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Sister Trojan Pam's New Words in 2015

@ Alicia

I believe part of the reason is black people do not understand the system we are in and we have not overcome our slave mindset.

Another reason is we talk big game about black empowerment but most of us do not support other black people OR black businesses UNLESS it involves alcohol (bars) and eating (storefront restaurants).

As far as having more black media that takes MONEY from SPONSORS and most of us are not in a position to advertise on black media because

1) we squander what little resources we have on material things and bad hobbies, like gambling, drugging, and lottery playing
2) we do not own enough black businesses to support even ONE TV network as the sponsors of it. There are more black churches in america than black businesses.
3) we do not like each other enough to TRULY support black entrepreneurial efforts. In fact, we are more likely to sabotage it due to our own insecurities and jealousies and anti-blackness

Now, some will think my answer is harsh but can they honestly say that black people support each other? I believe there are those who do but they are NOT the majority

Until we reduce/eliminate our anti-blackness nothing will change for us.

-Trojan Pam


@ Courtney H.

I agree, we are under relentless attack and I think we are FEELING it but instead of moving us to protect our communities and families it has driven us DEEPER into DENIAL and anti-blackness, as though, by throwing each other under the white bus, we will somehow be provided more safety.

I also heard that one of the states (I forget which) is proposing legislation to take food stamps from anyone who is using drugs. What people fail to think about (in my opinion) is WHO is BRINGING the drugs into our communities? And frankly, I strongly suspect that if being drug-free was a requirement for employment or benefits that the House AND the Senate and the White House, and most state and city legislature bodies and corporate offices would be be vacant.

This entire nation is drug addicted, be it alcohol, reefer, hard drugs, prescription drugs or sexual addictions and perversions. And the majority of people who would suffer from a loss of food stamps are CHILDREN.

We have to be very, very suspicious of any blanket attacks on poor people, because the REAL target is ALWAYS us. Always. And to see so many black people, many of who, I bet are struggling with their own mental issues, come down so hard on drug-addicted soon-to-be mothers who could be facing hard time for an illness, is frankly, sickening.

Thanks for providing the links, I’ll check them out.

-Trojan Pam


@ Kushite Prince

I heard about it and it is just more brainwashed “black celebrities” being used to promote more ant-blackness.

That is why I maintain that the WORST BLACK ROLE MODELS are black people in the public eye. That includes black POLITICIANS (many of who throw black people under the bus on a regular basis and you know who I’m talking about), and black ENTERTAINERS who pretty much include the first category.

My premise is ANYTHING a black person is given a mike and speaks into a camera nine time of nine and a half

they are talking bad about another black person OR black people in general.

I want all of you to think about the black people who have been given mikes and camera time on mainstream media and listen to what they are saying WHEN they are talking about black people.

you will find that most of the time it is negative.

we need to stop uplifting black politicians, preachers and entertainers to our children before we produce ANOTHER generation of low-self-esteemed, anti-black and self-hating black people.

-Trojan Pam


@ Timothy

You’re right. For me neo liberal and neo conservative all amount to the SAME thing, only one type of deception is preferred over another and it forces the oppressed populations to “choose”

There is only one kind of political system and that is the system of white supremacy and because most black people do not know this, they fall for the voting schemes and “first black” this and that, thinking we are making a “change”

remember that slogan from the 2008 Presidential campaign? “Change you can believe in” ?

The only thing that changed were the FACES and COMPLEXIONS of the puppets on the stage.

And this Little League team of talented black boys are getting their first tastes of what it means to be black under a system of white supremacy despite all the black people in high places with fancy “titles”

-Trojan Pam


@ Alicia

Thanks for sharing your observations. I have noticed this, too, that the pressure on blacks in corporate environments is to be anti-black and that includes the way black males and females interact with each other.

White people are ALWAYS watching and I KNOW most black people can feel this scrutiny whether we admit it or not. Our behavior changes whenever they come around and we need to be honest about this

Add the braintrashing by the media that makes it appear that black males are better off without black females and vice versa and you have the perfect recipe for massive anti-blackness

which is what we see happening today.

