Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 2011 Words

EkDesiLadki wrote:
Dr. Savant, there is injustice to all poor(including whites) but she want to claim since it's there it's OK for OTHER form of injustice which is totally unethical.
I was shocked when my Polish(Catholic) co-worker told me that his grand parents were in concentration camp by Hitler. Also, KKK didn't just kill black but also immigrants and Catholics. It just shows the repulsive nature of racist and also WHY we should oppose all racism. If I sit and relax on lynching a black, it's not very far when I get my own turn. Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.
Now, the sone is a classical example of closest racist and backstage cheerleader. You can SPOT them easily by their ASSOCIATION with the racists and cheering them. She doesn't say a word on the racist trolls on this thread who use derogatory words on blacks but ask me to go back. It's just like those women who'll CHEER when men were getting lynched but will ASK other good white people to go back or call them unpatriotic. It's very nice way to SUPPRESS voice of people of color, remember even the Bush used the same philosophy said those who aren't with us are against us. That's how he pulled this country into 2 war fronts. Hypocrite annoy me more than the real racist.
Also, white men went to Asia, Africa, etc for looting and killing. Why didn't she go and ask them to go back if they didn't VALUE the morals of the continents ? Also, why doesn't ask our troops to come out of Iraq which didn't have anything to do with 9/11 ? She'll not have answer but she knows to look at world through her PINK glasses.
In fact, Sone reminds me of those Europeans who complain that people are always talking about what Hitler did to the Jews, as though the Jews were his only victims.
Now you know the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, in ANTI-SEMITE AND JEW, noted that the KIND of people who in Europe hated the jews, in Amerioa hated the Blacks. Sartre even went so far as to say that Blacks are become America's pariahs as Jews were in Europe.
And some whites in America argue regarding injustices towards Blacks as some anti-Semitic Europeans do when repression of Jews is mentioned. "Why are you always talking about wrongs done to Blacks?" they query disingenuously. "Don't whites suffer injustices also?" Of course, no one denies the oppression of non-Blacks in America any more than non-Jews in Europe. But everybody is not a DUNCE or a RACIST knows that Blacks in America, like Jews in Europe, are especially singled out for superexploitation and repression exceeding even that of poor whites--sometimes, sadly enough, with the cheerleading support of many poor whites and whites of all other classes as well.



Donalda wrote:

I hear what you're saying, that they feel this way. But is it true? I don't think it is. The programs that the Democrats instituted benefit poor people, whatever their color. So the question is why in the world do the poor whites perceive that the Democrats have treated them unfairly or that they have catered to blacks at their expense?
As long as the Demoratic Party was dominated by white right segregationist, and recognized as the party of white supremacy (at least in the South), poor whites clung to the Democratic Party. At least MANY did.
With the triumph of the Civil Rights movement at the time of "liberal" Democratic administrations, backward poor whites heeded the appeals of the Republican Party with its "southern strategy" and implicit appeals to white resentments and white racism.
Of course, more progressive workiing class and poor whites saw through the charade and didn't take the Republican bait.



attai1 wrote:

yes and the whole trial should have been brought to naught and restarted but ... it's clear in this case, they - the family, the police, the DA, the various appeal courts up to the always blood thirsty Bush US supreme court, politicians - wanted a Black scape goat to pay ... by any means necessary. i've witnessed the incredible nonsense of the family "justice is served" (!) and the stupidity of most reports by the main channels : interviews of the son who had 3 or 6 months when his father was killed ... and no interview of the recanting accusers naturally, no presentation of the facts, no real work of a real journalist. It was so obviously biased in the news reports, and not just Fox news, that you could tell they would prefer kill one, two or three Black innocents rather than confess a mistrial and another police forfeiture and another big failure of the US judiciary.
So they murdered Troy Davis.
I've seen in DC a white worker wearing a t-shirt "I am Troy Davis" and that was a comforting sight but it doesn't change the sad news.
a whiteboi
I would also like to commend those of your compatriots who protested the death penalty. Two Fridays ago, the BALTIMORE AFRO-AMERICAN NEWSPAPER put on its front page a picture of demonstrators in Paris protesting the then impending execution of Troy Davis. Some of us intend to insure that they will never forget the name of Troy Davis.
We will make it like the name of the Protestant whose murder provoked Voltaire to rouse the conscience of your country and Europe, and with the cry "Ecrasez l'Infame!" Or Zola's "J'accuse!"
We will make this execution, and the SYSTEM which allowed it, to live in infamy. Both in America and the world. Ecrasez l'Infame!!!
Death to racism! Prison or exile for the racist!



EkDesiLadki wrote:
I wasn't even bothered by what was the agenda of tea party as they sound so fanatics.
Ron Paul is a racist and for trying AA kids as young as 13 as ADULT, his son seems more retarded though.
Both opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, without which i would have the same legal status as pariah as did my father and grandfather.
Rand Paul tried to dance around it on MSNBC, but Rachel Maddow exposed and NAILED him. Now he only appears on FoxNews



BakkByPopularDemand2 weeks ago
Like I said before on these DEAD ass IR articles.....EVERYONE is trying to divide the black man/woman....BUT all you're doing is really getting on our nerves at this point. We GET IT, no one wants to see us together, alright already damn.....y'all just keep recycling this same article over and over again.....How very lackluster, yellow and annoying!


Now let's consider NOI, a black group most obviously open to the charge of "reverse recism". And let's compare them to the KKK or Nazis or whatever racist white outfit you please.

How many white churches or synagogues have they burned or bombed? How many white homes have the destroyed?
How many thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of whites have they lynched?
What whites have they denied employment simply because they're white.
Another perhaps related question: Why do Harvard University psychological studies show repeatedly far greater anti-Black hostioities among its white subjects than anti-white hostioity among its Black ones?
"Excuse" or not, there are REASONS rooted in REALITY for anti-white hostilities. Yet one finds LESS anti-white hostilities among blacks who can claim REASONS for such than among whites who have NO LEGITIMATE REASON.(Indeed, no REASON at all)


Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to BakkByPopularDemand
Glad to see you are holding down the fort, as usual

i think some black folks thought we were loony to keep posting against IR but i think more and more are starting to smell a rat.

