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This is true not only in the hood, but everywhere. We judge ourselves and each other by the size of our wallets, the quantiies of our trinkets, and our so-called "status. " Consuerism, acquisitiveness and possessive individualism erodes our moral core and community life. When I talk to my middle class students about their aims in education, for most it's about making more money or achieving greater status. Not about an intense spiritual search for values, or the pursuit of knowledge, or social justice and the uplifting of community. Dr. King was right: We need a REVOLUTION OF VALUES. Malcolm X was right: WE need a CULTURAL REVOLUTION to de-brainwash our people. (Frankly, whites need this too. But it's OUR PEOPLE that I'm speaking of now).



Yeah, and the whole of the history of white America shows how lawful whites are--from Jesse James, to the 5 point gangs, to Capone, Luciano, Richard Nixon, and the long tradition of such lawful activity as lynching and mob violence. Strange that Jesse James, Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde and numerous others were seen as popular heroes



You know, even our religious life if affected by these things. Now the so-called prosperity churches are edging out the more prophetic congregations. Somewhere in DEMOCRACY MATTERS AA philosopher Cornel West asks how it is that Dr. King's "I have a Dream" has been replaced by the "bling bling." After making his criticisms of Marx, King nonetheless argues that "capitalism is always in danger of inspiring men to be more concerned about making a living than making a LIFE. We are more prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or the size of our automobiles rather than the quality of our service and relationship to humanity...." Is life not more than bread and the body more than raiment, Du Bois asks. West believes that in the post-1960s era vital communal institutions (which promote caring, service, etc) are frayed as market oriented values become dominant. Such values always had their influence, but previously those materialistic values were not the ONLY game in town. So, how do we turn this situation around 



trollslayer wrote:

your thoughts on apple cider vinegar
Its been used for thousands of years for medicinal purpouses. One in aiding digestion,and also for losing weight. It can help stimulate hydrochloric acid in the stomach(which is responsible for breaking down foods). If you don’t produce enough hydrochloric acid, you can be classified as having an “underactive stomach”(also called hypochlorhydria). Symptoms include excessive gas and belching after meals, as well as an “over full” feeling, abdominal pain and cramping.

Chinese medicine guru dr. Mao wrote about how apple cider vinegar can balance the digestive system. Here’s his take:

“Traditionally apple cider vinegar is used to remedy digestive distress, aid in detoxification, and to reduce intestinal bloating. Mix one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar with 12 ounces of warm water and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. The acetic and butyric acids promote gastrointestinal health by balancing your pH and encouraging friendly bifido bacterial growth.”

-Capricon Black


ShironModerator55 minutes agoin reply to tracy smith
Unfortunately, sometimes we as Black folks get in our OWN way too! We can do ANYTHING we put our minds to--this lie that Whites have always tried to perpetuate about Blacks being intellectually inferior is garbage! The years I have spent in college (currently in graduate school), I can say first-hand that Africans in particular, CONSISTENTLY out-scored everyone else in the classes I took! I remember years ago being in a class with a student from Ghana who had the highest scores in Algebra, Calculus, and Geometry for the whole program--when the teacher announeced this, the look of shock (and jealousy) on the White students faces was priceless!


Mike SteinModerator7 hours ago
This kid is a GENIUS! As a long time tournament chess player and expert myself, I know what goes into becoming a master at the game, which is higher than my standard....Just like a small number of geniuses excel to an outstanding level at a young age in their particular takes an outstanding level of natural talent, lots of study, and a master's level of direction to create a Master of chess at 12. It does not occur often, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
The only other kid I remember that became master at 12 years old was Bobby Fisher, who later became the world's Strongest Grandmaster and International Champion, before retiring in the early 1970's
To put it in clearer perspective, over 96% of all tournament level chess players (non tournament players can never become as strong as top tournament players) can practice, study, and take chess lessons for 40 years, AND NEVER REACH THE LEVEL OF MASTER.
Mazel tov young brother, the world of competitive chess looks forward to you becoming a GRANDMASTER!


Not to Dispute the Premise of this Article - I Do Feel...

