Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Social Commentaries

Trojan Pam
@ jefe who said, “most of white American has very little contact with blacks. What little contact they have is from the media, and that consists mostly of stereotyped caricatures.”
White people have used this excuse for DECADES, and it is a FALSE and ILLOGICAL non-defense — in my opinion. There is NO PLACE in America where blacks live or work that white people aren’t present, because white people control everything that happens in america, from the schools, to the government, to the banking, real estate, employment, law enforcement, retail, wholesale, etc. .
The racist attitudes of whites toward blacks exist everywhere, from the smallest hick town to the biggest cities — in fact, all over the planet wherever non-white people exist. The white media certainly has plenty of contact with blacks.
Bottom line, RACISM is a mainstay within the white collective mentality
Researchers have found that from the age of four, white children clearly exhibit a dislike for black and non-white people and believe we are inferior or “bad” as one little white boy said.
So this TENDENCY is inherent and intrinsic in white culture, and frankly, I think it’s time to stop pretending there isn’t something genetic or instinctive going on (wrong) within the European mindset.

White people are the ones who CREATED and PERPETUATE those stereotypes, and I suspect most white people KNOW these stereotypes aren’t true (or maybe they don’t)
but choose to believe whatever makes them feel “superior” or better about themselves as white people. A sad statement, indeed.
White people ALSO know what they say about black people when no black people are in the room and as one white female college professor once said, “we are always talking bad about black people and it’s assumed that everyone present is in agreement.”
Whether white people live next door to blacks or not, or are having sex with them or not (and there’s a TON of that going on) or work next to a black person or not, white people even as young as sixteen know more about racism than the average black (victim)

so please, your folks will have to become more creative in their denial than to say ad infinitum,
“most white americans have very little contact…”
Most whites certainly know enough about blacks to know they dislike us and they know blacks are not white and that it is acceptable to mistreat us
Which means they know all they need to know about black people.


Trojan Pam
@ sondis
Thank you (and Kushite Prince and others) for soldiering on the battlefield of racism and racist speak.
I wasn’t surprised that within a few days the white media changed the story to make it appear that Charles Ramsey wasn’t a hero. In fact, as soon as I saw his dark-skinned face on my TV screen, I knew it wasn’t going to fly
In this age of demonizing and scapegoating blacks, “black heroes” NEED NOT APPLY.
Black heroes (except those of the celluloid kind in Hollywood films) CONTRADICTS the overriding and racist message that blacks are inferior (aka not human) and have few or no redeeming qualities.
If you look at the recent rash of movies over the last five to ten years, especially after the first election of President Obama, you could see the RISE in black scapegoating and the demonization and manufactured defectiveness of black people
all of which is designed to turn the rage, helplessness, and increasing self-loathing of the white collective in black people’s direction.
To effectively SCAPEGOAT blacks, you have to DEMONIZE blacks and make it appear that blacks (via Obama’s election) are responsible for the suffering of white people which means the white people in power cannot allow blacks to be portrayed as Victims OR Heroes.
Just like in the Boston bombing, all you say after day one were WHITE VICTIMS. I distinctly remember that on the first day, someone with a cellphone camera capturing a dark skinned black female lying on the ground under some debris. I haven’t seen her face or heard about her since.
Black “Victims” (except those being victimized by other black people) CONTRADICTS the overriding and racist message that black people are VICTIMIZERS, not VICTIMS
Come to think of it, when’s the last time you saw the white media talk about a black male or black female soldier dying in Iraq? Watching the media’s coverage of Iraq veterans you would think NO black people are fighting or dying in Iraq. Because blacks can’t be DEMONS and HEROES at the same time.
At least one thing is crystal clear to me
There is NO WAY black people will EVER prove to white people that we are as human and deserving as white people.
We should, therefore, spend ALL OUR TIME proving to EACH OTHER that all black people are — by nature — worthwhile and valuable people so our children will feel valuable and worthwhile
And now that the overwhelming EVIDENCE is in, and the PRESSURE is OFF us to prove something that can’t be proven (no matter how hard the Charles Ramseys of the world try)
Maybe, its time to relax and STOP TRYING to convince white people of ANYTHING


