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EjErica left a comment
These trolls on here are something else. (Ahem, Jamal Jenkums, how unoriginal to use a black person's pic in order to deceive. One only has to read your comment history and writing style and will know just who you are.)
He left out that most of those loans were made through deception and misinformation.(i.e the difference between an ARM mortgage and fixed rate mortgage). Where those mortgage payments ballooned 2-3 times its original payment, with astronomical late fees.
How the banks made sure to find a way to make money off the forcefulness of the government coming down on them to make homes loans more ACCESSIBLE to minorities, not more affordable(either you could afford a home or you couldn't.) There were and are plenty of minorities that can afford a home to match their salary bracket, but redlining and taking steps to make it difficult to get a loan was the problem. So the government stepped in and ordered the banks to change their practices. People say that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are mostly to blame, but those loans were presented to them to be bought and insured(but in turn, the government paid for the bulk of them due to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac being federally funded) and they in turned worked with the people who signed for these loans(the banks mostly didn't fool with these people, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae did, which some of the big execs at FM and FM knew along the way that these loans would be in default eventually and why they are now being sued by the government, both of whom were bailed out by the government in 2008 btw.)
Yes, there were those who signed for loans that they knew they could not afford, but let's also point out majority that were duped(either way, the bank knew that both parties could not afford them and gave them to them anyway, which is why a lot of the banks and home mortgage companies were sued.) Those same banks bought some of those loans from mortgage companies like Countrywide(the worst company known at the time for its shady financing practices), and then sold those loans called "toxic loans" to the highest bidders(who in turned, sold them off too, so people were finding out that their loans were sold over and over to different companies, even Warren Buffet made money from this. ) and to the federally charted and stockholder-owned companies Freddie Mac and Fannie May .
One of the biggest winners and worst banks out of all this? JP Morgan and Bank Of America(Bank Of America also has been cited for foreclosing on homes that were not in default as well as military homeowners who were on ACTIVE DUTY, in which, by law, those homes cannot be foreclosed on unless the lender seeks special permission by the court, and they did not seek any permissions.


Yeah um! You may want to read about
Traces of GE in corn
Despite institutional protections against GE corn, neoliberal policies have already enabled certain strains of GE corn to intermingle with Mexican maize, a fact that was discovered in 2001 by UC Berkeley Professor, Ignacio Chapela.
Thousands of tonnes of corn that began inundating Mexico from, primarily, the US (mostly for non-human consumption) after the signing of NAFTA in 1994 ensured that the promiscuous plant's pollen blewonto the pristine fields of small farms. As of today, it is estimated that at least one per cent of Mexico's corn has traces of GE
Gmo seeds are in Mexico and everywhere else ,for many different reasons.

TrojanPam says:
@ Subzero
That is your opinion — and I’ve expressed mine, and that is the beauty of the Internet. You and I can write and read what we like.
Yes, I believe I’ve seen enough movies and TV shows to draw my own conclusions. If you’re using Beyonce’s movie (a black couple with no black friends or neighbors) as a positive example of good (and realistic) black movie images, I don’t know what to tell you.
Also, I don’t consider it a sign of “black progress” for black females (or males) to have sex either ON or OFF the screen with white people, NOT as long as the system of white supremacy and white privilege exists and blacks are being oppressed because of it.
It makes absolutely NO SENSE for a black male or female to have sex under those conditions AND still expect to overcome racism by rewarding white people with our precious black bodies. No sense whatsoever. All it does is CONFUSE that black person who is having sex under those OPPRESSIVE conditions and makes them MORE likely to justify racism in order to justify having sex with whatever white person is in that bed at the moment.
Which is why the white media PROMOTES sexual intercourse with whites in black movies, and TV shows and internet articles and books. Because they know it NEUTRALIZES and PARALYZES our ability to think RATIONALLY about solving the problem of racism.
In fact, sex between blacks and whites UNDER the system of white supremacy ACTUALLY STRENGTHENS it, which is why white slave owners raped black females during slavery and FORCED them to bear their bastard children. They knew it would breed confusion, helplessness, division, and children who do not know WHO they are.
So, no, I don’t consider the love scene between Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana a positive thing, NOT as long as there is a BLATANT ABSENCE of love scenes between black males and black females. And again, she portrayed a black person — once again — who didn’t know OR socialize with any other black people. THAT IS WHITE SUPREMACY IN ACTION.
Obviously, you and I are literally on totally different planets in terms of our belief systems so all we can do is agree to disagree.
Some Questions for you (you can answer or not, that’s up to you):
1. are you a white person?
(I assume you might be since many times people will reveal who they are by what they write, like when you wrote: “And I hate to break it to you…but yes blacks were slaves and servants and they were demeaned.”
the KEY WORD being “they”
Of course, I could be incorrect but that dismissal of slavery is often a sentiment expressed by white people.
2. If you are a black person, are you sexually involved with OR married to a white person?
3. If you are a black person, do you have a white parent?



Russell Simmons said---
People around me are like, ‘Does that mean that you’re going to let people push you around,’ no, this is about Black women and they can push me around a little quicker than the entire world, and they didn’t push me around, they educated me on how hurtful it was, because I never considered rape.

A lot of African American black men and men in general need to understand that, black women have been standing up and fighting against the many lies that are often spoken about us. We always have, and will continue to do so. Don't get me wrong ,their are black men that do stand up and speak out as well. I know I appreciate men that do. So do many other african american/black women. It still does not negate the fact that many males join in bashing, calling black women out of their names, making broad ,sweeping generalizations about us, like it's the in thing to do. Many times,many men will watch it go on, right in front of them, and say nothing. That phenomenon's, been around for a minute.
Maybe his apology will open up a greater respectful discussion between more black men and women, when it comes to certain miss understandings between the two.We would certainly be better off for it. But if nothing else, I appreciate what he said about not feeling like he is being PUSHED around by African American, and black women , on this sacred issue about Harriet Tubman, She really should be important to all of us.He should never forget that if it were not for BRAVE black women like Harriet and black men, he would not be sitting in such a beautiful home, along with many other things.
Very good article. Kristen West Savilli.