"they" might be overplaying their hand with too much IR, so my guess is they will come at us a different way, like pretend to promote black relationships for a sec then go back to the propaganda.

one thing is clear, none of the media is the friends or allies of black people. Once you accept that FACT, you will be suspicious of everything they say about us

most of the time it's a lie or a distortion of the facts to keep us confused and self-disrespecting

but it might backfire and get us to start THINKING for ourselves
and that's the last thing they want us to do

stay on their case, Bakk!


Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to Dionne Clarrett
any time something happens over and over and over again -- like all these ads and articles on "black" websites that keep pushing IR sex at BW -- there is a reason

I bet money they aren't pushing this IR message on white websites because the MAJORITY of white males and females are NOT INTERESTED in dating black people. Yeah, they might dibble and dabble behind closed doors and might take u out for a cup of coffee but less than THREE PERCENT of whites marry blacks. That's a statistical fact.

so the question should be to all THINKING BW should be:

why is the white and Jewish-owned media trying to push me into a WM's bed?

i hate to be so blunt

but what they want to do is TRASH the black female by turning her into a modern day WM's wh*ore -- so he will be able to use her as a sexual sewer the same way she was used during slavery

It's unfortunate, but true -- in my opinion. Look at all the negative articles about BW being diseased, ugly, and unwanted. Look at all the negative movies showing BW as monster mothers (Precious) or the Norbit and the Big Momma's House, look at the music that calls BW B*tches and H*oes that is pushed by the ones who really control the media -- and that ain't nobody black. And they push IR at the BM and reward BM for turning our backs on our women

all of this is happening to divide and conquer and confuse the BM and BW so we won't be ready for what is coming or be able to defend ourselves because we wil be too divided

white supremacy has four stages: establishment, maintenance, expansion, and refinement. We are in the "refinement stage" where the non-white people are so
confused, they think they have "white friends" and are "equal" to whites
even while whites are devastating and mistreating them.

now, just like any other cycle, it is time to go back to the way things used to be with the ESTABLISHMENT STAGE meaning, black people will see the clock turning backwards, and movies like "The Help" elevate menial domestic labor for black females and make it seem normal and desirable to clean WW's houses.

And black females will once again find themselves cleaning behind white folks and having sex with white males all while whites are still practicing racism.

that's why I keep mentioning the same website ( www_trojanhorse1_com ) and check out the books, and encouraging people to go to youtube and check out Neely Fuller, Jr and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

because if we don't wake up and see what is happening, we are in for some seriously rough times.


Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to Peoples425
I respect your right to disagree with anything I post. That being said, I agree that making the BW the WM's whore is not the "ultimate goal,' but it is a progression in the process of breaking down the self-respect of the black female. I think most BW (if they won't admit this publicly) KNOW WM in general see BW as sex objects. I think that is why most BW won't talk about their sexual past with WM. A lot realize -- later -- that they were used by those WM. Bet MONEY on it.

That does not mean I agree with those WM, I personally believe BW are the most beautiful, exciting females on the planet and the proof is all the non-black females that imitate them. However, because we live in a system of white supremacy, being black means we are SEEN as inferior by most white people -- and that is a FACT.

The ultimate goal is the same reason the BM are targeted by the system and taken out of the black community, leaving a lot of BW husband-less and man-less. That is all by design -- DIVIDE AND CONQUER for sure.

And in every war, the victors take the women as their sexual objects. The war against the black male is no different. Look at most of the Halle Berry movies -- playing the role of a WM's plaything (wh*ore). The WM lusting after and raping BW while degrading and name-calling them is part of the WM's 500 year HISTORY.

I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that every BW (and BM) on this thread check out this book,

"At the Dark End of the Street' by Danielle McGuire about the systematic rape of BW AFTER SLAVERY and how common it was in America. BW have been raped by WM who have gotten away with it, and the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case is a prime example.

I believe ONCE BW read the history of their GROSS mistreatment by WM and how WM really view BW, there will be fewer BW on this thread and threads like this saying,

"I don't see nothing wrong with sexing white males."


mikey Brooklyn NY wrote:
"Blacks make up 12%of pop yet 42% of prisoners."
Actually it's more like 6% of population, being that it's mostly black males that COMMIT an outrageous amount of this countries crime. It's the big elephant in the room that pc whites and liberals don't want to talk about. So it's a bunch of BS excuses, such as what I mentioned in my previous post.
And btw, there are plenty of blacks that make the RIGHT choice and not get involved in the drug game, that is "whiteys" doing. Too many excuses.
Really? You say Black males commit most of this nation's most "outrageous" crimes? So, Black men in America ordered the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, which has reportedly led to the death of about 1 million Iraqis? Was it a Black man, who created one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history, or was it a White man? Was it Black men on Wall Street that are behind's America's financial crisis?

-Kashta Brueh


Black women love black men, there are more and more sisters like myself who see and know that we were made for black men and vice versa. There will never be any real attraction between sisters and non black men, all it is,is a way to create some illusionary boundary in her mind to where sisters try and escape their blackness in order to sooth any bitter sentiments and feelings towards her father or a man in her life previously.

I had always been told by some of my friends and society that staying true to our black men was somehow wrong,and i never believed that, nor could understand how they could be so brainwashed into that. There are some brainwashed black people that call black women dumb for loving our black men, and there are even brainwashed black men that will tell brothers to not deal with black women,and the media then picks up on this and runs with it, and tries to sell black women this false illusion that we need or should be with non black men,when we have the very black man and only man god made for us.

I feel this is very wrong especially since the black community has been attacked with many socially integrated things which has hurt our numbers and messed up generations of our people in particular,where we seem to be losing some numbers to crack addiction/prison(brought in by the u.s government)abortion and mixing being legalized alongside integration,along with the self hate and self esteem issues black men and black women have, we need to start loving ourselves and our opposite gender,and not fall for the tricks that white people play in order to exterminate us.

