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New Political Incorrect Information


Of Course Arne Duncan Dissed Detroit's Schools Kids & Teachers

What else can be expected from a ritzy ditzy white guy w little or no qualifications to even be a principal for ONE Chicago Public School [CPS - let alone head the whole CPS System], who then had the gall to say that: Huricane Katrina was the best thing to happen to New Orleans' Public Schools. And he was allowed to get away w saying that w no critique & little reporting. Make no mistake about it - white guys like Arne Duncan, Bill Gates, the Waltons, etc- show their disdain for Black & Brown students by showing such dis-respect / dis-regard for their Black & Brown teachers. This goes for Obama too since he's the one who has empowered these white guys. Make no mistake about it this is a leveraged take-over of Public schools - by Corp Biz folks who see a real money-making opportunity on the Public dime [privatization / Public-Private Partnerships = private profits while the public pays].


Coming soon to a "theater" near you...

Kenneth J. Saltman on Arnie Duncan’s RENAISSANCE 2010:

“Renaissance 2010 participates in producing new disasters:

1. Far fewer schools for the displaced as they are shuffled from one closing school to the next;
2. Far less public housing available for residents as they are displaced, moved off public housing rolls, and subjected to the whims of the market.
3. Far less democratic governance over public schools and public housing as democratic governance shifts away from the public and toward business;
4. And the redirection of public resources to the rich in both schooling and housing."

(CAPITALIZING ON DISASTER–Taking and Breaking Public Schools, p120)

Tom Stephens and Nixakliel are, as Enlightened Cynic would say, dead on. Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, and coming to a neighborhood near you real soon.


Now this is another example of your having a simplistic view of the Struggle. Black Liberation is NOT simple. Otherwise, it would be fully accomplished by now. Very little in human life is simple.
Moreover, no one whom I know to be (have been) involved in the Black Liberation struggle thinks it's simple. They understand that it will be a protracted struggle. It took centuries to end slavery and then the legal racial caste system known as Jim Crow. And we're still fighting to overcome the effects of those forms of oppression while contending with what Michelle Alexander calls THE NEW JIM CROW.
Similarly Africans and West Indians wages struggles for decades and centuries to end European colonialism. And even now they wrestle with neocolonialism.
Even the meaning of liberation, as Amelya insightfully noticed, is open to some debate. Nothing is simple except maybe in Hollywood.



Any thoughts?

As usual, great piece Glen!
Glenn Greenwald gave this explanation of the de-funding vote the other day:
"I don't disagree with the general view of Congress as cowardly and misfeasant in its duties, but yesterday's vote is actually not an example of that -- if anything, it's an example of the opposite -- and there are two important points about that vote that should be highlighted:
(1) The so-called "de-funding" bill the House rejected yesterday was not really a de-funding bill. It would have barred the spending of money for some war purposes, but explicitly authorized it for others. That's why, as Foreign Policy's Josh Rogin reports, dozens of anti-Libya-war members in both parties voted NO on the de-funding bill: not because, as Cole and Yglesias suggest, they were cowards who did not have the courage of their anti-war convictions; and not because the bill would have approved some spending for a war they oppose (though that is true), but rather because they were worried (appropriately so) that had that "de-funding" bill passed, Obama lawyers would have exploited it to argue that Congress, by appropriating some money for the war, had implicitly authorized Obama to wage it:
The vote failed 180-238 - but, in fact, there were more than enough lawmakers to pass the measure. Of the 149 Democrats who stuck with the president, up to 70 of them are totally opposed to the Libya intervention and want to see it completely defunded as soon as possible. They voted "no" on the Rooney's bill because they thought it was too weak, did not cut off all funds, and implicitly authorized the intervention. . . .
These 70 Democrats make up the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), the largest caucus within the House Democratic Caucus, whose leadership includes Reps. Mike Honda (D-CA), Barbara Lee (D-CA), Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) and Raul Grijalva (D-AZ).
"Members of Congress voted no because the bill provided funding and legal authority for everything we're currently doing. It was back door authorization. Members didn't support authorizing what we're doing now in Libya," Michael Shank, Honda's spokesman, told The Cable. "The majority of the CPC voted no on the Rooney vote because of this."
In other words, if the GOP had put forth a stronger anti-Libya resolution, the progressive Democrats would have joined them and it would have passed. Despite what Clinton or other administration officials may say, the bill's failure cannot be seen as an endorsement of the Libya war.
Some anti-war Democrats (such as Kucinich) nonetheless voted for the de-funding bill, and while I can see the case for doing so (namely, even this partial de-funding would have at least ended the drone attacks and barred future escalation), the anti-war members who voted NO on partial de-funding had very legitimate reasons for doing so. After all, the Clinton administration -- after the House failed in 1999 to authorize bombing for the Kosovo war -- continued the bombing anyway by claiming the House had "implicitly" authorized that war by appropriating some funds for it, and Obama White House lawyers would have almost certainly made the same exploitative claim here. As Ron Paul -- echoing the spokesperson for House progressives -- said in explaining his NO vote on "de-funding", the bill "masquerades as a limitation of funds for the president's war on Libya but is in fact an authorization for that very war. . . . instead of ending the war against Libya, this bill would legalize nearly everything the president is currently doing there."
You can read the rest here: http://www.salon.com/news/opinion/glenn_greenwald/index.html
So any thoughts?
His explanation, however, may be moot, given this (to be voted on upon return from recess in July) - Senate Panel Authorizes Libya Operations, With Conditions -,


its called DIVIDE and Conquer!! they couldent stop the civil rights movement and the black spirit before before that time we were brothers and sisters. now they use the media to put young aganst old. alienate our men from woman. and slowly destory the race from the inside!! not in a day or a year but lil by lii they want 2 destroy us with a subtle imposter rather than a violent opposer !!!

