jackson, Madonna was a very mean person. True or not, is she providing a stable home?
So what is it that moves us black folks to celebrate these “announcements?”
Is it their FAME and MONEY OR their WHITE SKIN that makes these white females MORE “qualified” than the REAL black mothers out here who are working two and three jobs to raise their black sons by themselves? Just asking…
@African S
What about the movie, “The Blind Side” that demonized black men and black mothers? Another “Holy White Savior” tale where white folks have to rescue the poor, pitiful black kids because black folks ain’t sh___ when it comes to our kids. We have obviously dropped our books and forgotten our lessons, because this Holy White Savior theme has been around for decades in movies
What can she teach a black boy about being a black man that a black mother can’t teach him — at least according to US? Or is having a black father ONLY important when it comes to criticizing our black females?


CaliFemme23Apr. 29th, 2010
at 6:35 pm

And another thing…This woman is going through a divorce right now (probably one of THEE most emotionally UNSTABLE things to go through). She found out the man of her dreams was cheating on her with 4 or 5 different women for the past who knows how many years. My point…Is this the picture of mental, emotional stability and strength to raise a VERY DEMANDING young child in? Newborns need the utmost attention especially from mothers. I read a few weeks ago that this woman, sandra bullock, locked herself in her home and cried for a week straight. Now if we are to believe that, then is she in the proper mental state to handle a newborn child?? OH! My fault, she’s a wealthy white woman, going through divorce from a man who cheated on her for years so im sure that is the epitome of motherhood!
BLACK PEOPLE! Look at what the hell you have been taught, yes TAUGHT to believe about your own in opposition to white people…


crammastersApr. 29th, 2010
at 6:24 pm

@ CaliFemme who said, “And what kills me is the SAME black people dont think a black woman can raise a black male child! isnt that a B!!!”
Incredible, absolutely incredible…we constantly chastise and criticize BW and black mothers for having the NERVE to raise their OWN black boys without a black father AND then we PRAISE a white female for ADOPTING someone else’s black baby boy to raise him in an all-white, man-and-father-less environment??
Is there NO limit to our self-hatred and idolizing of white people?
((mouth and eyes wide open!))


CaliFemme23Apr. 29th, 2010
at 6:08 pm

Crammasters, You are ON POINT AS ALWAYS! But I must say its sad that YOU of all people have so much opposition from OUR race…They just dont get ‘IT”..
Now about this article…I have said it once and I shall say it again…There is NO WAY a WHITE WOMAN can raise a BLACK MAN! You black people are killin me here! You are the same ones that say single black women need to make better choices and choose men who will be around so they wont have to go things alone..But you turn right around and praise a white woman for doing just that?!! You same ones that say black women can not raise a black boy to be a black man, but because this WHITE chick is doing it, and can provide the kid with enough diapers and baby milk, its A-OK. So a black woman cant raise a son alone, but a white woman can??!
This isnt about money and a roof over the kids head, this is about WHO he will be later on in life. Do we really need ONE more black man that doesnt know hes black? How in hell does this white woman teach this little black boy HIS HISTORY? His origins, where he came from and what kind of man he is supposed to be? She was married to a guy with a SWASTIKA tatted on his upper back! So its cool for her to bring this child in the home with that man’s children??? And what does that say about her? How could this fun loving, great woman even marry a man with that kind of symbolism on his person as well as that kind of mindset?


crammastersApr. 29th, 2010
at 1:22 pm

Of course, there are (some) well-meaning whites who adopt black babies for the right reasons, but what are the chances that Sandra Bullock DIDN’T know that her husband was into the Nazi phiosophy? How do we know she isn’t on the same page?
Of course, once that info came out about HIM, she had to distance herself, especially considering how powerful Jews are in Hollywood. Perhaps, that’s the REAL reason for the divorce, not the infidelity…
Regardless, a sensible, THINKING black person has to ask why a Nazi-loving white man wants to adopt a black boy (with his white wife who might be one, too)? There are all kinds of unsavory reasons why whites want to get their hands on black babies, and why whites were down in Haiti kidnapping black children to take back to the US even though they knew these children were not orphans…
Have we black folks not learned one thing from our history, that we are constantly being used, duped, fooled, and exploited for the purposes of white supremacy? The real problem is most of us DON’T know our history and that is why we are so easy to fool, and why we are so willing and EAGER to turn over our black children to anyone who wants them…so we don’t have to come together and take care of our business AS self-respecting black men and women
and for those who think I’m being “racist” or “too racial”, and for those who don’t want to deal with race AS IS EXISTS in our real lives (not in our imaginations), that’s your prerogative, and means not a thing in the scheme of things. Those of us who SEE with our eyes wide open, will continue to see, question, and challenge the tricks and schemes that are happening to our black people on a DAILY basis…
And so the question must and will be asked: why are so many whites (white females) adopting (and having brown and) black babies? Here’s one answer:
if anyone wants to know the answer (which i will not post publicly for obvious reasons, hit me with a note). Below is the link to the article where Sandra Bullock “discovers” her husband loves Nazi stuff…
Sandra Bullock Blasts Jesse James’ Nazi Photo


CaliFemme23Apr. 30th, 2010
at 12:29 am

No, youre kidding me. You mean to tell me that our fair president was SELECTED because he is half white and raised by white people? You mean the simple fact that he has that majoritum white influence he was chosen….Dare I say, had he been raised here in america by the african side of his family OR, had he been ALL black he wouldnt have had that snowball’s chance in hell of being the chosen one….You cant mean that…
Disregard this post folks, The mixture of Crammasters and chancellor williams is really starting to get to me!


