Saturday, April 27, 2013

On the System

all the so-called "aware" folks on threads like this know that no BM, including President Obama, is in charge.The folks who decide if WIII will happen are all WM. Let's keep it real.

But some are still falling for the OLD CON GAME of racial scapegoating/distraction instead of facing the FACT that your worst enemy looks like the man or woman in the mirror.

At some point, you will have to make a choice: keep practicing racial politics OR deal with the real enemy to survive. It's just that simple.




With 70% of BW being single parents, and 45% that will never marry, BW should be UP IN ARMS about all the defecting, interracial-dating BM, especially since MOST are leaving behind the black children they had with BW. I PERSONALLY know several BM who fit this description.

No other (sane) race of people, facing the problems that black folks currently face, would think it was acceptable to divide and conquer themselves, especially when faced by a powerful enemy that is literally stripping away EVERY so-called economic and employment gain that blacks have made over the last 40 years.

Nor would a sane (or self-respecting) male put the female of his oppressor on a pedestal OR put his precious time, money, love, and energy toward ENRICHING his own enemies instead of taking care of his OWN black women and children.

And for those who are confused about who this enemy is -- it's time to pick up a book and READ ABOUT YOUR HISTORY -- both past and present.

There are all kinds of indications that blacks are under severe systematic attack on every level, and we better start taking this SERIOUSLY..With the ECONOMY literally deconstructing right in front of our faces, with a black unemployment rate of OVER 26% and rising, with over ONE MILLION black people rotting in prisons, making one dollar a day for the prison industrial complex, with BM being the MOST LIKELY to be unemployed regardless of education, with the Jena Six, Katrina, and Sean Bell-type shootings on the rise, with the increase of white extremists groups who are arming up and doing WEAPONS TRAINING after the election of the "first black" prez (who doesn't address a SINGLE BLACK ISSUE);

Hell, the list is too long for this thread, and too damn long for a sane black person to ignore... and that is the problem, some of us are literally insane... I got to be blunt about this.. In light of the plight of black folks today, there are too many black folks who think coming together as a race is NOT a necessity even as they lose ground, jobs, homes, and their minds...

It is what I believe is the TOTAL psychological assimilation (destruction) of the black mind, to the point where some black folk have become so subtly INSANE that we see the world and ourselves and each other through "white eyes"

In other words, they think like white folks, are white-identified, and somehow, actually believe that they will be treated like white folks when the deal goes down.

Even as we (black folk) LOSE all the economic and employment gains that took our ANCESTORS over FORTY YEARS to accumulate.

We dismiss the rising racism as just "those ignorant white folks" instead of seeing it for what it is: SYSTEMATIC RACISM.

we skip along, all hugged up with white Mary and Bobby and think our romantic choices make us better (and safer) than being with other black folks.

And we don't understand that the efforts of the white media/system to divide and conquer the BM and BW have been SUCCESSFUL,  we don't see the mental trick bag of a BM (like bluebeam) who makes ugly and contemptuous comments about the women of his race are part of the problem, forgetting that his mother, sisters, and daughters (if he has any) are BLACK FEMALES.

And in their ignorance, BM like this forget that the MAIN reason so many BW do not like the hair on their heads is because WE BM are always rewarding, loving, and praising white and white-looking females who have straight or long hair on their heads.

It is a FACT that all this integration and interracial dating/breeding/and marrying has made us WEAKER not STRONGER as a people

It is also a FACT that this was all by design, that the white media pushed this concept on us by rewarding those celebrities who do it, by making movies and TV shows that push the notion that IR [interracial] is a better alternative than LOVING EACH OTHER.

And we still don't see the mind game, the trick, the trap and the plan to destroy our race, but I guarantee you, in the coming days, we will completely understand once the consequences hit home....



Do you also OPPOSE racism when someone white is practicing it?

If your only interest in BW is purely physical then it AND you are no different than the long, long, long list of white males throughout the centuries who have enjoyed black flesh but are UNWILLING to oppose or give up the benefits of white privilege (racism) while doing so...

I would greatly advise sisters to keep comments like Maxwell's in a HISTORICAL perspective, because it may NOT be the compliment you think it is....

two questions for all the BM on this thread who are reading this:

If today, something happened, you got sick, got arrested, got in a jam, got beaten up by the police, or falsely accused of a crime....

who would YOU call first?

would it be your (black) momma?

Your black sister, cousin, auntie, female friend?

