Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Brother Kwame Nkrumah was a gifted leader and hero amongst Africans and he inspired us into a new dawn, fifty-two years ago.
Nkrumah wasn't about time wasting, because he knew what he wanted and he knew how to bring his African family in unity, fifty-two years ago and this was a man who was so bright and energetic and that's what he made him so loved by his fellow African people and family as a whole.


My dear brothers and sisters,i am writing this message with an heavy heart.Today i have the opportunity to listen to Dr Nkrumah's independence speech.I was crying as am listining to his speech. I would urge every black and woman especially my brothers and sisters in Africa to please take your time to listen to this speech.The oyibo people noticed that this man was a visionist who would eventually change Africa forever,oyibo man were behind his death,watin we do oyibo man? why oyibo man hate we?


Having read this Honourable Man's many books - From Africa Must Unite, to Imperialism the stage of Colonialism, to Voice From Conakry.. I cannot belive the pack of lies erected around him to justify the ganstarism of Coup D'etat. There is no point mourning over the past at the expense of the present, but I do hope Ghanaians would again lead the continent on the call for emancipation of the continent from mental slavery.



Note by Me: Not all black men are like Tariq. There are brothers like Denzel, Dr. Ben Carson, and others that don't obsess with this gender war dating nonsense. Many of us brothers don't want to enact manipulation in trying to go out with a woman. Tariq curses women out in public (he won't say these things to white women just sisters, which is cowardly. I wonder why. I guess we know why, because he has Youtube video about how to go out with white women. What kind of House Negro,  bow down to massa stuff is that. I will never date a white woman. Love is Love, but I don't get down like that. I love black sisters period without exception as a black man period. I told you that some of these arm chair so-called "militant" brothers are something else) and he calls women outside their names in public.

Then, he tries to promote Black Power themes. I agree with him in outlining real Black History, but I don't agree with his attitude toward some females (and I disagree with him on other issues). He has other videos demonizing black women too. That's a disgrace since black women are always QUEENS  whether they live in a palace or the ghetto. He isn't an agent, but he's a deciever. I knew something was up, because of his constant use of the N word and his slandering of the  BLACK Sisters. When someone criticizes him, he spazzes out harshly even against females (which makes me very curious). We do wish  that Tariq Nasheed would wake up. I don't believe in disrespecting the brother, but showing correction. A real man promotes building society, loves to respect black women, he does not plot revenge against people (or tries to be some "player." A grown man should be a warrior, a producer, and upright not some player. I don't play game with folks' emotions. I am not player, because I don't play), and he builds communities up excluding demonizing women because of their age (or physical appearance). All people deserve equality, justice, dignity, and respect irrespective of their background.

By Timothy

Tariq is any and everything that is wrong with the black man of the 2000's

He doesnt value or respect a womans mind or her character ... he doesnt teach bm to be leaders or to love and respect and build bw and their communities ... he teaches bm to worship non black women for their looks and the fact that they do whatever they are told and he teaches them how to get off on women especially golddiggers ... he isnt teaching boys to be men ... he is teaching boys to be b___

He is just disgusting, I cant stand him



You ladies are making great points.

I'd like for him to tell that to the 40+ women like Nicole Murphy and Stacy Dash that keep these men droolin'. Not to mention the everyday sistas who are 30+.. 40+.. educated, successful and beating men off with a stick.

I have yet to meet a man who is more concerned about age than attraction and compatibility.



no. that's a chauvinist's perspective.

a woman's value is based on how she values herself, no matter what age she is.

-A Person on Tariq Nasheed



God Bless Kwame Nkrumah, his leadership during his time exemplifies a quality that i have noticed about us Ghanaians...we are unique. We are also conformist..which eventually led to him being ousted. He wasnt a perfect leader by any stretch of the imagination however we wud have been better served for a while under his vision of socialism. The one thing that has perpetuated Western control over Africa is capitalism/globalization..that­s why US was scared of Nkrumah. He was too smart for his time


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