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Information that A lot of People don't want you to Know

Flying Dutchman
Commented 3 months ago in Politics
“The public holds a lot of money, it is collective­ly shared money, but it is your money. That money can be used to empower you, your family and your community, empower you by funding decent education, empower you by funding organizati­ons that guard your rights as a citizen, empower you by making sure you're able to do some saving or own a home. Just like the collective money spend on cops or firefighte­r that is used to make sure your wellbeing is guarded. Remember those ambitious programs in the 50'ies that wanted every American family to own a home. Every American family would own some capital, people didn't became millionair­es by it, but they were able to live comfortabl­e lives. Collective money well spend can improve your life standard, collective money can create the opportunit­y to gain a better life.
Americans should protect that opportunit­y.

Today the US is under siege, under siege by robbers and thieves. People, who don't care about you and your community, are trying to lay their hands on your money. They had a skeem to steal your house, they had a skeem to lute the treasury and now they have a skeem to take that what is left. And when they are done they took out two birds with one stone; (1) they got even more money, planes, yachts, cars, jewelry, designer clothes and mansions, (2) you wont be able to do anything about it or get your money back, because you just got unpowered!”
-Flying Dutchman


Kenneth Hulsberg said...
Hey, Alex Jones is planning to allow one of his guests to discuss the Council for National Policy, which he has spent the past years shilling for. I wonder whether he'll give defense, or if he'll realize he's been duped. Can't wait to find out!

You must understand, all money is created as an interest bearing debt. In order to have money, and not contract as we are currently, which is why we have depression today, we must perpetually increase the debt.

Not raising the debt ceiling will put the U.S into default. This means really bad things for the average American, and helps the enemy move their agenda forwards. The reactionary republicans are not allies in this war. Don't forget it!

The better solution is to end the debt-money system and begin a wealth-money system. However, since law makers are morons, if they're going to continue this debt-system, we don't want default!

The republican austerity program of cutting and gutting is about protecting the crooks on Wallstreet and the bankers. We must lose the social programs we've paid into so these crooks can keep their loot. They've had their cheer leaders, such as Beck, and this includes the Austrian fascists, which is why the media has been promoting Ron Paul, helping condition the people into accepting their own destruction. This is the reality.

No one wants to hear what I say regarding this Mont Pelerin Society run Austrian school, but sooner or later people will realize I'm right. The Austrian school is one of many acceptable solutions to the reaction being created by the enemy currently.

Your not the only one ignoring facts. Most people do, and I myself have done it before too. It's not about me being better than anyone else. I simply want you to see the truth here.

Gold and Silver are demonetized. The price per ounce is determined by supply and demand. That's completely different from Gold and Silver as a currency. Your completely messed up in your thinking here. If Gold and Silver were monetized today its value would be determined by law. The many Coinage Acts in U.S history prove this. The commodity price has nothing to do with Gold and Silver as currency.

The dollar is losing purchasing power for many reasons. The most important thing to consider here, is the reality we owe more in interest on this debt-money system, than we can actually pay.

This debt-money system is the insanity. Wealth money is the only sane solution! Neither the Democrats, Republicans, or Austrians understand this. We're surrounded by insanity. Surrounded by a bunch of people chasing fantasies.


Kenneth Hulsberg said...
No, over the centuries does not matter. The population has swelled. All you have to do is the math.

Yes, you can inflate gold just as easily. The value of gold is set by LAW.

Wars can be financed by many means. Direct taxation is a proven method.

Socialism is government owning the means of production.

Deflation is worse than inflation. Deflation is the prime cause of depression.

The government can steal from the people just as easily under Gold and Silver, and can even confiscate the Gold and Silver. Again, the bankers made their wealth using the Gold and Silver standard.

Your still ignoring facts.


Pardon me, but do you understand

#1 Lincoln prevented Britain's Prime Minister Lord Palmerston from completely disintigrating the United States.

#2 Lincoln was ASSASSINATED after doing this.

#3 Lincoln's successor reversed his policies and was impeached.

