Friday, June 7, 2013

Real Truths

TrojanPam says:
@ Ms J.
I think it’s mentally HEALTHY for black people to get out of denial. Then, we’ll be able to come up with more realistic solutions and strategies to solve our problems
but as long as we lie to ourselves to make ourselves FEEL good, we will never BE good.
I can’t tell if it’s me, the vibe I give off, the economy that making a lot of people angrier and meaner, or if more and more white people have decided black people are the problem and buying into the black scapegoat theory
I suspect it’s a combination of all the above


emile on said:
If you were to ask me this question over four years ago, I would have given you a volley of reasons why I should be critical of the president and many others. However, being less confused now, I’m more apt ask to look beyond the antics/actions/public front of these individuals and ask for the core reasons “why” they have conducted themselves in such mannerisms toward us.
Again, we are failing/not remembering to take the emotional aspect out of our reasoning for all of these related events pertaining to us collectively as Black people and the global population. Let me state this comment by Dr. Welsing as premise for why I am now less critical and/or accusatory of such individuals:
“It is an act of Black mental health to refrain from criticizing and name-calling other Black people.”
Fact is, we may have no clue as to what these individuals are up against or are obliged to do for the sake of their own safety, sanity and livelihood, nor the “true” conditions under which they are operating in the SOR (mistreatment). We don’t everything, but we are still learning. This does not preclude them from making conscious choices as individuals.
Out of our frustration and confusion, we are kicking the tires of the car that ran over the nice old lady next door, instead of going directly to the driver’s side of the car, retrieving the driver from the car and holding the driver accountable and answerable to obviously destructive behavior. We have to be less emotionally reactive and proactively logical in our assessments, queries and comprehension of why certain events conclude in the manner in which they do. It is every easy to put all of the blame on a manager at a branch location for failing to successfully execute and maintain a predetermined, non-feasible management plan that was purposely designed to fail in its operation, when in actuality it was the executive board at the corporate headquarters, in another city, that created the plan in the first place, had it troubleshooted for intentionally negative outcomes, anticipated the negative backlash from employees toward the manager. But the board is protected by legal counsel who are paid to shield them from any accountability from any angle.
So if we keep saying that the president, the mayor, the school board CEO, the police chief, have no power, then w-h-o does have “the” power to affect change? Who are the people in the backdrop, “pulling the strings”? Writing the speeches? Setting the policies? Are very knowledgeable about the drastic social/political/economic outcomes of certain policies, regulations or agendas, but don’t give a damn? Logic, not emotional response, is how to find the answers to the questions of why certain things keep happening to certain people with certain outcomes.
While it is understandable that how painful and hurtful it is to be a victim of condescension, gentrification, school closings, food deserts, employment obsolescence and other crimes committed against us, there must be a counter-strategy, an appropriate maneuver that will help in avoiding the arrows pointed at you. You can’t stay in one spot and become further victimized; you’ve got to move, think, react in unpredictable, incalculable and unanticipated ways.
Deception is an art. I think that, just as we should study and master the game of chess as advised by Dr. Welsing, we can do likewise with the practice and refinement of deception. Not in a bad way, or because we have ill intentions, but as a counter-strategy that renders us less as victims and more as victor of justice.


emile on said:
Well, let’s use our brain-computers as advised by Dr. Welsing, using a little deductive reasoning to conclude on factual evidence. Instead of criticizing and name-calling the president (and his wife for that matter), let’s assume that it’s true of what has been said repeatedly, that the president, school board executives and mayors, in actuality, really have no effective power to influence bottom-line issues affecting the average individual. Based upon this rationale, we have to ask ourselves how are we helping to solve the problems of injustice when we hold them accountable, when in fact we know that there’s not a damn thing they can do? To paraphrase an analogy by TrojanPam, this would be akin to kicking the tires of a car that just ran over an old lady, instead of going after the real cause of the problem: the driver of the car.
Mr. Fuller often states that there would be a continual refinement of showcasing Black and non-white people as “leaders” in all nine areas of people activity, as a facade for the true wizardry behind the SOR (mistreatment), where key players would be placed within positions of “seemingly” influence and power as a social mechanism in keeping people complacent and less critical of current events, i.e. stagnant unemployment, woefully shameful income disparities, excessive and completely unnecessary war campaigns, unbelievable public debt, unprecedented imprisonment levels, sub-prime mortgage rates, financial redlining, targeted school closings, blatant sexism, you name it. All one would have to argue in favor of keeping the status quo is to point to certain Black and non-white individuals placed within these positions as a sign of “progress”. But what is progress and on whose terms is “progress” defined?