-Trojan Pam


@ Yolee

I completely understand why BW would consider dating non-black males given the current state of BM/BF relationships

However, the purpose of my blog is to help bring black people TOGETHER not to find new ways and rationalizations to drive us apart.

Whether we like it or not our SURVIVAL as individuals depends on our STRENGTH as a GROUP

why do you think the white supremacy system is working overtime to drive us apart? To convince us to date and marry and sex anybody but another black person? to demonize dark skinned black females so the black male will not want to continue his genotype and literally will breed himself out of existence?

Why do you think this is happening at the same time oppression is increasing against black people? Rising unemployment, police brutality, closing black schools and pushing black people out of areas we have lived in for decades?

And yet our response is to separate ourselves even further? And who will we ask to save us?

Hispanics? Asians? Indians? Whites?


and that is one reason they are building economic bases right here in america while black people are building…

Multimillion-dollar CHURCHES to grandstand in

Even though we can’t employ ourselves and have few viable businesses that can hire other black people

I don’t know what else to tell you…

-Trojan Pam

@ Shanequa

I agree

and this is where I weigh in as far as what black women CAN and SHOULD do.

first, accept we can’t control anyone but ourselves. we can’t make men love us but we can do more to learn to love ourselves.

you are absolutely right. Black females MAKE and BREAK many a black male (and female’s) career because WE are the ones who turn BM into “sex symbols”

white women turn their OWN white male stars into their sex symbols. They have NEVER raised a black male to the level of a Tom Cruise or Richard Gere or George Clooney sex symbol status. NEVER.

and if it wasn’t for the black female fans supporting their careers most black male entertainers, especially actors would be working in an office somewhere

we must learn to exercise what power we have and that is the POWER OF NOT SPENDING OUR MONEY AND TIME WHERE IT IS NOT RESPECTED OR APPRECIATED>

I do NOT support many black entertainers who degrade and dismiss us– and that includes black female entertainers.

Because if we continue to support them, it is the same thing as saying we don’t care about being respected.

I hope everyone reading this post will stay away from Will SMith’s new movie. I mean, why would a conscious black male or female want to trash their brains with those images? I don’t get it.

-Trojan Pam


@ The OriginalBlackWoman13

I have to admit this is a huge part of my frustration

that the first person most black males — young AND old turn to when in need are black females — momma, grandmomma, sister, auntie, the neighbor down the block, girlfriend, wife, etc

While the white, Asian, and other non-black females could care less about the collective struggles of black males. They might care about the one they’re sleeping with as long as he giving them sex but even when it comes to the children they have with black males, I have CONSISTENTLY seen a detachment regarding those children.

In fact, on one of the black reality TV shows, one of the women with a white mother said her mother had NEVER ONCE said she loved her.

My point is, black females are often taken for granted and used shamelessly by some of the same black males who profess their love of “variety” AKA “non-black females”

but when that ship has sailed and moved on without them, who do they come running back to looking for help, or a shoulder to lean on?

black females.

I have seen this time and time and time and time again and am fast moving toward the point where I think we– as black females — will have to be more selective about those we offer aid and comfort to.

-Trojan Pam


@ Mariama

It is all we know. We were taken from everything that made us a people. Our language, history, culture, religion, food, even our children and families were stripped from us and this condition lasted over 400 YEARS.

At the end of the most horrific and LONGEST human HOLOCAUST in recent history, we were forced into total dependency after slavery was allegedly abolished (it wasn’t)

Every attempt we’ve made to have some independence has been sabotaged (remember ‘Black Wall Street’? and the Black Codes and Jim Crow and legalized segregation?

And after we rose up as a population and said “Enough!” during the 60s instead of real equality we were forced fed integration and told that the only way we could be “equal” was to imitate and assimilate with whites and we bought it because we didn’t know that it would make independence and self-sufficiency impossible to achieve — but our enemies knew and that’s why they sold us on integration because the most skilled warriors keep their friends close and their enemies CLOSER

Even as I write these blog posts I realize I am sick, too, and that I’m still fighting the desire to get that white validation and approval because it was programmed into my head from the time I was a small child. So, I do understand why so many are confused but unfortunately, our survival depends on us breaking the chains of white validation before we can do anything that even comes close to respecting ourselves as black people.