#4 The fact that there is STILL an Empire only supports my argument that the Austrian school's "All regulation is tyrrany" Propaganda is indeed that, propaganda. My whole point in regards to regulation was that history has taught us that sociopaths will always be around - all we can do is prevent them from looting and pillaging our nation. Of course, Lincoln did destroy Lord Palmerston's plans for wrecking the United States with his Greenback system, railway and alliance with the Czar of Russia - why is there still Empire?.... Why is the sky blue?

It's just an absurd question. You think Lincoln can come back from the Grave and fight the British off again ? lol

-Revolt 426


Of course i obviously agree, there has to be a form of saftey net for the very situation we are currently witnessing ( An incalculable Depresssion that will result in starvation and death if not addressed ). I would agree , it has to be reformed to prevent the massive abuse (Like illegal aliens not paying for it and getting the benefits anyway) , but to call medicaid/medicare "Socialism" is by definition a falsehood and is a big problem because calling a social net, "Socalism" or "Marxism" in this case narrows everyones views to the Preditory Capitalist System VS. the "Socialist" system when infact, you can of course have none of the above if you broaden your perspectives. I see the labeling of all Government activities as "Marxist Socialism" , which the mises website does in nearly all of their articles as a deadly threat to humanity.... which is why i attempt to highlight that "Marxist Socialism" is when the Government Seizes the Means of Production - not when the Government constitutionally provides for the General Welfare of the public. I know you understand this, so do not think i am attacking you here, i am merely highlighting it because i think it's very important.

In regards to both systems being the same, i'd certainly have to disagree with you there.... due to the fact that a fixed exchange rate system would allow the new currency to be pegged to current price levels to avoid the very deflation that an actual domestic gold coin barter standard would result in. That is the major issue here, an International Gold Standard can be pegged to current price levels, but a Domestic Gold Coin standard obviously cannot due to the impossibility of obtaining enough Gold to peg to current price levels..... In addition, a Domestic Gold Coin standard is the use of a commodity as Currency , which i've highlighted as not a "Storage Unit of Wealth" - but a means of exchange valued by a Nations net productive output per capita. So what you have here is using a volatile piece of metal (in the case of Gold) being used as a currency. This means gold mining drives currency levels as opposed to economic expansion - i believe doing this is a grave mistake and a also addressed this in my original post, as Mining for Gold really bears to resemblence to an actual economies expansion rate at all, while Infrastructure infact directly represents an economies expansion rate.

In regards to competeing currency (Specifically for private obligations) i'd also have to disagree , the reality of the situation is that this has indeed been attempted by none other than Andrew Jackson, and the result wiped out the perceived "Weaker" currency, and many families savings were wiped out along with it just because they held state issued notes and not gold convertable notes (Which later imploded the economy anyway)..... so i would also disagree that a competeing currency would help becuase the weaker currency would inevitably be dumped and wiped out. If there were a way to introduce competeing currency without this threat - i perhaps would not be opposed to it, but to my knowledge i simply cannot think of a way for a competeing currency to provide for the General Welfare Clause in any way shape or form.

-Revolt 426



You forgot the post the title of the article you just posted, here i'll do it for you:

Excess Debt And
Deflation = Depression

^ I have been attempting to explain this throughout the entire thread!

You also forgot to mention that Andrew Jackson's Gold based currency disintigrated the " Competeing " State issued currency, which needlessly bankrupted all people who held state issued notes ( I guess they were just too stupid and they deserve to have their currency destroyed right?)

One more thing you forgot to mention is during the 19th Century the British Empire held a monopoly on Gold Reserves (and they still do till this day) and at a whim could expand or contract (MANIPULATE) the monetary supply. I would consider that worse then the so called "Speculation" Of the Second National Bank of the United States of which the Government had 100% Control over the printing presses via Congressional Vote and Treasury issuence of credit for that bank to even be able to print currency in the first place.

lastly, that Depression was the worst Depression ever up until that point in U.S. history, and infact - the economy never really recovered (Particularly in the South) which paved the way to the Civil War due to further reliance on Slave Labor to produce raw materials for the plantation owners to capitalize off of (By the way, Andrew Jackson owned Slave Plantation!, isn't that ironic.... he was a Southern Democrat too.)