What organization would you hope would come to your aid if you were unjustly accused or beaten?

would it be a black organization?
a white organization?
a Hispanic organization?
an Asian Organization?

if you're not sure of the answer think back about a year or so, when the Jena Six hit the news about those 6 teenage black boys facing felonies for a simple schoolyard fight in Jena, Louisiana, and who started the movement to save the Jena Six (a college age young black female)

and who rode those buses for hours, dropping school and work commitments to stand up for six black male STRANGERS, the MAJORITY OF FOLKS WHO RODE THAT BUS WERE BLACK FEMALES there were NO Asian females, NO Hispanic females and maybe a few white females those who do not appreciate what they have will LOSE what they need the most\when they NEED it the most..



edud01 Moderator 2 days ago in reply to CourtneyR
No doubt about it and you hit the nail on the head as both are right for DIFFERENT reasons and one CONTROLS their mental more than the other. Blackness represents that they desire the MOST but could NEVER be and that is genetic DOMINANCE. There is TWO TRUTHS that even THEIR scientist and anthropologists could NOT refute, in fact THEY agreed: 1). ALL humans on the ENTIRE planet derived from Africa.That Blacks ARE the WORLDS parents. And 2). That whites are genetically recessive(Including red hair, blue eyes, blond hair, etc)which means they are GENETICALLY weaker. Polar OPPOSET of Black genetics. And when you couple that knowledge along with their UNDYING FEAR that if left unchecked or CONTROLED Blacks and others of COLOR(every other race stems from us as well and while their genetics are not as strong as Blacks, they are stronger than whites)would soon CONTROL them and they CAN'T abide that or take a CHANCE on that occurring. Dark skin reminds them of their genetics as lighter skin represents genetic weakness in comparison to Dark, Dark skin. That's WHY the Dark/African look is TAUGHT by whites to be the UGLIEST thing on earth. And sadly, most of us agree.


EjErica Moderator 1 day ago in reply to edud01
And in actuality, the whites that are getting their butts done are the ones that are chasing after black men for 1. And those that are getting their lips, breasts, and a tan is because there are whites that have full lips, darker skin(and I'm speaking on other ethnics, who are more prone to have the darker skin, full lips, and curves that have been allowed to call themselves white also) and any woman with curves is to be admired.
 I don't see them trying to be as black women. I don't feel they are trying to emulate blacks, it just so happens that black women are more inclined to have full lips, bigger breasts/butts, and of course darker. Which to me is a compliment because that's what they admire and would like to have as well.
And they are very jealous of a beautiful black woman that usually has all of that.


edud01 Moderator 11 hours ago in reply to Disabuse
NOT SO!!! You DON'T have the POWER to reproduce in GREAT numbers like Blacks and other non-whites. The POWER you claim to have is NOT the GENETIC power you desire the MOST. And because you DON'T have genetic SUPERIORITY(The SOURCE of your JEALOUSIES)you have to use morally corrupt means in an attempt to CONTROL non-white population growth. But, EVEN that is NOT enough. In Vitro fertilization, test tube babies, cloning, etc have go you walking around looking like CLOWNS and has done NOTHING to advance your birth rates or genetic INFERIORITIES. Despite your so-called power, you STILL live with the KNOWLEDGE that MOST of the world(Which IS non-white)DESPISE you and look at you as a FREAK of Nature. Genetically speaking, you have NOTHING to brag about.


Usman yerima Moderator 1 day ago in reply to Mike Stein
"To make a long story short, an uncle tom, self loathing neggro board member, threw a monkey wrench in any special consideration for minorities for any reason. So you now have blacks with 3.7 AND HIGHER GPA's that STRUGGLE to enter the UC system and ultimately get rejected.."
Mike, excellent comments. Permit me to opine a little on your above observation. Many of the black commentators on this board often argue that both Republicans and democrats are basically anti blakc interest. Actually, they mostly have a a problem with black people's alliance with the Democratic party. Their argument is usually that the democrats take black people for a ride. However, when you look at policies, the Republicans are the ones gutting funds from any program that black people benefit from. Education is one major area where Republicans have gutted. The most affected people by the drastic cuts made in education are blacks, and hispanics. Black school districts have lost many schools due to closure, and many teachers in those school districts have lost jobs. And to speak to instance where a black person would argue against any consideration for black students seeking admission to ivy league colleges, that black person is often a black republican/conservative.
Today, the people responsible for rolling back the gains that black people have made over years of struggle, are white republicans. In Texas, they passed an education bill that basically re-writes history. Ethnic studies (Black and Latino history) are no longer taught as part of the curriculum. The hispanics there are still fighting to overturn it. If there is any initiative that is proposed that may help black or any other minority, Republicans block it with all their might. The fought affirmative action in Michigan, and succeeded in overturning any consideration for minorities into the University of Michigan Law school. This has been the trend, yet many black commentators here seem to wilfully ignore these facts and would argue against blacks-democratic party alliance or support. In a political chess game of this nature, what alternatives are the these people offering? Black people cannot simply cease participation in politics, but is the alternative then to throw support behind a party that cuts educaton budget, but has enough resources to build new and more prisons? Is it in black people's interest to follow the very people who wants to disenfranchise black people? I bring this up not because I think democrats are so pro black people's interest, but the fact is, we should be honest enough to pin point the people responsible for our diminishing returns rather than blurring the lines and playing that equalization game.