crammastersApr. 30th, 2010
at 12:11 am

@ MiSz_PiNk_DiamOnd
that’s one of the reasons he was (s)elected, to promote the idea of the superior black aka a “mulatto” — the best part being HALF-WHITE.
If we’re HONEST, we know he would have had a better chance of getting a cold drink in hell than getting the white vote if he had NOT been perceived as having at least half-white blood in him…come on now…
I won’t (again) say much more than that…but if anyone wants to know why shoot me a note…


crammastersApr. 29th, 2010
at 11:54 pm
@ Picatsso88 who said: “Lastly, our president is an excellent example of someone raised by whites who did just fine. I know several African Americans raised by whites who turned out to be lovely individuals. Fact is, raising a well adjusted child is not dependent on your race, having money does not necessarily mean you will be a terrible parent, and pretending to think you can tell whether a person is a good parent for a child without any evidence whatsoever of their parenting ability is unacceptable.”
ME: I won’t touch that with the proverbial ten-foot pole. Let’s just say YOUR obvious opinion of him is different than my opinion of him. Actually, he is the best example and proof of why these kinds of adoptions are bad for the black collective. I stand by my statement that a clueless white female is NOT FIT OR EQUIPPED to raise a black boy into a mentally sane black man. If that’s not acceptable to you, I can live with that…
Picatsso88 said: “Racism is a two way street, if you adopted a white child, would you think it’s fair if someone told you that you were going to be a bad parent without any evidence whatsoever to back up their beliefs? Would you think its fair if someone told you that you wouldnt be able to raise a child based on your race?
ME: Again, let’s live in the real world, shall we? Blacks are generally NOT allowed to adopt white infants, even if they could find one available. If you can find me one case of a black family or movie star adopting a white infant, hit me back with a link. Lionel and Brenda Richie don’t count because Nicole is NOT classified as “white.” Not saying it’s absolutely impossible, but whites don’t allow blacks to control OR raise their children, unless it’s in the role of a MAMMY or a NANNY…
One last thing, here’s the definition of racism (which is LONG overdue) from the book: Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation:
Racism is the systematic discrimination (the denial of rights and benefits) by whites against non-whites in all areas of human activity: (1) economics, (2) education, (3) entertainment, (4) labor, (5) law, (6) politics, (7) religion, (8) sex, and (9) war.
For one race to practice racism that race must have MORE POWER than another race. Since whites control ALL the major areas of human activity in America — housing, education, health, entertainment, economics, politics, law, and religion, it is accurate to define all “racism” as “racism/white supremacy.”
We must be accurate so the victims of racism do not become confused. There is only ONE kind of racism in America: white racism. White people are the only race in America with the POWER to discriminate (deprive or punish other races), and the systems and institutions to maintain the imbalance of power.
For example, rich people are more powerful than poor people. Rich people have the POWER to discriminate against poor people by depriving them of income, promotions, jobs, housing, land, justice, and any other rights – if they choose to do so.
There is NO such thing as “black racism” or “black racists” because while blacks can be prejudiced, blacks cannot be “racist.” If black people were collectively more powerful than whites collectively, ONLY THEN would blacks have the power to practice racism. Logically speaking, that would mean the end of white supremacy.


Thanks, Nonijuice,

Just came across this movie link and forum. Read some of the posts from BM, and I thought "here the f___k we go again". I read part of the "letter from the most tired BM,etc." and frankly, it sounded just like the movie clip. Another BM "angel" who is dealing with the BW "devil".

Give me a f___g break. Please.

I never met a single BM or BW angel so can the crap. Let's keep it real. If you're with a man or woman who's treating your a___ like s___ and getting away with it, seems to me there are TWO people with head problems.

My concern is that this movie will provoke more BW bashing and in turn provoke more BM-bashing, which we sure as hell don't need. Damn, I ask this question on black voices and just in general--what kind of MEN put down their own race of women? And vice versa??

On the other hand, I hope this movie -- whether it is credible or NOT -- provokes us to have more HONEST dialogue about our problems. Alright, Terry McMillan did her thing, now this brother did his. Now, let's stop the Hollywood drama when it comes to our REAL lives and deal with the REAL problems.

The funniest thing is if WE didn't care so much, we wouldn't STILL be having this conversation. This issue would have died a long time ago and everybody would have just said, "f___ it" and moved on and done their own thing. The fact that MOST BM & BW are still asking these questions prove that deep down we STILL CARE.

MOST BM still want BW and MOST BW still want BM. We just have to figure out a way to break the "generational curse" that has plagued us since slavery and be WILLING to do the hard work necessary to FIX THINGS.

I'm lucky as h____ to have a wonderful loving beautiful BW who's dirty drawers I crave! Can't nobody take the place of a sister--sorry--and I am so D___ GLAD i got the good d___ sense to know it! BW-bashers, don't hate on this brotha, 'cause BLACK LOVE is the tastiest, most satisfying love of all! peace!