-Revolt 426


Pete wrote:

For those who don't know it...
unions are the enemy of Democracy...
and our Economy.
On really? Is that why Adolph Hitler and Mussolini and Franco CRUSHED unions? Because unions were enemies of democrcy? I didn't know that Hitler and Franco were such fine democratic leaders. But i can see an affinity between them and America's contemporary Right wihin the Republican Party.
And did the Stalinist regime in eastern Europe suppress unions in order to save democracy? That must have come as a surprise to Solidarity
And how do we account for the fact that most democracies acknowledge unions--some European democracies even allowing them a role as partners in government.
No. History confirms my claim. If you're an enemy of unions, and enemy of collecive bargaining, then you're abn enemy of democracy.
Scott Walker is a fascist, no matter what he claims to be or what reasons he gives for the suppression of unions.
I've one reply: DEATH to fascism. Prison or exile for the fascists. Every politician who suppresses the rights of the American working people to organize and defend their rights as working people are enemies of the American people and of democracy.
Such politicians should AT LEAST be recalled. Perhaps sent to prison or into exile


CaptainRight wrote:

And where does it say it can take the working man's money to pay the delinquent's rent? That may be a moral obligation to you but it is not the government's role, never has been here. Maybe in Russia, Cuba, or Obama's vision. But the founders theme in writing the constitution was limiting the reach of the federal government. There should be no dept. of education, where do you see that? We're so used to these things we believe they are law. And they aren't. You want to help your fellow man? Great, give to him. Join a church or other private charity. But in this country the government does not have that authority anymore than it has the authority to send planes to bomb Libya.
I don't see anywhere in the Constitution that supports neo-liberalism or Austrian Economics. Do you? Also, using taxes to help society is found in the Constitution. I've mentioned this to you before. The Preamble and the Taxing and Spending clause of the Constitution allows the promotion of the general welfare of society. The general welfare involves many things. Justice Story concluded that the General Welfare Clause is not an independent grant of power, but a qualification on the taxing power which included within it a power to spend tax revenues on matters of general interest to the federal government. In other words, the general welfare clause can include the federal government using money to help society built itself up. It's always a moral obligation to help another human being. You think it's solely a private matter, which is your right. I think it's both a public and private matter since the Constitution deals with helping people to promote unalienable rights and promote a better society in general. That's found in the Bill of Rights & throughout the Constitution.

Many Founding Fathers wanted a limited federal government. The federal government should be limited since a tyrannical federal government is obviously wrong. Yet, the Founding Fathers also wanted provisions in it to make new laws when necessary to promote a more perfect union. This is the major omission that you embrace. We have the perfect right to legally make more laws to help society. We have done this to promote rights for minorities, women, and for other issues in society. If there is no Department of Education, millions of kids would be in the streets lacking a chance at the American dream. We live in the 21st century within a framework of a complex society. 19th century thinking or embracing some archaic system isn't going to work here. We need structure and the Department of Education should be reformed (not to end grants to help the poor, but make education more stronger. Also, Congress making a law creating the Department of Eduation is legal).

I already proved to you that post offices,the promotion of science federally, national roads, taxes, and other things are found in the Constitution. I believe in churches and private charities doing the right thing. Yet, even these organizations are limited in their reach. You also conviently omit about how some corporations pay zero taxes, there is a record income disaparity among the rich and poor, and most Americans want a slight tax on the super rich (as one out of many solutions) to solve our financial complications. The government has no authority to fight militarily in Libya. You are right on that. Yet, Congress passing laws to help human beings altruistically is moral, legal, and just. Although, it is true that the Constitution isn't God nor perfect. It has changed all of the time to reflect the changing or evolving times of American society whether from a social, economic, religious, ethnic, gender, or many other standpoints. That is why we should create (especially here and for now on) our own independent Power base to help ourselves and our own people. A person is a disgrace if he or she refuses to help out their own people. They can criticize you all they want. It's better to be criticized and do the right thing than a person being praised by the world (and that person is a sellout). So, we know what's right and we know what we have to do.

