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Sad, yet thrilling to hear the truth on the TV

When people mourn the loss of Howard Zinn and worry over the age of Chomsky, I say, "But we have Glen Ford." As always, the originality and laser like logic of Glen pierces through the vaporous gaseous toxicity of the conventions and the apologists for this evil administration like Dyson. Dyson shouldn't be allowed anywhere near young minds. Not only were his facts screwed up, but his use of sarcasm in a serious debate was a clear indication that he was way over his head in a one on one with Glen. (Sarcasm is the go to humor of a middling mind.)
I too was shocked when he said that "predatory lending is curtailed." Huh? Blatantly not true. The banks got $16 Trillion in free money while Obama and Blue Dog Dems supported the banks by not passing "cramdown" legislation except for owners of 2nd homes. My senator Tester voted on the side of the banks. He also voted against capping usurous interest rates. (It was the Dems in 1980 voted to exempt federal banks from state usury ceilings. That opened the floodgates and began the plunge into debt by people whose wages had stagnated.) And voted against curtailing pay day lending.
Yes, and Dyson said that Obama was about the best we could do and that he was the most progressive president we have had since FDR???? The argument has been made recently that mantle might indeed be for Nixon, but not for the Trojan Horses Clinton and Obama.
Dyson knew Glen's facts and ideas were right so he sunk to calling him names and disparaging him with crazy talk like "In the real world, you can't stand on the sidelines flinging mud." HIs real world is that world Ron Suskind discovered in his book on Bush where a White House insider said that "we make our own reality". He tried to disparage again with the term "the politics of disgruntlement" or "rhetorical narcissism" for the principled arguments of Glen and others of the real left. Obviously he was using transference. He was the mudslinging disgruntled narcissist, not Glen.
Hope to see more of Glen on the TV.

Ford-Dyson Debate: further comments

In going over Prof. Dyson's comments, there are two which really stick out above the rest.
(1) Predatory lending was addressed by President Obama.
Clearly, this is a mistaken notion of Dyson's as predatory lending was most certainly never ended by anything Obama did, or has yet to do, especially allowing the banksters immunity from prosecution for those millions of felonies they committed by filing millions of false affidavits (i.e., robo-signing).
(2) Obama is the most progressive president since FDR!
This is such an outlandish statement it boggles the mind! Neither Clinton (actually both of them) nor Obama/Biden could ever be remotely described as "progressive."
Note to Prof. Dyson: you, sir, really must read:
Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy presidency, by Donald Gibson
Thy Will Be Done, by Gerard Colby with Charlotte Dennett
Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, by David Talbot
There were three really great intellectual battles I've witnessed in my life, highly one-sided, naturally.
When Prof. Ferdinand Lundberg demolished John Kenneth Galbraith (after publication of Lundberg's book, The Rich and the Super-Rich, Galbraith and Prof. Lundberg had an exchange in the NY Times, Galbraith arguing the status quo, and Prof. Lundberg demolishing him with the facts).
When the "radical" attorney, William Kunstler had an impromptu, unscripted debate with William Buckley, Jr. (unscripted debates weren't the norm for Buckley, and he always lost them) on a popular nighttime talk show many years ago in NYC.
And the Ford-Dyson debate, where Glen Ford demolished Prof. Dyson of Georgetown University, which appears to have an unwritten rule for its faculty members concerning never reading legislation, presidential executive orders signed, etc. (Reminds one of the great W.E. Dubois-Booker T. Washington debate, with the illustrious Mr. Ford in place of Mr. Dubois!)


W.E.B. Dubois was a sucker MC in his early years, in my book.

He believed in top down control of the Black masses by a small black oligarchical elite that's controlled by Wall street. He got Garvey locked up and deported. Why do you think they let this man see the insides of an Ivy League institution in the early 1900's? What do you think they were indoctrinating him with IN THE EARLY 1900's?
Dubois's own words:
His personal attacks against Garvey reveals his hatred for Black people, and some of the race pseudo science being taught at the time at these elite universities.
Booker T. was an educator who got thrust into a spotlight he didn't want! He was expected to be the next Fredrick Douglas, he wasn't perfect, and he was a right winger in a certain way with his Do-4-Self message, but i think people promote this irrational hatred of Washington & Garvey because these two men weren't apart of the Wall street backed, pseudo left, black "Greek" organizations and other similar Black freemasonic bourgeoisie circles. Comparing Booker T. to the Wall street agent Obama, and the Detroit hustler Michael Dyson, is a stretch.
"According to the March 21, 1993 edition of the Memphis Commercial Appeal, in 1917, a Lt Col. Ralph Van Deman created the Army’s black spy network, which snitched on [ALL] black organizations, even black churches. The article names Robert Morton of Booker T. Washington’s Tuskegee Institute, and Joel Spingarn, one of the founders of the NAACP, as operatives in the spy network."
See my comment here:


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Great people evolve

Du Bois disliked Garvey at that time because Garvey was no intellectual. He thought Garvery was a demagogue. Thurgood Marshall also did not have very good words to say about Malcolm X; he claimed in an interview, Malcolm was no role model. This is where the issue of class becomes the point at which the 'compradors' or elites of the oppressing group collaborate with the oppressors. Du Bois redeemed himself when he later became the foremost intellectual and brain behind Pan-Africanism. This is where he became the political father of Kwame Nkrumah. Sadly, the kind of black elites we have today is the thoroughly corrupted ones. They are so willing to partner with imperialism and unbridled capitalism for material gain. It is so sickening a feeling when you come to that realization.
Hey, Big up Glen! You proved in the debate the Professor is a quack who peddles falsehoods. A typical black intellectual scoundrel!


The Real History of the Democrat Party....

The Dims have NEVER been a Truly progressive party!
The Democrat party first came to national prominence w the election of that {in}Famous Slave Owning / Injun Killer- Pres Andrew Jackson in 1828! From that point until at least the advent of FDR the Dims were more influenced by Dixie-crats than by liberal / progressives. In fact Dixie-crats were a main-stay force within the Dims until LBJ's era [who himself was a TX Dixie-crat]- when afterwards Tricky Dick Nixon employed his race-tinged 'Southern Strategy' which drew Dixie-crats who were disgruntled over the Civil-Rights & Voting-Rights act, into a new home w the Repugs, solidified further by so-called 'Reagan Democrats'.
This history of Dixie-crats in the Party of Andrew [Slave-Owning / Injun Killin] Jackson is the main reason Blacks faithfully voted for the GOP party of Lincoln for 60yrs till the advent of FDR's 'New Deal' - when the Dims adopted the name Party of FDR. With all due respect to Dr Mike Dyson- The Democrat Party- Has Never Been a progressive party. They at best have been a 'centrist' / moderately 'liberal' party under FDR, JFK & Carter. Since the advent of Slick Willie & now under Obama they are a Pro - Wall St Bankster / Pro Corporate [= anti working-class though backed by Big Union leadership]- 'centrist' party w so-called 'liberal' positions RE: so-called 'Gay'-marriage & abortion.
Obama is a combo of the pro Wall St / pro-Corporate / Repug triangulating tendencies of Slick Willie intertwined w the pro- Police State policies under the Bushites phony 'War on Terror' paradigm- on the domestic front... - In combo w the war-making / regime-change foreign policy agenda of LBJ, Tricky Dick / Heinz Kissinger & Reagan / [Mr CIA / Skull{Duggery}& Bones] Bush Sr! The fact that Obama seemingly publicly praises Repug Ronnie Reagan more than FDR &/or JFK should tell Dr Mike Dyson that Obama's not an FDR styled Democrat!
PS: Interestingly enough the most pro-peace [or at-least non-war making] US Pres in recent memory was Jimmy Carter. Yet Obama has twice shunned him at DNC confabs in 2008 & now in 2012- by refusing to allow the living elder states-man of the Democrat party to speak at Obama's nominating conventions.


I didn't know this

I was looking for the Ford/Dyson clip, and found out The Nation's Melissa Harris-Perry has a big Mormon family on her mothers side:
Glen Ford vs Michael Eric Dyson
Part 1:
Part 3:


Clinton at the Democratic convention:

"Rhetoric vs. reality"
By Joseph Kishore
For a breakdown of the Republican convention, go to:
A breakdown of the Democratic convention will be posted tomorrow evening Sat. September 8, 2012.
A word on Cornel West. I respect the fact that he was the only visible Black public figure to at least voice some kind of concern about Obama's cabinet appointments, his betrayal on card check, and his opposition to any government spending program/bill to put people to work at living wages & benefits.
Cornel West says he's a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
Maria Svart- National Director of DSA
The DSA is affiliated with the Socialist International, who's current president is former Greek prime minister George Papandreou:
Papandreou is famous for following the austerity diktats of the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (troika).