It is obvious that this countries agenda is to attack the Black race by removing the Black Man, from the Black Woman, but I can assure you that it is impossible to get rid of the Black race. Remember all people on earth came from the first man, & woman, and they were Black people so how are you going to get rid of something that everyone on earth is made from in the first place? But I do see how they use cartoons to make little blk girls think that blk guys are not the way to go this must stop!




Black men & Black women belong together and together constitute a 'people'.As a people we are victims of global white supremacy.There IS no 'comparing' which gender or generation of black people is 'more' damaged or culpable.We all are- until we are all free.


These brothers and sisters fought long and hard, died and now have forced the beast to recognize that they will be FREE from being second class citizens to them, or they will fight and die doing it, until its accomplished......

Now its time for a REAL RBG nation to take shape, a BLACK NATION and a bridge to free all of afrika from modern day raping imperialists........

Another example opposite the passive slave crawling movements that our babies have endured in amerikkka......better watch and learn people!




-216 Elite



Well at least some black people get it

As Cornell West would say, "there's a certain rootlessness" to this negro that really makes me believe that he would co-sign "the master race" sanctioning a drone attack on African American. Wouldn't be surprised if he signed an executive order throwing us all in concentration camps.
"Why Ghana doesn't love Obama anymore"
Obama told Ghanaians in 2009: “Africa’s future is up to Africans.” So why is the US bombing Libya, they rightly ask. No lasting peace will take root in Libya without strong African support. Ditto for America’s ongoing struggle against terrorists there.
By Jonathan Zimmerman
July 6, 2011
Accra, Ghana
"Here’s a quick quiz culled from the opinion pages in Ghana, where I’m teaching this summer: Who is the imperialist race traitor waging war on Africa?
"The answer, of course, is Barack Obama. The reason is the bombing of Libya, which is immensely unpopular over here. And so is President Obama, who now stands accused of betraying his own African heritage.
"That’s a big change from the last time I taught in Ghana, during Mr. Obama’s state visit in 2009. His smiling face was everywhere, from T-shirts and soccer balls to billboards and murals. Gripped by “Obama Fever,” as Ghanaians called it, massive crowds lined the streets to welcome the first African-American US president to Africa.
"You can still see Obama’s likeness around town these days, especially in the tourist areas. But for many Ghanaians, the honeymoon with Obama is over. And it started to go sour when the first warplanes strafed Benghazi and Tripoli, in a NATO effort to protect civilians from strongman Muammar Qaddafi.
"That was the Libya-intervention’s official purpose, anyway. But Ghanaians aren’t buying it. To many observers here, it looks like a grab for Libya’s oil riches; to others, it’s a nefarious Western plot to re-colonize Africa."
Ghana's soft-spot for Qaddafi
"Astonishingly, some Ghanaians also have a soft spot in their hearts for Mr. Qaddafi. “Does Obama know what Muammar-al Qaddafi means to Africa?” one Ghanaian columnist asked last month, citing Qaddafi’s generous aid to poorer African countries.
"Others have hailed the Libyan’s 2009 demand for a “United States of Africa:” a federation of countries with a single government, currency, and army.
"To many Ghanaians, this vision conjures the pan-African philosophy of their own independence leader, Kwame Nkrumah, a key figure in the 20th-century struggle to liberate black peoples around the world.
"Nkrumah traced many of his ideas to the decade he spent as a student in the United States, where he received two university degrees.He also encountered the harsh racism of mid-century America, which reminded him of colonial subjugation in his native Gold Coast."

pid wrote:

If we support and create our own businesses and circulate the money around the community then we will have the money to set up better school programs to help our kids be able to surpass through this dying America.
You got it! We need to pass this teaching throughout our own family first. Thats the key! We need to firstly STOP being dependent on white people. We need to re educate our self about real bussiness. How to take care and manage bussiness.

Anyways as am saying... We need to appreciate eachother. Blackmen are gorgeous. Blackwoman are beautiful. We are soulmates by race and we do our best as soulmates to please eachother in a godly way. We neeeed to keep the wealth in our race..we need to be in contact with God and the spiritual world to keep living spiritually. All this may be embeded in our Dna. Our actions. Our deeds



Rk Byers: "So, are most white people racist?

Not at all.

Only the dumb ones."

Ok Rk sir YOU are an idiot....HOW do you discern between the dumb ones and the smart ones? It is very clear that you have NO CLUE as to what a racist is nor do you know what racism itself is...Racism is a SYSTEM, not a prejudice, not a bigot who doesn't like black people sitting next to him on the bus....

According to history and present times, it seems to ME that the SMART whites are the ones that constructed the well working and lucrative system of racism in the first place....Do you really THINK that dumb white men and women could have held their foot on the necks of millions of african men, women and children for 400+ years if they were dumb? How could a dumb white person keep blacks divided, assimilated and fighting harder for the right to live among them than we do for our own grassroots communities?

Do you think housing, education, finances and economy disproportionately effecting black people in America is due to DUMB white people? That is the reason why so many black enterprises have failed, especially in older times, because the black person FAILED to give his enemy the credit for being who they are. A very smart, shifty, crafty, devious race of people....You black people tend to think the redneck, hillbilly is the 'threat' sittin on his porch with a confederate flag hanging up to cover his windows, while the REAL threat is the white man that shakes your hand everyday at work, or the one that has the last say so on whether or not we get that small business loan or home loan etc....

The DUMB whites aren't even our biggest problem these days actually....It's YOU dumb a___ black people that worry me the most.....
Kapow! You pulled that needle right out out of the haystack. The real racist will smile and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and then cut you at every corner. We all have had it twisted at one point or another, but if/when ever we open our eyes to the true racist system in America it's going to hurt some people's feelings.

buickjazz1 week agoin reply to BakkByPopularDemand
True dat. A dumb white racist would in no way have been able to understand the long-term, psychological affects of separating families and separating blacks of different skin hues during slavery. Or the effect of encouraging black females' education and career advancement while suppressing and discouraging the black male's entrepreneurial ambitions. That stuff just didn't happen by accident. We've been lab rats for longer than Tuskeegee.
crammasters1 week ago
It is useless AND deceptive to attempt to answer such an important question by calling some whites "dumb." The SMARTEST and MOST POWERFUL white people on the planet practice racism/white supremacy 24-7/365 days a year.