BlackHeywood Moderator 5 hours ago in reply to Mike Stein
 We shouldn't have complained, marched or protested  about Jim Crow either , I mean many Blacks sincerely believed White folks would eventually have given us Civil Rights. I got you and hear you loud and clear.I'm not surprised. In my 50+ yrs of being an American Black man, I know when we remain silent our problems GET WORSE that includes mocking, making fun and denigrating Black folks. We can NEVER be silent. I suggest you tell the Jews to stop complaining when they THINK they been slighted..


tracy smith Moderator 1 day ago in reply to Tim
That's true brother Tim,think about this,can you imagine the world without the BLACK RACE. Hell this place would be boring as hell and all those other races who love us and love to hate us know that. That's why they can't live their lives without BLACK people on their minds.


SoultrySoul Moderator 2 days ago we go again MY PEOPLE!
In trying to be like Jay-Z - spitting his lyrics on "Suit & Tie"...just hold the mic and lip sync, move back and forth, wave your hand mid level, raise 1 leg mid level and look like you're coo (That's what Jay does). 
By donning the Blackface you've proven and shown your racist mentality.
Really no need to investigate because the vid shows it all (exhibit #1 - your honor)


As you are my INFERIOR, you must be an INSECT if I am an idiot. At any rate, Cesar Chavez and Angela Davis BOTH have long histories of commitment to the struggle of their people, and of oppressed people generally. Cesar Chavez--definitely no comrade of yours--was rooted in the struggle of the Latino people, surtout Latino working class folk. Angela Davis has been rooted in the Black Liberation Movement since the mid-1960s. Both suffered for freedom of their people, and oppressed people in general. As far as I know, you contributed NOTHING to the struggles of Black people or anyone else. Maybe because you're too busy admiring Mickey Mouse Romney and your beloved Uncle Joe Stalin. You buckdancing hypocritical son of a mongoose.

I've studied history, and know something about which white folk ADVANCED the cause of FREEDOM, and which one obstructed freedom. You resemble the latter crowd of smelly reactionaries who are not only enemies of Black people, but even of white people. Whites who are willing to burn Black a_-- while kissing white elite a_----, and selling other whites down the river. People like you must be neutralized. They will be no place for your in the new America.

Peut-etre je veux obtenir la double nationalite: La France et Les Etats-Unis. Mais je dois imprimer tres fort mon Francais. Ma famille et mon peuple (les Afro-Americains) sont ici. Mais il y'a beacouup des choses Francais qui j'aime tres fort. I could never abandon the USA. For one thing I cannot abandon my family the the ongoing struggles of African-Americans for liberation and social justice. But I would love to also have France as another home. And France has a growing Black population, and a much larger Left than we do. Mais il faut reapprendre la Francais.

Le terrorisme, c'est le terrorisme! Mussulman, chretian, Juif, Hindu, gaucheiste,,fascis te, Droitiste,KKK, Nazi, etc. I don't care your ideology or religion when you willfully slaughter civilians. I can even understand that in a just struggle carried out by armed force innocent people may be killed unintentionally. La Resistance en France et les autres pays sometimes killed innocent people unintentionally (The unavoidability of this is one reason why I lean toward the idea of NONVIOLENT REVOLUTION). But to intentionally target civilians is inexcusable.