@ sondis
It is disturbing to me when black people — who have been STEREOTYPED themselves because they’re black — choose to focus on the past of this poor black male (as though they are above suspicion by white people)
His heroism isn’t about him being a great or a perfect human being, or whether he did everything right OR anything wrong in his life
it’s about the HEROIC ACT he performed that saved three people
Mr. Ramsey is a poor black male who makes an HONORABLE, HONEST living as a dishwasher instead of begging or stealing or getting three hots and a cot in prison.
Would he be a better, more heroic man to some of us if he’d appeared before the TV cameras in a smoking jacket speaking perfectly accented English while puffing on a pipe after just knocking a door door and possibly saving the lives of three young women?
I suspect he might.


Obama Continues To Carrying Water For The Oligarchs

Thanks Glen, I couldn't believe what I heard from the president yesterday. I don't know if the president, that appears to be fully engaged in campaign mode, is aware of the fact that a Lame Duck President can't run for office again. One can only surmise that he is feathering his nest for post Washington retirement by carrying water for the economic elite who financed his past campaigns and now have full control of the direction taken by the Democrat Party.
Consuner advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader has previously made the point that the Minimum Wage in this country should be at $10.50 an hour based on the 1968 Minimum Wage adjusted for inflation over the years. He has also pointed out that many economist have said that the current work force continues to work at a very high level of productivity which should also justify raising the wages of average Americans.
What I truly find amazing is that most White Democrats are totally oblivious to this complete rejection of what the Democrat Party has historically fought to accomplish for all Americans, not just the wealthy oligarchy !

He continues to "talk down' to us

If he gets wind that true liberals are opposing what he proposes, he simply makes a statement like yesterday. He said we should quit believing everything that the Huffington Post publishes, as if that is the only place we look for real reporting! I am a white man of 54 years of age, and Black Agenda Report actually gets some real reporting done whereas most mainstream sources are just skimming the "news" off the top so as not to upset those in power. I have agreed with 98% of what BAR has reported in the past year since I have learned of them. I appreciate Brother Ford and his staff for having the integrity of true journalists when it comes to reporting the Facts! Keep up the good work, and I will keep trying to spread the word of your excellent work. Peace!
John in Kentucky


Trojan Pam
@ Mary Burrell,
I remember the case of Anthony Sowell those murdered black females and I suspect that callous, lack of regard for non-white life attitude on the part of law enforcement is probably largely responsible for why those three young women were not found sooner.
@ Kushite Prince
@ Ellis
While some find fault with Dr. Frances C. Welsing’s theory on the motivations of white minority to practice racism against the non-white majority on the planet,
she is the only one who has made a reasonably scientific assumption (in my opinion) rather than IGNORING the history of white aggression that exists to say that SOMETHING is going on in the minds of white people collectively toward non-white people
It cannot be an accident or a coincidence that the same behaviors play out WHEREVER whites come into contact with non-whites.
@ Truth P
I hear where you’re coming from, and it’s true, there is little to NO concern about the violence against or the welfare of black females and our children
I did not intend to minimize whatever wrongs Mr. Ramsey had committed against them but I think the only reason the subject came up was not out of concern for that black female but was done to once again, demonize ALL black people