That is the ONLY way 9 percent of the population could control and oppress the other 91%, and DUMBNESS has nothing to do with it.

To help blacks understand how MOST whites practice racism -- or assist other racist whites in practicing racism, here's an excerpt from the book, 'Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation" by Anon

(www_trojanhorse1_com (couldn't post this as a real link)


Q: How can a non-white person determine if a white person is a racist?
A: Non-whites cannot always determine who is a racist, and who is not, because it is impossible to monitor (or judge) all the individual actions and words of any white person at all times.

It is the crime of commission AND omission that allows the system of racism/white supremacy to function so effectively. The system does not require all whites to practice racism at all times, but it does require that the majority of whites say and do nothing when racism is occurring andallow themselves to benefit from the victimization of non-whites.

Those benefits include better jobs, housing, food, medical care, education, police protection, justice, etc., than non-whites. If the majority of whites were opposed to racism/white supremacy, it would NOT be the most powerful social, economic, and political system on the planet.

It is LOGICAL to assume that the majority (or possibly all) white people have made a DELIBERATE DECISION to do one or all of the following:

• practice racism
• do nothing and say nothing to stop others from practicing racism
• deny racism is being practiced even when they know it is happening
• refuse to help the victims of racism with the information they have

That’s why simple-minded thinking is useless when determining which white person is a racist and which one is not. It cannot be determined by a white person’s sexual behavior. White slave owners had sexual relations with male and female slaves but they were still white supremacists (racists).

Whites have engaged in sexual relations with black people, but that doesn’t mean they are not racists. Whites who have black friends, wives, husbands, or children are still “racist” if they are practicing racism against non-whites.

It cannot be determined by observing the words or the actions of a particular white person, who may or may not be practicing racism at that particular time. It be determined by a random (or deliberate) act or acts of kindness toward a non-white person.

Mass child-murderer John Gacy was “kind” to children when he performed in his clown costume. There were slave-owners who were “kind” to their slaves, but not kind enough to stop selling human beings.


It is LOGICAL in a white supremacist society (like America) to assume the majority of whites are either practicing racism (the act of commission), or are cooperating with those who are, by saying and doing nothing to stop them, refusing to help the victims of racism with the information they have (the act of omission), and are benefiting from the practice of racism.

Shakka1 week ago
"If the majority of whites were opposed to racism/white supremacy, it would NOT be the most powerful social, economic, and political system on the planet..."


it's a beautiful thing to see Black folks that are conscious and knowledgeable about what is going on around us..phenomenal is a better word...

and when i witness the energy of people like Bakk and Cramm, i wonder how can we transfer this to the masses of Black people who have given up, Blacks who have no hope...and those educated negros who not only are comfortable and complacent living in servitude, but also promote the agenda...

what will it take to get folks to understand that when you instill independence in a people...you create a better Man/Woman...

when you create a better person, you create a better family, which creates a better community, which creates a better quality of life...which in turn creates a nation of forward progressive thinking Black people...
crammasters5 days agoin reply to Louis Brown

How anyone with our 500-year bloody and tragic history dealing with whites -- past AND present -- could be convinced that MOST whites are not racist, is beyond me.

The problem is most black folk do NOT understand what racism is, and think because a random white folk smiles at them, listens to black music, has lunch with them, or fuggs them, that this white person cannot be a racist.

What we do NOT understand is RACISM is just another word for a white supremacy SYSTEM, by which ALL WHITE PEOPLE PARTICIPATE IN AND SUPPORT VIA THE ACTIONS OR THEIR SILENCE. Racism requires POWER and INSTITUTIONS to maintain it -- neither of which black folks have. D___, we barely own and operate a corner store in our own neighborhoods, let alone a SYSTEM of power.

Again, I recommend checking out the book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation, and the website -- www_trojanhorse1_com where you can read FREE EXCERPTS explaining what racism is
Sorry sir, you can NOT hold white men in a different class than HIS WHITE WOMAN.....I don't know how you black guys tend to do that every time....

Just because a white chick spreads her legs OR says 'AAAHHHH' doesn't mean shes any less racist than her WM counterpart....wake the freak up will ya.....

I'm saying that if a Black person in America. Marries a Black person or Not. Their offspring because of many reason will be seen as Black. Therefore, the money wouldn't leave the Black "community".

Now I do encourage Black on Black love. I Do encourage stable black households, and neighborhoods. I agree. You do have to love yourself.



That's an interesting point. Usually in this case, it's in the between the extremes where you find the truth. We black people all have the responsibility to help those less fortunate, even if they are at first resistant. That's our blood and we should try as hard as we can to make meaningful cultural growth inside of black America. I don't care if some people hate you. It is better to try than to do nothing and allow things in some cases to get worse. If people still want to go into the wrong direction (after real people try to assist them), then you have to allow them to reap what they have sown. I don’t believe in coercion against a human being. You reap what you sow. Many decent black men can't use compliancy or a hands off approach when dealing with the most vulnerable of our people. On the other hand, it’s a cruel, offensive stereotype and lie to assume that decent black men and black women collectively are weak or are afraid of certain black people. People are tired of that piece of trash lie promoted by pop culture all of the time. Sometimes, people in a bad lifestyle will fall flat on their faces until they get a wakeup call and desire change. People like that definitely deserve our assistance. I don't think decent black men are afraid of bad black men (since tons of decent black men know how to fight verbally and physically). It's just that in this generation, we have to use more radical efforts in solving problems in our communities. More activism is necessary if we want to get our complications corrected. Also, the term ghetto is real silly (when used to describe a mentality) to me because the word ghetto means a location simply not a mentality. There are people in richer areas with the mentality of thuggish acts, materialism, crime, and other ills.