Now what I love about my black men is that they seem to be more driven to succeed in all areas of life, they are more motivated about getting their educations and working at their jobs, they have their own things(homes,apt, cars, money)and don't look to women to help them. Black men are polite and generous on dates. They don't carry around a lot of emotional baggage and they have confidence in their abilties and masculinity. The brothers that I have dated, and that all the black women in my family and around me have dated,married, and have families with, have also been very very good passionate lovers and caring towards sisters.

Physically, I find the dark/brown skin on our brothers very appealing, I love looking up into a pair of masculine and handsome dark brown or hazel eyes and love fluffing brothers afros,and even braiding it for them....;),i love braided hair on brothers also,and even rubbing around the dark brown chocolate bald heads of brothers.

We were made for black men,and black men were made for us.



Mark wrote:
Johnny you need to study history. you cant continue to get your education from Beck university and then expect to be taken seriously with all of your misinformed comments. Based on your premise, all so-called conservatives are law abiding, dont work for any govt entities, are morally superior,have jobs, all are patriots who have fought in war, and are all going to heaven. Your facts are like bad bowels...they cant hold water. Your lenses are too fogged up by your poor upbringing which results in your dislike for anybody that doesn't look or believe what you believe. I grew up in a rural community and no one gets more govt subsidies by lying on there applications like they have lost crops due to weather than the white farmers. also if you actually check some facts...white people get more govt welfare than blacks and mexicans you fool... the people you worship like rush, hannity, beck...are laughing at people like you because they make 51million, 38 million, and 42million a year respectively but then they convince poor ignorant hate-filled whites like yourself that the reason this country is in the shape it is in, is because of those blacks, mexicans, gay, feminist, and everyone except the corporations and white males. politicians use fear and ignorance in order to divide and control you. its not about democrat vs republican...its about the rich elite and powerful controlling the masses. Fear and ignorance are just tools that they use to do it. religion is another tool they use. why is it that people like you and rush limbaugh can never graduate from anyones school or university, but always try to pretend that you know everything. why dont you move out of your mothers basement and go get you a real job and a degree in something...not beck university either.
Now that sounds like a voice of REASON....which is pretty rare in Topix. Too bad more Americans don't know the REAL history of this country, and the ways in which racism and conversative ideology has not only worked to suppress the Blacks or Latins, butr also to keep the bemused mass of poor and middle class whites in a state of thinly disguised servitude,



Johnny wrote:
Savant --- Regarding your point about the ---"mass of poor and middle class Whites".---
The White poor as well as the White middle class have largely been scapegoated by the left wing as being the primary "oppressors" of african Americans.
In addition, from the 1960s till now, the White poor have been Americas "invisible poor". And this has been the case & deal because it isn't politically correct for Americas left wing media to report about Americas White poor.
Furthermore, from the 1960s till now, the White middle class as well as the White working poor have disproportionately HAD to pay for african Americans welfare & other entitlements.
REad Howard Zinn's A PEOPLES HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. Even your claim that working class and middle class whites are forced to pay for "black" entitlements" is a falsehood, and part of the ruling class ideology which helps keep whites enchained. You should bve worried not about some imaginary leftwing demonizing of working class whites, but rather the right wing plutocratic manipulation of white racisgt delusions to keep the mass of you white folks in chains.
Perhaps the greatest difference between Blacks and whitez is (as Dr. King reportedly said) that most Blacks KNOW that we're not free, while you imagine that you are...or imagine that your unfreedom is caused by people even more oppressed than yourselves.
I haven't seen you speak of the immense burden of corporate welfare on the shoulders of the mass of white people. And it is largely due to your false consciousness that most of you are slaves to a tiny elite of mainly white corporate plutocracy.



Klaus wrote:
Blacks were not brainwashed, they were bribed! They were bought off by anti-White, White leftis political traitor vermin, who sold out their own kind and enabled blacks and other lesser racial types in their criminality and parasitism.
Actually, it is right wing bourgeois Negroes like Cain who have been pimped and brainwashed by his white corporate masters



Dominique wrote:
Yes girl tell it! Nothing like the love from a black man, thats why god made him for us.:)
I've been with my man for 3 years and countin! We're expecting our first child soon.
Thank you for posting this!And i love the timothy bloom song, that scene is so beautiful with him and the sister in all our natural beauty.
:D Thanks sister for the love, and i know your feelings,its the same with me as well!



The facts are simply, black women are, beautiful, better to marry, faithful, strong willed, loving, always keeping us black men on our feet in hard times. And most importantly, the gift that were created for us black men. I love black women like you. Black men, we MUST treat our black women, better. Black women like you just, makes me wanna be the best I can be in life. I do appreciate black women. God bless you!!

-A Brother


Most BW love BM too..and no matter how hard people attempt to divide BM and BW..this fact will always remain...IR isn't new..it comes and goes like all trends..and BP will always come back to each other..that is why so many outsiders work overtime at trying to keep the gender war going..they know that if BM and BW stop fighting and start loving..it's over for them...it's why they hate their same gender black person...down deep they know they are with a Black person who wish they could find another black partner...



With neverending love for my kings, we started out together, have rose together and struggled together, and we will end together, we just have some bumps in the road brothers, but i love you always.

Never would i even dare date or marry a non black man, when what created me was a black woman and a black man.

Love the timothy bloom song sister. ;)


Nadia wrote:
With neverending love for my kings, we started out together, have rose together and struggled together, and we will end together, we just have some bumps in the road brothers, but i love you always.
Never would i even dare date or marry a non black man, when what created me was a black woman and a black man.
Love the timothy bloom song sister. ;)
-The Moor


Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to Peoples425
Thanks for sharing that Genghis Khan quote

this part -- "... to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters..." are the REWARDS of war when you defeat your enemies, you take (rape) his women and daughters

now, the IDEAL insult is to not take them by force but to convince the women of your enemies to give you their bodies VOLUNTARILY AFTER you have squashed the H out of their fathers, brothers, and sons

what is more degrading -- aka Halle Berry in "Monster's Ball -- than to sleep with the same men who have slaughtered your fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons

the conquerors are laughing all the way to the bedroom because they know when they are through using those conquered females as a SEXUAL TOILET that they will continue to slaughter their sons, fathers, and brothers...

yet some black folks still don't understand what "race" has to do with who you have sex with..


Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to BeautasiaLovely
Amen to that, sister

there's a book coming out in a few weeks called, "The Interracial Con Game" that pulls off the soiled sheets of sex between blacks and whites and shows the dirty history of such "relationships"

check out the website at www_trojanhorse1_com

u don't have to buy anything, there's a lot of free info on the sight that explains the con game being run on black folk

BakkByPopularDemand2 months ago
I'm going to just give a group 'LIKE" for these comments so far....I'm damn sick of the IR articles.....I mean they serve no purpose at all. They don't tell any truth, they don't tell both sides of the coin, they don't tell us anything we don't already know, so what's the point of beating the shit out of THIS dead horse day after day!


crammasters2 weeks agoin reply to tynamarie1
they are in denial, sister, and they think if a white male buys them a cup of coffee or takes them to the bedroom is the same as him thinking a BW is equal.

Yet the BF unemployment rate -- REGARDLESS of education and experience -- is going thru the roof, while white females are climbing the corporate ladder faster than black males AND black females.

if we don't realize that whites look out for whites then it's easy to fall for the con...

what we need to do is fix what is wrong between the BM and BW because it is rough for BW when there's a shortage of available BM

but there is a reason this is happening and THAT'S what our focus needs to be on, not on running away from each other

which guarantees that we will always be the economic slaves of everyone on the planet.
crammasters2 weeks agoin reply to jazzwatch
what is more natural (and self-respecting) than loving your female mirror image?

And what is more SELF-DISRESPECTING than to fugg the same folks that are fugging you over, who mistreated your mother and father, and grandmother and grandffather and will continue to mistreat your children and your grandchildren?

Some of us are in denial EVEN while we're being mistreated and discriminated against for being black

yet will come on this thread and want to know why race matters?

I don't blame them completely because we are taught that whites are "better" from cradle to grave and this has created a lot of mentally ill black people

but it's important to recognize when you are sick (we all are) so you have a shot at getting well....

Malcolm X once said, (and I paraphrase): "It you're not careful the newspapers (media) will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the ones who are oppressing them."

nuff said


soultry-soul5 days agoin reply to BeauDior
I respectfully disagree with you on:

Saying "I WOULD NEVER DATE A WHITE PERSON" really sounds ignorant to me.

I do not understanding why this is an ignorant statement to you...I will never, never, never and never date a yt man - there is nothing a yt man can do for a Sistah such as me. He will never be able to provide me with any type of understanding as far as my world is concerned. He will never be able to console me with the passion that is needed when as BLACK WOMAN has to assist her BLACK BROTHERS SON, NEPHEWS with understanding that a YT officer has just degraded and disrespected them as NO MAn should ever be. He will never understand that discrimination I had to endure by YT WOMAN that I KNOW MANAGE AT MY PLACE OF BUSINESS.

Even today...what in the world would a conversation be with a yt man across the dinner table about Troy Davis and the atrocity in which yt society has condemed him. There's so much more...

My world is complex...and as a Black Woman the only race of men that understand me, my thoughts, worries, concerns and are accepting in joining my fight, my struggle and walking side-by-side is that of my own race of men. Yes, there is desire and an abundance of love, appreciation and support I have for them and there's nothing ignorant about that.
Paul H. 5 days agoin reply to 2012 Endgame
without any evidence, you are blaming a BW

which is EXACTLY what they want you to do

I see black folk do this a lot

referring to other black people as "they" when WE are part of "they"

that is our ANTI-BLACK programming at work.

Unfortunately, thanks to integration and assimilation in a racist, black-hating, white supremacist society, most of us (whether we admit it or not) have been TAUGHT to see other black people the same way that whites see us.

as something negative, defective, and undeserving of life or justice

We are walking around with a "white chip" in our heads, directing our brain traffic, and making us turn against each other, and LOVING IT.

Let's be honest, black folks LOVE putting down other black folks, our comedy is all about put-downs, our conversations are about putting other black folks down, our TV shows are all about putting other black folks down

and we think that is NORMAL...

then think about how RELUCTANT we are to criticized the (white) people who are behind all the pain and misery black people experience.

that is programming and walking around with a white mind and a white brain chip inside a black body

To blame other black folks for what is posted on a WHITE-OWNED AND RUN WEBSITE makes no sense to me.



before we LOSE them
swampthing495 days agoin reply to eldizzy
like most black men who've dated white women seem to have a nack for dating fat almost quite un-attractive. pale and generally not well educated,,,the black women who get upset seeing black men with those trailer park rats,i tell the sisters not to worry for they are only getting leftovers not even whiteMEN would generally date....and as for the black women who date yty ,she's looking to have rent paid or something to that effect,,,some well go as far as to have a white mans baby so her child can have curley hair and light eyes,,,,,,THAT'S ON CD I SAW 2YEARS AGO
Paul H. 2 weeks ago
After reading some of the comments on this article, all I can say is....

Thank u, thank u black folk for seeing thru this BS of pushing IR down our throats!! Triple ^5!

It should OBVIOUS to all by now, that SOMEBODY'S got an agenda to divide the black male from the female -- at a time when black unemployment and foreclosures and school closings and poverty is at an all-time high.

If we compare this society to a "jungle"

what do PREDATORS do when they want to EAT some of the HERD?

They get the PREY to run AWAY from each other IN ALL DIRECTIONS because together (UNITED) they are DANGEROUS, like the AFRICAN BUFFALO -- but apart, a buffalo separated from the HERD becomes some LION'S happy meal. Check this out:


When chased by predators an African Buffalo herd will stick close together and make it hard for the predators to pick off one member. Calves are gathered in the middle. A buffalo herd will respond to the distress call of a captured member and try to rescue it.

