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Political Commentaries and More in June of 2011

You ought to thank the Koch brothers, since Scott Walker is their puppet, and THEY his corporate gods.

But thank God for the 61% of the American people who see through the corporate fascist machinations of Walker and the Koch brothers.

Now it's time to RECALL Walker along with other rightist enemies of the people in office.



First of all, the Democratic Party is NOT a socialist party. In fact, under Democrat Pres Wilson the Socialist party was repressed. Both Republicans and Democrats are corporate capitalist parties. You can have no intelligent understanding of American politics if you don't know that.

Also, the claim that the War on Poverty was a failure is at best a half truth, at worst a lie. Poverty dropped by FIFTY PER CENT during the Johnson Administration. The real waste of money was the VIETNAM WAR, which increasingly true funds and talents away from reforming society and elevating the poor, in order to promote an imperialist war abroad---a war for corporate interests as usual.

For the same reason that Republicans are against free speech, for the same reason that Republicans gave us McCarthy and McDarthyism and the Patriot Act: to defend CORPORATE INTERESTS and muzzle the masses of the people to prevent opposition. And, of course, to maintain an ignorant and dumb population that is more easily controlled.

 Dr. King criticized the Jonson administration severely. But it goes to show that while Democrats made concede more to the common poeple than Republicans, they are also tied to corporate geopolitical interests.



The more nuanced attitude expressed above is one which I often encountered while in Europe, not only among the French. Also among Swedes, Danes, British, Italians, etc.
The bellicose, one-dimensional anti-intellectualism that I was warned of I rarely experienced over there.
I found that what kind of response you get largely depends on how you carry yourself. of course, some Europeans are bastards as are some Americans...or Asians, Africans, Latin Americans, etc.
But usually the respect you get is the respect you receive. However, I did notice that there was a common picture of Americans naive or simply ignorant. "Don't Americans know ANYTHING about the world?" I'd sometimes hear said. When in Paris, I was at times taken aback by the SURPRISE expressed by Europeans that I actually was informed about things in Europe, Africa, Latin America and elsewhere. But once i stopped to ponder the matter, I realized that in fact Americans probably are less informed about the world than persons of equivalent status in other parts of the industrialized world. Some of my own research revealed (sadly without surprise) that we are generally less well read that people in other industrialized countries. Less knowledgeable about ideas or politics---the obvious insistance by characters in this thread that Obama is a socialist is an example of that ignorance.
Our having only two politial parties--both subservient to corporate interests---and virtual absence (except at the periphery) of opposition newspapers partly account for America's weakness in these areas.
But probably many foreigners would not find many of us so exaperating if we didn't compound our ignorance with ARROGANCE.
If ignorance is a problem, it can be corrected with learning. When ignorance combines with arrogance, there is little hope.
Ignorance + Arrogance=Stupidity. And as Schiller once wrote "Against stupidity even the gods struggle in vain."



To get back to the theme of nonviolence, I am learning more and more about a community of Black intellectuals in America--going back to the 30s & 40s--who were advocates of nonviolence, and some of whom were teachers of Dr. King.
One very old Black philosophers who belonged to what some called the circle of "black gandhians"---Richard I. McKinney---was one of my philosophy professors when I was a teenager. He died in 2005, at age 99.Before I was born he knew Martin Luther King, Jr. when King was a student.
Some of this info will come out in a book that I'm working on.



in addition the austrian school neglects to acknowledge all modern private sector technology is DERIVED From non other then federal infrastructure investments. For example all modern computer chips... Where did they come lfrom ?. The kennedy space program. The internet ? Darpa. modern trade routes ?. The intercontinental railway.... So you want the free markets? the free markets DONT EXIST. It is a utopian ideal. An acronym for goldman sachs and jp morgan

-Revolt 426


Your denial is unbelievable, so let us go over a few BASIC FACTS about the Austrian Schools policies and what you are flat out IGNORING and REFUSE to address. How about you address the following instead of giving me mathmatical statistics that are irrelivant:

Let's start with History:
You claim the economic boom in the 1800's was due to "Free Market" "Free Trade" and Gold Standards, 100% FALSE . DEBUNKED, DISINFORMATION. The FACT of the matter is, when Andrew Jackson came into office in 1829 and implimented your Domestic Gold Standard policies it resulted a temporary boom followed by a self destruction of the economy in 1837 via destruction of the State Issued currency and over issueing of Gold Convertable Notes. In the years after the panic of 1837, the U.S. Gradually moved towards complete bankruptcy until Lincoln was elected President. Lincoln , being an intelligent human being, removed the gold standard and revived the Greenback, directly investing it into agriculture technology and the Intercontinental Railway. What this did was it allowed the U.S. to BYPASS British Controlled Trade Routes and spurred the private sector by giving them a faster, more effecient alternative then naval routes.. After Lincoln was assassinated the Railway had already taken it's toll pushing the United States to the state of world economic superpower, this prompted Chancellor Otto Von Bismark of Germany to MIMIC the exact railway and credit policies of Lincoln, which he indeed did.... and the result was a tremendous re-industrialization of Germany.

