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Barros Serrano wrote:
Similarly you attribute Saddam to the USA? Saddam's Ba'athist Arab nationalism traces back to Nazis far more than to the USA. They didn't create his ideology, they simply used him when it served their interests.
Arab nationalism and intense abuse of non-Arab ethnicity is 14 centuries old, beginning when the Arabs swarmed out of Arabia to abuse the world.
Again, the USA cannot have been the original motivation for this.
Arab Nationalism is not 14 centuries old. What we call nationalism hardly existed at all that long ago. As for Saddam Husseein, he was a useful dictator, like many others, so long as he served the interests of our ruling class. Rumsfeld even described him as a "moderating influence on the Middle East." Now how did that "moderating influence" then become the "butcher or Baghdad?"
Not surprising, however. Even Joseph Stalin became the amiable, avuncular "Uncle Joe" in films that MESSAGE TO MOSCOW...until Hitler was out of the way, and Russia became the main adversary.
It's the lying and deceptions, among other things, that disgust me.
Hell, even Hitler was getting his props from some over here--and even from Churchill---until he turned on us rather than red Russia.



EkDesiLadki wrote:
If you consider usage of fire, it can be used for good purpose like cooking or it can be used for destruction. Even the wild fires are contained by fire. Do you've problem liking people who use fire ? May be you dislike the misuse not every application.
Our civilization wouldn't been so developed if we didn't learn to domesticate dogs at the end of stone age. Dogs were used for many task like protecting our livestock, poultry and also us. Even today, farmers heavily rely on dogs. What will the farmer do if the dog get mad and start killing all animals in farm ? Once upon a time Taliban were good guys as they were fighting ussr, today they are like mad dog or WILD FIRE who need to eradicated.

One thing about fire is that it BURNS. One ought not to play with it. And I'm very suspicious of an argument that religious fanaticism is ok so long as it is directed at "them", but bad now that it's directed at "us." Religious fanatics are not "good guys." What's interesting here is the similiarity in American and USSR thinking: The Soviets, who were atheists, deliberatedly provokes religious zeal when it suited them. There's a scene in the film called REDS in which John Reed, speaking in the Middle East suddenly notices an explosion of enthusiasm in reply to the end o fhis speech. He asks someone about it, and one of Muslims said "We are supporting your call for a holy war of Islamic peoples against the Western infidels Reed had actually said CLASS WAR, but Soviet leaders conveniently mistranslated Reed's words for reasons of political expediency.(And I've read that there my be some historical basis for that event so depicted).
I'm sure that's not the first time. And I'm sure that those Stalinist loons resorted to such measures. And now Russia, and America, are both dealing with the "blowback."
I prefer the ethical standpoint of revolutionary nationalist leader, Amilcar Cabral: "Tell no lies to the people, and oppose lies whenever they're told. Tell no lies and claim no easy victories."


Two and a half Men - White. No blacks casts. Pan Am - all white cast. Bones, House, Lie to Me, The Office - predominately white shows. Give it rest. Whites are well represented - no threat of extinction on television at all. You bring up BET and television is soaking in White representation. Why do some Whites resent Blacks and Latinos having anything to call their own, when they have so mucn?

This is so petty. You can't force interracial dating. I think these guys were just looking for a reason to sue, but this is pointless. People have the right to date the race they prefer. This show will look like an affirmative action mess when token blacks start appearing on camera and smiling like someone really wants them there. It's degrading to sue just to force someone to date you on television.



