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"If you CONTROL a man's THINKING, you don't have to worry about his ACTIONS. If you can determine WHAT a man shall THINK, you do NOT have to worry about what he will DO. If you can MAKE a man BELIEVE he is INFERIOR, you do not have to COMPEL him to seek an INFERIOR status, he will do so WITHOUT being told. And if you can make a man BELIEVE he is JUSTLY an outcast, you don't have to order him to the back door, he will go to the back door on his OWN. And if there is NO back door, the VERY nature of the man will DEMAND that you build one".---Carter G. Woodson.


I hear what you're saying. Of course, the witnesses are important but even more important to me is whether the prosecution is trying to win this case.
I say that because the prosecution side approved of a jury that had no black people on it and the prosecution did not prepare their witness to testify.
Those two things are glaringly obvious and should be the main focus on black people's minds, not how well a 19 year old, barely legal young lady is "blowing" the case. As far as I'm concerned, the prosecution is doing a fine job of that all by itself. .
The question is why is the prosecution working against its own case? (I think we know why). Also, when it comes to all white juries (the Hispanic might consider herself white, that's not uncommon), witnesses and evidence usually don't matter anyway.
That's why many juries involving black people are usually all white because that makes it a slam dunk that the black person or the "black side" so to speak will come out on the losing end.
And isn't that what "America's" all about anyway? Making sure the "white side" always wins?

add your daddy, his daddy, and his daddy's daddy to the pile
that should do it. Now the planet's just a little bit cleaner and a lot saner. Speaking of baboons, whites are the ones who descended from Neanderthals, the closest thing to "apes" and "baboons" -- not African people, who have no genetic link to monkeys or apes or Neanderthals - until they bred with Europeans.
Don't believe me, here's a quote from the article, "First Love Child of Human, Neanderthal Found"
"The skeletal remains of an individual living in northern Italy 40,000-30,000 years ago are believed to be that of a human/Neanderthal hybrid, according to a paper in PLoS ONE.
If further analysis proves the theory correct, the remains belonged to the first known such hybrid, providing direct evidence that humans and Neanderthals interbred.
(by "human" they mean African man and African woman, the first human beings on the planet. National Geographic did a special on this and concluded that Europeans were a Hybrid between "man" and "Neanderthal. If that is true, Africans were on the planet long before the Europeans so they must be the "man" National Geographic was talking about)
Prior genetic research determined the DNA of people with European and Asian ancestry is 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal.
NEWS: Neanderthals Lacked Social Skills
Numerous flint tools, such as axes and spear points, have been associated with the Mousterian. The artifacts are typically found in rock shelters, such as the Riparo di Mezzena, and caves throughout Europe."
After you shave off the fur off an ape, baboon, or monkey, guess what color the skin is? Pink.

-Paul H


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And that's a good thing. Black folks have been sleep for way too long. We need to wake up and face reality. They are letting you know what the really think about you. It's time to stop being nice, and put all this "I'm a good Negro" bullshit down. Whites don't give a fvck.

We not to start asking what's in it for us? Why should we give you our votes, $$, etc? What are you going to for black America? We need to stop asking for permission like white people have some divine authority. We have to have our best interest at heart at ALL times. Weed out the negros who bring us down. If only....
-A Person



SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling Distraction RE US March to Fascism