Comparing Tarpley vs Dim Apologist Rob Parry on Romney & Racism

Dim apologist Rob Parry recently did an article entitled 'Is Romney a Racist' [@ ]. His position basically boiled down to though Romney's no KKK styled racist- yet because he made this statement RE: Obama ['Ann was born in Henry Ford Hospital. I was born in Harper Hospital. No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.'], he's appealing to the racist 'Birther' wing of the Repugs. Thus, though Parry did refer to Romney's statement in Jerusalem about Israelis are weathier than Palestinians because Jews have a superior culture- his main argument for Romney's so-called 'genteel' form of racism is based on his Birther-Cert joke about Obama- though he didn't mention Obama by name.
Now compare that to Webster Tarpley's article 'Mitt Romney- First Mormon Presisent of the US?' [@ ]. Tarpely focuses on Romney's Mormonism- which most in the lame-stream media won't touch [Melissia Harris-Perry whose mom is/was a white mormon made note that Romney himself avoids the Mormon issue]. Tarpley talks about the undue influence of what he terms the 'Mormon Mafia' in Biz & Gov't including the FBI & CIA. Tarpley further states: } 'A key feature of Mormonism has historically been an anti-Black racist doctrine, which 'allegedly' ended in 1980. This means Romney was willing to spend more than 3 decades in a blatantly racist church. Because local Mormon churches guaranteed racially segregated congregations, they tended to attract racists. Salt Lake City remains the whitest city in the US, and the top Mormon leaders are all white men. - Romney is running as a businessman, but he is also served for years as a Mormon bishop and also worked as a Mormon missionary in France for 2 years. - Along with the super-rich Marriott hotel family and the Huntsman chemical fortune, the Romney clan makes up part of an inner elite that control the Mormon Church, which claims 10% of its members’ income, and which owns a minimum of $30 billion in assets... ' {
Now take that info & couple it w Raw-Money's thinly disguised disdain for poor people which is evident by his Israeli culture is superior to Palestinian's because they're wealthier comment & his earlier declaration while campaigning that 'I'm not that concerned about the poor...' which IMO 'poor' is code for Black & Brown folk. So we have Dim apologist Rob Parry saying that Romney is kind-a sort-a racist because he alluded to the Birther-Cert hype RE Obama [which IMO basically falls in the same vain as Obama's VP Joe Biden's 'Clean Negro' remark - which NV Dim Sen Harry Reid also made a similar remark RE: Obama]- vs Tarpley's analysis of Romney's position as a Mormon Bishop & missionary even when the LDS Church's 'official' doctrine was blatantly racist- up until 1980.


Brilliant and masterful debate against Dyson, Mr. Ford

Mr. Ford completely demolished Prof. Dyson, who seemed only interested in attempting to string as many multi-syllabic words together in one sentence, but never making any sense whatsoever.
Poor and faulty thinking on Dyson's part, although I confess to never caring for either David Bender nor Prof. Dyson, bother political machine hacks who are satisified with the corporate fascist state, as long as a pseudo-dem is ostensibly running it!
The two Wall Street choices this time around, Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden are unacceptable!
Extraordinary times call for extraordinary people and while we have the most extraordinary socioeconomic political thinker in Mr. Ford, unless he's running for the presidency, I'll be voting for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party, the only real democratic candidate I see out there today.
In 1964, the "more effective evil" was Lyndon Johnson, who claimed the opposite of Goldwater during the campaign, then did almost everything Goldwater had promised to do: wage wars, end the financial transaction tax, etc. (During Johnson's administration, arms and military aid were shipped to Brazil to aid in the overthrow of their democratically-elected government, the Dominican Republic was occupied by the US military, those 16,792 advisors in Vietnam, which President Kennedy had been planning to withdraw prior to the 1964 reelection campaign (and who were originally sent there by President Eisenhower), under Johnson became over 500,000 troops in Vietnam and a full-fledged land and air war.
When Geo. H.W.Bush couldn't get NAFTA passed, the "more effective evil" was Bill Clinton, who got that job done, much to the detriment of the American workers, and eventually to those in Mexico as well --- along with the immediate privatizing of the Mexican banking system to recapture all that drug money laundering business.
Again, this time around we once again observe the "more effective evil" .....
Listening to Mr. Ford's debate, where he utterly demolished Prof. Dyson was a thing of intellectual beauty.


