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Changes and Fighting for Truth



TrojanPam says:
@ Mariama
I didn’t mean to bash “black leaders” because it is NOT their fault that they do NOT have more power in a white supremacy system. And the focus should be on the WHITE PEOPLE IN CHARGE, not on the failure of black leadership — in my opinion.
I think some of them — like most of us, including MYSELF– are caught in the trap of trying to thrive and survive in a white supremacy system–which is almost impossible UNLESS we cooperate with that SYSTEM in some manner.
While I don’t support them, I don’t want to condemn them — but I do understand your frustration which a lot of black people share
but what winds up happening is we wind up KICKING THE (black) CARS instead of going after the (white) DRIVERS
and in the end, we have not done a thing to dismantle the system of white supremacy that created AND deformed black leadership.
I think ALL black people must work on becoming LEADERS OF ONE, meaning we take what we can use from other people, and learn how to follow the LOGIC for ourselves.
Regarding white people and their selective memories, I think they know that MOST of what they say about black and non-white people is NOT TRUE (a lie)
but they SAY IT to convince their non-white victims that they are inferior and to maintain the system of white supremacy AND white privilege.
white people know what other white people do AND what they are inclined to do
Just like they know what black people do and are inclined to do
because they have STUDIED US for over 500 years.
that’s why when CNN’s John King made that statement about a “dark-skinned” (aka a black) male, I believe HE and ALL involved knew that it probably WASN’T


Sinajuavi wrote:

Ron Paul I thought was useful to stir things up. In still think it would have been a good thing if he'd been elected President.
However, I cannot go along with his libertarian extremism, as in asserting there should be no public schools, no govt involvement at all in the provision of medical care, etc.
Rand, espousing the same “libertarian” ethos, however acts like a typical Tea Party shill for corporate interests... the populist version of the 80's yuppie/rich redneck conservative. He is doing nothing to confront corporate power, or the “corporatism” identified by his father.
Rand Paul I think has value in being one of the extremist nutcases who is going to do even more damage to the GOP than Reaganomics/Dubya have done.
I was on Howard University's campus on the day Rand Paul arrived. I was too busy to attend his talk, but some of my students were there. These Howard students were not impressed with Rand Paul. They knew about his attitude towards Civil Rights. Also, they already knew that some Republicans---LIBERAL REpublicans--had contributed to the founding of the NAACP. These upper middle class intellectual black youth (not to mention their profs)were somewhat taken aback that Mr. Paul didn't know that this was OLD NEWS for most of them. They also knew that rhe Republican Party of 1909 was a different animal than today's Party.
Some students also knew that there were SOCIALISTS among the founders of the NAACP as well.....something that Rand Paul would not be so excited about.



Empty right wing rhetoric. The government, unfortunately, is largely an extension of the corporate structure.
Actually, one is then "shackled" by corporate power indirectly when one has a government job, and more directly in the private sector. It's a form of corporate serfdom.
The equating of the "left" (itself an often vague notion) with "plantation owners" is simple, mindless pish posh. There are no plantation owners in the 21 st Century, or so few you can easily count them.
When there WERE slaveholding plantation owners, it was mainly from the AMERICAN LEFT---the ABOLITIONISTS and rebel slaves themselves--that the staunchest opposition to the plantation owners came.
The plantation owners themselves were the most RIGHT WING element in American political life.
Hence your equating of the "left" with real or imaginary plantation owners is sheer fabrication.
But while the dominant class in America was once the planterrs, they are today the CORPORATE oligarchy. The corporate 1% are the nearest equivalent to planters of yesteryear. And BOTH parties are in bed with the corporate elite to some extent. But the Democrats are more like the corporate mistress, while the REpublicans are more like the WIFE.
It is from the LEFT that the main opposition to corporate power comes. And the largest single ethnic basis of progressive opposition to corporate power in the national Black Commmunity.



Actually, they're simply trying to improve their lives. if they meet solidarity rather than hostility from American born workers, then working people as a whole will gain. If they meet hostility and xenophobic animosity, the bosses will offer them jobs and benefits at maybe half of what they pay an American born worker. And if some of the better paid American workers are displaced, they will have partly brought this on themselves for directing their hostility toward immigrants rathern than the 1%. Same thing as when my people migrated from the rural South to the urban industrial north during WWI and WWII. Progressive unionists like the IWW aside, far too many white workers complained that lower paid Black workers were doign them out of their jobs. But were it not for their stupid racism, they may have formed bonds of solidarity with my fathers and grandfathers, demanding decent and equal wages and work conditions for ALL. That would have made it difficult, maybe impossible, for the plutocrats to play one agains the aother.



attai1 wrote:
What is a "conservative" (sic) Black person ?
A Black man like Herman Cain that wants to "conserve" - the basic meaning of conservative - a social order and a global organization conceived by whitey for whitey that is marginalizing Black people and downplaying Black cultures.

