Saturday, November 8, 2014


It's truly amazing....HOW so few people know anything that is TRUTHFUL about African Americans.
In 2009, of 41 million Blacks:
1.2% were upper class or 200K and up
8.1% were upper middle or 100K-200K
38.4% were middle class or 35K-100K
28.8% were working class or 15K-35K
23.5% were living in poverty.
to the OVER-FOCUS of the mainstream, White-owned media and college 
classes on that 23.5%, most people, including many Blacks....strongly 
believe that the majority of us are poor.
That's VERY IGNORANT....AND NOWHERE near the truth.
of us are middle class or higher....yet the image in most minds 
--racist or not-- is that 90% of us are poor, under-educated, 
dysfunctional, crime prone, won't work....and thus relies on welfare.
while Whites often preach education to us....only 29% of them have at 
least a 4-year degree while 17% of African Americans do.
With all 
their talk about education, you would think that 90% of Whites have a 
college degree, but less than a 1/3 of that number do....just a measly 
12% more than Blacks despite the fact Whites have had access to a higher
education much, much longer than any Group of Color in the United 
Three, besides the " 'usual' " form of welfare, Whites have benefited from a large number of federal government giveaways.
In 1862, the Homestead Act was passed and signed 
into law. The new law established a three-fold homestead acquisition process: 
filing an application, improving the land, and filing for deed of title.
U.S. citizen, or intended citizen, who had never borne arms against the U.S. 
Government could file an application and lay claim to 160 acres of surveyed Government 
land. For the next 5 years, the homesteader had to live on the land and improve 
it by building a 12-by-14 dwelling and growing crops. After 5 years, the homesteader 
could file for his patent (or deed of title) by submitting proof of residency 
and the required improvements to a local land office.
Two hundred seventy million acres were given to Whites for free....while refusing to give 40 acres and a mule to freed Blacks.
billion in housing loans went to Whites in the late 1950s, with only 2%
going to African-, Asian & Latino/a-Americans and Indigenous 
There's quite a number of other government programs that have been implemented to assist Whites.
Hence, they did not pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
The bootstraps are the federal government giveaways in land, loans, jobs, etc., etc., etc.
Where....would Blacks and other groups be today.....if they'd had the SAME opportunities as Whites?!
fact that 47.7% of us are middle class or higher....and we did it 
without any land grants ro other government giveaways, pretty 
amazing, isn't it?!
Can Whites make the same claim?! NOPE.
Whites should never open their mouths to 
criticize any group....with all the federal welfare they've 
received....and continue to receive in subsidies, tax loopholes, etc., 
etc., etc.

WAKE UP people.
WHY in the world would you accept your oppressor's stories about your group and other dominated groups?!

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