You quite welcome, Crammaster. Your 'loving, beautiful BW' must definitately cheerish you as 'a blessing above all others' You head is screwed on tight, Crammaster--and that is what I would call a REAL MAN/ GENTLEMAN ANYDAY OF THE WEEK!. :wink:

BTW, don't mind the Haters: Keep on steppin' with what you have---you sure do have alot to offer. Sistas need more men like you. alas...sigh.... :wink:




  • crammastersApr. 29th, 2010
    at 11:54 pm
    @ Picatsso88 who said: “Lastly, our president is an excellent example of someone raised by whites who did just fine. I know several African Americans raised by whites who turned out to be lovely individuals. Fact is, raising a well adjusted child is not dependent on your race, having money does not necessarily mean you will be a terrible parent, and pretending to think you can tell whether a person is a good parent for a child without any evidence whatsoever of their parenting ability is unacceptable.”
    ME: I won’t touch that with the proverbial ten-foot pole. Let’s just say YOUR obvious opinion of him is different than my opinion of him. Actually, he is the best example and proof of why these kinds of adoptions are bad for the black collective. I stand by my statement that a clueless white female is NOT FIT OR EQUIPPED to raise a black boy into a mentally sane black man. If that’s not acceptable to you, I can live with that…
    Picatsso88 said: “Racism is a two way street, if you adopted a white child, would you think it’s fair if someone told you that you were going to be a bad parent without any evidence whatsoever to back up their beliefs? Would you think its fair if someone told you that you wouldnt be able to raise a child based on your race?
    ME: Again, let’s live in the real world, shall we? Blacks are generally NOT allowed to adopt white infants, even if they could find one available. If you can find me one case of a black family or movie star adopting a white infant, hit me back with a link. Lionel and Brenda Richie don’t count because Nicole is NOT classified as “white.” Not saying it’s absolutely impossible, but whites don’t allow blacks to control OR raise their children, unless it’s in the role of a MAMMY or a NANNY…
    One last thing, here’s the definition of racism (which is LONG overdue) from the book: Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation:
    Racism is the systematic discrimination (the denial of rights and benefits) by whites against non-whites in all areas of human activity: (1) economics, (2) education, (3) entertainment, (4) labor, (5) law, (6) politics, (7) religion, (8) sex, and (9) war.
    For one race to practice racism that race must have MORE POWER than another race. Since whites control ALL the major areas of human activity in America — housing, education, health, entertainment, economics, politics, law, and religion, it is accurate to define all “racism” as “racism/white supremacy.”
    We must be accurate so the victims of racism do not become confused. There is only ONE kind of racism in America: white racism. White people are the only race in America with the POWER to discriminate (deprive or punish other races), and the systems and institutions to maintain the imbalance of power.
    For example, rich people are more powerful than poor people. Rich people have the POWER to discriminate against poor people by depriving them of income, promotions, jobs, housing, land, justice, and any other rights – if they choose to do so.
    There is NO such thing as “black racism” or “black racists” because while blacks can be prejudiced, blacks cannot be “racist.” If black people were collectively more powerful than whites collectively, ONLY THEN would blacks have the power to practice racism. Logically speaking, that would mean the end of white supremacy.

  • CaliFemme23Apr. 29th, 2010
    at 11:51 pm
    Picatsso88: “Hmm, you seem to be judging a person based on the fact that they have money and based on their race.”
    Sorry my man, but that would be the OTHER 100 something posts SANS Crammasters and I. You need to really read what he and I have said thus far…Our sentiment is..”Why are you all praising this woman, or deeming her as fit because she has money?”. I havent judged her based upon her having money, my point has been, ‘STOP judging her as FIT, SIMPLY because she does have money’.
    Point#1.) Umm no, she did not leave him, he cheated on her so technically HE LEFT HER long before she even knew about it. Now why would we discount the FACT that she was/is married to a nazi supporter? That right there directly makes one question WHY she would adopt a black child. The fact that she met, found out and married the guy KNOWING this about him speaks volumes to her character and what she finds tolerable. I think nazi supporter is a great RED FLAG to a relationship especially if one party is totally against it. She must not have been against that mind set. So your point about getting serious with someone and them not being who we thought they were…Nah bruh, thats a dead stance because she KNEW before that he felt this way and she STILL married him so she didnt care that he supports white supremacy which in turn directly hates black people.
    Point#2) There you are wrong again. I am not judging anyone. I have never said she is a horrible mother, never said shes unfit as a mother period, never said shes trash, filthy, dirty, ignorant, lackluster or lazy. That would be unjustly judging her..What I said was this…NO WHITE PERSON CAN RAISE A BLACK ONE. That isnt judgemental, thats OPINIONATED and a FACT. I never made my comments personal, this subject just so happens to presently include Sandra Bullock. If it was Hillary clinton, pamela anderson or dr. phil, I would still feel the same way so its not personal attack on anyone’s character. A white woman can not raise a black man and you know this!
    Point#3) “Just because she is white or has money doesnt make her a bad parent”..You are absolutely correct, BUT it doesnt make her a good one either..Watch that knife my man, it seems to keep cutting you right back.
    “Wait to see some evidence before you pass judgement based on superficial things such as race or social economic staus.”..
    Hmm, I wont really go into this quote you made because I dont want to spend the next 3 days breaking it down. Just one thing though, if you really THINK that race and social economic status is ‘superficial’ then we as black people are in more trouble than I initially thought! You cant really be serious when you say that…I mean are you black? has your race NEVER mattered in your entire life? Has your socio-economical status NEVER mattered?
    Point#4) Sorry again my man, but divorce is GUARANTEED emotional stress and strife on ANYONE who goes through it. I challenge that you ask anyone, any race, any age who has ever gone through divorce, was it difficult, did it cause emotional insecurity…I would bet you the farm that YES it has. Not to mention that this woman was cheated on. That is the number ONE way to make a woman absolutely crumble. This woman’s self esteem has been tampered with, her security as a woman as well, because she has asked herself..”What did I do wrong?”…and last but not least, she has children she already has to deal with that have questions that she doesnt know the answers to. She is in the process of detachment as well as the relentless and often times scathing task of putting lives back together.
    Point#5) No, parents going through divorce shouldnt be ripped of THEIR CHILDREN…Mind you, this BLACK child is NOT HER CHILD.
    POint#6)Raising a child is NOT just raising a child. Love and support are HUGE factions true, but what about being able to instill certain values that a black man needs, that ONLY a black male can address. I am a black woman and there are things that I can not teach a young black male, so what can this white chick do? I know a white woman couldnt have rasied me as such so I know shes going to FAIL as the mother of a black male. Who teaches this boy of his history? Who teaches this boy of OUR origins? Who teaches him the TRUTH about the afore mentioned? Who subjects him to HIS culture? What happens when, even though she and her husband are divorced, the husband comes over to get HIS kids, no shirt on and this black child sees a SWASTIKA emblazed across this man’s body? Remember, divorce doesnt mean the father is out of the other children’s lives. So therefore the nazi supporter will be a part of this black boy’s life due to his mommy’s ex husband…I do not put emphasis on race, I put emphasis on MINDSET. Think about it, how many children do you know that dont have some of their parents thought process? My daughters are 12 and 9 years old and what I think is right, I definately teach it to them, I’m sure that man feels the same because supremacists force feed and convert their kids FIRST.
    Raising a well adjusted BLACK child into a black man IS dependent upon WHO raises the child. Again, I never said her having money is a problem, Im saying it is NOT a solution.
    To answer your questions,
    I never said she would be a ‘bad parent’, she is not the suitable parent to raise a black male…So your first question is dead.
    Yes I think it is absolutely fair if someone told me I wasnt suited to raise a chineese or hispanic child BECAUSE IM NOT SUITED TO RAISE ANOTHER RACE OF CHILD OTHER THAN MY OWN. The strengths I possess are fitted for the cultivation of a black child…I dont know enough about chineese history, culture, race, lands or their HISTORY to raise a well rounded, confident, racially aware child of that background. I would HATE to send a chineese child out in the world and they are looked down upon by their own because they were raised by someone who wasnt FIT.

