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@ neva1betta who said, "hell i could take a pic holding a white baby up in the air..kissing it on the forehead, twirlin around in la la land AND shyt all day..SOON AS THE PHOTOGRAPHER WALKS OFF….say “someone come get this baby out my damn face”

politicians do it all the time, and the public still falls for it...which explains why this country is in the shape it's in...too many gullible and non-thinking folks...



fatterbatter, " it shouldn’t matter if she’s white what matters is she loves her child. just because she has a different skin color it doesn’t mean she can’t love this child because he’s black."

Yeah if this wasnt america it wouldnt matter...BUT since this is, therefore it does matter.
For the record, NO ONE said she cant love the child..That is probably the easiest thing to do in this world...But Im sure you know that there is more to a child than simple love right? Love entails more than clothes, shoes, food, and a roof over the kids head. Think about it..How many kids have you heard of, especially those of celebs who have EVERYTHING yet arent worth the salt from the earth? This debate is about this white woman not being equipped to bring forth a strong black man, period.
No matter what anyone has to say about this chicks 'good deeds', these white women are treating black kids like baubles, trinkets, collectors items. You should probably go find and read that article about Angelina Jolie's black kids she adopted... A relative of the oldest child(not the black ones), left a comment on either facebook or myspace about the kids being raised by the 'nannies', and how their 'mother'(I use that term LIGHTLY), leaves them ALL THE TIME. But you guys go right ahead and keep thinking that million dollar moms are the greatest....they are wealthy true, but thats all they are...



crammasters, "which goes to show that (some) black folks make a LOT of negative assumptions about other black folks all the time, but let you make ONE negative ASSUMPTION about a rich and famous white folk they like? All hell breaks loose…."..

That was my point for the post. Black people are QUICK to say.."Well black folks arent doing it..."
They prove OUR point everytime they set fingertip to keyboard. IF WHITE PEOPLE DONT TELL YOU ITS HAPPENING, YOU DONT BELIEVE IT'S OUT THERE!
That is the damn shame of you all. Before everyone jumped on the negative with your own kind, Why didnt ANY of you stop to find out if you were justified in condemning and shaming black people to even back-up your ignorant posts? (Yeah I can call all of you ignorant because that means LACK of knowledge, and NONE of you are learned about your own race like you should be...). You were so fired up about defending this nazi supporter LOVER, that you FORGOT to say to yourselves.."Hmmm I wonder just how many black celebs have also adopted?"...Here you losers, let me help you...

Whoopi Goldberg
Magic Johnson
Michael Jordan (foster children)
Ruby Dee/Ossie Davis
Cicely Tyson
Alfre Woodard
C.C.H Pounder
Della Reese....

Thats just to name a SMALL FEW. Im not saying y'all need to 'hate' white people, I'm saying you need to be more supportive and informed of YOUR OWN for a change! Crammasters needs to give this one up, its CLEAR that all of you have already been HERDED by your white SHEPHERDS....



@ Cali

thanks for enlightening us about blacks who have adopted...and that is the problem, we are UNINFORMED (myself included) but one damn thing I will say is IF I'm going to give anybody the benefit of a doubt, I will at least give my own people one...
I don't know what happened to some of the black folk on this board but they are so brainwashed (yea, I said it) that they automatically put whites on a pedestal even before they know any's truly sad, Cali...



@ Cali who said, "Whoopi Goldberg has adopted THREE children over the past 12 years and you dont ever hear shyt about it BECAUSE SHES NOT WHITE…"

say what? I never heard that, didn't know that...
which goes to show that (some) black folks make a LOT of negative assumptions about other black folks all the time, but let you make ONE negative ASSUMPTION about a rich and famous white folk they like? All hell breaks loose....(yeah, i'm exaggerating, but u get my