IMO it's NO coincidence that just one day after the SCOTUS Court gutted the 1965 Voting Rights act [= an insidious assault on the 14th & 15th Amendments], they appeased 'liberals' w a ruling favoring so-called 'marriage-equality' as a clever distraction. Thus in the 'liberal' blog-o-sphere they stopped talking about the SCOTUS assault on Voting Rights & started praising SCOTUS RE 'marriage-equality'.
Some Head-Lines: June 26, 2013 by The Guardian The Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Rulings Were Historic, but Not Enough - America will now be a kinder place for gay couples [so what about Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, the working class & working poor, whistle-blowers, etc...], but the battles do not end today. 37 states are without 'marriage equality' ...
June 26, 2013 @ Huf-Post  Death of DOMA and Transformation of America on Gay Marriage
June 26, 2013 by Common Dreams Win for Equality: SCOTUS Rules DOMA Unconstitutional: [ironically this article features a Black {gay?} guy holding up both the American & 'Gay-Pride' Rainbow flags- the day after SCOTUS ruled that voting rights is merely a 'racial-entitlement' for Black & Brown folks in the good ole US-of-A]
June 27, 2013 by [DN!’s own] Amy Goodman @ TruthDig: The Supreme Court Makes History: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: [a telling Amy G quote: 'the legal ‘TRAVESTY’ that defined marriage in federal law as only between a man and a woman...']. While Amy G does note that the SCOTUS court had just gutted the 1965 Voting Rights act, she curiously fails to even mention the details of Ms Abigail Fisher's bogus case RE Univ of TX top 10% admissions prog as race-based [NOT!] AA prog [FYI: a filthy rich white 'Good Ole Boy' & ex UT alumni, Ed Blum, was behind both cases]- RE the 2nd alleged victory she sites.  IMO Amy G's wrong. SCOTUS did NOT just take 2 steps forward & 1 step back- SCOTUS has aided & abetted the US' ever quickening march toward FASCISM- especially after Bush & Lil Bro Jeb HI-Jacked the 2000 election in FL [aided & abetted by SCOTUS], & the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' event on Bush Jr's watch. So they swung the door wide-open for so-called 'marriage-equality' [HUMM] as a clever distraction to appease 'liberals'!
However one might feel about 'gay-marriage', the SCOTUS court's gutting of the 1965 Voting rights act [as a so-called 'racial entitlement'] which many say is the culmination of the civil rights struggle [& which the modern women's & LGBT movements dove-tailed from, were inspired by, & have now apparently eclipsed]- is IMO actually an insidious assault on the 14th &15th Amendments. After they effectively 'neutralize' those IMO they won't be satisfied till they 'roll-back' the 13th Amendment- & 'Ole Dixie' would have effectively won the {'new'} Civil War!
At best the SCOTUS Court's non-decision in the UT vs Ms Fisher case was a wash- NOT a Victory- which up-holds other court decisions giving cover to the protracted & insidious assault on Affirmative Action progs [based on race- but excluding gender].
But Amy G [curiously] myopically overlooks other recent notorious SCOTUS court decisions IE: The Court's recent ruling in favor of notorious Chem & GMO giant Mon-Satan vs [a] regular farmer(s)
- The Court's notoriously ruling that corporations are persons & Corp $$$ = $peech [= BRIBE$]
- The Court's recent ruling that folks being arrested- even on a NON-Felony beef [IE: for a traffic ticket that had already been paid]- can be stripped-searched as general procedure [there goes the 4th Amendment!]
- THE Court's putting their seal of approval on Bush Jr HI-Jacking the 2000 election [by dissing 10s of thousands of mainly Black voters], by violating FL's state sovereignty & ordering a halt to FL's vote recount [which would have almost certainly resulted in confirming that Gore had won both FL & the WH].

IMO These SCOTUS rulings telegraph what the {white} Power Elites agenda really is RE what they see as threats & non-threats. Apparently they've got NO real issues w 'gay'-marriage [one can speculate why] nor LGBT's [& women] openly [but so-called 'patriotically'] being cannon-fodder for the US' Military Industrial Surveillance Security State- & 'patriotically' slaughtering innocent women, children & elders [ironically often at Marriage Celebrations - as well as funerals] over-seas, along-side other red-white-blue blooded war-mongering men [Note: In the name of so-called 'main-stream' LGBT 'liberal patriotism'- SF's 'Gay Pride' Parade just threw Bradley Manning under the Bush & Obama Regimes' Gitmo BUS!].

Shamocracy Now's" Amy
"Shamocracy Now's" Amy Goodman discredits herself - again. She's another empire gatekeeper on the Democratic party side. Soros and company allow her to report just enough facts to fool viewers into believing she's the real deal truth-wise. I wised up to Goodman's game during the western axis of evil's war on Libya. DN regurgitated the govt propaganda about Libya and Ghadaffi. My last time tuning in to her charade was when she repeated the already discredited lie about Ghadaffi's troop using Viagra to engage in sexual assault.