emile on said:
I know. That’s exactly why I positioned the question last, to remind us of how we’re running in circles and not getting any further than step one. For the sake of constructive criticism, I find we often fail to take the emotional aspect out of our frustrations with these types of topics. The frustration is a given, and unavoidable, especially if you’re knowledgeable about how things are really being conducted. But we can’t stay focused on “what” they’re doing to us. We know what they’re doing to us…(lol!)…The next step is to think strategically in what way each of us are going to counter such effects.
Not voting anymore? Fine!
Helping other small Black businesses the best way that you can? Excellent!
Reducing your patronage of low-quality and disrespectful grocers, fast-food joints and salons in your area? Outstanding!
But the thing is, do something. It doesn’t have to be much; it doesn’t have to be grand; but with each doing their part, in their own little way and by countering anticipated behavior that’s assumed of us, we make a helluva difference in the long run. I would advise everyone to do the best thing that we all are doing at this very moment: staying informed, thinking critically, asking questions, being observant and spreading constructive information that benefits everyone. It takes a system to defeat a system. Download pod-casts, listen to them twice as a minimum and view your listening as a source of empowerment, using the information to build your own strategy and personal plan. These are the types of small-scale efforts that will amaze you in helping to shift your behavior.
The fact is, there’s not much that we can do about those things beyond our control. But there is something that we can do about those things in which we can make a difference.


C on said:
Only in ameriklan can the IMMIGRANT FOREIGNERS from europe presume to call other people “ALIENS” including the Native Peoples they MET HERE!


This is an old discussion Sister. The truth is the truth. There are tons of role models that women can look to beyond KK. KK has tons of surgeries in trying to look like you, but nothing can be superior to the original Woman or the Black Woman at all. Now, a child is born, so both parents have to take care of it. Yet, some brothers are wrong to be color struck and to assume that any Caucasian female with so-called "exotic" features are superior. Talent is diverse, but talent is not always in the eye of the beholder. There are those who are not good in certain sports, so some talent can be quantified. Kim Kardashian is the fruit of celebrity culture and much of the hypocrisy in Western society.
To color struck brothers and ignorant folks, she is the total standard of beauty. That is why the House Negroes bow down to her.
For if a man doesn't recognize the appreciation of their own black being, then no one will respect that man in the first place. There are tons of Sisters that are beautiful and carry themselves filled with righteousness without the need to fund a porn tape. George is in error to assume that most Sisters are having 7 sex partners by the end of high school, which relates to the lying stereotype of black females being promiscuous when we know who are the most sexual active folks in America are. So, I believe that some of the Kardashians exploit blacks, because much of mainstream white society reject them (for their actions. They use fame as a means to gain notoriety at the expense of black resources or Black power).

-By Timothy (Me)


@ all the precious black ladies reading this post
there is at TRICK that the “pick-up artist” community (meaning men give other men tips on how to “pick up” women”)
that has been very successful among many black females in the U.S., Africa and abroad DUE to the relentless white mainstream media BASHING of black females like the Psychology Today article penned, “Why are black females the least attractive?”
This is an excerpt from the book, “The Beauty Con Game” which is a quote by Josh Wickett on the pick-up technique called “framing”
Framing: Creating Easy Sexual Access
“Every week there’s a new study or article that says black women are inferior. Here’s the deal.
They have a name for it in the PUA community, it’s called ‘framing.’
PUA stands for pick-up artists.By constantly advertising the idea that black women are at the bottom of the sexual attractiveness heap and saying nobody wants them, they become MUCH easier to get because they feel “lucky” that anyone wants them. This is really a strategy designed to produce easy sexual access to black women for white males.
I once moved into a group house years ago and it took almost six months before it finally hit me that the black female and white male were f____g. They
were so good at keeping it discrete (the white male’s choice, no doubt).
If a white male wants to have sex with a black female she should FORCE him to be VISIBLE WITH HER.
That means public displays of affection, meeting white mom and dad. Otherwise, she is being treated like a prostitute.” J.W. — black male blogger, 45

By NO means am I saying all or most black females fit into any one category, but there is no point in denying that the white media is attempting (and to a degree SUCCEEDING) in doing a HEAD JOB on black females in an attempt to trash our self-esteem. We’ve all seen one negative article after another about black females and HIV, how we can’t find a husband, how we are the least attractive, how big our butts are, etc.
keep in mind that comment that V8driver made earlier
“more bounce to the ounce”
and I bet had a black male said that about white females in general OR his sister or daughter, he’d take that as an INSULT
wake up, black queens, before you even THINK about becoming a white man’s w____e — like we were FORCED to be during slavery


@ v8 driver who said,
“More bounce to the ounce” well with abagond’s posts about booty etc., I am
that’s racist because i’m attracted to black women? now i’ve heard everything, yo.have a great day!

