Friday, March 27, 2015

More Conscious Words

Regarding the Panthers, I've heard of another book called BLACK AGAINST EMPIRE, apparently about the anti-imperialist political thought of that Party.There's a book on the Black Panthers published by Black Classics Press. I can't think title right now. It may be RECONSIDERING THE BLACK PANTHER PARTY. Black Classics Press is run by Paul Coates, former head of the Baltimore Black Panther Party. His son Ta Nehisi Coates wrote an interesting article on issue of Reparations which appeared several months ago in the ATLANTIC magazine.



One thing that was different was the attitude toward that dysfunction. Black men and women seemed to realize that the dysfunction in our relationships were socially conditioned by oppression, but also thought that it was something we had to work to correct. You didn't see the loony animosities between Black men and women that are displayed all over the internet. Healing our interpersonal dysfunction was considered by that generation to be part and parcel of the entire struggle for social liberation. So, yes, they argued, debated, agreed and disagreed. And sometimes there was anger---but rarely to the point that they denounced or despised each other. You didn't see or hear Black men and women claiming how much better white (or other non-black) men and women were superior to the men and women of their own people. If you DID talk like that you got straightened but good! If a brother disrespected a sister around any conscious sisters and brothers (of which there were far more), they set him straight. Not only sisters set him straight. Brothers would call you on it too. I recall in Jamal Joseph's memoir PANTHER BABY that when he (then about 15) came out his mouth the wrong way with a Panther sister, she set him straight. And an older male Panther pulled him up: "Young brother, did you REALLY think you could talk that jive to a Panther sister and not get called on it? Did you really think you could talk to her the way you talk to women on a street corner?" I was a kid when the Panthers were happening. But I recall that they'd tell the bada____ dudes in the hood: "Do you want to be a pimp or a revolutionary? You can't be both. And if you a pimp then you're an enemy of the people. And you know what we think and how we deal with enemies of the people." Frankly, I think that George Jackson (with all his flaws) proved to be a more thoughtful about the problems of black men and women over time than did Eldridge Cleaver. I must say I found rather touching the doomed love between George Jackson and Angela Davis. A self-educated brother from the hood and a middle class university educated sister finding each other as comrades, and then as lovers. I still recall from one of Angela's letters to George: "I love YOU and I love MY PEOPLE." Much of their correspondence was both about the movement, about relations between Black men and women (how the struggle for liberation necessarily involved as well a transformation of our relationships as well as creating new revolutionary institutions,etc), and about their love for each other. The whole level of discourse is so much more advanced than what we commonly see now that I guess it's almost impossible to believe that such times and people actually existed. But they did. And I think they can exist again



That's one of the reasons King refuse to identify with either party. That's one of the reasons that by the late 60s his mind was on forming a new movement---a multiracial movement--of the dispossessed for economic justice, economic democracy. With the winning of certain legal rights through the civil rights struggle, he believed that now issues of class and economic justice and fairness needed to be front and center. Perhaps that is why he was killed.



Fundamental to the solving of any problem is indeed understanding its origins and causes. And that truism is probably where our agreement ends. For most Black people understand that the problems themselves, and their origins are SOCIAL, and not wrong decisions or bad choices by errant individuals. Personal choices, good are bad, usually responses to a problem though they can sometimes become a part of the problem. But unless you rectify the social roots of a problem then the problem continues. Individualistic analyses and solutions to problems which are social are really delusional. As we have different answers to what CAUSED the problem, it is naturally to have different answers to the question of what the possible remedies are. And to be frank, I don't think most whites understand the causes of their problems, or the nature of the problem. And that's one of the reasons you find poor and middle class whites spewing more animosity towards Blacks, Jews, Latinos, immigrants or whoever than against the 1% who own them, body and soul.



At the time of Napoleon's invasion of Russia, that country numbered at least in the tens of millions; probably more. When Napoleon attempted to reconquer Haiti and restore slavery, Haiti had not more than 500,000 people. (France, though less numerous than Russia, had 20 million people when the 1789 Revolution broke out). Hence, the army of Napoleon (25,000) was quite large in Haiti considering the country he was invading.



 If Alex is so against abuse of any race,he wouldn't be defending killers like Darren Wilson.And no i`m not impressed by Alex Jones token black puppet who Alex uses to get gullible blacks to follow him.

And Trayvon assaulted what Mexican?First of all Zimmermen is half Peruvian/half white jewish.Number 2 no blood of Zimmermen was found on the ground,and their was no DNA evidence showing that Trayvon Assaulted Ziummermen,all those pictures that was shown with Zimmermen with business on him was photoshopped by white supremacist.

Ad theirs audio of Trayvon screaming for help.

And Trayvon never went to prison,and he was planning to go to College to study Aeronautics.The whole "Trayvon was a thug" claim,is bullshit made up by white supremacist in order to justify his death.Just like during the Jim Crow era when blacks got lynched by whites,whites would claim that they lynched a particular black man because he raped a white women which was bullshit.All that shows is nothing has changed with you people aside from the rhetoric.

The fact that you defend Zimmermen just confirmed everything i said about you patriots.A lot of times i don`t even have to say anything,all i have to do is sit back and let you fake liberals expose yourselves.



On average, black men’s prison sentences are 20% longer than white men’s for comparable crimes:

Black people and white people use illegal drugs at similar rates, but black people are far more likely to be arrested for drug use:

African Americans are far more likely to be stopped and searched (although
the contraband hit rate is higher among white people) in California:

And in New York (where the data isn’t quite as good but appears to be comparable to CA):

Those wrongfully convicted and later exonerated by DNA are disproportionately African American:

Black kids are far more likely to be tried as adults and more likely to
receive life sentences:

Black former convicts get fewer employer callbacks than white former

-Holip sism


If they are not black nationalist then they are a waste of time.The Illuminati is just the elite faction of white supremacy.Blacks are suppose to lump all of you with the Illuminati because most whites are collaborators with the Illuminati when it comes to maintaining systematic white supremacy.The only reason most  whites are against the Illuminati to a certain degree,is because the Illuminati is screwing whites over also.

Also the white patriot movement was completely infiltrated after the Illuminati killed William Cooper.Your patriot movement is being lead by Illuminati agents like like that fat disinfo warrior Alex Jones,Mark Dice,Gerald Celente,Jeff Rense and many others.And plus the Patriot movement is racist towards blacks.I`ve seen the racist comments they make all the time about blacks.

Those blacks you named need to join the black nationalist movement or they will get eaten alive by white supremacy.


Yeah every time i expose white supremacy all of a sudden i`m playing the victim role blaming whitey for everything huh?You people sing the same propaganda song,because ya`ll don`t have the brain power to come up with something original.


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