-By Timothy


Pete wrote:

socialism is Big Government...
Big Taxes..
Big Regulation...
Big Deficit...
and the destroyer of Free Enterprise, Free Market and our Economy.
socialism expanded is the end of the America Way.
In fact, "big government" is mainly reaction to and outgrowth of, big business. And Business has only cojplained about government when there has been a question of government acting on behalf of the common people rather than elite class power.


I have the greatest admiration for Martin Luther King. He showed great courage in his stand on non-violence at a time when most people were carousing the neighborhoods looking for something to get into. This was the direction of my family's gravitation,(I was just a kid at the time).

But since I became an adult and studied all the aspects of the Civil Rights Movement, I am very biased towards Malcolm's stance of "by any means necessary".





You need to do your research. West Africans were not "fairly passive" in regard to slavery... they led numerous slave revolts throughout the Americas, including Haiti where they defeated Napoleon's French and regiments from Spain and England. Even in Africa tribes like the Ashanti were known for their fearlessness and war prowess and they fought four wars with the Britian.

I think that the Gullah were Igbos. You will find that the Igbos were also among the Haitian Revolutionaries. Nat Turner was an Igbo as well! Much of the slaves in Virginia were Igbos. They even called Virginia, "Igbo land" because of their heavy presence there!.

I tell my brothers and sisters all the time the reason why you feel like there is a glass ceiling above you is because your working in a next mans house... Get free or die trying my people!
Yes, we need to built new systems governing our schools. However, do you honestly think we could use tax dollars to build schools just for our ethnicity? I humbly think a more realistic strategy is to run for boards of education. If we have a majority block, we could implement changes tomorrow - legally. Lastly, our businesses must understand our history. Therefore, if they are to survive, they have to see the value of reinvesting back into the community. They have to see the value of uplifting others while taking less profits.
Your post recognizing the truth - "watching [African in America children] lose all cultural identity is sad it makes them unhappy because its not natural." As a result, their behaviors is a natural rebellion; just it is negative because few are directing our children in a positive direction. That is why I always post it is not the children's fault - today's reality in many of our communities; it is the older ones, parents and concerned brothers and sisters, who are failing. I do not know all the answers. Your post is a solution. I just think for it to be ideal - it must incorporate both genders. Great post and remember females tend to be the ones who start true change.
-Jermaine Malik Floyd
I'm sorry but integration have 'watered' down all power movements that Blacks once stood up for.

1. We internationally mixed and thought that would solve the 400+ problem of slavery and disenfranchised people.

2. We even thought that if we played their corporate game via affirmative action and moved from the inner city to the subs, that we would be better off.

3. We as a people have left behind what was important but latched on to video games, escapism, super hero movies, fashion, politics, dog-eat-dog attitudes, sell outs, & false religion.

We are not separate but equal. We are not integrated and equal. Hell, we aren't even equal here in the West so when this society goes downhill (and it will), now would be a good time to free the mind and seek equality elsewhere. One love.
Indeed, susected racists who come to black people's pages & videos that do or don't have ANYTHING to do with slavery and pointing fingers at Arabs and African chiefs who did not have ANY authority or control over European colonies or the actions of white people, WHINING ABOUT ARABS ( WHITE ASIANS who also raped African males & females) IS INDEED PASSING THE GOD D____ BUCK. AND I AM SICK OF IT!!
A mountain of ignorance - you truly are that n!!!! Banks were not forced to give out loans. Banking lobbyist pushed for the chances so it could benefit the banks - immediate profits with guarantee governmental assistance. Banks lost nothing but market value which rebounded after governmental assistance - welfare. Their loans were guarantee by the federal government so banks took no risk. Lastly, a mountain of ignorance - Caucasian Americans (were you calling your own ethnicity monkeys?) accounted for the bulk of the funds. Then your statistics are laughable - do you believe your nonsense? More so, what is capitalism? Is America a capitalist nation? A mountain of ignorance - ask a librarian, an economic professor or two other fairly educated persons before you answer those questions. You are one of the most ignorant persons on TOPIX. YOU TAKE THE CAKE.
-Jermaine Malik Floyd (responding to a racist)
I think your view is too pessimistic. There was a desired end state to integration...a black strategy. This was to provide the opportunity for blacks to PURSUE equality. Maybe we haven't achieved it yet, but I think we're on the right trajectory. There's good leadership in the black community and enough self examination, dissent and debate. However, we should never forget that we are a much smaller, much financially disadvantaged, much maligned and persecuted minority, so our battle will always be an uphill one. When we criticize ourselves we need to maintain a sense of perspective just to keep things honest.
Honestly black mothers are leaning more in the direction that youve mentioned. To isolate black children ESPECIALLY the ones with a high capacity for problem solving and comprehension. We have a great many "accomplished" bw who are more than willing to put in the work. I mentioned this before on this board saying black mothers needed gated communitites. The ones who are in good financial situations and ones who are self employed are preferred. Lots of bw are moving toward self employment.