ME: white males being SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to black females is nothing new. I think all the different complexions of blacks who descended from slavery is a testimony to the white male’s LUST for black females — even while he is practicing racism/white supremacy.
I think it is up to the black ladies to determine whether your inappropriate for a white male reference to black females having “more bounce to the ounce” was typical of the type of disrespect shown by white males toward black females.
As a younger black female, I have had white male STRANGERS put their hand on my butt and once, while getting a chiropractic treatment from a white male intern, he called in some of his white male buddy interns to take a look at my butt while I was lying — UNAWARE– on my stomach.
so I KNOW all about all the great RESPECT shown by white males when it comes to the bodies and sexuality of black females
I watched an attractive, educated black female friend go from one white male to the other, they would take her out to dinner and ‘act nice” and after maybe, 3 or 4 or maybe 5 or 6 “dates” that would be the END of her
and NONE of them took her seriously and it used to PAIN me to see how clueless she was, that these white males were USING her but that was her choice. Nothing I could do about it
BUT that same “admiration” is often a mask for racist white males to USE black females SEXUALLY and the FACT is MOST of these so-called WHITE MALE ADMIRERS would not even consider marrying one of us and having children with us
that’s why you don’t see that many black females with children who have a white male for a parent as in the reverse. And I’m sure a certain of the black females having abortions were impregnated by white males but due to him being white, a lot of black females are too intimidated to take him to court for support OR to let anyone know they were SEXUALLY USED by a white male and do not want to bear (or birth) the EVIDENCE
(oh yes, sisters have a LOT of secrets when it comes to sex with white males)
that is why many white males WAIT until they are PAST the typical child-rearing age and have already HAD their children with a white female to come our way —
haven’t you noticed that ladies, that most of the white males that hit on you are often past the age of 45 or older?
And EVERY white male over the age of 21 KNOWS what I’m talking about when it comes to what the AVERAGE white male THINKS of black females, so you acting all innocent of what I’m really saying just won’t fly here.


We focus on little stuff like interracial, weave, light skin vs dark skin, all the while avoiding the major stuff like our neighborhoods being destroyed by drugs, violence, gangs, and schools closing, and our need to support and build black businesses. The media puts all this stuff in our face because they know they’ll get a reaction, just look at this post it has 300+ comments in 2 days, yet posts about our history and what we need to do get less than this in the same amount of time. I don’t want to see our ppl hurt but some have to learn the hard way on their own. Do I think we should be with whites? at this time not really especially here in amerikkka and the way a lot of them talk about us or treat us ain’t right. But to each his own.

@ Ms. J and mstoogood4yall
absolutely, there is no “interracial dating” ads on sites and magazines, etc that cater to white people, I suspect, because white people DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT S.
when they have a taste for a little “black stuff” they know where to go:
to a black website or dating site
otherwise, that message that “IR is better” is not designed for them. Most of them aren’t interested in marrying us anyway, so what would be the point?
However they do want BLACK MALES and FEMALES to want them, and to divide and conquer ourselves so the system of white supremacy can continue to function EFFICIENTLY and SMOOTHLY
because ANY black male or female who is lying in bed with a white person is AUTOMATICALLY NEUTRALIZED in the fight for black liberation because even they don’t believe in it
and will spend a great deal of their time and energy defending their CHOICE of a white partner — all of which often leads to a SPLIT PERSONALITY along so-called “racial” lines
where the black person will start BLAMING other black people for being the victims of racism and for the bad things that white people do to them
“If only those (other) n***gers” would act right, white people wouldn’t treat ME so bad”
and they will often wind up more anti-black and black-self-hating
and what could benefit the system of white supremacy more than that?