mswanda on said:
I read that the witness in the Martin case is Haitian and english is her third language. So that’s maybe why she talks funny. White folks are looking for anything to defend Zimmerman. Reading blogs and the racist comments from whites is making me ill. They say things like “trayvon deserved to die” or “one less n____ to rob us” These people are sick. And they are saying that this child attacked a grown man that was stalking him. If that is true maybe Mr. Martin was standing his ground. Paula Deen can’t be helped. The Jew media is the one doing this to her. A Jewish female is suing her and she is throwing black people in the pot to strengthen her case. Black people can care less about Paula Deen. I’m more concerned about these cop/pigs killing our people, discriminating against us in employment, Blacks catching hell just trying to live our day to day lives. I can care less about what some white female thinks about me. Why isn’t Donald Trump catching hell? Just two weeks ago he said Blacks and Latinos are more violent and commit most of the crimes. He is not catching hell because he didn’t say anything about Jewish folks. Now it will look like Black people are gonna be blamed for Paula Deens Downfall when we had nothing to do with it. Wow, I didn’t know we had so much power. First it’s our fault the gays can’t get married and now we took down Paula Deen.



alia5012 on said:
Yea^^^!i had posted something earlier this week about the Trayvon Martin murder.. On Facebook some Europeans created a page off the post mortem image that was shown for ALL to see on national tv, and are making a meme/mockery of it.. (Placing picture of this poor dead boy, in very disgusting and disrespectful ways). It boiled my blood down to the core because he was a CHILD who was murdered and they just showed it on tv like nothing , I have NEVER seent his done on any child that’s been murdered.. But with him they did it.. Long story short… Stop watching tv and don’t get involved in the trap. While we want justice, someone mentioned to me that its a trap, a distraction, and of course it’s going to anger us.. That’s what they want .. US to be angry..


Paul H.                                                                                                          

The children of black/white unions often side with the white side especially if they are raised by that white parent. The black Haitians during the Haitian Revolution realized that these mixed race people had aligned themselves with the whites - even against their own black relatives -- and the black Haitians had to kill the whites and the mixed race people to win their independence from white colonizers.
That's why I'm for black people having children with other black people because having children with mixed loyalties
I'm not black, I'm not white or I want to be white but I got this black blood that I hate or I'm half white or half-black or I love my white parent, too, or which side should i pick? I don't think I should have to pick a side and on and on and on and on...
This does nothing but grow confusion and stops us from unifying against white oppression. That's why the media is promoting IR so we can stay divided and confused and more anti-black and will be their slaves forever.
sorry, if I stepped on some toes, I'm just keeping it real


diaryofanegress on said:
Self reflection is the most important thing we need to start doing immediately. It’s hard because none of us wish to see the demons within ourselves.
Have you noticed whenever I post on our dysfunction and actually DOING SOMETHING and not just giving lip service, I get very few responses and comments?
Emile, we have a lot of work to do if we want to live. As for allowing edom to comment on here, I wish to remove them from all aspects of my black life. To me they are useless.


blakkminded on said:
Has anoyone noticed that white people are always attempting to give black folks guidance on how to live their lives? They tell us to get off of welfare; go to school in order to have a more prosperous life; how to dress and how fix our hair and how to speak. It seems as if most whites believe that we (blacks) are literally wards of the STATE. And that this is what gives them the impetus to belittle and speak to us in a condescending manner.
But yet, they never self-reflect and take a look at themselves. I surmise that taking inventory of themselves involves responsibility and whites for the most part as a group are in fact irresponsible people and are in fear of realizing the truth about themselves. THAT THEY ARE EVIL!
Positive Brothers                                                                                                         

Let's just stop relaying or sensationalizing negative stuff about our does nothing......helps nobody...empowers no one. SO major celebs are also guilty of this..I get tired of hearing jokes about our faults on the radio also.


I agree.
anything that puts black folks in a negative light is rewarded by white people especially when black folks dog each other out, the white media loves it!