Amilkar Says:

Anyone who is knowledgeable about the SOR can clearly see that this persistent, self-defeating phenomena is a direct result of centuries of brainwashing Black men, and Black women too.
I do not look upon these statements by particular Black men with as much disdain as I used to, having realized the ultimate motive behind such statements.
Light-hued skin is nothing more than a factor and living proof of the brutality of u.s. slavery. We all know the story about the rapes, sexual explotation and outright abuse of our Black female ancestors. Truthfully, there is nothing wrong with light-skinned Black women; it is the use of cosmetic preferences for these women over other beautiful Black women that makes this phenomena unjust. all of us are created by The Creator, and given an individuality that makes each of us exclusive. Diversity in tones and hues of the epidermis was prevalent and uncontroversial throughout history, even before the advent of the u.s.
For Black people, especially Black men, to put so much expensive and spiritually-depleting energy into the nonsense of Black women’s skin color, especially at a time when our collective conscience can be raised to a higher level of cultural understanding is the epitome of “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Instead, we should continuously work on becoming “adults” and preoccupy our time with much more serious and productive issues, such as reenforcing positive images and psyches for our children in every aspect of our functioning lives as much as poosible.
The best way to counter this type of regressive behavior is, again, to love yourself first and appreciate the gifts endowed upon each of us by The Creator. In actuality, Black women are, hands-down, some of the most beautiful, highly-attractive, sexy and women in the entire world, along with having physical, spiritual and emotional attributes that are “e-m-u-l-a-t-e-d” by many, many women around the world. Has anyone ever paid attention to “this” phenomena??!!…
One of the traits of the SOR is the art of deflection and deception, tools which are used to “hide” truth and the real, underlying intentions of those who want to be like us.
I think that more Black women should confide more in the fact that there are many Black men out her who love them for who they are and how truly beautiful there are!
“Haters are gonna hate.” – Anonymous


Originally Posted by KagomeHigurashiView Post
I do.

I care about self-hate and lack of pride in Black people.

I hate that it comes from Generations of brainwashing convincing us Black people that we aren't wonderful, important Kings and Queens and vital to humanity.

I care when I see my people hate themselves, the little ones believing their less than other races.

I care when those little boys grow into men who think their own mothers are ugly and want women that look like other races...not for love but for self hate.

I care when those little girls grow up and Lil Kim themselves.

If they only knew the truth. There's a reason people try to rewrite history to remove our truth. There's a reason why with all the genocide committed against the Black peoples of the Globe we are not only still here but influential in the Global culture.

Yup I care and I felt like typing about it.


Amilkar Says:

If Black people controlled the destiny of our consumer dollars, by ensuring through a strategic-designed, systematic, well-defined plan that ensures each earned dollar benefits as many Black people as possible, through every economic ad social measure, before leaving outside of our “virtual” community, there would undoubtedly be a seismic shift in the economic habits we exhibit today. Why? Because by implementing a strategic plan into our functioning lives, from top to bottom, front to back, airtight with no wiggle room, “and” seeing the rewards of a truly-effective economic system workng for “us” as it does for other ethnicities (Singapore, Dubai, Brazil, etc.) would make a heluva difference.
Although whites do have a large amount of tangible material wealth, i.e. real estate, businesses, high-tech hardware, etc., they rely upon, exploit, (even steal!) the intellectual properties and ingenuity of Black/People of Color in the u.s. and abroad. As a matter of fact, have always done so with Black people, from slavery to post-Reconstruction to urban riots (i.e. Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, a purely-perfect example of economic jealousy by OK whites) to the foreclosures and personal wealth losses by Black households and businesses over the past 4-5 years (Great Recession).
The key to economic success from the system of racism is to use this “crack” in the wall of the dam, using our dollars to build a economic substructure as a bridge to detach ourselves from whites.

SimplyComplex_87Moderator6 hours ago
although i can appreciate what Star said, she shouldn't be directing her frustration towards's the public that watches the show (reality shows in general); VH1 is simply capitalizing off society's newfound interest in vapid, shallow, rich bullies' false lives.
Star's message should also be more directed towards parents who allow their children to watch these shows. Evelyn Lozada doesn't have to be your daughter's role model if you don't allow her to be. stop depending on television to parent your kids, for Christ's sake...put parental controls on your's really not that hard.


(An elderly being slammed. If these pieces of work can do this to an elderly woman, they can do this to you).

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