NOW, In comes King Edward the 8th of Britain, Uncle of Keiser Willhelm of Germany. Otto Von Bismark made a secret peace treaty with the Czar of Russia to NOT INTERVENE should Austria invade the Balkans, to prevent continental war. So, the Keisers uncle King Edward pressured Willhelm to OUST Bismark, which nullified the peace arrangement and allowed King Edward to Draw Austria, Germany and Russia into a continental WAR as Britain sat back and essentially watched the other powers destroy each other, typical British Empire dirty tactics.

AFTER World War I, Britain, at the Treaty of Versailles blaimed the entire war on Germany and forced them to pay reperations. This , combined with the War debt put such a tremendous burdain on Germany that it was virtually unable to continue to function , and without real leadership it lead to Hyperinflation....... the most importent aspect of this is, without the Treaty of Versailles , Germany would not have collapsed.

Let us begin with addressing the fact that the Gold Standard is a form of Anglo Dutch Usery because they have a monopoly on the world gold supplies and we can go from there.....
Now Let's emphasis what the Gold Standard would RESULT IN, AS IT DID in the 1830's:
Keep in mind, in the 1800's there were MILLIONS of people, and we are in the year 2009 with a Word Population of 7 BILLION HUMAN BEINGS. So, you propose we peg the BASIC economic needs and expansion of these 7 billion human beings to a piece of metal. The Result of this is nothing short of pure GENOCIDE. Besides the ABSURD notion that gold has intrinsic value, considering gold cannot grow little GOLD LEGS and produce Labour and PHYSICAL GOODS that other nations purchase, There is not enough gold on the Planet to sustain 7 Billion Human Beings if pegged to economic expansion. The main result would be a deflationary holocaust - so riddle me this. If you purchased a house via a 200,000$ mortgage and the dollar returned to the Gold standard, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY IT OFF AFTER THE RESULTING DEFLATION?. Keep in mind, the Gold Standard would strangle the economy for currency which is in itself a crime against humanity, but regardless, if payrolls go down and the dollar deflates you will be a SLAVE for the remainder of your life, paying off a mortgage, or even a simple student loan.

This includes the Gold Standard, because if it were implimented , the Nation States would not be able to build VITAL things such as Clean Water Treatment plants and Nuclear Power Plants which are the very things neccessary for the sustaining of 7 billion people world wide. Can you provide me with a solution to surviving without drinking water from the Von Mises book of insanity?. In addition, you fail to comprehend that without basic infrastructure in place the private sector will be UNABLE to rebuild it self, and keep in mind that the Private Sector is 100% BANKRUPT. So, you propose we WAIT , (As if any private sector growth would be even possible after the complete collapse of an economy) , Until the Private Sector "Grows" and allow the Private Sector to build infrastructure...... now that is what i call genocide, considering it would likely take the private sector atleast a decade, probably TWO decades to even attempt to rebuild itself, and with a Gold Standard it would be virtually impossible.

Please address the above 3 issues then we can continue debating, because these are the 3 major issues you have completely ignored. Thankyou.

-Revolt 426


The "right to work" when speken by rhe Right, is not a right to work, but a right of the right to exploit those who do work, and DENY work to whomever they please.
And the TYRANTS are the corporate plutocrats, not the workers. Big Business, which dominates the government as well as economic life, simply wants to reduce working people to modern or postmodern SERFDOM. That's the real meaning of the atrack on collective bargaining rights, and the real meaning of motinm filed by those corporate attorneys.

To get back to the theme of nonviolence, I am learning more and more about a community of Black intellectuals in America--going back to the 30s & 40s--who were advocates of nonviolence, and some of whom were teachers of Dr. King.
One very old Black philosophers who belonged to what some called the circle of "black gandhians"---Richard I. McKinney---was one of my philosophy professors when I was a teenager. He died in 2005, at age 99.Before I was born he knew Martin Luther King, Jr. when King was a student.
Some of this info will come out in a book that I'm working on.



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

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@ Butterfly, Digital, Sheer, and NoDoubt -- my favorite BP folks!

Hope you will pick up a copy, share it, encourage others to buy it -- and READ IT.

It's time to have a REVOLUTION of our minds and hearts. Self-respect and KNOWLEDGE is the most powerful weapons we possess -- more powerful than a millions guns and bullets.

Pass the word and the website link
and let folks know they don't have to buy anything, we have excerpts up and a very interesting article and video on the NEWS page about wealthy whites designing babies in test tubes, called "Google Baby."

Thanks for all your encouragement and support over the years!


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