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True and Real Talk


CourtneyRModerator1 day agoin reply to MST2010
these trolls want to try to brainwash america and very impressionable (some or many) black males and females that all black people act like what they see in the media thats perceived to be negative whether it be through music,basketball wives etc.they know this is a lie and want to see how many fall for it. I grew up in the same way. people like them who think like this have a serious mental defect. im sorry, no one is going to put me in a box that I dont belong in or anyone else thats like me.when you see a lie, you call them out on it. that goes for anyone.


Mormon & Neo-Con economic warfare against gentiles coming soon!

NYT: "Mormons’ First Families Rally Behind Romney"
SALT LAKE CITY — In the mid-1800s, newly converted families from across the United States and Europe gathered in the growing Mormon town of Nauvoo, Ill., to help their prophet, Joseph Smith, build a New Jerusalem.
Soon driven out by anti-Mormon neighbors who killed Mr. Smith and his brother Hyrum, they trekked westward by foot and on horseback, chased by Indians, cholera and even United States troops before settling together safely in Utah.
Now, more than 150 years later, descendants of those first families of Mormonism are joining together in a new effort: delivering the White House to Mitt Romney, whose great-great-grandfather Miles Romney settled alongside many of their ancestors in Nauvoo in 1841 and joined their torturous migration.
These families — Marriotts, Rollinses, Gardners and others — have formed a financial bulwark and support network for Mr. Romney at every important point in his political career. Starting with his 1994 Senate race, moving into the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics effort that became his political springboard and continuing through his first foray into presidential politics, they have been there to open doors, provide seed money and rally support.
Mr. Romney’s candidacy has produced great pride among many Mormons, known officially as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But for this core group of the religion’s most prominent families, the ties to Mr. Romney go deeper.
They share with him not only a faith, but also a dramatic history in which they have scaled the ladder of American society, starting as vilified outsiders and, after helping to settle the American West, rising to the heights of wealth and success within four generations.
To take one concrete measure of their support, records show that roughly two dozen members of Mormon families provided nearly $8 million of the financing for the “super PAC” working to elect Mr. Romney, Restore Our Future, putting them in league with its Wall Street, real estate and energy donors. Prominent Mormons including David G. Neeleman, the JetBlue founder, and Eric Varvel, the chief executive officer of the banking division at Credit Suisse, are on his finance team.
Many of Mr. Romney’s major Mormon backers are tied to businesses with robust agendas in Washington — lobbying on tax, aviation and tourism policy, according to federal filings — and have something to gain by having a friend in the White House.
It is no small thing to Mormons that not one but two of their number were considered appealing contenders for the presidency this year: Mr. Romney and former Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. of Utah.
Mr. Huntsman’s family — including his father, a former lay official in the Mormon Church — had been among those who supported Mr. Romney, until Mr. Huntsman developed national aspirations of his own.
Now the presumptive Republican nominee, Mr. Romney’s base of support is broadening steadily. As his national finance director Spencer Zwick, who is Mormon, said, “We are now beginning our Catholics coalition for Romney; we have a Jewish fund-raising director — the only way that a campaign turns into a cause is if you have outreach to many different groups.”
Business, and Personal
In interviews, several of Mr. Romney’s supporters expressed their concerns that attention to the financial support he has received from other early families of the religion would raise old prejudices and accusations of clannishness that followed their forebears.
Read more here:
Meet Mitt Romney's Mormon Transition Team Boss:
List of Mormon wars and massacres in the United States:
1838 Mormon War (aka Missouri Mormon War)
Mormon War in Illinois (1844-1845),_Illinois#The_.22Mormon_W...
Battle Creek (1849),_Utah
Mountain Meadows massacre (1857)
Utah War (1857-1858)
Morrisite War (1862)
Bear River Massacre (1863)
Black Hawk War (Utah) (1865–1872)


