Monday, April 2, 2012

Boyce Watkins' Words (and other comments)


mrequalizer says:
It is really sad, sad beyond belief …
People not standing up for Trayvon. A very smart, drug free young man, innocently walking home in a gated community.
Other animals are attempting to ignore the 911 calls of Zimmerman following him even went told not to, lies about having a broken nose, criminal background of Zimmerman’s and demand that the he go free to shoot and kill others young blacks, right down to the point that this insane animal can actually stalk his victims in their neighborhood.
Make no mistake, Trayvon DID NOT DESERVE WHAT HE GOT. You, your wife, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your community, etc. are not safe from this dangerous animal preying on innocent citizens!
Beware of his family, friends and those demanding a race war with blacks! They will be the next attackers of black people! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!



  1. maubility says:
    Why do the heathen rage and imagine such vain things? All other self satifying,gratifying issues aside,Trayvon Martin 17,150lbs is dead. Killed by George Zimmerman 28, over 50lbs heavier and armed with a handgun. This is not mutual combat. All those lilly livered opaque and transparent zealots, who are screaming “what if it was black killing white,would there be such b____?”,need to know that if it was the other way around, the blackman would be locked to f____ up, if not shot and killed by police already. They would be no need for a lynch mob, or hanging party. I don’t think that black zimmerman would have the luxury of the prosecutor, getting out of bed to come release him, with his gun,or the police chief acting as his lawyer and invoking stand your ground. Get real m________. You have taken the bait. Who the f___ is george zimmerman. AskeNAZIm. This name rings racist,zionist.Lay off the victim here, don’t blame us for what the media shows us. Demonizing the victim with such photos is not going to change any of the facts, in your rush to defend stand your ground and killing rights, you have put yourselfves squarely on the loosing side. If you continue to fan the fires on the right in the wrong direction, watch as the prize is burnt up.

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