Saturday, December 13, 2014

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And do they see POLICE VIOLENCE as disgusting? Do they find disgusting the corporate media's focus on a few violent incidents in the context of a situation in which most protest has been NONVIOLENT even when attacked by police with tanks and rubber bullets? Perhaps some Europeans, like some white Americans, have a tendency to see what they want to see. Your own comments seem more concerned with the few incidents of violent protest--which were provoked by police violence---than with the violence of the police. One's perceptions and concerns are not necessarily apolitical or neutral. As for some of your other comments, I may address them when I have more time.



There's no widespread "left wing violence" in America. In fact, that kind of violence is nearly non-existent. But racist and right wing violence is rampant in America. Indeed, that is the only kind of violence that has predominated in the USA. I suspect that may have even been true for most of Europe's history, but I know that right wing violence has predominated in ALL of American history.



 Am I expected to believe that the world doesn't see the MASSIVE NONVIOLENT PROTESTS happening from coast to coast in the USA? They've been in the news for MONTHS!!! As recently as YESTERDAY tens of thousand of people--Black, white, Asian, Latino, Jews, Arabs and heaven knows who else--were marching in Washington, D.C., New York, LA and scores of other cities throughout the nation. And those nonviolent protests---actuall y beginning this past summer--have been going on far longer than those scattered few outbreaks of rioting. Even on the day of the decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the day the rioting broke out, the great MAJORITY of the Black community and its allies were engaged in nonviolent demonstrations. If these things weren't seen one can only wonder why some people have such SELECTIVE perception. I hear there were even sympathy demonstratins in solidarity in some countries OUTSIDE the USA---also nonviolent. How do people manage to miss that? -Savant



 Civil and political liberty did replace fascistic autocracy in South Africa. Democracy (albeit not fully social) and racial equality is replacing the apartheid police state. I don't like police states. So, I criticize the ANC for its limitations, and I call upon them to fulfill as well as possible the social democratic aims enunciated in the Freedom Charter and eloquently propounded by Nelson Mandela at the Rivonia trial. But I comment them for ending the regime of fascistic terror. As you are a pro-Nazi fascist it hardly surprises me that you cannot appreciate the values of that achievement in South Africa. No doubt the previous regime was more to your liking---more "civilized " in your colonialist language. -Savant


 The demonstrations were 99% NONVIOLENT. And the greatest danger to the citizenry came from the police. Demonstrators weren't attacking crowds with rubber bullets. But while most of the actions of protestors were NONVIOLENT, the police were violent. By the way, were you asleep when demonstrators BLOCKED the way of a group trying to loot stores? It was on TV. I'm not so sure that I cannot hold people accountable for their selective attention. What they NOTICE tells one more than may be obvious. But as I said before, while the opposition has been MAINLY nonviolent--and in mass demonstrations all over the country--there's no guarantee that they will remain that way if the police abuse is not corrected, and is even sanctioned by the judiciary under the pretense of law.


 blackfirst3 weeks ago:

So you must think i`m some fool that`s gonna be swayed by your white supremacist propaganda,trying to deflect the issue,of racism white supremacy?Blacks and whites are not in the same boat, whites are not being killed in mass by racist policeman who are allowed to get away with it,whites are not being brainwashed in schools to feel inferior like they do to blacks,whites are not being demonized in the media to encourage more racism towards whites like whites are doing to blacks,the media is't spreading bullshit statistics like,:theirs more whites in jail then in college", or 1 in 4 whites are in prison or on probation",like the they do to blacks in order to encourage racism towards blacks,Whites are not being racially profiled like blacks are,whites are not being discriminated on the level of blacks. Most of the crimes in the U.S is committed by whites.The reason their are more blacks in prison is because of the racist judges who give blacks higher sentence and they also often give whites a smack on the wrist when they commit a crime.Plus the law enforcement racially profile blacks and don`t target whites. And black folks are justified in rioting because many of you whites allowed Darren Wilson and others to get away with the murder of blacks.You whites riot all the time,everytime whites favorite team wins or loses whites riot,and turn over cars and burn them.What justification is their for that?

 If police killed a 12 year old white child, and then claimed he looked 20 and his toy gun looked like a real one, I suspect the Court's decision would have been different; especially if he were a white child of the privileged classes. Of course, the police would have known better than to make that "mistake. " Like the time when the police fatally mistook a 10 year old black child for a 40 year old bank robber. Or the time when at 17 I was almost fatally mistaken for a 35 year old who supposedly stuck up a bar. In short, the Black community (and more morally conscious parts of all communities) in America are getting tired of these fatal errors on the part of the police, and the jive a___ excuse of courts who exonerate them. Angry black students of one of my colleagues asked their professor: "So, how long are we supposed to put up with this? How long do they THINK we will put up with this?" And one Black coed stated "We need to bring back the Black Panthers!" She wasn't even born when the BPP was around. But I hear more and more this same kind of thing being said by YOUNG Black people, not the 1960s generation. And you'd be surprised at how many of their white and Asian (not the mention Hispanic) "millennial " contemporaries find this completely understandable



 It was Hitler who gave FDR the pretext by declaring war on the USA. But it was Europe that created Hitler, or allowed conditions that enabled him to rise. I think my uncle wanted a respite from "ni****r " hating America which lynched one of his siblings, and had no objection to fighting to crush racists abroad (as he would have like to do at home). What is little known outside of Black America (or inside by the younger generation) is that many Black Americans were INCENSED at the Italian Fascist invasion of Ethiopia. (Later we would be incensed by the atrocities in Mozambique or South Africa) . This helped turn the attention of many Black Americans of that era toward (and against) the rising tide of Fascism. Most leaders in our churches, schools an civic organizations were indignant and publicly spoke out against it. Some Blacks fought with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade against Franco in Spain. And Dr. W.E.B Du Bois warned that the fate of the Jews in racist Europe could become the fate of the Blacks in racist America; that in a racist society that is always a possibility, sometimes near and sometimes distant, but always there. Thanks heavens that the political Right is marginal in Black America, having less traction in even the middle and upper classes of AA society than among (sadly) the working and poor classes of white America---and Europe.


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