8:07AM DemNow headlines:Obama's comments drone/targeted killing

on CNN. See UPDATE below-Glen Ford on DemNow Obama gives interview with CNN on "criteria for drone atttacks and targeted killing". It's mentioned in Dem.Now headlines this morning. Will there be an outcry and where - about this president's policies of kill without jury or charges? UPDATE: 8:18AM Glen Ford on DemocracyNow-debating Michael Eric Dyson re Obama- GFord follows up on "more effective evil". etc. Excellent Ford.Video of show to be up later
That's right. The racist-White Supremacist preaches and teaches racism everywhere! From the pulpit on Sunday morning to the corporate boardroom to the war room. Full spectrum dominate RACISM!

Good and Evil.. Colorism is evil as well as Racism is evil.
Mae Jemison: The first black female astronaut to go into space (who is light-skinned) had no discernible European ancestry in her admixture test. Out of all the famous guinea pigs, I expected her test to come back with the most mixed ancestry. Not. Her ancestry reveals her to be 84% sub-Saharan African descent, 13% East Asian, and 3% Native American


40% of Black Americans have no European Ancestry and 25% are pure west african....


Hopefully you mean come together with native Africans because at the end of the day we so called African americans are Africans not americans. So it won't be mixing, it will just be getting together with native Africans who exactly like us. There is no difference.


Dr Clark is not talking about hue, he is talking about how whites have porcreated with African, and used the offspring to be more loyal to the white side in order to keep up confusion and keep blacks oppressed. Thats what hes talking about. Something that should be discussed more amongst African peoples.


Thanks for the Heads Up on DN!'s Glen Ford vs Dyson Debate...

Eric Mike Dyson is an articulate, slick & fast talking Obama Apologist- who if Bro Glen Ford wasn't firmly rooted in his principled & fact based critique of Obama's first 4 yrs as POTUS, where Obama himself openly stated his intent as a Dim Pres was to make a grand accomodation w hard-line Paul Ryan type Repugs etc- Dyson could certainly fast talk one into going w the Obama flow.
Interestingly enough Dyson kept agreeing w Bro Ford's facts when it came to critiquing Obama... With all his fast slick talking, Dyson's reasons for voting for Obama- like most Dim / Obama apologists, boils down to that too rich / too slick Rmoney & Ryan & those rabid Repugs would be worse!!! Dyson did try to claim Obama{Rmoney}Care as a reason to support Obama. But when Bro Ford explained that it started out in a corp 'right'-wing think tank, & then Repug Bob Dole proposed it when running for Pres in 1996, after which R-Money pushed it thru as Mass State Gov, but it took Obama to roll it out as the US' nation-wide plan after taking Medicare for all off the table from the get-go & sinking the 'Public Option'- Dyson's response effectively- all that's true but since Obama did it it's A-OK [Bro Ford did NOT even get a chance to critique the dubiously legal mandate that forces people by private insurance].
I take particular issue w 2 things Mike Dyson said. 1st} When trying to press Bro Ford on if was he encouraging voters to back Obama or sit it out [he seemed like he thought better trying of accusing Bro Ford of supporting the Repugs & Rmoney], he threw out the stale tired assed Nader stopped Gore from getting into the White-House in 2000 carnard, & speculating how much better the World would have been under a theoretical Gore Presidency [most folks who wet-dream about this fail to mention that Joe Lieberman was Gore's running-mate in 2000]. I'll just make note of it without bothering to explain again why this is blatantly false.
2nd} Dyson made a point of describing Col Khadaffi as a brutal murderous dictator- thus effectively agreeing w last yr's FUK-US NATO's 8 month phony R2P on-slaught on Libya for phony humanitarian reasons. He said this even though he agreed w Bro Ford critique that the assault trashed both international & US constitutional law. This is classic double-talk, going on about the nuances of liberal hawkish foreign policy. Either you're against US imperialism based on principles- or else you're against it when the Repugs do it, but are for it [or make excuses for it] when the Dims do it. If that's Dyson position RE: FUK-US NATO's assault on Libya, then that's his position RE: US NATO GCC machinations RE: Syria this yr. And if they succeed in over-throwing Assad & send Syria into chaos- next they're going after Iran. Is that where Dyson will draw the line for Obama [certainly he will if Rmoney does it as POTUS]. Guy's like Dyson seem to fail to realize that if they had cried foul in Libya last yr & try to draw the line in Syria, maybe things won't get to the Iranian stage. But if it does at-least they'll have a heck of a lot more credibility than if they wait till Iran to cry foul!