A calf's distress call will get the attention of not only the mother but also the herd. Buffalo will engage in mobbing behavior when fighting off predators. They have been recorded treeing lions for two hours, after the lions have killed a member of their group. Lion cubs can get trampled and killed.

In one videotaped instance, known as the Battle at Kruger, a calf survived an attack by both lions and a crocodile after INTERVENTION OF THE HERD.

Black people need to take a page out of the AFRICAN BUFFALO'S book. Because there no predator as cunning and bloodthirsty as the ones we are dealing with right now.

Also -- check out this website -- www_trojanhorse1_com --

there's a book coming out in a few weeks that will tell you everything "they" didn't want you to know about IR relationships which are really "tragic relationships" for a people who are under attack
Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to FalconsFan22
here we go... ((shaking head ))

if you disagree, make your point.
You won't intimidate with insults, I can back up my points with
historical FACTS, and i would say that provides plenty of "foundation"
considering this is coming from someone who is not stating their opinion
(or backing it up) but simply hurling insults.

I have years of
experience being insulted by white people who want blacks to stay
confused and by blacks who are so confused they think like white people,
so I've learned to develop a teflon skin regarding insults.

I do respect is someone with the ability AND the integrity to challenge
my opinions by educating me with some FACTS. Otherwise, dialoguing is a
waste of time

I'll ask you the same questions I asked another poster:

1) If a poster disagrees with another
poster, why do they call them "ignorant" instead of proving their
argument with some FACTS and educating that poster?

3) are you a white male or female?

Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to Dionne Clarrett
sister, there is a reason for everything

and the reason some of us oppose IR is we understand that IR sex is a weapon of WAR and has historically destroyed many people of color and turned them into slaves on their own land

there is a HISTORY of whites using IR sex to destroy non-white populations and destroy their genetics, like Australia, South Africa, Hawaii, Fugi Islands, the Native American populations, African slaves, etc.

It is not as simple as, "I can date who I want"

of course you can. However, when a people are under attack, they must adopt a mentality and a behavior that assures their survival. There is no doubt that black people are under attack, yet we see nothing wrong with sleeping with the same people that represent the group that is attacking us?

that is suicidal and self-disrespecting, sister, that's all I'm saying

and the saddest part is the WM has always lusted after BW, but he has NEVER treated them with respect, and even today, that is still happening, where BW will ask "why do the WM who ask me out, not want to get in a serious relationship?"

because using BW for sex is nothing NEW. I'm not saying that sisters are inferior, I'm saying that most WM are racists and there is nothing a racist loves better than to make a fool out of a black person.

It is time for us to stop fooling ourselves and come together AND i work overtime to work with and talk to BM who in my opinion, we are the main reason some sisters are turning to white males because our behavior is OUT OF ORDER

there is a book I'd like to recommend that explains the disconnect
between BM and BW and includes a lot of history that explains what
happened to our "love" for each other called,

'Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act' by Umoja

you can read free excerpts on Amazon or go to their website

Just because a man settles down doesnt make him a good guy.So I think that needs to be said.Black men in general are viewed as bad men in this country, so that will always bode well for black men when they explore different races.So these women arent choosing black men cause they are so good as many black men falsely believe.They are choosing black men cause they are black.Black women of course arent going to use that same filtering.
jazzwatch2 weeks agoin reply to Paul H.
Rather be with the Black woman.... the one who's gonna love ME to ME....not just ANY woman.......
Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to Rene2009
brother, it is counterproductive to the cause to name call the sisters. We (BM) need to drop that "B" word from our vocabulary.

That's a word that the white slave-owner/rapist called black female slaves because a B____H is a female ANIMAL and they thought of our women as nothing more than ANIMALS.

we must break those slave traditions of degrading each other by name-calling and learn to communicate with each other on a respect basis.

First of all, sisters have good reason to be frustrated with us, especially on the IR tip. I agree, that most BM date and marry BW, but a lot of us don't marry anyone -- even after we produced a houseful of shorties. that is incorrect not to give our shorties our last name. we made them, we must OWN them.

what is happening -- in my opinion -- is the BM and BW don't understand the system we live in that pits us against each other and makes us think the OTHER is the enemy.

This is a trick of divide and conquer which has been used since the days of SLAVERY.

Until black folks, including the sisters who "agree with IR," understand the tragic history that has damaged BM/BW relationships, we will not understand what is happening OR why.
of course, IR for a people who are under attack, is anti-survival and illogical. What I would ask (and will ask) the people who think IR is a good thing is this:

ask that white person you are sexing one question:

what do white people say about black people when no black people are in the room?

see if they will answer that HONESTLY (and the vast majority will not. If they play the nut role, you are dealing with a RACIST. If they give you a half-answer, you are dealing with a RACIST.

Why? because what white people say when no black people are around determines whether a black person gets a job, a loan, fair treatment, or justice under the law. What white people do behind closed doors HARMS black people. and if you're sexing a white person who does not want to give you the kind of information that will keep you from being harmed, then you are sleeping with your enemy.

it's time to stop playing. Black people are in bad shape, and that will not change by sexing white folks. Either we come together (like every other ethnic group on the planet) or

we will perish. it's just that simple.


act2317 hours agoin reply to Dark_Wisdom101
All people pay tax in some form or other such as sales tax, payroll tax, social security taxes, medicare tax, gasoline tax, property tax, etc. What some people do not pay is federal income tax because their income is too low to qualify.

As for Mr. Cain, he is just another crazy Tea Party bigot who campaigned against minimal wage and health care when he was head of the Restaurant Association. Who in their right mind would vote for a party or person that denies you the opportunity to make a living wage or to have good health care?


dragonpat wrote:
did i say we played a major part in the civil war? i said we played the major part concerning the fight that took place to gain and secure our freedom; we also took advantage of european infighting and fought for the side who offered us the best deal....
how can you say we had no business fighting at all? we were spack in the middle of this american war so how could we dodge the bullet by running? and running where?
no way in hell we could have sat on the sidelines in the war, find mates and raise a happy, secure and successfull family! you have got to be kidding!
we fought cause we had too and at the time it was the best strategy to use for OUR peoples future.
im not going to sit here and get in an intense debate with you as i have not studied the civil war to that extant and can not name all the people, organizations, tactics, etc.. etc.. we used, formed and took advantage of to get us where we are today. i just know that no one just gave us a free ticket out of our condition back then. we fought for everything we gained and have.
Dragon Pat, the Confederacy would have lost with or without the participation of Blacks, so how did we play a major part in the fight to get our freedoms? The Union didn't need us, and neither did the Confederacy. Most historians now agree that the Confederacy never had a chance of winning, so explain to me how our participation turned the tide of the war?