The American Dream, except perhaps as envisioned by Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr., is an illusion. And a somewhat unimaginative (and often) vulgar illusion at that. In fact, tens of millions of Americans ARE too poor to establish a savings account. And if you think that even those who can put aside such a modest savings can thereby afford higher education, especially at an elite school, then you're out of touch with reality. For one thing that's not enough money given the exorbitant expenses of education. And someone who is able to put aside a modest savings most likely has a modest standard of living wherein one often faces financial emergencies (e.g. sickness, unemployment) which quickly wipe out those savings.
Indeed, higher education for the MASSES (initially white masses) only became possible with the GI Bill after World War 2. As for cars and such, the very poor cannot afford them, I was not able to afford a car until I began my academic profession. That is, after I'd moved from poverty to the middle class life of the professional intelligentsia.
As for you claim that whoever is poor should not have children, that is mainly a right wing bourgeois prejudice which, as Dr. King pointed out, reveals a twisted value system which values things above persons, and measures the worth of persons--of human life-by the size of one's wallet. I am committed to overthrowing the entire social order which generates such poisonous values. And I am glad that my impoverished parents didn't assume that they had no right to bear children.
Instread, I argue that s society as wealthy as the USA, or the Uk, is guilty of crimes against humanity by allowing--even creating--such poverty to begin with. And it is doubly guilty for demonizing the people whom this system has impoverished.
The poor gave us spirituals, blues, jazz, soul and yes, hip hop. From theo poor we were gifted with Fannie Lou Hamer, malcolm X, Richard Wright, James Baldwin and those who do most of the world's creating wealth for an elite who despises.
In short, not only to our interpretation of social reality differ; but values by which you and I evaluate reality are radically different.



Perhaps YOU don't understand either "Anglo American culutire" or American soicoeconomic REALITY as well as you think you do. Destitute whites, like destitute Blacks, do not have savings funds. They can't. That's what destitution means. Poor families that (like mine) were better than destitute, but still below even the official poverty line, cannot sustain savings. Often by the time rent and food are paid for NOTHING is left. Were it not for grants and loans I would NEVER have gone to college, never entered academia, and probably would still be confined to the projects or some part of the East Batlimore ghetto. I know from EXPERINCE as well as scholarly study, what poverty is about. My mother didn't smoke cigarettes and we didn't own any cars. The money simply wasn't therre. And your interlocutor was RIGHT. Most whites, who in GENERAL are economically better off than we, cannot afford the expenses of American higher education. Not even at state colleges, let alone a Vanderbilt, Brown or Harvard.
The whole Anglo Saxon ideology of individualism and the work ethic is a hoax, If the secret was really hard work and savings then my working class parents ought to have been able to save--and as a result of their WORK--to have had an easier time educating their children than those rich scalawags for whom they worked.
And anyone who thinks that you can afford an education with the cost of cigarettes is a doufus.
So you realize that one young lady who graduated from Vanderbilt (where I also studied) graudated owing $85,000! Duh...this is more than cigarette money, and more than the cost of a car. And even a fourth of that amount is beyond the means of most people.
There is a wall of difference between your bourgeois ideology and SOCIAL REALITY.



I've no evidence that George W. Bush's parents are more intelliigne mine, only rich and white. I know that George Bush is LESS intelligent than mysself and my parents. The claim that there will always be rich and poor strikes me as akin to ancient ideas that there will always be slave and master, lord and serf, rulers and rules. I've no rason to believe this, and I'm reasonably sure that you can't prove it. It's simply a class elitist dogma designed to bolster the present system of injustice, the system of class and raical inequality. As to the claim--apparently an Anglo-Prostetant prejudice fairly common here as in England--that those who are better off are those who are more intelligent, that is s dogma so patently false that I can't see how any intelligent person can hold it.The immense number of rich dunces--a wealthy ignoranti wreathed in dollars and stupidity--makes the equating of prosperity with intelligence and virtue utterly laughable. It's like believing in flat earth theories or the divine rights of kings.
And as far as abusive families, the black and the poor, ain't got nothing on the rich and the white. In fact, there was NO abuse in my family. But I went to school with rich white students who came from abusive families, even if their money allowed them to maintain a respectable image. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits I got from my time at Vanderbilt University was to be able to observe the rich and white UP CLOSE and personal. Anyone who thinks their wealth is due to their superior intelligence and virtue is either woefully uninformed, or himself (or herself) some what lacking in intelligence.