@ all the black ladies
ever notice how in all the TV shows that a pretty black female will be sexually pursuing a not so attractive white male as though it’s black females who are lusting after white males than the other way around?
because white males pursuing black females GOES AGAINST THE WHITE MALE CONDUCT CODE
where he is NOT supposed to OPENLY acknowledge the black female as equally sexually attractive as white females.
I have experienced AND witnessed this dynamic where a white male will either be SNEAKING PEEKS at me or another black female OR will pretend he doesn’t see that we’re females at all OR will sometimes become hostile in the presence of an attractive female like that goes against his programming
that white is always superior
and then some of those same white males will find a way to sneak up to you at a convention or someplace else to see if you will “visit them in their room” or some other such nonsense.
come on ladies, we’ve ALL experienced the sneaky racist white male on the prowl….


@ sondis
Yeah some black women and men are lost when it comes to this, they stereotype their own. They stereotype white men and women as being the better option and the black man and woman as being the wrong option. I was on a blog about black men not marrying until later in life and I understand it. It takes black men longer to accumulate wealth than white men so some black women will look at it as white men are the better option. men want to be fianacially stable before they enter into a marriage and white men have the upper hand in this area. It don’t matter to me how long it takes a man to get to where he is going so long as he knows where he’s going and has the ambition to get there. Tyler perry movie about a black woman sleeping with a married white man and thinking he was going to leave his wife for her was funny to me. I know a lot of white men view us as toys and can’t stand how they always refer to us as some chocolate this like we a dam candy bar. What do ppl do with candy bars and what are they for? candy bars are to satisfy a sweet tooth ,after that u throw away the wrapper and that’s the end. ITs the same way with black women they use some to satisfy their urge then after that they are thrown away.


@ Pam
And I know it really messes with black men’s minds when shows like scandal come on and some black women will defend it when the black men try to point out the stereotypes in it. White men will sleep with non white women but u will never hear them say they are better, yet some black ppl will say a white person is better when they date out. And also when a white man says something about black womens bodies or how they are sexually some black women take it as a compliment. I remember reading an article about a white rapper or something saying black women give better head than white women, and some black women were co signing that bs. Some are so starved for attention that when a man degrades them they feel like wow he notices me. Notice whenever a white person says what they like about black men or black women its always physical and they say things like I like their chocolate skin, their lips, etc. I don’t like being compared to chocolate by them because 1 chocolate is not a necessity 2 ppl can live without chocolate 3 ppl like chocolate to satisfy a sweet tooth and don’t eat it everyday.4 Chocolate is a WANT not a need.
Water is a need and ppl need it to survive. Its the same with white men wanting black women its usually to satisfy a sweet tooth and view us not as a necessity but as extra, replaceable. They don’t really end up marrying a black woman, and aren’t around her everyday just when they want her. They treat white women like water, they need her not just want her, and treat her as such by marrying her and being around her.


@ Trojan pam
I said the same thing on another post. That they always show us in shows pursuing white ppl when in real life its the other way around they are the ones initiating things and we either reject or accept. They want to show us as the bad guy like look this black woman threw herself at this poor married white man he had no chance. They want to show us as not being worthy of being approached by men, other shows they show the women being pursued by the man. They are slyly trying to say we are masculine and proposition the man.


@ B. R. — who said, “not one black woman I have ever had a relationship with has ever done it to be validated by a white man…this is the Freud/Fannon/Femininst activist rheteroic you are buying into…basicly a western concept…psycho analysis…Ill say it again, not one black woman Ive been with or been around ever went with white men for validation.”

first of all,
I think it is VERY telling that you – as a white male — think you can SPEAK for what is in the heart and mind of a black female and feel comfortable enough to actually post it
Also, those black females who are seeking white male validation don’t always know that’s what they’re doing. Many black people are confused about racism, how it is practiced BY white people – especially in the bedroom — and that they are often ACTING out of a Brainwashing that has been perpetrated on them all their lives
I am NOT speaking out of some white female “Freud/Fannon/Feminist/ Activist/Rhetoric
(whew, that was a bucketful of words) because I don’t even know what that is
it really astounds me when someone I’ve NEVER met, tries to tell me what my frame of reference is based on some literature written by a white person — that FRANKLY, I don’t even buy into
I am not an admirer of Freud, seeing that he was a COKE HEAD and I have personally NEVER met a black female that wanted to sleep with her father OR a black male that secretly longed for his mother
I suspect that pathology is a EUROPEAN one, like many others
so please either agree or disagree and present YOUR point of view, do NOT attempt to present MINE for ME. I am NOT a white female, and I am NOT a feminist.
I am a person who practices — to the best of my ability — COUNTER-RACISM and my goal is to help other victims of white supremacy ANALYZE and UNDERSTAND how this system functions AND how white people practice it
That is MY FRAME of reference — and you got that DIRECTLY FROM ME.