Nixakliel:a rare time that we pretty much agree

(Glad heads up was useful. I don't listen to DemNow regularly since Libya,) I was interested in Glen Ford's answer to the trick question re are you saying people should vote for Romney,then? His reply about not telling people how to vote, that relatives, people he knows are voting for Obama and he's saying people should know the truth and vote for who they want, but not vote based on lies.
The similar trick question was asked by a caller to Bruce Dixon on Hugh Hamilton's "Talk Back", WBAI show a couple of days ago. The caller asked Bruce Dixon if he was going to vote for Romney or something like that.(Mr.Dixon was talking about his essay on BAR below, on the 15 similarites between Obama and Romney). Mr. Dixon's reply was that he was on the GA State Board (I hope I got it right) of the Green Party and he \\was voting for Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential candidate. And both Ford and Dixon spoke about the need to organize a movement now.



Dubois dealt with Margaret Sanger (tide to the clan) and her Negro project:
"Developed by white birth control reformers, who consulted with African-Americans for help in promoting the project only well after its inception, the Negro Project and associated campaigns were, nevertheless, widely supported by such black leaders as Mary McLeod Bethune, W. E. B. DuBois, and Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Influenced strongly by both the eugenics movement and the progressive welfare programs of the New Deal era, the Negro Project was, from the start, largely indifferent to the needs of the black community and constructed in terms and with perceptions that today smack of racism."
According to the Garvey/UNIA papers over at UCLA, Garvey's main white alliance and/or the European's Garvey really looked up to were the Sinn Féin party of Ireland, linked to the IRA resistance (this was alluded to in the film, and another reason for putting a target on Garvey's back):
Garvey extended his hand to Dubois, and Dubois spit in it by keeping the black professional class away from Garvey. This is why Garvey couldn't find good people to run the movement. The pseudo socialist of the Black bourgeoisie never wanted to be separate from the establishment in any way.
Dubois's own racist words:


IMO DuBois, Bethune & Powell Judgement RE Sanger's Negro Project

Was Just As BAD [although probably not as obviously notorious] as Garvey's was when he talked w the head of the KKK.
One would think that Black Leaders as sharp as Dubois, Bethune, & Powell could have seen right thru someone like Margret Sanger- who apparently didn't hide her Social Darwinist / Eugenics tendencies nor her disdain for 'slum' mothers having children, unless they had some degree of agreement w her 'Negro Project' agenda.


My support for religion is strictly political

There's a flip side to this: Religion and spirituality can be used to defend the Black working class against bourgeoisie Boulé types who wish to collaborate with their white counterparts in the implementation of Darwinian POLICY!
Some of the said Ivy League leftist mentioned in this article were agents who collaborated with J. Edgar Hoover in the setting up, locking up, and the deportation of Marcus Garvey! This is documented FACT written up in an extensive study of the UNIA by UCLA!
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
[Note: You can look at the entire documentary, but they start naming house negro names in part three]
Garvey's own words:
W.E.B. DuBois was the ONLY Black founder of the NAACP and was clearly not the financier:
The hidden hands behind the attacks on Garvey is clear:
"Joel E. Spingarn (1875-1939) was the chairman of the board of directors of the NAACP for many years. The coveted Spingarn Medal, given yearly by the NAACP, was established by him in 1914. According to recent revelations by the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper he was also a spy for the United States Army."
More than a decade ago, Steve Cokely, shed light on a 1993, Memphis Commercial Appeal article that accused the NAACP’s former board chairman, Joel Spingarn, of being a major in the Military Intelligence Division who, “used his post to obtain critical information for MID, such as a list of the organization’s 32,000 members. “
The same newspaper also reported in a September 12, 2010, article that noted Civil Rights photographer, Ernest Withers, was not only an FBI informant, but took the pictures at the scene of the Martin Luther King assassination.
It is more widely known that the Black Panthers and other “militant” movements of the late ’60s-early ’70s were heavily infiltrated by informants such as William O’Neal, who supplied intel to the Feds that led to the murder of Fred Hampton “and BOSS (Bureau of Special Services) agent, Eugene Roberts, who, not only was spying on Malcolm X when he was assassinated but, according to John Potash in his book, The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders, was later an original member of the New York Chapter of the Black Panther Party of which Tupac’s stepfather and mother were also members.
Although, Tupac Shakur inherited the legacy of government persecution from Mutula and Afeni Shakur, he was just one in a long line of rappers from NWA to the Wu-Tang Clan under investigation by the Feds. Back in 2000, Cedric Muhammad of began releasing a series of “Rap COINTELPRO” articles exposing this fact.