That's why black entertainers are the worst role models humanly possible for our youth because most will sell their souls and their mommas' soul to make a dollar and the white folks make them degrade themselves because they know it destroys our black youth to hear us call each other Bs and Ho*s and N**gas and chase after white folks to date and marry.
The BET awards is famous for promoting blacks who degrade other blacks, because of the damage it does to young black minds is priceless to the white supremacy system
This is all part of the white media's game plan and as parents we have to turn that TV off, bring out a book, or a toy that builds the mind or at least watch what they watch on TV and throw out that music that calls us degrading names
because if our kids are singing it and saying it and thinking it, one day we will look up and they will be it. You are what you say and do

-Paul H


I think the mistake is to allow a racist white defense attorney to put the burden of this trial on a black female barely out of high school. She is not on trial, all black people are on trial. Trayvon represents the value of black life, not whether a black girl who is a victim of a white supremacy educational and environmental system is a "good witness."
No disrespect intended, but I have a problem with your description of this young lady as a black fat girl -- who is being judged by racist white standards of appearance -- and don't think she and all dark-skinned black females don't know how some folks see them -- which is why some sisters have "attitudes" as a form of self-defense from whites and from blacks who automatically judge them more harshly because of their dark skin.
I suspect some of us (not saying you) would be thrilled if she measured up to an image that white people would approve of: light-skinned, educated, talking "properly" and being a charming witness.
She is a witness to a crime, not the symbol of "black beauty" which for too many brothers means a black female who looks more white than black. That is our sick minded problem, not the problem of this young black female. We are the ones who need to examine our values that make us so quick to degrade someone who does not make us "proud" in front of the white folks.
I hope black people are not going to put the blame on her if Zimmerman walks. That stage was set a long time ago and more recently with a white jury that deliberately excluded blacks.
Why did the prosecution agree to that jury? That should be our focus. Why are people allowed to kill our children? That should be our focus.
Why are some black people more worried about what white people think of her appearance and demeanor instead of getting justice for Trayvon Martin and his family?
We should know by now that white people will never see us as fully human and we should stop trying to convince them, and focus all our attention on learning to respect, love and protect our women and children and our brothers and building some economic and business bases that will allow us -- as men and women -- to stop a racist system from creating sisters like Rachel Jeantel who even at a young age know they have to keep their dukes up to get through a society that doesn't value them.

blacks today are worse off and more divided than we were during segregation. We married each other, we knew we were in the same boat and didn't have the choice of running to the white suburbs or to white people's beds. We had businesses and organizations that we controlled. Now we have almost no businesses and all the black organizations are controlled by white people
we have assimilated into owning nothing but our desire for more whiteness.

-Paul H


You're very big on Black economic self-determination, and I think that's a good thing. But your emphasis seems to be only on private enterprise. I think you should consider COOPERATIVE enterprises since these can be communal and involve greater democratic participation in economic development. Have you ever looked at W.E.B. Du Bois DUSK OF DAWN? Check it out, and especially look at the chapter called "The Colored World Within."
Even if you can't accept his radical left politics, you might still find something of value in Robert Allen's proposals for democratic cooperative enterprises in his book BLACK AWAKENING IN CAPITALIST AMERICA. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his last two years among us, was suggesting the idea for cooperatives in our ghettoes in order to not only advanced economic development, but also give the underprivileged a chance to develop habits and skills self-determination, participatory democracy and a self or dignity gotten by means of that economic self-determination.
In their Ten Point Program published in the late 1960s, The Black Panther Party was also proposing cooperatives in Black communities. When I was a kid the BP were organizing clinics, breakfast programs and other initiatives, relying and appealing to voluntary participation by the community.
We need to consider all these options. i recall that in his last speech King advocated supporting Black enterprises. I also recall that he promoted the idea of cooperatives. Everything should be on the table.



For those who never heard it, the national hymn of South Africa

nkosi sikeleli africa

which is sung in 3 languages.