-Trojan Pam


@ TrojanPam

You mentioned in a previous comment about a biracial woman who said that she was never told I love you by her white mother. That was Claudia Jordan of Real Housewives of Atlanta. I would like to add that she also said that her BLACK GRANDMOTHER always told her that she loved her. Now that’s something, ain’t it. It just demonstrates that naturally motherly instinct that Black Women can have for any child. I often wonder about these white women’s ability to TRUELY love these half black, quarter black, etc children and from what I and many others such as yourself observed the answer is a resounding NO!. I remember I read an interesting article several years ago (I wish I could find it) in which a white woman with a half black daughter admitted that the child was “alien” to her. I’ve heard of (and I personally know some) white women leaving a Black husband and half Black children to marry a white man, have a white child, and re-enter her safe, comfortable white world. Black males who are or who are thinking about IR don’t consider these things, as I and others said above they think with their penis and not with their brains, and I guess some regret it later. smdh.

-Sister TheOriginalBlackWoman13


@ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

Claudia Jordan did say it and I’ve heard it in many different ways from many “black” people with a white parent, who have expressed some form of disconnect with that white parent. I’ve heard it from blacks who were adopted by whites and I suspect it is more common than we think AND that their parents often times are still practicing racism against other blacks outside (and sometimes inside) the home.

And one thing I find curious is a lot of white females who have a fixation on black males (penises) exhibit a lot of hostility AND jealousy towards black females. Now, if this white female does NOT like black females, what happens when she has a daughter with a black male? The same for white males who have a fixation on black females but do not like or trust black males and they have a son with a black female?

We need to THINK HARD before we have children with someone outside or our own ethnic group

-Sister Trojan Pam



@ Kushite Prince

Other than pretending you’re a homosexual (which I wouldn’t recommend), I have a friend (actually an ex-boyfriend) who had a similar problem with a WW who kept flirting with him and coming into his office and he said he knew the white men (including his bosses) were watching what he did.

So, he said he always made sure that his office door stayed open whenever she walked in. And he never spent too much time being too friendly with the white females at work. Another black male, also a lawyer, obviously watched too much TV and believed too much hype about how much WW love them some BM

because he made a play for his white female boss and she accused him of sexually harassing her and they fired him.

My friend didn’t stay long after that but he said he watched them eventually fire every black male attorney who worked there and that few understood the dynamics of racism in the workplace and believed the nonsense they saw on TV about “race relations.” He said there are NO black male attorneys now in that entire office.

I remember a black male years ago, married with a couple of kids, who got a new job then actually took a white female to an office party when everyone KNEW he was married to a black woman, I think, because he thought it would make him look “better” to the white people at his job. (????)

Shortly after that, they fired him.

I know another black male who got caught up with a white female while they were training for a government job and I would watch her prance around with tight clothing (she was very attractive) and all the white guys would be looking at her and then she decided she was going after this black male

and even though I didn’t know JACK about how racism REALLY worked, I understood or thought I understood what her game was. She was USING him to get the white guys’ goat, to flaunt her black “lover” (I don’t know if they got that far) in front of the white bulls.

Well, guess what? HE GOT FIRED and SHE DIDN’T. and no one can tell me she didn’t know she was jeopardizing that black male’s job. Of course she knew, she just didn’t CARE and he didn’t know what hit him or maybe he did, who knows?

Last story, I had a male friend who said his own white male bosses put pressure on him to sleep with a white female employee at a company function where everyone was drinking even though he was a married man. He said after he refused to “hook up” with her, he knew his days were numbered at that company and he left. It’s as though they wanted him to prove some kind of stereotype that they would probably hold over his head later OR they just wanted to watch him “do it’ — I don’t know.

