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Political Tibdits in Mid 2011

I second that

I second that, and I'll add to it that in addition to a march on Washington by some real African-American folks we also need to bring in poor and working class whites and latinos. Remember, Dr. King made the bourgeois power structure nervous when he was a civil rights leader for African-Americans. But he really scared the p____ out of them when he started talking about poverty regardless of race and bringing up the glaring problems with the underlying capitalist wage slavery social order, threatening to be a cross-cultural icon bringing along everybody in this country who isn't wealthy and has a conscience. His Poor Peoples Campaign he was planning for the summer of '68 was to be his crowning achievement. It's high time we picked up where the good doctor left off.


Joe Baegant

was a funny and powerful voice for poor working class whites. He passed away recently, his wit and insight will be missed. But Joe sounds like a "Marxist, Commie, humanist pig" (LOL) when you read his words. A working class revolution of sorts should and given the current trajectory of events, most likely will happen out of sheer necessity and default. The class and divisions of wealth concentration are becoming so great, so obvious, so brazen and unrepentant, the jobs losses appear increasingly as structural, that Americans have no choice but to see Ayn Rand Capitalism for what it is.
I agree also that King became a threat to the Empire when he linked, unfettered capitalism and Imperialism to domestic poverty and social ills. As we can see now with school district and residential patterns, they really weren't that all worried about "integration."
If you really want to get a sense of what's going in in poor, rural, roll up your sleeves White America, and get some good chuckles and searing wisdom, check out Joe:
Adam Smith Meets Cousin Ronnie's Boy
That ain't no class underclass; it's 250 million rugged individuals being p__d on.


Democracy Now is funded by foundations with CIA ties

Democracy Now is funded by foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation which are basically tools of the C.I.A. Which explains why Democracy Now refuses to take on the biggest issues of the day for example the 9/11 false flag operation which is the underlying MYTH for the entire series of wars for energy resource dominance being sold to the American people and the world as a "War on Terror". Democracy Now is like Bill Maher, Michael Moore, the blogs Daily Kos, Crooks & Liars, Liardog Fake (er, sorry, Firedog Lake) etc.
They serve the elite by being left gatekeepers, mouthing a few good ideas here and there and pretending to talk truth to power but honestly all they're doing is keeping the discourse confined in a little corral that is marked "Topics that won't make the bourgeois power elite nervous". Hence the reason why Bill Maher got so upset at a heckler in his audience who shouted out "9/11 was an inside job!" and ordered his thugs to throw the heckler out rather than have a discussion about it. They clearly don't want a discussion on certain topics and the modern-day Reichstag fire 9/11 is just one of them.


Black men could have it all if they work with black women and their communities to build businesses for blacks. But instead all blacks want to do is complain and talk about the world being against them. Instead of complaining why not get up and do something about it. And Im not talking about getting with a white woman to make the white man jeolous because that has gotten us nowhere.

-beautiful black woman


Also, the black woman is hated just as much as the black man. We're only women and we get the same kind of action as you men do. No other woman has suffer the way the black woman has suffer. So this thread should just be "Is the world against black people?" I can answer this question, hell yeah. Which is why us black men and women need to stick together.





Zaius is not to be taken seriously. You can see that he simply makes things up, and then peddles his fabrications as facts.
Examples: he describes Obama as a mulatto "C student." Fact is Obama grauduate SUMMA CUM LAUDE from Harvard Law, and was PRESIDENT of the Harvard Law Review.
One thing to note about contemporary reactionaries, whether they be leaders of the Republican Party, the Tea Party (which is actually part of the Republican Party), Christian Right evengelists, or racist simpletsons like Zaius or OhReally: They DON'T CARE if what they say is true or false, and they don't care whether they know what they're talking about.
In the past, liars of all poltical stripes at least took into consideration whether their lies were believable or not, and whether their lives might be exposed.
My mother remember President Dwight Eisenhower admitting "I stopped lying when the lies stopped working."
Nowadays, at least liars on the American Right are so BRAZEN that they will repeat a lie even after it's been EXPOSED as a lie. They will tell lies which can easily be discovered. They will lie even when the truth is KNOWN. In this respect, contemporary American prevaricators resembles fascists and Nazis who'd repeat a lie--even a known lie--quite brazenly and often, apparently on the assumption that if you lie often enough many people will believe it.
I've heard rightwingers say that Obama was Malcolm X's secret "love child" or secretly an Al Quaeda operative. And, of course, I've been called a "Muzzie" and a "commie" so often that I can only laugh at the chattering idiots.
OhReally--quite possibly the DUMBEST creature in Topix--a man who writes in such a way as to make you wonder if he ever REACHED (mush less graduated from) high school, has the nerve to call you IGNORANT...Duh...He's an AMERICAN (I'm embarrassed to say) who knows less about America--his own country--than you do. But you're the one who is ignorant. And Zaius, who knows NOTHING about Europe, and hardly more about America, claims that you Europeans are all envious of the USA. If he even reac a good number of posts BY Europeans in the earlier parts of this thread, he ought to have a clue that he's off base. He's totally unaware of the nuanced complexity of European (or other non-American) attitudes towards America. But that doesn't stop him from utter whatever idiocy that pops into his vacuous head.
The days when you could have an INTELLIGENT exchange with an American conservative has essentially passed. There are a few exceptions, very few. No wonder Ron Paul, one of the few feasonably intelligent Republicans left, thinks his party has lost its way. Bill Maher was right: Democrats have moved to the right, and Republicans into the nut house.



RETROGEMS-thanks for sharing your knowledge on this. I'm now doing research on Hoover's Cointelpro. I've discovered some crucial and disturbing facts. We need some Malcolm Xs today. Our race has taken 10 steps forward only to fall 20 steps back. Our celeb sisters and brothers are being tricked. Most of them has forgotten about the great Malcolm X, Bro. Edger, Dr. MLK, , and so many others that we failed to reconize because their names weren't mentioned in the media. These are our real stars

Your last question was:

Last question, what makes you any different from a White Supremacists, other than the difference in who you are batting for.


Because a white supremacist looks to progress white supremacy, i look to end was a stupid question....

In order to end white supremacy in the minds of our brothers and sisters, they must know in all forms why the white man is NOT superior.......

Now in you bougies minds, that would be racism....yet i'm not advocating superiority, but showing how and why the white man and race itself is not, and to that you have to show the actions, lies, and facts regarding the history and present day white man.......


-216 Elite


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