In fact, I had very high SAT scores. And also high GRE scores. I succeeded in publishing a critique of philosphical theology while I was still a student.
Your self-evident stupidity lies in your assuming to KNOW what you cannot possibly know.
You ASSUME that if I am Black I could only have entered Vanderbilt by means of affirmative Action.
Moreover, you ASSUME that if one did enter by means of affirmative action that proves one is a student of inferior quality.
Stange that you racists never assume that the privileging of whites in education and other areas is evidence of white inferiority.



In case you've not heard, Blacks and Hispanics generally make less money than whites. And even Black and Brown middle classes are mostly newly arrived, which means little or no inherited wealth.
And we have a racially stratified economy over here. I, for one, came from a poor inner city family. My family had NO money over and above necessities. Most newly arrived members of our petty bourgeois and intelligentsia come from similar circumstances.
You ought to study these matters.

Obama isn't just educated, but the President of the USA. And he was a Senator before being president. Even a half-literate buffoon will make more money than an educator or ordinary professional person (let alone a working class stiff) if he's a senator or President.
Athletes and celebrities make more than even well paid Ivy League professors even if those athletes and celebrities have a high school education or less. Sarah Palin is far less educated than I, and is less informed or articuate than my AVERAGE student, but she's a millionaire.
You need to take better examples. But how typical is either Obama or Palin?




To know civilization as we today, you have to have a alphabet ,and a writing system to write "law" ..It is believed the Greeks borrowed much of their alphabet , if not all of their alphabet , around 1,000 BC from the Phoenicians who were Black seamen... By this time Egypt is slowly moving out of history..The first book to be written in Greece was the "Iliad" by Homer around 700 BC , Egypt and Babylon are almost finished and on their way out of history ..
Engineering ,if you can show me a piece of Engineering anywhere in Europe or Asia that's older than the Great Pyramid in Giza , i'll show you something MUCH older than that in Africa...
Engineering is what keeps America up and running , don't believe me , look at the Stock Market... Hitler would have no Military without creative Engineering and it ALL started in Africa....
You can make any claim you want but if you can't show a alphabet or a writing system in your claim , then your claim is worthless,
this is not some racist rant but its just facts...



No matter how you define it, one thing is certain: 30,000 years ago Europeans were having sex with Neanderthals. Now the racists want to redefine neandertahl as somehow superior to Africans. The biggest fools in the world know Neanderthal never built anything that could even remotely be called civilization. Neanderthal was sub-human.



Well I usually go to sleep watching re-runs of Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Belaire, and sometimes the Cosby show. I use to watch these shows when I was younger and fell in love with them because the characters seem more relatable to me, even beyond skin color. There were plenty of positive black shows in the 80s 90s and early 2000s, but what happened. A lot of shows, speaking mostly of reality shows mainly show stereotypical blacks and even sometimes on kids show the black child always have a certain attitude. I just don't get it we were overcoming mammy roles, just to get ho roles now, I guess it bothers me because I want a future in acting mainly ABC and Disney, but I want to be a good representation of my race not a negative one.



I don't know about white women being obsessed with black men, but when a brother is eclectically composed...meaning: He has retained his urban flavor/instincts, coupled with an universal social/intellectual dexterity; his appeal becomes transcendent across most racial and ethnic lines. Any black man who travels can attest to this.

But hat I personally find disturbing about white women in particular, is their apparent ingestation of the popular myth that ALL BLACK MEN want and desire them; that we are unable to resist them and prefer them over our own. I understand that information mediums are powerful tools in fostering this belief, but it can be comical at times; especially when they assume that we don't have standards and any ol white girl will do.

Having said that, I have always gotten a perverse pleasure at the reactions when you decline their advances. When I am feeling particularly devilish, I toss in a "I don't date IR." lol. I've actually had a few chicks call me racist for that.



