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Had Trayvon killed the stalking MURDER he would have been arrested on the spot on a presumption that he was guilty & never given the benefit of doubt he was standing his ground against a possible pedophile that was FOLLOWING him in his vehicle & then on foot....end of that story.
However that was not the case the one lone detective, a Chris Serino, wasn't buying the MURDERS lie & wanted to arrest him on the spot & was overruled / outranked by then State Attorney Norman Wolfinger who left his home on a rainy sunday night to come to a scene of a typical shooting, do you think someone made a call or two to their retired ex-judge daddy, I would love for the phone records from the MURDERS cell phone on the night in question & well as his fathers phone call records from that night in question to be made public.
You are inadvertently admitting the MURDER is guilty.

As far as the Martins taking the Murder into civil court is well within their rights b/c they have suffered a lost at the hands of this MURDER, if that was your son would you not do the same, & you also will be well within your right to do so?
Answer: YES

Everyone has a right to defend him/her self in the threat of harm including Trayvon Martin had he had a gun he would have been standing his ground according to the florida SYG law from a strange possible pedophile stalker FOLLOWING him.

-World Ruler

Even by standards of ofther Western capitalist countries the USA is way behind, and mostly due to Yankee conservatism. The Right, especially since the Reagan era, has been engaged in the rediistribution of wealth to the 1% and FROM the rest of us. I saw an article which indicated that it's a myth that we even have the most prosperous "middle class"; indeed we rank about 27--behind many countries far less wealthy than we. The Right American Right is a plague upon the nation; and so stupidly reactionary that even other Western conservatives are contemptuous of the American Right--though probably not as contemptuous as I.



So you're saying blacks shouldn't "worry" with discrimination?

The problem is, when white bigots who are racist towards blacks get into a position of power it creates a very difficult situation for some people. Namely, the blacks that have to deal with these individuals when they are managers, teachers, landlords, real estate agents, bankers, etc.

As I said, there are no laws that say that you have to like XYZ. There are no laws that say you can't think negatively about a certain group. But thoughts usually manifest into behavior. And it's almost impossible for these bigots to draw the line between personal thoughts and actions.

So with that being the case, it's absolutely unreasonable for you to assume that blacks should ignore discrimination when it has (and often does) the potential to damage a person on an individual level as it has done with the employees of her restaurant.

Paula Deen is one person in a country with over 300 million. But there are many people who feel like her and use their beliefs to unfairly affect the lives of many.

-A Person



That is TRUE!!! In addition to ZimMURDERER'S testimony I will be paying very CLOSE attention to the Black pastors who the state "reserved" seats for(Total of 4 seats)and are charged with "reporting" to the Black community the court proceedings with the objective of maintaining "peace". In addition, the state noted that these select pastors have a history of working with the "justice department" to keep "peace" in cases like this. This tells me the "system" is going to Do everything it can to get ZimMurderer off as white supremacist ideology is at stake in this case, and USE Black preachers to SADATE Blacks and "keep the peace". This is an OLD trick of whites used time and time again. And you are right, prosecutors need to pull off that scene from "A time to kill" in order to have a half chance. But in reality, whites have a tendacy to "exclude" THEMSELVES, even when they are in simular situations.


I'd expect Bill Maher, as a media/political personality, to know that it is not just her use of the N word that caused Food Network to make their decison to cut her. She forced her black workers to use different bathrooms than white workers like it was Memphis, TN in the 50s during the segregation era and planned a slavery themed wedding. But of course people like Bill are trying to use her use of the N word to deflect from the deeper side of the story. Then you have people like Bethany Frankel trying to chastise hip hop and the entire AA community for the use of the slang vernacular of the N word when they know god_____ well it is not used in the same connotation as Paula Deen used it to berate her black workers.

It's so funny to me how people want to play dumb when it comes to the N word but if it was the F word or K word, I'm sure Bill and Bethany would be quieter than a church mouse!

They need to have several seats, their a___ telling and exposing their damn selves. Smfh.

