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Real Conscious Words

Nixak*77* a month ago

Dr Alexander confirms yet again that whites {men} have higher substance-abuse rates [for both illegal & 'legal' drugs] than Blacks do- they just don't go to jail for it anywhere near as often as Blacks do [FYI: the disparity in drug convictions between Blacks vs whites in MD is 17.4 to 1]. Thus just because 45% of young Black men who are HS dropouts are 'officially' 'branded' [for life] as criminals vs just 5% of their white 'peers' [a 9 to 1 ratio], don't mean that Blacks commit 9Xs more crime than their white 'peers', they're just forced to go-to jail 9Xs more often!!! And Because 45% of Black men from low-income back-grounds are 'branded' [for life] as 'criminals' / ex-cons vs just 5% of their white peers, they have a much harder time finding a decent paying job which can support a family. This means that Black women from working-poor back-grounds are 4Xs more likely to be single [moms?] than their white-women 'peers'- forced to live alone & in poverty along w their kids [if they have any]. Thus this race-biased so-called 'War on Drugs & Crime' has effectively been a WAR on the Black Family & Community.



What WM fails to acknowledge but is definitely true some people so-call succeed in spite of themselves- IE: they fail to apply themselves but because of insider connections / family ties etc... they're never allowed to fail. IE: the Wall St Banksters after they crashed the economy in 2007-08 were 'bailed-out' to the tune of TRILLION$$$, & even though they committed all types of felony frauds including laundering BILLION$$$ in drug money- NOT one Wall St Bankster has gone to jail [save Bernie Maddolf for swindling others in the 1%]. Then there's Bush Jr who FAILED his way to the top as a failed business man, & before that went AWOL from the Air National Guard [which he was allowed to join as a 'dodge' from the being drafted for Vietnam] & then was kicked out of for refusing to take a routine drug test [likely due to coke use], plus he's an admitted {ex?}Alcoholic. The reverse of those above cases is many so-called 'fail to succeed' [depending on how one defines 'success'] NOT for lack of effort, but because the odds [IE: system] were / are stacked against them. Again pointing out the very few exceptions that so-called 'made-it' against long-odds [IE: Mr Cosby-Kids, Oprah, MJ, LeBraun, Denzel, etc...] as is WM's shtick, does NOT negate that rule. In fact what WM & his ilk fail to acknowledge is that the US' corp capitalist system MUST have its share of 'Hi-Profile' Cosbys, Oprahs, Obamas, etc to hype to the masses, lest it be too obvious that most folks [aka 'the 99%'] especially Black & Brown folks- have the deck [aka the system] stacked against them. Even the mafias who run Las Vegas know that they have to allow a small handful of 'hi-profile' big winners here & there, plus a few small / modest winners more regularly, to keep the 'suckers' 'hooked' & coming back for more. PS: IMO WM badly misrepresents the God of the Bible, especially the message of Yeshua [aka Jesus]. Thus IMO WM & his ilk effectively 'Takes the Lord's name in Vain'- Such that his / their narrow minded mis-representations not only turn off atheists & agnostics, but also Judaics, Muslims, etc... & even more progressive minded Christians. __________


 Facts RE KILLER Cop Darren Wilson gunning down Mike Brown Jr:

1} Mike Brown was unarmed at the time KILLER Cop Darren Wilson gunned him down.

2} KILLER Cop Darren Wilson shot Mike Brown at-least 6Xs including once in the eye & once to the top of his head!

3} KILLER Cop Darren Wilson began the confrontation w Mike Brown at his squad car. Apparently Wilson fired the 1st shot that hit Brown at or near the car. Wilson's supporters claim there was a struggle for Wilson's gun at / inside the squad-car- well if Wilson snatched Brown toward him [thru the car WINDOW] w one hand while drawing his gun w the other, of course Brown likely tried to struggle for the gun to try [unsuccessfully] to stop KILLER Cop Wilson from shooting him [Duhh!], which Wilson apparently first shot Brown at or near his squad-car.

 4} Wilson stopping, confronting & ultimately killing Brown had absolutely NOTHING [ZERO] to do w the alleged ?shop lifting? incident 15 min - 30 min prior. 5} Mike Brown & his friend ran from Darren Wilson in fear of their lives. Killer Cop Wilson chased after Brown for about 200 ft away from the squad car.