I happen to KNOW that at least one COINTELPRO agent infiltrated the Bmore chapter of the Panthers all the way up to the leadership level. Political prisoner Marshall Eddy Conway was trying to expose them, but was himself railroaded to prison. He's still there. Much--probably MOST--of the so-called criminal activity associated with the Panthers were initially done or provoked by the FBI operatives. One I named an operative in my school newspaper. He threatened to sue me and the paper. I DARED him (and knew several former Panther sisters and brothers who'd witness to his treachery). The scumbag's reply: SILENCE.



truthbetold on said:
To all
I’ve been slowly reading all of your comments and letting them sink in. The thing to overstand is Yurugu’s goal is to turn us into THEM. So pornography is a great way to introduce demonism to our culture. It also makes us more disconnected from each other and ourselves as we debase ourselves to their animal level.
Anal sex has the power to conjure demons. Which is why to join their forces of darkness, one must submit in that fashion. It’s all a game of mind control and many of us have fallen prey.
As for beastiality and scatophilia…that is apart of their history. Where do you think syphilis came from? I have not heard of blacks engaging in that…yet…but there are some of us that are so mentally sick in our desire to “be like them” that we’ll submit to that as well.


edud01 Moderator 16 minutes ago in reply to Signal7
Do Blacks get TRUTH in school, or white versions of truth and history? If not why?...white supremacy. While wearing paints hanging low is indeed bad, it has nothing to do with REPRESSING others, and that style is No different than whites walking around with purple/green hair or safety pins in their face, or black lips/finger nails, etc. And if Black on Black crime/murder is NOT influenced by white supremacy what IS the Reason? And if white supremacy and white supremest "systems" play NO part in Black lives, WHY did your mother raise you in a crack/gun infested neighborhood??? Surely she could have located a safer environment for you to live in. WITHOUT outside influence(white supremest social structures)she HAD to make a DECESION to live in that neighborhood. WHY would she do that??? Like MOST you are arguing both sides. Either white supremacy and white supremest "systems" exist or it doesn't. Like many, you realized that SOMETHING was WRONG(Your living environment)and made a decision to escape, good for YOU.However, many are "caught up in the "system" at an early age(Most are indoctrinated at an early age to the superior/inferior "game"-Recall the famous Doll experiment)and don't recognize it until it's too late, IF ever.  And like MANY successful Blacks, once YOU have made it you want to PRETEND that white supremacy/racism does NOT exist to the extent it does(as YOU are evidence of that). If white supremacy is NOT to blame for "100% of black folks problems...", what PERCENTAGE are they responsible for??? 


Obama 2004 Senate Race a Setup Beyond What You've Indicated

I've talk about this subject before here @ BAR.
Obama's from my home town, so I heard of him before his apparent  sudden burst [out of no-where] onto the public national stage in 2004. The first thing that seemed odd / peculiar was that the first & thus far only Black woman US senator from IL, Carol Mosely Braun [1992 - 1998], who had a good chance to regain her senate seat, instead chose to run in the Dim's 2004 primaries for POTUS- for which she had absolutely NO chance! [How many  even remember her 2004 run in the Dim's POTUS primaries?]! This was particularly odd since in the early to mid 2000s the IL Repug party was in quite a bit of disarray. YET- This did conveniently set the stage for Obama to run for US senator from IL without having to go up against a Black woman Dim ex-senator [Ms Braun]. Thus Obama wins the IL Dims primary race for US senator. PS: Ironically Obama backed Rahmbo over Ms Braun in Chicago's 2011 mayoral race, where Rahmbo trounced her as Chi-town's Blacks went overwhelmingly w Rahmbo based on Obama's endorsement.
The second odd / peculiar thing that happened in the IL's 2004 race for US senator was, as you've alluded to, how IL Repug Jack Ryan's candidacy blew-up in his face- due the embarrassing, yet personal / private & non-criminal / non-nefarious, circumstances of his divorce from actress Jeri Ryan. How is it that the sealed [by mutual agreement of both Jack & Jeri] divorce records in Hollywood, were ordered unsealed by request of Chicago's news outlets & papers- which the power elites knew full well that this info, though showing NO hint of criminal scandal [IE: wife-abuse, etc], was personally embarrassing enough to effectively torpedo Repug Jack Ryan's senate race??? End Result- The door to the US senate was swung wide open for the 'Obama Candidate' [what happened in this case was basically unprecedented]. As Ryan's replacement- Alan Keyes' bid was essentially a d_____ joke. Keyes, who's also 'Black', was NOT even from IL, thus the heads of IL's Repug party [which sank even further into disarray after the Ryan fiasco] FAILED to even support him.
Obviously the 'Obama Candidate' used his US senate seat as a spring board to the Oval Office! As Beverly indicates- Just how in H_---- did John McCain pick such an obvious nit-wit like Sarah's [ailin] Palin for his running-mate??! Also of interest is the fact that Obama's first degree [1983] is in political science from Columbia U- specializing in foreign affairs- & wrote his thesis on the USSR. At same time Zig-Zag Brzezinski, a known expert on foreign affairs especially RE: Russia / the USSR, was a tenured Prof of Columbia U's political science dept. So who shows up as  the 'Obama Candidate's' top foreign policy wonk during Obama's 2008 bid for POTUS- None other than Ole Zig-Zag!!!
PS- FYI: Also interesting is that when Obama graduated from Columbia U, he worked a yr or so for a firm that reportedly had ties to the CIA [IE: a CIA front].
PS2: Let not forget Obama's white momma was related to several US Pres IE: Bush Jr & Sr [& Cheney], LBJ, FDR, James Madison  as well as Robert E Lee & the late UK PM Winston Churchill!