Where the Author's Coming From....
BUT- IMO this is a must see article especially when coupled w Bruce Dixon's article 'The Real & Racist Origins of the 2nd Amendment'. - From Mother Jones: 'How the NRA Helped Fuel the Largest Prison Boom in History' - The Big House That Wayne LaPierre Built: } The NRA spent millions in the 1990s pushing the largest prison construction boom ever—and harsh sentencing to keep them full. {[@ ]
Of course the article skirts the fact that Ole Slick Willie on one hand came up w the assault weapons band, but on the other co-opted & climbed in bed w the NRA's LaPierre & ole Newt Grinch-witch get tough on crime mantra by backing 100 to 1 sentencing RE: crack vs powered coke [FYI: the CIA's finger-prints were all over the 1980's crack epidemic w Mena AR as a focal point on Ole Slick Willie's watch] under the phony 'War on Drugs' paradigm, 3 strikes laws, 100,000 cops on the street, etc- which all fueled the racist Prison Industrial Complex [= BIG BIZ].
IMO the NRA / gun-lobby wants more guns out there because for them it means more Profit$$$! They could care less if guns are in the hands of [Black & Brown] criminals [causing havoc in the Hood & the Barrio]- because that helps to secure cops' jobs & makes prisons a 'growth' industry- Furthermore the hype helps to convince whites that they need to pack even more heat to keep Black & Brown thugs at bay! All of that = BIG $$$ for the NRA & Gun-lobby!
IMO: The problem w the current 'liberal' gun-control debate is the same problem w Gitmo / Abu Ghraib / Bahgram torture debate. Liberals often talk about gun control in a vacuum while conveniently ignoring discussing reigning in the US' exploding Military Industrial Surveillance Security Complex, which fuels US imperialism & Rapidly unfolding Police State- all of which is coupled to the fact that the US is by far the world's largest weapons dealer & spends as much on it's DoD / CIA / NSA / DHS as the rest of the world combined! Such a discourse is at-best short-sighted if not out-right hypocritical! - Just as 'Liberals' hyping torture at Gitmo & Abu Ghraib while ignoring the fact that torture in the US' Racist Prison Industrial Complex / Criminalized {in}Justice System has been common practice for decades if not centuries- along w the fact that cops & cop wanna-be [ala Zimmerman] gun-down unarmed Blacks & Browns at the rate of 1/day w near impunity- is at best short-sighted if not out-right hypocritical!
And when I see 'liberal' gun-control advocates hyping NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg as the US' foremost advocate for gun-control, even though he oversees the US' most notorious legalized racial profiling regime [aka 'Stop & Frisk'] for his entire tenure- as well as continously 'sanctioning' the NYPD's notorious track-record of gunning down unarmed Blacks w near impunity- It's enough to make me wanna PUKE!!!


Negro Puhleez

There aint one soul in predominantly Black, overwhelmingly Democratic Detroit that's giving up his "piece." I overheard a conversation one day at the fitness center, an older Black man shot 2 home invaders, per protocol the police confiscated the weapon, he told his friend he was going out to purchase another one right away. Only a fool believes in "gun control."
Given the creeping facism in America escalated by Obama, frankly even the White zenephobes ain't so crazy when they talk about defending themselves against the government. Law enforcement is in bed with the corporatists and elitists, the US DOJ cooperates with Wall St.
Only Elitist Whites and Blacks who live in gated communities support gun control.
When dead Black kids were piling up this summer in Detroit and Chicago like wood cords, I didn't hear any outcry nor see any tears shed. Why won't Obama deploy federal resources for Black on Black crime, or spearhead prison reform so non-violent offenders don't come out as monsters?
Even Obama does'nt believe in gun control, he's just giving it political lip service. How can a man who presides over a "Kill List" and who has started more wars and conflicts, and created more death and destruction than George W. Bush talk about gun violence? How many drone assassinations did he orchestrate when he gave his weak as water speech in Minneapolis? As fire, police and EMS services are deeply cut nationwide, only a fool believes 911 is to the rescue.
With over 300 Million weapons (and counting) in the public domain, gun control is a liberal panacea and feel-good, jerk session. Frankly, we should have all purchased stock in Smith and Wesson because since Obama got into office, you can barely buy a gun or ammo because White folks done gone buck wild over fears of gun confiscation.


Beware of the current gun

Beware of the current gun control debate - it could be another Trojan Horse. Sounds good on paper - ban military assault rifles. But read the fine print of any bill proffered by Washington DC to make sure there are no loopholes that allow ban of handguns owned by millions of people for protection. The govt wants us scared s------ (see: War on Terror, false flags and all), poverty striken, ignorant, AND unarmed to facilitate the globalists' fascist agenda.


Now, I know I have seen everything. Him trying to advance Black Power is like Osama bin Laden claiming to be an true believer in the agenda of George W. Bush. That is like saying that David Duke is the most pro Black man in the history of all creation. The reality is that laissez faire capitalism and radical privatization is neither the exilir to solve our problems neither are they are words of salvation. Ignoring corporate corruption and economic inequality will lead into feudalism and ignoring altruism. These methods of Tea Party rhetoric & old school reactionary backward thinking are not the ways that we can see the Keys to the Kingdom. He omits that both parties have failed greatly the real needs of African Americans. This is beyond left vs. right or Democrat vs. Republican. It is about whether human beings have individual and collective rights or we don't. A real solution is using both private and public tools in the right way. There is nothing wrong with Black Power indeed, but we need immigrant rights and a strengthen of voting rights (which Nugent wants to eliminate among those having welfare). We need to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act. Nugent doesn't desire real Black Power (in opposition to white supremacy). He just want blacks to be under his ideological control and bow down to his way of thinking. Instead, I will bow down to God alone not to any reactionary white man. My black people know what time it is.