@ Perionne27
over the top is my middle name….
when u said, “I doubt many of the comments on this board would exist if she was black” – Sis, I disagree, there is nothing but negative gossip on these black websites about black folks, like “Halle Gets Dumped – Again!”
We are LESS kind to our own folks than we are to white folks. Look around your jobs, how do black folk treat other black folk? Then think about the way we treat (and kiss the azzes of) white folk…
And how much heat do WE give single black mothers, for raising their OWN black boys without fathers? YET we praise this white female as though she’s the second coming.
never once called Bullock a racist, I don't know the woman....but I don’t buy the story that she didn’t know how her hubby felt about “minorities,” I know how MY WIFE feels about white folk :-) from the things she says TO me, in front of me, etc...not saying she dislikes them BUT i KNOW where she's coming from...and she knows where I'm coming a matter of fact YOU folks never met me, but I bet u think u know where I'm coming from...
so what are the chances that Bullock didn't know how her hubby felt? come on now...
I also appreciate your respectful debate, the one thing we both agree on, is hoping that black baby boy will be alright…as I have pretty much exhausted my argument here…
Take care…



Here's ONE REASON Black Men should be mad AT OURSELVES

Once a rich/famous BM marries a WW (who is broke when he met her), and they divorce, the next man she gets is USUALLY -- if not always -- a WHITE MAN.

The list is long, but here's a few examples: Nicole Simpson (OJ's ex-wife) and Montel Williams' ex-stripper, ex-wife...

The white female -- once she gets the rich BM's loot, never looks back and NEVER marries/dates another BM. Why? Because she doesn't need a rich BM's loot anymore, and wants to rejoin respectable white society.

She will NEVER pull up a poor BM, like the rich BM pulled her up. She will NEVER marry a BM gardener, waiter, stripper, or high school dropout...

And you can be damn sure that if Tiger's wife divorces him that will be the LAST BM she lays down with

Which explains why there is so little black generational wealth despite the HUNDREDS of rich BM and BW that have come and gone and it explains why the black community is financially POORER than every community in America, including the illegal community

Because INTELLIGENT, SELF-RESPECTING MEN enrich their own communties, not the communities of their oppressors

It is also proof that the white man uses his females to keep that black wealth out of the hands of the next black generation because even if that white female has children with that rich BM, those black kids will be white-identified, and will marry white because they are white-identified, with a white female instilling values, and a missing BM father who is already white-identified.



jj4u wrote:

Malcolm, MLK and even MJ were all great men. I have not examined their life with a fine tooth comb. I am sure that like every one of us they have strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, I will not follow any man blindly and accept their authority without questioning it. I don't need anyone to pigeon-hole me into a racial category. I am first of all a man. The race game was never meant to work for me, I don't expect to benefit by its rule. I do recognize that it is the creation of humans who hope to benefit economically, socially and politically from it.
Don't know if all KKK-er's are blonde hair and blue-eyed. I know adolf was not blonde-haired. If one wants to accept absurd racial theories, should they not go along with the notion that only blond-haired blue eyed people are pure whites.
If this is the case then thhis child is a pure white, despite her parentage.
If you have noticed, some members of stormfront hate jews more than anything else. So the question lies, should jews be given any of the white racial designation such as "white", european, caucasian, aryan, nordic or not.
It is confusing because it is all meaningless garbage, coming from a bunch of moronic hate mongers.
Sorry, I dont have nay more time to continue with this.
Kashta hasn't studied Malcolm or Martin either. Otherwise, he'd know that Malcolm moved away from racial separatism after leaving NOI. Moreover, Dr. King---as is evident from a reading of his WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE--adopted SOME elements of the idea of Black Power.

Both Martin and Malcolm came to see the vital role of economic interests in the perpetuation of racism, and the interrelatedness of economic exploitation and racial caste oppression--which led them to increasingly sharp critiques of CAPITALISM, imperialism and militarism. Malcolm at least BEGAN a critique of sexism as well. The simplistic racial essentialist theories pushed by both white racists and Negro race pimps was ultimately REJECTED by both Malcolm and King.


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