SevenFootPelican 3 days ago
All of Mark Dice's videos (including this one) has racist undertones to it. Always undermining, mocking, and condescending black people. Plenty of black people make intellectual comments your channel, and you just pick the most ignorant of them all and then assume the author of the comment is black? I don't buy it, Mark. I sent to high school with white people like you - you get excited at your sub-par ability to mock black people while simultaneously having them agree to it.

Mark why even say "n______" ? Ive always enjoyed your videos and respected your views but when you say unnecessary/unneeded stuff like that, it makes u look ignorant when your clearly to smart to not see how that could offend people and take away from any point you are making. (and the more u bring up kissing a "black girl" the more suspect u look lol)



Keith1818... Makes me wanna Holler..

Keith, even you can lead it.  It doesn't matter who and I think you are as qualified as anyone.  I am sitting in the local arena when it goes down, be it Cobo in the "D" or the "Omni" in ATL or the local auditorium in middle America.
I feel as impotent as anyone White, Black, Brown, Red or Purple given the present set of circumstances.
But I believe this in my heart (and I don't have a FB page) that in this EPOCH OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND VISUAL MESSAGING the visual imagery/sight of NONVOTERS-- "let's call ourselves the US REFUSNIKS if you will-- gathering in one place on the eve of a national election TO SHOW THE WORLD, we are mad as hell and we ain't taking it no more, MAY be revolutionary.  And MAY put some skid's on the US's PHONY moral authority, which is rooted in the LIE   of participatory democracy as well as the lie of HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTION, the second based on the aforementioned PREDICATE LIE of the former.
John F. Kennedy shunned MLK for 2 reasons (and perhaps several others).  Kennedy needed the Southern Vote to win relection (raw politics).  And indeed, Nixon catapulted this reality into a decades long trend:  i.e..  The Southern Strategy.  Second, MLK refused to "stay in his lane." When he became HOLISTIC (and g/God-breathed) and intertwined concerns of domestic oppression with international oppression....and how the US of A wasted  federal fiscal resources to invest in the military complex versus alleviating the sufferings of the human condition at home, he signed is death warrant.  And if you listen to him he KNEW it... Martin knew he was going to die for speaking truth to power.
But here's the LIBERATING part:  In the words of one of my most admirable  White Progressive Bloggers Joe Bageant, "No one gets outta here alive."  (R.I.P. Joe).
Keith.  If all of us fair-minded, people-caring folks in this world spent just 20% of our time, planning, resources (cash and in-kind) on just a few achievable and relatively modest symbolic and practical issues, if might make a slight difference versus spending a similar amount of time and resources on voting for those whom are destined to either screw or betray us. I am  speaking in terms of a STATUS QUO that either serves up CAPITULATION to the powers-that-be or devolves into SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT.


GWBush Sr & Jr Are Descendents of the British Royal Family...

Its probably true that the Bushes are descendents of the Mayflower gang; but I know for a fact they are decendents of the British Royal family as is/was John Kerry, & Obama's Mama, FDR, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, etc... If you really study these facts you probably conclude that the US Presidency is in effect an extension of the British Royal Family.
IMO: The core issue is not the Puritans [which is not to deny anything you pointed out above], nor Dims vs Repugs, nor so-called 'Liberal' vs conservative, nor Capitalism vs Communism- these are just different fascists of the core issue. For non-white people the core issue is White Supremacy & White Domination over non-whites- Thats NOT to condenm white folks per-se' -but- any-one white or non-white infected w the madness of White-Supremacy! And make no-mistake about it- House-Negros like O-bomb-em, Susan & Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Uncle Judge Thomas, etc- are products of white-supremacy- thus they've bought into this white-supremacist system hook-line-&-Stinker! Bro Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations, articulated so well -  “We’ve got to uproot this system {of white supremacy}, so that our people & all people of the World can live,” - He went on further to explain that the concept of the Euro {white}Race was invented in the 1600s in order to unify whites, even those who had no personal stake in slavery, vis-a-vis non-whites whose cultures were under attack by & whose lands, resources & even the people [Africans] themselves were being stolen by Europeans infected w the madness of white-supremacy!  