-A Woman


freddie47 wrote:

You fool LOL..I was basically telling the OP to go and do his own d__ research..
Where in your response post did you mention anything about doing research???? Your post suggests that you were completely clueless!!!
freddie47 wrote:
It doesn’t matter if I was certain or proved me right by doing the research...
I think you need to read your own post again!!! Post number 2, looooool...
I research everything before I make any posts, that is why I have continued to make you look like a complete and utter dummy every-time our paths cross!!!
freddie47 wrote:
Uncle bens is owned by Whites, and Asians have a major stake becuase they supply the rice.
Who told you that Asians supply the rice for uncle ben??????? The rice is grown in America and always has, it isn't like the ordinary rice that you buy from the chinese, lol.... America supply 14% of the worlds rice.

You are a total buffoon, you wouldn't know what research was even if it fell out of the sky and slapped you in the face - you old drunk. loooooooool...
freddie47 wrote: promote Black separatism online and probably wouldn’t say boo to a fu..cking goose offline out of fear of upsetting the apple cart. If you have a problem with the Whiteman then deal with your own damned demons.
You need to take a look at yourself before you call a next man a clown.
Since when was asking blacks to support black businesses classed as promoting separatism?????????

You really are a dumb clown, you don't know whether you are coming or fc'kng going - do you????????

You alcoholic jack______!!! Looooooool.

freddie47 wrote:

YOU are just crying over spilt milk..
Like I said before, I couldn't care less what Asians do, I'm only interested in the economical development of black communities as a whole. The Indians, Arabs, Jews and Chinese have economical influence as they helped and supported each other, now even the Polish, Russians, romanians and so on are building their own communities in London and supporting one another's businesses.

Sorry that the idea of black people doing the same scares the s______ out of you for some reason!!!
freddie47 wrote:
your only solution is that we should patronise black owned businesses...a marketing expert would just put you down as backward...a is about taking risks with your own money IMO.
I couldn't care less about what the so called "marketing experts" say, when did they ever give any advice that could help the black community gain economical power as a group, this is what I am interested in at this moment!!!

It is clear that you lack the basic common-sense to understand what I am talking about, that is because you are not black!


-The Revolutionist


Proud Sis wrote:
I like what you're saying..empowering ourselves by refashioning and protecting our public image..which can be accomplish by group effort and our individual behavior.. I would love see more BW get into media control..I don't feel like we utilize free social media (like youtube)to our benefit..outside of showcasing (and educating)long natural hair..we need more of us to cover a wide range of topics & interests such as increasing our presences in careers we are scarce, developing our character..and networking.
Right...networking!! BW are such a under appreciated goldmine. When BW are catered to as consumers..we are loyal.

Are you familiar with some of the Black Female orgs

Black Girls Workout Too
Black Girls Run

Black Girls Code promotes young BW to get into tech and they have paired with Curl Revolution to promote natural hair

Self Esteem
Black Girls Rock

She Thrives Network

They all have FB pages..its a start. If we get organized we can do some damage!!!

-Spit Fire


John Henry                                                                                                         

and thanks...I had to correct my post and get the name of the defense right. Even though Zimmerman is the actual defense, the reality seems like Trayvon is on the defense stand.Trayvon had to fight to even get a fair trail. He was convicted and murdered at the moment Zimmerman placed his murderous eyes on him.



THIS was erased- Murderman Zimmerman is like the racist on this site. Behind the computer screen, their barks are very loud,like Zimmerman with the gun that night. You see, When the fight was fair,meaning no weapon involved at first, and baby boy murdering

Zimmerman was getting his as beat, for menacing TRAYVON, he did what these cowards on this site would do, pull out a weapon and killed the one that was stronger by NATURE'S STANDARDS AND DEFINITION. In the eyes of any real WOMAN, these kind of males PRETEND to be the Alphas,are the least DESIRABLE to MATE with and they KNOW THIS. What they don't understand is , a man is BORN A TRUE ALPHA. i'm not talking about SOCIETIES new version or definition of what they want ALPHA MEN to be because they cant live up to the true definition. I'm talking about the NATURAL definition of what an Alpha MAN IS. A lot of males struggle with this because they know, they are not true ALPHA MEN and when they are in the PRESENCE of TRUE ALPHA MEN, they do what they do best. COWAR,SET OTHERS UP, LIE,CREATE DECIET,and even murder .Zimmerman knows this about himself and always has. He was menacing a young man who clearly had the natural Alpha label by BIRTH RIGHT, against a pretender, and he was losing this fight. Zimmerman did what any cowardly male would do, Take the life of a young man who clearLy out ranked him , in the MAN DEPARTMENT.