Romney's Mormonism: Blatantly Racist Until 1980

Some [except atheists] may feel one's religious beliefs is off-limits- especially in the political arena. But if Min Farakhan were running for office, know for sure that not only would his [falsely] alleged 'Judaism = a Gutter Religion' {mis}Quote be held as proof of his alleged anti-Jewish bigotry, but his long association w the NOI would also be proof of his racism toward whites [both non-Jew & Jew alike].
So I'll bold enough to point out that not only is Mormon doctrine wacked for many reasons [not necessarily RE: polygamy], but that it was blatantly RACIST up until 1980! Mormonism hyped & deliberately mis-interpreted [to justify its bigotry] that Blacks were a combo of the cursed seed(s) of Cain & Ham that the sign of those curses [the 'Mark of Cain'] allegedly was Black skin. [Note: The Bible actually says that the birth-place of Man was in a region 'Eastward in Eden' between the Nile River valley {'which flows thru the whole of Ethiopia'} & the Mesopotamia. Modern science says that man originated 'Eastward in Africa' near Ethiopia & the Great Lakes region of Africa which is the Source of the Nile, & that all current humans' ancestors were Genetic Adam & Genetic Eve who lived Eastward in Africa circa 90,000 - 150,000 yrs ago.]. Mormonism also said that Blacks are the seed of Ham- who was falsely alleged to have been also cursed Black- [the so-called 'Curse of Ham'. FYI: KHam was not cursed Black- he was born Black- His off-shoots included Egypt {KHem}, Canaan-Phoenicia {fore-runner to the African City-state of Carthage (home of Hannibal)- Ancient Canaan is now called Israel-Palestine & Lebanon}, Ethiopia {Land of {sun}Burnt-Faces}& Phut-land {IE: Somalia}. Euro-centric religious historians try to have it both ways- they claim KHam was cursed Black but then waffle on whether the ancient Egyptians & Canaanite-Phoenicians were in fact Black Africans {or even Dark Brown Afro-Asiatics].
Mormonism used this deliberate misconstruing & racist mis-interpretation of Biblical scripture to justify bigotry against Blacks [IE: disallowed Blacks as Mormon church pastors & officers] OFFICIALLY until 1980! Romney's been a Mormon all his life & he was a grown-ass man well before 1980! But I guarantee He won't renounce his Mormonism- at best he'll down-play it & feign indignation if, in the unlikely event, anyone in the lame-stream brings this topic up. And for those who'd say that 1980 [NOT 1880 Nor even 1918] was a long time ago- remember the {alleged} Ron Paul news-letters controversy? Those letters [not all were fully authenticated] from the mid 1970s to the early 1990s were alleged proof of Paul's bigotry. I say lets hold too-slick too-rich Romney to the same standard- since his connection to Mormonism, even as a young evangelist, IS Known.
PS: Ironically now Mormons are aggressively recruiting in Black communities across the US & across Africa!


As this is a grave human rights issue, Obama's hand ought to be forced on this issue for as long as he is president. As far as I know, he's not actively supporting the Central American fascists as Reagan did. But theree is such a thing as the complicity of silence. Some suggestions which may or may not be useful depending on the circimstances in the region of NM where you live: Find out if there are solidarity movements or organizations dealing with Central American human rights issues. Support them in any way you can and urge them to present the issue at Obama's doorstep. A large Mexican or other Latin population commonly means the presence and influence of the Catholic Church. Are there progressive Catholic priests, nuns, laypersons or even a progressive CAtholic parish that would be willing to help you organize something by way of a petition to local, state and federal government to address this issue? Id Clergy and Laity Concerned present out there? They're an interdenominationa l religious group which sponsored King's famous address against the Vietnam War. I had occasion to work with them around issues of apartheid while I was a student at Vandy in Tennessee. Perhaps the progreessive caucus within the Democratic party--a left leadning element in the Party with sizeable Latin, Black, white, Jewish mix--can be prevailed upon to put the Guatemala issue front and center. Or at least keep the issue alive at national level. Is the Occupy Movement present where you are? Perhaps in their demos against the evils of the American plutocracy they can be prevailed upon to address Guatemala as s deeply related issue. (Interests of American plutocracy in promoting fascism abroad ought to be part of the Movement's discourse anyway). I don't know what options are available to you where you are. But use whatever is available. And in appealing to people kindly avoid showering them with all that anger. Anger shoud be directed against fascists and plutocrats, not against ordinary "Yanks" whom you hope to win to your side. Don't defeat the purpose--the noble goal of advancing human rights--by the manner in which you approach people.



ole Blue eyesModerator8 hours ago
I find it surprising that the white people are using the words. "gabby is making the USA proud", when they wrote her off as even being able to compete on an olympian level, and that black girls traditionally do not exceed at that sport, yesterday she was just another black girl waiting to fit into the stereotype, now she's the apple of America's eye, at lease until something else negative happens concerning a black person (like the re-election of Barak Obama) and the nation is right back to their "Trayvon Martin mentality". Stand your own ground and shoot when you see the whites of their eyes.
Its almost comical to listen to the talking heads in this country, it was only yesterday they were throwing bananas on the tennis court after the Williams sisters were winning at Wimbledon, or depicting our president and his family as a group of monkey's in the white house or calling Tiger Woods the N-word on the 18th green at the Masters. The greatness of the record breaking blacks are at the end of the day a greatness for black people and black people alone, our shining moment, not for the temporary gratitudes of hypocritical white people who hide behind their keyboards and spew out trifling racist hate speech on Twitter, Fox and Facebook.


