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Two billion dollars for education or health care would make more sense. And it might actually ACCOMPLISH something rather than being a waste of resources.



As a matter of FACT, the modern corporation evolved internally from the development of capitalism. Interestingly enough, Hannah Arendt--who was no socialist--observe d that in Italy and Germany Fascism emerges through a coalition of CAPITAL and the mob. Check out her book, THE ORIGINS OF TOTALITARIANISM. In Germany, big capitalists (some of whom thought Hitler was a fool and a thug) supported his movement as a counter to REAL socialists (who wanted to transfer power to the working class), and Communists and trade unonists. I'm talking about the HISTORICAL REALITY. You can't simply define things however you please in disregard for how things actually happened. BIG BUSINESS AND FACISM is also worth a look see.



Paul Street is absolutely right.  Obama, first Black president disgraces the memory of MLK.   From Paul Street:
"Obama will share the podium with former Democratic presidents Jimmy Carter (who rolled back civil rights protections as president and applauded the Zimmerman verdict this summer) and Bill Clinton (who played off white backlash to attain the presidency and acted to escalate mass black incarceration and to eliminate welfare protections for poor black families during his time in power). "
"There is not a shadow of a doubt that King would denounce Obama in the strongest terms, were he alive, today


The old line that Black activism was a Communist (or Communist duped) movement secretly instigated by Jews was a claim commonly made by southern reactionaries long before 9/11. The claim actually reeks of anti-Black racism as well as antisemitism. Apparently, our parents were too dumb to organize a movement, and could only act if instigated by lefty Jewish Commie conspirators.

The idea that Bolshevism is a Jewish conspiracy is one of the favorite fabrications of the far right, both in America and Europe. During the high point of the Black liberation movement of the 1960s, it was repeatedly asserted by reactionaris that our movement was crated or secretly led by Jewish Cmmmie conspirators. And Dr. King himself was repeatedly denounced as being either a Communist or, to use one of William Hendrickson favorite phrases, "useful idiot" and dupe of jewish commuist conspiracy.



Europe is a different place than the USA even though 70% of Americans are descendants of Europeans. Except in a colonial context maybe, European racism (within Europe) was often directed agsinst other Europeans. Hitler racial loathing for Slavs and Jews especially noteworthy. But now that peoples of color have increased their numbers in Europe, one is beginnning to see more color-based racism than before.

Most African-Americans direct their anger at white Americans, in both progressive and not-so-progressive ways. But not mainly at white Brits. It is our own compatriots who have made life a living hell for 355 years. Some African-Americans see Europe (UK included) as a better place than the USA. W.E.B. Du Bois in Germany, Paul Robeson in England, and Richard in France, believed they witnessesd societies freer and more tolerant than the USA. Not only our AA intellectuals (such as the previously mentioned gentlemen), but even ordinary AA folk who been to Europe during militay service often saw those countries ss more livable than their own. My Uncle Oscar,who's now very old and fought at Normandy, almost decided never to leave France. I also found France less of a racial burden than the USA. My experince would have been different, however, if I were a North African or Francphone Black. However, some African Americans (like Du Bois, Robeson and others) also saw Europe as a tyrannical power colonizing and pillaging Africa and other lands of color. And they've recalled that most American whites are descendants of people from UK and continental Europe. Europe is known for the Atlantic slave trade and colonialism. So, ther are many AA folk who share the sentiments expressed by Frantz Fanon: "Leave this Euroope where they are never done talking about Man but kill men wherever they find them, on th corner of every one of their streets, and on every corner of the globe." (Quotation almost exact). But UK is not often the main target of AA anger.

Capitalism is militantly chaotic, irrational and oligarchic



Take this comicbook capitalist apologetics and shove it.

Capitalism means usurpation of the means of production. It is all based on oppression... a feudal base, grown up big and strong by eating other countries.

Traditional societies had mechanisms to ensure that everyone ate. Inequality was not allowed to become so drastic that the masses were deprived.

Capitalism is a blight on the planet.