No, Hitler emulated people like YOU. Europeans who resembled progressive whites who opposed slavery and racial caste belonged to the anti-Fascist resistance. THOSE whites who resembled their American kin were fighting Franco, Hitler and other reactionaries and racists. And those whites were commonly murdered by Nazis in Europe, just as people like Viola Liuzzo, Schwerner, Goodman and others were murdered by American equivalents of Third Reich barbarians. Those progressive Europeans were also regarded as race traitors, commies, bleeding heart liberals and "k__ lovers"....Pr etty much the same way decent and progressive whites in America are also regarded...except here they'd be regarded as "n___" lovers. So, in a sense OhFrilly is correct, though not in the way he imagines......As a racist mass enslaver and mass murderer, Hitler certainly did not emulate those American whites who fought slavery and racial caste. In fact, Hitler ADMIRED American racism....and SAID so. The Wendell Phillpis and John Browns of Europe were on the other side of the barracades. Hitler resembled people such as OhReally would probably vote for; and his murderous movement was made up of followers with the same mentality as OhReally, Pit of Sorrows, and various other scurvy white racists whom one finds in Topix.



I replied to "queen " and here comes Lisa? Anyway! You seem to have an IR bone embedded into your brain and there is no pulling it out or surgically removing it!
All I can say is that there are black men out here worthy of dating, marrying and having a family with. I'm not jumping ship just because of some phoney media hyped up trend that IS NOT based on love but a fad.
The love I feel, experience, live and breathe everyday with my BLACK MAN is irreplacable and UNmistakenly REAL. It's not something I have because I see someone else with it and envy the rest, NO, what I have is true and I'm so sick of BW like you thinking IR dating is going to suddenly give you some power or some type of victory because you choose to date out, sorry, I can't get down with that.
BW who have this sudden strong desire to chase WM have this fake a__ ora about them, ya'll thirsty as h___ and it's embarrassing to say the least!



I like BW like you, you love to gush out there "my white husband" as if it's a crown of royalty, when really it's a crown of thorns and self hatred.
I see how BW totally change their hair, speech, skin color, dress, friends and some even stop coming around family, all because now they have a WM, so sad. But I admire your shallow confidence! Just so YOU know, BLACK love is forever and don't you forget it!



MumRa wrote:

Actually, this is the first honest statement I have read from an IRBW.
I feel because of the turbulent history between Black women and White men. If a Black woman admits that she is attracted to the "power" of white men. She is automatically labeled a sellout.
So it is easier to jump in on the Black men bashing. Make is seem as if a Black man and a White man was equal. She would have definitively chosen the Black man. But since "all black men are failures". She has no choice but to worship a White man. But that is just not the case. Good Black man or not. These women were always going to choose a White guy. But these women would never admit it.
I also believe that MANY black women believe that White women are where they are at. Solely on the power of White men. So if they start dating White men. That somehow miraculously. He is going to make Black women on the "top".
Delusional IMO.








-THe Moor



The argument that lowering taxes creates jobs has been proven false! It is right
in your face how it is not true! Because if that is the case for the past 8 years
when Bush lowered tax rates and Obama continued those rates, our economy should be
booming! Businesses should be creating jobs left and right! But, are they? No?!
Well, why aren't they?? The taxes have been low, and what? You say they are not
low enough, whatever! Stop the lies and false propaganda! Read some FACTS and face
reality. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.

