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Trojan Pam's new words in March of 2015

@ Just Me

I agree. Racism/White Supremacy is a SYSTEM designed to perpetuate itself and to perpetuate the “appearance” of black inferiority and it’s a system that the VAST MAJORITY of whites participate in either by COMMISSION (openly practicing racism) or by OMISSION (denying that it exists and that they benefit from it).

Without the VAST majority of whites either covertly or overtly supporting this system it would not be able to function on a national or a GLOBAL basis. If this were not true, there would be whites openly fighting the inferiorization of black schools, meaning there would be black schools in the U.S. that were EQUAL to white schools — and I don’t know of a SINGLE CITY OR TOWN in the U.S where black schools are NOT inferior to white schools.

How can that be true unless the VAST majority of whites practice and support the system of racism? I’ll go even further.

Go anywhere in the world where whites are in power and you will see inferior non-white schools and communities. Now, how can that be possible unless there’s a SYSTEM in place to GUARANTEE that blacks and other non-whites stay educationally inferior?

and even more importantly WHY do white people need to manufacture “inferior” education for blacks (and non-whites) if they REALLY believed they were “superior?”

And this is what is so frustrating when discussing the system of racism/white supremacy with other black people. That we can’t see — or refuse to see –what is right in front of our noses and that we keep buying into LIES that we are not as smart as white people.

When in reality, if I KNOW I’m a superior person, I don’t NEED a system, I don’t NEED to cheat all the time. In fact, I can give an inferior person an ADVANTAGE because I know they can’t beat me. But the white system exists as a CRUTCH for white people because they FEAR that unless that have a BIG head start they will probably lose a lot of “races.”

That’s why so many whites were in an uproar about “affirmative action” and called it “reverse racism” because they know (secretly) that the key to maintaining their white system of privilege and power is to NEVER let black or non-white people have an equal start in life — EDUCATION.

that I have to DEBATE with black and non-white people that this system even exists is a major source of frustration and irritation because OUR COMPLICITY and DENIAL is one of the main reasons white supremacy continues to dominate us.

Instead of resisting our oppression, far too many blacks and non-whites put whites on pedestals, chasing behind them (or being caught) for sexual and romantic “encounters” and at the same time BLAMING other black people (and non-white) people for being victims of racism/white supremacy when we, ourselves, are still being oppressed (?)

(a totally illogical and self-disrespecting position in the face of oppression (!)

We have become huge CO-CONSPIRATORS in our own oppression and that our children and our children’s children, and it’s time we WAKE UP, OPEN OUR EYES, FACE OUR REALITY and gather the COURAGE to at least tell ourselves the Truth about what we’re dealing with AND what we are NOT doing about it. .That’s the least we can do

(sorry about the long post )

Abagond — excellent topic!

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ satanforce

Wow, thanks for the eye-opening links.

To share a quote from one of the articles: “Many white parents say they’re leaving because the schools are too academically driven and too narrowly invested in subjects such as math and science at the expense of liberal arts and extra-curriculars like sports and other personal interests.”

It sure sounds like “liberal whites” are fleeing the school system because the Asians students are making their children feel inferior

because Asians students are better prepared than the glued-to-the-cellphone, making-endless-selfies, taking naked-pics-on-cellphones, playing video games and pouring-vodka-in-the-eyeball-to-get-high well-to-do white kids. .

I can also imagine it doesn’t feel good when something or someone make your children feel inferior…. especially when your kids don’t the excuse of being poor and oppressed..

It appears that “liberal” whites embraced “diversity ONLY when they are in the superior position. (which is why I never buy into the labels people give themselves) — and they obviously shun anything that attacks THEIR system of white privilege, white superiority and white power and exposes it as a FRAUDULENT SYSTEM.

I also hope this is a WAKE-UP call to so many “Asians” who often don’t acknowledge their non-white status (another group that is deeply in denial despite all their numerous wake-up calls) although I doubt it will.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ The Pragmatist

from what I understand it wasn’t black activists who wanted integrated schools, they wanted EQUAL schools, it was the white supremacists who mandated integrated schools, probably (I believe) to maintain control over the education of black students the same way they controlled every aspect of black life.

Of course, money improves education just like money improves the quality of a child’s home life. Why are private schools so expensive? Why are boarding schools so expensive? Why does organic food cost more than non-organic food? Because anything of higher quality costs more money.

I did a series of posts on the Chicago school system but I’ll leave the link to a relevant one.

in the middle of my post check out the — Avenues: The World School (Manhattan, NYC)

Here’s a quote from their website:

“Imagine that the chair of Avenues’ Spanish language studies is located at the Avenues campus in Madrid. She helps to recruit Spanish teachers for Avenues schools all over the world; selects the best Spanish courseware; conducts professional development/training programs for Spanish teachers; and runs the immersion programs in Madrid in which many Avenues students from around the world will participate.”

Does anyone think a elite education where GRAMMAR SCHOOL students participate in “the immersion programs in Madrid?” costs money?

Black people should NEVER buy into the fraudulent argument that quality schools don’t cost money while whites spend three to five or more times more money on white schools

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Solesearch

I grew up in Chicago and black schools are STILL segregated, just like most black neighborhoods– only NOW they are closing dozens of black schools and are pushing blacks out of “prime” areas because whites are tired of those long commutes to their jobs and entertainment in the central city.

That’s the MAIN reason Chicago will probably be selected for the “Obama Presidential Library” — to facilitate and justify a BLACK LAND GRAB via imminent domain — all in the name of a “first black” president

who frankly doesn’t have enough accomplishments to fill one building, let alone 40 ACRES of land (that’s what will be taken) unless you count all the dead bodies from drone attacks.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Speak Out

I agree that the goal is to demolish the public school systems and turn them into corporate training camps (charter and voucher schools) where they can push a mind-numbing ciricculum designed to educate poor and working class students into meat for the corporate/military/prison complexes.

One other group of immigrants that excel educationally are the African immigrants that nobody talks about. Nigerians, in particular, have a higher percentage- population wise — of college degrees than the average american, percentage-wise.

In fact, in Britain two Nigerian siblings were dubbed the “smartest kids in Britain” after they demonstrated a genius level of mathematical ability

Unfortunately, thanks to the white supremacist media, whenever someone hears the word “Nigerian” they automatically associate it with overseas scams and corruption.

White supremacy is a 24-7, well-oiled propaganda machine and they know they better keep their feet on the necks of blacks and African students or all hell might break loose.

-Sister Trojan Pam

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