The Chinese have an ancient proverb, which goes like this......watch fires burning across the river. What that means is that you sit on the sidelines, allowing your enemies to fight each other until they're both exhausted, and then you come in. Blacks could have went out West, Blacks could have went down to Mexico or the Caribbean, Blacks could have went up to Canada. There are a lot of places they could have went.

The Black men who died in the Civil War died for nothing, just as the Black men who died in Vietnam died for nothing. They were pawns, the U.S. government was simply using them. And when the war was over, Black men still didn't have equality with Whites. In fact, after the Civil War, many Blacks became sharecroppers, which was basically another form of slavery. So, absolutely, I never would have participated in those wars, I would have let those White men blow each other to bits, or go to Vietnam and get blown to bits, and I would just lived out my life. Slavery was a side issue, the Civil War was primarily about economics and keeping the USA together.



Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to tynamarie1
and once they go "out"

they should stay out

but of course, as soon as they get into trouble with that 'greener grass'

they'll come running home


Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to naej42
because like most lower caste Europeans they have African blood running thru their veins. They want to be white and they are not considered white by the true Europeans -- the Anglo Saxons -- and so they want to distance themselves from their "shame"

the Irish, the Greeks, the Italians, and other Eastern European people are really "mixed race" people and were only given "honorary white status" to act as foot soldiers to keep blacks down after slavery

check out the police, fire, and construction jobs. Who do you see? Irish and Italians. They were given a lock on these dangerous, dirty jobs by the WASPS to keep them loyal to the "white" agenda but to keep them on a level below the highly educated WASP populations.

Noel Ignatiev wrote a book called, "How the Irish Became White" and it explains this in greater detail.

there is a book I'd like to recommend that explains the disconnect between BM and BW and includes a lot of history that explains what happened to our "love" for each other called,

'Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act' by Umoja

you can read free excerpts on Amazon or go to their website



Redefined wrote:

These music videos are also REMOVING BW & replacing them with non-BW. This is all social engineering to make BW UNDESIRABLE in the eyes of BM. It is disgusting & evil. A reason why I don't watch music videos anymore. Entertainment ain't even about good music or being creative, It's about how much they can brainwash the masses with subliminal messages.
Exactly there's this website I found:

It talks about the hidden messages in music videos other information.

By the way if you've seen the movie Jumping the Broom and there's a seen where a black guy hits on a dark skin black women and says "Now I don't usually talk to dark skin black women, but I think I can an exception for you" and I'm just like was that nessecary for the script? Truly disgusting.

-Near Future


dragoon70056 wrote:

Not most. But two of the most infamous and well-known racists in the U.S. do publicly endorse him - Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.
People like you get stuck on something and simply can't let it go. First off, I don't consider either of them racist. They fought and fight against discrimination against blacks wherever and whenever they see it. That may be racist to someone like you, but I see them as freedom fighters. Gloria Steinheim fought for women's rights, is she a racist? Chavez fought for the rights of Mexican Laborers, is he a racist? Jimmy Hoffa fought for the rights of the working class man, is he a racist? Furthermore, everyone, except whites like you know that Jesse Jackson doesn't like Obama and vice versus because Jesse is jealous of Obama.

With that said, you can only bring up those two names because you really don't know much about Black people or you would know that most don't really listen to those too that much. Anything you all can latch onto, and twist and manipulate to your advantage you run with it and run it into the ground. Perhaps if you all weren't so busy preaching to us and telling us what we think, believe, do and are responsible for, you'd have the opportunity to learn something about Black people, but that isn't what people like you are here for, now is it?



Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to CynamynQueen82
totally agree with his family. Why would a people (the Vietnamese) who were attacked, bombed, napalmed, and massacred by white people want their son -- the one who will carry on their family NAME -- married to their enemies?

see, that's the problem with the "TV" generation, they think everything is about being an "individual" and have little knowledge or respect for their own history. Only a self-disrespecting people forget their history because the past determines your present and your future.

Black and African people are being displaced and slaughtered all over the planet by Europeans and their hired black and non-white henchmen, yet black people sit in front of the TELEVISION SET or the computer and wonder why race is still an issue (??)

You got black folk right now who can't find a job, who have been abused by the police, who are being racially profiled and treated like criminals just for being "black" and they still want to know why the race of the person they SEX is still an issue?

Folks better wake up, especially when articles like this are being shoved down our throats while our ECONOMIC SITUATIONS are getting worse.

I think the Vietnamese man's family should have made it crystal clear: you choose her over the family, you have just OUTED yourself from this family. Because obviously, with all the Vietnamese women available, this dude was brainwashed and my bet is he had spent a lot of time around white people and watched a lot of white movies and TV, and wanted to be "assimilated" into white society. (this mentality ain't just a black problem).

He forgot (or never learned) one of the cardinal rules of WARFARE: NEVER SLEEP WITH YOUR ENEMIES.

That is why IR sex is pushed on the non-white populations all over the planet, because whites use SEX as a weapon of mass mind confusion and genetic DESTRUCTION. If u check out the history of Australia and the so-called Native Americans here, you will see that their original populatIons have D near been wiped out.

I have made that clear to my children: do not bring a white person home because there will be CONSEQUENCES. You will be outed from this family . And I don't care how that sounds to anyone who reads this.

This is WAR, war is being waged against our population, and if any person who is under attack -- who sees their family and friends and children being attacked and is still CRAZY enough to want to be with the group that is attacking them, they deserve to be on their own.

Point blank period.


Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to Allison Briscoe
Most of the posts opposing IR are making the LOGICAL argument that it makes NO SENSE to be sexually involved with the same group of people who are mistreating you. That is why "racism" was brought up -- by ME

First --it's important to get some definitions on the table.

there is no such thing as "black racism." Racism is NOT simple prejudice, it is POWER plus PREJUDICE. Black people have no power over white people, regardless of their titles.

When people dispute this I ask them to tell me ONE THING that black people collectively can stop white people collectively from doing. I've never got an answer. Now, name one thing that white people collectively have stopped black people from doing collectively. Here's a few things

going to certain schools
getting home loans
getting justice in the courts
living in certain areas
getting a job

and the list is too long for this post:

We have no independent black "systems" or "institutions" that white people do not finance and control, therefore, black people cannot practice racism. Black people do not control the economic, educational, political, legal, or entertainment industries -- therefore the MAJOR forces impacting black lives are created by white people.

I'm not sure you're a black person but it is undeniable that black people live under a system of white domination where white people control every aspect of our lives: where we work, where we live, if we get medical care, if we're accepted at a university, etc.

When one group dominates another, that is the same as having WAR declared on the dominated group. To think that it is sensible and logical to have sex with the same group of people who are oppressing you AND at the same time thinking you can overcome your oppresssion is far from being "ignorant" -- it is suicidal and clinically insane.

Every non-white ethnic group in America knows the most powerful thing they have is UNITY and strong ETHNIC FAMILIES. That's why non-white immigrants run nearly every business in the black community AND are more successful in America than black people

while black people are busy running away from each other...spending more time talking about "IR love" than planning for our economic and family survival.


Kennyinbmore wrote:

So let me get this straight, the criminal justice system makes a black man deal drugs? makes a black man kill for his turf? makes a black man rob a bank? Really? GTFOH. You don't do the crime, you don't get the time. Blacks aren't targeted by the CJS anymore than whites are. If they don't commit crimes , they can't be targeted for anything
Lol, Kenny, you are in the dark, I can tell by your posts that you don't "get it." Let me respond by copy/pasting the 13th Amendment of the Constitution, which "supposedly" freed the slaves:

13th Amendment:

"Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."


Kennyinbmore, okay, above is the 13th Amendment. Now, I want you to use your critical thinking skills, and ask yourself this very simple question..........why would they put an EXCEPT in section 1 of the 13th Amendment, specifically saying that slavery shall not exist EXCEPT as a punishment for crime?

Are you starting to "get it?" Blacks make up 12% of the population but 42% of all prisoners.........are you starting to see the picture? Are the puzzle pieces falling into place?

Slavery never ended, it just "changed." Your comment about Blacks not being targeted anymore than White people is ridiculous, Blacks ARE targeted for racial profiling and many of them are wrongfully convicted or accept "plea bargains." The 13th Amendment makes it clear that slavery can indeed exist for those who have been convicted. That means the Black men in prison are slaves.

You talk about "Black men dealing drugs." Okay..........who brings the cocaine and crack into the U.S. from Columbia and other parts of the world? The Crips and the Bloods? if you believe that you are a fool. Those guns that Black gang members in the ghetto use to kill each other, who manufactures them? Who sells the weapons to them? I think you should spend more time reading, you don't truly understand what you are talking about.

-Kashta Brueh

crammasters2 weeks agoin reply to tynamarie1
they are in denial, sister, and they think if a white male buys them a cup of coffee or takes them to the bedroom is the same as him thinking a BW is equal.

Yet the BF unemployment rate -- REGARDLESS of education and experience -- is going thru the roof, while white females are climbing the corporate ladder faster than black males AND black females.

if we don't realize that whites look out for whites then it's easy to fall for the con...

what we need to do is fix what is wrong between the BM and BW because it is rough for BW when there's a shortage of available BM

but there is a reason this is happening and THAT'S what our focus needs to be on, not on running away from each other

which guarantees that we will always be the economic slaves of everyone on the planet.



ASKARI10 hours ago
Republicans and conservatives never put forth an argument for why Blacks should vote for them...Calling Blacks brainwashed or on a plantation does not put forth a case ....

Why should I vote Republican? I am waiting for one of you so-called supporters to make an argument for voting for them without referring to the Democrats or Obama....Can't can you?

It can be argued that poor and middle class whites are on the Republican plantation since a strong case can be made that Republicans advocate positions that benefit the Investor Class...

In addition, Republicans advocated the "Southern Strategy", a strategy designed to garner more white support for them by alluding that Democrats are for minorities (specifically Blacks)...


What you have said is nothing new.......the same thing can be said for other ethnic groups.......GIVE SOLUTIONS........Black people don't look for the government to fix our problems.......this country does not give a crap about Black people, but only to make money off of us (our culture, style, language, gifts, talents, etc.).....every other ethnic group makes money off us (white, latino, middle eastern, asian, etc.).....other ethnic groups benefit off of our struggles and fights for equal rights, opportunities, etc......we are at a time to strictly FOCUS on OURSELVES, supporting our own businesses, organizations, etc......group economics only for Black Americans.........help each other out, trust each other again, community development, village savings & loans (VSL)......starve those businesses (stop buying from them) that don't support our people or our communities......there would be no death in our communities if we start removing the people and things that are destroying it ......if it's your son, daughter, cousin, mother, father, drugs, prostitution, or any other social ill.....do not accept excuses from anyone....no getting over, no being lazy, no ghettoisms, etc...........give people time to repent, things to die (negative/perverted addictions), & if not then REMOVE IT/THEM BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY for the HEALTH, WEALTH, & PROSPERITY for OUR PEOPLE (community)......we teach EXCELLENCE, SPIRITUALITY, & AGAPE LOVE to our people.........AGAIN don't look to this society to do anything for you-IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN....we can live in this society & follow these rules, but ultimately, WE LOOK OUT & TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES ONLY.......

None of Your B1 week agoin reply to WhatManyPeopleThink
Again, this is the dumbest argument imaginable.
Your continual use of the failed Obama presidency to indict Black people is not only pointless, but feckless. There are more WHITE people living in poverty, more WHITE children without fathers in the home. Does White poverty correlate with the Bush presidency?