Far too many business are overseas underhandedly dodging the American tax system,
yet have their hand out for government subsidies. I would like to see any business
who goes overseas taxed higher and not be able to receive any government subsidies
or tax breaks. Government should require accountability from everyone, the wealthy
corporate elite who receive tax breaks and subsidies and the poor who receive
government benefits.

@NJROLLER02 So, the Bush tax were not enough? The continued tax cuts by Obama are
not enough? Well it seems that taxes will NEVER be low enough to satisfy the
repubs. Repubs, and their corporate masters, have no desire to create jobs in the
US. They just want to make as much profit as possible and contribute the least
amount they can to the American economy. Repubs and the corporations calling for
lower taxes hate America, and only wish to exploit American workers like they do

No disrespect to Mr. Ballantine, but instead of stating an opinion about what
the repubs can do to win, how about he talk about the voter I.D. requirements
repubs are trying to put in place across the country? Mr. Ballantine says repubs
need to go into the minority communities but these are the communities where
they are trying to make it harder for people to vote.

If you look at repub policy and not their rhetoric they are clearly about
protecting the wealthy business elite of the country. Now people seem to want to
sugar coat this and claim dems are no better and try to convince people to vote
against their own middle-class and low-income interests. The Tea Party has successfully accomplished this with low-income whites. I guess now, it is time
for black scholars to work on low-income minorities.

I see what you're saying. Yet, not every single mother is monolithic of course. It's a fact that many men are predators and use women to have sex and have children out of wedlock. In some of those instances, I have sympathy for the woman. I guess I'm such a non-cynic when it comes to females. I'm a cynic when it comes to politics and other issues though. Many single mothers have businesses, some are in college, and others have jobs. So, not all single mothers lack vision or contributions in society. I've changed my mind on one thing. I would date a sister with kids if there was a sincere connection (and if I had the resources to take care of people), because our community is suffering on many fronts. We live in a cross roads in world history. The issues of technology, class, wealth, sex, race, sexuality are complex and are discussed in a fashion never witnessed in human history. We have to make a choice or a crucial decision. Either we promote black unity or humanity will suffer tons of hardache. I choose black unity. People have the right to do it if they want to. If they want do it, they should never rush into the relationship and they should prepare financially and emotionally for the situation of course.

We all have done dirt, so in that sense, there is no such thing as a perfectly "good Black men." There are either real men or folks who don't act like Men (like thugs, cheaters, criminals, women haters, haters in generals, etc.). There are still honorable black men and black women in the USA and throughout the world though. As for the women who dog men out, etc. I don't agree with them. No one should be mistreated or disresepected at any circumstance whether they be male or female. Yet, in my experience, we should allow these women the chance to change their ways. Sometimes, a man (I know this is hard sometimes) will have to cut the women some slack and help the woman to improve morally and spiritually. The reason is that women go through more drama and demonization in society than us males go through.

