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Our Culture

what you said is the very reason why we celebrate our unique culture as well as every other race but also knowing that collectively, we are all suppose to be americans treated fairly and with justice. nothing wrong with italians, irish, etc celebrating their accomplishments and heritage and its never seen as being non american ...this is a none issue.


Am I too believe that in this day in age of black "firsts" that the first black gymnast gold medalist shouldn't be proud of their accomplishments?  If this was an Italian, Jewish, Irish, or Polish person who was the first of their ethnic group to do something, whites would not bat an eye at someone having "Italian Pride."  The problem is whites would have you believe that everything is equal when the reality is America is not a just society.  Whatever guilt you have for your OWN history shouldn't interfer with our accomplishments...or our celebration of it.


I go to the YMCA and I see lots of young black kids who are good swimmers, unlike me. There is even a black lifeguard -- something unheard of back in the day.
Don't worry, we'll be up on that podium someday soon!  There already are two black swimmers on the Olympic team.


 Whenever even a few Blacks get the opportunity to do something , one of them will rise to the top and become the best in the world. That is why whites do everything they can to deny, or prevent, or discourage  us from having opportunities


 Sorry, you brainwashed government educated zombie. Did you know that some jim crow laws, such as the diversity act, are still on the books ? Not to mention the formal, and informal practices that are specifically designed to curtail Black success and opportunity ? The US is a place where the majority of Black people never have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Spend some time abroad, and you will see how discriminated against you are.


Kayla you are absolutely right about your comment. Our colors will always be that denominating factor that can't be hidden when our accomplishments are celebrated by people of color. Frank , I don't know what side of town you live on, but you should read, watch, and listen to the news more. If a crime has been committed, and a person of color committed this crime, his race is mentioned...period. It's not Kayla"s attitude that's harmful, it's the mainstream media and people who think like you that harmful to race relations.


I am Black and PROUD of Black ppl and their accomplishments.  No devil in hell or on this earth can
take that away from me.
****Thanks for adding the clip with James Brown's ...."Say it Loud....I'm BLACK and I'm PROUD"!


Abra Cadra Moderator 23 hours ago

 “I learned about being a competitor,” Douglas said. “No one is going to
feel sorry for you. No one is going to be like, ‘Ooh, you fell.’ This is
going to be my chance to shine. You have to go out there and be
Go ahead Gabby! 


You just don't get it, do you scapey? For CENTURIES black people were taught to hate their skin color and African features, and that we were inferior not only to whites but to every other race on earth.  The black pride movement was about accepting our features and learning and embracing our heritage, not hating others
On the other hand, "white pride" has come to mean "white supremacy," hating and putting others down because they are NOT white.  And I don't know anyone who expects whites to be apologetic about being white.


Here's my question for you, if all of your family is married 2 black men and you have seen positive black men in your life, then why are you being so negative about black men. You state that many black men disrespect black women but go outside our race. First I want to say is what is the difference between what you post about black men and what datouch (daduche bag) post about black women? If I took out and replaced black man and black woman from both of y'alls comments it would sound the same. Look yes as a race we need to do more. But just because of what the minority do (Which I don't care) means that the rest of the majority is weak? Gee so does that include your dad? Uncle? Cousin? Maybe brother? Look stop worrying about what the minority do and help the community by helping.


The Dominican Republic represents the African Diaspora to the fullest.... From its food, Music and the beautiful African features apon the people of the island.


Puerto Rico is influenced with African culture through its music, food and the diverse people.. Loiza and Carolina are two sections of the Island that has a large black population.. Loiza was populated with freed or escaped slaves that were taken to the island from Africa. March 23 1873 Slavery was abolished in Puerto Rico.


This Video is dedicated to Anglela (afro colombian woman who won Miss Corona R.I.P.)

Colombia is the third country outside of Africa with the higest black population in the world.. Many African slaves were taken to the region of Choco which is located on the pacific coast.. Many blacks in colombia live in areas such as Choco,Buenaventura,Cali,Cartegena,San Andres island and various areas throughout the country,,, Vanessa Mendoza was the firls black woman to win the title of Miss Colombia, she is from the Choco region. Many Colombians called her the "Black Barbie" Afro Colombians take pride in thieir heritage..Enjoy this video..
P.S, Not all Colombians look like Shakira or Sofia Vegara.....
African ancestry in Panama has influenced the culture in many ways, African slaves were taken to Panama during the transatlantic slave, as well as many Afro Carribean who settled in Colon while building the Panama Canal. Panama is also the Birth of Spanish language reggae, Many Panamanians of Jamaican ancestry started this trend of music, if it wasnt for the Jamaican ancestry in Panama, thier would be no Reggaton! Panama has also gained its independence from Colombia in 1903.
Brazil is the only country outiside of Africa with the highest black population in the world. Slaves were taken thier by Portugese slaves masters.. Africans slaves made big contribution throughout Brazil... Brazilians are proud of thier African ancestry and celebrate their customs through music, religion and carnival.. Many Afro Brazilians stil face discrimination, but are never ashamed of thier roots... Enjoy


You're so sick of it, you keep coming to this site to post your racist views.
Make up your damn mind. Either you are sick of us and should go away or you love us and should seek therapy to deal with your hate. Either way, it's not about you. We're black, we're proud, we acknowledge her accomplishments as a black champion and we love her. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!
I can't even imagine how wonderful this world would be in racists like you could see past colors.


...And WHO made it that way? Whose system of society made it that way? Cry me a river. Stop acting like black people made things unfair for you. It was white people who started this race nonsense in America, so now you have to deal with the consequences.


In an interview, Colin Powell stated: Many interviewers when they come to talk to me, think they're being progressive by not mentioning in their stories any longer that I'm black. I tell them, 'Don't stop now. If I shot somebody you'd mention it."
Gabby is no exception to this hypocrisy and neither are the rest of us. I believe the key is staying cognizant of the bs, maintaining our pride, encouraging ourselves and each other, pushing against and past all the lies and negativity and continuing to thrive.
God is good! Congrats Gabby!!!!! I think all the crap coming her way is a good lesson that if you do anything worth something, the haters will flock your way. Gabby's haters are very real and equally trivial. She is a brilliant star and our community supports her. Black and Proud!!!!!!! If that is viewed as racist.....too bad. Let the haters chew on it!


Where are the sources for these stats? And what is the context in which this data has been analyzed?

Also, the 50% stat of herpes in black women has already been debunked by black men physicians who found through their own research that the new cases of herpes in black women is much much lower, like in the teens. Once i find this again i will post it.

Black people need to understand that you just can't throw numbers out there to prove a point. I thought Toldson and Marks had already showed us this....




Whites always try to co-opt back achievement and innovation. They have always done it and are still doing it today. Those Blacks that agree with them and say that the accomplishments of Gabby and other Black Americans are for all Americans equally, because the world is colour blind now, are complete fools, traitors and part of the problem. Throughout history there have been brainwashed Black traitors who pull other Blacks down, and help the white man with his white supremacy project - These Uncle Toms are the lowest of the low.


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