-By Timothy


mahogany wrote:

Of course "decent" black men are afraid...Thats why they move out of areas they grew up in instead of driving the undesirables out. So how "decent" are these black men? I don`t see it. Real men simply don`t run and this stuff can`t be taught.
Cowards multiply in all directions.

Tons of decent black men aren't afraid of any human being made up of flesh and blood. A real man isn't afraid of some cartoon bravado that's made up. A real man holds their own. It is true that some well to do black men have an arrogant attitude with blacks on the socioeconomic background. That's true and that's wrong since all people are equal regardless of socieoeconomic status. Some professional black men wrongly assume that they need to possess a kind of hand off approach and a hestitant thinking process when dealing with black people suffering in the poor neighborhoods. That should cease. "Undesirables?" I'm not an eugenicist, so a human being is a human being. No human is undesirable and all humans have that chance of radical self improvement. Tons of decent black men (& decent sisters for that matter) are in programs, mentorships, and other actions in the hood all of the time helping brothers and sisters. So, stereotypes don't work when reality is shown crystal clear. Real men don't run, but real men have worked in the black community for a long time to help the black community. Also, real men don't disrespect women, assault people for no reason, or stereotype righteous black people doing the right thing.

-By Timothy


crammasters5 days ago
Excerpted from the book, Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act by Umoja

the website -- www_trojanhorse1_com has FREE EXCERPTS of this book

This excerpt (taken from the Chapter 'The Interracial Con Game' is for those blacks who think IR breeding/dating/marriage will "solve" racism:


Having more non-white children with a white parent ((NWWP) in America will NOT reduce OR eliminate racism, just like the election of the first identifiably“black” president in 2008 DID NOT reduce racism. In fact, Obama’s election has INCREASED overt racism and resentment from the white collective.

The non-white person with a white parent (NWWP) historically has been used by the white minority as a “buffer” between privileged whites and oppressed non-whites because he or she is MORE likely to promote white supremacy than OPPOSE it since their “white side” offers more privileges.

The black person with a white parent, is more likely to have a white mother; to be raised by a white mother; and to grow up without their black birth father. They are more likely to be white-identifi ed (since most children are more sympathetic to their mother’s side); are more likely to distance themselves from their “black side;” and are more likely to marry and breed with whites.

The same is true for the black person with a white father and a white-identified black mother. Since MOST white-identified blacks with a white parent usually prefer white lovers and spouses, the so-called “browning” soon becomes more beige, then whiter by the 2nd or 3rd generation.

Contrary to the “melting pot myth,” MORE interracial breeding between blacks and whites actually LENGTHENS and STRENGTHENS the reign of white supremacy, destroys black genetics, and reduces the overall black population – which are the main reasons the (white) entertainment industry promotes INTERRACIAL SEX for blacks.

“The melting pot of the races began around the northern perimeter. The end result was always the same: The Blacks were pushed to the bottom of the social, economic and political ladder whenever the Asians (meaning whites) and their mulatto offspring gained control.
This scheme of weakening the Blacks by turning their half-white brothers against them cannot be overemphasized because it began in the early times and it became the universal practice of whites, and is still one of the cornerstones in the edifice of white power...”

-- Chancellor Williams, “Destruction of Black Civilization -- Chapter II: Ethiopia’s
Oldest Daughter: Egypt. pg. 61.”



Black folk need to ask ourselves two questions:

1. Why is IR being promoted so HARD for black folk but is NOT being promoted in white magazines, white sitcoms and TV shows, white relationships reality shows (the white folk ALWAYS PICK ANOTHER WHITE FOLK), music videos (the white singer ALWAYS SINGS TO ANOTHER WHITE FOLK), or on white websites?

2. what has happened to every non-white civilization/group/nation that engaged in sexual intercourse with white folk?

read Chancellor Williams' quote above and you will HAVE YOUR ANSWERS.
BakkByPopularDemand1 week agoin reply to John Prewett
what does that have to do with RACISM?

Do blacks CONTROL anything that disproportionately effects whites? Do we call the shots on housing, education, finances etc? Have blacks EVER had our foot on the necks of the white race and DESTROYED them systematically over hundreds of years time? Did WE blacks create Eugenics to EXTERMINATE white folks?

Get back to me when you can TRUTHFULLY answer those questions....

Get back to me when YOU have read 'The Wretched of The Earth' by Frantz Fanon...

Until then, your stats on typical neighborhood FIGHTS among blacks/whites mean NOTHING....


It's Official: International Criminal Court has ZERO Mandate

Rejection by African Union of ICC's Qaddafi arrest warrant reveals ICC as hoax
by Tony Cartalucci

and the continents never seperated, and languages never dispersed differently to different varied people's that have come about after the original black man and black wombman!


I haven't been on Topix for awhile, but if you are able you can look up some of my posts concerning waiting till marriage.(I did) and I don't regret my decision.
It's harder out here for women as each year goes by, so many women are not trying to maintain virginity or propriety period and men are like kids in a candy store. Just know that you are not alone in your decision, might seem like it, but I know plenty of other women who waited till marriage.
I say if you can surround yourself with likeminded women-I have fast tail friends too and when I was single, I felt like I was missing out while they were getting their freak on, most are still single, though one of them is getting married next month.
Looking back I didn't miss out. If it is meant to be, the man who is for you will come into your life and he will respect your wishes. Men trying to pressure you and clown you, is showing you what he is all about upfront.
Don't let naysayers make you feel back about your choice. Like one of my aunts told her coworker who was making fun of her for waiting till marriage. I can have what you have anytime, but you can never have what I have again. That shut her co worker right up. My aunt did marry btw and is still married 16 yrs later.



karamelkitti1 month ago
I loved me when I was thinner and I love me as an ultra thick chick. The point being love yourself first and always consider yourself beautiful. Sexy has nothing to do with the clothes you wear. It is a state of mind. When you work out and eat healthy, let it be for your own well being and not to please others. Surprisingly, I've gotten much more attention as a thick chick than I did when I was a lot thinner. But then, as a 37 yr old woman, I know exactly who I am and what I desire in a man.....and I'm not scared to look any man in the eyes and tell him what I want. Late6Knight is correct, confidence is alluring on a woman.