  • ___________________

    crammastersApr. 29th, 2010
    at 10:35 pm

    @ CaliFemme who said, “When have you ever known a great black person to come from any other than other good black people?”

    Uh-oh, you know they’re going to say Mr. O…
    Again, some of the same folks that are jumping up and down with happiness that another white folk accepted a black folk, will STILL believe that a black female cannot raise a black boy to be a “man”
    but have NO problem with a white female raising a black boy…
    I asked one poster if he thought a white man could raise a black boy better than a black man, but never got a response….
    like i said on another thread, what we will see in the coming years is a battle between two black camps:
    Camp #1 –those who understand what is happening (racism/white supremacy) and interpret their reality based on that knowledge
    Camp #2 — and those who will keep giving white folk the “benefit of a doubt,” and who will love, trust and defend whites more than they love, trust and defend themselves — and who will keep pretending that “Integration” is “working” — despite their INCREASED suffering… (the kind of slaves that betrayed Harriet Tubman and wanted to return home to their white master)
    and I can see this battle coming, and the believers (in integration) who believe white is better — with THOSE who have seen the proverbial light and who have stopped pretending that we will be equal if we just pretend long enough…
    And while camp #1 is getting their collective sanity back (because they have stopped lying to themselves) — camp #2 grows more insane by the moment (Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson, Justice Clarence Thomas, Dennis Rodman, Condelezza Rice, Harvard professor Gates, and the list goes on and on) which will include many famous and not so famous black folks who never understood or accepted two CRITICAL FACTS:
    1. there cannot be any equality of races when whites control and own everything — even the “rights” to our black babies
    2. If you have to beg someone to make you “equal,” you never will be


    crammastersApr. 29th, 2010
    at 7:45 pm

    @ CaliFemme,
    (Some) black folks are HYPNOTIZED BY MONEY. Anybody with money is A-OK with us, and so having MONEY makes you better, a better parent, a better human being, better at everything, and we will defend a rich folk even when that rich folk PEES on a young black girl, cause we like his music, and no matter what he did, he can’t do no more if he makes a lot of MONEY
    They forgot about ALL the JACKED-UP rich folks they hear and read about every day, the ones who abused their kids, who stole money, who lied, who take drugs, who engage in sexual perversions and orgies,
    they forgot that former Prez Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus, and Vice Prez Cheney are “rich.” They forgot that slave-owners were “rich.” They will drop their books and lessons at the mere mention of the words “rich” and “famous”
    MONEY is the bottom line for some black folks
    WHITE SKIN COLOR PLUS MONEY is an unbeatable combination for folks who don’t have either….


    crammastersApr. 30th, 2010
    at 1:36 am

    Picatsso88 said: “Next, Blacks arent the only culture thats being mistreated, do your homework. Next, once again, you still have no idea of her mental or emotional stability because you dont know her and you cant read minds.”
    ME: No one said that. And again, neither YOU nor I can read minds. YOU also have no idea how stable or unstable she is..—-
    Picatsso88 said: Next, I am black (although it is interesting that you would think Im not black because I dont make my race my entire identity),
    ME: No, I thought you might not be black because you had a somewhat Freudian slip when you referred to blacks in the 3rd person, as though you were not black. “…you degrade and divide yourselves…” AS opposed to “…degrade and divide ourselves.” There is a difference, and it’s an unconscious mental displacement and a sign that you have some issues with being identified as “black.”
    Not being mean, just making an observation…it’s something that is quite common for a black person in a white supremacist culture, this desire to DISTANCE one’s self from the despised black masses… I’ve also felt this growing up… which is why I know the damage that occurs when a black person becomes TOO white-identified….
    Picatsso88 said: but I’m also not a hypocrite, decrying racism when used against me yet justifying it to suit my own means. I believe race is a social construct used to enslave us (all of us, black white, etc.). As long as we put so much emphasis on our race, we put ourselves in boxes. In the end, we’re all just humans, you may think Im not living in the “real world” as you see it anyway, but I think that the world is subjective and subject to change as long as people are willing to think differently. There was a time when being “black” meant being subservient to whites, until someone out there started thinking differently.
    ME: Dear heart, not that much has changed in terms of racism, but because you’re young, your knowledge is very limited, no disrespect intended. Race is a social construct, but it is REAL and deadly to those who do not understand the power of racism/white supremacy.