I neither believe in Myths nor BS Masquerading as 'Science'

Note: Your Point 4 & 5 are actually 1 point not 2. Thus in fact you do agree that white atheists can be, have been, & are often just as racist & bigoted as white WASP KKK Euro-Christian types. So At least we agree on some-thing RE: this issue.
And you apparently agree that Darwin was a racist bigot, yet accept his theory without question because white folks calling themselves 'scientists' say so. HUMM!!!
Your point about Von Braun proves my point about modern science & technology really being about making modern warfare more efficiently destructive & being the machine to help drive the Euro-centric / white-supremacist capitalistic economic system. The real question ain't whether avowed NAZI Von Braun's knowlege about rocketry was used to build ICBMs [of course it was]- The real question is why would you even want to build ICBMs in the first place- except as a delivery system for nuke warheads to wipe out entire cities within minutes of launch!! And also as a potential nuclear first strike weapon!!
The fact that you keep calling the ancient African / Afro-Asiatic peoples of the Bible & Koran illiterate brutes [it's hard to be illiterate yet produce extensive writings over several centuries w complex writing systems upon which the modern alphabet & numerical system are based] while hyping modern [= Euro-American] science & technology [= culture] which was used to exterminate entire culture heritages [& 10s of millions of buffalo] within about 30 - 60 yrs [FYI: Darwin in his theory talked about the 'natural' selection process {= survival of the fittest} would be for the so-called 'civilized' {= white} races to exterminate & replace all so-called 'un-civilized' races {= all non white people}. So we can see where Hitchens & Harris get their language of needing to erradicate all Muslims from- because they 'worship at Darwin's altar'!], - yet without these ancient cultures there would be NO such thing as what we've come to know as 'modern' science & technology- [I think they call that an {humm} 'Evolutionary' process]. Thus you in effect 'worship at the altar' of modern [= Euro-American] science & technology [= culture] whether you understand it or NOT- because you don't really understand what to 'worship' actually means [it ain't neccessarily got anything to do w traditional religious practices]. When modern science & technology facilitated the slaughter of more people in just 10 - 15 yrs during WWI & WWII- than all other wars of the prior 10,000 - 15,000yrs combined, you still praise 'modern' [= Euro-American] 'science' [= culture] over those illiterate brutes of ancient African / Afro-Asiatic societies. I say who is a bigger brute- a guy who needs 50 - 100 yrs of warfare to kill a half million- or a guy who needs just 10 - 15 yrs of warfare to kill 100 million??? You can only convince me that modern man is more civilized if he were to out-law war & weaponry completely, because modern science & technology makes them far to horrendously efficient [The erradication of war & weapons of war is acually stated as the ultimate goal & objective in & of the Bible]!!! Your admission that Darwin was a racist & white supremacist yet praise his theory [= ideas], is like hearing a Jewish vegetarian admit that Hitler was slaughterer of Jews yet praise the fact that he was a vegetarian!!!
Darwinism is in fact an ideology [IE: 'Survial of the Fittest' = Social Darwinism = Eugenics] masquerading as a {pseudo}'Science'. It has not been [nor can it be] 'proven', the evidence for it is thin, wide open to 'interpretation' & often contradictory. In fact it's often contradictory w itself- which is a big red flag that its actually unreliable. And It stretches the 2nd fundamantal law of physics to the breaking point. Darwin himself said in order for his theory to have any validity there must be series of so-called intermediate / transitional forms in the fossil record for which there is NONE- for all major spieces groups the fossil record shows that they came into existence intact w no major changes nor transitions through-out their entire existence. Furthermore because it's so wide open to interpretation, Darwinists have hyped 'evidence' that turned out to be FRAUDS or just plain WRONG on several infamous occassions, while suppressing &/or ignoring evidence that would probably blow Darwin's so-called 'theory' out of the water!!!
Since You've brought up DNA several times- Consider that: Even Darwinst biologists & geneticists refer to DNA as the genetic Code for the Blue-Print of life. Yet everyone understands for all other cases in order to have a 'code' you must a code writer & a code-breaker [= IE a mind w an intent], & that architects & engineers draw-up & read complex blue-prints [= plans] in order to build something. In no other instance of human existence do supposedly 'intelligent' / knowlegeable people talk about codes [= language] & blue-prints absent a mind & a planner w an intent! Yet when it comes to the most complex, amazing & minaturized code & blue-print [DNA] for life itself- Darwinsts insist that it all happened due to random-selection [= dumb-luck] & that's the only 'intelligent' interpretation- so if you question their assertion of 'dumb-luck' theory then you're the one that's a dumb-a___!!! Well I ain't Going for it!!!