@ mstoogood4yall
absolutely, the black female is ALWAYS shown as the sexual aggressor of the poor hapless white male in most TV shows where a pretty black actress is shown
when IN REALITY, it is the WHITE MALE who initiates the sexual encounter
I believe they do this for three reasons
1. To REINFORCE the CENTURIES-OLD REPUTATION as the “hot-blooded, black female Jezebel (w**re) who could NOT be raped because she always wanted “it” — meaning the white male slave-owners were NOT sociopathic SERIAL RAPISTS OF BLACK FEMALES –
and that includes the “Father” of our country — George Washington
(keep in mind that 90% of the people in the U.S. with the last name “Washington” are black — where did we get that name from???)
and it includes Thomas Jefferson who was a SERIAL RAPIST and RAPED Sally Hemmings, a black female slave — but the white “his-storians” painted it as a CONSENSUAL “romantic” relationship”
how in the H is that possible when he kept her as a SLAVE? what choice does a SLAVE have to say yes or no to her “master’s” sexual overtures of RAPE?
how freaking ridiculous AND racist to paint her Victimization as a “romance”
2. to maintain the WHITE MALE CONDUCT CODE that no white male should EVER put a black or non-white female above a white female and in those instances where he slips off his superior “pedestal” and actually engages in sexual intercourse with a non-white female
let it be understood that it was NOT his idea and he just had a weak moment like any man would when presented with free and easy NOOKY
3. to further alienate the black male as he watches the SHAMELESS black female throw herself at the white male — once again confirming in the disgusted black male’s MIND
that the black female is exactly what the white male has been calling her for hundreds of years
a white man’s w**re” (just add an “h” and an “o” and you spell out the word


@ sondis
who said: “We as black people are simply, play toys for white people. when they are not stepping on our neck in some way shape or form, they are having sex with us.”


@ Linda
it is too late to debate any further but let me be clear
I NEVER said black people in America had the same experiences as blacks outside america
THAT was your comparison
what I said was the GLOBAL SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY functions the same way all over the world
black people are mistreated in Europe, in the UK, in Russia, in Sweden, in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Jamaica, etc. ANYWHERE white people are present — and in many cases the BRAIN-TRASHING of blacks by white supremacy has resulted in many blacks mistreating other blacks simply for being black
I don’t know where you’ve traveled, but my money says you’ve experienced this ‘mistreatment’ where you were treated at least some or part of the time differently than white people
and if you disagree, so be it
have a good nite

@ Legion (and Cornlia)
Since you asked so respectfully here’s one of my sources regarding the high rate of “interracial marriages” by Jews prior to being marched into concentration camps
“By the 1930′s, 60% of all German Jewish marriages were interracial. In his book, “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” Brian Rigg states that 155,000 Nazi soldiers had Jewish blood, including some generals.”
the book: “Christopher Story, author of “The New Underworld Order”
@ Linda,
come on on, you used profanity several times to address me and another poster’s response.
all you have to do is go back and read your own posts
of course, that’s your prerogative to do so


@ phoebeprunelle — who said, “I think it is very easy to use the terms “anti-Semetic when uncomfortable truths are exposed…Anti-Semitism just like racism is creating laws and public policy that discriminates against people based on color.. True anti-Semitism were the laws created by white Germans that
Forbade Jews to use typewrites, ride bicycles, become employed in public sectors such as teach in government ran schools, work as doctors or dentist in state run hospitals and prevented them to work as judges and lawyers…the laws also forbade them to sit for university exams…
So nothing Trojan Pam has done is anti-Semetic

ABSOLUTELY — it is a SHAMING mechanism to quiet ALL DISCOURSE and discussion that someone doesn’t like.
I also agree with your description of how so-called ‘anti-semitism’ was practiced in Germany. I have done NONE of those things, I simply VOICED my opinion.
Let the record of WHAT the German Nazis really were against. I don’t think you’ll see much about “religion”
of course, I could be incorrect about that point, but the MAIN goal was to eliminate NON-whites aka ‘racially impure” people.


