Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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You dont need to lower the woman to man up. shaka zulu bowed at the feet of his mother every morning and asked her permission to greet the day, and i think we can both agree that shaka wasnt a b_______. Acknowledging, respecting, encouraging, and cultivating the feminine principle is how you man up. we were given strength so that we can protect their vulnerabilities, they were given vulnerabilities to temper our strength. there isnt a verse in your book that puts women under men in the eyes of God.


edud01 Moderator 19 hours ago

I am sick of whites trying to PLAY like we don't know when we are being discriminated against. Because racism is SO embedded in society it occurs daily on some level or other. Because we don't always acknowledge it on the spot does not mean we didn't experience it. What so-called "good" whites beleive is hidden racism is obvious to most of us. Hidden racism is STILL racism.


I like that they felt the need to add"Is Gabrielle a credible person, just because she is an Olympic champion?"
The question should be, is the head of the gym (who more than likely was not present when the incident took place) more credible because he/she is white?


Right....why would she lie about this? It is utterly rediculous how easy they dismiss actual racism. Even in his quote he says: We never were knowingly involved in any type of bullying or racist treatment, like she is accusing Excalibur.” Not KNOWINGLY involved is just like admitting that it could very well be true. But I do agree, she really needs a publicist, do not give out such private details partaining to her personal life and family but stand on her convictions and fair treatment, build a solid reputation with a legacy....and make that money Gabby.


NOT!!! Nice attempt at transferring white behavior. When whites can't defeat the TRUTH, they try to marginalize it by claiming the "universality" of the problem.  Even white sociologists have concluded it IS whites who are FOCUSED on race almost to the exclusion of ALL other groups. Their extreme FOCUS on race, and Blacks in particular, is rooted in fear and self-hate. It is a disease they can't seem to come to grips with. Like the sociopaths they are, they really don't want to FACE their genetic situation and is satisfied causing havoc among people of "color" across the globe.


iI believe her I moved to Virginia and been here and there is a certain amount of racism here Im older then Gabby and I know she telling the truth I have experience the racism she is referred to at several jobs here and I could not believe it but I went through it and I knew those people where trying to mistreat me because I was black. Yes I believe her because it was something I also experienced in Virginia.


I cannot understand why you all are saying that Gabby should have not spoken up about this. Yes she should have, I live in Virginia and know all too well about the Racism that still exist here on all levels. If this can save another young girl of color the " Bullying " and humiliation that she suffered at the hands of these individuals then she is right in doing so. No one desrves to be mistreated in any capacity by anyone. I applaud Gabby for taking what she experienced here in Virginia and showing those losers what she was infact made of, regardless of the color of her skin! Now let this be a lesson learned for businesses and Parents alike. Racism is taught, you are not born with it...!!!


I think all the brotha's & sistas from whatever ideology should meet and determine how each can contribute to the upliftment of our people out our conditions. If what u are teaching has no substance or use in liberating our people then it should be thrown out.
Brothers and Sisters this Black Power Sister is dropping some real knowledge I hope the community take her words to HEART!!!!!!!!!! It's time to WISE UP PEACE and BLACK POWER for LIFE


fair_guy wrote:

Who is black love still alive for? Be specific.
For me, it seems DBA, dead before arrival...
That's an old lie. Black Love is still alive. When I look at black love, it's found in the bountiful black babies being born inside of hospitals and even via midwives throughout the world. It's found in my family with parents married for almost 40 years. It's found in the sacrifices and the powerful strides made by brothers and sisters working together during struggle. Black Love persisted during the era of B.C., during the Maafa, during the Civil War, during Reconstruction, during the Civil Rights Movement, and it definitely persists unrelentlessly today. Black Love is passionate and it is beautiful. So, black love is never dead before arrival. It's expressed in romance, children, love in general, and a multipilicity of other parameters of the human experience. Growing black love is a real goal of any real person. Apathy and pessessism aren't in my heart, but the inspiration to promote righteousness is present in my soul. Black Love will continue after you pass away and in the end, it will still continue to exist forever more.

-By Timothy

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