Amen. There needs to be nothing more to be said. Bill is refuted on the basis of those who are in poverty who were fired, those who have been laid off via sequester, or those suffered an unmitigated disaster. These folks are not cultural nihilists neither are they responsible for their own realities. They are poor by no fault of their own not because of vices. Also, single mothers exist across socioeconomic backgrounds. The dynamics of poverty, economic inequality, racial oppression, lack of jobs & real opportunities, and emotional abuse caused by the system of white supremacy is what we must fight against. Culture is important to talk about, but real black culture is not about social dysfunction, but community development (and the communal value of humanity). See, we are a community not selfish individuals. The individual and the collective are mutual beneficial realities that can work together. Extended families, nuclear families, and single families are very valuable if they are loving and legitimate. The diversity of families ought to be respected. Not all single mothers are monolithic. The reactionaries claim to love families, but some of them want to eliminate public funding for child care funding, paid maternity leave, etc.. So, we need to grow institutions to help human beings not just advance moral development among our people. Defending black women is the cornerstone of black manhood.

Also, the haters say yessa Boss to adulterous misogynists like white supremacist Bill O'Reilly. I am a grown man that bows to no one except God. I was raised by a mother and a father and I love my family. Many of my aunts are single parents (who raised great children I might add) and I love them too. The haters have no self control in cursing females out all of the time in the Net. The women haters in this forum have no self control to droll over racists like T. Davis, droll over hypocrites like Tommy Sotomayor (I did research on him and I know what he does relating to child support and his other actions. I will leave it at that) or to use slander, innuendo, sexually suggestive comments, gossip, ad hominem attacks, and sick profane language against the real commenters here. That is why a real man can agree or disagree with a woman with tolerable actions not bitterness or demonic hatred at all. Single mothers need assistance, love, hope, guidance, direction, and inspiration not blame for all of the problems of the black community. Many folks have been responsible with their actions, yet they still suffer poverty. Also, it is important to advance the value of black fathers. Many real black fathers are maligned and that is wrong. We should also give respect and praise to all black fathers that are doing what is right and handling their responsibilities also.

-By Timothy (Me)


Shalimarr wrote:

How can any mother function like that? especially a single mother?
You will never persuade me that blacks are incapable of doing what whites and asians can do. We are not inherently inferior to anybody and we can be as organized and disciplined as any other parent.
I will never persuade you of such a B.S. because I will never endorse that, never had, never will.

Miss you are here talking to yourself setting aside what I said which is the opposite of what you write above.

a whiteboi


Ms. J
@ sondis
I have also noticed that older White males will marry a middle-aged Black female long AFTER he’s had his White wife, children, and grandchildren. So even if they have a Black partner towards the end of their life, one can assume that their wealth will stay in the White community. In contrast, the White female will have children with a Black man who she’ll most likely divorce, take his money, and raise their non-White children who may end up White-identified.
@ Peanut
I get messages from White males all the time too on my online dating profile, but I just ignore what they send me. I just have a feeling that they wouldn’t approach me out in public, but they feel safe doing it on the Internet because other Whites aren’t watching. Even when I liked White men in the past, I knew deep down that they would never approach me, and that it would probably work against my interest if I approached them. I don’t even think most Black people would approach Whites to pursue these relationships. And I suspect that the White person would ignore them if they did.
To All Black Women:
I would caution us to be careful in assuming European men are less “prejudiced” or “racist” than White-American men. I think it’s common knowledge by now that White-Americans came from Europe in the first place. Also, the Europeans have their share of non-White foreigners who they openly despise. A lot of these men could presumably be in support of the mistreatment meted out to African and Middle Eastern immigrants in their countries because of the widespread fear of “multiculturalism” across the EU. So while the European male may not understand certain nuisances of race that we have in the States, they still have White privileges over POC both in and out of their countries. Otherwise, Western nations wouldn’t be so powerful like they are now after colonizing people and resources who are now running back to the West for help.