Or, we can say what's missing is,,
!. GZ,. Getting out of his car, when told not to follow.
Rachel and Trayvon on the phone doing something as innocent as talking.While walking BACK home with skittles and an Ice Tea in his pocket. smh
2. TM telling Rachel that some creepy looking guy was following him.
3. GZ (creepy looking guy again) not identifying himself to TM
4. GZ grabbing TM and TM having to defend himself.
5. ,GZ ,taking his gun out and shooting TM in the heart.
Please don't say that your version are the facts. Your version has mountains of holes in them.

C.Andrews says:
They hired TD Jakes to seduce and trick all the black church goers, here is a posting:


TrojanPam says:
@ C.Andrews
unfortunately ALL the prominent blacks — be they preacher, teacher, professor, politician, entertainer — are puppets for the white supremacists.
it’s like they’ve all been hypnotized or seduced or brainwashed and they must march to the white supremacist drummer’s beat
almost like they’ve fallen victim to a band of white supremacists body snatchers who have removed any bit of pride or self-respect they ever had
I mean, Russell Simmons doing a sex video about Harriet Tubman???
he should be forced to turn himself over to the NEAREST INSANE ASYLUM
it’s no loss to me personally, I don’t NEED them to THINK for me. That’s why God gave me a brain. I don’t need them to interpret the world for me. That’s why God gave me a BRAIN.
I know what they are, even though I don’t know WHY they are what they are
but I know they are being used to prop up this DYING, wicked system and they should ALL be avoided like the plague
because their SICKNESS and MENTAL ILLNESS and CORRUPT SPIRITS will infect you if you fall for their tricks.


Kushite Prince says:
@TrojanPam Unfortunately The Butler was the number one film this weekend. It made about $25 million over the weekend. With an 81% approval rating from audiences. Who do you think is the majority of the audience in this poll? Is it 60% black and 20% white? Is it 70% black? I ask because it saddens me to believe that thousands of black people saw this film and walked away thinking it was a GOOD film. Considering how much anti-blackness and white supremacy is in this film—that is a scary thought! This shows that the majority of black people can NOT see white supremacy even when it’s right in their face. I’m telling you Pam,our people are so lost. We are in for a world of hurt if we don’t snap out of this soon!


TrojanPam says:
@ Kushite Prince
It’s to be expected.
When you let someone else do your thinking FOR you, then you will lose the ability to THINK FOR YOURSELF

Who made Bill O'Reilly king of the Black people?? lol He needs to call Angelina Jolie and give her a lecture about having out of wedlock kids. Focus on your own Bill and we'll take care of us. There are a zillion white problems to fix, including the fact that white kids from TWO gainfully employed parents are more likely to do drugs, commit heinous crimes, bully their peers, etc... They're living a perfect white life so shouldn't someone be trying to figure out what's broken in their formula? Also, just so he knows, the issue isn't Black women having's Black women who live in impoverished conditions having babies. Poverty is the issue, Bill...poverty. Solve the poverty problem and we'll listen to ya! ;)
Amen. There needs to be nothing more to be said. Bill is refuted on the basis of those who are in poverty who were fired, those who have been laid off via sequester, or those suffered an unmitigated disaster. These folks are not cultural nihilists neither are they responsible for their own realities. They are poor by no fault of their own not because of vices. Also, single mothers exist across socioeconomic backgrounds. The dynamics of poverty, economic inequality, racial oppression, lack of jobs & real opportunities, and emotional abuse caused by the system of white supremacy is what we must fight against. Culture is important to talk about, but real black culture is not about social dysfunction, but community development (and the communal value of humanity). See, we are a community not selfish individuals. The individual and the collective are mutual beneficial realities that can work together. Extended families, nuclear families, and single families are very valuable if they are loving and legitimate. The diversity of families ought to be respected. Not all single mothers are monolithic. The reactionaries claim to love families, but some of them want to eliminate public funding for child care funding, paid maternity leave, etc.. So, we need to grow institutions to help human beings not just advance moral development among our people. Defending black women is the cornerstone of black manhood.
Also, the haters say yessa Boss to adulterous misogynists like white supremacist Bill O'Reilly. I am a grown man that bows to no one except God. I was raised by a mother and a father and I love my family. Many of my aunts are single parents (who raised great children I might add) and I love them too. The haters have no self control in cursing females out all of the time in the Net. The women haters in this forum have no self control to droll over racists like T. Davis, droll over hypocrites like Tommy Sotomayor (I did research on him and I know what he does relating to child support and his other actions. I will leave it at that) or to use slander, innuendo, sexually suggestive comments, gossip, ad hominem attacks, and sick profane language against the real commenters here. That is why a real man can agree or disagree with a woman with tolerable actions not bitterness or demonic hatred at all. Single mothers need assistance, love, hope, guidance, direction, and inspiration not blame for all of the problems of the black community. Many folks have been responsible with their actions, yet they still suffer poverty. Also, it is important to advance the value of black fathers. Many real black fathers are maligned and that is wrong. We should also give respect and praise to all black fathers that are doing what is right and handling their responsibilities also.
-By Timothy (Me)
couldn't agree more that Bill has moved the focus from the real issues and targeted a specific group for no real reason. Based on his approach on the topic, being white and having kids out of Wedlock in a poverty stricken enviornment is a non-issue.


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