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TrojanPam says: February 1, 2014 at 5:01 pm @ larissa No I haven’t I do find the scenario playing out on the global stage fascinating (and frightening) Here’s a SITE that I read occasionally.


 brother, I grew up on the WEST SIDE of Chicago -- the BEST SIDE -- lol, and you're right, it was a way of life, HOWEVER, with the intro of rap, crack-infested gangster-ism, MTV, BET, rap videos, and rap h___, the black female became the easy target for disenfranchised black male youth, a trend which was BY DESIGN. Because the powers that be knew that once the BM disrespected the place WE CAME FROM -- the BW -- it was all DOWNHILL we should caught a clue when we became the only men on the planet to regularly degrade our women for profit that something FOUL was up MTV had a show about two years ago (maybe it's still on) called "Yo Momma" and all these ignorant young dudes would come on just to bust on each other and their mommas... Black folks -- especially black MEN -- have got to start thinking for ourselves and stop letting the white media define our women OR ourselves for us. We need another Million-Man-March, only this time the theme should be RESPECT FOR SELF...

 -Paul H.


 Has anyone noticed that the only black people who get a mike to talk on mainstream white media are those who provoke disunity, stereotype other blacks, and pit black male against black female? Any time we see a message in mainstream media directed at us or talking about us we need to remember where we are and stop falling for the bait of fighting and fussing with each other. The powers that be want black women to hate us and they want us to hate them.

They put these black male/white female and black female/white male couples out here and there's nothing but bi-racial children in every TV commercial Don't we think it's time to ask why they don't want black men and black women to love each other? They don't tell white men not to love white women. They don't tell Hispanic men not to love Hispanic women. They don't tellAsian men not to love ASIAN WOMEN? Why are black people the only ones getting these messages? What are they afraid of? And how can we be so easily fooled by the white media to fall for these tricks?

A smart people would do the opposite of what they tell us because there must be power in us loving each other. It's time for us to act like we know it.

-Paul H.

 TrojanPam says: February 5, 2014 at 8:57 pm @ LBM Unfortunately, one of the main reasons (some) blacks seek white and Asian lovers/spouses is they don’t WANT their children to look like them (too black) because they OPENLY or secretly believe black is inferior — which means they must be inferior as well. That’s the poison that we walk around with due to 500+ years of white supremacy/black inferiority programming. And thanks to our collective addiction to entertainment (movies, TV, music), we are taking in double and triple doses every time we turn on the TV set or sit in a MOVIE THEATER. It’s a uphill battle trying to convince most of us that our powerful DNA is one of the MAIN reasons we are being attacked by the white supremacists. I agree with you on the REST.


Tim John wrote:
After what we seen in Ferguson; the militarized response.... now we are learning that the government to use even greater forms of unprecedented sophisticated resources and other military types of equipment on a scale as if Marshall Law has been declared can't be seen as anything other than what it is.... the declaration of war ....against American citizens who dare want to seek equal forms of justice for all people of all backgrounds and colors, creeds and so forth.
The only protest against such a mighty willing to use systems and platforms of military warfare is the mass exodus of Americans as refugees fleeing this country for a safer country... no such actions would exist in a advanced state anywhere else around the world!
...this Chicago Defender story...this story alone shed an awful light on the most radical of responses to civil disobedience ever in a so-called civilized state that claims to be a free democracy!
The platforms and military resources being declared to use for the Ferguson protests is a despicable display of freedom in America!..and says that America has declared war against American citizens...period.
What will you do? Better get your passports in order!

It's time to prepared for MASS RESISTANCE against mass repression. -Savant


 Gri0tttt wrote: The FBI has succeed in keeping some of what was known as COINTELPRO alive to this very day. Take a look at this Chicago Defender story that should open your eyes about the current Ferguson, Missouri context: Breaking: Ferguson Decision to Indict Officer Darren Wilson Coming This Week The most disturbing highlights: Check out what the Ferguson Police Department, the St. Louis County Sheriffs Department and the Missouri State Police have planned in case demonstrators willingly express their First Amendment Rights of peaceful protests and demonstrations. 1) Military assets such as heavily armored vehicles are being stored at Scott Air Force Base and McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas. 2) The Missouri National Guard is on high alert and last week reserved 100 hotel rooms in downtown St. Louis. 3) A Northrop Grumman Global Hawk RQ-4 arial drone has been assigned to monitor and possibly block communications. 4) There are 300 homeland security vehicles parked in a three-story underground garage in St. Louis 5) Ferguson is reportedly being monitored by Fusion Center. The center acts as an early warning station for terrorism in Ferguson. 6) There are 24 agencies getting orders from federal agencies. ...My point, is if calls for peaceful protests, heck even if the calls were for rioting, why is such an armada of sophisticated law enforcement resources; even military resources being brought to bear? The FBI COINTELPRO federal movement against 'certain' people in America even having a movement is still alive. There is absolutely no reason, there can be no reason at all that these resources are being used in this type of concentration against American citizen amasses to protest a grand jury decision.