That’s another thing. I just saw a commercial for Burlington Coat Factory where a black male was shopping with his white woman and I thought, wow, they doing this more, showing BM with WW in TV commercials even more than they show BM with BW (!) OR it will be a BM socializing and eating with nothing but white people.

and so I see another reason they are doing this — to redirect the growing white male RAGE over the economy to all these BM who are shown sexing WW. Have we really gotten so clueless that we think this is something white people approve of? Let me assure you, MOST DON’T. And for a white male with a daughter, a black boyfriend is one of his worst fears.

So when he’s wearing a BADGE and a GUN or he’s sitting behind the employment desk deciding WHO gets a job–guess what? He might decide to take his revenge. Or the WM without a job whose mad at the world can choose a target for his rage. Black males better wake the HELL up, soon, it will NOT BE SAFE to flaunt their white girlfriends in front of certain people. (and I believe the secret rise in LYNCHINGS may be related to what I’m saying)

My advice is to be cordial, keep your distance, socialize as little as possible after office hours, don’t share any personal information and if pushed, tell them you’re engaged to be married.

And be prepared if it gets bad enough to have a Plan B.

-Trojan Pam

@ Providence

Absolutely, we are in a spiritual war and we have been blinded by false religions.

Black people are still practicing the same slave religion in the same manner that the white slave owners taught us and what was the purpose of teaching us what they taught us?

to MAKE US SUBMIT TO BEING SLAVES with the hope of a better day…AFTER WE DIED…while the same slave owners, armed with a Bible and a whip, taught us to worship God and his son in his OWN IMAGE — while he AND his wife USED VIOLENCE AND TERROR TO keep us in line while they fattened their pockets off our blood sweat and tears which to this day has BUILT THE WEALTH OF WESTERN WHITE WORLD.

And to this day, a lot of black churches still have a white Jesus on their walls which is the same thing as believing that if Jesus is white, so is GOD.

Malcolm X said it best: “So you call for the same God he calls for. When he’s putting a rope around your neck and he calls for God and you call for God and you wonder why the one you call on never answers.”

I believe in God, but I do NOT believe in pimps masquerading as preachers, or using ATMs in pews, or pimp-preachers asking for credit reports to join a church or to see the tax returns so they can determine how much the congregation can afford to pay — and YES, this is happening in some black churches, including condoning homosexual “marriages” when their OWN BIBLE condemns the practice.

And check this, married Bishop Long in Atlanta was KNOWN to molest young black boys in his church YET his congregation put their NEED to BELONG TO A SOCIAL CLUB ABOVE THE WELFARE OF THEIR BLACK BOYS.

This is SPIRITUAL WARFARE in a white supremacy system and we are LOSING THE BATTLE because we do NOT WANT TO WIN BAD ENOUGH

-Trojan Pam


Amen Ms. Pam. We are a THREAT — otherwise disguised by the world as a people who deserve to be treated as scum. Or as the “mules of the earth”. Whatever. Nobody goes through the lengths the white man has to deceive the whole world into believing he is the creator when in fact he’s the LAST man to be civilized on this earth. Who was the first? That’s right. And we’ll be the last ones standing too. They’ve devised all kinds of schemes to destabilize and eventually exterminate Black populations everywhere, but the white man’s devices just won’t work. What’s that song by Bebe’s kids, “we don’t die we multiplyyyyy” lol. Just as the Hebrews did in Egypt — nothing has changed. But yeah, our children need to be taught of their true origins looong before their ancestors came to these shores. They need to also be taught that white people mutated from the Black offspring of Black Adam and Black Eve. The scientific and historical community know this truth isn’t even up for debate, but for obvious reasons, this information doesn’t trickle into the academic or theological sphere. As it may well be — we can’t expect the system of white supremacy (academia, media, religion, etc) to provide us anything useful or accurate about ourselves. The information is too damning. Nonetheless, we need to take charge and be fierce custodians of our OWN history, and pass this knowledge down to our children. Knowing and understanding our true and rich past, spanning every corner of this planet, is KEY to our collective self-actualization, self-pride and self-preservation.