So yes these guys are not just "Uncle Toms" but really "Stephens", the vicious butler in Django Unchained that is actively supporting the white matrix.

Basically in the USA, "conservatives" are attracting less than 10% of the Black voters. It shows that the large majority of Black people have exactly the same analysis than me and do not condone the KKKluxer Walter's friends.
Plain and simple.
Nearly all so-called "conservative" Black posters on Topix are fakes and socks ...

a whiteboi


Note by Me: Many black warriors know that truth oppose militarism and injustice, so I want to make that clear.

By Timothy (Me)

Can't talk Rethuglican w/o talking Militarism

Wanted to share this excellent blog at Common Dream.  Isn't it fascinating that Liberals and African Americans not only remain silent about Obama's militarism, but they REFUSE to tie it Federal budget decisions, like Martin Luther King Jr. did.  And adding insult to injury they have the sickening audacity to put Obama in King's lineage.  Food for thought:
Money for Militarism, not for People: Obama’s Betrayal of Social Security
by Dave Lindorf

I recommend checking out the comments also.  Here's an example:

$30 trillion sits hidden in offshore tax havens, the majority of it from unimaginably wealthy Americans.
One out of three large corporations pays no taxes in a given year.
Reclaiming these lost revenues is not even part of the deficit discussion because the discussion is controlled by six media companies with interlocking boards of directors.
Comcast, Disney, Viacom and Fox decide the parameters of all debate in this country and they've decided that the debate will not include having the elite pay taxes.
Any suggestions outside the officially sanctioned debate are considered non-serious and are thus censored.
Until the licenses to broadcast over the public airwaves are ripped from the talons of the media megaliths and returned to their rightful owners, the public, nothing will change.
Whoever controls the media controls the county. Period.


Food for thought: to the Right of Nixon?

For the record, I submit that Richard Nixon was 10x more progressive in his legislation and policies than Obama.
Think about how far we've come, where moderate Republican policies of days gone by are more progressive than present day "Liberal" Democrat policies.
Sure Nixon was a crook, but ALL politicians are crooks and all U. S. Presidents war criminals, none excepted.


REALITY Here's the deal, the REAL DEAL. Immigrants (legal or not) are HERE, and they're here to STAY. It is estimated that there are about 12 million "illegals. " If you want to have a regime like that of Hitler or Stalin you can attempt mass deportation. The only alternative--a meaningful alternative relevant to REALITY---is to allow the attainment of citizenship rights by those who want to becoem citizens, or other forms of legal residence. I think MOST would prefer legal citizenship. Secondly, for working people--fi you don't wish to be DUPED by the 1% into a counterproductive racial conflict with immigrants which would harm ALL working people---then support citizenship rights, opt for SOLIDARITY, and insit on DECENT WAGES and WORKING CONDITIONS for ALL AMERICANS. Otherwise, you will be CRUSHED (along with the immigrants) under the iron hill of the plutocracy.


West is no MLK. MLK would

West is no MLK. MLK would never have gotten on the Obama bandwagon from the get go. Dr. West is no dummy; he knows as much about the issues as BAR editors do. But instead of raising important questions and criticisms when Obama came on the scene, West dutifully jumped on the Obamabot bandwagon.  People such as he with access to a mainstream public soapbox should have spoken up and made demands way back 2007.  Just as with Obama, some may use the excuse for West that he couldn't say too much for fear of his job, the white power structure, etc. MLK wouldn't have feared such; he would have spoken out early and often. I wonder who West voted for last November? It's hard to be impressed by the good professor as he comes off as wishy washy. Like many on the Left, he ties himself in knots trying to sugar coat and rationalize Obama's evildoings instead of telling it like it is as the good BAR editors do weekly.


Obama Re-Elected by 95% Black, 70% Hispanic, just 40% White Vote

How did Rahmbo, the guy who is now aims to close as many as 60 CPS schools this yr, all in Black Chicago neighborhoods, get elected by crushing the first & thus far only Black Woman ever to be a US Senator [Chicago's Carol Mosely Braun]??? Because his fellow Chi-Town home-boy Obama told Chi-Town black human beings to vote for Rahmbo, & they did just that [not sure how many Hispanics voted for Rahmbo but I suspect over 50%]!
How did Race to the Bottom's Arne Duncan, a guy who's only qualified to be a jr hi-school basketball coach / PE teacher [he's an ex semi-pro basketball player], get to be Sec of ED??? Because his Chi-Town basketball chum Obama picked him for the job that's how!  If a Repug like Newt Grinch-witch had said what Arne Duncan said that 'Katrina is the very best thing to ever happen to New Orleans schools...', Black folks would have been up in arms. So why haven't Blacks demanded that Duncan even apologize, let alone insist that Obama kick his a_--- to the curb??!!