There's nothing "natural" about capitalism. It is no more 'natural" than medieval feudalism or Roman slavery. It is an historical, human creation not a creation of nature.
It is now the national and global establishment. It is not progressive,but is increasingly reactionary--eroding the politicaland economic rights and achievements which the common people have won through centuries of progressive struggle..
About the only time capitalism was progressive was when it helped to undermine feudalism.
It is capitalism that gave us WWI and WWII, and that era of murderous dictatorship. It due the the urge to protect capitalist interests that we go stuck in those Middle Eastern wars, and it aggravates (though not creates) militant Islamicism.
Capitalism has outlived its usefulness. It is past time we got rid of it.



Capitalism is like Golf. This is great if you already belong to a country club and have all the gear and training. You work hard to become the best, by beating everyone and eventually you make so much that you can afford equipment that no one else can, so no one has a chance to even compete. This is great for you and the people who make the golf clubs. You will claim that everyone has the same opportunities if they work hard enough, you know rent some s____ clubs on a public course. Yet roughly half of Americans believe they have a chance to beat the kids born on a golf course.

-Cap Black


You might want to look up an article called "Capitalism+ Dope=Genocide ". Written by a member of the Black Panther Party way back in the days of the Movement. An elder showed me that article once. I'm not sure about the author's name, but I think "Cetawayo " was a part of his name. And I think he was from NYC. Not sure.



If you were familiar with the thought of Dr. KIng, you'd realize that he favored "preferential treatment" in favor of those who had been disadvantaged on racial and class grounds. Today economic inequalities--the primary problem he thought needed to be tackled to bring the Movement to triumphant conclusion after Selma--is far greater than in King's time. Both racial and class gap in wealth has widened considerably since then. And anyone who studies history soon learns that democracy is not compatible, and cannot last, with gross and widening inequalities. That is why he sought to form a Poor Peoples Campaign. That is why he was in Memphis supporting impoverished sanitation workers on strike against a reactionary and racist mayoral admininstration of Henry Loeb. And it is largely because the "leaders " who came after King dropped the ball, that we face the current crises which could spell the end of the Republic I don't know how big you or Oskimar are on reading, but I would like to recommend to you Thomas F. Jackson's book, FROM CIVIL RIGHTS TO HUMAN RIGHTS: MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR AND STHE FIGHT FOR ECONOMIC JUSTICE. And it may be rewarding if you checked out A TESTAMENT OF HOPE, which is a collection of writings and addresses by King himself, with more depth than these media soundbites


freddie47 wrote:

YOU are just crying over spilt milk..
Like I said before, I couldn't care less what Asians do, I'm only interested in the economical development of black communities as a whole. The Indians, Arabs, Jews and Chinese have economical influence as they helped and supported each other, now even the Polish, Russians, romanians and so on are building their own communities in London and supporting one another's businesses.

Sorry that the idea of black people doing the same scares the shit out of you for some reason!!!
freddie47 wrote:
your only solution is that we should patronise black owned businesses...a marketing expert would just put you down as backward...a dunce..business is about taking risks with your own money IMO.
I couldn't care less about what the so called "marketing experts" say, when did they ever give any advice that could help the black community gain economical power as a group, this is what I am interested in at this moment!!!

It is clear that you lack the basic common-sense to understand what I am talking about, that is because you are not black!

-The Revolutionist


Apr 9 2012 - 12:55pm
The Green Party Would have done better trying to enlist Chris Hedges as a candidate rather than Roseanne Barr [Bizarre]. If she ends up the Green's Pres candidate who will take the Green Party seriously? How will she not be compared to the Green's version of Sarah Palin??!!
Of course Hedges Perfectly lays out the argument against Obama{Romney}Care [especially its mandate that forces everyone to buy Corp so-called 'health' insurance] & for Medicare for ALL!