 6} All eye-witnesses [including 2 white construction workers] confirm Mike Brown's hands were up & was giving up when KILLER Cop Wilson gunned Mike Brown down w at-least 6 shots in total- including 2 to the head!!! Wilson apparently caught up to & then gunned Mike Brown down some 150ft - 200 ft away from his squad car after chasing after a fleeing Mike Brown.

7} The cops then left Mike Brown's body lying in the hot sun for over 4 hrs- WTF was that all about??? PS: You can't chase-down someone & then shoot them 6Xs including 2 to the head, by 'accident'! __________________

 Nixak*77* 14 days ago

I got a better understanding of what the G20 is really all about from Prof Panitch, than I have since I began hearing of a G20. So Bush & Paulson cut the BRICS in on the deal in 2008 to save the US' & EU's capitalist system from falling into the abyss. This proves what I've already concluded re: the BRICS though some may give lip-service to socialism, they've all bought into some form of capitalism & have even agreed to the rules set by the 'traditional' capitalists. Thus any dispute they, especially Russia & China, have w the US & EU is over sovereignty & national pride, spheres of influence & access to resources- NOT over which economic system should be the main global system.



 At-least 1/3 to almost 1/2 of the people of India & Bangladesh are vegetarians / vegans & have the lowest per capita meat consumption of all major countries. Before India became so-called 'modernize' [= westernized] INDEED most Indians were vegetarians / vegans. The fact is Westernized countries of the US, Australia, Canada, the EU, etc have by far the highest per capita rates of meat & dairy consumption- Yet American's are among the World's FATTEST Folks. Getting 3rd World Peoples hooked on the US' SAD meat-based diet along w GMO crops is exactly the WRONG approach to any food shortages they may face. If all that corn & soy that's fed to fatten cows [that should be eating grass], were instead used to feed hungry people hi-quality vegetable protein, it would be a much better solution. The best solution is for these countries to become self-sufficient in basic [Non-GMO] food crops- but this goes against neo-liberal capitalist dogma. Cuba is a good example & model for other 3rd World nations, of how a nation w a traditionally fairly hi meat consumption, switched to a more plant based diet out of necessity, due to the US +50yr embargo, to meet Cubans' basic dietary needs.


 Nixak*77* '

What happened to the bison is in the past and should stay there. That bridge has already been crossed.' Spoken like a true die-hard carnivorous, white-supremacist, predatory capitalist! Concurrent w the killing off of nearly all the bison was the near extermination of the Indigenous peoples & mass enslavement of Africans. But why bring up the past of just 150 yrs ago? Even though students are taught to study history going back 1000s & even millions of yrs. US [& Canadian] cattle-ranchers virtually exterminated the bison, but just before the bison went totally extinct, the very ones responsible for their near extermination decided to save just a handful, as tourist attractions, 'live' scientific 'specimens' & curiosity pieces [aka live trophies]. WOW!!! Ain't that a real humane gesture- NOT!!! But Hey What-ever.... PS: That you'd try to compare the Beef & meat industry's long time 'market' manipulations & damage done to both the environment & human health, as well as animal welfare- to that of PeTA's- Is Truly Astonishingly WTF ASTOUNDING!!!



RE: The So-called Rioting & Looting Note This: Did a KKK / Covert Cop Nexus burn down the Church of Mike Brown Sr in Ferguson- as the Lame-stream media blamed Black ‘rioters’??? From AlterNet: ” ‘Anonymous’ Dumps KKK Leader’s Personal Info Online in Ongoing Ferguson Dispute’ [@ ]: } Members of the Anonymous offshoot NOWsec claimed last week that a source within the St. Louis County Police Department had told them Ferguson-area law enforcement officers were affiliated with the “Ghoul Squad,” which the activists described as supportive of the local KKK chapter…. The pastor of a church where Michael Brown’s father was baptized over the weekend said he believes White Supremacists [ala the KKK], not protesters, burned down Flood Christian Church overnight Monday. “I’m very vocal in regards to the Michael Brown case,” said Rev. Carlton Lee, who has taken part in in rallies and press conferences with Michael Brown Sr… { FYI: KKK type white-supremacist groups [often in combo w racist cops] have a long sordid history of burning down / fire-bombing Black Activist Churches ala the infamous fire-bombing of the 16th St Baptist Church in Birmingham AL in Sept 1963- Killing 4 young Black Girls. _____________