Almoravid wrote:

Yes, and this is all based on physical evidence. As well as the following:
"Analysis of Predinastic skeletal material showed tropical African elements in the population of the earliest populations of the earliest Badarian culture" [...]
--Frank Yurco
Little change in body shape was found through time, suggesting that all body segments were varying in size in response to environmental and social conditions. The change found in body plan is suggested to be the result of the later groups having a more tropical (Nilotic) form than the preceding populations.
--Sonia R. Zakrzewski, American Journal of Physical Anthropology
Volume 121, Issue 3, pages 219–229, July 2003
The results indicate overall population continuity over the Predynastic and early Dynastic, and high levels of genetic heterogeneity, thereby suggesting that state formation occurred as a mainly indigenous process. Nevertheless, significant differences were found in morphology between both geographically-pooled and cemetery-specific temporal groups, indicating that some migration occurred along the Egyptian Nile Valley over the periods&time; studied.
--Am J Phys Anthropol, 2007.


I think we need to separate what we have now (the present) to where we may want to go in the future (not the past)..and to find out if "we" are even on the same page....we will not know that.. if we keep talking at each other..and not with each other..and more importantly..listening....beca use "man up" and "lead" could mean different things for BM than it does for BW....not including from person to person..some may take "man up"/lead as being aggressive and giving women little to no control..others may see it as taking physical/emotional/financial care of himself/women/children/communi ty.... I personal think gender roles has it's place within society, but they shouldn't be so rigidly define from couple to couple..because we're unique individuals with different likes/desires..and most of what we demand isn't even important in the scheme of things..

-Proud Sis



"Why is this right in so many ways...."
It's not. And "for the record" I'm a black man that is against anyone, including blacks, using the "N" word. But let's not pretend some rapper saying "that's my N" is the same as how a Paula Deen will use it.
I'm against the use of that word, but I get so tired of the stupid arguments that get made to justify and/or deflect from white people using that word that has historically been used by whites while oppressing blacks. The vast majority of whites who use that word aren't using that word because some rapper used it. Whites are using that word because their pappy's used it, and their pappy's pappy before them.
It goes like this:
If you're black and referring to other blacks by that word, you're wrong. That word is a product of slave mentality. It's a product of abuse. We aren't trying to reclaim the word or any of that nonsense. We're just so used to hearing it and using it, and people don't like to admit they're wrong and break a bad habit.
If you're another minority using that word, you're even more wrong. Using the words of black oppressors doesn't make you cool, hip, or down with the black community. It's cool that you want to relate, but would a brother come home and call his sister a "B" just because everyone else on the block does, even if the abuse is so prevalent that she has started referring to herself as such?
If you're white and using that word, you're dead wrong. You are the worst of them all. If you want to use that word so bad, let a group of black men raid your home, take away you and your family, sell you to separate slavers at a public auction, chain you, beat you, castrate the men, violate the women, have your children serve their children, destroy your culture, forbid you from learning theirs, and run you into the ground as they reap the rewards from generations of your family's work; let your grand children's grand children finally be declared "free" only to be put back into slavery by unjust laws created for the benefit of their oppressors many generations before by men that looked like them as you toiled with no say so on the plantation; let their children travel the world to fight for their oppressors, only to be mocked and discriminated against all the while; let them come back from their wars only to find that they had more freedom in the lands overseas, that fighting for freedom didn't include their own, as it will require a nationwide civil rights movement just to get their oppressors to finally admit it's wrong to openly discriminate against them with government endorsement, let alone actually take some steps to correct the damage and bias. Go through all of that, and then you can call yourselves by whatever derogatory term your oppressors used against you throughout the years. Until then, stop whining about your inability to use the "N" word being what is "unfair."