a (truly nice) whiteboi


EyesWideOpen on said:
I just noticed this comment to me written a couple weeks back by Forced Reality: “Who’s sleeping with who is very important, unless you would like to see the black race diluted due to us breeding the black out.”
It’s a non issue. Black genes are dominant. White genes are recessive and despite their delusion, whites are the true “minorities” on this planet (less than 10% of the world population). That, coupled with the fact that they are not having kids at replacement levels means that it is they, not us, who needs to worry about being “bred out”.
Considering the nature of this blog, it’s ironic that some seem to be forgetting that the vast majority of white people are profoundly, pathologically racist and REPULSED at the idea of having sex – and children – with black people who they (still) consider subhuman. The subhuman part is also quite ironic since we now know that it is THEY who are the subhumans thanks to their Neanderthal DNA, but I digress.
The fact that a small percentage of children born are of mixed race does not change the fact that the overwhelming majority of children are born to parents of the same race. It’s been that way since the races first encountered each other.
Check out this post if you want hard numbers supporting the fact that racism is alive and well when it comes to dating and mating:
How Your Race Affects The Messages You Get. Pay particular attention the table: “Would you strongly prefer to date someone of your own skin color / racial background?”
I think it’s beautifully ironic and fitting that the caucanderthal’s persistent, pathological racism and inbreeding will play a significant part in their eventual extinction from this otherwise beautiful planet that wants them GONE.
Based on the 1500+ comments to that post as well as the consist comments on this blog about “the swirl”, interracial sex is obviously a topic that is VERY important to A LOT of people. I get it, and I think I understand the real reasons why that is, but the facts are; history, logic, genetics and data do not in any way support the notion that the black race is in any danger of being bred out. That’s a white people problem – thankfully – not ours.
I said it before but I think it bears repeating: our focus should be internal between the ears, not external between the sheets.
The promised land is a state of mind.
Majek Fashek


diaryofanegress on said:
Our lower carnal selves are what’s keeping us from ascension. Interracial sex is always a “hot topic” for those of us who put importance on it.
For me, personally I’ve moved on from whites. They are no longer a concern in my life.

IF anyone advocates the extermination of the Jewish people, then he is an obvious antisemite. But I haven't seen Attai do this. If you advoated KKK killing of my people, I would call you a racist. But I've not seen you do that. Before accusing anyone of anything I will have to consider whether the evidence makes such an accusation rationally and morally warranted. Now I think you mention Ron Paul soemwhere. Yes, I think a man who OPPOSED the civil rights act of 1964 (except in a gutted form), and whose newsleteer refer to Black people as "zoo animals" meits the title of racist. The comments about Jews, gays and immigrants are also revealing. It's not even subtle racism. If you want a more thorough critiqu of Ron Paul on that score, google Atlantic articles by Ta Nehisi Coates on Ron Paul. (By the way, Ta Nehisi Coates is the son of Paul Coates, former head of the Bmore chapter of the Black Panther Party--the REAL Panthers. We practically grew up together. Paul Coates now runs Black Classics Press).

Well, the gospe writers were clearly trying to promote Jesus and the Jesus movement. But I suspect Jesis harbored certain radical tendencies, a certain liberatory message, which had to be kept from the sight of the Romans. It is Jesus' radicalism which I suspect was obscured or concealed. Even still you can find hints at the social radicalism of Jesus and his Movement. For examples, there's his opposition to the rich, to the Establishment, and his obvious sympathy for the poor. If I recall correctly, the Luke's gospel has Jesus saying "Blessed are the POOR" , not the "poor in spirit." And IN the Acts of the Apostles it is mentioned that the early Christian community in Jerusalem gave up private property, and formed a kind of commune or egalitarian cooperative. I suspect there was a lot more of that than we can see today, but which would have been noticeable by observant contemporaries at that time. The Movement had to protect itself by concealing the radicalism of Jesus and his movement.... The gospels stories, probably sanitized, sought to protect the Movement. But, of course, the Romans could often sniff out sedition. Christianity was not an old religion like its mother Judaism, whose ancient traditons Romans could respect (however weird their monotheistic exclusivism may have seemed). Judaism was a NATIONAL religion, and had the Jews not revolted (or succeed in the revolt) Judea and the Temple would not have been destroyed. Christianity was a new comer, but alos a preselytizing religion which appealed to slaves, the poor, women and other oppressed groups with its message of deliverance from misery and injustice. It egalitarianism. and rejection of Roman authority (or at least the divinity of Caesar)Led to ther Romans viewing them as a spreading plague of subversion. Hence the persecution.