Note by Me: Many educated, young black women do love & respect smart, educated brothers. Also, no one is forced to date anyone. No one puts gun to a brothers' head to date IR at all. There are plenty of great black sisters worldwide that can complete a black man in terms of romance. Yet, the rest of the words from the Revolutionist are accurate.

By Timothy

gsdtrainer757 wrote:

So how about bout this and i'm only suggesting because they're your kids not mine. Teach them to be proud of who they are, learn and accept who they area
And love all those who are willing to accept them, however they are and love them as well. Wouldn't that make for a great union. Regadless of race.
You make good points, but things are actually not that simple!

I will indeed be teaching them to be proud of who they are and accept those who accept them, however, I will also be teaching them that marrying a white man WILL NOT get you a free pass through white society, won't make you any better than you are, will not change who you are and how you are perceived by white society and will not guarantee you a better life!...
This seems to be the general perception of IRR Black folks!

To cut a long story short, you teaching your children to love and accept the world is not enough for black children, the reason I say this is because, Society has a much heavier influence on the minds of our children than their parents do, this is because society is constantly programming our subconscious with messages of inferiority,(look at the Media) society teaches us things like white women are the epitome of Beauty, and that white men are a better option for husbands and so on...Many of you (who were probably taught to be proud of who you are) have STILL bought into this Mental conditioning without realising!

The only way to combat this is to give Children an extreme dose of "BLACK PRIDE" meaning, teaching them to LOVE THEIR OWN FIRST,(not equally, but FIRST) this will set them up with a strong enough mentality to combat the harsh realities of this world... Other Races and Religions all around the world teach their children this... Example, Arabs, Indians, Chinese and Whites are generally not taught good things about Black people, for instance I know of Indian and Chinese parents who teach their children to stay away from Black kids!

My daughters are both very light skinned in complexion, one day my seven year old came home from school and said that she doesn't ever want to be "Dark brown, because it is a Boys colour"!!!... This, she obviously picked up psychologically from school some how.

Teach Black Children to respect and love others but, "BLACK MUST COME FIRST"!... That is true Black Pride.

I am not annoyed at all, if I sound annoyed it is just my personality shinning through, LOL, in reality I am a man of great influence, presence and people always listen when I speak.

My issue is not with Black people dating whites, they are much deeper than that, it is the increasing numbers coupled with the MENTALITY of those Blacks that are giving me cause for concern...

Example... Why is it that Black people in IRR always feel the need to come back to the Black community and voice their Negative views of Black people?...If you are happily dating whites, why not just move on with your life?... The excuse of "we can't find a decent black partner" is utter garbage because we all know decent black folks (men and women)!!!

These IRR people are unconsciously trying to encourage impressionable minds that dating out is the solution to our problems, and obviously, some blacks will be influenced by these folks, making the problem much worse!
I hear some Black women talking about not being able to find decent Black men, yet still there are countless amounts of single educated brothers saying Black women do not want them because they are viewed as "SOFT"!
I have recently completed a Masters Degree and noticed a strange trend amongst young Black women... Instead of dating the young educated Black youths there they chose to date young bucks from off of the street who usually have no education, but usually have a Flash Car and Dresses in expensive street gear!... The educated black dudes were being forced to date White, Chinese, Indian and some other young Girls who I could not even tell what races they were from...

I hear some Black men talking about Black women are too loud, aggressive and manly, yet still I see many of them dating some Fat, filthy, foul-mouthed white women who could easily out-mouth many of even the loudest sisters on the Block!
Black folks seem to be looking for reasons not to date other Blacks rather than the other way around!...This is Self hatred brought on by the Media's representation of our people and it is increasing...

The fact that 90% of IRR people actually seek out whites specifically, shows they are trying to run away from themselves, this shows deep psychological problems with their race which is increasing.

-The Revolutionist

Note by Me: Desmond is accurate here, except many black people are attracted to slim women. Culturally, we black people like women with skin on the bones though. There is nothing wrong with that at all with liking thicker women. The thicker sisters (along with the slim and medium sized sisters too) are what us brothers respect and like as equal human beings.