@ Peanut
if black people are being PURGED from:
the workforce (black unemployment rates are HIGHER overall than those of illegal immigrants who can barely speak English — regardless of education OR experience)
the school system, aka Chicago closing almost 50 black schools and systematically firing a lot of black teachers, Philadelphia closing 23 schools, most of them black, and NYC closing mostly black schools (come on, now)
the prison system incarcerating more and more black people and FARMING OUT THEIR LABOR AT 90 CENTS AN HOUR TO CORPORATIONS.
In the Louisiana State Prison (named “Angola” after an African nation (??? what does that tell you?) black male prisoners are PICKING COTTON on the SAME LAND OUR SLAVE ANCESTORS PICKED COTTON)
And in Chicago, both U.S. Senators from Illinois want to “round up” ALL the black males attached to the Gangster Disciplines and put them in PRISON without being charged with a crime (??!?)
from the CITIES like Chicago, NYC, Detroit, New Orleans, D.C, etc via “gentrification: AKA racial dislocation where thousands of black people are being TAXED out, SCARED out, UNEMPLOYED out, and just driven out of areas that we have lived in for DECADES
and movies like “The Purge” aka a MODERN DAY Birth of a Nation, where a dark-skinned young black male is being chased by a mob of bloodthirsty whites — and they call this “entertainment?”
While Universal Studios created a website for the “PURGE” that looks like an EXTREME Right wing POLITICAL MOVEMENT
while immigrants from other countries get ViSAs to work and black people CAN”T get work and still need a “Voting Rights Act” that has to be renewed in order to guarantee our “right” to vote?
after black people have been forced to work FOR FREE FOR FOUR HUNDRED YEARS and helped to build this nation with our slave AND underpaid labor on chain gangs, factories,
and yet, we still don’t see that WAR is still being waged against our population?
and NOW in the form of DIVIDING AND CONQUERING THE BLACK MALE AND FEMALE by slandering and demeaning BLACK ON BLACK LOVE and telling us it is in our best interest to sex white people
The SAME media that LIED on Trayvon Martin and thousands of black victims of racism
and SUDDENLY black people trust what the MEDIA tells us to do?
I really don’t understand how an OPPRESSED PEOPLE are so trusting of the MEDIA that we allow ‘it” to give us
I am repeating myself in the hopes that some of this will SINK IN
instead of the DECEPTIVE MESSAGES from some posters who are trying to convince us to IGNORE all the warning signs that there are POWERFUL (WHITE) PEOPLE
who want the black male and black female to BE DIVIDED and AT WAR with each other
now, it is UP TO EACH ONE OF YOU to come to your OWN conclusions as to WHY
relationship advice


@ mstoogood4yall
I agree with your last post and that goes back to what Josh Wickett called
destroying the self-esteem of your potential target (a female) — in this case, a black female
by making her feel undesirable
and then she will be MORE open to a man’s advances when he pays attentiion to her or flatters her
in our case the white media worked OVERTIME to convince black females that black males didn’t want us — even though the VAST MAJORITY of black males date and marry black females
and due to this and other social factors this set the STAGE — along with the white media (that OWNS the biggest and most popular “black” websites — plastered them with articles and ads about dating “white men”
and NOT understanding racism/white supremacy in its most refined forms
many black females FELL FOR THE CON GAME of thinking ALL these white males were out there JUST DYING to MEET, MIX, MINGLE and MARRY US
they have always been highly motivated to SEX us and some may even take us out on a date or two or three and call us “my black girlfriend”
but MOST — including the ONES POSTING ON THIS BLOG
THAT is the REALITY we should keep in mind
I don’t say any of this to CONDEMN black females or black females who date non-black males
I would say to them, white males aren’t the only option, there are other non-white males you should consider FIRST
that’s what I’m saying


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