EC RE: Elites' OVERPOPULATION Agenda & Land-Grabs_Factory Farms

EC your point about the connection between so many power Elites obsession w population control [IE: Eugenics] especially for the poor, Black & Brown peoples, land & resource grabs, factory-farms & forced urbanization - is note-worthy - but few seem to be able to connect the dots. Also few [especially on the so-called left & particularly most Women's Libbers] make the connection [or at least don't talk openly about it] between Family Planning [especially ABORTION & artificial birth-control] being pushed in Black & Brown communities in the US, Africa & the entire so-called 3rd World & this population control / Eugenics agenda of the Power Elites [frankly I'm less-concerned w what white women libbers chose to do concerning abortion & birth-control FOR THEMSELVES]. FYI: Family Planning International was originally called Planned Parenthood whose god-mother [so to speak] was Margaret Sanger - an avowed Eugenicist. Her first Planned Parenthood clinics were opened in Harlem & Brooklyn - funded by the Rockefellers - the very symbol of Power Elites & avowed Eugenicists who also funded the pre-WWII Eugenics Institute in NAZI Germany!!! Guess who lived / lives in Harlem & Brooklyn - certainly not the Rockefellers crowd! If they really thought so-called 'Family-Planning' was such a 'good idea' why didn't they fund & put Ms Sanger's Clinics in their neighborhood(s)!!?? 80% of all Family Planning / Abortion clinics in the US are in/near Black & Brown neighborhoods - yet Blacks & Browns are only 25% of the population but account for 55% - 60% of abortions [35% -40% for Blacks]! If there is any doubt that WE ARE THE TARGET - Remember Ms Sanger [who is officially listed as one the most important 'progressives' in the past 150yrs - but some refer to her as- 'Hitler in a Dress'] opened these clinics as part of her 'Negro Project' & apparently once referred to it privately as possibly a covert attempt 'To Exterminate The Negro'!!! Women's Libbers want to make it all about the issue of 'a woman's right to choose'. As I stated above I'm not so concerned about white women's so-called 'right to choose' [an innocuous euphemism for deliberately & forcibly terminating a fetus' life]. But what I am concerned about is the old 'Trojan Horse' Ploy- bearing in mind the old saying 'Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts'.
Let me convey a True Story. A Family Planning International Rep from the UK [population 55 - 60 million w a land area about = to California - capital London: population 8.5 - 9 million] comes to Liberia W-Africa [population: 2.5million- less than Chicago's a bit more than Houston's - total land area about = the State of Indiana - capital Monrovia: population 450,000] goes 125mi into the interior & about 10mi off the main road to tell a rural village of less 200 Liberians that THEY ARE HAVING TOO MANY BABIES. Now that's a lot of D___ NERVE & you got to ask your-self what is the REAL-DEAL! Are they really worried that the Earth is going to run out of space by the next century - when the entire population of the planet can fit into the state of Texas w a population density no greater than that of New York City! Or is it that they want to depopulate vast regions in African & 3rd World countries to facilitate further grabbing [Stealing] & exploiting of our people's land & resources!
For Further info on this Google - Henry Kissinger [former Nixon / Ford NSA Advisor & Sec of State -&- close confidant of David Rockefeller] & NSM 200 [Note: Apparently Women's Lib Icon Gloria Steinem once dated Kissinger & may have had connections to the CIA]. Also Note-Worthy is that- Roe v Wade became law under the Nixon, Ford, Kissinger regime [w Bush Sr as UN Ambassador & Nelson Rockefeller as VP]. And Nixon & Kissinger talked China into their 1 child policy which included forced abortions! SO- Now China has a numerical imbalance of young males to females approaching 1.5 to 1.! It is unprecedented in human history that the most populous nation in history has so many young men out-numbering young women! Further- China has the World's largest manned army, is the World's 3rd Nuclear Power & soon to be the World's Largest Econ! Now that's something to be concerned about because all those young Chinese men who will be with-out suitable Chinese women for mates aren't going to turn into monks or gumps... Most of them are going to want to find them at least 1 woman from some-where / some-how. The question is from Where & How!!??