@ all
I thought I’d share this since it crossed my mind
Author Otis Lawrence Graham, a black male who wrote the book, “Our Kind of People” — about the black elite
And he wrote “Member of the Club” where he posed as a black waiter in elite white social circles and exposed the racism that was an everyday event
both are definitely worth a read!
he said in one of his books, that more and more black males were bringing their white wives to these black organizational meetings where they were discussing black social issues and solutions
and the white female invariably would say something like,
“Why does it always have to be about this black stuff?”
THAT”S why I would NEVER align myself politically or socially with black people who engage in IR — I don’t dislike them, they in my family — but i keep it JUST on a need to know basis
I do NOT discuss any relevant social or “black” issues with them NOR do I seek their ADVICE because it is too tainted with CONFUSION and WHITE IDENTIFICATION
and I could NOT see allowing some black male (or black female) to introduce such a DISRUPTIVE element or person into a black social/political environment where black people are trying to solve problems that will help us progress and survive



I didn't praise President Obama and I won't praise Cosby for their opinions. No one EVER congratulates all of our Black children who are doing what they're supposed to do and thriving. Many Black folks take the WORST element of Blacks and apply it to us all and I for one am d_______ tired of it.
I went to my grandson's High School graduation last weekend and I was so very pleased seeing all of his young friends who are respectful, smart, productive and going places in life, no thugs, oow children, no drugs, sagging, cussing disrespectful rap music. Good young men with promising futures..I have not heard one word of praise from Mr Cosby (who has his own skeletons) or President Obama or you dear heart . Even when young people do the Right thing they ARE STILL CHASTISED for not doing more or they're ignored. Not praising and ignoring the great achievements is worse than constantly using the worst element as the Poster child for Black folks.


Mickey on said:
Teach your child not to “get an education and get a good job” but to CREATE and OWN jobs.

Mickey on said:
Also, teach your child about group economics. Spend money in their own communities so that the dollar circulates at least once amongst their own before leaving it.


diaryofanegress on said:
That is my number one rule. Black group economics.


Kushite Prince on said:
I suggest everyone donate to Baruti. We have to show support by giving money not just lip service. These schools need money to stay open. We have to be willing to support schools like this. We need schools like this all thought the country.


kowaba on said:
I’d suggest supplementing our education. In the Asian (Chinese and Indian) communities, they have cultural centers where Asians learn their history, language, and arts. They also have academic centers where they get tutored in mathematics — particularly mathematics tutoring centers. As black people we need these centers and supplemental education. I know that there are some centers that service us, but they are either run by white people and/or funded by white people. Here’s the thing, white people will NOT invest their money in something that will empower us and get us out of this mess.
My mother also encouraged me to supplement what I learned, but unfortunately I was lazy as a kid growing up and my father discouraged it. Plus, at my school, which happened to be in a predominately white suburb, they kept telling me that I shouldn’t strive and everything was good enough. The bottom line is the school doesn’t teach everything a student needs to know, even if a parent decides to homeschool, the child should still have activities and/or work to reinforce what the child has learned.


@ Ms J, Peanut, Gina
very interesting observations, ladies!
I’m on the same page, the media DELIBERATELY focuses on black people, especially black males, who have white spouses and I’d include Kanye West
(who I think is in a FAKE relationship with Kim K, I believe, because he was in so much HOT WATER with powerful white people, that he allowed himself to be used to promote white supremacy or there would be God knows what consequences
the IRS
the end of career
a threat to his physical safety
who knows?
I never underestimate the powerful white people who control this system, they will do AND HAVE DONE things that we would find hard to believe even if we saw it with our OWN EYES
Anytime there is a PATTERN there is a PURPOSE
I’m applaud all of you (and those I failed to mention) for SEEING with your OWN EYES instead of letting the media PROGRAM you to see what they want you to see AND think what they want you to think
something STINKS BIG-TIME in the mainstream media image of black people and of black/white relationships VS black/black relationships
and once you understand HOW racism/white supremacy FUNCTIONS in all it’s many faces
you will begin to SEE RIGHT THROUGH THE CON


Ms. J
@ Trojan Pam
That was DEEP!! It’s stories like yours that really show how our conditions in this society were CREATED rather than just a natural part of life.
And like I said before, “Would any of you here take a “radical” environmental activist seriously if you found out that they were married to the CEO of say BP Oil or Exxon? Do you think Germans would have taken Adolf Hitler seriously if he was married to a Jewish woman, had children with her, and treated her as a queen while talking about Aryan racial purity at the same time?”
We have so much work to do as a people.