I think it would be good to take a look at Angela Davis' THE MEANING OF FREEDOM in connection with the issue of immigrants and the prison industrial complex--and the whole prolbem or racism in connection with all this.
It's a lot more complex than most of us realize.



beatnikjd 3 years ago
Most opponents of the public option are motivated by a vile form of social Darwinism. Can't afford insurance? Then die. That's actually how there vermin think. A for profit health care system is obscene. The public option slavery?? Get real!!


trollslayer wrote:
DNA provides clear evidence of tropical African types migrating to
Paleolithic era Europe, contradicting claims of “Caucasoid” evolution in
situ. Tropical limb evidence confirms DNA. The African tropical types
may have interbred with local Neanderthals, but in any event would have
adapted to the colder conditions of Europe over time. QUOTE:
"Early modern Europeans reflect both their predominant African early
modern human ancestry and a substantial degree of admixture between
those early modern humans and the indigenous Neandertals. Given the
tens of millennia since then and the limitations inherent in ancient DNA,
this process is largely invisible in the molecular record. It is readily
apparent in the paleontological record.“
--E. Trinkhaus (2004) European early modern humans and the fate of the
Neandertals. PNAS 2007 vol. 104 no. 18 7367-7372
Paul H.                                                     

It's tragic how quickly and with so much glee that some black people throw our black youth under the bus. There are actually black people who are now "ashamed" of how she makes black people look. Those people should look in their own mirrors instead.
This young black, dark-skinned female knows she's in enemy territory. She knows what the white people in that courtroom and on that defense team and in the jury box think of people like her.
She's experienced putdowns all her life -- often from other black people. Of course, she's got attitude. Many on the people who are criticizing her have "bad" attitudes themselves because of the way they have been treated in a white supremacy system like the U.S.
Maybe, instead of criticizing her, black people should be asking WHY the prosecutor agreed to a jury that omitted blacks? Or why his witnesses don't appear to be prepped for the trial -- instead of finding fault with a young lady who has come into a hostile legal system to do the right thing.
What is it about so many black people that we can't WAIT to throw our black youth under the bus? Are we so filled with anti-blackness and self-contempt that all we care about is how we "look" to white people?
I think it's courageous for a young black person to speak the truth about the murder of a young black male that the legal system would love to sweep under the rug like so much garbage. Instead of bashing her, we should be supporting her.
Whichever way this trial goes I hope we have the self-respect to hold the right white people accountable instead of bashing another black person.
Paul H.                                                                                                          

The plantation mentality is still alive and well in our people who do not even realize we are still slaves on the plantation. And just like you have the runaway slaves that were always fighting their oppression, you had the house and wanna be house blacks who loved the massa more than the massa loved himself.
It's not our fault, we have been brain-trashed for over 500 years and all that TV watching has filled us to the brim with white-identification and anti-blackness. I think we need to get real with our situation, and what is happening to our black youth, including closing black schools and building more prisons for young black people.
We might not get justice in this trial -- that's nothing new -- but we can start by creating justice for ourselves by not mistreating each other, stop snitching on each other, stop harming each other and bad-mouthing each other and come together instead of trying to fight our oppression by laying in white arms and in white beds. Come on many ways, we are worse off since integration and interracial sexing than we were during segregation. At least then, we loved and married each other and knew we needed each other.
That's what they want us to do and some of us are guilty as sin for bashing a young black female for standing up and telling the truth knowing she's going to be attacked for it. I would not be surprised if she is later targeted for her testimony by the system or by the police. She could be putting herself in danger and all some of us can think about is "she made us look bad in front of the white folks"
What is that? A Gone With the Wind sequel in 2013? Sounds like slave plantation thinking to me...It's time to stop this slave thinking before we all wind up on a real life plantation -- and that is no joke.

While living and traveling in the deep south I had the privilege of meeting and conversing with many people. An elderly black woman in her 80′s told me she was one of the first black educators in her town. She worked hard and saved her money to buy a home.
Now blacks buying a home was not unheard of BUT there was a condition. A black person was allowed to buy a home as long as it was not BRICK. I remember sitting there looking at her dumbfounded. She then said to me, “You heard me, colored people were not allowed to buy brick houses.”
All I could do is ask her, “But why?” She went on to tell me it was just the rule – COLORED PEOPLE COULD ONLY BUY WOOD FRAMED HOUSES.
The school superintendent was notified of her desire to purchase a BRICK house. At first he “gently” tried to dissuade her but she refused to budge. His next step was to threaten to fire her. She still did not budge. He relented (not having a replacement for her) and she was able to buy her home.
Resist the devil and he will flee from you.