By Timothy

Marilyn wrote:
i have some questions regarding afro-american culture. this might not be the right place to ask. here are my questions.
1-it seems to me afro-americans say how proud they are of each other but if thats true why are they always fighting each other and killing each other off, especially in the inner cities and suburbs?
Marilyn, I'ma try to answer your questions...as far as black on black violence, the problem is socio-economic ...high unemployment, racism, crime and drugs in the community...and a lack of effective police presence to prevent undesirable elements...so you have a few criminal elements who feel free to operate with impunity. However, the vast majority of blacks do not commit violent crimes against each other.
Marilyn wrote:
2-why do young men in your community aspire to be rappers or pro athletes or to make it as entertainers? isnt there alot of competition for those jobs already and what becomes of them if they dont make it in the entertainment business?
For a lot of young bm, the only images of success they see are rappers and athletes...most of the successful black doctors, lawyers and cpas aren't shown on TV so poor, young bm do not have the role models. ALso, schools in the black communities are underfunded and in bad shape so the young bm do not feel that these schools prepare them for academic success so their options are limited....even though it's a long shot, if they can make it in music or athletics it's better than working at mcdonalds or as a security guard.
Marilyn wrote:
3-I am seeing more and more very young afro-american women with a baby and sometimes with more than one baby but seldom is a man with them. are these pregnancies planned? if so, where are the fathers and how can these young women afford their children? are they on welfare or government assistance?
Teen pregnancies in teh black community are at an all-time low.
Marilyn wrote:
4-at work and at the park where i walk, i have seen more and more overweight afro-americans and very few are slim and trim. i believe all the afro-americans are overweight where i work. is there something in their diet which is responsible for this.
yes, but also blacks place less emphasis on being skinny and trim...slim women are not sexy for blacks.
Marilyn wrote:
5-why do afro-americans say that obama is black when his mother was white? is that because he is married to a black american woman?
In america, if you are mixed with white and black you are considered black...this is american history and custom. It's called the "one-drop" rule.
Marilyn wrote:
6-is it true that afro-americans dont like africans? this was told to me by a colleague who is african. he believes this is because of slavery and because africans know their origin but afro-americans dont know exactly where they originate from in africa. is this true?
African americans and africans generally get along very well...we just don't have a lot in common with each other culturally.
Marilyn wrote:
7-why is the confederate flag considered racist by afro-americans?
It represents the confederate south that fought to preserve slavery which was an abominably racist institution.
Marilyn wrote:
8-if michael jackson was poisoned by a member of your community, why do some afro-americans blame whites for his death?
I personally have NEVER heard a black person blame whites for michaels death.
Marilyn wrote:
9-is it true that men in your community refuse to wear condoms and if so why?
refuse?...not true. Resist? Yeah, sometimes.
Marilyn wrote:
10-why do many afro-americans pursue service type jobs such as customer service, security, and postal work?
See my response to #2.
Marilyn wrote:
Thank you for reading my questions and I look forward to reading your responses,
You are welcome...Hope this clears things up for you

-Desmond Sandiford


crammasters5 days agoin reply to AIRUS20005
That's why the media (including white-owned "black websites") are pushing INTERRACIAL DATING/BREEDING for black folks, promoting the NONSENSE that white racists/racism is all in our black imaginations, and why they promote FLAME WARS between the black male and black female to destroy ANY potential that we will be able to love and UNIFY with each other against what is coming...

because they know that a DIVIDED HOUSE cannot stand against a UNIFIED ATTACK. White folks are ARMING UP big-time (with US in mind) while at the same time this site publishes an article by Chicago's new top cop, McCarthy, who slyly appears to be against (blacks) in Chicago owning guns for own own good (sic):

Chicago’s Top Cop Calls Gun Laws “Government Sponsored Racism”

If WE knew our history, we'd remember what happened during the Chicago race riots (i believe it was around 1919) and how blacks were slaughtered by rampaging RACIST whites -- ARMED WITH GUNS.

If WE knew our history, we'd remember 'Black Wall Street' in the early 1900s and how black men, women, AND CHILDREN, were slaughtered by rampaging RACIST whites, the KKK, and the racist white military -- ARMED WITH GUNS AND KEROSENE BOMBS DROPPED FROM PLANES on the all-black town of Tulsa, Oklahoma (those who have never heard of 'Black Wall Street' should seriously google this!)

How anyone with our 500-year bloody and tragic history dealing with whites -- past AND present -- could be convinced that MOST whites are not racist, is beyond me.

The problem is most black folk do NOT understand what racism is, and think because a random white folk smiles at them, listens to black music, has lunch with them, or fuggs them, that this white person cannot be a racist.

What we do NOT understand is RACISM is just another word for a white supremacy SYSTEM, by which ALL WHITE PEOPLE PARTICIPATE IN AND SUPPORT VIA THEIR ACTIONS AND/OR THEIR SILENCE.

Racism requires POWER and INSTITUTIONS to maintain it -- neither of which black folks have. Damn, we barely own and operate a corner store in our own neighborhoods, let alone a SYSTEM of power.

Again, I recommend checking out the book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation, and the website -- www_trojanhorse1_com where you can read FREE EXCERPTS explaining what racism is

My next post is for those white-addicted blacks who think IR breeding/dating/marriage will "solve" racism


I have two young daughters and will not be teaching them to seek out men of other colours for a "better life" because that will lower their own self-esteem which they will pass onto their Children and so on.... and before you know it, I will have a load of Great Grand-Children who will be getting whiter and whiter as the generations move on...

The best way to control a foreign population within any given society is to "INTEGRATE/ASSIMILATE " them into the dominant population using various means (including using psychological methods)... This was done in Brazil to try to breed Blacks slave descendants out of the country by mixing them with Indians and 2nd class whites, this is why there are so many mixed folks in Brazil...

The program was discontinued in the 1950's, if you want some more info on the matter read about "Blanqueamiento" and Brazil/ Racial whitening or Assimilation...


Who's to say this sh** isn't happening right now!

99% of whites DO NOT have any "Power or Prestige" whatsoever!

With so many white women divorcing white men, the "Power and Prestige" of being with a white man CLEARLY isn't good enough for white women, so they shouldn't be good enough for Black women either unless they have lower standards.

We need to teach our young Black Daughters NOT to take-up with men that the white women is "throwing under the bus"!...

Have you noticed a rise in WM/WW divorce rates coinciding with a rise in WM/BW IRR?... this means Black women are now dating white men that have been deemed "unfit for white women"!!!...

Blacks need to stop taking up with white rejects just because they have white skin and a Job, this is a clear sign of low self-esteem, we will still face the same racial issues whether our partner is white or black, their white skin CANNOT change societies views about you and your origins!

-The Revolutionist

Mr Observant wrote:
Re: Revionist
From your site
Do any of these figures, particularily the 4 male ones on the right look anything but White to you?
No offense.
Mr Not-so observant,

Take a look at this statue of Statue of King Aspelta, in-fact he looks exactly the same as the warriors in the photo you pointed out;

He could easily be mistaken as white, due to him having sharp features or a spiky nose.
However, every history book tells us King Aspelta was a BLACK king of Nubia!...Google him and see for yourself.

