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Sister Trojan Pam's Excellent advice.


Trojan Pam
@ all

you know what the irony of it all is — SPEAKING of the dialogue between Linda Keres Carter and some of is

she is the only one on this thread who is talking about her suffering to black males and females who have been mistreated in ways she could never deal with or imagine. Most of us suffer in silence, we seldom share the horrible experiences we’ve had under the system of white supremacy, all the slights, and insults and snubs and treatment at the hands of white employers (or people who wouldn’t HIRE us), and the mistreatment by police, or authority figures, etc.

Many of us have had friends and family beaten or killed by police (I have), many of us have buried our children before their time, been the victims of crime by people who have been trampled under the system as children, have loved ones incarcerated, been cheated out of JOBS and opportunities, been denied service, been humiliated in public and in private just for being black, been “racially PROFILED” as we shop in a store or drive down the street (I definitely have experienced that many, many times), and have watched our children and ourselves and countless numbers of black children go through the wicked process of educational genocide as we languished in black schools custom designed to destroy our educational potential

and as black females, dealing with the twin assaults of SEXISM AND RACISM, who are regularly maligned in the racist mainstream media, been called nappy headed and ugly and worthless nearly all our lives, and are the WOMEN MOST LIKELY to be raped or assaulted in the U.S, and the MOST LIKELY to keep that secret because we know no one cares, including other black people

and I have watched countless numbers of black females have walking nervous breakdowns as they struggle to live under these conditions and raise their children often by themselves for a variety of REASONS (while Miss Linda is married to a black male), and so many in my city are burying their children before their time, children who were murdered at the hands of police, even children as young as NINE YEARS OLD.

yet I can’t remember a SINGLE black female (or black male for that matter) spending three entire days or more talking about how much they’ve suffered, like Linda Keres Carter has who I doubt has buried a single child or been racially profiled (unless traveling with her husband and he is the real target), or been refused service, or been saddled with inferior schools, or been denied unemployment (if she works), or denied ANYTHING ELSE.

I could understand if the police in her community here in the U.S. had been murdering the children in her community like they do in ours but I doubt that’s the case. YET black people as a whole seldom come on ANYONE’S blog (including mine) to talk about our immense suffering under the system of white supremacy

and then it OCCURRED to me, maybe we should. Maybe, instead of listening to that other stuff, we should be SHARING our stories and releasing some of the PAIN that is making us so physically AND mentally ill so other victims won’t feel so isolated and alone and will know it’s alright to feel however we feel, to let go of those egos and the shame of being mistreated because it is NOT OUR FAULT that we are being mistreated because we are black.

let’s not waste our precious SPIRITUALLY healing POWERS and sympathetic hearts on the WRONG PEOPLE.

-Sister Trojan Pam.


Trojan Pam
@ Herneith

Do not be irked by what I believe, given the overwhelming evidence, is true.

think about what Linda Keres Carter has posted and how SIMILAR it is to what I’ve (and maybe, you’ve) seen on Abagond’s blog posts and countless other black blogs, including mine.

The REFINED racism/white supremacy ‘game’ of deception, denial, then guilt. I have watched this play out so many times, you would think there’s a rulebook guiding racist behavior

and guess what? There IS. Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. calls it “codfication” where white people often ACT and SPEAK in code. There’s even a LANGUAGE designed around it that many blacks do not recognize

for example, “urban” = “blacks”
“suburban” = “whites”

I would STRONGLY suggest all check out Mr. Fuller’s books and this website

blackcodefiles_com (where you can listen to free sound clips of Mr Fuller breaking down the system of white supremacy and you can find him on youtube as well.

Also, I cover many topics in my books which you can check out free excerpts on racismws_com

Without going into a long, detailed diatribe about it, this is the evidence that white people — collectively — are far from “dumb”. (now, as individuals, their intelligence ranges from the low end to the high end like every other group on the planet, and that is where I think black people get confused. They see the “ignorant” white person in person and think, this mother is too dumb to be smarter than me

That is NOT what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the COLLECTIVE BEHAVIOR/INTELLIGENCE of white people that has allowed a small minority (less than NINE percent of the planet’s population) to control the other NINETY-ONE percent.

How? Through VIOLENCE, CONFUSION, and DECEPTION -but also from following a CODE OF CONDUCT — CODIFICATION — in how they deal with people they have classified as “not white”

It’s like saying a CON MAN or WOMAN is dumber than you when they’re conning you out of your money, your property, your bodies, and your self-respect.

How can white people — collectively — behave the same way for the last 500 years toward people of color, no matter where they go on the planet? How is that possible without a “code?” How can they be ignorant when this behavior happens everywhere they go, even before the telephone or television was invented?

How could whites landing foot on Australia wind up doing the SAME THINGS to the original people (the Aborigines aka “originals) that they did to the non-white people in New Zealand without a CONDUCT CODE?

And if my CONDUCT CODE has been largely successful, and I have most of the non-white people on the planet under my thumb, watching my white supremacist movies and TV, applauding the anti-black MUSIC and black entertainers who degrade black people,

and bleaching their skin and thinning their noses, and having sex with me (despite my mistreatment of them), and fighting and hating and killing each other while being loyal to me and my whiteness

how in the WORLD am I acting out of ignorance?

It is black and non-white people who are IGNORANT — because we do not understand and/or REFUSE to understand and accept that we are being DOMINATED by a system of white supremacy and that ALL white people are benefiting from that system

and that is why the Linda Keres Carters of the world will NOT TELL YOU THEY ARE WHITE or are LIVING AS A WHITE PERSON with ALL the privileges of being white

so the black people she comes into contact with will remain CONFUSED and that is NOT ignorance, that is a CODE, that is CODIFICATION, and you were reading it right here on this post.

We MUST be our egos aside and tell ourselves the truth because only the TRUTH will set you free because if you are under the thumb of someone else there is no way in H you are smarter than they are, especially when you are COOPERATING with the same system that is oppressing you.

I hope you will check out Mr. Fuller’s sounds clips, believe me, you will begin to see things more clearly than you have ever seen them before.

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