curious wrote:
the 25th dynasty was ruled by nubians
nubians were and still are sub saharan east africans.
ancient egyptians may have looked similar to the habisha, and they were really mixed people.
'black' is a very vague term.
habisha are black, khoisan are black, naijas are black, but their blackness varies.
AA's are simply west africans so they can't claim ancient egyptians, that would be like swedes claiming ancient greek history...
Stop with the "25th dynasty" stuff. A African, Menes is the one to 1st unite all of Kemet. Think of "black" as African ( non-white, non-euro-asian) if that helps. AA's "cluster" closer to Africans on the continent of Africa than do "euroasians". It's been peer reviewed & charted. You PPL.luv the term " peer reviewed" don't u



white democrat wrote:

If the ancient Egyptian where a black nation why is there no mention of it in the Bible. Why didn’t the Greeks or Roman say anything. The Romans where struck by the red hair of the Celt and the blond hair Germans and wrote about it. But did they write about the hair of the Egyptians? The Hair of black people is significantly different than Caucasians, is it not? Why are there so few black faces on the wall paintings in Egyptian tombs?
Do you agree that over thousands years wave after wave of Eurasian nomads swept down from the grasslands of the north to conquer the middle east. Why would they stop at the frontier of Africa. And don’t say because of the power of the Egyptian empire. The horse was in the middle east long before Egypt was united. All the horses in the world are related the ones domesticated on the Eurasian steeps and some were brought south but Eurasian tribesmen long before the dawn of history.

Here ya' go.....

"The myth that they were some other people is only that, a myth. They were never described as white, brown, nor yellow. Furthermore they did not describe themselves in any other terms but black. They described themselves in terms like those of their neighbors. But the ancient Greeks also described them as black. It is in the last 500 years that the ancient Egyptians' color is questioned by Northern Europeans and some white Americans.

"The facts are these: Herodotus, a Greek writer in the 5th century B.C. claims that "the people of Colchis must be Egyptians because like them they are black-skinned and wooly-haired." (History, Book II.) "


" The Greek philosopher Aristotle writes in the 4th century B.C. in Physiognomonica that the "Egyptians and Ethiopians were very black."


but the say " All the horses in the world are related the ones domesticated on the Eurasian steeps and some were brought south but Eurasian tribesmen long before the dawn of history."

Who are the 1st PPL. on earth and the 1st to start civilization. Hint: they were NOT europeans or asians.



The white liberal establishment is pouring salt in a deep wound

Wall to wall coverage of gay marriage benefits while Black people have just lost our right to vote again...
These Nazi Republicans are going to nickel and dime the system until that dictatorship in Michigan is brought to every state. Isn't it interesting that this ruling came down around the time of the 150th anniversary of the decisive Battle of Gettysburg (Civil War)?
We're on the road back to Jim Crow and slavery. The four unelected Nazi judges and their servant -Clarence Uncle Thomas- wouldn't dare hand down such a ruling if they were not encouraged by the complicit, closeted racist of the white liberal establishment and their "Black" slaves.


Nina Parker ‏@MzGossipGirl 33m See @lolojones is a perfect example of knowing when to stay in your lane. She didn't... And now, she gone learn.

Imma need somebody to make a meme with Jackie Joyner Kerseee, Wilma Randolph, Flo Jo, Sandra Richards Ross, Jennifer Suhr. All the other Black American female track/field runners with kissing their gold medals & Lolo in looking pitiful in the middle with a caption saying. U MAD ???