Now look at these two statues;

Cover the Afro, and it could then pass as an statue early Greek philosopher, However, they are statues of Haile Sellesie, former Emperor of Ethiopia!

Most East Africans have similar pointy noses and thin lips to whites, this is where white features originated, even pale white skin, was seen in African albinos long before the white man existed...You don't own pointy features, Africans had them first... Whites judged the whole of Africa by what they saw in a handful of West African countries, because that is where they landed....LOL but African history is slowly making a fool out of whites and their historians, at the end of it all they will have absolutely no credibility left whatsoever!... when we say "Africa" to a white man, he thinks only of three countries in West Africa, and some Jungles...LMBAO....talk about being uneducated and uninformed, Africa is a huge varied CONTINENT!

The point is, Abyssinians, Nubians, East Africans and so on, when sculptures were made of them, you could barely tell whether they were white or Black!...Remember they are the fathers of the white race, what do you expect?....And there's more.

-The Revolutionist


crammasters1 week ago
those who think racism is "going away" or believe all we have to do is strive for "tolerance" and "understanding" do NOT KNOW THE HISTORY of white supremacy and white domination/colonization/imperialism here and abroad

Not do they understand the system that dominates the LIVES of every non-white person on the planet.

White supremacy is a GLOBAL SYSTEM that is thousands of years old --

Until its non-white victims GET OUT OF DENIAL and stop cooperating with it (by treating whites as if they superior) it will continue for another THOUSAND YEARS

check out racismdaily_com
Neely Fuller, Jr (on youtube)
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (on youtube)

and you'll learn that racism IS white supremacy -- and that it is a GLOBAL system NOT the acts of a few "dumb white people"
crammasters4 days agoin reply to Tom Sawyer
Interesting that you would sign on as "Tom Sawyer" -- the most popular all-american white racist author in white america...

I completely disagree with your statement that all people are racist. Racism is NOT helping or not helping an old lady across the street. Racism is not about having a black or a black boyfriend or girlfriend because you can STILL be practicing racism against other non-whites while you are doing so.

Racism is a SYSTEM that requires power and institutions to maintain it. Racism is white supremacy. Racism is giving black people longer sentences for the same crimes. Racism is creating inferior schools in every black community in the nation. Racism is the ability of a white policeman to shoot an unarmed black person 50 times and get away with because the police department, internal affairs, the media, the mayor, the governor, the courts, and the federal government exact no penalties against that policeman. Racism is systematic discrimination in housing, employment, education, healthcare, city services, loans, law enforcement, etc.

Black people (and other non-whites) including the first black prez do NOT have the power to discriminate against whites in a white supremacy system (like America) -- because white people are still pulling the strings, regardless of title or position or how big a black person's house or car or bankroll is.

Even in the case of so-called affirmative action, WHITE PEOPLE STILL DECIDE HOW THE POLICY IS PRACTICED and WHO BENEFITS and WHO IS PENALIZED -- and the proof is even the US Justice Department stated that white females benefited the most from affirmative action.

In my earlier posts, I stated a definition for racism (there is only one kind of racism: WHITE RACISM; therefore only white people have the power to practice it; therefore ONLY white people can be racists).

If you (or anyone else disagrees) with this statement, you should be able to answer the following question:

Name one thing that black people – as a group -- have stopped white people – as a group -- from doing that they had a RIGHT to do? For example, denying them the right to work, own a home, live in a certain area, get a fair trial, an education, or use any public facility.

So far, I have NEVER received a response to this question

check out www_trojanhorse1_com for free excerpts explaining all the above
crammasters3 days agoin reply to Tom Sawyer
regarding your example of Black Panthers wearing military gear in front of a polling place:

did they harm anyone?

did they lynch anyone?

did they use firehoses and dogs on anyone?

was anyone prevented from going inside the polling place?

was anyone's votes thrown away (like the ONE MILLION BLACK VOTES THAT WERE DISCARDED in the 2000 Presidential election)? (google it if you doubt it)

was anyone told by the Black Panthers that they couldn't vote without a certain type of ID? (like some black voters were told in 2000 and 2004 by white polling officials?)

so bottom line, you think some BM dressed in military gear are as powerful as the white people who control the polling places, select the election judges, choose the black box voting machine manufacturers, and ultimately count the votes?

if that's the case there is no use carrying this any further..

but i would still like an answer to that question i asked about black people COLLECTIVELY stopping white people COLLECTIVELY from living, working, and playing where they want.

I suspect you -- like most white people -- know that white racism/white privilege dictates the quality of life for your kind and non-whites, but you can't stand for your VICTIMS to call you on it. But that's cool, we're figuring that S out and once we do -- GAME OVER



  • white folks like John Prewett aren't interested in facts, they're interested in distorting them to erase their own barbaric history of oppression, exploitation, murder, rape, and thievery against the non-white people on the planet

    The ONLY stats they can point to are economic street crimes largely by poor blacks

    and as any cut-rate sociologist can tell you -- poverty + adverse social conditions + inferior schools = CRIME. It's the SAME formula that works for white folks as many Italians, Polish, and Irish immigrants (and their descendants) can testify to

    during the late 1800s and early 1900s, European immigrants -- most of who were POOR, UNEDUCATED, and ILLITERATE -- and were KNOWN for being the FIRST when it comes to drive by shootings, the first street gangs, the first urban slums, the first reform schools AND the FIRST DRUG DEALERS (starting with illegal booze).

    Bottom line, the long list of crimes by whites of EVERY INCOME/EDUCATION GROUP far exceed the crimes of the black poor.

    For example, no poor blacks have robbed millions of their homes, their pensions, the jobs, and their peace of mind. Poor blacks have never bombed a nation, started a war, committed genocide upon millions, created any weapons of mass destruction, or biological weapons, or global pollution, and the premature (manmade) extinction of species, or the widespread pollution of food, water and air.