Almoravid wrote:

"Molecular biology has traced the ancestry of the Cro-Magnons deep into tropical Africa, into the territory of the hypothetical African Eve"...
Imperceptibly, in tiny numbers, the African ancestors of the Cro-Magnons expanded out of their tropical homeland at a time when human populations were on ...
--Cro-Magnon:How the Ice Age Gave Birth to the First Modern Humans, By Brian Fagan,pg 89 (2010).
"...the Cro-Magnons, the presumed ancestors of modern Europeans....were more like present-day Australians or Africans..."
--Chris Stringer, African Exodus ((Michael Witzel, The Origins of the World's Mythologies) 2013)
Oxford University Press
"When canonical variates are
plotted, neither sample ties in with Cro-Magnon as was once suggested...
If this analysis shows nothing else, it demonstrates that the oft-repeated
European feeling that the Cro-Magnons are “us”(46) is more a product of
anthropological folklore than the result of the metric data available from
the skeletal remains..."
--CL. Brace 2005. The Questionable contribution of the Neolithic to European craniofacial form
In modern humans, this elongation is a pattern characteristic of warm-adapted populations, and this physique may be an early Cro-Magnon retention from African ancestors. Similar retentions may be observed in certain indices of facial shape ...
--Alison S. Brooks, John Van Couvering, Eric Delson


"...the Cro-Magnons, the presumed ancestors of modern Europeans....were more like present-day Australians or Africans..."
--Chris Stringer, African Exodus ((Michael Witzel, The Origins of the World's Mythologies) 2013)


This source means Australians or Africans,(which originally is 1 in the same) left Africa and migrated to a different part of the earth.

No meltdowns...just sources & LINKS



To that I add,

Bulletin of the Natural History Museum: Geology / Volume 58 / Supplement S1 / June 2003, pp 37-44

Gough's Cave 1 (Somerset, England): an assessment of body size and shape

Stature, body mass, and body proportions are evaluated for the Cheddar Man (Gough's Cave 1) skeleton. Like many of his Mesolithic contemporaries, Gough's Cave 1 evinces relatively short estimated stature (ca. 166.2 cm [5′ 5′]) and low body mass (ca. 66 kg [146 lbs]). In body shape, he is similar to recent Europeans for most proportional indices. He differs, however, from most recent Europeans in his high crural index and tibial length/trunk height indices.

Thus, while Gough's Cave 1 is characterized by a total morphological pattern considered ‘cold-adapted’, these latter two traits may be interpreted as evidence of a large African role in the origins of anatomically modern Europeans.


trollslayer wrote:
"The "human revolution" of innovation began in Africa per some scholars
"Paleolithic scholars working in Africa identify numerous behavioral innovations associated with the MSA cultural entity.
These include (i)
technological standardization in producing diverse point styles,(ii) abstract thinking and symbolic behavior manifested in the use of ochre, geometric engraving design, and use of body adornments,(iii) planning and extensive alliance networks reflected in long distance raw material
transportation, and (iv) use of aquatic resources [29, 84–86].
These behavioral complexes are thought to have stimulated economic diversification and dispersal's within and out of Africa in the Upper Pleistocene [ibid.]. Of these, projectile
technology is considered to be an important innovation that enabled modern humans to broaden their spatial and dietary niches [29, 30, 87, 88]."
"The Levantine related Levallois method is poorly represented in Oman and in those areas east of the Rub’al Khali Desert; instead the sites there display a mosaic of local technological evelopments and some East African MSA affinities [69, 104]...
Somewhat appealing evidence concerning Upper Pleistocene cultural connections between NE Africa and the Arabian Peninsula comes from the recently excavated MP assemblage at the site of Jebel Faya 1, UAE [5].
Radiometrically dated to ¡­127.95 kya, one stratified assemblage at the site (Assemblage C) contains both small handaxes and foliate
points produced by fac¢¬onnage technology, revealing close technological similarity with NE African MSA industries [5, 69].
Two younger assemblages from the site (A and B) indicate no apparent technotypological affinity with the Levantine, NE African, or other assemblages in the Arabian Peninsula [69, page 305]. Interestingly, a surface MSA assemblage with similar took kit to that of Jebel Faya
Assemblage C has recently been documented on the Eritrean Red Sea coast, at a site called Asfet [67]."
--Beyin (2011) Upper Pleistocene Human Dispersals out of Africa


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