    Do not fool yourself about that, OR think you are being more intelligent to ignore “race” or “racism” — because that is NOT living in the “real world.” It is just the opposite, it is a fantasy, make-believe world where “race” doesn’t matter. It should be that way, but it is not.


    Male, Age Private, Philadelphia, PA
    Posted March 11, 2010





    From: crammasters
    Sis, i understand your outrage but we need to understand that she is the majority and so no energy should be wasted getting upset over what we already know to be true

    what we have to do now is decide how we can come together as black people to create our own institutions and break our dependence on the European
    they are not going to change, we must face that and then we must do the hard, hard work of fixing ourselves..

    crammastersMay. 1st, 2010
    at 1:26 am

    @ Tyelisha2
    sister, what is your point? When’s the last time you’ve seen Cicely Tyson or Phylicia Rashād, or Della Reese on TV or in a movie?

    in fact, when’s the last time you’ve seen a DARK-SKINNED BLACK WOMAN — who wasn’t playing a misfit or a monster or a mammy figure — on a TV show or movie OR TV commercial?
    when is the last time you’ve seen a dark-skinned BW — i mean DARK — being the love interest of ANY man, black or white — in a movie? And i’m talking about the 21st century NOT 1987…
    Where do you see most BW actresses other than the handful of goofy black sitcoms? Even the black actresses are complaining about becoming invisible and not being able to get roles in movies.
    Check out the DVD by some famous black actresses, “Angels Can’t Help But Laugh” — here’s the link:
    “http://www.amazon.com/Angels-Cant-Help-But-Laugh/dp/B002N1AEQE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1272691238&sr=1-1″ (google it)

    I could understand the white Hollywood making this argument, but for BW — who are d___ near INVISIBLE in movies and on TV — to actually DEBATE what they KNOW is true, is absolutely mind-boggling…


    crammastersMay. 1st, 2010
    at 1:36 am

    @ tc2ewra who said, ” The negative imagery in movies, music, theater, news programs, in literature etc. appears to have gotten the desired result.”
    Brother, it is absolutely a SLAM DUNK, the white media has convinced the MOST DEGRADED person in America that they are NOT being degraded…
    being called every name under the sun, folks constantly putting them down and they LIFT those folks UP — the BM entertainers, the white females that are shoving BW out of the way to promote their own form of genetic survival by breeding with US — and some sisters LOVE them for it
    but a BM like myself, who GENUINELY cares about them, and stands UP for them and encourages them to stand UP for themselves and STOP allowing white folks or anyone to shove them into a corner like a raggedy piece of luggage — they think I’m their enemy…

    anyone who comes to my page knows that is nowhere near the truth, in fact, I’m harder on BM than anyone else, it’s just it’s time for BW to hear the truth about this PASSIVE attitude with racism, while they RAISE hell with their own people and especially each other

    this is the end result of too much TV watching, being raised on MTV, BET, VH-1, and rap music and videos and the brainwashing is so complete that they don’t even think like black people anymore, they think like white folks in brown skin — “Oh, you’re racist for bringing up race.”
    but it’s NOT ME who’s cheating them out of a good education, a job, or a good interest rate on a car or credit card. It’s not me that’s following them in the stores, or making it hard for them to get a job or a raise…

    well, I think I’m done, I did my best, and I suspect most are young, and so will simply have to learn the hard way about the way the REAL world works…


    tc2ewraMay. 1st, 2010
    at 1:16 am

    I think they defend it because they have bought the hype “We are the world.” “Color doesnt matter.” “There is good and bad in every race.” Whether its true or not we seem to be the only people buying it.
    It speaks volumes about a people either in love or in fear.


    crammastersApr. 30th, 2010
    at 11:06 pm

    @ Cali
    this forum is a little public for this info so I’m gonna drop a germ of knowledge in this pool and see it will multiply..
    there was a an article on msnbc.msn.com’s website in March called, “Minority babies set to become the majorithy in 2010″ (you can google it) where the number of babies born to minorities would outnumber babies born to whites
    now, for those folks who don’t see the big picture, this doesn’t automatically mean so-called “minorities” will have more POWER than whites. That’s not how power is transferred. The MINORITY has ALWAYS controlled the majority, remember South Africa?

    however, what it does mean is with the white population SHRINKING, they must come up with methods to overcome their smaller numbers. That means they must have ADVOCATES (allies, helpers, etc) that are SO loyal to whites, that they will help them control the non-white majority.

    all over the world, in Europe and in America, the white population is shrinking…that’s a FACT

    now imagine this, raising more and more black children in white families, an elite education, and are isolated from other blacks

    who do YOU think those blacks will be MOST LOYAL to? People like me, or people like the ones who raised them in that all-white environment?


    kheru on 3/28/2010 10:23AM
    High Ranked vote downvote up
    Especially ironic when you consider that Tiger would not be down with any black man. He is not down with us and proved that by finding the whitest of white women to marry--a nanny at that. She isn't even cute and is not aging well, of course. But even she was not good or even trashy enough for him. He cheated on her with trailer trash and cocktail waitresses--ALL WHITE. When are we going to see white partner preference for what it is, another form of internalized racism and collective self negation? Tiger was trained to want what white men have, no matter how bad or counter productive that might be for him. That alone should tell us that he doesn't have the values we should want to see replicated in the black community. We have our own problems and Tiger--the Cablanasian--isn't one of them.