Films to Remind Us Why Not to Be Thankful for Thanks-Giving Day:

Here's a brief list of movies to Remind us why we should NOT be  so Thankful for for so-called 'Thanks-Giving Day' [Note: Feel free to add if you like]: Hombre', - Little Big-Man, - Dances w Wolves, - Geronimo_An American Legend, - Roots, - Armistad, - Sankofa...


So Right

You hit the nail on the head, Nixakliel, Euro/white supremacy is a form of mental disorder.  How could any sane person even imagine that they were superior to a fellow human being?  Yet, many societies past and present are infected with this madness.
The disease vectors are parents, community, religious and educational institutions and media.  It is a sad fact that humans are prone to propaganda that makes them feel good at someone else's expense.
It is telling that the English, under Cromwell and other monarchs honed their tools of genocide against their neighbors in Ireland, Scotland and Wales long before they were aware of this hemisphere.  Those neighbors in turn became hyperagressive and hyperviolent partners with the English in Euro/white supremacy crimes against Native Americans, Africans, Asians and Native Australians.
Violence begets violence....


Scribes for the Empire

These Right Wing bastards will give no quarter, we shouldn't be surprised or taken aback.
Let's take for example, Steven Brill's Time Magazine article on our health-care system OVERCHARING consumers to high heaven, like $10 bucks for a d_--- Tylenol capsule.  Brills opus seems to have never grasped the media's attention.  Interesting how they glossed over his meticulous research.  Wonder how many Post or NY Times Op eds or editorials emanated from that piece?
Did we hear anybody pushing for Congressional Hearings?
It's tantamount to the situation in Iraq, where, on the day of the so-called Boston Marathon bombing, OVER 100 Iraqi's died in bombings .  The violence in Iraq is numbing and the media's OUTRIGHT CENSORSHIP of it GALLING.
But let's face it, this is the evil, wicked Orwellian world we live in.
And please, for the sake of everybody's sanity, please stop thinking the situation is going to improve, because it won't.  Wait til the Koch Bros. purchase the L.A. Times or similar mouthpiece, they will make Wm. Randolph's Hearst's Yellow Journalism seem tame by comparison.
The Right Wingers got this shiggity down to a science.  I heard sorry a______ Al Sharpton on Tom Joyner this morning, talking about Obama's appointment of 2 or 3  Elite Negroes to a few lousy cabinet openings. (looks like the "new" Civil Rights paradigm)  Al claims that it resulted from his (and other's) push when they sat down with the White House.  And he took a swipe at us folks who support BAR by alleging some folks don't understand that you don't have to call something a Black Agenda in order for it to be a Black Agenda.
Whoopee Al, a couple of Elite, do-nothing Negroes get appointments from Obama IN HIS SECOND/LAME DUCK TERM, and that's Black progress?  (With Tom Joyner co-signing like a good c______n).   I'm telling yall right now we not only f***ked, we double f**ked, thanks to Cathy Hughes and Black America's embrace of the Black Minstrel radio shows that for some are their primary news source.
Steven Brill's taboo-busting X-ray of the US medical system, "Bitter Pill," has a chance to reframe the way we think and talk--and report--about healthcare costs.
In a penetrating, systemic, and long (36 pages) look at medical care , US style, for Timemagazine, with tale after tale of the financial miseries befalling the system's victims, with number after number bolstering his analysis, Brill zooms in on the nation's unrealistic and destructive healthcare costs--why they exist and persist.
Brill, a journalist and an entrepreneur, offers the media a rare chance to move beyond the fence that usually corrals this discussion. High healthcare costs are spawned by a powerful ethic in American medicine that is too often nurtured by the press, an ethic that dictates that the medicine men--doctors, hospitals, and drug companies--sit at the right hand of God and deserve all they can get. Brill's article crashes right through that fence, in fact, and provides the stuff for further productive reporting.
"When we debate health care policy," he writes, "we seem to jump right to the issue of who should pay the bills, blowing past what should be the first question: Why exactly are the bills so high?" Precisely. Brill gives us some answers, too, not based on quotes from the self-serving players we hear from so often in this dreary debate, but based on serious investigation .

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