Sinajuavi wrote:

Oh really? First, a Eurasian migration into the Maghreb 30,000 years ago. Then Capsians, same route.
Um..Id*ot...The Capsians industry comes from the older Eburran industry of east Africa also called 'Kenyan Capsian'(13,000-9,000 BCE).
Sinajuavi wrote:
Then Neolithics.
Again, consult a map, Afronazi. To get from the Levant to the Mahgreb, you must traverse Lower Egypt.
Again what the fck is a map suppose to prove? Again Lower Egypt was SPARSELY populated. I already told you a million times that there was LITTLE gene flow into Lower Egypt.
Sinajuavi wrote:
Traffic was in both directions. But other than Natufians, when was there a significant migration from Egypt into the Levant?
There were at least 3 in prehistoric times, in the opposite directions.
Yet I have posted to you a million times that there was LITTLE Eurasian gene flow going into Lower Egypt. Now you backtracked from claiming Lower Egypt was Eurasian for 30k years.



Sinajuavi wrote:

LOL... more of your fantasies but no evidence, Afronazi.
No yours, because NO sources agrees with your silly pseudo-science claims. Which is why YOU can't post any. LMAO!
Sinajuavi wrote:
What was the predominant Eurasian Y-type in the Maghreb in prehistoric times? Like Pleistocene, early Holocene...?
Again THERE WAS NO PREDOMINANT Y-DNA in the Maghreb. Again all you have is your opinions. People of the Maghrebs Y-DNA is PREDOMINANTLY African E-M81. All you have is MtDNA, but Maghrebins MtDNA is diverse and mixed, while their Y-DNA is PREDOMINANTLY African. Those U6 carriers were absorbed by those Africans that were ALREADY THERE.

YOU find me a Eurasian Y-DNA for that long in Africa you Eurofck.
Sinajuavi wrote:
E1b1b does not tell us who was in Lower Egypt. What is the full list of predynastic Y and mtDNA there?
Neither does those Eurasian haplogroups. Your desperate Eurofck self is so desperate to claim African civilizations and cultures, but when you know no sources agree with you, you play games and act like other people aren't posting evidence to save face. And yet you call me an 'Afronazi. Calling me an 'Afronazi' isn't going to save your broke down argument.

[QUOTE who="Sinajuavi"]
AFRAID to post such evidence? LOL!!!
LMAO! You're an desperate Eurofck and prove it time and time again. Where is YOUR EVIDENCE???? Where is YOUR evidence for Lower Egypt being Eurasian for 30k years(which I debunked). Where is YOUR evidence for the Maghreb being PREDOMINANTLY Eurasian for 30k years(which me and Almoravid already debunked).

You're scared. You still have not responded to my request by posting sources+quotes backing up your silly claims.
Sinajuavi wrote:
Since it's proven that the Maghreb was populated by Eurasians by 30,000 years ago, and mostly of Mideastern origin,
LMAO!!! Your d*mb@## STILL has not posted fossil records or archaeological sites for these Eurasians.
Sinajuavi wrote:
obviously the burden of proof would be on you to show that the population of Lower Egypt was free of such people, though they'd migrated through Lower Egypt several times.
But you still won't provide any such evidence, Afronazi.
Again Lower Egypt was sparsely populated even in dynastic times d*mb@$$. I already said a million times. It was the OTHER WAY AROUND. Africans were mostly migrating out of Lower Egypt and into the Levant.

I ALREADY POSTED that there was very LITTLE gene flow from Eurasians into Lower Egypt but actually predominant African gene flow into the Levant and West Asia.

Give it up you Eurofck. You know there is more and more evidence coming out that the Ancient Egyptians were African. So what you and other Eurofcks try to do is claim that it was mixed as a last refugees. That's the only thing you can do. You can't prove that there were any Eurasians in Egypt early dynastic times. So what you and other Eurofcks try to do is try and put Eurasians in Africa for a LONGER DATE. which is why you and other Eurofcks came up with this 30k nonsense.

Give me a break. You still have not posted any sources+quotes backing up your silly pseudo-scientific claims. Man the radiations from those nuclear tests in New Mexico must have melted your brain.


I'm not surprised Bill Maher & TYT are proof that white libs & progressives are racist. Bill Maher stay stereotyping Black people & he went to bat defending Don Imus a___.

He fucks black women so he feels like his has perspective on black race. However as soon as one starts speaking the truth about scheming a___ Jews he gets OFFENDED.

This fool even had the nerve to say BLACK PEOPLE Don't watch Paula Deen's show.