edud01Moderator16 hours agoin reply to Spellchecker
While some have an inflated view of themselves, MOST are indeed AVERAGE. Above average usually catches attention, including the money makers looking to make their next dime off outstanding beauty. And, as sad as it is, the standard of beauty has NOT changed in this country. Under white supremacy, white IS the standard, and if Black, it's STILL "light, bright, and damn near white" with white features. This "standard" is the reason Blacks, especially those with fame and wealth, generally gravitate towards whites as mates and sexual interests. In the meantime, they hate themselves and others who resembles them. President Obama, like others with REAL intelligence, know that there's much MORE than beauty. Your interest in his wife(before you saw her)indicate that you believed Obama met the "standard" of beauty and you desired to see if his wife measured up to that standard. Not being "light, bright, and damn near white", she didn't measure up in you opinion. Only super average!!!...As a person who does NOT subscribe to white supremest ideology and standards, I find Mrs. Obama and Serena to be quite beautiful. In fact, though we have different hues and facial features, I find ALL Black people to be beautiful.


Mike SteinModerator16 hours ago
Interracial relationships has always existed whenever different races have been in contact. However in the context of THIS era & for black Americans.......Interracial relationships that lead to marriage & kids, involving the black wealthy and talented tenth, may have a counterproductive effect on black economic/social/cultural/political influence........This may be especially true BECAUSE BLACK PEOPLE ARE A MINORITY GROUP WITH LOTS OF PROBLEMS IN SAID AREAS.
It is everyone prerogative to date & marry as they please but what good was it for our ancestors to fight, suffer, sacrifice, and die, so this generation black people could enjoy freedom, make big money, become educated, and become an equally powerful people......JUST SO TODAY HALF OF OUR RICH CAN THROW AWAY OUR WEALTH ON FOOLISHNESS & UNITING IN FAMILY WITH OTHER RACES???
It is an egregious scenario -


Great Response!
I dismissed that White bigot yesterday because he accused me of being on welfare and crack as well as having kids out of wedlock just because I don't agree with his views. Now this guy claims to be a Democrat and I pointed out that there is no difference between that bigot and the next racist in the Tea Party because racism is not party specific....


SymoneModerator2 days agoin reply to Mike Stein
Actually you are the one that's miserable because I dare to have an opinion differently than yours.
You speak with hypothetical speak while I speak factually because fact is Obama is a White and Black man whether you want to admit it or not.It's clear why you hate my views and it's because your interest lies in Israel.I don't owe you or any other weak poster any explanation on my views.I realize that I am a strong poster and that makes you along with weak posters uncomfortable to the point you will refer to strong posters like myself as White or Republican.
I could care less if Obama wins or not because I'm not voting for Obama .I have no kids
but you make assumptions about me based on your RACIST NATURE.You are RACIST to the core White man and these DUMB BLACK DEMOCRATS need to take note but then again you're Democrat so your racism will be overlooked.You assume because I'm Black that I have kids out of wedlock/you assume I am on welfare and I that I'm on crack......If I were as IGNORANT as YOU are I would ASSUME you have a VERY SMALL appendage that renders you incapable of reproduction let alone satisfying anything breathing whether human or beast but I WON"T.....
To MY SMART BLACK people....I know you can peep how similar this clown I responded is to any racist and I know you also KNOW racism is not party specific.


CarolinaSistahModerator11 hours agoin reply to Symone
I feel you on that sis! Obviously bigoted - they're the ones who scream 'bigot' the loudest towards others who don't agree with them. Forget him! lol


Voice Of TruthModerator18 hours agoin reply to Lexe
"If voting actually changed things they would make it illegal."
Correct. Voting, without knowing how the world really works, is essentially nothing more than a pacifier for the masses to use to vent and feel like they accomplished something.



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