-By  Timothy (Me)


NATO Supporting the jihadi's in the Arab muslim world, but....

Bombing the Jihadi's in the Black muslim world:
"Making sense of Mali's armed groups"
Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)
AQIM is a mostly Algerian and Mauritanian group that has been present in northern Mali since 2003 and which has kidnapped and held more than 50 European and Canadian hostages for ransom in the last ten years earning what is estimated to be well over $100m.
Niger's foreign minister Mohamed Bazoum recently said that AQIM's presence in northern Mali was part of a deal between the group and the deposed President of Mali Amadou Toumani Toure (ATT), a deal brokered by ATT's close political associate Iyad Ag Ghali [Ansar al-Dine].
Hostage ransom money from European governments was allegedly spread around to Malian officials while AQIM was given free rein in Tuareg areas, with a wink and a nod from the Malian Army.
AQIM is currently holding at least nine European hostages in northern Mali.
Over the last decade a few local Ifoghas, Tuaregs and Arabs joined AQIM in Mali, and their members also inter-married with the community. However now that AQIM are openly circulating in the main cities of northern Mali, and thanks to its association with local groups like Ansar al-Dine, the group has become more mainstream.
Now youths from southern Mali, Senegal, Niger and other countries have come to join them under the rubric of the Islamic Police which AQIM has a direct hand in running.
[End Quote]
An "exclusive" Al Jazeera report from inside northern Mali.
How did al-Qaeda get here?
Al-Qaeda has based itself in northern Mali for 10 years, as part of an alleged secret agreement with Amadou Toumani Toure (ATT), the president of Mali who was deposed in a military coup in March 2012 as northern cities were falling to Tuareg rebels.
During ATT's presidency, AQIM amassed an outrageous fortune in Mali – collecting up to $250m in hostage ransoms from Western governments for more than 50 European and Canadian hostages kidnapped over the past decade, usually from neighbouring Niger.
At this moment there are still European hostages being held by al-Qaeda in northern Mali pending delivery of a $132m ransom.
The ransom negotiations, which were carried out under the auspices of the presidency, were confirmed by the Wikileaks cables to be a goldmine for the Malian VIPs involved - with each receiving his cut of the jackpot including, according to a former Malian official with knowledge of the deals, the president himself.
Another powerful individual alleged to have enriched himself from hostage ransoms was ATT's close political and business associate Iyad Ag Ghali who has been involved in nearly every al-Qaeda hostage negotiation since the first one in 2003.
Iyad Ag Ghali is the head of al-Qaeda offshoot Ansar Dine, and the closest thing Mali has to a Mullah Omar.
Now Mali's closest neighbour seems to be confirming the deal.
Niger's foreign minister Mohamed Bazoum recently told the French National Assembly:
"ATT was very proud to appear on the steps of his palace trying to return former hostages to their country. But there was a deal with AQIM, which kidnapped the hostages in Niger and Mauritania before taking them into Malian territory. The hostages were then released through the mediation of the Malian president. And his emissary was often Iyad Ag Ghali."
For years Malian Tuaregs have been complaining that their government was in bed with al-Qaeda, but their cries fell on deaf ears.
"Mali opened the field to Al Qaeda- to roam among the camps and villages, to build relationships with the people… Mali facilitated Al Qaeda."
-Colonel Al Salat Ag Habi,Commander MNLA
According to numerous northern residents, AQIM fighters have been circulating openly in Tuareg towns, not for the past year, but for the past 10 years; shopping, attending weddings, and parading fully armed in the streets, in front of police stations and military barracks.
Colonel Habi ag Al Salat, a Malian army commander who defected in 2011 to join the MNLA, was one of the first to notice the Algerian fighters from the Salafi Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) entering Tuareg towns of the far north such as Aguelhoc, which was under his command.
But when Habi warned his army superiors they told him to stand down and leave the men alone because they were "not enemies" of Mali. When the GSPC changed its name to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, following a pact announced by Ayman Al Zawahiri, that policy did not change.
"Mali opened the field to al-Qaeda - to roam among the camps and villages, to build relationships with the people," says Habi.

"Local people benefitted up to a point from the trickle down of money flowing to al-Qaeda by way of Mali.
And this ensnared many of our youths who are unemployed.
[End Quote]
And finally...
"Qatar plays key role in US Middle East/North Africa plans"
By Jean Shaoul
9 February 2013


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