-Sister Providence


Thank you for writing such an honest post as well as providing accurate observations regarding the IR relationships between black and non-black individuals particularly what the offspring of said relationships experience. As a direct result of such a relationship, I can honestly say your observations hit the mark and were everything I would have noted as well. I really wish people were more honest. For my own experience, I’ve had to heal myself. I’ve had to realize that being black, part-black, and/or just classified as black in this system I will face 24/7 terrorism not only from white people, but also from non-white/non-black people. I understand too now that Chinese people will never hire me or accept me into their group. Nor do I need their acceptance because they will never give me validation or my own self worth.

I did want to piggy back on what you said in one of your previous comments regarding the difficulty “mixed race” people may have. For me the sense of alienation and abandonment from my parents especially has truly stifled and crippled my development. I’ve sought out counseling and therapy for my issues ( identity disorder) to no avail.

The propaganda spewed about IR relationships to be the panacea to racism is completely inaccurate. If things continue to go as is, the U.S. will be looking a lot like Brazil. I feel many mixed people go on tangents about how they are forced to choose. Or how they should have the right to self identify. Even feeling some sort of obligation to embrace both sides is incredibly dangerous. I feel like if a person embraces both sides they may make excuses for the side that is oppressing them and may even endure such abuse and mistreatment because of an obligation to a parent who never cared about the child in the first place.

I’ve tried to do that in the past -to embrace both sides- and have come to the conclusion that everyone ostracizes black people. I’ve stopped wasting my time explaining anything to anyone. People seem to have selective amnesia and forget anyway. The stereotypes, people’s blatant disregard for facts have convinced me to resign myself to just exist as I am for I have no control over what others think of me, nor could I prove anything to them otherwise. There is no self identifying, no actions that I can do to escape this condition. The question to me has always been that my suffering was because I couldn’t escape myself. I couldn’t run away from who I was or the reflection in the mirror.

In many ways mixed people (if one considers them an entirely different group) I think have parallels to black people. History shows it. The RWS framework at its core is much the same as it was hundreds of years ago. Analyzing history, I believe many mixed race people would realize 1) they are being duped 2) they will be used as pawns against black people. For instance, could people actually see the slaves saying well I’m not black therefore I’m not a slave. No. Of course not because the categories were controlled by white people. In my opinion, the whole point of the categories is to distribute resources and power to a certain group of people. I went to this lecture last week and the presenter even said freed blacks could not escape the stigma of being a slave, so they had to walk with their freedom papers. Everyone assumed their condition by their appearance. Hmm. . not much has changed, has it?

Please correct me if I’m confused or am talking crazy. Also I want to say thanks to others who have brought up great points and information.

-Sister kowada


@ Kowaba

Good to hear from you, and no, I don’t think you’re talking crazy. I think it’s natural to have some confusion about an artificially designed system that was created for ONLY ONE PURPOSE: to practice racism/white supremacy by confusing non-white people.

because when you think about it, aren’t most black people in the U.S. “mixed?”
and what about the white people who have a mixture of Indian and African blood, who tan easily, who have dark eyes and hair, and sometimes wavy and curly and frizzy hair? The odds are they are “mixed” too.

White supremacists have used the skin color scheme to keep non-whites at each other’s throats. And the sad thing is most don’t even question it, and that’s something I don’t understand. How can you not question insanity? How can I be “black” when I look white? And who made up the names ‘black, yellow, red, brown, green and orange people?

It’s insanity

and as far as a child who is born to two different groups, I have never met one that didn’t have major problems regarding their ethnicity. I have heard many stories about not feeling loved, not being accepted, being made fun of for looking more black than white, etc. I know of black people with a white parent (usually the mother) who said they were called ‘n_____’ by their mother and told to stop acting like a n_____.

I think it is IMPOSSIBLE that a person who is a racist is NOT going to harbor some racist feelings when they have a non-white or black child. Impossible. And people need to stop being so naive pretending that having a child means you MUST love them. It doesn’t mean any such thing. I do feel that the racist may have an “attachment” to the child but not love in the way they would love a white child.