Michele Alexander notes in THE NEW JIM CROW that the purpose of the OLD Jim Crow was a system of exploitaiton and racial domination establishing as much as possible slavery or slave-like relations in new forms. Reactionaries COULD NOT restore the South exactly as it was before the Civii War, but they could reestablish racial caste in new forms. The danger, I fear, is not the re-establishing of Jim Crow in its ORIGINAL forms, but in new forms, and with new laws to expedite the process. With regard to the right of the ballot, I think that TODAY'S Republicans are playing a role comparable to the Dixiecrats of old. It was partly to maintain racist, plutocratic Dixiecrat political dominance in the South, that Dems did all manner of shennanigans to deprive Blacks of the Ballot. The Republicans were the party of Lincoln and Emancipation, and a party which appealed to many white working people as well--suggesting a DANGEROUS ALLIANCE. Since Barry Goldwater, the Republicans, now the most reactionary of the two parties, want to disfranchise Blacks and Hispanics--groups for whom the Dems became the party of FDR (with millions of working class whites), and of Civil Rights since the time of King during the Kenndy and Johnson administrations. If they can't fall back on "grandfather clauses" they will resort to new, unnecessary ID requirements, curbing or eliminating early voting, and other measures. The prison industrial complex, as both Michelle Alexander and Angela Y. Davis notes, are also part of the process for re-establishing racial caste in new forms. And is it mere coincidence that repressive laws against labor and agains women--practices once especiallly common amongst Dems, are now the favorite tactics of the Republicans. The reactionaries have swithced their labels. But how does that French saying go? "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose."


Abe Lincoln was a Republican, and so werea majority of Blacks in the late 19th and early 20 centuries. But the Republicans were the most PROGRESSIVE party of that time. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. WAS NOT a Republican. His FATHER was, and he switched to support John F. Kennedy for the 1960 presidential election. If you look at Dr. King's own writings, you will see that he was SKEPTICAL about both parties. In a collection called THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. he says EXPLICILTY that he did not support EITHER party, and deemed it unwise to do so. He was about an AGENDA, and agenda of equality and freedom. An agenda of economic justice. His attitude toward any party or politician depended on the latter's response to King's and the Movement's agenda.



Now that's a good question. I think our economic empowerment and self-determination at some point will require the transcendence of capitaliism itself. But black owned enterprises may improve our situation, especially if they take the form of democratic cooperatives. I suggest democratic cooperatives, even though I don't exclude private enterprises, because in such institutions the AVERAGE person can play a bigger role in securing his/her well being and that of the community. I really would like to see folk take a second look at W.E.B. Du Bois's DUSK OF DAWN, and especially the chapter entitled "The Colored World Within." I've recently published on book on the philosophical thought of Dr. King, and I noticed that he seemed to promote both support for Black enterprises, and the formation of cooperatives among poor and working class Black folk. King discusses some of this in STRIDE TOWARD FREEDOM and WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE: CHAOS OR COMMUNITY? I also think we can revisit some of the projects of SNCC, and even the 10 Point Program of the Black Panther Party. One sad thing about what happened after the 1960s, is that too much of the political ane economic thought and proposed programs were forgotten. But some of it is still relevant, even more relevant TODAY than in the 1960s.



In a way, I think that what Dr. King wrote in 1967, in WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE, remains true. There is a progressive "minority of whites who genuinely want authentic equality. Their commitment is real, sincere, and expressed in a thousands deeds" (TESTAMENT OF HOPE, p.562). But they are balanced off at the other end of the pole by unregenerate racists (most not so PUBLICLY bigoted as in King's time) "who have declared that democracy is not worth having if involves equality". Their goal, as Dr. King notes is "total reversal of all reforms, with the reestablishment of NAKED oppression,and if need be a native form of fascism." And the MAJORITY of white Americans today, as in King's day, "are suspended between these opposing attitudes. They are uneasy with injustice but unwilling to pay a significant price to eradicate it." (TESTAMENT OF HOP[E, p.562). While I think that the progressive minority is larger than it once was, it is still a minority. The reactionaries are substantial, not a majority, but probably at least as large as the progressive white minority.



The same thing is happening in Chicago (where I live), Atlanta, Philadelphia, etc

Neely Fuller Jr calls it "racial dislocation" -- search for him on youtube

The white supremacy system is waging war on black people all over the nation and all over the world. There's a blogsite I recommend checking out

racismws (just add the dot com)

and look for blogpost on 5/23/12 -- "Chicago School Closings = Racial Dislocation"


I heard just the opposite about black voters in 2012, that FEWER black people voted than in 2008. We must keep in mind that the people who create the stats do it to create our perceptions

it's important that white people blame black people for what is going to happen to them, the coming war, the bad economy, so they lie about the votes.