Sincere on said:
I laugh too. The 1st Black President of the western world was Vicente Ramón Saldaña Guerrero aka Guerrero Negro or Black Warrior. He was Mexico’s 2nd President. He abolished slavery before Lincoln. Like Garvey he too was slain by his main man/2nd in command. Yanga Veracruz, free slave state/municipality like Haiti , lead by Yanga himself a maroon/runaway slave like Toussaint. This the closest we will have to high ranking leadership that cared/layed their lives down behind POC. To those watching us: I now know who I am & The Power I possess. Yes, you should worry.


Great exchange Bev and Keith 1818

Please allow "King Solomon" to "split the baby."
In the interest of full disclosure I was a proponent of immigration reform and accordingly  vigorously debated those posters who took the contra position.  Now I understand where they were coming from CLEARER.  Those Bruhs and Sis were warning us that "we are on our own, that no ethnic or racial group would reciprocate our "love," or match our equanimity, well damn, I have to agree with them now.
So when you factor into the mix Obama's abysmal "jobs policy/programs, particularly w/r/t to African Americans whose plight continues unabated, you "get it" that Immigration Reform while FACIALLY valid and the humanitarian thing to promote, will simply put Black folks back another 10 or 20 years.  Because the inescapable truth is that the type of jobs "exempted" in the Immigration Reform Package are precisely the type of jobs, under-skilled, under-educated or post-prison Blacks are most suitable for.
So I have no doubt BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT WILL RISE, due to Immigration Reform.  How can it not?  I challenge ANYONE to refute me.
So what is the lesson learned?  We can all change our thought process and should as we receive and discern additional information.  This is the crux of my debate with LifeLongStudent who's analysis I otherwise concur with.
West gets indicted (like a whole slew of other educated/professional Black folks who should know better) for being too intelligent not to suspect that Obama would be a corporate tool given all the SIGNIFYING Obama did in his sorry bio and associated speeches.
But perhaps West  dreamnt for a moment and was induced to rationally think the guy would be an improvement over the last one, or a half-ass Liberal worse case.  Despite his earlier Kook-Aid drunkenness, I give West credit for putting it all on the line by speaking truth to power now when it became apparent we (or yall) voted in Bush 3, and not even a poor substitute of a moderate Rethug like Nelson Rockefeller or Jack Kemp.
West ain't MLK ( and Obama d_---- sure ain't FDR or LBJ, not even Tricky Dick), but I'll take any public intellectual willing to risk fame and fortune who will speak truth to power.  It's a different media/format era also and that presents different problematics on its own.
p.s.  Wonder how Jay-Z's Cuba trip and his new song/release about the same will shape either him or the media that used to kiss his behind (as a empire water carrier)??  Stay tuned, let's see if he and Beyonce will remain on the WH "A-List" or be Blackballed??
C. N.  I'm taking bets on you know what.  Wonder if Jay-Z will REDISCOVER his "ghetto" roots once he discerns (IF he discerns) the Obamas giving him the cold shoulder in order to pacify Rush Limbaugh's audience.  LOL  Is Jay-Z bout to be a Sista Souljah remix???!!  "Who knew!?"
p.s.s.  Moving forward, let's see how frequent West or Tavist appear on Bill Maher, will they equal appearances by Michelle McGhee Bootlicker John Legend?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Stay tuned Boys and Girls.


Well, I wasn't thiking much about the distinction between "legal" and "illegal " because the difference, at least in regard of the point I was making, seems minimal. Legal or illegal, immigrants come seeking a better life. That is nearly always the case. They wouldn't come here for a fraction of the wages American born workers receive (less even than is paid to African American workers) if they weren't seeking a better life. But corrupt businessmen want them here because they can pay them lower wages, usually rely on them being unorganized and defenseless, and have available as weapons against such workers the threat of deportation and nativist American xenophobia. If anything, they're commonly living clandestine lives of quiet desperation. Remember that you have to apply for welfare, medical assistance and other such benefits. How many are willing to expose themselves by applying for such benefits? How many would have trouble circumnavigating the system if they've little or no knowledge of English? For the more enlightened American born worker the attitude, on both moral and political grounds, must be SOLIDARITY with fellow workers (regardless of race, creed, national original, legal status, etc), the call for full citizenship rights, and decent wages, benefits and working conditions for ALL. Any other position is probably unethical, and would amount to American workrrs shooting themselves in the foot.



Great info! The awakening is on the way i have been given the task of visiting all of the black churches in my area the pastors are obligated to let our people know who we are. The times of the white man white washing our history is over. I wish others would do the same and spread the message to their local AA churches.

-Kola Koca

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