The reason Killer Cop Wislon's Grand jury failed to indict him for gunning unarmed Mike Brown down, was because his Attny masquerading as the St Louis, DA Robert McCulloch, rigged the whole thing in Wilson's favor- IE: Effectively LYING to [Killer Cop Wilson’s] Grand Jury, by instructing [Killer Cop Wilson’s] them that it was ‘lawful’ for Killer Cop Wilson to gun-down Mike Brown for fleeing, even though that MO so-called ‘Law’ was ruled Un-Constitutional by the SCOTUS Court in 1985 [before Wilson was even born]!!! [I'm starting to even doubt if there really were Blacks on the Grand Jury- held in secrecy- so who really knows]. IMO what Wilson's now said was his Tesi-Lying is actually enough to indict him, if the DA had actually been acting as a prosecutor instead of as in effect, KILLER Cop Wilson's attny! This is enough for Obamaa's & Holder's DA to indict Robert McCulloch for PERJURY & Obstruction of Justice, but I don't expect Obama & Holder to do a Damn thing except speech-ify & try to pacify.


 Nixak*77* IMO Whether Obama's & AG Holder's DOJ can 'legally' prosecute Killer Cop Wilson on FEDERAL CHARGES is unclear [though IMO Wilson committed multiple counts of perjury which in & of itself is a serious offense especially in a felony homicide case] -BUT- IMO Obama &'s Holder's DOJ could if they would [but I seriously doubt it] potentially bring federal charges against the St Louis DA [& possibly even the Ferguson & St Louis Police Depts] in this case- Because: According to this report @ BrassCheck TV [@ ]: Killer Cop Wilson's Attny masquerading as a prosecutor- St Louis DA Robert McCulloch & His assistant DA Kathy Alizadeh, effectively LIED to [Killer Cop Wilson’s] Grand Jury, by instructing them that it was ‘lawful’ for Killer Cop Wilson to gun-down Mike Brown for fleeing from him, even though that MO state so-called ‘Law’ was ruled Un-Constitutional & over-turned by the SCOTUS Court in 1985 [before Wilson was even born]!!! Thus St Louis DA Rob McCulloch & His assistant DA Ms Alizadeh effectively committed PERJURY to Obstruct Justice, jury tampering & prosecutorial misconduct to effectively violating Mike Brown’s family’s civil rights!!! If this is confirmed IMO that's more than enough for Obama's & Holder's DoJ to bring a federal case against McCulloch & Ms Alizadeh, but I wouldn't hold{er} my breath!!!


 Nixak*77* Since 2002 cops have killed between 400 to 500 people per yr [one yr they killed over 600]- Yet not only has the violent crime & murder rates been in a genral decline; but only about 50 [give or take] cops, state troopers, FBI-DEA-AFT-ICE agents & federal marshals, etc all combined been murdered on duty ea yr for the entire US- Which = about 1 cop murdered per state per yr. In fact about as many [or even more] US cops are killed on duty from a combo of traffic accidents, hi-speed [often ill-advised] car & motorcycle chases, & training & other accidents ea yr as are actually murdered on the job. Thus the disparity of cops being killed vs cops killing civilians is about 8 - 10 to 1.



Maybe you had trouble reading what I wrote, though it's NOT even a long post! So again here's 2 quotes from above: 'Why are the Repugs ranting against [& the DIMS TOO, just a bit less odiously- thus likely more disingenuously] so-called 'illegal' immigrants, but are all for [just much more quietly] H1B visa immigrants?.... Yet because the Chamber of Commerce & Big Biz wants them, most Repugs [& DIMS TOO] are just fine & dandy w H1B visa [mostly white & Asian plus well educated] immigrants...


 Nixak*77* Can't even get an indictment [let alone a conviction] of a cop who's actually FILMED CHOKING a Black guy to death w an ILLEGAL Choke-Hold, for the {non}'Crime' of [NOT] selling loose cigarettes! Welcome to 'post-racial' USA in the age of Obama!


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