    You want a definition of violence on a GLOBAL SCALE?

    Look in the dictionary and I bet you won't see a black face anywhere on that page.

    in the meantime, check out the site


    and you'll see what I mean...s

  • crammasters6 days agoin reply to John Prewett
    what you posted to me and to Bakk is the typical white racist nonsense

    thinking I need a white person to do my thinking for me

    you know nothing about me,

    and from your post, you also have reading comprehension problems hence your off the wall response to mind

    (so much for white intellectual superiority)


    if you have all these "issues" with black people, why do you and all these other white racist trolls (like Chunkie Jones) spend so much time coming to black websites

    or are you white (sexual predators) still seeking sex from inferior black people like you've been doing for over 500 years?
    crammasters1 week agoin reply to PaodeQueijo
    I respectfully disagree, ALL white people are aware of what it means to be white, to be privileged, and to be treated better than non-whites. Whites say things around other whites when no blacks are in the room. They won't TELL you what is said, but they know.

    There is no way blacks and other non-whites are being mistreated on a DAILY basis by whites practicing racism and other whites are not aware. You may not want to believe your white parent, or white relatives (if you have any) are practicing racism, but I assure you they are doing one of two things: either practicing racism OR remaining silent while others practice it.

    In our book, "Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation" we call this the crime of COMMISSION and the crime of OMISSION. If you check out an earlier post, I included an excerpt of what racism is (in our opinion).

    For example, whenever a black person gets a job, a promotion, or some other "benefit" usually reserved for whites, what is the TYPICAL white reaction? REVERSE RACISM (or discrimination). Why do they feel that way? because they feel (and know) that a white person should always win over a black person.

    Look at the sports arena. If a BM ballplayer thinks for himself, he is called "ungrateful" or arrogant and is immediately demonized. But a white player who tries to maximize his money potential without asking permission from white people is called a 'savvy businessman".

    Bottom line, there is NO WAY 9 percent of the world's population could oppress 91 percent of the world's non-white population unless the vast majority of that 9 percent is practicing either the Crime of Commission and/or the Crime of Omission -- aka ARE RACIST.

    What I find puzzling (and disturbing) is how many blacks (and multi-racial folks -- who by the way will ALWAYS be black if they have one black parent) will break their necks to excuse racist whites from any responsibility

    BUT are super quick to demonize a black person OR demonize ALL black people whenever a black person mistreats or harms someone.

    they call that psychological ILLNESS : a terminal (and sometimes fatal) case of white identification AKA mentacide

    the cure: to read and understand all you can about the system of racism/white supremacy because your life and your future will depend upon it.

    check out www_trojanhorse1_com


    Amilkar Carthago1 day agoin reply to soultry-soul
    Whether it's Black men or Black women dating/sexing/marrying interracially, I still don't get it. If you knew the true history of ameriKKKa, and all of the hanging, raping, abuse, scapegoating, exploitation and downright hatred that white people have and CONTINUE to have toward Black people, I can see only confusion, self-hatred and the ultimate case of the "Stockholm Syndrome" at play here with interracialism.

    Neely Fuller Jr. has hit it on the nail when eh says that "Black people should stop having sex with these white people because all that you get out of it is "confusion" and more confusion. The Willy Lynch factor goes into play heavily, as white people continue to use "light-skinned" Black people as a vehicle of perpetual and unnecessary racism, manufactured self-hatred and cultural division among us within the Black Diaspora.

    The most perfect example would be the President himself, where white people throwing up in our face the fact that he's "half-white" yet continue to give death threats based on his obvious Blackness. Besides, when you look back at the historical raping of Black women by white men, and the lynching of Black men because of white women, I can't see how this message doesn't resonate within our conscious today.

    I have said it many times before, and I truly mean it when I say that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that a white woman can give your "more" than your naturally-beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous, succulent, delicious Black woman, which The Creator has given the Black man. Sure, there are a lot of bad Black women out there, but there are equally-worthy and very compatible Black women which can become enjoyable companions.

    I can't tell you who to get your freak on with nor who you p___, but I can offer to remind you to respect yourself and remember from where you come from.

    crammasters11 months ago
    @ venita

    pale hair, eyes and skin, skinny body, no hips, no breasts (except fake ones) and no bootay d___ sho ain't my beauty standard...
    they will never put that DARK AND LOVELY QUEEN on Desperate Housewives because she'd steal the spotlight and make those white females look all washed out -

    and "they" KNOW that s______
    crammasters11 months ago
    @ venita

    likewise, I'm tired of seeing the same old, same old, light, bright and d____ near white ladies on every pic, article, etc. No disrespect to the light-skinned sistas, but this is a "black" website, and most black folks are med to dark shades of brown.
    thats like going to a white website and all the ladies are dark with a few biracials thrown in and we know white folks wouldn't stand for that...so why do we?
    venitabrooks11 months ago
    CRAMM,you said it and of course you are right as always!I am sick of coming on these black social sites and seeing the same old standard of beauty.KIMK,AMBER ROSE,KAT STACKS and all these other fake,trashy and old looking women.When true beauty shows up,we dont even know it.You need to do a blog once a week.Please!
    crammasters11 months ago
    @ venitabrooks & JACCI_1 & catgirlTX1

    good to see SECURE black ladies who can pay another beautiful lady a compliment -- and THAT is the difference between a woman and a little girl...in my humble opinion
    I want to know why this CHOCOLATE FEMALE LOVELINESS, isn't representing the beautiful BW on the TV and movie screen instead of all this bi-racial...?
    already know the answer...dark, lovely and FEMALE doesn't promote white supremacy...

    1 comment:

    Timothy said...

    Hey, I don't believe in those pills. I respect your free speech rights, but I believe in moving forward on issues (like talking about improving our communities and the like).