The expansion of capital---and capital must expand or die--leads to the elimination of smaller enterprises, and the monopoly of a few large corporate entities. Corporativism is a tendency INHERENT to capitalism. The power of a few corporate capitalist giants increases in the political sphere to the point where the "republic" becomes an oligarchy--the corporate state.
Moreover, technological advances within in corporate global capitalism renders labor more and more superfluous. As one big Italian capitalist put it in an article I read back in the 1990s, the new poor (coming mainly from a once stable working class) "don't have what we need and can't buy what we sell."
As labor is abolished under capitalism, there is increasing need to fall back on prisons and police to control the populaion. As working and middle class folk are rendered obsolete and impoverished, you must control them. Laws curbing or destroyin labor, working peoples right to organize is one example of the move toward corporate fascism growing from the nature of capitalism itself. The dumbing down of education is another. An enlightened population is a threat to the corporate autocracy. And I could go on and on.



Cap Black wrote:
A report by the Department of Justice found that blacks and Hispanics were approximately three times more likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white motorists. African Americans were twice as likely to be arrested and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police.
According to the Human Rights Watch,people of color are no more likely to use or sell illegal drugs than whites, but they have higher rate of arrests. African Americans comprise 14 percent of regular drug users but are 37 percent of those arrested for drug offense.
Once convicted, black offenders receive longer sentences compared to white offenders. The U.S. Sentencing Commission stated that in the federal system black offenders receive sentences that are 10 percent longer than white offenders for the same crime .
in sum, the available evidence indicates that the majority of those who deliver serious drugs in Seattle are white, and that a smaller percentage of those who do so are black. And yet, according to Seattle Police Department arrest records, 64.2% percent of those purposefully arrested for this crime from January 1999-April 2001 were black; 14.1% were Latino, and 17.6% were white .... This disparity assumes even greater significance in light of evidence that the Seattle Police Department conducts significantly more drug delivery arrests than comparably sized cities around the United States .... p.
As the corporate capitalist elite seek to defend their failing system against inevitable popular insurgency, they may lean more toward fascism. They probably even have to in order to protect capitalism. But they must also perpare a cultural and political climate for fascism. Old fasheined Americanm RACISM, because it's already deeply rooted in American life, is a useful tool.
But in the past, racism served to keep Blacks enslavedd or superexploited. They managed to do that within the limits of a republic, though denying Blacks (at least in the South) basic citizenship rights. Now it's a question of defending a system which is denying people the possibility of living. As labor becomes obsolete under electronic global capitalism, the emphasis is not even exploiting labor and superexpploiting Black labor, but of reserving repressive violence against people whom the market no longer needs--but who aren't going to just lie down and die.
The prison industrial complex, the criminalization especially of black and brown peoples, is part of that process.
Take a look a Michelle Alexander's THE NEW JIM CROW


Moorspeaks wrote:
"Just as they did...with Asian women,East Indian women and other women around the globe...it's more about what wm want(to be considered to be the end all be all for all women!)...than the women in question...this is why it's so important to degrade and demean all bm...to only concentrate on the negatives of some bm and never take a look at good,finished products that some bm are"
That's why there is sooo much hatred and anti- black love here on this thread about a bw who has married a man from her very own racial group!
It's the very reason that if I started a thread...here on the so called "AA forum" and posted this photo:
It would attract more negativity and hatred from non-bm....and many irbw...who have bought into the pure hatred and insecurity of white men..who seek to manipulate and control bw than simple "Oh that's nice...they look beautiful together!
These hateful people...simple minded people would instead...dig up every type of stereotype,assumption,generali zation and rumor that they can find...just to discredit this the couple in question!
*There are white males...at my wife's job...who have only just given up...after years of trying to challenge me through her, find something...anything...that they could to discredit me,our marriage and to question our every day lives together...I don't even know these guys for the most part...it's bizarre as hell!
Because I couldn't give a rats a____ about them,the nor the women in their lives...not if I were being paid to!


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