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Bigsmoke wrote:

Not even. You claimed blacks here haven't produced a single genre I showed you otherwise, I wasn't bragging about it considering I do not like Jungle, Grime or Dubstep but just UK Funky. Cut the crap about the EU I am just talking about the UK which is what I know.
Nonsense Herc is considered the founding father. Hip Hop has clear Caribbean influence. It's clearly an inner city mixing of cultures something I can relate to being from London which is similar to NYC in that regard. Blues, Jazz, R'n'B yes it's entirely ''African American'' but Hip Hop/Rap sorry it's not.
There's evidence that older DJs in Brooklyn and Queens were developing turntable techniques before Kool Herc in the Bronx. Guys like Grandmaster Flowers, the Disco Twins and the Smith Brothers. In fact there's recently been a documentary dedicated to the subject entitled "Founding Father: The Untold Story of Hip-Hop".

Hip-Hop as a music genre was born when The Sugar Hill Gang release "Rappers Delight". It was conceived by jazz-poetry, and slaves who rhymed on plantation fields(signifying). And it's godfathers include the Last Poets, James Brown and Rudy Ray Moore.



attai1 wrote:

Correct Sir but where does it come from ?
isn't it a consequence of the white matrix ? some, whether AAs or Africans, are so eager to look at themselves along the "whiteness" scale and criteria - at every level - that it is translated in an unhealthy competition between the 2 groups when the conditions that put both groups down have been set up neither by AAs nor by Africans but by whites.
a whiteboi
The legacy of slavery, colonialism, etc, The psychological consequences thereof which Fanon speaks of in Peau Noir, Masques Blanc.
Perhaps the American dimension of what you call the "white matrix," and its effects on our perception of Mother Africa and Africans, can be seen in these words of James Baldwin:
"At the time that i was growing up, Negroes in this country were taught to be ashamed of Africa. They were taught it bluntly, as I was, for example, by being told that Africa had never contributed "anything" to civilization. Or one was taught the same lesson more obliquely, and even more effectively, by watching naked, dancing, comic-opera, cannibalistic savages in the movies. They were nearly always bad, sometimes funny, sometimes both. If one of them was good, his goodness was proved by his loyalty to the white man." (NOBODY KNOWS MY NAME, pp.79--80)
Think about decades of that kind of conditioning, that psychological colonialism, and it is hardly surprising that the misunderstandings between Africans & African-Americans are as bad as they often are.
I know from reading African and Caribbean writers that experiences analogous to our experience happened in other parts of the Black world as well.
But the more ADVANCED Black people in America, Africa and elsewhere don't simply yield to this, but try to transcend it.



The powers-that-be often do

The powers-that-be often do more harm than good. Instead of demanding the powers do something, it may be wiser to pool ideas and resources amongst yourselves to tackle the issue on a local level. On the flip side, those who demand (in the case of King Barry, they more than likely politely suggested) action against inner city gun violence are stone cold silent with regards to demanding jobs, healthcare, education, and infrastructure improvements in the inner city. These things would do more to reduce violence (of the gun variety or otherwise) in inner cities and in any other location. As usual, the focus is on the wrong issue.


Why aren't they putting the fire out?

Did they kill him and burn the body and all evidence?
We would've preferred they kept him alive and put him on trial. Or left the body for autopsy
1. The black face on white global oppression is attacking Africa
2. The New Nat Turner emerges: Christopher Dorner
Alex Joker Jones promotes the idea that white people are the target. Ofcourse we don't believe this.
Are all Black's, Asians, arabs & Muslim, Latino Americans going to be interned as the white man goes nuts globally?



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