Friday, December 26, 2014

Assata Shakur at World Youth Festival 1997 (Bless Sister Assata Shakur)


 First of all, you don't know what my social philosophy is; and if you're mentally challenged enough to actually believe that Obama is a Maoist, and the Democratic Party a "Che/Mao Liberation Front," then you're clearly incapable of understanding anything above the mental level of a two year old. And as long as you're not denouncing police terror against the Black community and Latin community, then I could care less about alleged colleagues (mainly figments of your fevered imagination anyway) attacking NYC cops. -Savant


 This is also a guy who started threads on Black Nationalism, Revolutionary Black films, "Bring Back the Black Panthers?". Revolutionaries in AA Forum, etc. But once hardly expects you to be surprised. People who don't think are seldom surprised. They lack intellectual curiosity. 



 I won't be leaving this country, but working to drive out people like you. Now as for the point of my comment, it's simple. Whether you change your name or not it will make little diffrenc if you don't change your consciousness. Martin Delaney, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. Du Bois, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks Marcus Garvey, Bobby Seale, Ella Baker, Paul Robeson, Fannie Lou Hamer, Angela Davis, and innumerable other brothers and sisters have contributed to our people's fight for liberation without changing their names. If you want to change your name (as numerous other freedom fighters have done), that's fine as a cultural or political statement. The name is less important than commitment to the struggle. A dude with an English name infiltrated the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party, enabling the cops to murder Fred Hampton in his sleep. Another dude with an African name infiltrated the New York branch of the Black Panther Party. A dude with an English name infiltrated Dr. King's organization And the rivals of Dr. King in Memphis, a group called THE INVADERS were infiltrated by agents with both African and English names. I care less about name than about commitment. But...if you are going to change your name choose a REAL African name! Not a made up one. Know what the name means, and consider that meaning in deciding what name to choose for yourself and your children. One other suggestion....As the rulers of America are still primarily WHITE, it may be wise to have a European name you or your children can use when needed. If the name on a job application happens to be Kwame, you will probably be deleted immediately. You may at least get an interview if your name is Joseph, Robert, John, Mary or LInda. And definitely no "Shaniqua ". They already hav you pegged as a "welfare queen" with that name even if you've a degree from Columbia. But I still say--focus on raising consciousness. And if you change our name let it be a name which reflects that RAISED consciousness..... and be a REAL African name.



 No community is a terrorist organization, and indeed no community is an organization. The Black community is thought that way only by racists. As for rampant police violence against our community that has been verified numerous times not only by anecdotal by Blacks themselves, but by the UN, Amnesty International and the ACLU, and various cultural studies. The case is closed on that issue. The only question is what to do about the racist terror. As for Hot Spittle, his description of Black community as terrorist or criminal reveals the same kind of thinking as that of those Nazis who saw the Jewish people as a community of shysters, warmongers and seditionists. He belongs to the same sewer as they.


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