    crammastersApr. 30th, 2010
    at 10:24 pm

    @ topcat4455
    you raised some good questions that could only come from a black folk who is NOT HYPNOTIZED by money and fame and white skin…
    I wrote in an earlier post about a white RACIST powerfully-connected couple in Chicago that FORCED a poor black mother to give up her black baby boy. She tried to fight but they had a team of lawyers. There was a black outcry but there was nothing we could do about it…so don’t tell me that can’t happen again…
    all the happy folks on this site could care less about the FACTS, all they want is another SHOW that black folk can be “loved” by a white folk. They don’t care if Bullock was married to a Nazi supporter who ALSO wanted to adopt that black baby boy…absolutely brainless behavior to disregard that KNOWN FACT…
    Not too long ago, after the Haiti earthquake, whites were arrested by the Haitian government for trying to KIDNAP black children and babies and take them to their all-white communities EVEN though they KNEW the children weren’t orphans…
    Of course I want to see all children with a home, that is NOT the point. And trying to “shame me” because I am not able to adopt right now when I have three children of my own serves NO purpose and makes no sense.
    IF adopting a child was a REQUIREMENT to state an opinion on BP, they would have to shut down all the boards…so let’s stay on topic….because shaming me won’t work…
    this “fad” of adopting black children is NOT “harmless” — is it actually a power move that says, not only can I take everything you have — your homes, your jobs, your men, your LIVES — I can even take your children


    crammastersMay. 2nd, 2010
    at 2:39 pm
    @ Faithful_and_Favored
    When did I ask you if Sandra is racist? When did I say she was racist? You are mistaken…

    Again, some of you are pretending to know what is going on in this white woman’s head….

    Does Sandra know what kind of man you ladies are dealing with? Does she know why YOU broke up with your last man? Does she know if your man beat you or if you like doing drugs together or if you’re into some freaky 3-way sex? please stop, for my sake! Lol

    And in answer to whether black people adopt, I have family members who have adopted. Me and my wife – are talking about it, even though we already have three be-be kids (just kidding). There was an article on how many single BW are now adopting , and there have been articles about how the adoption and foster agencies make it harder for blacks to adopt black kids than for whites to adopt black kids. And let’s not forget about Madonna who bought her black son from an African village like she’s buy a new set of luggage and how there was some kind of scandal as to how she bought him

    If whites truly wanted to help black children, they’d be fighting the white racism that creates black poverty and black family dysfunction. They’d be protesting right next to us as the government closes 48% of black schools in Kansas City. They’d be lined up outside police stations when the white cops shoot down our black youth.
    They’d be protesting the kinds of criminal justice that locks black fathers and mothers up for 5 years just for having a drug addiction. They’d be fighting the white global imperialism that bankrupts African nations and robs them of their ability to feed their own children

    And if they didn’t want to do all THAT, they could take just a small portion of their wealth and help an African village take care of their OWN children. So, I don’t buy it this argument that raising black children in an all-white environment is a blessing.
    I have read many blogs, articles and letters from black people who were raised in white familes. Many grew up alienated, lost, very lonely , suicidal, with a huge identity crisis. They talk about being called names, being called n____r, even by white FAMILY members, and feeling isolated because they didn’t look like anybody in their family or neighborhood, how they grew up wishing they were white, how they wondered why they were different, why their skin and hair was so “ugly” and how they had no one to talk about it with who understood , and on and on…

    Agree with me or not, I respect your right to do either…it’s all good…



    crammasters May. 2nd, 2010 at 2:23 am
    @ angelarnold20031
    I agree, her apology was not sincere BUT i doubt she would benefit from working with poor black folks. Don’t they have enough problems without having to deal with another white phony? lol
    No, sister, black poverty and suffering is nothing new, and we must get to the point where we understand that we can’t shame, or pity racism out of existence. Black folk have begged, cried, bled, loved, pleaded, marched, waiting, suffered, and died to get them to accept and respect our humanity.

    Now, sis, it is time for US to get off our knees and start respecting ourselves. Start to do for ourselves. Start to rely on ourselves, build our integrity, become black men and women who can be trusted and relied upon, and set an example for our children, that they don’t have to be on their knees, begging for what they have a right to receive…

    We need to pick up our books, learn our history lesson and turn over a new page of NOT BEGGING ANYONE TO ACCEPT US and start loving and cherishing ourselves…



    I agree that the establishment wants to promote the stereotype of black people collectively as brutes(with no intellectual curiousity, no varietied interests in life, and without a keen vision for survival of their own people). This agenda is a continuation of white supremacy that according to the brother crammasters have existed from slavery. That slave mentality of seeing blacks only in monochromatic terms is a disgrace. YOu don't have to embrace some homeboy persona or a thug persona to be a man. Just be a man. I think the cultural, brainwashing beast is not a product of black women (they have been the victims of this system. Look at history), but it originated from the white supremacy appartus in the first place. BW are just as much victims of hatred, exploitation, and demonization as the BM is. Some BW still love real BM that don't fit in some stereotype. It's just that the BM will have to go out and courageously seek BW that are compatible with you.

    The good news is that younger black people are recognizing this problem and we can change things. I have hope for the future. I have no problem with seeing Huxtable images and other images of black people. Degeneracy is profitable and that is why they (or the white supremacists in power today) advance the old lie of blackness being solely monolithic in its composition. The establishment want us to lust after wealth and ignore collective Black Power (in cultural awareness, respect and honor for our people, strength, and solutions) to advance BLack people in a radical fashion.