emile on said:
2. Rebuttal: Considering the sheer fact that school closings are occurring intentionally and purposely in Black populated areas, this is the only option that we have to set a new course for controlling education for our children. I would even advocate the petitioning of receiving exclusive tax credits for children’s education to retrieve the amount of money that is unsuccessfully used in now-closed schools. I know a lot of people view this from different angles, but I see it as a doubly beneficial in redirecting educational efforts for young Black children. First, it would give parents more opportunities to spend more time with their children while monitoring their progress. It would also give them the opportunity to control what the child learns and reinforce the essentials. Here’s an article I read that I found pretty inspiring:
11. Teach your children to never feel that they “have” to prove anything to whites or that that they’re good enough, just as good or even better than them. Tell them that if they have anything to prove to anybody, challenge self first.
Take your time, concentrate, focus and do a little bit on a daily basis, working on at least three different subjects in which you want to excel or even master in skill. This will also keep the brain-computer active. “Read something every day; the brain loves it.” Dr. Niyana Rasayon.
When you fall for the okey-doke of “competing” with whites, you’re doing great harm to your health (hypertension, high blood pressure, etc.) by committing to these ridiculous tasks, all while they are laughing their asses off at your emotional reactions to their quests. This is what keeps us running around in circles, that emotional “I’ll-show-you!” attitude (John Henryism) to which most of us unfortunately fall victim. And, even if you do surpass all that is required of you, whites have proven time immemorial to never, ever give you any honorable, just or due credit even in the least bit, without some debilitating caveat or condition that stains you, or takes away the credibility of the work you’ve done, or through deceitfully infringing upon it for self-gain/self-advantage, or some other ultimate scheme of that effect in the long-term. I’ve learned this the hard way, i.e. taking a well-written business plan to the bank and having the very same bank manager turn you down for a loan, even as he/she made a “copy” of the very plan that was so-called formally rejected/turned down. Whites are very sneaky people, even as they admit this when they are pissy drunk or high. It’s as if this is some type of blood oath or genetic code they are injected with at birth. Sorry to go on a rant and hate to sound paranoid or unnecessarily cynical, but there are so many scars from our past that will take another millennium to heal. It is easy to forget that while in the daily mix of living, struggling and surviving how much of a psychological war we’re in. We’ve got to stay on our toes, and especially for our children.
12. Never suppress a child’s artistic ability, in any form, for Black children are naturally artistic, capable of being very creative, innovative and are far more advanced in perception than whites. As a matter of fact, I’ve personally witnessed a lot of jealousy from whites after many encounters with them in this area. We have a well-documented history where we know how whites became insanely wealthy off of the artistic and intellectual wealth of Black people. The enemy knows this too, and will try at everything to corrupt our fortune. Quite too often, we allow our children to be stolen from us as jewels and returned as damaged goods after being used, exploited and depleted for the gains of others, sometimes cruelly with life-long effects. Just look at how some of the lives of Black authors, artists and musicians and how they concluded in poverty. I believe in education but there are a lot of these elitist schools that intentionally voids us from the contributions of many talented young people. The term of “gifted” should also be excluded from our vocabulary when referencing our children because it creates divisions among us at such an early age, stunning a child’s intellectual capacity. Their need to be more “competitive” than “contributive” isolates the child as a more attainable prey for whites. The secret to succeeding in anything in this life is in large numbers, working together, as the cliche states “no man [or woman] is an island.” We have been taught this foolishness of “making it on one’s own” when in fact hardly any other ethnic group falls captive under this type of counter-productivity. We know for a fact that whites, no matter where they are, will seek out and work together to retain or capitalize on their advantages. Our aggregate skills, talents and creative forces are sources of undervalued wealth, something that we’ve got to keep in mind when developing the appropriate strategy for the situation at hand that allows us to control outcomes to our advantage and serves our best interest.


