Saturday, April 11, 2015

Conscious words in April of 2015

IMHO the main issue w Attny Pettit's otherwise very important narrative re: 'Killer Cops USA', is he didn't state explicitly [though perhaps implicitly] just how systemically racist this issue is. IMO his term 'the general US public' is a euphemism for most white folks. Thus what Attny Petttit is saying is- Most white people in the US support the cops, even when they gun-down UnArmed Black [& Brown] folks under very 'curious' circumstances- & thus reject eye-witness accounts that refute killer cops 'tall-tales'. This remains so even when it should be blatantly obvious that those cops [or even cop wannabes] are LYING or at-least have glaring 'discrepancies' in their claims [IE: Killer Cop Wilson & Killer ZMan].
Thus when a cop blatantly LIES as in the case of the SC Cop that gunned-down Mr Walter Scott in the back as Mr Scott tried to flee for his life, the 'general public' is 'shocked' that a white cop [Mike Slager] would execute a 50 yr old Black man by cold-bloodedly shooting him in the back multiple Xs [during a routine traffic stop] & then plant a 'throw-down' on him! The US' 'lame-stream' 'general-public' would have bought Slager's LIES had not that video surfaced that proved him a cold-blooded KILLER & LIAR!!!
Also note the 'general US public' generally prefers to avoid the 'R' word [racism] in cases where whites gun-down unarmed Blacks [& Browns], even when there's undeniable proof the KILLER is indeed a RACIST [IE: Mike Dunn who gunned-down unarmed Black teen Jordan Davis]

The DOJ report said the Ferguson Police Dept has a long legacy of racially biased policing- IE: the force is 95% white in a town that's 2/3s Black, issuing excessive traffic tickets & fines vs Blacks & then issuing arrest warrants for those fined when many Blacks are unable to pay those excessive penalties & fines, etc...
But in fact Ferguson's Police Dept's legacy of RACISM goes well beyond that. The DOJ found a series of RACIST Emails [including against Pres Obama himself] going back to at-least Nov 2008, involving the deputy chief [= the 2nd in command, Capt Rank], Killer Cop Wilson's supervisory Sgt [who came to Mike Brown's murder scene & allowed Wilson to remove his squad-car from the scene & keep his gun = evidence tampering], & Ferguson's TOP Court Clerk [a woman]. IMO This is why [ex] Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson really resigned- because Obama's & AG Holder's DOJ found that Thomas' deputy chief & Killer Cop Wilson's supervisory Sgt, were exchanging blatantly RACIST emails vs Obama himself & FLOTUS Michelle O- as well as Blacks in general!!! Never-the-less Obama's & Holder's DOJ refuses to indict Killer Cop Wilson- & in fact regurgitated every 'tall-tale' Wilson told re his gunning-down Mike Brown in cold-blood!!! [Note: CNN did at-least 2 reports on these RACIST emails, noting that 2 Ferguson cops were FIRED & Chief Jackson 'persuaded' to reign- Yet CNN FAILED to say that these were NOT just 2 any ole 'Joe-Blow' cops- but Jackson's Deputy Chief {Capt rank} & Killer Cop Wilson's Supervisory Sgt]
And AG Holder gave Wilson this 'free-pass' despite glaringly obvious 'discrepancies' in Wilson's 'tall-tales' IE: } Claiming 'Big Mike' suckered punch Wilson thru the drivers side window, Yet the pix of Wilson shows what 'MIGHT' be a 'bruise' on his RIGHT [NOT Left] cheek!
- Wilson claims he chased Big Mike about 30 - 40 ft before shooting him, yet Big Mike's body lay some 150 FT AWAY from Wilson's squad-car!
- At-least 15 eye-witnesses [including 2 white guys working nearby] say Big Mike had his hands-up & was giving-up when Wilson gunned him down -vs- just 1 [so-called] 'Witness' who backed Wilson's 'tall-tale' of 'Big Mike' as a rampaging 'Raging Bull'{s___}- Yet that woman's a RACIST cheer-leader for Wilson, who committed PERJURY before the grand-jury & almost certainly was NOT Even IN Ferguson on THAT Day!!! [FYI: they dredged this woman up as a so-called 'eye-witness' {NOT!} in favor of Wilson's 'tall-tales'- about a month AFTER the Fact]

These 'discrepancies' alone [let alone the legacy of racism of Ferguson Cops IE: the Deputy chief & Wilson's own supervisor] should have been enough for Obama's & Holder's DOJ to impeach Wilson for executing Big Mike!!! But in a poly-trickal atmosphere where the 'general US public' generally backs KILLER Cops like Wilson- OH Well!!.. IMO Obama's & AG Holder's [or his Black woman successor] DOJ most likely won't charge Eric Garner's killer cop either- Even Though that Cop Was Caught on Video Choking Mr Garner to Death w an ILLEGAL Choke-Hold!! [PS: There's NO video of Mr Garner shop-lifting cigars, NOR attacking / slugging / charging cops, NOR holding anything in his hands that cops could 'mistake' as a weapon!]!!

-Brother Nixak*77*


Also see this Interview by Doug Henwood w Jane McAlevey @ BAR:[Obama pick] Dim Chicago Mayor Rahmbo & Repug IL Gov Bruce Rauner On Jihad to Eliminate Unions in Chicago & IL [@ ]: } US living standards for ordinary working people have deteriorated the last 40 years because Democrats and Republicans have systematically de-unionized the country, says ex-union organizer Jane McAlevey. Illinois governor Bruce Rauner and Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel are on a jihad to kill the last unions in Chicago, to impose more privatizations, cuts in child care, wages, education and more austerity. {
Ms McAlevey also says progressives need to reject the neo-liberal talking-point / 'spin' that there's a real difference between so-called private sector & public sector workers, & she also says that too often traditional hierarchical [trade] unions [whose leadership & rank & file are dominated by white men] have failed to support so-called public sector unions whose constituency is largely Black, Latina & other women of color [IE: teachers' & health care workers' unions, etc].

-Brother Nixak*77*


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