    By Timothy


    CaliFemme23May. 3rd, 2010
    at 11:02 pm

    crammasters, “which goes to show that (some) black folks make a LOT of negative assumptions about other black folks all the time, but let you make ONE negative ASSUMPTION about a rich and famous white folk they like? All hell breaks loose….”..
    That was my point for the post. Black people are QUICK to say..”Well black folks arent doing it…”
    They prove OUR point everytime they set fingertip to keyboard. IF WHITE PEOPLE DONT TELL YOU ITS HAPPENING, YOU DONT BELIEVE IT’S OUT THERE!
    That is the damn shame of you all. Before everyone jumped on the negative with your own kind, Why didnt ANY of you stop to find out if you were justified in condemning and shaming black people to even back-up your ignorant posts? (Yeah I can call all of you ignorant because that means LACK of knowledge, and NONE of you are learned about your own race like you should be…). You were so fired up about defending this nazi supporter LOVER, that you FORGOT to say to yourselves..”Hmmm I wonder just how many black celebs have also adopted?”…Here you losers, let me help you…
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Magic Johnson
    Michael Jordan (foster children)
    Ruby Dee/Ossie Davis
    Cicely Tyson
    Alfre Woodard
    C.C.H Pounder
    Della Reese….
    Thats just to name a SMALL FEW. Im not saying y’all need to ‘hate’ white people, I’m saying you need to be more supportive and informed of YOUR OWN for a change! Crammasters needs to give this one up, its CLEAR that all of you have already been HERDED by your white SHEPHERDS….


    classy57ladyDec. 5th, 2009
    at 9:51 am

    You know I was trying to write an answer to this question then I decided to read some of the comments first. However after reading CRAMMASTERS’ comments I decided that there was no need for me to add anything else except to say that to be so young this young man has great wisdom and insight into the situation. I agree with you, CRAMMASTERS, 100%. As one who was involved in the civil rights movement in the 60s and 70s although I was not sprayed down with water hoses nor biten by police dogs I can definitely identify with those black women and men who were. Now you can’t erase the past nor can you live in it, but you can definitely learn from it. When I think of young men such as Emmitt Teal (goggle him if you do not know who he was) and others who were, as Nina Simone’s song entitled “Strange Fruit”, lynched and/or castrated for just looking wrongly in the direction of a white woman it really saddens me that in this day and time CRAMMASTERS’ article reeks of the truth. Thank you, young man, and I will definitely print your comments.


    crammastersDec. 4th, 2009
    at 7:57 pm

    Black males choosing white females (over black women) is about the white supremacy programming the black male receives from cradle to grave. The ego-driven (low-self-esteemed) black male will always seek status (and white validation) from the most powerful male on the planet: the white male. The ego-driven (low-self-esteemed) black male knows he cannot get this status by being with a (black) woman who, like himself, has NO STATUS in a white supremacy system. So, he deliberately (and repeatedly) chooses non-black women in a vain attempt to resurrect his low self-esteem.
    The white man in power encourages interracial unions between BM and WW for several reasons: (1) IR neutralizes the will of the BM to fight his own oppression, (2) the black male becomes the target for the frustration of the average, ordinary white male who is suffering from job and financial losses, (3) it destroys the NATURAL BOND between the black male and his ONLY natural ally in a system of white supremacy: the black female, (4) and it destroys the possibility that we will create strong black families, black communities, and black economic bases. (5) These black male celebs serve as “role models” for young and impressionable black males who seek to imitate them.
    It’s a win-win for the white males in power, which is exactly why they reward black males who date/marry outside their race with movie, record, and TV deals. These “showcase” black male celebrities do NOT determine how much money they make, the white men in power decide how rich they will become because THEY control the studios, distribution networks, sports teams, etc. It is no accident that the most successful black males are also the most likely to be involved interracially because they know the BEST way to make it in the white entertainment industry is to be promote white supremacy by taking a white (or non-black) spouse.
    In the meantime, the ordinary (non-famous) black male is the MOST likely to be unemployed, regardless of education, and is the most likely to be murdered by police, and incarcerated. Why? Because the ordinary white males (who are enraged by the BM with WW) are the ones who sit behind the employment desks, or wear the policeman’s uniforms. The black male does not see his dilemma because he is blinded by the need for white validation, and does not see that he is the ONLY MAN on the planet who does NOT understand the power and protection of ethnic unity. Instead, he deliberately seeks out women who know NOTHING about his struggle and could care less, abandoning black women and children, and then has the nerve to wonder why he is still under the boot of his oppressor.
    It sickens me as a black man – with a black mother, black wife, and black daughters — to see so many sick, denatured black males bonding with women who didn’t man the picket lines, didn’t get beat, lynched or spit on during the Civil Rights marches. It is the BW who has been by our side for over 500 years, and young black sisters who rode on buses for 10, 15, 18 hours for justice for six black boys in Jena, LA. Where were the Asian, Hispanic, and white females, brothers? Where is the honor of ANY man who turns his back on his own women and uplifts the women of his oppressor? Bottom line, you can’t lay down with white supremacy by night and fight it in the morning. Peep the game before it’s too late. Divide and conquer = death for the black nation.


    Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
    Posted January 13

    @ _A_

    right, right

    whites have used IR sex for HUNDREDS of years to destroy non-white nations in Africa, Latin America, North America, Canada, Fugi Islands, Australia, and Hawaiians, and the out come is ALWAYS oppression and confusion for non-whites...every single time.

    because they use those mul____s as the buffer between blacks and whites,

    and they use confused, self-hating blacks as an additional buffer, to do the close dirty work that whites can't do without exposing themselves as outright racist

    whites in power are doing the same thing to the descendants of former slaves, dividing and conquering us, creating gender wars, planting false info about BM and BW, promoting IR sex, and trying to use our genetics to enrich their DYING genetics.

    and the most perverted thing of all is their sexual obsession the racist white male and female have with black people. Someone once said if black people collectively refused to have ANY IR sex with whites, they would try to kill all of us, that's how serious IR sex is for themthe idea that their slaves (yes, we are still their slaves) rebelling against them is intolerable and extremely threatening..

    otherwise, it doesn't make sense to want sex from a race you claim to despise...


