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An Ode to the Sisters by crammasters (The Sisters are always Queens and Beautiful)


Female, 58, Mableton, GA

Posted 2 hours ago

Hi Cram, welcome back brother and thanks for posting this blog again. I started wearing my hair natural again about 5 years ago and have received a lot of different comments. I wear it in a very close cut afro and love it. Needless to say, I am free! I may change up and start wearing braids for awhile because I want to do something different. Though I love doing different things with my hair, I don?t ever see myself putting strong chemicals in my hair again to straighten it. I am not against people doing different things with their hair but I think they need to examine the motivation behind why they do it. I have received different comments from people since wearing my hair natural. A few have stated they admire me for being ?that bold? to go natural, because they could never be that bold. They give various answers when I ask why is it I am being ?bold? instead of just accepting myself the way God made me. Some wanted to know what happened to my hair since I was ?beautiful? when my hair was straightened. A relative said women that wear afros look too ?manly?. Back in the 60s this same relative was the one who tried to outdo other women by wearing the biggest afro. When I point that out to her, she acts like she doesn?t know what I am talking about. I suppose for some that was all just a FAD instead of us really getting in touch with the way our Creator made us and loving ourselves all the same. Also, it is mass confusion how we associate ?femininity? with European beauty standards. Some think that by straightening your hair this is an ?improvement? as if you can improve on what God has already done. A friend once joked to me by saying ?you cannot improve on perfection? (LOL!!!). When you think about it, anything God does is perfect already.

I would like to add that whenever I do get positive comments about my afro, it is usually from younger Black men. Oddly, most of the negative stuff actually comes from older blacks. That really had me baffled until I started reading your blogs and realized that progressive thinking blacks come in all age groups and because you have some ?mileage? on you does not mean you necessarily have wisdom.


what do I love about Black Women? I have a blog on BP called, "A Black Man's Tribute to His Naturally Nappy, Beautiful Woman" but i'm sure they won't let me post the link here...

i'll just repost part of what i wrote in my blog...

"As I travel down memory lane, remembering all the the Hershey-sweet chocolate, dark honey-brown, mocha, caramel, and lemon creme girl-woman queens that had my young head spinning like a top…

I didn’t know what it was then, but there was always something special, richer, deeper, more stimulating physically and mentally about black women that I didn’t see in the women who weren't....Some folks call it “soul"... baby….
I can only speak for myself When I say I prefer the naturally nappy hair on my head That's identical to the naturally nappy hair On my woman's pretty head
She wears it short and tapered, So it kisses the dark, sexy curve of her neck The texture of her hair under my roving fingers, Is a soft, springy cushion that doesn’t lay down flat But pushes back, like it has a life and a mind of its own
Sitting on top of her pretty, naturally nappy head
When I caress her hair, And look into her black eyes I see the history of our life together 500 years of loving and laughter...triumphs and tears...
And a feeling reaches deep into my black soul
Because my woman is authentic, soulful and the real deal...She is ME And I am HER
Our hair connects us to our majestic past,
To the rivers and valleys of our ancestral lands
We came from the first people GOD made,
And it is with extreme gratitude that God saw fit to give me the same hair on my head that the first man on earth had on his...
D___...that pretty black female sure looks good
with all that soft, naturally nappy stuff on her head

that is what I love about black women, what i love about myself because i can't love myself UNLESS i love them...



tankoflove wrote:

awwwwwwww, that's so sweeeeeet!!!
thank you
you're welcome...:-)
a lot of brothers take our women for granted, but we'd be lost and desolate without you, and most of us know that even when we fail to show any please forgive us for that...



i know we women take you guys for granted too but just remember we love ya'll,and despite that a few black women seem to hate black men the majority got your backs. we do appreciate you too !!!




I haven't seen one of these threads in a while. NICE. 

Physically, I love a black woman's skin, lips, soft features, dark eyes, her hair, her thick legs and all that comes with it, lol. 

Mentally, I love her strength, her intelligence, her sense of pride, her respect, her ability to share her opinions, her kindness, her love, her support, her ability to lead without calling herself the leader

Culturally, I love the fact that she can understand me and I can understand her. We can relate to each other's struggles and situations. We can just vibe well together and she provides me a sense of comfort.

I'll always have love for a good black woman.

-A Brother


Books supported by crammasters (Great book and I recommend them, especially to those that want to research information): (This is interesting since I'm very naturally attracted to dark skinned women since I can just keep it real and communicate with them with pure honesty. I still got a lot of love for light skinned and brown skin sisters too [we are all black of course and we are all equal with our beautiful skin tones. As a black brother, I love all black sisters of every complexion. All sisters are beautiful. On the real, I have a huge amount of love for the light skinned sisters, for the brown skinned sisters, and for the dark skinned sisters. All of you are beautiful & special. We are all one as black people. I will make that known forever], but this book gives the dark skinned sisters much needed respect and love too). So, the real brothers will always have the sisters' back. We won't forsake you nor allow you to be degraded.

I guess people like Umoja want to fight for black power & black love (against white supremacy) and I'm all for it. So, I will always love the sisters since there is nothing like a sister. The only group of people that gave me the most love, support, dignity, respect, etc. have always been black females period. You don't have to agree with all of my views and that's fine. I have to show controversial views since sometimes truthful, yet controversial views are necessary to maintain a real comprehension of the real world and these views can create a reality of reforms and real changes against bigotry and injustice.

By Timothy


This is for the brothers to come in and tell what you love about your black women....

Their was a thread made on your behalf, so lets do it right.....

I dedicate this thread to my wife and the future black woman in my daughter, and all black women everywhere!


A Black Woman's Smile: 

I Love Black Women

I LOVE Black women because they are the mothers of our
Black future. 

I love Black women because of their
enduring strength, a strength that at times has risen
above the failures of Black fathers. 

I love their
curly hair, their braided hair, their straightened and
even kinky hair. 

I love their full lips and, of
course, their brown sugar skin. 

But most of all, I
love Black women because I am the product of a Black
woman. Black men are born of Black women and
influenced by the Black women in their lives. 

I have
to love Black women in order for me to love myself."

D- Angelo

Black Love And Unity Forever


-216 Elite


11Bastet11 wrote:
Beautiful!! We love y'all tooooooooo!
Beautiful, if you can touch just one brother or sister that comes across things such as this, then its always worth'll domino outward....;)


-216 Elite 

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