Worse news? Obama is FAR more White than Black.

American slavery hasn't been very long ago. Discounting the generational impact of slavery in the USA breezes past the "problems" you attempt to lay at the feet of all Black folk. We didn't start this fire. Look at the "image" of Black people that is most profitable? Who pays the millions to rappers and clowns who gladly portray Black people in the dangerous way that influences our youth? White liberals.

Lumping Obama, who tends toward white, in with Black people is dumb. Apparently you respect Black people as little as Obama does.

Again, there are more White children born out of wedlock, living on public assistance and in poverty than Black people.

soultry-soul1 day ago
Okay...let me see:

We've got the President (Dem) telling us to stop complaining, kick off your slippers and start marching. Then we've got a Presidential Candidate (Repub) calling us Brainwashed. What next - a special interest Rat telling us to put the cornbread down. Is anyone calling yt folks names or labels?

H___ with them both - and to the yt folks on here that want to say, "If you don't vote - then you can't complain." I say to you all...as a Black Woman Born into the US, I can complain and explain about any d____ thing I feel. Remember the yt's told us that Voting is a Right...not a law, and saying what the h__l I feel is my US born - Law Abiding Citizen, Grown @$$ business.
BakkByPopularDemand1 week agoin reply to jazzpast
"We have to unlearn everyting, and even get rid of everybody that are degenerates in our family and friends. For they will be the first one to kill you because of their conditioned dependence and trust to YT folks."

That's it right there....

Savant wrote:

Whites (including poor whites) were actively involved in the Poor Peoples Campaign. So, I guess those whites--by OhREally's standards--were idiots. They actually believed that King's Poor Peoples Campaign was really about POOR PEOPLE, who are collectively the color of the rainbow.

I prefer the so-called idiocy of THOSE white people, to the very REAL racist induced idiocy of OhReally.
I can only agree, brother. I will be posting more and more about the theme of poverty in general....and white poverty in particular.

Keep an eye out!



Iwillbfree1 day ago

I repeat; both of these parties are one in the same!


"When you keep the Democrats in power you keep the Dixiecrats in power...."

"The same government that you go abroad to fight for and die for is the government that is in a conspiracy to deprive you of your voting rights, deprive you of your economic opportunities, deprive you of decent housing, deprive you of decent education."

"You don't need to go to the employer alone, it is the government itself, the government of America, that is responsible for the oppression and exploitation and degradation of black people in this country. And you should drop it in their lap. This government has failed the Negro. This so-called democracy has failed the Negro. And all these white liberals have definitely failed the Negro."

"We won't organize any black man to be a Democrat or a Republican because both of them have sold us out. Both of them have sold us out; both parties have sold us out. Both parties are racist, and the Democratic Party is more racist than the Republican Party. I can prove it. All you've got to do is name everybody who's running the government in Washington, D. C., right now. He's a Democrat and he's from either Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, from one of those c____  states. And they've got more power than any white man in the North has. In fact, the President is from a cr___ state. What's he talking about? Texas is a c____ state, in fact, they'll hang you quicker in Texas than they will in Mississippi. Don't you ever think that just because a c____ becomes president he ceases being a c____ . He was a c____ before he became president and he's a c____ while he's president. I'm going to tell it like it is. I hope you can take it like it is. " -Malcolm X

Remember, that c____ Republican from Texas that is running for this office MURDERED HUNDREDS OF BLACK MEN THAT WERE ON DEATH ROW, and he had no sympathy!


Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to Allison Briscoe
what is a bigger issue for black people than racism? I hate to break it to you but black people -- regardless of education, experience, and background -- have an unemployment rate two to three times higher than whites.

Only one of two things explain this dismal statistics:

1) either educated, experienced black people are INFERIOR to white people
2) or they are dealing with racism/white supremacy
-- or both. there is no other explanation (in my opinion)

so, if this is NOT due to racism, what do you think is happening? I said regardless of education and experience, I'm not talking about uneducated blacks who lack job skills. What is a "bigger issue" than economics?

what about the black schools being inferior to white schools -- no matter WHERE you go in the U.S? Is that a big enough issue for black people?

What about unarmed blacks being murdered by cops? Is that an issue?
I could go on but I made the point.

When you "f*ck" the same people who are mistreating you, you are confused at best, mentally ill and self-disrespecting at worst.

I don't know what people you are referring to as "open-minded?" I hope you're not talking about white people -- because they definitely do not believe in equality no matte where they go on the planet they are mistreating, exploiting and murdering non-white people.

and any black person (if you are one) who doesn't know that needs to start reading books about our past AND present history with Europeans (whites) IMMEDIATELY

I'm not directing this at you personally because I don't know what you believe, but I think it's quite obvious that racism has kept the hands of black people tied literally and figuratively. There is NO bigger problem for black people anywhere in the world than racism.

It is puzzling to me how any black person could believe we can fix what is wrong with our communities -- the racism in a system of racism/white supremacy -- YET think at the same time that we can "f*ck" white people -- who represent the SAME group that is victimizing us

that's just not logical to me

no disrespect intended



oh _ ReaIIy ___ wrote:
Seems to me only poor people would be against the Republican agenda to give the tax breaks to the rich...lol!
No, OR. Poor people are not even a consideration to the Republicans. They are attacking the lower-middle class working folk and that's the problem, while they try to give tax breaks to the rich.

Bottom line: Republicans only care about the rich and coporations, period.

bdcsr wrote:
Honest hard working Blacks are conservatives and don't know it. Obama is a "socialist"
Not exactly. Most working class blacks are POLITICALLY liberal, but with the baggage of cultural conservatism.
That's the reason that even liberal whites can often get more votes than conservative blacks in an election.
Probably, the influence of religion induces much of the cultural conservatism. But there's also a homespun "social gospel tradition in Black religious culutre, whicn induces toward social and political progressivism, a prophetic tradition which emphasizes DELIVERANCE from oppression and injustice.


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