 Unfortunately, the FBI did have some success. True, the agency failed miserably in their effort to destroy King's reputation, and did more to discredit itself and Hoover. But it's COINTELPRO program did succeed in undermining the Black Liberation Movement and many other dissident movements in this country. Had those movement CONTINUED and prevailed, America might today be one of the more advanced and progressive nations on earth rather than among the most backward. Today, King is admired by nearly everyone the world over, with racists and reactionaries of various sorts being the exception. Even some American reactionaries now try to claim King as a fellow right winger or "conservative Republican." But the FBI which failed to discredit King did work to undermined the movement of which he was the most renown leader and spokesman. -Savant ________________________________

 In fact, even the "republic " as commonly conceived by the so-called founding fathers is often a disguised plutocracy. Hence John Jay's famous quip that those who OWN America should rule her. For that reason it is not surprising to see in the FEDERALIST PAPERS (have you heard of them?) a profound distrust of democracy, and the advocacy by Madison and Hamilton of "republic " as the alternative. They were AFRAID of the common people. Your beloved proto-Fascist "Republicans " also fear the common people (especially the poor and people of color). That's the reasons for the numerous measures to restrict the right even to vote. Their "American dream" is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY for ME, ME, ME. And the political expression of their right wing version of the American dream is "Government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich."



 Unfortunately, your reply evades rather than answers the question of WHAT the American dream is, what it actually does MEAN. Moreover, the phenomenon (immigration) which you speak of is GLOBAL, not particularly American, and hence doesn't necessarily tell us what (if anything) the American dream means to people "dying trying to come to the USA." Millions of people from the poorer lands of the global south are trying to get to many countries of the richer global north. Millions are coming to Europe from Africa and Asia People are going to Canada as well. Are millions of other immigrants motivated by some European or Canadian dream? No, this doesn't answer the question. And even assuming that people are coming to America to obtain the American Dream, what does it mean to them? Are they motivated by Dr. King's vision of the American dream as a Beloved Community of universal brotherhood, freedom and equality? Or by the ethos of Gordon Gekko which holds that "greed is good"? Perhaps, they are seeking to escape poverty and hunger. They have my sympathy. Coming from East Baltimore I wouldn't wish poverty on a dog; and the economic deprivation of people coming from Latin America (probably the largest source of current immigrants to the USA) is far worse than the poverty of our ghettoes, barrios, of our urban and rural slums. But one needn't have a notion of an American dream to want to escape deprivation. And even if they have such a notion, they're coming here doesn't yet tell me what that American dream means to them. So, I would prefer people offered well thought out responses rather than curt, dismissive replies. There 300 millions of Americans, many in such a state of cynical malaise, that one wonders whether the American Dream isn't an empty phrase for THEM. -Savant


 There's no end of talk in the USA about the American Dream. But what the hell is the American dream? Is it a vision of community of universal freedom, dignity, equality and brotherhood? Is it really just about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY and ME, ME, ME and to hell with everyone else? Is it the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Universal brotherhood and equality? Or is it the avaricious self-aggrandizement and acquisitiveness so common in America, and embodied by the notorious Koch brothers? Is it real democracy? Or the endless madness of the rat race and inebriation with the intoxicating "success"? Is it compassion and respect for the "dignity of man" and human right? Or is it the deification and property and the idolatrous fetish of wealth? Is it the human person regarded as the highest value, our greatest real treasure? Or is it the deification of profit? Is it mere coincidence that the words "In God we trust" is inscribed on American MONEY? Is that America's true god?



 And then again, I recall a letter of a young Philosophy professor (and daughter of the Black middle class), Angela Davis in her letter to George Jackson: "I love you and I love my people Revolution till victory!"



 How many middle or upper class Black people TODAY can say--honestly--wit h Dr. King, "I choose to identify with the poor, with the disinherited" ? And while this may not be a very good examples (since Fred Hampton was a Panther brother from the hood).: I'm not gonna die slipping on no ice. I'm not going to die in no airplane crash. I'm not gonna die from no heart attack. I am gonna die for the people. I'm gonna die for the people because I LIVE for the people. I live for the people the people because I LOVE the people! I am HIGH on the people!"



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