He also failed to mention the sexual harassment towards an black female worker.

-A Human Being


WTF are y'all talking about blacks making mountains out of mole hills and blacks taking this out of proportion.

You do know that the employee who sued her is white right...We didn't start this fight and food network finished it.

That should tell y'all silly asses something. Even yt's are done with the fuckery.

-A Woman

He or Zimmerman is a murderer and a sadomasochist by lying in claiming that it was God's will for an innocent teenager to die. It doesn't get any perverted than that. In my heart, I hope justice will be made. Yet, it may be justice delayed until he reaches his afterlife. The jury selection is over. Now, the legal team of Trayvon Martin's family should be encouraged to keep on fighting and to make sure that the truth is shown. We are not going to allow our late young brother to be slandered, not this time.

-By Timothy (Me)


World Ruler                                                                                                         

Witnesses have flipped-flopped & recanted their stories but most of them say it was to dark to see who was on top or bottom.
All you site trolls are like parrots by regurgitating the words of a lying MURDERER as if you were there as eyewitnesses as if he called & confided in you personally, the one guy that tried got blown out of the water claiming to be the MURDERER'S friend never to be heard from again, not even a full fifteen minutes of so-called fame.....LOL

The audio of the screams is a vital piece of evidence that the defense has to discredit at all cost because after the shot the screams stop.
Why would you scream for help when your holding the gun?
Please reply to this one.
Also your admitting he was on the prowl/ hunting for a victim & found one that would make him the AGGRESSOR on all counts.
So are you saying had he shot a caucasian teenager carrying a drink & candy wearing a hood on a rainy night would have been ignored & he not be charged......really?
The pressure came when they tried to sweep the whole incident under the rug as usual with the help of the inept, not all, sanford police department.
The body of the teenager was in the city morgue for three days claiming they could not identify the body when the parents filed a missing persons report, when it was later reported they knew exactly who he was b/c it was reported he had id on him which they filled out in the death certificate, lairs or incompetent or both.

As far as the Martins becoming millionaires, it was reported that they were cut a check for approximately a million dollars give or take, in my opinion that should have been the starting point.
That speaks volumes & an admission that they have experienced a lost of their teenage son
I have a question for you did you or anyone you know donate to the MURDERS slush/ defense fund, yes or no?
He was literally paid for MURDERING an unarmed teenager in that regard crime pays well would you agree?
Lets not forget we are talking about the same individual who he & his wife perjured themselves before a judge & was still allow to get a SECOND BAIL BOND, can you please explain that one to me?


marcus adams                                                     

We already knew that an all white jury would be selected. If the minority is Hispanic it might as well be an all white jury. Florida is very racist towards blacks and we expect a fair trial? Tell the prosecutor to sit at the defense table because thats who she sides with. This trial is Taylor made for an acquittal.


I guess Bill Maher doesn't understand the concept that a PRIVATE company (Food Network) has the right to fire someone / terminate their contract if it feels that said employee doesn't represent their brand well or causes damage to their brand.

The Food Network doesn't wish to be associated with the N-word, racial & sexual discrimination, black-employees-use-the-back-bathroom-away-from-the-customers, and "Gone With The Wind" slave wedding fetishes of Paula Deen. Paula Deen didn't have just "one f_____-up", but a whole series of them. She is free "even to be an a____hole"....just not while working for the Food Network.
Sit down, Bill.          




Great post and 100% TRUE!!! Those with KNOWLEDGE of white supremacy and white supremacist "systems" KNOW the "game". Those without KNOWLEDGE of white supremacy and supremacist "systems", and BELIEVE whites love them, sit back and LEARN. Within the "system" of white supremacy, ALL whites are the SAME. They just have different methods to achieve the SAME goal.


Paul H.                              

Brother, a lot of this anti-blackness comes from too much TV watching that has programmed black folks to see ourselves with 'white eyes' which explains a lot of our backwards behavior toward each other and why we are quick to avoid criticizing white people while blaming other powerless black people for what the white people in charge are doing
we better find a way to get our sanity back while we still have time to save ourselves


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