We go through drama, but women (especially black women) go through more (like sexism, sexual exploitation, abuse, materialism, etc.). I do feel that there are tons of women that value men based on character not totally on physically appearance. It's just that the media promotes that stereotype and lie of black women collectively only wanting to go out with thugs or dudes with "swagger" so often that some men give up (and either date outside of their race or be desperate to date any woman). A real man should never give up in life. A real woman just wants a man that takes care of his business period. Yet, we shouldn't give up on our sisters here. We should encourage ourselves and the sisters to be better. I don't agree with brothers being disrespected either for any reason. Yet, if you are man (whether you're on the Youtube or not. You notice that these cowardly men use slurs against females then expect us real brothers to support them. They have another thing coming because I don't agree with calling women slurs or evil names at all. Real brothers like me don't co-sign stereotyping and demonizing women. Black women are Queens. One of these cowards committed suicide and murdered an innocent girl. These sellouts demonize sisters, but I will never fall into their trap. That trap is apart of a white supremacist tactic to divide BM and BW. These sellouts on the Internet are apart of a wicked system) and you blame black women for not getting a date or for your own insecurities, you are a coward and you are wrong period. These sellouts bashing women have low self esteem and self hatred issues. This self hatred mentality is grown by the corporate culture and that wicked culture expresses an unrealistic code of conduct (instead of promoting the uniqueness of the human race in its shapes and sizes). It's as plain as I can see as a product of being brainwashed by a white supremacist mentality (some of these sellouts are from the suburbs not just the urban area. We know their type if you get what I'm saying. There are sellouts who are women too, so it isn't just one gender). The solution is for these sellouts is for them to gain some manhood, be taught confidence, and let them learn about the glorious history of black men and black women. I've seen where I'm from intellectual brothers (there are plenty of black women that like smart brothers and 9 to 5 working brothers too), business type of brothers, althetic brothers, rich brothers, poor brothers, and other types of brothers having fun and going out with respectable sisters all of the time. So, there is no excuse. I will co-sign upliftment, social improvement, respect, honor, and real principles. A real grown man shouldn't scapegoat women for anything in life.

I do feel that we need to support single Black women since they are a part of our blood. It doesn't even have to be romantic. It can be moral support and financial support since these people are still sisters and we love them. I will never stop loving a sister. I respect brothers dropping jewels like the Moor and crammasters. I enjoy their commentaries on issues. So, we should have compassion toward women as human beings. We always love our sisters and it's our job to be men, stand up for truth, and be strong.
As men, we can't change the past. Yet, we can change the present and the future. We go through pain, but the answer to moving forward isn't the throwing of black women under the bus. The solution is finding ways to move forward. These ways include to better communicate with people on how we feel, to treat all peoples with dignity and respect, to have strength to stand up for ourselves & others, support (including love) plus stand up for black females, and never scapegoat a group of people as an excuse to woman-hate. Black Women are our allies in this fight against white supremacy. A real woman wants a man to be a man and not act passive toward evil. We men should be men. In the end, we will be victorious. That's a guarantee. When you get older, it's time to not obsess with the past in a vindicative fashion. The past should be utilized as motivation for us to improve ourselves, our families, and our race. As men, we have to be more responsible for our actions and not take the road leading into destruction. Life is hard, but life isn't impossible for us to suceed. So, I'll never hate my blood and I will always love my people, especially sisters who gave me my life literally.

-By Timothy (Me)
Good brother, I would never denigrate the efforts of yesterday - devils do that. However, I have the benefit of hindsight - an accurate history. If you get the opportunity read the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. After reading those pieces of legislations you will immediately see it was appeasement; not remedies to injustices. More so, changes in the law always benefits status quo because the many refuse to read the legislation for themselves. Lastly, LBJ was a con artist. As Majority Leader of the Senate, he prevent meaningful legislation during the Eisenhower Administration. LBJ was not the friend our people believe him to be. Leaving this question, since Kennedy did nothing in his over a 1000 days in office, what made us to believe an enemy of our people would do differently?

Competing - if something is wrong, the only way to make it right is through corrections or doing it over. Corrections in society via the law gives those in authority the stage. Doing it over gives a majority population the control. When I suggested competing, I simply am suggesting in communities where we are the majority or close to the majority we adhere to new strategies than the ones that failed. We are a brilliant people. We have to trust ourselves to solve our problems. As far as businesses, if we were economical astute as we should be, we would understand most companies are seriously in debt. Therefore, new companies, with cash instead of credit can provide same services at a cheaper price. This is what I mean by using our heads. We cannot work within this system - this system is rotten. We have to build a new system - it is very doable.

To think Malcolm X hated Caucasians is different. Malcolm X understood Caucasians so hating them would make Malcolm X what he hated according to you. Malcolm X hated their ways. More so, no one should hate their enemy. Hate is an emotion so those who use emotions to drive decisions are foolish. Hating prevents logic and Malcolm X was way too intelligent to hate another. Lastly, Malcolm X never advocated violence. Malcolm X rightfully taught you cannot turn a cheek to a person who attacks you physically - you have to defend yourself.
-Jermaine Malik Floyd

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