@ Peanut
if black people are being PURGED from:
the workforce (black unemployment rates are HIGHER overall than those of illegal immigrants who can barely speak English — regardless of education OR experience)
the school system, aka Chicago closing almost 50 black schools and systematically firing a lot of black teachers, Philadelphia closing 23 schools, most of them black, and NYC closing mostly black schools (come on, now)
the prison system incarcerating more and more black people and FARMING OUT THEIR LABOR AT 90 CENTS AN HOUR TO CORPORATIONS.
In the Louisiana State Prison (named “Angola” after an African nation (??? what does that tell you?) black male prisoners are PICKING COTTON on the SAME LAND OUR SLAVE ANCESTORS PICKED COTTON)
And in Chicago, both U.S. Senators from Illinois want to “round up” ALL the black males attached to the Gangster Disciplines and put them in PRISON without being charged with a crime (??!?)
from the CITIES like Chicago, NYC, Detroit, New Orleans, D.C, etc via “gentrification: AKA racial dislocation where thousands of black people are being TAXED out, SCARED out, UNEMPLOYED out, and just driven out of areas that we have lived in for DECADES
and movies like “The Purge” aka a MODERN DAY Birth of a Nation, where a dark-skinned young black male is being chased by a mob of bloodthirsty whites — and they call this “entertainment?”
While Universal Studios created a website for the “PURGE” that looks like an EXTREME Right wing POLITICAL MOVEMENT
while immigrants from other countries get ViSAs to work and black people CAN”T get work and still need a “Voting Rights Act” that has to be renewed in order to guarantee our “right” to vote?
after black people have been forced to work FOR FREE FOR FOUR HUNDRED YEARS and helped to build this nation with our slave AND underpaid labor on chain gangs, factories,
and yet, we still don’t see that WAR is still being waged against our population?
and NOW in the form of DIVIDING AND CONQUERING THE BLACK MALE AND FEMALE by slandering and demeaning BLACK ON BLACK LOVE and telling us it is in our best interest to sex white people
The SAME media that LIED on Trayvon Martin and thousands of black victims of racism
and SUDDENLY black people trust what the MEDIA tells us to do?
I really don’t understand how an OPPRESSED PEOPLE are so trusting of the MEDIA that we allow ‘it” to give us
I am repeating myself in the hopes that some of this will SINK IN
instead of the DECEPTIVE MESSAGES from some posters who are trying to convince us to IGNORE all the warning signs that there are POWERFUL (WHITE) PEOPLE
who want the black male and black female to BE DIVIDED and AT WAR with each other
now, it is UP TO EACH ONE OF YOU to come to your OWN conclusions as to WHY
relationship advice


Mstoogood4yall on said:
Only in ameriklan ppl will start wars overseas while ignoring the ones right at home.
Only in ameriklan whites tell us to be colorblind and then turn around and stereotype ppl based on color.
Only in ameriklan ppl call u unpatriotic for bringing up history and pointing out how we are not as free as we think,[can't harvest rainwater in some states, monitoring ppl, etc] but will look at other countries and say they need to be like us.
only in ameriklan can a biracial person be called black when they mentally white[Obama]
Only in ameriklan a person can kill a black person with impunity and call ppl anti white when we point it out.
Only in ameriklan ppl will ppl call someone a terrorist if they are black and have killed one person[assata shakur] , but not won’t call a white person a terrorist when they’ve killed more than 10 ppl but say they are mentally ill.
Only in ameriklan will black ppl align themselves with racists and diss their own ppl and put their oppressors on a pedestal.
Only in ameriklan black ppl will allow themselves to be used by other poc for their gain and our loss
Only in ameriklan ppl will defend rappers who degrade us and makes explicict lyrics about emit till
Only in ameriklan black ppl don’t unite unless its a tragedy[trayvon, Jordan davis, hurricane Katrina etc] but not unite to get our voices heard about schools closing in our neighborhoods and black on black crime
Only in ameriklan will black ppl complain about shows and movies portraying us negatively but still watch the mess.


Umoja on said:
Only in Ameriklan is it deemed “racist” when Blacks love, support or commit to their own race of people….yet it is NEVER deemed “racist” when all others love, support and commit to their own race of people; as a matter-of-fact; others are completely supported, admired and respected when they love and support their own race of people by those deemed “white”. Others are given capital and incentives to build their communities, businesses, ect…throughout. Yet only in Ameriklan ( this is really global) are Blacks thwarted in all endeavors of building communities, collective economic Black capital, growth and progress.
Only in Ameriklan is the demoralized racist term “n” now used and accepted by white media,” entertainment” and by Blacks themselves.
….and only in Ameriklan are Blacks in some parts of the United States, is it now illegal to braid “Black hair”……


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