    Female, 27, Dallas, TX
    Posted December 26, 2010

    well, it's the same issue that existed with tommy hilfiger: THEY DO NOT WANT US TO PURCHASE THEY SH!T! AND WHY ARE WE? why are we (blacks) not building and strenghtening our OWN BRANDS?
    why are black designers ONLY creating urban/hip-hop clothing?
    why not a line of business casual wear versus street & club wear?

    look at rocawear, phat farm/babyphat, dereon, apple bottoms...
    they may be a couple, but who is to say that blacks even own these businesses outright?
    does nelly ACTUALLY OWN apple bottoms, or is he just the spokesperson to lure black women into buying over-priced junk?
    sorry, but it's true, most "urban wear" wears out quickly...
    it's my guess that the hand-picked blacks we see are not the driving force behind the brand...


    Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
    Posted December 26, 2010

    @ SheerEll

    you're absolutely right

    i suspect we buy it because our self-esteem damage OVERRIDES our self-respect

    i doubt the black names on the clothing labels, are owned by blacks. For example, babyphat clothing in WalMart, like who's kidding who?

    do we really believe that black female is getting the lion's share of the profits from a giant retailer like Wal-Mart

    bet money her clothing is made in a 3rd world sweat shop using child labor


    black folk think we are supporting our "own" when we buy overpriced sh*t with some black celeb's name on it?

    NO, supporting your "own" is being face to face with the person who MADE it and who is SELLING it in your neighborhood or city

    for example, these brothers started a bottled tea company and it's carried by Whole Foods, so when I go in the store and I see those BM with their sample table in Whole Foods, I'm pretty damn sure I'm "supporting my own"

    otherwise, I'm not impressed...


    Our people are waking up. This thread is the TRUTH! Love yourself. Love your melanated skin, hair and soul. LOVE EACH OTHER. The illusion is over.


    Don't fall by the wayside brothers and sisters.......don't dilute yourselves or your cultural way of being out of existence:

    Motherland is a breathtaking film, which sweeps the continent of Africa. With an all-star cast, it is a vivid cinematic centrepiece washed with an African aesthetic. A bold empowering sophisticated story of Africa, which in progressive dignity reaffirming terms looks at Africa's past, present and future. Motherland is an epic and unprecedented entry into the canon of African-owned cinema, which charts the glory and majesty of the Motherland (Enat Hager). Motherland is a film that unapologetically calls for African unity, self-determination and the African rebirth.


    -216 Elite


    Most of the Africans that come here and claim to dislike African Americans are usually a bunch of fake perpetrating housenegroes to whites in the west. Why should any African hate an African American because we have lost,(really, our ancestors had any African culture tortured out of them) our African culture. Another reason that would not make any sense is because, the Africans would need to define WHICH African culture they are angry at us for not possessing. Why would Africans zoom in on African Americans to hate, while completely overlooking ALL the Europeans on the globe that are responsible for the devastation, depletion, and destruction of Africa and for the majority of wars in Africa in recent decades, and for the AIDS devastation of so many millions of Africans? None of the whites/Europeans they worship so much are of any African culture, yet, they don't seem to have a problem with whites/Europeans, but somehow, have such a big problem with other people of African descent that don't have the same culture as they do; makes no sense. Also, the majority of Africans that are educated, especially educated abroad have given up their own culture in exchange for imitating Western Whites, voluntarily. So,'African' must also just be a name associated with Westernized Africans.

    I don't think that it is the differences that keeps us from connecting, but rather the attitudes of the most ignorant of those throughout the diaspora who have let westerners influence how we should feel about, think about, believe, and/or see one another.



    Kashta_Bureh wrote:

    Dreams, Revolutionist is right, Blacks today are better off than they were during slavery, I don't think anybody wants to go back to that. We are still in a terrible state but compared to 1864 I must say that Blacks have come a long way, and if we could get this far then perhaps we can do better.
    Exactly, if we compare the realities of our existence today to any other time throughout our recorded history, we will see things are undoubtedly far better for us now than they ever was!

    We have many failures amongst us, but we will never completely eradicate failures, we must remember that there are Black folks out there doing well!...

    ...This includes Blacks everywhere, Africa, America, Europe and the Caribbean Islands.
    We should now be encouraging our people to do positive things with their lives!

    Unity is the final hurdle blocking us from entering the human race as a formidable force, but now we can achieve individual success if we put our minds to it and are able to stop the negative press we get from killing our spirit and causing us to give up and view our race as going backwards when we are actually improving!

    The media tends to highlight negative things because that is what sells, and because negativity sells it is amplified and blown out of all proportion... Blacks are the victims of this, when other races see negative images of us it makes them feel better about themselves. They demand (and even pay) to see negative stereotypes of our people, that is why we are popular for all the wrong reasons!...

    The Black westerners journey has been from Slave to the presidency of the most powerful nation in 150 years, also, if the Africans keep a close eye on the Chinese and make some adjustments such as unifying amongst themselves, we could see Africa becoming a superpower within 50 years.
    They may end up holding the west to random with their Raw Material wealth which the west will grind to a halt without!

    I'm not ready to give up just yet!

    -The Revolutionist


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