I remember reading a long time ago when I was about 8 or 9 years old, this white female admitting that when she saw a black child she didn’t feel that sense of maternal instinct that she felt with a white child, even a strange white child and I remember thinking, wow, that’s kinda scary, like she didn’t see black kids as fully human. But as I got older I understood that was an honest moment for her and for me and we need MORE of those ‘moments’ not less

Let’s stop pretending. That should be the New Year’s resolution for everyone on this planet, especially black people. Let’s start telling the truth and stop acting like life is some TV talk show where we should only say the things that are politically correct (another way of saying I’m saying what I think I should say)

And I have read emails from BM who said after having a child with a white female she didn’t want them around the child.

Now, of course, these problems aren’t limited to any one group, but I have seen so many conflicted people of mixed parentage that it’s hard for me to understand how a black and a white or a black and any other non-black can come together and decide to make a child just because he or she will be “cute” and totally ignore the effect this will have on that child.

And yes, mixed people are used against their black brethren everywhere in the world, from Brazil to Africa to the U.S.

And we have a prime example right there in the White House, and if black people don’t see that by now, I don’t know what to tell them.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Alicia

Interracial sex is a HUGE part of the issue. That is why this blog is called RACISM IS WHITE SUPREMACY.

What do we think that means? That black people are under a system of white domination which makes our lives AND our relationships very difficult.

If you believe the above is true, how can having sex with a white person who BENEFITS from your oppression help FREE you from your oppression?

In fact, what we are doing when we have sex with whites under the system of white domination we are making that system STRONGER and that is why the white media promotes sex between blacks and whites ALL while increasing the mistreatment of black people.

Try to imagine you are in a war with another group and they are winning the war.

Would a SANE group of people have sex with the same people who are waging war on them and expect to win the war? Of course not.

The problem, as I see it is too many black people are uncomfortable with taking a firm stand against racism other than to just “talk” about it.

But when it comes to making personal sacrifices–even something as small as staying out of the wrong beds–we balk and start to backpedal. We don’t want to do the work.

And I’m not addressing this at you personally but in my experience as soon as someone asks black people to DO something different OR make any kind of sacrifice, like not going to see a movie that degrades us, many of us suddenly lose interest.

And I’m not excluding myself because I am definitely NOT doing all I can do to fight this problem.

But the one thing I know will NOT help is REWARDING white people with my precious body (sex) while the system of white oppression still exists. I know that much.

I have watched many, many black people do the interracial “thing” and become more confused, more SELF-HATING and more contemptuous of OTHER black people–and I have seen very few exceptions.

In addition, the offspring of these relationships are usually confused and conflicted over their identity, for example, Tiger Woods, who has a non-white (Asian) mother and he apparently wants NOTHING to do with his black side or with black women. He’s not even interested in ASIAN women

I know of a young “black” female with an Asian mother and a black father who views black people as “aliens”

which says to me that black people must be careful NOT to be naive about dating and marrying other “non-whites”

Hispanic and Asian and Indian etc communities do NOT welcome black people as one of their own. They do NOT support our businesses and do NOT join in our fights against white oppression, so what kind of “unity” can we build with them? Not much, I suspect.

Yet we tell ourselves we can date whoever we want and still effectively eliminate our oppression? I must be missing something…

Black people today are engaging in more interracial sex openly than at any time in our history YET we are losing ground and own fewer businesses and produce fewer marriages and families than we did DURING segregation when interracial sex was strongly discouraged.

That should TELL us something, I would think

You mentioned something about “losing consciousness” but how is it possible to hold on to any real sense of consciousness if black people are “talking black” and “sleeping white?” And in a society where “white beauty” is the standard for ALL men, including black men, how can the black female expect to operate on a level playing field? Due to the economic and educational and political and sexual wars being waged against us, of course we’re going to have more dysfunctional families, which includes young black females making bad choices due to a poor living environment, poor role modeling, horrible TV images and being made to feel inadequate as girls and women.

So, we’ll have to agree to disagree because I wholeheartedly believe that there IS something wrong with black people being so “open” to dating outside their race WHILE AT THE SAME TIME bemoaning the lack of black unity. It doesn’t make sense to me and seems like a gross contradiction

Of course, black people have the right to date whoever just like we have the right to jump off a cliff

however, when WE hit rock bottom we need to remember that we made the CHOICE to do it.

-Trojan Pam

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