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Mediation and Inspirational Speeches



how many of us in the church can say that we follow the true teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ when it comes to practicing forgiveness and love towards those who hurt us? this is a strong message that only by the Grace and Strength of God can we follow. I pray that our God will gather his people together... give us the strength to follow is commands concerning love and forgiveness.

this speech expresses this teaching beautifully. Praise God!

The Speech at Galilee

The first full length recorded speech by
Martin Luther King, Jr.

This speech of Dr. King was recorded August 14, 1958, at the Galilee Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana by his good friend and colleague Dr. C.O. Simpkins (Simpkins was a Vice President in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and a prominent Louisiana figure in the civil rights movement). Many recordings exist to document the civil rights movement in the 60's but little has survived from the formative years of the late fifties. This piece showcases Dr. King at his finest as he quotes from the bible, Shakespeare, Ghandi, and other elements and figures of history to drive home his message of equality for all people. The speech has the feel of a classic sermon, and in many respects it was just that. The Speech at Galilee is a huge contribution to U.S. history and should be in every civil rights collection in America.

Filled with rare and special moments, the Galilee speech represents the FIRST KNOWN FULL LENGTH RECORDING of Martin Luther King, Jr., then an unknown 29 year-old Baptist preacher from Georgia with an inspired heart and a resonant voice. The recording contains many elements of King's future speeches including the famous "free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we're free at last!" closing from his well known "I Have a Dream" speech from 1963...only this is five years earlier!


vinniepaz Says:

One other thing that I would like to mention here. The Media CHOSE to bring national attention to this situation. Situations such as this happens EVERY DAY all over this wilderness called “America” and do not get the national media attention that is needed. Because of this I would like to remind everyone that we can’t lose sight of what Racist Man and Racist Woman are doing on the national and global political landscapes. What, with elections coming up and all, they may very well be allowing this to serve as a “distraction” from other things that they are doing right under our noses. I’m not saying to stop demanding justice for Trayvon Martin. I want JUSTICE for Trayvon Martin, but I am also keeping my eye on the people in Capitol Hill and on Pennsylvania Ave.


jazzwatchModerator6 hours ago
SO if he DIDN'T shoot the kid, then WHO did???? And please don't say 'The BUTLER did it", because nobody else hada GUN...only that dirtbag ,SMDH......
I swear when they do a dirty act, they cannot FESS UP to it and take the consequences.....just find EXCUSES or blame SOMEONE else, SMDH.....


Tim AdamsModerator8 hours ago
As a white individual, I just have to say that this is so embarrassing. The level of racial blindness or just plain stupidity necessary to think Trayvon's killing was anything less than murder motivated by racism is staggering. I am sad to esy that a lot of white people I have heard discuss this case seem to be of this ignorant view. Recently, in my city (columbus ohio) there was a rally to demand justice for Trayvon, and over 1,500 people showed up, but I saw only a few dozen other white people. This needs to change. It is in the interest of all people to unite against racism. But for that to happen, we whites have to learn to see it.


stevealexModerator10 hours ago
No one cares about Black people in this nation,it is every race for themselves,all other races are spectators when it comes to Black people and our problems,this is not a nation of unity and brotherly love,just a nation of consumers and debt slaves,the white elite will let peoples anger burn out,they are playing with time,they have set Black people up for a long time,they dare us to get violent,the police state is here,they have a plan and they are organized,the people of today are in La,La,land.


Obake ToraModerator10 hours ago
What irritates me, and makes me sick beyond belief, is that this kid was murdered over property, property that could be easily reimbursed through the Insurance agency. Zim clearly is a wannabee because if he suspected the kid was up to no good the bozo should have waited for him to commit the act. No instead the real people who need justice carry on with their evil lifestyles because they are too strong a target for people like Zimmerman. There are many real G's in Florida Zim could have handled but he chose a kid, and white Amerikkka will defend his actions based on events involving black kids irrelevant to the case. I use to cut through a condo community all the time to get to the park, and occasional some old man (always white) would follow me and ask me what I'm up to. I just wanted to meet up with my friends at the park so we could go to the corner store and play Galaga and Donkey Kong. It seems the most popular argument I hear is Tray should have explained himself to Zimmerman. What does that tell you? If Zim was black and Trey white we know what would be the outcome.


christovModerator10 hours ago
We didn't need a poll to tell us this. We could have pridicted this result long before Zimmerman pulled the trigger. My only surprise is how the black people have voted. Shows how divided we are. If Zimmerman had shot an animal or a gay men, niinety nine percent of white people would have said he was guilty. Many of those people probably wish they could do what Zimmerman did.


If Zimmerman was black and Trayvon Martin was white he would be in jail by now.

Amilkar Says:

Great observation LBM. Don’t forget China, too.
You don’t see the u.s. “bullying” nor “threatening” China as they are doing/have done with Iran and Libya, respectively.
The u.s. is becoming more and more transparent in its international profile as just aniother bully who will be challenged by some unknown and unexpected nation, just as it happens on the schoolyard. So are the participants in the SOR who continually victimize Black and other People of Color unnecessarily around the globe with acts of injustice. This type of expected behavior comes from the root of self-hatred, which why it is so important (really!) for Black people, in this country particularly, to not imitate these type of behavior patterns. again, as we have been told for millenium, it’s self-destructive to hate the gifts given to you by The Creator. Anyone who first loves themself have no problem with differences inherent in others. Where’s the threat when you can easily consider and care for another’s welfare as you do for yourself?


TrojanPam Says:

Another thought-provoking post (as always)
I wholeheartedly agree that it’s well past time to move beyond selling “wolf tickets” and writing checks our butts can’t cash.
I have heard comments from black people about ‘what white people better do” OR “if white people don’t arrest Zimmerman…” and so on as though white people are scared of retribution from us,
That’s not real talk. We can’t make white people “do” anything. What we can do is control ourselves, our reactions, and what strategies we need to deal with this system.
Also, I enjoyed the commentary from other posters. It’s nice to know there are people who are thinking (and seeing) outside the programmed script that most of us follow 24-7.


AussiPino wrote:
Filipino-Americans have a high employment rate and less reliant on welfare.
WRONG. They have a higher percentage, they put into the system less, and they do not have nearly as high paying jobs as black people do. In America, the Filipinos are the lowest economic achievers amongst Asians. Prove me wrong.
African-Americans have a high unemployment rate and high reliant on welfare.
Not really. 33% on welfare leaves 67% not on welfare. The presence of multiple black billionaires and HUNDREDS of black multimillionaires is a sharp contrast to NO Filipino billionaires or multimillionaires in the US. Your people do not have much ambition, and not much marketable in skills.
Hopefully this will get back to the topic unlike the two stereotypical African-Americans such as Reality Speaks and Harrisson who deflect the point continuesly.
You two stop talking about the Philippines and focus on the Welfare Stats By Race.
Welfare stats by race:


Comment on that then. Im right behind you.


-Reality Speaks



Amilkar Says:

Absolutely agreable, especially with the cashing in on “wolf tickets” (lol!)
The best defense that anyone of us can have is the thinking mind. Unfortunately, the majority of SOR victims have been damaged psychologically.


TrojanPam Says:

I agree, our power lies in our minds, which is why this system tries to control them. Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter what we thought as long as they had enough guns and bullets to keep us in line.


Kushite Prince Says:

@Cree Great post! You hit the nail on the head. Amerikkka has a Justice Department but NOT a system of justice. We’re living in the belly of the Beast. The Trayvon Martin case breaks ny heart. And I understand why people are so upset. But the real question is….How do you get justice from the unjust?


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