Interestingly enough, Mussolini also suggested that the USSR was fascist but hot willing to admit it. (He pointed to the show trials, mass executions and mass imprisonments in making that statement) As for the Occupy demonstraitons I've seen no Soviet flags wavingm and I've been a several Occupy gatherings here in Baltimore as well as Washington. I won't say there were NO instances of such because I didn't see it, but if it was a widespread phenomenon I would have noticed it. And America's anti-Communist media would certainly be reporting it. I've met a few Marxists and even more Anarchists at Occupy gathering. But those few Marxists were not advocating the Soviet system or waving teh USSR flag--probably because most of them are anti-Stalinist, and even anti-Bolshevik. Anarachists were always adversaries of the USSR, and at best skeptical of Marxism. Most Occupiers are center/left, but such a designation is too broad to be confined to the Leninist or Stalinist label. In short, I think you're pushing a kind of archaic neo-McCarthyism which was always repressive and is now obsokete. 



Pretty Chocolate Kisses Reply:

I’m glad that @Carol wrote for all to read. Cause BM got those WW thinking like that.
For all the BM who might be thinking she’s right I got two words for you: Terrence Howard. TH is a racist hates BW and darkskin BP. Got him a Russian WW. You KNOW they were both sitting up talking the same shit as this Carol bastard. Guess who is in the courts, saying the WW calls him N****? YUP. Terrance Howard.
Nother secret of interracial dating…they never treat you better than the people of their own clan. For every WW sitting and head-nodding as a coon disses the MotherBlood -reality check is coming. Once he gets comfy with your ass, you WILL be treated JUST as they treat BW
Nother secret of interracial dating …some men date outside the race to get to the men of that race. Ya heard. I know yall notice that one sell out uncle tom always with a WW? For the most part, he’s with her to get to the WM on the low.
Nother secret of interracial dating that I heard from some WW:


Barros: You mentioned once that you worked with Dr. King's Poor Peoples Campaign, that you were with some auxiliary association allied with the (original) Black Panther Party, that you've coonections with Chicano labor activism led by Chavez, and part o the struggle against the imperialist carnage in Vietnam. YOu mentione working with the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Now think: Did Dr. King build his historic movement, and did his movement become so popular globally as well as nationally, by King referring to Americans (even white Americans)as amoral pigs, Nazis, morons, or indicating that people ought to be slowly murdered and their wives raped with machetes. Even the BLACK PANTHERS, who had no reservations about use of inflammatory language, didn't go that far. Or when they did, they referred to racists, capitalists, slumlords, murderous racist cops---not to the AMERICAN PEOPLE in GENERAL. In the 1960s, even the angriest revolutionaries saw themselves as "servants of the people" (favorite BP expression). They'd admit the the masses were commonly misled and ignorant, but they didn't think le peuple were VILE. SOME people, mainly the ruling class and more extreme racists, were vile. Even the very Christian Dr. King would tell you that. But GENERAL contempt for the people as a whole--or for blacks, whites, Jews, Arabs, Asians or anyone else--that was deemed as beyond the pale of progressive thinking. Two problems with your approach and attitude: 1. It turns off people whom you MIGHT reach, not just people like Max, pos, Zaius (both in real life and on the web) whom you can never reach. 2. It has to be demoralizing for you. For how can you have much hope in building opposition to either domestic or global wrongs if you think most people are shyts? YOur attitude turns people off, thus rendering you ineffective. Those people who are turned off, who now won't even listen to you, then serve (by their very unresponsiveness) to reinforce your view of them, which reinforces again their animosity. Hence you have a vicious cycle. And what good does that do? Will mutual hostility and alienation bring justice to Guatemala? Or to the poor and oppressed America?



I don't mean people like Max or that Nazi pos. I've no interest n reaching them. But I suspect Howard Zinn was right: About 25% of the American population is so reactionary that there's little chance of reaching them. But most of the remaining 75% are sor ot in the middle, centrist and bsically decent (if also flawed) people. Those can be reached if we don't alienate them. At any rate, neither labor, nor civil rioghts nor the abolitionist movement were built with the attitude that most people are scum. Ane even people with backward ideas and attitudes are often confused and misled rather than evil.


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